Curing Obama Derangement Syndrome

Writing an op-ed for the Washington Post, Eugene Robinson takes aim at the hullaballoo over Rudy Giuliani’s comments on President Obama. Declaring that Republicans need to find a “cure for Obama Derangement Syndrome” if they want to win the White House in 2016, Robinson criticizes the prospective candidates for not rushing to the president’s defense.

“Republicans need to abandon the fantasy that there’s some sort of grand deception underlying the Obama presidency,” Robinson writes. “They’re only deceiving themselves.”

Isn’t it nice when libtards try to “help” Republicans? Doesn’t it always seem like the only way they can satisfy the left is by agreeing with Democrats? Funny how that is. Robinson may not be entirely wrong when it comes to his criticism in this case; Republican candidates would be better off focusing on concrete ideas than ethereal concepts like Obama’s patriotism. At the same time, it would be a mistake to pretend like these concerns don’t exist.

There may not be “one grand deception” behind our current president, but there are certainly plenty of smaller ones. People like Robinson and his fellow liberals in the media may be quick to move past Jonathan Gruber, the Benghazi attack, Obama’s dubious political upbringing, his insistence on defending Islam at every opportunity, and his penchant for socialist policies, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the country has forgotten about them.

We have nearly two full years left of Obama, so it’s premature to start looking exclusively ahead. The president, with no further elections to worry about, could be especially dangerous to conservative ideals in the remainder of his term. Anyone who hoped that a Republican-controlled Congress would quell the worst of his outrages is finding out that GOP leaders are spineless in every way.

Concerns are many. Russia. ISIS. Obamacare. Illegal aliens. Programs doomed to failure like free community college for all. Regulations that put sketchy concerns over climate change ahead of our national economic interests. A job market that has yet to fully recover from the recession. Perhaps Obama’s love for America is immaterial, but his policies are actively hurting the country he claims to cherish. If speaking out against these policies is a sign of Obama Derangement Syndrome, then I don’t want to be cured.

But what about that supposed love?

Where is it demonstrated? How can you claim to love something if you want to change everything about it? Obama has proven with his speech and his actions that he does not love the military, that he does not love the free market, he does not love America’s history, and he does not love the religion that formed the basis for many of the country’s greatest fundamentals. He loves the America in his head – a beacon of democratic socialism that is neither better nor worse than any other country in Europe. That’s the America he wanted to leave us with, and he got a lot further in that quest than many might have imagined. By the time he’s out of office, Obama may indeed possess a genuine love of this country. Unfortunately, it may be hard for the rest of us to feel the same way.

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