Curing Obama Derangement Syndrome

Writing an op-ed for the Washington Post, Eugene Robinson takes aim at the hullaballoo over Rudy Giuliani’s comments on President Obama. Declaring that Republicans need to find a “cure for Obama Derangement Syndrome” if they want to win the White House in 2016, Robinson criticizes the prospective candidates for not rushing to the president’s defense.

“Republicans need to abandon the fantasy that there’s some sort of grand deception underlying the Obama presidency,” Robinson writes. “They’re only deceiving themselves.”

Isn’t it nice when libtards try to “help” Republicans? Doesn’t it always seem like the only way they can satisfy the left is by agreeing with Democrats? Funny how that is. Robinson may not be entirely wrong when it comes to his criticism in this case; Republican candidates would be better off focusing on concrete ideas than ethereal concepts like Obama’s patriotism. At the same time, it would be a mistake to pretend like these concerns don’t exist.

There may not be “one grand deception” behind our current president, but there are certainly plenty of smaller ones. People like Robinson and his fellow liberals in the media may be quick to move past Jonathan Gruber, the Benghazi attack, Obama’s dubious political upbringing, his insistence on defending Islam at every opportunity, and his penchant for socialist policies, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the country has forgotten about them.

We have nearly two full years left of Obama, so it’s premature to start looking exclusively ahead. The president, with no further elections to worry about, could be especially dangerous to conservative ideals in the remainder of his term. Anyone who hoped that a Republican-controlled Congress would quell the worst of his outrages is finding out that GOP leaders are spineless in every way.

Concerns are many. Russia. ISIS. Obamacare. Illegal aliens. Programs doomed to failure like free community college for all. Regulations that put sketchy concerns over climate change ahead of our national economic interests. A job market that has yet to fully recover from the recession. Perhaps Obama’s love for America is immaterial, but his policies are actively hurting the country he claims to cherish. If speaking out against these policies is a sign of Obama Derangement Syndrome, then I don’t want to be cured.

But what about that supposed love?

Where is it demonstrated? How can you claim to love something if you want to change everything about it? Obama has proven with his speech and his actions that he does not love the military, that he does not love the free market, he does not love America’s history, and he does not love the religion that formed the basis for many of the country’s greatest fundamentals. He loves the America in his head – a beacon of democratic socialism that is neither better nor worse than any other country in Europe. That’s the America he wanted to leave us with, and he got a lot further in that quest than many might have imagined. By the time he’s out of office, Obama may indeed possess a genuine love of this country. Unfortunately, it may be hard for the rest of us to feel the same way.

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  1. Can’t add a thing, except maybe ” you nailed it”!!!

  2. The left has the attention span of a three year old child, The Washington Post and this writer just proved it! Wow, how stupid can you be to believe a constant barage of lies, deception and propaganda? I bet if we dug hard enough we would find that these media outlets (if you wish to call them that) are owned by the same group of billionairs who want the masses stupid and complient, it is eaiser to have slaves THINK they are free then to show them they are just slaves to a socialist progressive agenda. If you think America should be like Canada and Europe, look at how they have become socialist states….

    • Warpaint: You told it just exactly like it is and if WE THE PEOPLE of this country who are actually the OWNERS of our once great country don’t take the reins pretty soon and drive the wagon, we won’t have a chance to regain that freedom and those liberties we once had and our country that we LOVE!!! The liberals are crucifying Rudy Giuliani for saying Obama doesn’t love this country when Rudy is simply telling the truth. If you love something, the last thing you want to do is destroy it. I doubt Obama has the capacity to love much of anything at all and I would venture to say he loves NOTHING as much as HIMSELF!!! He was placed in the position he is in by those who used his claim of being “black”. He isn’t black, he is a radical Muslim terrorist/communist and a disgrace to Black America and blacks everywhere. The representatives we sent to the House and Senate have been delegated by WE THE PEOPLE with the power to do what they have to do to protect us and our country. They hold the power and the options and we have to push them until they do what must be done to save this country and her citizens!!!! There is no reason they can’t or want except they likely have been threatened but we are all threatened by everything that is happening in our country now and all over the planet.

    • your an idiot Rupert murdock owns 95% of media and he is a radical conservaturd

      • Back to trolling are you, and if he did own 90% of all media then riddle me this batman, liberal media is only 10% of our propaganda machine yet they own 90% of the main stream media outlets .. Who is fooling who?

        • You are fooling yourself. There are three sectors in media. There is liberal bias, there is conservative bias, and there is something close to the truth. Your problem is that you confuse the truth with a liberal point of view.

          • Morton, I do not believe a damn thing on TV, just because I saw an elephant fly on TV doesn’t mean they can. I read several different sites left and right and if I find a thread that is common among them that is going to be more or less the truth.

          • If the progressive say it, you better believe it, or face the annihilation of the imperial regime!

          • Morton, you really are confused, It is owens that’s the liberal. Yes, there is liberal bias and it’s in every ABC network and MSNBC, CNN and even Public Television which I thought I would never see. I was a contributor because PT used to be very informative and educational but I’m no longer because everything they televise now is with a total left twist. There is conservative bias which is totally confined to FOX. Fox does however report all the news, not just that which concerns conservatives and they don’t “leave things out” that are relevant as the other MSM does. If it is negative to Obama the MSM doesn’t even give it 30 seconds unless there is just NO WAY THEY CAN AVOID IT.

          • I did not expect you to agree. And by your own admission you have decided that only Fox News has validity. Good luck with that. It is symbolic of why the conservative movement is constantly taken by surprise and how it is so obsessed with the idea of betrayal from their own party. It is an ideology that is distorts reality to suit its viewers tastes. No one is really in charge – it drifts along as a sort of endless power play.

          • I didn’t say only Fox News has validity, again you liberals don’t read. What I said was Fox reports everything, no matter what it is. The MSM liberal media reports only things that are negative to conservatives and nothing negative to liberals and if they do manage to mention anything negative to liberals, they give it 15 seconds so if you turn your head, you miss it. You all know….no one can be so stupid that they don’t realize that the MSM supports liberals. If they have a conservative on any program, no matter, they are constantly trying to make them look bad, trying to put words in their mouths that would discredit whatever they just said, like “are you sure you believe that?” Are you sure that’s what you saw and heard” and on and on and on. One of the biggest examples of that (and he’s not very big) is George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America. He is so obviously liberal that he can’t hide his disdain for any conservative that he might be interviewing and he purposely tries to make them look stupid. I have seen them put him down in a very professional manner but still getting the point across and it makes me very happy to see good overcome evil.

          • … and yet the fact checking sites give Fox the lowest marks for truth and the highest for spin of very site that specializes in fact checking.

          • You are sad and hopeless. Just go away. There is no such thing as a fact checking site because if so, the information you have given here wouldn’t be here. The Liberal MSM doesn’t omit facts, they just DON’T REPORT THEM, you Moron if they are con Obama. If they are con Conservatives, it’s all over the air everywhere. The MSM media and I include talk radio are all guilty of that Conservative Fox and talk shows do report it all and that is the way it should be. They report both pro and con for both liberals and conservatives so in your pea brained mind, can you not see how that is better……to keep you informed of everything rather than keep you in the dark as Obama loves to do and he does that because he is really scared of the American people but he feels safe in the position he holds today and why shouldn’t he because no one is coming after him as we should be doing!!! No need to respond to me because I’m not going to continue to spar with you. You are too uneducated and determined to love Obama so I’m wasting my time totally.

          • No – it is you who is hopelessly illogical. On the one hand you decry fact checking sites, and on the other present yourself as the legitimate alternative, What makes you more authentic than them, except your own opinion – and what appears to be small minority of supporters who feel unfairly victimized ?

          • fox has been noted by 3 different fact checker sites as the biggest pervarer of false information every day and dispenses more lies than truth

          • You are deluded and this is a bigger lie than the ones Obama spews on an hourly basis. You liberals believe that when the facts of your criminal activities are reported, they immediately become lies. There is a prime going on right now on Fox. The IRS emails of Lois Lerner. They thought they were well hidden but someone spilled the beans and they have been found. Remember, they were destroyed and the hard drives erased, never to be seen again. They were safely in storage in West Virginia. There will be criminal charges on this because a lot of people lied to a Congressional Committee.

          • Francisco Machado

            Criminal charges? From Holder? This will take some explaining.

          • False information? That would be Josh Earnest.

          • And the progressives just acquired the internet through internet neutrality!

          • You won’t get the truth in Huffington Post either. Example, I registered for Huffington Post recently and went on there a few times to post. I was purposely very professional but expressed my views very clearly and truthfully when I posted. That lasted about two weeks and when they finally realized I was a truth Conservative, they blocked me from posting on their rag. That was very professional because just simply because of the fact you are an American, you have the right to your views. You say Conservatives don’t give liberals a chance to air their dribble, well your liberal rag doesn’t give Conservatives a right to even be there. You are here and no one is stopping you. Did that independent thought ever cross your mind. I fail to see why you side with someone who is hell bent and determined to destroy your country but that’s between you and whoever you have to answer to. I, too, have the right to my position and that is that I am not going to surrender this country to communists and terrorists without a fight. That is what a Patriot does. You won’t find that in Huffington Post either!!!

          • All sites – including this one, use automated software to scan for repetitions, obscene language and overt discrimination. You probably just got caught.

          • I know they’re both backed by Soros and his minions / government/ supreme justices!

          • The Christian Coalition ? A right wing advocacy group ?

          • Backed by Obama and the Progressives?? Christians, Right Wing, I don’t think so?

          • Oh for God’s sake read the URL I sent you, and then check it out. There is a ton of information on that alliance all over the web.

        • A role model to look up to!

      • There is not one single media outlet in this country that is even close to being conservative except FOX NEWS. The rest are 100% liberal. YOU ARE THE IDIOT, Mr. Liberal.

        • Try watching One American News it competes with Fox & is very conservative too & does not give cover to the turd in the WH

    • The left has a longer attention span then the Republicans of only six months!
      The conservatives are screwed by their own, very fitting considering the circumstances.

      • Hangem, The “Republicans” that are in office are not conservatives they are the neo-cons, watch how they bend the entire US over to fund a department that should NEVER have been created, All the other intel departments failed, no one was fired or brought up on charges and the best pelosi’s minions could come up with is rolling the failed departments and administrations under a new department. WTF…..

    • You don’t have to dig at all – ‘Digital First Media’ is the successor to the old Dean Singleton Media Propaganda Empire (including AP, Media News, and numerous papers like the Trying Times…) – All of which were on the ObamAcorn train from the start.

      The level of Censorship of POTUS Barry ‘On the Down Low’ Soetoro ranges from hiding Who He Is, to Barry’s Homosex Harassment of Men at Harvard (sealed settlement – no media attention) to his days as a Stall Stallion with the Rahm in Chicago’s Man Country Bathhouse…

      But when your decades long ‘spiritual advisor’ is ‘reverend’ G.D.A. Right – who needs to investigate, that says all the lamesetam media needs to know to worship their ‘Mess-I-Ya’

  3. ( “They’re only deceiving themselves.” ) REALLY you must be totally blind Robinson, as long as this FRAUD is in the WH this country is doomed, spend spend and more spending we are in the sewer and sinking.

    • In that case only Obama has his head on straight! It’s everyone else that’s trying to figure out what direction is up, but not to fear Obama is sure to show them the way. The constitution is a farce played on the American people!

      • You are hilarious. Give us one example of Obama having his head on straight. I can’t wait to hear this one. Yes, buddy, Obama is gonna show you the way to communism, a socialist society and slavery. You just keep on following him and he’ll get you there!!!.. The Constitution is a farce? You are too ignorant to continue to live in this country.

  4. No – Conservative members of Congress are not ‘spineless’ – they reflect the views of those who elected them. They are ignorant and a way out of their depth in any concept of good government.

    • They were not elected to do nothing, and they are not representative of their constituents, or there would not be such an uproar about their non performance.

      • Perhaps – then how on earth did their constituents qualify them ? My point is that it is the result of ignorance.

        • Mine would be a different point, that most or all of the politicians in Congress have, in some cases, flat out lied, to get the vote. There is a Texas congressman, whose platform included “no amnesty”. Within days of being elected, he stated that he hoped that there would be not one deportation.

          There are very limited choices, really for all of these positions, and if you don’t vote, that is effectively a vote for your opponent, so responsible people don’t want to do that.
          But when the lesser of two evils, that you had to vote for, turns out to have been a bold faced liar, I personally cannot put that blame on the voters, in belongs with the candidate.
          Wendy Davis ran her campaign claiming to be pro 2nd amendment rights. Very shortly after her defeat, she admitted that it was just a lie to stay viable in the race in Texas.

          Both parties are filled with creeps, who may have been good, honest people on their first trip to DC. They aren’t now.

          • The answer me this. Why is this lack of credibility of conservative candidates so acute in Republican elections – and far better managed by Democrats ? I don’t buy your explanation; they lied with total abandon to their constituents – and have done so for several election cycles. Something is very broken there – and it seems to me that the Republican constituents are so intent on hearing what they want to hear – that they are beginning to look like sheep.

          • Well, if conservatives had a complicit media, their errors and lies would be hidden more effectively than they are now. As it is, Liberals are benefiting from the media.

            Maybe the biggest single problem is that, just like used car salesmen, “everybody knows”, that politicians lie. Maybe the answer is to be very quick to recall them when they do. But voters have been stuck with the “lesser of two evils” as a voting option for a very long time. There has been no one to vote for, for a very long time.

          • Weak – and lacking in credibility. Most of the hard Right only watch Fox.

          • Large generalization, don’t you think?

          • No. I can’t get most of the right to even acknowledge there is a world of legitimate differences of opinions outside of FOX.

          • Well, the easy difference is that FOX leans right on most of their reporting while the other stations lean left.
            Personally, I’d just like the information, without any underlying agenda. I can make up my own mind.
            And relative to constituents vetting candidates, that really isn’t possible, the candidates are put on the ballot by the county’s party headquarters. So the party is still choosing the candidates. I have already stated that I think both parties are corrupt, so you can guess where I stand regarding the choices being provided for the voters

          • In the USA – news is a commodity that is sold for profit. That means it is tailored for the audience. The ONLY way to get real information is to include in your reading list, news sources from outside America.

          • BBC America is sometimes worth a watch, but they have signed on with the leftist viewpoint. however, they have less of an ax to grind re: The US than any of the domestic broadcasters.
            News has become entertainment- tailored as you said, and that is the problem.

          • Of course, if you watched B’lying Williams.
            TYPO ALERT” Moron…..not Morton>….paid troll….

          • If they seek the truth FOX is the way.

          • FOX is the sign on the edge of the cliff. And it is a very nasty drop beyond it.

          • the biggest lie force fed to the conservatives and swallowed whole by them is that the media is liberal-lol- Rupert Murdock “OWNS” 95% of all media- radio- tv-news papers and magazines in the “WORLD”. he constantly preaches the lie of a liberal media despite the fact that it is actually the opposite and many facts are deliberatly not reported and/or misstated to prevent the minions of the gop from knowing the depth of the corruption.

          • right on the button !

          • I have watched the media gloss over gaffes and stupidities by Dems and have a crazy field day when a Republican doesn’t something similar.
            You don’t have to agree, these are opinion pages. I just know what I have seen and I know what I watched disappear, if the guilty party was of the correct affiliation.
            If you are unable to see the media bias, maybe it is time to do some comparisons and see if it really is there. But you’ll have to leave your comfort zone to do it.

            Oh, and to be clear, I am not talking about Rupert Murdoch or any international entities, I am talking ABC, NBC, CBS,MSNBC, etc, North American broadcasters. Their measure of alarm and denigration varies widely based on party affiliation.

          • Get over Rupert Murdock…….the MSM in this country is 99% liberal biased and I don’t give a flip who owns the media!!!! The only fair and balanced news source is FOX NEWS and they are conservative but they report it all. At least conservatives are not communist or socialist or terrorists or Marxists or Nazis. You can stop trying to convince people because we KNOW THE TRUTH, WE TELLTHE TRUTH, WE LIVE THE TRUTH which is something you and your liberal comrades know NOTHING ABOUT!!!

          • John H. Kohlenberg

            The love of money is the root of all evil. Get elected and become rich. They learn as they go on

          • Show me some credibility in the Democrat Party….just one and don’t, for God’s sack, say Obama. You don’t think he’s doing these things, do you? You don’t think he writes these speeches, do you? Valerie Jarrett, the Iranian terrorist and first lady to George Soros, is calling the shots in the White House. Obama is a figurehead like the Queen of England. He has a personality of sorts but when you know what he is, his personality dims quickly. He can speak even though almost 100% of his material is lies. He has no power, does what he’s told and keeps his teleprompter very close at hand. He’s laying very low all of a sudden ….could he be a little concerned for himself? Has to be because he’s certainly not concerned about anyone else. Republican constituents are intent on preservation of our country, our freedom and our liberties that Obama is desperately trying to remove. Democrats aren’t intent on hearing because they can be in a room where information is being disseminated and they become dyslexic. They read one sentence of viable news and form their own opinions on what was said and how. Too lazy to read or listen to the entire article or speech.

          • LOL! You seem to be struggling to put all the pieces together.
            The role of a POTUS is to assemble a policy that is good for the nation, and which has constituent support. Obama is just very good at this. And while he does not control the agenda, he does have enormous latitude in selecting which course to follow. That is essentially the role of a POTUS – to delegate to expertise and select the correct option.
            Your problem is that there is no leadership on your side of the business – and worse – it is a fragmented opposition that cannot even agree amongst itself.

          • thats why we need a 3 strikes and your out rule. Politicians are elected to represent the people with honesty and integrity. If an independent fact checker mark them as lying 3 times they should be booted from office without their benefits for life- their life time pensions- and never allowed to reenter politics again

          • That is an unusual idea and one I have never heard of. But, I would support it wholeheartedly.

          • Where it breaks down is that neither side will acknowledge any fact checker as being ‘independent’.

        • Of course. The liberals qualified the CBC.

        • John H. Kohlenberg

          Children vetting children.

    • Ah. Another proof of case. Only the left provides good government, LOL. When the collapse comes you will just blame it on the Republicans. Of course you’ll be spouting this blame as the enraged moderates chain you to the tumbrils and cart you off.

      • Well – thats a hard case to make. In spite of a massive effort from the Republicans to collapse the economy – Obama managed to pull it out of the hole.

        • He pulled it out of the hole, only if you get your information from the TV.

          Go look at the real unemployment numbers, which did not mysteriously drop under 8% right before the last election

          False reporting and outright lies can make any situation look better. So ask yourself, what do you want? That things can be manipulated to look better, or that they are better?

          • The U6 unemployment statistic is not a good one to use to measure the strength of an economy. It assumes that someone who works seasonally is really unemployed during the offseason. That is simply a distortion. Many of them choose to not work, or do recreational things, or indulge in artistic and non profitable occupations. That (and other inclusions) make it a meaningless statistic when measuring productivity and GDP utilization.

          • It was meaningful until the early 90s, when it was legislated out of existence to make the numbers look better. I don’t think that you really believe that seasonal workers are a huge bloc in this country. I was seasonal when I was in high school, and worked at Six Flags in the summer. But with the lowest labor participation rate in some ~30 years or more, and the fact that people who have stopped receiving unemployment are not counted, the unemployment numbers, modified by these factors, will only improve, as their respective unemployment packages run out.

            But I don’t think that the current unemployment numbers being touted actually represent the situation as it really is. This is a result of crooked politicians “cooking the books” and aided by “journalists” who investigate nothing at all and should more aptly called “newsreaders” since that is all the do today.
            Years ago, a crooked politician was worried, really worried, when an investigative journalist got word of wrong doing, because they were given free reign to investigate and air everything they found. It made for good news and it ran many crooked politicians out of the game. But real reporting exists rarely, if ever, these days.

          • There are 6 unemployment measures – U1 – U6. Partisanwise, opponents of the Obama administration love to use U6 – because most simply do not understand what it is comprised of, and even more frequently it is used to compare a U1 period during GWB’s administration – which is just deceptive and a fraudulent comparison.
            While it is true that middle class incomes do not reflect the enormous prosperity that is reflected in GDP today, the Republican party is very unwilling to discuss why and so it resorts to red herrings.

          • Well, if you are going to continue to group m in with ALL conservatives and apply your pre-developed opinions of them, to me, then there is no reason for me to continue discussing any issue with you. You will simply discount what I say and claim that all Conservatives think the way you say they do.

            Have a good day, I am out of this discussion.

          • Welfare and food stamp is their new career of the Obama faithful.

          • The foolish do not see what the future holds!

          • I never pursed Tarot card reading or astrology as a valid reference point, or analytical position, sorry.

          • No cards needed, just keep your eyes closed and I’ll guarantee you’ll run into something!

          • No such luck – I was well educated. I don’t move with my eyes shut. Try again.

          • Don’t back up unless you like the thrill of the ride.

          • Good advice – but I don’t take rides in the ilk of death defying thrills.

          • All’s good in the progressive world!

          • Our days are numbered; Repent wicked before your sprit is released!

        • This economy needs to be stopped. Put the responsibility back into the states, choke out this cancer that has taken over DC!

      • Yes, they will Arminius because they take blame for NOTHING!!!.

    • Good Government is that which does nothing to abridge the freedoms and RIGHTS enumerated in the Constitution and BILL OF RIGHTS. Good Government works within the laws as they are written and intended, not using executive orders to circumvent the process. Good Government is not dictatorial and tyrannical. Good Government does not endanger the security of the nation by unlawfully importing immigrants in an effort to gain political advantage. Good Government observes the separation of powers and co-equal branches of government. In short Morton212, you obviously wouldn’t know Good Government if it bit you in the ass. There may well be a time when those of your ilk and the Americans in the room will truly be at odds in a life and death struggle. I doubt your side will have the resolve of the intestinal fortitude to win such an encounter. I know they certainly won’t have the brain power.

    • They have been threatened by your outstanding president and his thugs who is the ignorant one and knows ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about GOVERNMENT except the bad which he has managed to pick up a few pointers on “on the job” training 2009-present. He doesn’t care about Government or laws or our Constitution or what’s right for America and Americans. He only wants to be the dictator in the Third World Country he is creating. Conservative members of Congress have been reminded who they work and it’s not Obama. Those who are so weak to stand with that side can stay there with our permission because we don’t want weak minded, communists in our country or our government and they can go with the rest of the garbage when we make the clean sweep!!!

  5. How could anyone say OBAMA loves America when he’s doing everything in his power to destroy her?

    • I think you listen to too many political hustlers. It is that kind of stupid comment that elected a slate of conservative idiots to the Congress.

      • Thank you for proving the right’s case.

        • You serious ! Are you suggesting that most Republican voters are total idiots ?

          • fully agree,Morton is a brain dead demoncrap libturd

          • That includes you too!

          • Uh yep!!! Very intelligent response.

          • Just the ones elected into congress!

          • and the ones who elected them

          • Commie/DemoRat TROLLS…MORONS..!!!

          • your grasp of the republican grammer dictionary is exceptional. your ability to understand the discusssion or find anything meaningful to say that contributes anything to the conversation is typical of a conservative . in other words you “MIGHT” understand you have “NOTHING” relative to say so please sit quietly and stop demonstrating what an idiot you are

          • WOW…A Commie/DemoRat TROLL that can string more than two words together..I am impressed..!!! Normally all we here BLAH,BLAH,BLAH…Cause a problem and NEVER provide a solution, then blame the Conservatives for the problem…standard mode of operation for the Commie/DemoRats and you just provide it…again! TROLLS make me SICK!

          • LOL- again no point to your rant- not even one reference to the topic just typical conservaturd screaming profanitys thinking loud and obnoxious rules over facts and truth

          • Why were you born so stupid? did your mother do a lot of drugs while your fetus festered in her uterus.

          • Obviously his mother had sex with her first cousin Bubba. There’s a lot to be said for NO inbreeding!

          • You’ve been talking all day and haven’t said anything yet but a lie or two.

          • I think you confuse rhetorical labeling for profanity. It is your use of the word “turd” that demonstrates profanity. But, that is not the limit of your demonstrated lack of political maturity and capacity to engage in cnstructive criticisim. My suggestion is you go where your comments are welcome and your level of intellectual persuasion works. Neither are happening here.

          • And yet you have had even less to contribute, not even a comment in regards to the topic. All you have done is insult others, a typical leftist.

          • what is there to say about an article full of lies written by a koch paid troll to spread misinfromation for the ignorant to feed on

          • We’ve been on topic all along. It’s you liberals who cannot get over your hero worship of Obama and everything he does. Based on that and that alone, it shows your ability to comprehend what is happening to you and right under your nose and right in front of your eyes is sorely lacking!!! If you support what Obama and the Democrat Party are doing to this country today, you are NOT AN AMERICAN. Those are the facts so you’d better take a look at your position and if being an American is important to you, you’d better reassess where your loyalties lie.

          • I think the mission has been accomplished…..the total division of the American people. Ignorance, just follow along. This country is in so much trouble. Listen to you arguing about unimportant things – while the world is on FIRE. Wake up. Know what is going on before you get on here and prove you don’t.

          • Dennis Gurevitz

            What the H– has Obama accomplished, other than to destroy our country economically, and make the world we live in a far deadlier place

          • I’m surprised too USPatriotOne: I thought “uh yep” and “duh” were all he had. His grammar is okay but his sentence construction is a definite “F”.

          • Caps and punctuation, Pops!

          • Florence Millard

            How many times are you going to post that idiotic comment?

          • I disagree they’re true patriots, it’s the progressives that are the true deceivers!

          • You had a lot to do with the communist idiots that sit on the right side of the aisle, didn’t you or are you just one of those who runs his mouth and doesn’t even bother to vote?

          • Now, you’ve actually struck on something we can all discuss and probably agree on..the “so-called” conservatives we got elected are showing themselves to be push-overs for the communist regime and or spineless creatures willing to allow our nation’s destruction under it, I agree.

          • Oh so you are intelligent with your “uh yep”? Do you use duh a lot too?

          • Yes. That is EXACTLY what is suggested. And it would be the truth. Republicans are nothing more than greedy, arrogant, hustlers. Nothing more.

          • Hey you dizzy eyed trollop go fetch me a sammich then go vacuum something

          • Hey Joe, you no balls bastard. Go fuck yourself. It will be difficult, I am sure, since you have nothing more than a lil gherkin pickle for a dick and GOD KNOWS you have no brains… Keep whining, asshole…

          • Sweety you need to learn respect for the superior male now get off your rear end and go bake me a pie, I like apple and it better be hot. I want to see that kitchen clean when you are done and then you can go knit something for me maybe a nice pair of socks.
            You will apologize to me now for your transgressions you hard featured cabin wench.

          • Superior Male? You are a typical dumba^^ liberal who thinks you can talk to women anyway you like. I wish you were standing in front me right now. You wouldn’t be talking for a while if you talked to me like that and you’d be needing dentures!!!

          • Oooo tough guy threatening people over the internet your mommy must be proud. Go sit in the corner until I call on you junior.

          • By the way junior you are a funny little man does your mommy know you are playing with her computer.

          • You and an earthworm get about the same respect, joe. BOTH of you have shit going in and out of your mouths.. Fuck off and die, mutherfucker.. Go find some willing hellhound whore for your needs. You need a serious ass kicking.

          • I wish the moderator would block you. You are a disgrace to all thinking women. Must be drug affected since birth as evidenced by lack of frontal lobe reasoning capacity.

          • Freedom of speech, dearie. Don’t like what I post? Don’t read it.. Butt OUT!

          • Trisha Holmeide

            Ah, yes. I imagine you are all about “freedoms.” And, I imagine you haven’t got the slightest clue about being responsible with your freedoms either. Just because you have a constitutionally protected right to free speech doesn’t mean you are “right” in your use of it. You appear to be quite ignorant about how to win friends and influence enemies…but, considering your extreme over-reactivity I would imagine that has been an on-going issue with you since childhood–typical of a personality disorder developed as a result of childhood abuse where you basically got diverted from growing up and learned maladaptive personality traits as a means of coping. Unfortunately for you, most adults cannot related to a grown woman acting like a child so either ignore you are stay as far away as possible.

          • I wish you would cease the filthy language. You can get your point across without it and quite frankly I’m tired of reading it. If the moderator doesn’t block you soon, I’m going to suggest they do. You are a disgrace to women ……all women everywhere.

          • Wow, and I was brought up to respect all women, utilizing curse words is a sigh of a limited vocabulary my mother would always say.

          • I wish you would stay out of this, texan.. None of your goddamn business.

          • You have a really vulgar mouth, how liberal of you!

          • And YOU are a first rate asshole, boy. Fuck Off And Die, asshole!

          • Where is my sammich beyotch

          • Where is your brain, beyotch… Oh yea, it’s the size of your gherkin pickle dick.. LOL!

          • Honey why are you out of the kitchen you are supposed to be either in the kitchen or the laundry room, I thought we had this all settled. Now listen up sweetheart get back in the kitchen and fetch me some vittles ASAP and I may let you watch a half hour of a soap opera, chop chop sweetums.

          • Listen up little sugarknuckles your place is in the kitchen it is a fact you can not deny why do you think women have smaller feet than men, it is so they can stand closer to the kitchen sink.

          • Fuck Off And Die, mutherfucker…

          • Woman you need a lesson in exactly what your place is on this planet, it involves only a few machines a vacuum cleaner, a blender ,a washing machine maybe a toaster. It DOES NOT involve a computer that is way too technical for you sweetums it is over your head. I worry about you even with an oven but you really need to use that to perform your duties as a house wench. So it comes down to this in the end you have two choices either marry a man to take care of you or become a house maid you are not qualified to do anything else. So are you starting to re think that pie now, yes I thought you would. I know with your kind it takes patients and I am willing to work with you to teach you how to better serve man, no need to thank me I am just that kind of guy.
            You have a wonderful day little honey

          • Now, this comment is an example of excellent red-neck humor and all of us can get a chuckle! Thanks!

          • Don’t blame Joe too much , Melinda, since he is clearly a forehead bumping, prayer rug riding Durka Durka Muslim, who thinks a woman’s place is in the oven, and his best place for his gherkin is in a male goat.

          • I am going to suggest they block you too. There is no reason for filth on this site.

          • I am not using filth. I am pointing out that Joe is trolling the conservative side by using Islamic levels of female abuse, this side of ISIS . Read his posts. He talks about a woman festering in a uterus, making him a sandwich, cleaning the kitchen, and other
            anti-women comments that does not build up his argument, but make him look like a bitter Islamic extremist. You can disagree with a woman liberal without making your cause look bad. You have made many cogent and well written responses without being abusive, or trolling the conservative cause.

          • You are a simple minded moron with no ability to understand what you are reading now shut your traitor mouth and quit making up lies to suit your needs you clay brained idiot.

          • Johnny Johnny I think Muslims are scumbags just like democrats and people like you, they should be shipped to some island some where and left to fend for themselves. The problem is they can not do that because they are all sheep following orders from their superiors so they would all perish in a very short time, they lack mental skills and have no self esteem, cowards really ,afraid to take control of their own lives.

          • Joe, I am not a democrat. i am a conservative who hates it when someone trolls my position by aping the muslim mindset, which says that a woman’s place is in the oven, and they exist to make men a sandwich. Melinda worked you into a corner, so she could appear a victim, and you bit the bait, and made us look bad. It is a standard concept in the lib-set that there is no difference between the forehead thumper muslims and the tea party set. You cannot bite that bait. We are fighting a war for the souls of the public, who just do not grasp the massive divide between the republic supporting conservatives and social conservatives, and the 7th century women haters in the radical islam crowd. The lefties even compare the tea party to the taliban, which digs the whole hand chopping and honor killing thing. Europe is currently falling to these barbarians, and Dearborn Michigan is falling to them.

          • Johnny Johnny Johnny she bated me into nothing I am the one that baited her in by saying things I knew her dim witted mind would go berserk over. Of course I do not believe the things I am saying but I knew it would boil her beans and it sure did ha ha ha. You need to learn to not take things you see on the internet so seriously. She is a dimwit so for me it is entertaining to watch her lose it, she is nothing but a way to pass time and be amused while I am at it. THIS IS THE INTERNET NOT EVERYTHING IS REAL!! Melinda is STUPID so I expected her to fall for it you on the other hand need to learn to take things a bit easy.

          • Please stop your filthy, liberal mouth. It never fails when liberals feel threatened or get criticized they always stoop to the lowest common denominator..simply proving they have no higher intellectual capacity with which to argue their points.

          • Don’t like my posting. Don’t read it, trisha… Butt out!

          • I hope your comment is not intended to represent the worthwhile thoughts and ideas of the decent conservatives on this site, because it certainly is neither decent or conservative and IMHO totally unwelcome.

          • You have no right to question me woman, speak when spoken to got it. Now go bake me a pie

          • Maybe unwelcome by you but every one else likes them even all the women that are in here wasting time instead of doing house work or some other women thing like knitting or something

          • Trisha Holmeide

            Just keep it clean and respectable because most the people on this site are both and whether you want to believe it or not could do without any more filth than we already are bombarded with in the media at large. You obviously have a good sense of humor and that is probably what others approve of rather than many of your ugly words.

          • Not to be disrespectful but I assumed most people were smart enough to know that all that stuff I said was just to get that dim wit Melinda to blow a gasket which worked just as intended. Of course I do not think of women that way it is pre historic.You see the less educated people such as her are easy to toy with and to me that is pure entertainment. Also let me point out I never use profanity never have never will. As far as respect well that has to be earned I do not give it out freely and she has done nothing to earn any respect she in fact has earned the torment that I have given her and Melinda I am waiting for my sammich so hop to it while you are at it fetch me some pie wench!!

          • Trisha Holmeide

            Well, Joe, you sure had me convinced, but I should have known as my “ex” used to tease me with that “wench” thing before. No decent man in this day and age would stand a chance to have a loving mate being a serious chavinist. That’s probably why the Muslims still practice forced marriages when the girls are too young to argue or defend themselves–with their beliefs and treatment of women it’s a wonder their tribe isn’t extinct.

          • Hey Trisha this is the internet you need to be careful what you take seriously, most people can understand this but when I run a cross an empty headed fool like Melinda well I just can not resist having some fun at her expense. It is easy to rile up an idiot it takes very little effort as you can see by her reply to me. I own a small company 4 people, two are women and I could not do without either one of them in fact I consider both of them irreplaceable even though one is my mom who takes care of the office. The other women working for me programming and setting up the CNC equipment is the equal or superior to ANY man out there at her job I could not do without her. So yes all that crap I said was just that.

          • Get it now, Morton and Owens?

          • You need to stop whining and complaining, like the rest of your idiot Dimrat friends who have no clue of current reality..

          • Really? Are you guys SEEING the disrespect that JOE is dishing out? And don’t be complaining about MY language when the republican side is as bad and worse!
            POT CALLING KETTLE BLACK, guys..
            Joe is an asshole of the FIRST water and I am putting in his place. You don’t like it? Don’t read my posts!
            You republican trolls are the BIGGEST hypocrites in the world! No WONDER you republican/traitors are the laughing stock of this nation and the world!

          • Cupcake, I think the laughing stock of the world is obama who draws lines in the sand that always get crossed.

          • Try to cross it, mac.. LOLOL! You will be destroyed..

          • Obama hasn’t destroyed anybody who has crossed his lines. As a leader, the world sees him as weak.

          • Hey quiet down you should only be heard when answering a question like what kind of cheese would you like on your sandwich. Now is your laundry done, is it folded and put away sweety ?get to it before your husband comes home or it will be trouble in the old house tonight.

          • Fuck Off And Die, asshole joe..

          • That would be Swiss by the way if it is a ham sammich if it is a Salami sammich I like the pepper jack on that now fetch woman fetch I grow hungry. Hey bring me the paper while you are at it, and that bread better be fresh you know what happens if it is not.

          • Hey there little sugarliver is my pie ready yet?

          • Fuck Off and DIe, Moron…

          • Listen up babe you need to learn to show me some respect or I am just not going to tell you how to be a proper woman anymore. I am happy to help you but you must learn to be nice now about this pie thing, a scoop of vanilla ice cream with the apple pie is always a plus for you as a woman it will make the man think you are a real housewife. You should bring his slippers to him at the door too and put on a nice dress so he does not have to look at a disheveled house wench. Never question your man he knows what is best for you and you must accept this it is part of your womanly duties.
            I am happy to help you with this but next time address me as sir and stop with the bad words it makes you sound like a lesbian.

          • Hey sweety here is a site for you to visit it is all about you and I think you will like it.


          • Oh, but I think they are much, much more than what your have described, Melinda. If all politicians were but what you described we’d all sleep better at night knowing we had a shot at bribery the same as everyone else, but some or even a majority are traitors and have sold their souls and the American public and our constitution right down the drain, and
            THAT is much more dangerous for our survival than dealing with hustlers. And, they are filling seats on both sides of the Isle so if you were making an honest appraisal you would surely have included the Democrats.

          • I think the suggestion is, you, Morton212, are the idiot.

          • There’s no think about it.!

          • You are obviously too dense or immature or both to participate in this blog–please find your sphere in the comic book section.

          • I graduated from picture books many years ago. How can anyone take a comment like

            ‘How could anyone say OBAMA loves America when he’s doing everything in his power to destroy her?’

            That is pure confrontational hissing. Hubris. Propaganda and ignorant – aimed at very poorly educated and angry people.

      • Back to your cage, Moronton212

      • Morton212 buddy…your just another uneducated Commie/Liberal TROLL with your head so far up your *** you can’t see day light! Your just another example of the now Commie/DemoRat Parties motto is alive and well…”More Lies From The Left, And We Proud Of IT..!!!” TROLLS make me sick! And yes the Commie/DemoRats are clearly part of the problem and are never the solution to our Nation problems….they cause the problems but never solve them..!!!

      • Morton, you are one more simple minded, “Only I Can Think and Reach Valid Conclusions,” under educated, brick brained left wing idiots. You applaud more government control and taxation. You want more government employees telling you what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. Why don’t you and the other Obama supporting political half wits immigrate to all ready operates this way?

        • I can assure that I am open minded – especially since I bother to actually respond tpo someone like you that offers little more than insults, mixed liberally with myth and propaganda, that you believed without question, because you read them on a right wing site.

          • Open minded? What does that mean exactly? Let’s see, that would mean that one is not truly convicted, can be swayed. One who can be swayed would indicate a weak individual who does have knowledge or lacks facts. Such individuals therefore will follow those who are the most persuasive, truth be damned, integrity be damned , morals be damned. You have insulted yourself and don’t know it because you do not even understand what you stated. You just blindly follow.

          • Open minded means that I read your responses and am more than prepared to answer it in the vein in which it was offered. Instead of making any kind of argument you simply attack anyone who does not agree with you. You need to listen more, and try to understand why not everyone agrees with you.

          • That we bother to respond to you and continue to do so is simply to save you from yourself. You may be open-minded but there’s very little in there to see. Patriot954 described you very clearly and concisely and if you want big government, more government control, taxation to the poverty level, being a slave to big government agencies who total control your life, take Obama by the hand, board a plane and go to any number of places in the world that I have just described. There are numerous choices so you won’t have to settle on just what’s available. In America, we DO NOT CHOOSE TO LIVE LIKE THAT. If we wanted to, we would have already been gone. If we had wanted or deserved a president like Obama, we would have elected one long ago. Obama is illegally here, he was illegally elected to perform an illegal act (destruction of America) and it was perpetrated and carried out by deception, espionage, sabotage, enemies of this country and fraud and the worse of the situation is that it was done and it is still being carried out. That is the shame of it all. We HAVE TO GET RID of this criminal who calls himself president of this country. He certainly isn’t the brains behind it but he’s the speaker with charisma and the town clown that can rope in gullible people like you and young impressionable minds who are yearning for someone to relate to. He managed to do that very successfully but as time has moved on and he has shown his real intentions which he is becoming very brave in doing because no one is stopping him, more and more INTELLIGENT people are realizing the mistake they made and are moving against Obama. That movement is getting very large. It’s only human to make mistakes in life but continuing to make the same mistakes is not intelligent thinking. Obama is not supporting you, he is trying to destroy you and your country. He is trying to take away the freedom you have to call everyone names, the liberties that many citizens of oppressed countries in this world would give a limb to have and his intention is to make YOU and all the rest of the citizens of this country SLAVES TO THE COMMUNIST, SOCIALIST REGIME that he belongs to. He may not know it but those who are using him to bring America down may not have any use for him either when the job they’ve put him here to do is finished. He may find himself in slavery too. Karma is not kind and can often be very painful. In his case, it would be if he was put in the same camp with American Patriots. Wake up while you still can and get on the side of those who are trying desperately to rid this country of ALL THE CRIMINALS, Obama and all his criminal minions and those in the Congress of the United States of America who are working against the people of this country to satisfy their greedy, power hungry desires!!! They ALL have to go. Nobody is perfect but there are many too many in this country today that are much more than just imperfect.

          • The Constitution provides only one way to get rid of a sitting President, That is by impeachment.

            It provides two ways to negate the way a law is being implemented.
            1) By a ruling in the Supreme Court.
            2) By Amendment of the Constitution (that will overrule all branches of government, including the Supreme Court).

            It provides a mechanism to change the composition of the legislatures and Executive. By election.

            If you are unable to frame your grievances within that framework you are merely hissing and have basically a seditious view of the American system and are embarking on the path of treason.

          • I am 71 years you liberal piece of crap. Don’t tell me how to get rid of a sitting president. Bill Clinton was impeached. Did you not know that?? He was impeached for adultery basically and that impeachment stood. If President Bush had not pardoned him he would still have that on his record. Richard Nixon would have been impeached and removed if he had not resigned and the so-called “crime” he committed was kid’s play to what Obama is doing. Obama is NOT A CITIZEN OF THIS COUNTRY therefore he cannot be charged with treason although he is guilty of treason. He can however be brought up on charges of being an enemy of the United States of America and he certainly is that and much, much more. He can be impeached and that is what Congress needs to do to stop all the silly kid’s games he is playing with the lives of Americans and the future of this country. You know nothing about the laws of this country so why don’t you just shut up!!!! We are embarking on the path of treason?? FOR what??? Trying to save our country? You dirty filthy liberal creep! Why don’t you just leave this country if you hate it so much? And take Obama with you!!!

          • When a Bl*w Job in the Oval Office becomes a High Crime and Misdemeanor in someone’s mind – it is time to see a shrink. You may have a problem with sexuality.
            Let me be clear, I do not find it very appropriate behavior, particularly to make a media and political meal over something that would never otherwise be public – it is really nothing to do with the business of government.

            Nixon committed a felony. Now there is a very simple distinction – to help reconcile your 70 years of wisdom that seem so be stuck in the mud. Call for a trawler.

          • I baited you, moron, just to see how much you really know which is clearly nothing. Clinton was impeached because he lied over and over to the Congressional Committees that were investigating his improper conduct and he also lied over and over to the American people. Nixon did not commit a felony. The two cases were very similar. If you think liberals don’t spy on Conservatives all the time, you are a deluded human and possibly vice versa but I will say that Conservatives haven’t been spying on liberals enough in the last decade because look what we have in the White House now. We should have been listening closer and more often. I haven’t made a media and political me al over anything that would otherwise never be public. Everyone in this country with half a brain knows Clinton was impeached. Nixon would have been too if he hadn’t resigned. What they did was not anything that liberals have not done in the past and wouldn’t do in the future if they knew they could get away with it. Everything Obama is doing now is much worse than anything Clinton or Nixon did. Everything he has done and continues to do are high crimes against this country and he will eventually be dealt with by us or a much higher power. It was very attractive for the President of the United States to have sex in the closet of the Oval Office with an intern and she was not the only one. You are too young and since you do not read, just talk, you might check history to find there was a long list of women who Clinton was “involved” with while he was Governor of Arkansas and President of the United States as well. I’m not sure it’s over yet but a man of his age should realize it’s time to try and find some morality in his Golden Years. Hillary would have likely left him if she didn’t have political aspiration and she felt divorce was not prudent. His indiscretions were the height of embarrassment to America at that time. Now it’s Obama, not completely for the same reasons but many more and certainly an embarrassment nonetheless . Not a coincidence they are both liberals and liberals of the worst kind.

          • You didn’t bait me – you just tried to find a way to launch another tiresome rant and to looked well read. Clinton’s impeachment failed in its purpose to do more than show that his impeachment was designed to do little more than try and demean his political accomplishments. Nixon, on the other hand, conspired to commit burglary. I have no problem with Clinton’s philandering – since I would never aspire to be in his social circle. He is a politician – period – and that is how he was essentially judged.
            Obama, is a different and far more astute president. What conservatives hate, is that he will make the list of the legendary Presidents who shaped this nation’s greatness. The fact that he has systematically cornered and defeated conservative conspiracies to derail him, speaks to his superior political skills.

          • I did bait you, Morton and you fell hook, line and sinker because you are not nearly as brilliant as you believe yourself to be. Especially if you believe Obama to be an astute president. He is different and not good different. If you hold your breath to see Obama make the list of the legendary presidents who shaped this nation’s greatest, you will have al long wait and will not live very long. He will make a list but not that one. He is a communist and what he has done is not superior political skill, it is TREASON!!!!

          • YOU are a bigger fool than him for supporting his destruction of this nation. He is trying very diligently but he won’t succeed no matter how strongly morons like you push his “greatness”.

          • I think this just about sums up how you and many others think – and this is one of your senior Republican congressman.


          • Just one more thing, you snot-nosed kid, I have no problem at all with sexuality but you are too young to know what that means. I will assure you that I have the intelligence to know when and where sexuality is proper and the closet of the Oval Office in the White House is not the proper place for anyone and certainly not the President of the United States.

          • What the eye does not see the mind does not fret. I wonder how many closets you have slipped through.

          • You bother to respond to us? It is us that bothers to respond to you!! You are truly a son of Obama because you surely are not a son of Uncle Sam. You must hate America and that is very curious because America has made you everything you are and The American Taxpayer (me and all like me) are still supporting you and that’s not enough for you? Where OBAMA is taking you, you won’t need support because you will have nothing but an orange jumpsuit and you can kiss all these smart mouthed comments goodbye because you will be told to speak only when spoken to and then you might actually see how foolish you were to allow communism to control your life and take away everything you were and would ever be. If you liberals would do something besides lay around waiting for the next check and read some history, it is all out there for you to READ, yes, I said read, and see what your future hold with your “legendary” president. Adolph Hitler is legendary too!!!

      • I think you are weak minded and only say what you are told to by your dumbocrat massa’s

        • And I think that you do not even think. But react like a punctured balloon.

          • I did not ask you what you think and that is because I don’t care what you think, you are insignificant and meaningless little man. ad hominem ad hominem ad hominem ha ha ha you little wiener.

          • Oh Boy – you really are decrepit – you sound like a cracked vinyl record with dust on the needle.

          • I see you have been reading your dictionary and you learned a new word “decrepit” I am impressed ad hominem ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

          • Its easy to impress a birdbrain – don’t get carried away.

          • Bird brain huh come on buddy it is like you are not putting any effort into this at all I am no longer impressed. I think you are slacking over there and not really doing your best. I have confidence in you junior I know you can do better now step up to the plate and let’s see what you are capable of. Bird brain was just so disappointing , you can do better trust me I know you can if you just give it a try.

          • I need a bigger staff. Posting on WT, and Conservativenews as well as CNN and Washingtonpost – its a hard living.

          • Yea what are they paying you like a nickle per post you should ask for more I think you are worth it.

          • I know, right !

      • It seems you have one of those backward brains. You must be a liberal.

        • I would resist the urge to speculate if I were you – leave it to professionals.

          • Usually when it Quacks like a duck. You know the rest.

          • An Israeli doctor says “In Israel, medicine is so advanced that we cut off a man’s testicles, put them on another man, and in 6 weeks he is out looking for work.”

            The German doctor says: “That’s nothing, in Germany we take a part of a brain, put it in another man and in 4 weeks he is looking for work.”

            The Russian doctor says: “Gentlemen, we take half a heart from a man, put it in another man’s chest, and in 2 weeks he is looking for work.”

            The American doctor laughs: “You are all behind us. Two months ago we filled the Congress with men who have no brains, no heart and no balls. Now the whole country is looking for work.

          • That what happens when you only have one Master bater!

          • No jobs is Obamas great accomplishment

          • I doubt whether the employees at GM, or any automobile manufacturer, or their 3 million after sales work staff – would agree with you.

          • They won’t be around long. They took the subsidy from Obama and now they have millions of dollars in recalls and it’s not stopping. Ford took nothing and they are thriving. You have them mixed up.

          • If GM had collapsed, the others would have followed. The studies showed that the after sales support and market would have gone belly up for all auto manufactures – and that automobile manufacture would have moved offshore totally.

          • Oh yea that was a great deal the taxpayers will be paying for that for a long time to come, that was nothing but a 60billion bailout for the union.

          • You have to know that is not true. The net cost to taxpayers on the bailout was negligible. The indirect saving of unemployment, welfare and food stamps could have added more than $ 2 billion per month.It was estimate that the crash of GM would have cost 3 million jobs as the entire industry, sales, after market etc would have crashed as well.

          • Keep drinking the cool aid.

          • Wake up you fool. If you are going to trash Obama – well – its a free country. But at least be truthful. A lot of Americans know that is a total lie -both conservatives and liberals. It just makes you look like not the full deck.

          • Im wide awake you fool. Because Obama tells you the tax payers got their money back you believe him and you call me a fool. That guy has never told the truth in his entire life. The tax payers will never see that money again……………………………………………………….

          • No, you idiot. I am an investor and do my homework in the financial press. Maybe you should consider getting information from a source that is accurate.

          • I hope your invested in General motors. You Idiot

          • No. in Chrysler actually. The GM bailout pushed ts stock price way up.

          • Do you resent my success ?

          • Really, you have Chrysler? That would be rather hard to do unless you are a member of the Board of Directors of Chrysler or a member of their inner circle because Chrysler is a privately-owned company now and their stock is no longer publically traded and hasn’t been for a long while. Do we resent your success? No, actually, there is really nothing to resent about you!!!

          • I will give you an example of how long I have owned some stocks. In 1997 I bought 1200 shares of Oracle at $3.85 per share. Today each share is worth $ 44.30.
            I currently own stock in 60 different companies. I buy in lots of 1000 shares and the most I have in any single company is 8,000 shares.

          • You are an investor? That’s the best lie you’ve told yet. Exactly what Financial Press do you use to do your homework? What do you have in your portfolio? I would like some good sound advice from a real investor. Possibly you could provide that?

          • I do not use brokers. My only adviser is a tax attorney, and I have better instincts about market values than him anyway. I invest in equities and use Fidelity as my portfolio manager. I would characterize my portfolio as aggressive growth – about 80 percent domestic large corporations, and 20 percent foreign. I never buy on momentum, but by for value. My return on investment ROI has averaged just over 20 percent annually for the last 12 years. The best advise I can give you is to buy high tech stocks ONLY in a specialized sector fund (software, apple, facebook, google etc). The should always be bought in bundles because some will fail and others do very well. I prefer what is known as bricks and mortar stocks – stocks that have shown a track record of good management, consistent growth and low P/E. Professionally I dealt with equity options – but would never invest in them in my own portfolio. They are momentum securities, and for small time investors you are playing with fire, like losing money in a casino. And I own real estate.

          • Negligible? Must be more of those Keynsian economics, huh? Simple economics 101: Whatever the government wants more of it subsidizes and what it want less of it stifles with regulations and taxes. You would think using that as a guiding principle any government that wanted to continue functioning and flourishing would tend to subsidize success rather than failure and regulate and tax the ill-run corporation and the unions for causing such failure. Instead, we have “corruptocrats” paying their political backers regardless what the outcome (and you can check with the honest stock holders who were counting on their investment in GM to fund their retirement and kids’ college educations who took it in the shorts as well as the American taxpayers who may have liked to have enough money left out of their own paychecks to fund their own favorite charities, their retirements and their own kids’ educations who, because of inflation can barely keep up with their own day to day expenses anymore. And, in case you want to know why and how we get inflation look no farther than all the money we borrow from the private banking interest at the Federal Reserve (at interest) to pay for all the political favors the politicians hand out that we do not have money for and figure out how those bankers get their money back–(hint: it is called inflation caused by putiing all those unbacked federal reserve notes out into the economy which take their value from the backed dollars that are still out there). The truth is in a free economy without government manipulating and controlling picking winners and losers there are going to be well-deserved failures, but there will always be weel-deserved successes to take their place as there is no limit to the numan capacity to learn and grow from experience. That’s what collectivists fail to see or appreciate–the value of the individual’s creativity and will power which is now running in short supply thanks to government manipulation of the private sector and our other-wise free economy–ony those who get in bed with the government or have enough money to contribute to their political cause can stay afloat and survive long enough to provide competition. That’s why we have the greatest difference between the rich and the poor that this country has ever seen before–government is destroying the middle class so no one will be up and coming with anything new and creative to compete with all the government cronys that have already cornered the market (or have become, themselves, government monopolies like our utitlity companies) and can give us crappy services and products all they want because the government has made sure there are nor will be others companies out there which can compete.

          • The role of government is not to take sides in a free and open market place – except under extraordinary situations. When the government intervened over GM, the credit markets were illiquid making it impossible to use bankruptcy laws to restructure and save the company. The consequences of such a massive corporate failure would have been devastating for about 3 million people. It is precisely why we have emergency funding like FEMA to step in when circumstances create an emergency that overwhelms the free market and could cause enormous unnecessary suffering for people.

            We are not experiencing much inflation and have not during Obama’s six years in power. We are trying to increase inflation to about 2 points below the GDP expansion because that will help the economy to expand. In the meantime the nation is actually more prosperous in terms of asset value that at any time in history. The problem is that this prosperity is staying at the top of the tree – and middle class prosperity is actually sliding downward.

            Obama and the Democrats have been trying very hard to change that, but some extremely powerful interests have enlisted the Republican party to block any attempt to release this prosperity. They have created a nonsense propaganda about income redistribution – when in fact ironically there is massive redistribution of income from the middle classes to the top.

          • Trisha Holmeide

            Oh, boy have you got a surprise coming. First, has it ever occurred to you maybe there are people on both sides of the Isle whose main interest has nothing to do with preserving the US constitution nor any part or parcel of our form of government? Your premise regarding the need for government to stick it’s nose into the private sector for any reason is completely unconstitutionally based opinion. You obviously do not see how corrupt and treasonous our politicans are and have been that have formed backroom deals to line the pockets of some of the largest corporations in this country along with their unions and banker buddies and all the political favoritism taking place in making trade agreements that ultimately involve us in internationsal conflicts, loss of our sovereignty and continuing loss of prosperity for everyone except the politically chosen elite. Obama is a disgrace to our nation as he is openly working against the rule of law and seeking to establish his will above the law and set a precident for all future potentate “wannabes.” Obviously, he has no respect for the constitution–which is the only thing between us and tyranny. You are obvioulsy willing to overlook it too if you can defend this man in his behaviors. And, oh, by the way…free market constitutionalists do not care how wealthy the top 1% are or get only that the market is left free so that others can put their own ideas and efforts out there to try to be successful too. Only when the government stickes its nose in is it possible and probable such efforts will be stiemed and undermined and left wanting. As long as the American people are free to choose where they want to spend their money there can be no normal market forces to stop a determined entrepeneur with a great idea and great services and products from becoming successful except the government.

          • While I understand your concern, I have to point out that the actions of the government (or more precisely of the Executive, the Presidency – which has appeared more decisive than a deadlocked Congress for some years now) has a constitutional basis wich you do not appear to understand.

            The Constitution gives Congress exclusive authority to set tariffs and enact other legislation governing internation trade. The President has the Constitutional authority to negotiate international agreements. If the President negotiates a trade agreement that requires changes in U.S. tariffs or in other domestic laws, that trade agreement’s implementing legislationmust be submitted to Congress — or the President must have Congress’ advance approval of such changes.

            1. When the President acts pursuant to an express or implied authorization of Congress, his authority is at its maximum, for it includes all that he possesses in his own right plus all that Congress can delegate. 2 In these circumstances, [343 U.S. 579, 636] and in these only, may he be said (for what it may be worth) to personify the federal sovereignty. If his act is held unconstitutional under these circumstances, it usually means that the Federal Government [343 U.S. 579, 637] as an undivided whole lacks power. A seizure executed by the President pursuant to an Act of Congress would be supported by the strongest of presumptions and the widest latitude of judicial interpretation, and the burden of persuasion would rest heavily upon any who might attack it.

            2. When the President acts in absence of either a congressional grant or denial of authority, he can only rely upon his own independent powers, but there is a zone of twilight in which he and Congress may have concurrent authority, or in which its distribution is uncertain. Therefore, congressional inertia, indifference or quiescence may sometimes, at least as a practical matter, enable, if not invite, measures on independent presidential responsibility. In this area, any actual test of power is likely to depend on the imperatives of events and contemporary imponderables rather than on abstract theories of law. 3

            3. When the President takes measures incompatible with the expressed or implied will of Congress, his power is at its lowest ebb, for then he can rely only upon his own constitutional powers minus any constitutional powers of Congress over the matter. Courts can sustain exclusive presidential control in such a case only by disabling [343 U.S. 579, 638] the Congress from acting upon the subject. 4 Presidential claim to a power at once so conclusive and preclusive must be scrutinized with caution, for what is at stake is the equilibrium established by our constitutional system.

          • Trisha Holmeide

            Obama was actually very smart and did not issue an executive order regarding his plans for immigration–and that has some in Congress with their panties all in a knot. However, the fact remains, he cannot, by himself, without congressional approval do what he is trying to do. Too bad if congess isn’t moving fast enough for him because he wants to ram it through without the American people’s ability to study the problems and have a say as to whether we want to give those who have broken the law a jump start on all those who have been and are trying to come here the right and constitutional way. And, maybe, just maybe some jurists who know the law and respect the contstitution for what it is (a safeguard against tyranny) will put him and his plans in their place.

          • There really is a limit to what can be achieved with an EO – so in many ways it is a big todo about nothing. A president has no funding power, and is restricted basically to implementing the law with the funds allocated – in the best possible way – his opinion of course – but that is his executive prerogative – the timing of how a law is expedited.

          • Yes, you are correct EO’s shouldn’t be used except in dire emergencies but Obama has gotten a lot of use out of them. You are also correct that a president has no funding power but that certainly has not stopped Obama. Congress holds the power of the purse but Obama has NEVER ONCE asked for funding for his illegal expenditures of US Taxpayer money. He has sent millions to the terrorist countries and even to his half brother in Kenya who is a senior official, if not THE senior official in the Muslim Brotherhood, all illegally!!! He has NEVER USED FUNDS ALLOCATED because he hasn’t been allocated funds to do what he’s done. He may have used funds allocated for other, legal causes but he has never gotten his illegal “donations” allocated or approved by Congress. That crap you are spewing here is actually quite funny. You are using big words, copying Obama every step of the way, but saying nothing. There are partial truths here but you can be assured, Obama hasn’t followed the US Constitution one day in his life, much less since he illegal occupied our Oval Office and White House. He hates this country, our religion and our culture. He and his wife were sitting in the cold at his second inauguration and they were caught on tape, sitting for the playing of our National Anthem and she turned to him and said “all this for a flag?” It was very easy to lip read that and that video went all over the world. That is what they think of our country and they didn’t come here to make it better. They came here to destroy it and, you too, are a traitor to this country if you continue to turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to what he is doing and support it, just like all those in his administration. It is way too obvious for you to claim “you cannot see”. That is no acceptable excuse for being a traitor to your country and I can’t imagine a tribunal that would buy it.

          • You need to broaden your information sources. Most of what you write is spin from a professional propaganda machine designed to denigrate Obama. Oh I am sure you believe it all right – but when you dig down there is simply nothing to support that nonsense.
            I am highly skeptical of any conspiracy theories; large institutions have enormous trouble covering up wrong doings. They are full of opportunists who would sell out to the highest bidder.
            I can see that you are concerned about current affairs and there certainly many issues – but you seem to have focused on incredibly trivial disinformation.
            I recommend you read news sources from outside of the USA. There are many – they are far more objective and between them all you can build a pretty good picture of the truth.

          • You have no idea what you are saying here. GM was bailed out because they are liberals. Ford didn’t need a bailout and they never took a dime from the government. Wonder why? Are you saying FEMA stepped in and bailed out GM? Give us all a break. All of this is total and complete nonsense. You have picked up “buzz words” from the liberal talking points, (I guess they mail them to you with your checks), and you forget who is doing what. It is Obama and the Democrats with have created this nonsense propaganda about income redistribution. Do you read at all. That was one of his first “declarations” – income redistribution. He wants to take from the rich who are the ones who really are providing jobs in this country and give it to himself to spend as he sees fit, mostly on promoting terrorism. You might want to watch Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech before Congress (I’m sure you don’t have anything like a job that would prevent that) and you might learn something. Iran is the largest perpetrator of terrorism on the planet and they are supported strongly by Putin and Russia. Obama is not “negotiating” with Iran and even Kerry is too stupid to know that, Obama is cooperating with Iran to support terrorism, to help them produce nuclear weapons and ultimately have Islam take over our country and YOUR LIFE along with the rest of us and the world. You won’t be sitting on your lazy backside then collecting taxpayer money and using your freebies. You will be lucky to be alive but the treatment those butchers and barbarians hand out will make you wish you were dead!!!!

          • I actually know in great detail what happened with GM. I worked on Wall St during that time and the issues were mired in a breakdown of the state of the banks – which were illiquid. GM could literally no make payroll – and could not borrow money. I am not going to speculate what would have happened had the government not stepped up to the plate – but the projections were disastrous.

          • Netanyahu is a hawk. He is not a visionary or a negotiator. His brand of leadership is based upon an ever present danger – when things settle down – he stirs it up because that is what gives him his legitimacy. Obama and most of the Western leaders have seen through his political game and have little use for his manipulations.
            The problem he has is that in his view there is no compromise end game. He would have to dominate or eradicate his neighboring Muslim nations – and that is a logistical impossibility. Iran is going to acquire nuclear weapons from North Korea or Pakistan if need be. Netanyahu’s strategy pushed Iran into a hostile pocket which will almost certainly cause far more harm than safety in the very near future.

          • That’s supposed to be funny?

          • In a deliberately offensive kind of way. Most of my Republican friends think its funny because they too do not have a high opinion of what the new Republican regime is doing to demonstrate its ability to govern

          • In the story that I heard it was ELECTED OBAMA not FILLED THE CONGRESS.

          • You may need a hearing aid.

      • The conservatives that just got elected to Congress in November 2014 are NOT IDIOTS. You will hear from them sooner than you’re ready. It’s the liberal idiots that are misjudging their resolve and you all will find out.

      • As opposed to the many traitorous idiot Demrats already in Congress?

      • You don’t listen to enough people who know what they are talking about and you certainly aren’t one of them. All of the idiots and criminals in Congress sit on the left side of the aisle. Those who sit on the right side are RINOS and Progressives that simply side with whoever is in power right now to maintain their positions and keep that almighty POWER!!!! You are going to see a lot in 2016. More Democrats are going home because they pledged to stand with what is right for America and Americans and they’ve already reneged so it’s obvious they can’t be trusted. They may be replaced by more Democrats but it won’t be Obama Democrats if they are. American people, both Democrats and Republicans are tired of what is in Washington, from the top to the bottom with very few exceptions but there are a few and I don’t remember seeing any Democrats on the list that I researched. The Progressives and RINOS on the right will be going home and will be replaced by true Patriots, not power hungry, greedy politicians.

        • So I take it that you don’t like our political system because it does not produce enough politicians who reflect your opinions ?

    • I agree! Obama has proved over and over by his
      actions that he does indeed HATE America!
      Rudy nailed it perfectly this time! NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!

      • Do not worry about Guiliani. He is ugly anyway. No soul in this USA would dare vote for this ugly NY man. I am surprised NY elected this ugly soul.

        • At least Rudy Guiliani is a REAL AMERICAN.
          Something that cannot be said of the faux president who is, by his OWN words, NOT AMERICAN.

          • Amd he was a great mayor unlike the two idiots that have come afterwards.

          • You are right on, leewacker. The problem is he’s told us he is illegal and he’s still there. It’s on him for being there in the first place but it’s really on us for allowing him to remain there and continue the destruction!!!


          • How do you believe that?

          • I had never been proud of people in this Country until they elected and re-elected Obama as President. In fact Obama has accomplished what he promised us. Jobs security, freedom, safety from terrorists here and abroad above all respect for each other regardless of race, gender and other legally prohibited behavior. But we still have some TPs and
            Repubs who cannot come to grips -people are created equal. What makes difference is exposure after birth. I believe you saw President’s poll numbers today. Obama is polling 60% in favor and 40% not in favor. I believe the 40% are racists and bigots in TP and Repub parties. People are again comfortable
            living in this Country.

          • Did you see on FB today of all the terrorist training camps in this country? About at least thirty! What is that all about?

          • Those were TPs and Repubs training to invade us in Wisconsin.

          • NO we are waiting for all the muzzies that moved into wisconsin to kill you liberal wigglers off…

          • You got to Be the dumbest idiot I ever heard. You don’t know squat about anything!you are exactly the reason why this country sucks!

          • and how many of those are considered arryan nation– white supremacist -white separatists or other white american born terrorists.

          • I don’t think so ! They found Korans and Arabic reading material there on site nice try you are wrong like all you dumb liberals the only extremists are people like you fuuuk off!

          • spoken like the true illiterate nazi you are . enjoy the next elections and 8 years of another democratic president . you morons are outdated outnumbered and to stupid to do anything but cheat at the polls to change it

          • Hillary in several key states is either tied or losing to a generic republican.

          • It truly amazes me you have the gall to call someone else a “moron”, “illiterate”, & “stupid”…..

            I guess it is true that it takes one to know one…..

          • you are correct after reading your comments i should let your rants speak for themselves and prove my point.

          • You have no choice, you are incapable of speaking for yourself…..

            At least in a manner which a literate person could comprehend…..

            The only point you prove is the one prominently visible at the top of your skull…..

            You are below pity, you are a shining example of the type of “person” that worships obama, and clinton…..

            Low intelligence, low morals, & lowlife…..

          • you are the typical loser. your party lost the elections TWICE and will lose again next time . you are childish and want to take the ball and go home unfortunatly the ball belongs to the majority of the people which elected the good guys and not the corporate sell outs.
            it is funny when your nummies call the dems the educated liberals elite because we are educated while from your writing i doubt you made it past 3rd grade, yet you then try to say you are smarter because you swallow every bit of shit that dribbles out of any lying rep orifices.learn to live as the loser you are

          • You make a joke out of yourself, everytime you post…..

            You comment on someone else’s intelligence, and yet you write like an imbecile. It is self evident that you are a fool, and an illiterate one, at that…..

            Show one mistake, in any of my posts…..

            Anyone can count multiple mistakes, in every one of your posts…..

            Not just the spewing of talking points, and repetition of lies, but the spelling, grammatical, and context, errors, are consistently splattered on the page in an absolute insane example of perfect gibberish…..

            Keep proving your imbecility, it only makes the rest of us geniuses in comparison…..

          • LOL the premise of your post are lies. you refuse to talk on the points of the conversation and when you are presented with factsand proof you deny and refuse to read them and then change the subject to something as mundane as grammer. grow up

          • What conversation are you referring to?

            There are no facts, and no proof in anything you post, only lies, and talking points…..

            I can only read legible sentences, you are only capable of moronic gibberish…..

            Grow up?

            I have supported my family for many years, and more than likely have supported you with my hard earned tax money, leach…..

            Unlike you, which has never denied multiple statements that you live in your poor suffering mother’s basement…..

            You can’t even present an argument intelligently, and you can’t even spell grammar…..

            You prove with every comment, that you are a sheep, a loser and a moron…..

          • proof again that you dont read the posts you just start typing shit that flows from your lil mind.
            I am 65 y/o professional with 2 bs degrees -nursing and psychology – worked quite successfully as a FNP for 30 years and now run 2 successful buisnesses. i took unemployment 1 time when i was 22y/o and just back from Nam and didnt like standing in the line for $35
            as far as which of your rants are of topic and irrelevant i must say all of them as you have nothing to add to the original topic and i seriously doubt you even know what it was

          • Dixin Balzdeap

            Moron, spewer of falsehoods, no one with even an Associates degree writes like a simpleton, as do you…..

          • im done with your stupidy .

          • Dixin Balzdeap

            You will never be done with your own…..


          • so simpleton do you even know what the topic is or just babbling in conservaturd

          • A moron just woke up from its 7 month coma, thanks for taking the time to reply, moron…..

          • Again, you are a perfect example of a liberal moron, spewing gibberish, and blindly following the rest of the lemmings into slavery to your messiah, and its minions…..

          • But not your own…..

          • AwakenedAngryAmerican

            When are you going for another BS degree? You seem to have a doctorate in BS.

          • ill have a masters befor you get through 3rd grade and move out of mommys basement

          • Don’t they want you to spell correctly on your Master’s Thesis? Methinks you are prevaricating. Unless your “Masters” is in BULLCHIT!

          • What is wrong with your spelling, this site has a spell checker. I think you believe that you are smarter than the dictionary but in the end you are just an idiot.

          • AwakenedAngryAmerican

            Master I’ll for ill. Mommy appreciates it when you use the apostrophe to show it is her basement. Don’t forget the e at the end of before. The basement doesn’t have any masters of bs degrees or fake constitutional community organizers lurking.

          • LOL66 y/o homeowner retired and living well despite the gop- morons for humor should be your name as you prove your ignorance and inability to focus on the topic with your gibberish

          • It’s funny all the shit you spew while defending a corrupt pres. who at every turn pisses on the Constitution that gave all those idiots that voted for him the right to be idiots. Sounds a lot like shitting in the hand that feeds. But you go ahead and be a mindless sheeple that lives off the gov’t teet and blames the evil Republicans who are trying to protect your rights.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            You must be Faye’s ole man. Both of you speak with shit in your mouth!!

          • Only Nazis in this Country are Democrats like you and your Ilk. Ill informed , incompetent of any logic and steeped in “Commiecratism”! This does not apply to others of the Democratic faith, which used to be the stalwarts in this Government, but turned Socialistic after Harry Truman. You ilk does not understand real politics and in my opinion you must be a carryover from the “Hippie Generation of Dope smoking Degeneratata”!

          • Wow another moron liberal too stupid to see the truth because you are being lead like a lamb to the slaughter. There will not be another democrat president for the next 4 terms. I hope Hillary is your go to demotard for this next one, I’ll laugh every day for the next 20 years. Thanks Dems!

          • LOL talk again after Hillary is in office moron- who the conservatives gonna run?? another bush? another version of palin? another senile old man like McCain? we know it isn’t gonna be your token black or token Mexican the old white Nazis wont tolerate that you might as well put the Koch brothers out there they control your party anyway.

          • American born terrorists are usually liberals.

          • more lies fed to you or did you make that up all on your own- the arryan brother hood- the freedom riders- the red nation-KKK- that fun loving church that protests at military funerals – all conservtive nut jobswithout a liberal thought in their pea brains and believing the bs just like you – NAME 2 liberal home grown terrorist groups and the pta nad sesame street do not count .

          • The terrorists are stupid people and failures in life. How can you go about killing people for the sake of women. Remember those morons who rammed planes in two towers were after? They were after 10 virgins each. Is that not insane and utterly brain-washed. I hope you, as a white woman are not a racist.

          • You need to do more research! You are in denial of the worst president in the history of the country!

          • TThis is the problem dealing with racist. You’re among racists who see Black people as nothing. The majority of people in this country view Obama as the best president since JFK. His recent poll is 60% people view him as excellent to good president. I know you belong to TP and Repub extremists. You have been brain-washed to see Blacks as nothing. Good luck with your bigotry.

          • You are one screwed up in the head individual! I was trying to explain it in a way that even a peabrain like you could understand! Some of my best friends are black and I have never been fascist how dare you accuse me of such a thing! You got a lot to learn if you think all white people are fascist and also all you are doing is promoting hate against all your people.I suggest you learn who is really on your side people that want freedom and liberty are your best friends!I’ll bet you hate Dr Ben Carson too because he is smart enough to know what’s wrong with this country ! I wish Ben Carson could be president. He would show you morons what its like to be a smart black person!

          • Sure, some of your friends are Blacks. Then you call them ” these people” behind their backs. They know you a fake friend.

          • If Obama were all white, he would have been impeached a long time ago.

          • You’re lucky Obama is our President. You as an oldie, would be out of a job by now. Repubs and TPs want young white women to abuse.

          • if Obama was a republican the kochs would be sitting in the white house and he would be dancing on their string

          • Obama is by far the worst president in history, he’s doubled the poverty rate and the middle class has taken a beating. You are probably one of the free stuff people.

          • I love Obama administration. Obama and his team have been
            trying to eradicate racism in this country. Right now I am suing state officials who had been trying to make sure Blacks were not hired how qualified. Now they are accusing one another. So there was a cone of silence-to hurt Blacks. Like Hitler they have lost it all. I hope you’re not brain-washing that your person to see Blacks as inferior to him. He will lose in life like you if he takes your norm.

          • They haven’t been trying to eradicate racism, they just throw gas on the fire. Democrats divide people by race or economic standing. You are what’s called a useful tool, stay Gruberized.

          • I hope you’re not going to vote for Ted Cruz, nephew of Castro. The guy wants to sell USA to Cuba and you will be under Communism. Good luck with your illegal Ted Cruz.

          • Obama’s already sold us to Cuba. Let me give you a history lesson. Cuba had a brutal dictator, Batista. Che and Castro came along to get the people together to overthrow him. After Batista was killed Castro took over. He denied that he was a communist until his political stance became obvious. Ted Cruz’s father spent time in the Cuban prison as a political prisoner. Ted Cruz graduated at the top of his class at Princeton and Harvard. Cruz’s law professor at Harvard, Alan Dershowitz said that Cruz was the smartest student he ever had as well as the best debater. Cruz will make an excellent president. You just hate Hispanics, bigot!

          • If you like Cruz a college graduate, why are you going to
            vote for Scott Walker a school-drop out? May be Cruz is lying on his grade too. TPs and Repubs are usually liars. Ted seems to be disconnected in his speeches. I think Ted Cruz is a communist. I am told he is also Mexican. And you TPs and Repubs hate Blacks and Mexicans.

          • My last line was sarcasm, I don’t know who I’ll vote for. As for Walker, “Governor Walker, do you think you could have been successful if you had finished college?” Te seems very focused and doesn’t use teleprompters.
            Ted Cruz isn’t a communist, he’s the furthest thing from a commie. Your last line, keep repeating the same lie and maybe people will believe it. The two founding members of the Tea Party 365 David Webb, talk show host and news pundit on various networks, and Niger Innis, spokesperson for the Congress of Racial Equality are black men. The Tea Party has nothing to do with race, TEA taxed enough already and fiscal responsibility are it’s goals.

          • history will prove Obama as one of the best yet and helped the people of this country overcome the wars – poverty – job losses and total sell out of the country by the easy/ cheap to buy gop

          • Forbes Magazine called him the worst economic president in history, after doing nothing about ISIS, even the MSM and other democrats are turning against him.Overcome poverty? By doubling the poverty rate? All the refugees from the Middle East and the chaos that goes along with it is Obama’s fault. Worst president ever.

          • Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

            Where did he tell us he is illegal ?
            I would like to spread that around ? !!

          • The bk jacket for his first bk stated he was born in Kenya, was not actually Kenya until 1963. The info announcing him as editor of the Harvard Law Review stated he was born in Kenya, when he was running against Allen Keys for Illinois state senator, the question of his birthplace came up ( Kenya), Obama replied, he was running for the senate not POTUS!!!! On YouTube, there is a video of Michelle, prior to a trip to Kenya, referring to Obamas “home” country. You can put Obamas Kenyan BC in the search line, and the real one pops up. There is a national facility in Kenya, celebrating Obama being Kenyan born, yet POTUS!!!!! You can pull up, I think it is the PM of Kenya, commenting, how could a man born in Kenya be POTUS. How much more do you need?

          • Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

            I want him Impeached, Charged with Treason against the USA for his immigration policies and Charged with War Crimes for his killings with unmanned drones World Wide ! And a dozen other crimes he has committed.

          • Tom, as I understand, to impeach, that is to recognize him as a legal POTUS, I think impeachment has to be done to a legal pres, that is why I am against impeachment. Yet, if proven he is illegal, all laws he has signed, all he has done and all he has appointed can be declared null and void. That is what I want, and not give him a salary, security, library, or any benefits when (If?) leaves office. Treason used to have been done by firing squad, I would pay to attend that!

          • Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

            Yes but Presidents have Amnesty for crimes until out of office.
            So we need to get him out firtst !
            I would pay also.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            But…. He’s technically not to be considered the president if he’s illegal and stole the office. People should march on the white house en mass and TAKE this country back, but NOT ENOUGH have balls!!

          • The US hanged some traitors, including one woman, either during WW11 or shortly before and they appear mild compared to today’s bull…even 30 yrs ago the crap being done everyday now would never have been tolerated..there is no true patriotism now , mostly lip service and words are cheap and plentiful…shortly you will see some real dogs crawl out of the dem party to run for prez…and the games continue…this .POTUS doesn’t need to be impeached, he needs to be arrested by the military OFFICERS and removed from the PEOPLE”S any of you realize we will pay his pension and numerous other things for the duration of his life…it won’t matter if you are starving, he will continue to get his for himself and his family..

          • I have been enjoying your comments and am in harmony with them. It is so distressing to see, read, hear those who will not acknowledge the “stuff” happening to our once greatest country on earth. As you, I would never have believed what has happened to our country under the obama Adm. I also do not preface his name with a title or capitalize it, my tablet often does automatically! I am so disgusted with the likes of our politicians who are not upholding our Constitution. I frequently write some of them. Sen. Jeff Sessions, Ala is a great man as is Trey Gowdy and a few others. I do not if many are being black mailed, paid off or exactly what but our nation is in a heap of trouble. It seems that few beyond those of our age are as concerned as they should be about the state of the Union. God Bless and keep on trying to educate.

          • Amen to all of that Eva! Gitmo is the only place that traitor should be, until he has that last cigarette while blindfolded.

          • I think Leavenworth is more appropriate, he likes tropical climate too much!

          • Bet he would find out really quickly that he isn’t black enough in Leavenworth. He deserves that and so much more. He needs to experience how much black lives matter in prison.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            I would give up EVERYTHING I own, just to watch him die, just like Saddam died, only drop his ass into a hole filled with pig’s blood, UPSIDE DOWN!!

          • Preaching to the choir Micheal! Me too!

          • and yet you would approve bush /cheney for their war crimes . they are wanted in 10 countrys for war crimes and cannot travel there as the world has spoken and they not obama are the criminals that started unnecessary wars

          • trollhunterforlife45

            He came from Out of No where from The Universe of A Satanic Nature ?

          • THE HORROR! THE HORROR! Surely that must mean one of two things–he is either a Martian or “The Antichrist.”

          • Thank you, Eva. There’s so much wrong with Obama’s history as it has been reported over the years to lead us to conclude a) he is a stick man put up by interests whose desire is to destroy the United States or b) he is a lying psychopath who has falsified his history so that he can destroy the United States. Choose a or b, it makes no difference.

          • There is a man, believe is Tom Fife, was in Russia, maybe about 1982, was told by a Russian’s wife, that a black with ties to Africa and Hawaii was going to be a future POTUS. It has been some time since I read this online, all may not be exact. It is very strange.

          • both apply.

          • You have bought into the entire, tiresome 9 yards of total BS propagated by the Obamaphobic nutjobs!

          • Just check out what I have written. I have done much research on this subject.

          • And There You have it the same Info Sheriff Joe Arpaio,Maricopa county,AZ has ,an Ex DEA Agent.

          • There are some new articles and copies of birth cert and registration from Kenya now online. I copied off two past week. Major problems with the green computer copies, says father’s race is African, this was not the term used in 1961, should have said Negro (this is not THE “n” word!!!), says father was born in Kenya, Kenya was not a country until 1963, states Obama Jr born in Hawaiian hospital that did not go by that name in 1961. Did not have computers in general usage in 1961, would have been typed on a typewriter, as used on BC from the Protectorate of Kenya, a British colony at the time, and made Obama Jr a British citizen. Just type in Obama’s Kenyan BC to see these and more.

          • Thank you,Eva, for your entire post! I also like most all of the posts, I’ m quite surprised to find so many people have the same thoughts as I do. We just have to keep this information, from all of you, at the front of many other people’s’ thoughts. I hate Obama for what he has done to our America! And for God’s’ sake, don’t let Hillary take over, in his footsteps!

          • Thank you. For the life of me, I cannot comprehend why so many will not accept the facts about Obama and Hillary. Hillary was kicked off the Nixon impeachment hearings for unethical conduct. I just cannot understand why more has not been done to remove Obama as there is plenty of justification to do so and has been. Hillary and Bill knew Obama was not legal and they were forced to keep quiet. We have the main stream media to thank for not letting the word get out back in 2008. Now, the admin will not let the media be honest. Nothing like Chicago politics!!! May God have mercy on us. I pray daily for Him to interven and save us, this nation and the world from destruction by this evil man.

          • The sad thing about it is even if its true,no one cares. Its almost as if some people just want to be in total denial about everything!

          • He told us in the book he wrote. Title Dreams of my Father. He in his own words claimed to have been born in Kenya. Now Please try an deny it.

          • The Blue Collar Man

            Pick up a copy of “Where is the Birth Certificate”. Everything in one book, and you could word search as you need by subject.
            Very detailed, lots you don’t normally see included.

          • 0buma he is a true Muslim not an American and don’t forget it, and just think American voters, voted him in

          • you stupid ass,he was not voted in, BEFORE YOU SHOW ANY MORE OF YOUR IGNORANCE GO HERE,

          • Stop the name calling and ck your facts. He was not legitimately voted in, Black Painters discouraged legit voters from voting, some Dems voted 6 times, (one even went to prison, but got out early, to vote last Nov.!), the dead rose to vote, apparently, even voted early and often! The votes of overseas military were not counted in the 08 or 12 elections, voting machines sometimes defaulted Rep votes as Den votes, a number of voting precincts, esp in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio had more people vote than the number of registered voters, and 100% voted for Obama, also, many of the votes were counted on machines owned by Geo Soros!!! Please ck this out before responding with more of your nasty language! I find that people who use language like you have a small vocabulary, Another commented that people using such on line have psychological problems, I wonder if both fit you!!!?

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Get on ’em Eva!!!

          • TWICE………………

          • Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

            Yes a Muslim and a Communist !

          • Obama’s Catholic school records in Indonesia show him as Islam, he has said he is Muslim, he has said the most beautiful sound in the world is the Muslim call to prayer. Understand the ring he wears has Islamic characters on it, it is not a wedding ring, started wearing at Occidental college. Mother and grandparents were communist, mom attended school in Mercer Island with communist principal and teachers. They attended ” church” called the little red church on the hill!

          • The translated inscription reads “There is no God but Allah” A professor from Duke verified that.

          • An Islamunist is the term I use, spread it around please.

          • Only due to lots and lots of lies & skin pigmentation.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            I SURE AS HELL
            D I D N’ T !!

          • Not totally true, the dead rose up and voted, many voted multible times, machines defaulted to Democrat when person voted the Republican ticket, some votes counted on machines owned by Geo Soros, overseas military votes not counted in 2008 or 2012 election, over 100% of registered voters voted in PA, Ohio, Fla and other places voted and voted 100% for Obama. Folks, that just does not happen in the real and honest world!!

          • And he has the guts to speak his mind, not like the rest of the gutless pack.

          • Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

            I agree he is not an American, But where does he say it in his own words ??

          • See lengthy response above. He has stated it, in so many words. The info is available. Judge Roy Moore, Ala, knows he is not legal as does Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Orly Tabiz, sp may not be correct for her, an Atty in Calif with detailed info.

          • Orly Taitz is a dingbat whose ASSertions have been soundly discredited. Joe Arpaio jhas produced NOTHING of any merit toward validating HIS loony claims. Judge Roy Moore “knows” nothing of the kind. Moore doesn’t even know the law and the Constitution sufficiently well to avoid being kicked out of office by a judicial panel of politically conservative public servants.

          • Speaking of looney… Look in the mirror dumbo.

          • Respectfully disagree. Orly has done extensive research and has recently given Texas Judge Hanen info regarding Obama. Judge Hanen handlening the illegals amnesty mess.

          • Tom– If you agree: Then what’s your point?

          • Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

            A Two month old post ?
            If he had it on video I just wanted it so I could supply it to my radio and TV broadcast connections.

          • Obama: “I will stand with the muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction” and “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam”. At least we know where his allegiance lies, AND IT IS NOT AMERICA. And yet, one anti-American act after another, treasonous acts, there he sits in our White House, with his bare feet resting on top of the legendary people’s desk, hiding his middle finger.

          • Unlike you and other blind ideologues who simply suck up propaganda without fact-checking, I went directly to the place in Obama’s book where that “I will stand with the Muslims” quote has so often been alleged to occur.and guess what I found? First, I found that the “quote” is not a correct “quote.” Most notably, the word “Muslims” (!) is NOT in the sentence, notwithstanding that in innumerable viral e-mails it appears within material bounded by quotation mark and is purportedly quoted from Obama’s book, “The Audacity of Hope.” Here, in context, is what Obama actually said on pages 260-261 of that book:

            “Whenever I appear before immigrant audiences, I can count on some good-natured ribbing from my staff after my speech; according to them, my remarks always follow a three-part structure: “I am your friend,” “[Fill in the home country] has been a cradle of civilization,” and “You embody the American dream.” They’re right, my message is simple, for what I’ve come to understand is that my mere presence before these newly minted Americans serves notice that they matter, that they are voters critical to my success and full-fledged citizens deserving of respect.

            Of course, not all my conversations in immigrant communities follow this easy pattern. In the wake of 9/11, my meetings with Arab and Pakistani Americans, for example, have a more urgent quality, for the stories of detentions and FBI questioning and hard stares from neighbors have shaken their sense of security and belonging. They have been reminded that the history of immigration in this country has a dark underbelly; they need specific assurances that their citizenship really means something, that America has learned the right lessons from the Japanese internments during World War II, and that I will stand with them should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

            That “dark underbelly,” with its forced detention of Japanese AMERICANS, is something this nation should regret and never repeat, and that is clearly
            the kind of thing Obama was opposing as regards treatment of naturalized AMERICAN CITIZENS of whatever national origin. The “them” (NOT “MUSLIMS”) with whom Obama committed himself to stand were “newly-minted Americans” and “Arab and Pakistani Americans”–in both cases AMERICAN CITIZENS, and in no way subsumed the greater community of non-American Muslims the world over. But, the obvious intent of MISQUOTING and MISREPRESENTING what Obama said and leaving out the contextual setting was to cultivate within the unwary reader a false impression that he is committing categorically to stand with Muslims–whatever the issue and whatever the conflict.

            I went straight to the source of that “I will stand with the Muslims” claim and I found it not to be as you and myriads of other sloppy and careless persons have claimed. You and those other disordered right-wing Obamaphobes should have learned by now that Obama never said what you have claimed he said. The bogus quote has been exposed often over the last six or seven years for the silly, lying wingnut mischief that it is. That tripe was first e-mailed to me in 2008 by a close relative and I rebuked her strongly for perpetuating a lie. I have since posted at least a dozen corrections of that bogus quote on internet forums and in letters to the editors of newspapers. I am certain that many other truth-seeking, truth-loving persons have similarly tried to set the record straight. But those like you, who don’t have the integrity to verify something before barfing it out on yet another public forum just never seem to get it or to WANT to get it.

            HAVE YOU GOT IT NOW, afanaglenn??

            The furtherance of TRUTH in this matter would seem to dictate that those who-for whatever reason–have forwarded this piece “again and again” should once more hit their keyboards and advise recipients of the obvious erroneous nature of the previously forwarded material! It was Jesus who said, “Ye shall know the TRUTH and the TRUTH shall set you free.”

            Don’t be captive to a LIE, afanaglenn! And help your misled wingnut friends to find the truth in this matter as well.

            Learn more about this bogus right-wing propaganda and other lies perpetuated by the Obamaphobic wingnut crowd:


          • Blah, blah, blah. You’re a moron.

          • You pitiful, incompetent wretch! You KNOW you were wrong on that “I will stand with he Muslims,,,” GARBAGE. Thus, instead of providing either an apology or some kind of attempted defense, you blurt out an inane insult. You pitiful, pitiful thing!

          • Nice try but that isn’t where it came from. It came from a speech he gave to a muslim group in an Islamic country. I will have to check this out for you since your source is not correct even though it was a place where the quotation was amended, like in his own book published for American consumption.

          • Keep trying for that source you cclaim to recall, but the bogus source cited in myriads of viral e-mails is the one I named. But you just surf away and let’s see what you come up with.

          • You mean like you and other blind arrogant ideologues who blindly accept what amounts to a revision, you accept the revision as opposed to the original statement made to a Islamic group. Your source is the varnished publication designed for the American audience. Seems like everyone but you know Obama is a muslim and his allegiance is to Islam. I am sure that America doesn’t even come in second. You sound like a muslim, practicing your tagiyyah here. The well informed will see through your wanting to change his original statement on pages 260 and 261. The more I think of it, the more I think that his original statement was made in Saudi Arabia, in an audience with the king, before or after he bowelled to the king. Did he kiss the king’s ring? Can’t remember that part..

          • You bithered this, afanaglenn:

            “Seems like everyone but you know Obama is a muslim and his allegiance is to Islam.”

            Do you base that asinine statement on the same information that drives the rest of your ignorant drivel? “[E]veryone” indeed! Who did you poll in reaching that conclusion–the KKK or maybe the Orly Taitz fan club?? Oh, and I am really impressed by your “The more I think….” observation. We are to believe you on the basis of some fuzzy recollection unaccompanied by any documentation whatsoever? I might have been somewhere in the vicinity of the turnip truck when it rumbled by, but I was not inadvertently dislodged from that conveyance.

        • He is a true America. Something that can’t be said for pmbalele since you have such a weird idea of who would do what. It would be easy to vote for Rudy.

          • Donald: pmbalele has NO IDEA of who would do what because he knows nothing about anyone. He is one of those who thinks Obama is sending him that check every month and paying his cell phone and cable bill and he doesn’t care to know anything more than that. He is speaking for a very large city of people who loved and appreciated Rudy Giuliani but he probably lives 1000 miles from there and my guess, has never been there. He’s a typical wannabe liberal, he just loves to talk!!!

          • Gotcha. There are a lot of those.

        • I am surprised they even let you out by yourself.

        • At least what makes Guiliani “ugly” can be fixed…not so for the Marxist in chief Obama because it’s in his soul.

          • You would not dare vote for an ugly person as president. World leaders will run away from him.

          • YOU DID AND THEY ARE!!! What world leaders reach out to Obama? NONE!!! The Arab and Middle East leaders put up with him and the terrorist leaders have him on Speed Dial ( they stay in touch for more money and warfare supplies). None of the decent, honorable, ethical and moral world leaders ever reach out to him. He pushes himself on them by planning trips (vacations for his “wife” and kids mostly) to “officially” visit these foreign leaders. They don’t tell him not to come out of respect for the office he illegally holds but they don’t like him, don’t trust him and don’t want him there and those three things are exactly what Americans feel and want right now.
            The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, is coming very soon to speak to Congress. Obama and his Communist Party Democrats have said they will not honor him by being present at his speech to a joint session of Congress. If that doesn’t show you how petty and UnPresidential Obama is, I have no idea what it would take. He doesn’t want to be there because he knows the PM will tell this country as it is and show Obama for what he is. It’s not character assassination, it’s simply the truth. PM Netanyahu is here to tell the American citizens the truth about Obama’s “negotiations” with Iran. Truth is something that is very foreign to Obama. He lives in a world where he tells it like he thinks you want it to be and then he does it exactly as HE wants it to be which is the exact opposite and poles apart!!!!

          • We Blacks know White racist males have been hurting for the last 6 years that Blacks are in the WH. Tough it. Benjamin Netanyahu should be ashamed to by-pass the President to talk to those morons in the House. He is going to jail as soon as he returns home. Benjamin, like TPs and Repubs, is a thief. He is being investigated for squandering government money on his wife. I do not know when prominent people will learn that they are being watched. An auditor one south state just committed suicide. The governor of Oregon is headed to prison, Perry is in trouble. Even Walker, the college drop-out, is already in trouble with the law. TPs and Repubs were raised as bad people. They all belong in prison.

          • Florence Millard

            All I can say is “WOW!”

          • If I have said it once, I have said it at least ten thousand times…. You can not educate the ignorant who choses to follow the ways of the godlessness of the liberals. Their goals in this life are those of Satan and his demons.

          • Trisha Holmeide

            Whew! Plain to see you are a product of government school indoctrination at the highest levels–especially falling for all the racist crap falling for that trap is the oldest rick in the book. Wake up–we are becoming a racially homogenized country and even if we we not, we are all children of God and Americans and the traitors in our government want to destroy us all–not just one race or the other, but us all!

          • Did you say ‘ we are all children of God? Do not know Repubs and TPs hate Blacks. Just listen to what is coming from FoxNews. FoxNews main complaint is why we have anti-discrimination laws in this country. They want to discriminate
            against Blacks and other racial minorities. Also read the decision coming out from the 7th circuit. Those Repub appointed judges make sure Blacks stay in prisons or lose appeals. I wish there was tine limitation of federal appointed
            judges. I would love to see those Repub appointed judges lose their jobs to feel how bad it’s to be jobless.

          • Trisha Holmeide

            Did you not really read my reply? It’s really hard to hate your own blood and we are becoming a homogenized society so millions of us are learning about other races and cultures and our children are bringing them into our own families where the walls between us aare being broken down by forces of love. I, personally, have one mixed grandson (my oldest) and ten hispanic, two Native American and four so white they’d put your eyes out. All my grand children love one another and all their parents get along very well–of course, no one is actively playing the race card to achieve any power over the others, nor is anyone playing the victim in my family. Whenever someone needs help everyone pitches in to get the job done. Maybe, we all just love and support one another just because we are family no matter what our individual race or ethnicities are. Maybe, it just takes people who share common values and common interests, but I like to believe it is love that will conquer all the evil and injustice in the world.

          • Dennis Gurevitz

            Thank God for Fox News, I love Fox News.I have watched so much MNBC, and CNN, That I had to go to the washroom and throw up. Then one day while flipping channels I passed Fox News, thinking that they were more of the same godless, secular progressive commie propaganda machine with Hitlers Mr. Gobbles running the show. Suddenly I felt I must go back and view this fox station. There was Bill O’Reilly speaking in a fair and balanced way. Pow I was Addicted to truthful media at long last. Let’s face it truth to a liberal, is like day light to a vampire. Those who are of the truth will walk in the light.

          • Green Eyed Lady

            Yes, we watch Fox News when we really want to know what is happening. We do watch most of the other channels also, except MSNBC and CNN.

          • I hope to hell they keep the law breaking criminals in jail! Personally, I kind of agree with Saudi Arabia on some of this, off with their heads for drug possession, drug dealing, robbery, rape, and a good deal more. There are too many in prison and it is costing taxpayers, like me, too much, $30,000 – $65000 a year to house these criminals. I am esp tired of it taking 20 or more yrs to put death row people to death, should be done within 30 days of sentencing. Enough of the appeals, trying to find some minnuite detail to throw out when known guilty. Yes, a few may be wrongly convicted, but very, very few. We need to do what best for this nation. Obama has done nothing positive for this nation since he got an elected position. He is illegal and should be charged with treason!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Hey dipshit, ever stop to think that whites wouldn’t be so hard to deal with if you’d stop throwing that racial BS up in everyone’s face??
            Get over it and stop blaming whitey for all your problems. YOUR OWN DAMNED PEOPLE sold you out as slaves and got the ball rollin.. I mean, you’ll don’t make sense. Use Ferguson as an example… “We get back at Dem crackers, we just rob our own people’s stores and den burn down our own town!”
            Yeah!! That made sense.. Quit snorting that shit, eh??

          • No they are staying in prison because they did the crime, but logic and rational thinking is not your strong suit.

          • First and foremost, moron, I am not a white racist male. I am not a racist at all and I am a 71 year old white woman. Blacks are NOT in the White House. I would love to see Allen West or Dr. Ben Carson in the White House right now!!! What is in the White House now is a communist, radical Muslim Islamic Terrorist who could care less for you and you will soon find that out. Benjamin Netanyahu did not by-pass Obama to speak to the US Congress. It is Obama that refuses to go and listen to him. He could learn a lot from intelligent people and PM Netanyahu is a brilliant mind and a good person. Where is the world did you get he is going to jail when he gets back to Israel? That is the Governor of Oregon and HE IS A LIBERAL!!! How do you know Perry is in trouble? He has been accused by a filthy, nasty, alcoholic, liberal crook who was running the Travis County Texas District Attorney’s Office like the Mafia and he refused to allow her to embarrass Travis County, the DA’s office and the people of the State of Texas anymore so he put restrictions on her. She resigned because she knew she would be kicked out anyway. Rick Perry is in no trouble over that. In fact, Rick Perry is a hero for getting her corrupt drunk liberal hide out of anything that affects other people!!! How is Scott Walker in trouble with the law. He is in trouble with the Unions and they are another story entirely…..also mafia run. All he said was that he stood down protesters who happened to be union and if he did that, he could stand down terrorists. I have been a Republican for over 50 years until too many of those in our party started leaning left and I went to the Tea Party where I will stay until we get this battle won. Don’t you EVER SAY I WAS OR ANYBODY I KNOW WAS RAISED AS A BAD PERSON!!!! You are the thug, not me and you can’t even get your stories straight. You hear things but you have no idea who is what and where they belong in all your fantasies here. I was raised on a farm where my grandfather provided a black man and woman who came to his doorstep, nearly married and looking for a place to live. My grandfather had another house on his land and he gave it to them. They lived there the rest of their lives and had 11 children there and 9 of them lived. Those people were like my family. I played with their children and grandchildren when I was growing up. The lady was like a combination of my 2nd mother and my best friend. I stayed close to them all my life. They were like family to us. My grandfather always made sure they had what they needed because he and that family worked side by side in the fields. The lady had cancer late in life and I was grown and I brought her to Houston for treatment. My parents would have but they were both deceased. She was treated there as long as she could take the chemo and she told me she wanted to go home. I took her home and she passed away soon after which devastated me!!! She was a part of my family. Her husband was given my grandparents home after my grandmother passed away and my grandfather was too old to farm or ranch anymore and he moved into the small city close to his land. The man who I was very fond of too….we all were….lived to 105 and lived in that house until he died. Don’t you dare tell me we are BAD PEOPLE. It is you and your thugs that could have learned something if you had lived in the 40’s and 50s like I did. You would have learned good from bad, right from wrong and the difference in working to make something of yourself. The family that lived with us all their lives had 9 children who lived and their life there made it possible for 7 of them to go to college. They did and they were fine, responsible citizens of our county and our state and my grandfather helped all of them get to college. They paid him back by being the people all of them were and that’s all he ever asked of them. There is a lesson here for all of you who want to sit on your lazy backsides and take money from the people who really need it in this country. If you are able to work, you need to work but it’s hard to find work now because of this evil man in the WH that you worship so much. You will see if we are unable to stop this amnesty thing how much he cares for you. He is going to take everything he has given you to allow him to USE YOU and now is done with the Black America that he never cared about anyway. He is now onto his newest voter base, the 5M illegal Latinos that will soon be getting most if not all your check and all your freebies. He has done nothing but make life a lot more difficult for Black America and you should look around. A lot of them have finally seen it and are challenging him as to why. The why is that he never cared for any American in the first place. He is not Black. He is a Muslim that was born of Muslims and communists, he was schooled by Muslims and communists and he was mentored and trained by communists, Marxists, Nazis and Socialists. He is not an American and is holding the office illegally and his goal is to destroy this country and turn us into slaves to a Islamic world that makes nightmares look like Disney Movies. You’d better wake up!!!

          • If you’re 71 and White female, then you were raised bad like Judge Crabb of Wisconsin who still thinks are intellectually inferior to her as a White female. Why can’t you be buddies to hurt Blacks. She does all the time. By other way, I am older than you. So listen to me. I hate racists- be them Blacks, Whites or racial minorities. Let’s fight them at the polls. Do not vote for them and especially Guiliani-the ugly racist.

          • You need a lesson in the English language, what is that crap ebonics you are trying to speak. No one can take you serious when you can not even form a sentence you babbling moron.

          • The president it a joke a failure a liar and a traitor no on needs his permission or blessing to do anything. He should not even be on the whitehouse grounds unless he is there to mow the lawn you pea brained racist

          • Regular Americans do not read your nonsense. You’re the one hoodwinking others to scheme them.

          • You know nothing of regular Americans you rat traitor. You are an uneducated low information voter exactly the kind of puppet obammy needed to get elected, well that and fraud that he committed. Anyone that figured they were going to get free stuff voted that lying scumbag in, now they see that his healthcare scam was a lie and they were suckered, the thing is some of them learned from their mistakes the stupid ones did not and they make great sheep baaaaah baaaaah sheepboy roll over and obey your master obammy he controls your miserable meaningless little life now

          • Your parents lied to you-Blacks were not people; but extension of monkeys. That is why you’re hurting. Thank God Walker called you TPs and Repubs as ISIS. I agree with Walker GOPERS and TPs are ISIS.

          • Listen up clown boy my parents are not racist and I am not racist you are the racist you are using race as an excuse to be a lazy failure. You are an infection on this planet a disease to be eradicated. If it was up to me anyone capable of working WILL WORK as long as you are getting welfare if you refuse I would let you starve to death in the streets. Lets see how many welfare sponges go get jobs then. In fact your welfare card would buy you rice and potato’s only, you would live in section 8 tents not apartments and you would not have obammy phones or free internet. It is time to teach you lazy sponges that you WILL EARN what us hard working Americans give to you or you will die on the streets.
            Now apologize to me for your transgressions you empty headed fool I pay to support you so I am your boss.

          • Clown? Why can’t you call me monkey as many TPs and Repubs think we Blacks are monkeys

          • You would like that huh you dim wit, let me tell you why, I do not think all blacks are scumbags like you that is why. You are a disgrace to the human race that is about as racist as I will get with you. And just because your dumbocrat master tells you that republicans are all racist does not make it real that is a flat out lie and you are a retard if you believe it. That is like saying all blacks like fried chicken or all Mexicans are lazy it is stupid it is NOT true and only a chucklehead like you would believe that crap, wow you are a looser. You are nothing but a damn racist hiding behind your skin color, I suppose you think that freak Sharpton is some sort of god huh the lying tax evading piece of dog crap. You disgust me and are not worthy of my time you empty headed blatherskite.

          • I love when dumb people call me all sort of foul names. That means you’re listening to me. Slowly you will realize why TPs and Repubs are dumb and that you should change party.

          • You give yourself way too much credit you are nothing more than a source of entertainment to me, a way to kill a few minutes. Your opinions and your ideas are meaningless dribble, you are clearly uneducated, likely a welfare sponge using free internet from your free obammy phone so in fact you are an insignificant person to me. You add no value to society you only take away, you are delusional in your thinking you are a puppet of the obammy whitehouse you are a nothing but a drain on this country.
            Worst of all you use your race as an excuse to be a failure and lazy giving all others of your race a bad name. You sicken me and you are a disgrace to all people of color any color around this country.

          • Did you say I sicken you? That is exactly what I want -sicken you first and then you can come to your senses and treat people all races as yourself. I believe that is what hear you and many Christians preach. But I know every time you come your Christan churches you forget what you promised Deus-you abuse people of other races. I am sure the Creator is watching you. He is giving chance to repent and become regular humans with a soul. Now you don’t have any. You’re living like drunks or drug addicts.

          • Yes you sicken me you heard me right and it has nothing to do with race it has to do with your stupidity and your lack of an ability to understand reality . All you know how to do is parrot what your masters in the dumbocrat party tell you to. You do not care about the truth because it does not suit your needs. As for church I do not attend any church it has nothing to do with this. Respect is earned you have not done that and you never will as long as you insist on living a lie, you want to talk about your creator, how do you set yourself straight with him when you do nothing but lie. Race means nothing to me unless you use it as an excuse to be a failure or to get others to support your lazy a55 then I have a problem with it. No one owes you a damn thing go get a job or you are nothing more than a drain on this countries resources .
            The rat traitor obama is the one making race an issue he has set back race relations 60 years with his big mouth and the stupid people of this country just eat it up, again another excuse to sponge off the hard working honest American citizen of any race.
            You are clearly not smart enough to understand this hell I have to read your post 3 times to figure out what you are trying to say. I suspect you never even made it out of high school. You are nothing do you understand nothing you have zero value as long as you continue to take and not give back. I do not care what color you are it is not an excuse to be a thief , a liar or a lazy bum. I treat people based on who they are and on their actions period, nothing else matters. To people like you however if a person is a different color than you are they must be a racist, you are a piece of yak excrement yea go look that word up.

          • Green Eyed Lady

            Isn’t it strange that those who yell racist are the most racially slanted?

          • It sure is, I suspect this is another one of those people that lay on the couch all day waiting on the welfare check as if we owe them something. Sorry but I do not give a crap if their great great great grandpappy was a slave, I nor my family had anything to do with it I do not owe them crap and this one is using race to excuse every thing that ever went wrong on the planet, disgusting.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            You oreos need to get an education. Stop dealing and using crack and stop pimping and people just might begin to like you!!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Another dumb Velcro head. Sheesh….

          • White racist males , hmm . The first owner of black slaves in American History was himself a black man who actually sued for his right to own slaves thereby setting the president of slavery . The slave traders in Africa were blacks selling other blacks into slavery simply because thizeney were of the wrong tribe and thereby fair game for easy money . Try learning your own history before playing your race card . Bad enough Al Sharpton preys on the black people to live the lush life as does Jessie Jackson . As for people belonging ,in or going to prison , Charlie Wrangle , Pelosi (insider trading) or even your wonderful Obama , He is not even legally a president based on his own words in his book , “Dreams (SCHEMES) of My Father” . To be eligible one must be the off spring of two (2) U.S. citizens . Only Obama’s mother was a U.S. citizen a tthe time of his birth . His proclaimed father was an exchange student and not a citizen of this country , never was and in fact never applied for citizenship . Now if that other guy , Frank Marshall was his father , he still would not be a legally elected president as he falsified his credentials in order to run for the office he now holds . Of course there was lots of help getting this fraudulent CLOWN on the ballots , Wasserman Schultz and Pelosi (hmm, that name again). who endorsed and vetted him .
            . As for Republicans and TP’s being bad people and belonging in prison , lets talk Dems , who in an entire CENTURY OF DISHONOR , conspired to wipe out and eliminate an entire race of people . We”ll start with Andrew Jackson and his Trail of tears , then progress to all the Dems who pushed subsiquent presidents to steal Native American Lands away , even when and after those lands were given to them by treaty and all because some riches were found on said land or it was to valuable as farm lands .
            Your ignorance and hypocrisy sir astounds me , along with your idiotic un- American view points

          • What is wrong with TPs and Repubs to invite Benjamin Netanyahu to teach them how to live in this country. That is the lowest this Congress and Senate could go. The funny thing is they were clapping their hands, while he was looking at them as dummies.

          • LEARN TO SPEAK ENGLISH!!!!!

          • Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

            There were more White slaves back then as Indentured servants working for ten years or more to pay for their ship passage to the USA, Than Black slaves.
            If we had ownership type slavery today all 7/11 clerks would be in bullet proof containers, But now when they get killed they are just replaced with other unlivable wage slaves.

          • In some places, 7/11 employees are in the essence of bullet proof cages! Where they are most needed is in the get to neighborhoods, where all these gentle giants on welfare hang out!

          • Now I see your problem, a narrow minded black who does not think for him/her self. Obama has pushed blacks back over 160 yrs, I do now believe it will be resolved now. He has hurt whites, blacks, Hispanics, and Asians with his BS changes and attitudes. This Obama care is going to hurt all but the wealthy for many decades if not repealed. The mess it is now in via your pres may not be able to be reveresed. Our medical system was not broken, it may have needed some changes, but not what we got. Sen. Bilbo, yrs ago suggested sending all backs back to Africa, sure wish people had listened to him! Your people have caused too many problems. I am especially tired of those who cannot follow the laws. There is a higher percentage of blacks in prison because so many are lawless. Don’t do the crime, you won’t do the time! There are less blacks o. Police forces because so many will not work and so many cannot pass background checks.

          • The auditor was from Missouri, not considered a southern state. He was reported to be a super fine gentleman, planning to run for gov., new info reveals a doorbell just before the gunshot. Now believe he was murdered, he had been investigating
            misuse of funds by some in the govt. Do your research, please.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Why does my gut feelings always come thru for me? ROFLMFAO
            I kinda’ felt from the beginning that this was a Velcro head!! Probably feels threatened of losing all the freebies being sucked off the govmt..

          • Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

            No one is hunting you, But you have been put infront of me getting jobs now for 49 years under “Affirmative Action” Pure racism at it’s worste level !!

          • I never got my job through Affirmative Action. I ranked highest or No. 1 on written state exam.

          • Trisha Holmeide

            OMgosh! Have you seen how many “ugly” world leaders there are? I’d vote for a severely deformed AND ugly person if they believed in preserving the US constitution and our form of governance enough!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Dude!! Seriously! You need to quit smoking the shit. It has fried your tiny brain!!

        • I see you have been drinking the Demwit Kool-ade! Careful, for it leads to the road of no return!

        • He is head and shoulders over what you elected in 2008. I’m sure you voted for him again in 2012 but it didn’t matter. The Democrats stuffed the ballot boxes to overflowing with ballots of dead people, little children and newborn babies to assure their win in 2012 so his re-election was stolen. Don’t say it didn’t happen because it was proven and many of those who voted multiple times said they did. We should have stopped the circus then but we didn’t. We should have rounded up all guilty and complicit and loaded the jails up with them and that includes Obama and all his criminal minions!!! . It won’t happen again because America is onto all the tricks the Communist Party of America think they have and can think up. We trust too much and it was a mistake to trust the Democrats in 2008 and 2012 but there’s no such thing in 2016.
          I think New York would disagree with your assessment of Rudy Giuliani. Had he not been mayor of NYC when 9/11 happened, New York City would not be the place it is today, rebuilt and it was healing. The two that have succeeded him are nothing but jokes and communist jokes on top of it. Why do you think NYC has come to what it is today? It has definitely deteriorated since Bloomberg was mayor and now DeBlasio!!! They really don’t get worse than that, especially the one that’s mayor today. Even the law enforcement officers and fire fighters have no respect for him, in fact, it is total disrespect and it has been earned. He is a total jerk!!! The Governor of New York is no prince either. Those three are “three peas in a pod”. It’s funny but true, when Democrats take over any level of government, the deterioration begins immediately as we can see by what has happened to America since 2008.

          • You mean the angel in the WH now. And you dare compare Obama to the ugly Giuliani. You must be a hypocrite-lying to your Repub and TP members.

          • Here’s the difference between Rudy and Barry, Rudy’s a leader, Barry leads with his behind. Did I say that correctly?

          • With his head up his behind

          • Love that one too!!!

          • Actually no, but I love it!!!! It is “from behind” but yours is much better and, in truth, more accurate!!!!

          • And here is another Obama boot licker. The very reason we are in the trouble we are in now

          • You mean the devil in the WH now, don’t you? If you don’t now, you will soon when he shows you how much he cares about you.

          • Did you say ‘
            you will soon when he shows you how much he cares about you?’ Are you dumb. This is a capitalist country and nobody should care or not care about you or me. You’re on your own. Go find a job and get married. Then you will ask your wife or partner to care about you. Leave that homeless shelter and go find a job.Got it now, sir.

          • The plane leaves for Moscow at 1830 hours EST, tomorrow. Be on it or stuff it where your Bammie is.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Dayuummm! Sounds like another paid troll! Where’s that damned hole they’re crawling out of???

          • I’m not a sir moron. I had a job for 45 years. I retired a couple of years ago. I am married unlike you because no one would have you. I am not dumb but you are. I have been on my own for a long time and you will be soon when Obama is gone and your lazy butt is no longer supported by the American taxpayer. It’s you that are likely in a shelter. I agree with mesaman. The plane leaves for Moscow at 1830 hours EST but better yet the plane leaves for Baghdad at 1630 hours EST. Be on that one. ISIS will welcome you with open arms.

          • You need to do more real research!

          • Can’t be a Imam and a angel at the same time, I go with Imam.

          • True dat. Look no further than Detroit and Chicago. That is where Osatan is pushing the USA.

        • Florence Millard

          Cynical much?

        • Dennis Gurevitz

          I noticed, that you don’t have a photo of yourself on this. Perhaps you hav’nt looked into the mirror lately. I look at mine all da long, I’m ugly but comfortable in my skin. Grow up, you sound like a child

        • Your reply about Gulliani Baaa Haaa he is spot on

        • HEY i found another ignorant one, you know the ones that defend obama .You can bet there homosexuals, druggies, and lover OF A liar.ADD PMBALELE

          TO YOUR LIST.

          • What do you about homosexuals, druggies? Are you one of them? Leave them alone if they donot hurt your feelings. This country does not need an ugly president line Guilian.

          • We know enough to know they are all being pushed down our throats and we “have” to accept their culture because Obama is one of them too so he is forcing America to accept them. I have known gay people all my life and I am 71 years old. I don’t approve of their lifestyle but it is their business so I have take the position of live and let live. Back before Obama, gay and lesbian people didn’t try to force themselves and their lifestyles on everyone else. It’s their business how they live and it’s between them and God where that lifestyle is going to take them. They have done a lot more than hurt people’s feelings since Obama took office. Businesses are forced to cater to them whether they want to or not and, if not, they are fined huge sums of money and have to go to court and pay more money on top of the fine. It has put several businesses out of business because they refuse to do business with them. If they want that life and they need services, they should open their own businesses and cater to their own. Others should not be forced, in fact, it is against the laws of this land to force people to do business with anyone they don’t want to. If you’ve lived longer than seven years, you’ve seen signs in businesses that say “The Owner reserves the right to refuse service to anyone”. Those were originally posted for people who disrupt businesses or who are being unruly in a place of business and are disturbing other customers but it is still the law. It’s a part of all the rights we used to have. We already have an ugly, communist, terrorist, evil, traitor who is illegally occupying our Oval Office and White House and calling himself president. Rudy Giuliani would be a blessing to this country if he was our President.

          • Homosexuals pushed down your throat? Do not let them in your house. May be you are the one who caused people to be that way. You’re 71 old fart. Many people of your age are hypocrite, sexist, racist and bigots. And you’re talking about religion-Good luck. All these religious gurus are fake – except the present Pope. Robertson, Grahams etc are just women and money hunters. I am older than you. Listen. Do not don’t think about voting for Giuliani. He is so ugly.

          • I am not sure the current Pope is not fake! He has a lot of strange ideas and is kissing up to Obama.

          • The pope is just a marxist is a thousand dollar hat. We should tax the crap out of the catholic church for spitting out douches like him and you.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            PLEEZZEEE stop calling them “gays!” THEY’RE QUEERS!! You’re trashing the word “gay,” and in the middle and late 1800s, their “happy time” was referred to as the gay 90s.. These QUEERS might be gay, being a fudge packer, but they’re still QUEERS!!

          • We’ve already got an ugly one and it isn’t Giuliani…. learn to spell before you leave.

        • He isn’t running, for starters.

        • disqus_2HJyL9vcD3

          Thanks for exposing just how shallow and vapid your thinking is. I wonder if you’ll use the same criteria in ’16 when the uglier than butt-ugly Hitlery runs for POTUS.

        • “Isn’t it nice when libtards try to “help” Republicans?”

          This is a quote from the article, however you’re no help.

        • Just as you cannot help how you look, Giuliani cannot help the face he was born with that has aged. Personally, I think he is a nice looking senior citizen. I only know I was in NYC in 1962 and was not impressed, especially with the Times Square, or theatre district. I went back in 2009 and was amazed at the clean up that had transpired. Everyplace was clean, the people were cleaned up, I felt very safe. Do not plan to go back with that idiot, de Blasio as mayor. He is taking it back to the 60’s! Now, he is declaring school for Muslim religious days! I do not understand that sorry excuse for a man! What was wrong with the voters in NYC! Had they not already seen the mess a community organizer could make!?!?!

        • why are you calling on Guiliani’s appearance. He can’t help the way he looks, just as you can’t. If you calling on his politics, that’s another matter. You might consider calling that ugly. What makes you hate him so much that you would call his very soul ugly?

        • trollhunterforlife45

          F Q Troll !

          • I do not know how many times I will write this and thanks for calling me names. I needed that. But I am sorry for you if you intend to vote Republican in 2016 because all GOP WH wannabes are all defective in one way or another. At lease Jeb Bush is presentable. But TPs and Repubs hate Bush III because he is married to a Latino woman. TPs and Repubs hate Latinos and Blacks. Unfortunately people in this country will not vote for any TPs or Repubs now on line-up. They are either ugly, fat or without charisma as leaders. I would never vote for Chris- too fat; I would never vote for Jindal smart but-too ugly; I would never Herman Cain- he is a white- women underwear groper; I would never vote for Dr. Carson-the guy is smart but, like John McCain, does not brush his teeth; I would never vote for Rand Paul-the guy is too short; I would never vote for Santorum-the guy wants to be an American little pope; I would never vote for Romney; the guy is a Mormon wants polygamy in the WH; I would not vote for Sarah Palin-too violent and full of wrinkles; I would never vote for Scott Walker-is a high-school drop-out; squints his eyes; and wants Sharia law in this Country. Last year Walker wanted Wisconsin out of the Union. I just wondered how he could be the president of the Union when he will be a foreigner. I would never vote for
            Ted Cruz-he is Cuban-Canadian and therefore not eligible for the WH job; I
            would never vote for Giuliani, the guy is so ugly. We ran out piggies for GOP candidates before the 2016 election. As an alternative let us all vote for Hillary or
            Biden in 2016 as candidates. In fact FoxNews is already campaigning for Hillary. Say you what?

        • I would suggest you might want to do a tad more research prior to making a statement like above. Guiliani has proven himself to be well educated and a articulate politician, a far cry from the Imam we have in office now.

          • Giuliani might be educated but not wise to criticize
            Obama policies. In fact all GOPers are not wise to let Scott Walker, a school-drop out, preach them how to conduct their businesses.

          • The Imam has no policies, that is a major part of the problem and What does Scott Walker have to do with what was being discussed?

        • OH but HEADINASS NUYAWKES have elected De Blasio and Cuomo,.. .. That ain’t saying MUCH about A HOLES is it???

      • Actions and WORDS….oh some many hate filled words against the USA… you would think he is a fifth column MU-slime traitor?

    • The article is saying Obama might possess a real love for America at the end of his term but that’s because he will have transformed it into what he wants it to be. This is just why we can’t let him stay in office until the end of his term. He will use that time to completely redo America. Every day that passes brings us closer to his total transformation. NEED TO PUT HIM OUT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!

    • I don’t know anyone who is an American and doesn’t love America. What a stupid thing to say. This is something the Republicans dreamt up to make Obama look bad. They can’t find fault with him because the stock market has almost tripled since he became president. The unemployment has dropped drastically. They just look for shills like you to swallow such barf.

  6. the president has saved the American people from the conservaturds and bought off gop who has sold out their morals-their integrity and the american people to the highest bidders. Only the ignorant still believe the lies the multitude of spammmers the kohj brother have spreading lies on the mirade of red nation web sites. Why would he take such a job putting up with morons calling him names if he wasnt a dedicated civil servant that loves his country.
    guiliai is a washed up wanna be who will say anything to keep his name in the news as he is not happy with the money he stole while in office he still wants to be relavent which he isnt.

  7. And the troll are off and running, must be the start of their shift

  8. John H. Kohlenberg

    One man with a warped mind should not be allowed to make all the big decisions for America. We the people should stand up to this childish bully and put him in his place. JAIL

    • I agree!
      That would be a GREAT place for this lying muslim!

      • Well – judging by the total idiots you keep electing to represent you, it is very doubtful. Obama has shown over and over that he is the only one that knows what he is doing – his opponents are a rabble of idiots.

        • You are a complete IDIOT!
          You and obama make a perfect pair!
          Hope you two will be happy together!
          You deserve one another!

        • Call the men in the white jackets. Where is the heck do you get this??? Do you KNOW WHAT OBAMA IS DOING. Are you really this stupid!!!! He knows NOTHING except to run to the golf course when the heat gets too much in the WH and spend, spend, spend and take away and kept jobs from being available here in the USA so people can’t work which means they don’t get paid which means the ATM that the Middle Class makes available to all of you morons is dwindling. If the Middle Class can no longer support this country, it’s doomed and Obama is making that a very definite near future reality that we all are going to have to face. Where do you think the money comes from? You must be a monthly check recipient. How are the freebies working for you?

          • Amazing isn’t it that Obama can actually walk and chew gum at the same time.

          • Better than an American, I wonder where he got his training.

          • Yes, it’s totally amazing and very embarrassing that Obama chews gum in public. That shows his class and professionalism that, as president, illegal though he is, of the United States would lower himself to that level. No other former Presidents of this country ever presented themselves in public like this. That paints the picture plainly, nothing but a street thug.

          • While I would use a spray, the gum actually does a better job of keeping your breath fresh instead of making a nearby listener reel back from the onslaught of bad breath. I think it is thoughtful.

        • For once I’ll agree with you, who’d ever thought a community organize would have it over all of congress? He must have made an offer no one could refuse. That’s what happens when you go into battle of brains unarmed!

        • What about the ones you elect to represent you??? They are certainly no better!!!

          • I cannot imagine why I thought you might be tempted to NOT make such a childish retort. The current issue about funding Homeland Security has left rational Americans in no doubt as to the priorities that the Republican House has – its called me first.

      • He’s already where the rest of them are, in Washington DC!

    • Apparently our elections aren’t working?

  9. Here is a synopsis about why Republicans get so confused about the truth.

    • From a left wing site. That is sure to be balanced.

        • Give up liberal, we don’t care what is said any longer. Your president is a liar, he is surrounded by liars and you have become one of them because you lie for him, proven by your support. When you see someone is out to destroy your country and you remain loyal to them, you have to be one of them.

          • Well, here’s the thing, -Texan. We have to talk to the liberals, calmly, and help them see what is really going on. If we shut them out, we can never bring them to our side, which really is/should be our ultimate goal. The good of the country really is good for everyone in it. And speaking calmly and rationally to Morton has resulted in calm rational conversation between he/she and I.

          • As are the Republicans who just sold you like slaves you are!

          • The Republicans have NEVER made anyone slaves! You are simply a poor pathetic worshiper of the communist, radical Muslim terrorist that is illegally occupied the White House and Oval office and you think that scum is giving you that monthly check and all those freebies. Do I have a news flash for you. I am a member of the Middle Class working force in America and I have been for over 53 years. I’m 71 years old and a damn sight smarter than you and this Middle Class is the one that is supporting you, not your master golfer in the White House. If he continues to take jobs away and refuse to sign bills that would bring new jobs to America, that check you get from him every month is going to be stopped very soon because the ATM that we good citizens of this country are providing for him to wastefully spend on lazy bums and terrorism is about tapped out. It’s going to stop anyway because Obama is acting like a 2 year old child right now and DEMANDING he get amnesty for his illegals so that he can steal another election in 2016. What he wants to do is give all these new illegals, mostly Mexicans from Mexico everything you are getting now. As if he has not put those who were struggling already because of him being elected in 2008, he is pushing you farther down and you will no longer be the “chosen ones”. He doesn’t give a hoot about you anyway because he doesn’t like anything to do with America and Americans. That’s’ why he is hell bent on destroying this country. I’m sure you’ve never done a thing for your country anyway but I have and I have because I love my country. All you love is your Obama and your checks and freebies. You have our permission to go with him when he leaves but you might regret that decision because I don’t think his destination is going to be paradise!!!!

      • They don’t listen to or watch anything else Shanidar so they will be very shocked if Obama is successful in completing his agenda that he cares not one flip for them. They are Americans and Obama is USING THEM NOW but he will them under the bus when he no longer needs their votes. What a shock that will be for a lot of deluded liberals!!!

    • Republicans NEVER get confused about the truth. The fact is WE NEVER HEAR THE TRUTH from this communist administration. You, our confused fool, are being fed the same lies that all of America is being fed. For instance, Breaking News this morning, the IRS emails from Lois Lerner who she stated had been removed from her computer and the IRS server and the new IRS Director confirmed her statements as the TRUTH (there’s that word again), well, guess what? Hundreds of thousands of her emails were found in storage in West Virginia. They are now safely in control of those who Tell the Truth and will be available soon for all the world to see!!! By the way, those who operate the storage facility told the news that they had never been asked for these records. Check your news tonight and you will hear it. Oh, no you won’t because you watch liberal MSM, you would have to watch a fair and balanaced news source to get this information. It will come out on MSM because they won’t be able to cover it up for long. You think Conservatives are confused about the truth? You don’t have to be if you make it a practice to tell the truth each time you are asked and especially in critical situations. This is a prime example of what happens when you don’t and that applies to 100% of Obama’s administration and those who stand up the communist, radical Islamic terrorist who is illegally occupying our Oval Office, White House and trying his best to destroy this country and NEWS FLASH, that includes YOU!!!

      • The moment you attempt to demean as in ‘ from this communist administration ‘ you relegate yourself to a hissy idiot.

      • You have more faith in the Republicans and obstructionists then Al Sharpton in a house of ill- repute!

        • No, I don’t have faith in the Republicans, I have faith in the Conservatives in this country. I was a Republican for many years but when power became more important to some of the leader of the GOP just like all the Democrat Party (there is a lot of resemblance in the two), I went with those who stood for the values and ideals the old GOP stood for and that’s the TEA PARTY. Nobody wants a third party in this country because it only splits votes and causes criminals to be elected, like we presently experiencing. If there is no choice, you have to do what is best for America and Americans and the Democrat Party and Obama are not it. You have to have faith in something and if you hitch your wagon to the Democrat Star, you will be a slave before you know it. You don’t believe it now but I’ve lived 71 years in this great country and we are on the verge of disaster here. I am not a person that thinks the sky is going to fall but this situation is going nowhere but south. After it happens because of people like you, and that includes all liberals and the RINO and progressive and elite Republicans, the politicians will be wondering where their power went you people like you will wonder where your country and your freedom went.

          • Well I do believe the sky is falling, a two party system was flawed from the get go. I’m afraid the future of the county is now out of the old timers hands and firmly sets in the hands of the New, New World Order government, which will be eventually be switching the constitution with something a little more compatible to its own philosophy resembling, Sharia Law! Unless these sheep are willing to sheer off their wool and dawn camouflage their percentage of success will be very low for technology is working against them!

    • When you abandon God, God abandons you.
      When money is your God, it cannot buy the truth, but only by blood will you be set free!

  10. The German people should have had Hitler Derangement Syndrome, the Russians needed Lenin Derangement Syndrome and a case of Khomeini Derangement Syndrome would have been good for the Iranians. Robinson is as thoroughgoing a shill for this criminal regime as were the commentators on Radio Moscow or the coilumnists of the Peking Peoples’ Daily. Denying and obscuring the grand deception, and ridiculing those who have perceived the deception, is crucial to carrying the plan out.


  12. So let the liberals keep thinking their delusional thoughts, it only hastens the demise of the liberal agenda and brings more of their base – the ones who are finally seeing the truth behind their rhetoric to the ranks of Conservatives voters. People are waking up to the fact that liberal “solutions” do more harm than good to our nation, our people and our economy so their solutions are based on lies, fabrications and their Gruber mentality that the American electorate is stupid, makes poor choices and only they can lead us to the promised land. A promised land where the US becomes a 3rd rate 3rd world 2 bit country of misery, no hope, no change and divided.

    February 17, 2008, reprint – Psychiatrist Confirms: Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder

    As a clinical and forensic psychiatrist, Lyle Rossiter has treated over 1,500 patients and examined over 2,700 civil and criminal cases. Turning his hand to political psychopathology, the author of The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness, has diagnosed an alarming percentage of the population as suffering from the grotesque form of mental derangement known by some as moonbattery

    The Liberal Mind is the first in-depth examination of the major political madness of our time: The radical left’s efforts to regulate the people from cradle to grave. To rescue us from our troubled lives, the liberal agenda recommends denial of personal responsibility, encourages self-pity and other-pity, fosters government dependency, promotes sexual indulgence, rationalizes violence, excuses financial obligation, justifies theft, ignores rudeness, prescribes complaining and blaming, denigrates marriage and the family, legalizes all abortion, defies religious and social tradition, declares inequality unjust, and rebels against the duties of citizenship. Through multiple entitlements to unearned goods, services and social status, the liberal politician promises to ensure everyone’s material welfare, provide for everyone’s healthcare, protect everyone’s self-esteem, correct everyone’s social and political disadvantage, educate every citizen, and eliminate all class distinctions. Radical liberalism thus assaults the foundations of civilized freedom. Given its irrational goals, coercive methods and historical failures, and given its perverse effects on character development, there can be no question of the radical agenda’s madness. Only an irrational agenda would advocate a systematic destruction of the foundations on which ordered liberty depends. Only an irrational man would want the state to run his life for him rather than create secure conditions in which he can run his own life. Only an irrational agenda would deliberately undermine the citizen’s growth to competence by having the state adopt him. Only irrational thinking would trade individual liberty for government coercion, sacrificing the pride of self-reliance for welfare dependency. Only a madman would look at a community of free people cooperating by choice and see a society of victims exploited by villains. [From The Liberal Mind; The Psychological Causes of Political Madness by Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr., MD]

  13. Y’all have it wrong! It’s Obama who is deranged along with the Dems!

  14. 2Co 11:14 “And no wonder! For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light.” Shalom!

  15. Buy More Ammo. We are clearly going to need it and doing so is the only viable treatment for ODD (Obamunist Distrust Disorder). Support your local Militia and/or your local Oath Keepers. This won’t end pretty, America.

  16. Impeach the S.O.B. now. He has proven himself to be a Muslim Communist with a Fake ID!

  17. The enemy of the liberal socialist propaganda, which is the continuation of the start of the progressive movement, President Wilson’s Committee of Public Information. Is truth, facts and rational thought. Obama expresses his hate for the majority of Americans and capitalism. He talks of his love for our enemies, makes excuses for them and blames the Christians for their 1,500 years of war against the civilized world. The liberals protest the republicans and not the democrats. Obama even without having protesters has made it illegal to protest if the Secret Service is there. There is nothing truthful about Obama or his past. He is ht biggest joke ever played on America. The Elite’s of the democrats knew that he was a socialist that hated America and had a racist hate for whites. Obama was a communist agitator from the Saul Alinsky school of ‘Rules for Radicals’ working for the Bill Ayers Woods Fund to create a socialist/communist America by any means necessary. Lies and deceptions are just tools to be used to undermine capitalism.

  18. It is tragic, Rudy got crucified for even mentioning our Muslim-Marxist jihadist’s communist upbringing. Well, I wonder what his state-run, fifth column media would have to say about Rick Wiles of TRUNEWS describing him as a full blown communist as most of ‘US’ out here know and a few brave souls in the Christian media are not afraid to report. I urge you to go to this site to hear the hair raising truth about this half-black communist’s agenda. This is what we would be hearing if we had a free press! Yes, REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION!

    Obama took control of the Internet today and banned the sale of M855 “green tip” ammo. Rick warns that Obama is now acting like a “dictator in perpetuity.” Baptist Pastor Dr. Robert Jeffress discusses the Countdown to Apocalypse. Assyrian Christian humanitarian aid leader Juliana Taimoorazy gives the Trunews audience a chilling report about the Islamic genocide of Christians.

    Thursday February 26, 2015 [Download]


  19. I have to commend Rudy Giuliani on his comments regarding Obama he is the first to announce the truth to the media how many feel about this president and his hatred of America others should follow and relate his concerns.

  20. The biggest problem is even if someone like Rudy is right(and I thnk he is) is that the media, who still supports Obama, and his left wing agenda and they will vilify ANYONE especially a conservative who attacks any part of the Obama persona. The Rublicans will win if they go after Obama’s record and leave personality out of it. It is a fine line because the MSM and Dems will continue to use race and personality as weapons against Republicans.

  21. obama needs to be dealt with like any deranged psychopathic sociopath traitor.

  22. The idiot GOP always listen to Libtards on the way they should act. This is why Obama advances the destruction of America. Keep silent about Obama’s outright TREASON and Apologize for anything said that is truth and go along with the destruction.

  23. Obama won the election when he called Bush unpatriotic, I see the double standard slipping in again. It seems they have forgotten that. Its only my opinion but i believe George Bush was 100 times more patriotic then Obama.Bush loved his country. I dont know what Obama loves except Islam.

  24. Pamela Sue Therrien

    It is so easy to see what “America” he loves what his goals are and why just by going to a Library and reading two books, and looking carefully at those he appoints to any position. The Books are Audacity of Hope and DREAMS OF MY FATHER. A child abandoned . He clearly states he was created to fulfill his Fathers Dreams,A Communist, Muslim and where he stands on the entire Muslim issue….if winds turn bad on Islam he swears and has proven he meant it ,that he would stand with Muslims. Have you any idea how many hundreds of thousands of Muslim he has already given free passes to our Nation? Check for yourselves.

    • Methinks you are projecting far too much. As a matter of full disclosure, were you more than a momentary rush of lust – an excess of passion – or even a much rued mistake ?

  25. Pamela Sue Therrien

    Wrong Morton 212….great sorrow, for us all for our nation and for those who do not even bother to find out with minimal effort whom and what they are supporting. Is it so much to ask a person to any person to see what Obama wrote about himself and his life, what he really thinks and clearly said? You know he thinks everyone has read his books and understands what he means by reforming America, his version. I have been stunned that his supporters and on fact very few have ever read what he himself wrote. Honestly, the lack of reasoning is blinding isn’t it?

  26. King skippy is an out and out liar.

  27. Liberals LIE. With SATAN as their father LYING is in their DNA.

  28. Obama views America the same way as he views the UK–to him, we’re all colonizers–people to be destroyed, and their lands distributed among the “have-nots,” meaning, of course, the poor Africans that were colonized–and have failed miserably on their own.
    I would say Rudy was perfectly within his rights to say what he did about Obama–who cannot stand the truth.

  29. It is time for impeachment before something like 9/11 happens again. Here we have already muslim cells in every state and this is not sitting good for my nerves. And yet he wants to import more into this country. He can take his threats and stick it. And something more I came across of his different design of the obama oval office rug. He didn’t follow the rules. at all. That nailed where his mind is at. He doesn’t follow any laws but his own.!!

  30. I wish Rudy would run for POTUS-most of the current wannabes are RINOS disguising themselves as patriots!


  32. Please, HOW can we start the impeachment process?


  34. Francisco Machado

    I find it difficult to comprehend the still existing unquestioning belief in anything that Obama or his administration utters. Even the names of his programs are lies – Affordable? Care Act – Net (anti-competition) Neutrality? Notice the well documented impartiality of Obama’s IRS and the “lost” emails? Ignore the promises. consider what the administration proposes and ask yourself, logically, what result that will have. Not the promised result – ignore that. Pretend it has not been said. Just consider the probable effect of the proposed act. what will happen if he reduces the incentive to succeed? What will happen if he makes any enterprise, like power generation, less profitable and more complex? What will happen if the cost of manual labor is increased by mandate, not by demand? Forget the promises. Obama’s reliability could scarcely be more compromised than he has compromised it himself.

  35. Incurable disease. Don’t they know that?

  36. And the fiddle playing continues as Rome (the United States) burns!

  37. I have vision of him setting in prison.

  38. If we get a Republican in office at the end of 2016, will it even be possible to repair the damage he has done and will continue to do until then? Or is our country just doomed?

  39. Brenda Huddleston

    Rudy…don’t you worry. Those who love America, love you. You were brave and honorable to tell the truth!

  40. Well before he gets a chance to destroy AMERICA HE AND ALL HIS merry men will be destroy.AND THAT IS GETTING CLOSER TO NOT BEING A THREAT. DEATH WILL BECOME HIM.

  41. Obama is an idiot and most americans no that he’s doing what he was put here to do and that is to do everything in his power to hurt or destroy as much of the U.S. as he can an no ones got the guts to impeach him i’ll bet the one that starts the impeachment will be the next president cause almost everyone hates Obama dem.and rep. and indep. all

  42. This country got what it deserved FOR ELECTING A COMMUNITY ORGANIZER!

  43. Obama has proven to be the most incompetent, delusional, unqualified president in US history. He’s an embarrassment to both the US and the free world. He’s a pathetic empty shell of a president, an insult to the position. He must be impeached and imprisoned in Gitmo. Other than that I don’t have any negative thing to say about Obama the IDIOT !!!!


  45. Obamao hates us. I heard it right from his Mao-th numerous times. I understand Democrat Lie Speak(Orwellian) just fine. I don’t need it to be reinterpreted by The Ministry of Truth in Democrat Lie Speak That’s Just Double lie speak isn’t it? I understand that too.

  46. Couldn’t have said it better, myself.

  47. Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

    Yes it is very Obvious Obama is Not just trying to destroy America he is actually doing it ! What is wrong with Congress and maybe the Supreme Court Impeaching him and Charging him with Treason against America and Americans (With unlimited illegal immigration without criminal or contagious disease checks first and then Billions of dollars of Tax Payer’s money to illegals and Not the same help to unemployed and Homeless American families ! ?) and charging him with War Crimes for his mass killing of innocent Citizens in Countries all over the World with his unmanned drones killing whole wedding parties etc. on the opposite side of the World ! ? Something Must be done !
    Where is just one History Book Patriotic SS man willing to give his life to remove him from Office ?

  48. They need to find a loop hole to block his ” executive actions” Duhhhhh please excuse me they call them Presidential Memo’s so they can deny his overuse of his pen!
    They should block his Dick-Tater Azz who ignores the Constitution & enacts laws with out approval. He also writes into laws whatever he wants!! ( for the good of the people)
    Yeah & N Korea threatening us today after testing missiles against the UN resolution banning that! Saying they can attack our outposts & 1 year from being able to nuke the West Coast!! Bye Bye California!!
    Will take a big swath out of the libtard & Democrats!
    Told ya so!!!
    Our world is less stable now than when that Narcissistic Azz-Hole took office!!
    Iran & N Korea are buddies & work together.!!

  49. Obama is who he is. Brainwashed from birth to HATE Christ and AMERICA. Stanley, his mother, packed up a young Barry and sent him home to her parents when Stanley discovered her husband didn’t Hate America. Once in Hawaii Barry’s grandfather got Barry a mentor in one card carrying communist mentor in Frank Marshal Davis.


  50. When the “derangement syndome” is based on fact, not fiction, and reality, not fantasy, it would appear that the WHINOS (aka dung beetles, dim bulbs, nitwits, democrats, liberals, socialists) need some cerebral re-arrangement. I would suggest trephination but lobotomies or lobectomies could do the job. They would still vote democrat, however, it’s hard wired into their DNA.

  51. The Author of this article start out by attempting to bring others in to his own self deception. Precluding any plausible. Grand deception on the part of Old Blow hard an the minions of his disciples in his entire administration.

  52. Time to wake up. Obama has stated he wants to destroy the shining light and grandeur of the USA.
    Now get with it and impeach him

  53. This acting King can not do anything correctly, all he is doing is pushing his own ideals on America as he destroys what America is, was and we the people have to eliminate this man from office. If Congress ain’t got the balls to Impeach this monkey, then we the people have to do it! Obama has to go and go now! We need to show this AH who is really in charge of America. And it ain’t this terrorist Islamic bastard.

  54. I can’t believe people are still guzzling the kool-aid.

  55. Dittos Donna Heitkoetter, Evan, Leewacker, lovinspoonful, proudtexan62,

  56. Raymond J Ambrozaitis

    Apparently the author of this piece is suffering greatly from a derangement syndrome. One that I hope is infectious as if the advice given here is followed it will lead to a Progressive victory. As for what President Obama has proven it is that he can and does take right wing concepts and ideas and deploy them despite the right over and over again

  57. If you want live like a Republican you have to vote Democrat. President Truman U.S. AMERICAN

  58. Typical leftist, liberal, anti American, lying, Obama can do nothing wrong, useless, brainless, good for nothing media! You people make me sick. It is obvious what is going on and that the media cherishes everything he does, when if a republican did same thing they be looking for his head. Media has proven over and over what liars and cheats they are. Aka, Brian Williams, Dan Rather just to name a few. These are liars who will do anything to destroy us. To them Obama is King!

  59. Never in the history of America has a president pledged his support with a group that America and the world is at war with, Islam

  60. Mr. Robinson you are clearly a lying, leftist, blind Obama supporter regardless of what he does. Maybe you’d think differently if you had family in military or if you were Christainor if someone you knew was a victim of ISIS which BHO won’t even acknowledge! All of you reporters are part of the problem! You don’t know how to see both sides! You are all blindly liberal regardless of the consequences! When will wake up, when BHOs buddies blow up a city and kill millions? Probably you guys love that stuff! With any luck you will be among them! You useless worthless liberal anti American POS! You go to hell and take the rag Washington Post with you!

  61. America has neve been more affluent than under Obama. There is however, one block (owned by the Republicans) that is blocking the prosperity from filtering down. And that is their genuflecting to the wealthiest of all Americans. And how do they acknowledge these massive tax loopholes ? By building factories in other nations. And then there is the matter of the souring of right-wing Christianity in the military; It is because of the essentially unpatriotic messages embedded in their evangelism. You cannot expect a soldier to respect the insults heaped upon his CIC.

  62. Francisco Machado

    “GOP leaders are spineless in every way” – That assumes the GOP leaders do, indeed, want change but lack the courage. The other possibility is that we are being “Grubered,” that the GOP leaders goals involve seizing the power of government, not in changing it. That the program being instituted by the Progressive Democrats are quite in keeping with the goals of the Progressive Republicans, they just want to avoid taking the blame for it. Gaining both House and Senate is something of an inconvenience, since the voting public who voted them in are now actually expecting them to act on their promises – which is counter to the position of the majority of Republicans, particularly those holding power. The concept of politicians fulfilling campaign promises is so counter to tradition that it’s viewed as a joke. Remember Gruber. And note Jeb Bush’s Progressive admonition to the Republicans – that they should give Obama what he wants. He is the RNC preferred candidate.

    • The main reason for the disconnect between the House and Senate politicians is that House members are elected locally – where issues that feature locally, are often fringe issues nationally. Senators are far less parochial – they engage in horse trading with other members on the other side – far more often – in order to compromise and get things done on a national level. Currently the House and Senate Republicans may as well be in two separate parties. This is the reason why the Democrats are almost as effective while they the minority party in Congress than before.

  63. Michael Dennewitz

    Anyone, ANYONE who defends that POS in the white house needs to quit snorting that shit!!

  64. Liberals have completely lost introspection and now focus on projecting idealism and nannyism, accusation and slander. This alienates any even moderately intelligent human being, but its staggering that vast numbers of middle of the road Americans fail to see this and are manipulated by it. Entertainment has replaced family, community, and critical thinking. With the normalizing of weed, this is just going to get worse.

  65. I think that if Hillary finds out O had anything to do with this book, Clinton Cash, I wouldn’t want to be in his funny, squared off toed shoes. I say, lock the Hildebeast and O in a room and may the best man win! It is my contention that they are going to self-destruct each other.

  66. Halarious. An artical ritten by sumwun with the mental disorder in question.

  67. Ovomit is a megalomaniac:
    1. A psychopathological condition characterized by delusional fantasies of wealth, power, or omnipotence.
    2. An obsession with grandiose or extravagant things or actions.
    3. a delusional mental disorder that is marked by feelings of personal omnipotence and grandeur

  68. This bugger needs to be impeached now ,before he does something that really puts us in danger of getting a damn missile heading our way.

  69. We need writers who fight this deranged disease called Obama – this one doesn’t cut it. Go read some news at

  70. Curing???!!!!…Really?…..Get new parts for your head….There ain’t no curing LIBERALISM wrapped in Marxism….Moreover Obama is SPITEFUL and spiteful people already have their mind made up don’t confuse then with the facts…………….Arrogance…..and with arrogance is attached ignorance……..

  71. Obama is absolutely an anti-american Communist/Muslim, of that there is no doubt. It also true that he will try his best to complete the destruction of our country before he leaves office. I realize that it is difficult for our Republican Congress to prevent all of Obama’s illegal executive actions, just due to the fact that they do not have total control of the congress. However, they could and can put an end to a large part of this if they would just begin the impeachment process and get rid of the illegal alien Obama. They can do that!

  72. The Mayor nailed it, and him. Hate is such a harsh word I think he despises America.

  73. Questions; But why and whom in Congress ‘ Probably to busy watching, TMZ ? is not in play to Pay Attention in Doing something about our ,hell In America, about to come.No matter what Reid has done, to demo American Values, and trust and honesty as Majority wimp,Opps Whip, in the U.S Senate.. Evil was planned in 1871..The Georgia guide Stone is set.America has been Judged.

    The Babylon Mystery Whore tour is about to Commence, as Illuminati Hellowood and Entertainment Evil has turned its back on the real American U.S .look at CWM been
    Raptized,and black African Negroes dominating Sports and White Women with there
    Obama-Nation Politics. sold out for a tax break.Coned -Into Coning to there-Thuggery-
    Satanic Message to Buy Buy Buy -fan base, to Vote Demo Nation and the First to start
    the Attack the GOP every 4 years of the election Cycle , on TV and Bumper Stickers.

    Look at two Wannabe CMW Singers sell out’s .Tim McGraw and Toby Keith hs said quoet No Guns allowed in my Restaurant’s ? .Sold out to Left wing Gun Control for the False peace Jesus to come for a Sandy hook False Flag event. $ . and The Big Power $ and Sex. when you appear on Ellen,Wish I was a Boy Degenerate Lesbo, you haev been Baptized and given the Nod.

    The 50 ACWMA year in Dallas TX was the Fall and Finale coronation, As Geroge Straight Knows it is Over.I saw it in his face.even if you are a God fearing CWM Singer you have
    sold out Like Garth Brooks.his last tour announced,what is to come and Promised a Silo
    below !

    The end is very near now.We whom are saved can feel it in our bones,and see it in the weather changes. E.Q’s in diverse places and Volcanic Activity since ’06 a precursor time line to the ^^^ Mt St Helen’s popped Smoke, after a 7 pt in Seattle.

    Evil men like Al Gore,Bill Clinton Show a False hand on the left to hide the finale Conflict to Come.on the right..The False flag Event,ISIS on the Border and JADE HELM the end of Posse Comatatus ! due to the Kenyan Signing the finale trap of the Patriot Act,the provision to change the power structure of Military Police in the NDAA Act gave power to Our Stolen U.S Military by The Evil LGBTQP the Pontious “Roman ruthless Murdering Fag Piolit. “of America..Attacking Christians now leaving.the Military in the news. We hope will fight along side of us, Protecting our homes inside of the U.S as Economic Implosion Surely to come this year Will destroy America as we know her.As the Loser LBJ Welfare demo Rats come snooping around for a Crumb ! with death in there eyes.

    If you think I am full of it Until Congress stops the change in Money Supply. Our US dollar will impload. A New rule ( if any withdraws ) are taken at 5000 $ plus reports go out to your Local police as a Cyber attack possible Money Laundering and theft,heard on Infowars and read on WND. As Russia and China say F You America ! Then a Cashless Society Forced Inoculation but was thwarted In Calif ( Act of God by Prayer ) in The Calif Forced Inoculation Bill of the evil Pharisees Heart’s .would have been the death nail to Slow kill the Unwanted.Then Goes the nation Copying , The Calif Political Wind from hell.

    China is Falling apart make no Mistake about it as we have had it with Chinese stolen jobs. Selling Us B.S Cheap made products,while our ex Corp manufacturing give the Chinks ex America Quality product to them. The damned into hell MSNM needs to Repent now,and tell
    us the Truth instead of sleeping with the devil.

    Only the so called 1 % in WA DC ,Hellowood,and Oil and Bangstrs Baron’ s have this power. Inside trader dick Suckers have Inside Info and the Big $ to Trade on the Inhuman Robo Floor trade bot’s high Frequency Markets.

    Think about it selling there Soul to Satan when I know for a fact celebrities who are stoned out of the public eye can not figure out how to manage there wealth.. Who is Managing their dollars while they play the Con game of Life Whore Nation America! They live like kings and Queens with out a care .like Justin Briber,and most of all Anti American Leonardo dick Crapio the Whore mongering Denero dick Sucker,.Still one of the most highest paid actors ? Now billionAres around the world haev left the hot Spots ! America S America, Mexico, central america,Israel,Mecca,Russia,China, but to watch America and Armageddon Expload ! So beit You evil wicked devils !

    The last Trumpet,The Finale War and rumors are done the Quickening of War In heaven is about to Unfold, between Jesus and Satan. We will see the false peace soon between,The road to Mecca( head of the snake ) problems in the Muslim Conflict with Jesus and Jerusalem. by the Finale Anti Christ. All Revelation warning’s by Christ,the details Must Come to pass now.

    The only Truth is Salvation Our Souls >all material wealth is useless,Flesh and blood shall not Inherit the Kingdom of heaven,because of Sin.

    The Finale Anti Christ is here ,Some are saying the Muslim,blood line Greek prime Minister of Greece. May be the Smooth talking Roman Catholic. Jesus

    I believe Mr. Barrack Insane Narcissist Obama. AKA Barry Sotero, was the dry Run. he will diappear Also.If he Is stubborn and not leave D.C.he will just disappear..};, };{} }:-{) in hell.

    We will see very fast (The technological Marvel ),Wonders in the heavens of Virtual reality bring a hologram of Jesus( Anti-Christ and the Mahdi ) return. Then as the Insane Imams in Iranas the Imam in Deer born,MI say Jesus was a Prophet and will command all to bow to The Mahdi as he tells us We have been lied to and he was wrong and evil he lied was never the son of God or Crucified ! WOW No Lies You have heard and read about these facts.To America and The JEW if you doubt just start watching on YOUTUBE Jack Van Impe ministries.

    I believe we are Now going to see the Chrislam region of a NWO One religion in the Finale phase of the false peace in the Works has happened, leaving the Martin Luther Message out of the equation. we have witnessed The Now defunct “Crystal Cathedral The Positive Thinking I wonder why. caved into the Rick Warren Pasture of the Saddle back Church in San Diego, a few years Others have been doing so since,just leave out Jesus, to Please Satan’s little helpers,the LGBTQP Nation of Calif Rule. across Amero-Union, cave into Muslim ( Mohamad ) King of the Pedophiles .

    This EVIL Edict calling a Union of Christian Unholy Union ( CHRISLAM) ,as their,Satanic warriors who is ISIS in their radical prayers to Obey the Allah of Below.
    See YAZIDI Christian’s Slaughtered,Raped, by Coward ISIL or ISIS or IS B>S Since Git it mo Then ISIS Appeared !and before that BAG a Woman in Christ DADDY’s BOKO Harem of N Africa Connection to the fall of Libya ? By Non Other then her self Mrs.What difference does it make, Hitllary dike Clinton.stealing Gadafis Gold, the We came, we saw ,he died and laugh like the wicked witch Wizard of Oz.The ex Shifty Sec of State ! With more air miles,then any other SOS in History ???

    How Ironic ! When Pvt Miraculously Called out as a TRAITOR , slapping Obama Nation by Proxy the Bitch Susan Rice in the face for LYING,became a Sgt ?? How about When Bird Dog’s Muslim Daddy in Arabic with Obama Nation in the Rose garden was Translated by an EX PLO.Turned Christian Muslim Palestinian, who spoke with Michael Savage to Find out the truth. What was in the Message to his Traitorous Son. An evil prayer to ALLAH ( We know as SATAN ) Below !

    Q is. Was this the signal of Submission to Evil By Pope Francis to the Faux Churches,in America ? will they cave in,as the Prophetic message of John wrote in Revelations, as the
    Pied Piper Obama and Pope meet in Oct of this year, unless God Intervenes, only If America Repents ? To stop the Evil Pope out of Brazil a Jesuit Who may be the false Prophet to anoint the Chosen One !

  74. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa

    Obama is reciprocating Barack Obama’s hate for the WHITE British Colonial rule
    over Kenya and this includes WHITE America. Hussein Obama sees America and her
    people as a colonial power that needs to be punished for her prosperity and
    power built on the backs of black slave labor.
    That’s why Hussein Obama has been dictating the country with his hate and
    rage Agenda of REVENGE he construed of “the dreams FROM his father”, rather
    than governing it by the US Constitution. Unfortunately America’s public school
    system does not allow the political correctness of teaching our students the truth.

  75. patricia lockwood

    He will never really love America . Not with his ideology Marxist twisted communist mind. He can’t stand what America is all about. Sad, to have a leader like this sore ass.

  76. Obama has USA Derangement Syndrome, and Christianity Derangement Syndrome, and when HE gives that up, then the Republicans can give up Obama Derangement Syndrome. It is not a witch hunt if they are real witches.

  77. It doesn’t matter what OBUTTHEAD DOES,it’s all going to change back to the before OBUTTHEAD times,when a
    republican gets into the White House in 2017.My guess is it is going to be Ted Cruz,and don’t tell me he isn’t qualified to be president,because even if you were not born in the U.S.A. all the requirements you have to have
    is to be in the country for fourteen years or longer.don’t believe me,look it up!

  78. Bet: this nearly dead Republic will be a thing of the past if this demonic psychopath, Muslim-Marxist jihadist is not made to vacate the ‘Outhouse’ pronto! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION! mInr, NSA!

  79. Has any REAL Scientist been able to Remove INBRED Derangement and Delusional PSYCHOTiC and Narcissitic Sydrome from Someone like ODUMBO who has those Malaises in his DNA???
    The only way to CURE the Country of the Pansy potus is to GET HIM OUT OF OFFICE One way or another…

  80. he loves the America that can be if the destructive corporate raiders and their paid minions would pay their share. he loves the America that could be if the hate mongering gop would stop lying about everything they disagree with and cooperate with the elected president.
    He loves the country that will become soon because no conservatavie republican will ever reach the oval office again as America has woken up and is tired of the uneducated minions of the corporations cheating on elections and winning even though they are the minority of TRUE AMERCANS

  81. Only one way to cure what ails Obama is a brain transplant

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