Cue Liberal Outrage: Trump Creates a National Vetting Center for Immigrants

President Donald Trump signed an executive order this week to create a new National Vetting Center that will improve the government’s ability to coordinate between various agencies and ensure that migrants and visitors to the U.S. are properly screened before coming into the country. The move, which will surely anger immigration activists and liberals who think we would be better off if we just threw the borders open and allowed every Islamic terrorist and welfare-leeching bum in the world to come to our shores, was announced in a statement on Tuesday.

“The NVC will better coordinate these activities in a central location, enabling officials to further leverage critical intelligence and law enforcement information to identify terrorists, criminals, and other nefarious actors trying to enter and remain within our country,” said White House press secretary Sarah Sanders. “The NVC’s operations will adhere to America’s strong protections for individuals’ privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties. The Administration’s top priority is the safety and security of the public, and the NVC will empower our frontline defenders to better fulfil that obligation.”

The Department of Homeland Security will work hand in hand with the State Department, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and the director of national intelligence to develop the NVC.

“As part of the president’s efforts to raise the global bar for security and protect Americans, we’ve put in place tougher vetting and tighter screening for all individuals seeking to enter the United States,” DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said in a statement. “The National Vetting Center will support unprecedented work by DHS and the entire U.S. intelligence community to keep terrorists, violent criminals and other dangerous individuals from reaching our shores.”

Speaking of Nielsen, she said in a Customs and Border Patrol Roundtable meeting last week that no fewer than 70 terrorists A DAY were trying to get into the United States, so the need for an impeccable (if not impenetrable) vetting process does not need to be explained in great detail. We’ve been extremely lucky since 9/11 to avoid outright disaster at the hands of foreign terrorists, but in the last few months we’ve seen questionable immigrants from Middle Eastern countries do their best to cause mayhem and bloodshed. It’s only a matter of time before one of them succeeds on a horrifying scale.

Here’s a thought: We don’t wait until something like that happens before doing something about it. This was the refrain we kept shouting during the Obama years, when it was virtually off-limits to even have a frank conversation about Islamists and their death cult. Now that those days are over, we have a president who understands the basic fact that not everyone wants to come to America for a “better life.” Many of them want to come here to wage jihad. And that’s not even getting into the thousands who come here with vague ideas about joining a gang, committing petty crime, or simply leeching off the welfare system.

Vet them, reject them, and let’s limit our immigration process to those people who will actually make this country stronger.

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