Cue Liberal Outrage: Trump Creates a National Vetting Center for Immigrants

President Donald Trump signed an executive order this week to create a new National Vetting Center that will improve the government’s ability to coordinate between various agencies and ensure that migrants and visitors to the U.S. are properly screened before coming into the country. The move, which will surely anger immigration activists and liberals who think we would be better off if we just threw the borders open and allowed every Islamic terrorist and welfare-leeching bum in the world to come to our shores, was announced in a statement on Tuesday.

“The NVC will better coordinate these activities in a central location, enabling officials to further leverage critical intelligence and law enforcement information to identify terrorists, criminals, and other nefarious actors trying to enter and remain within our country,” said White House press secretary Sarah Sanders. “The NVC’s operations will adhere to America’s strong protections for individuals’ privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties. The Administration’s top priority is the safety and security of the public, and the NVC will empower our frontline defenders to better fulfil that obligation.”

The Department of Homeland Security will work hand in hand with the State Department, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and the director of national intelligence to develop the NVC.

“As part of the president’s efforts to raise the global bar for security and protect Americans, we’ve put in place tougher vetting and tighter screening for all individuals seeking to enter the United States,” DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said in a statement. “The National Vetting Center will support unprecedented work by DHS and the entire U.S. intelligence community to keep terrorists, violent criminals and other dangerous individuals from reaching our shores.”

Speaking of Nielsen, she said in a Customs and Border Patrol Roundtable meeting last week that no fewer than 70 terrorists A DAY were trying to get into the United States, so the need for an impeccable (if not impenetrable) vetting process does not need to be explained in great detail. We’ve been extremely lucky since 9/11 to avoid outright disaster at the hands of foreign terrorists, but in the last few months we’ve seen questionable immigrants from Middle Eastern countries do their best to cause mayhem and bloodshed. It’s only a matter of time before one of them succeeds on a horrifying scale.

Here’s a thought: We don’t wait until something like that happens before doing something about it. This was the refrain we kept shouting during the Obama years, when it was virtually off-limits to even have a frank conversation about Islamists and their death cult. Now that those days are over, we have a president who understands the basic fact that not everyone wants to come to America for a “better life.” Many of them want to come here to wage jihad. And that’s not even getting into the thousands who come here with vague ideas about joining a gang, committing petty crime, or simply leeching off the welfare system.

Vet them, reject them, and let’s limit our immigration process to those people who will actually make this country stronger.

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  1. Of course the liberals are outraged. Trump is planning to make a center of excellence out of something the liberals don’t want to exist. It’s too pro American and anti immigrant. Remember the defacto battle cry of the left – “America Last”
    Vetting? We Don’t Need No Stinking Vetting!

    • Please note, there is no liberal outrage. This phony news outlet made it up.

    • Alejandro M Castro

      The picture above shows the people. that illegally crosses our border. That’s the a–hole countries many of us talk about. The large majority of them come here for government dependency.

      • How will they qualify? No Green Card. Duh!

        • Alejandro M Castro

          You’re misinformed, dude . we have an illegal neighbor whom lives next door to us, and blatantly informed us that he uses the EBT card to buy groceries. Duh!!!.

          • Which means he has a social security number, he’s yanking your chain or you’re a liar – I suspect the latter but care not.

          • Oh, they have a social security number and card. Black market. Obama has 9 of his own and the state the one he uses now is a state he has never lived in.

          • Of course he does – and computers wouldn’t quickly show that up as false? Duh1
            Obama probably doesn’t need one as he gets a pension from being President? And, I suspect he makes a bit of money from speeches and the like. Duh! Doubt he’d qualify for anything. Duh!

          • Obama didn’t need one to run for president either. He spent millions of dollars closing his records so no one could look into them and still can’t, this man can’t be versified as of today but he almost brought America down. Yet the libs still holler about Trumps tax returns. In America you have two class of people. The ones that want America to fall, dems and rino’s, and the ones that want to see America be great again. Unless our nation gets strong again you dems and rino’s will be sqrumining around in a pile of crap and American’s have no place for refuge. Think about that sir. If you have one hair of brain left.

          • I believe a copy of birth certificate is out there.
            President has no power so how did he do it?
            America is a plutocracy. 50% of the electorate don’t bother voting – no point. The other half think they can, but know not how. Funny as!
            Historically President’s make tax returns public – well it started with Nixon and he was scum. Trump obviously just scummier!

          • There is a fake birth certificate and this has been verified as fake by legal authorities. Remember he was in office and everything he did was illegal. Do you think Obama had the American’s interest at heart when he transported over 80,000 illegal undocumented so called kids into the country. He said in one of his first campaign speeches that he was going to have a civil army bigger than the US military and He almost did. These kids have grown up now and he has his army. When the shit hits the fan you will not be protected no more than anyone else. These kids are not all that came in. The catch and release program has released thousands. All they had to do is walk across the border, get loaded on trucks and transported where ever they were meant to go and released. Were they educated? How many diseases do they have? No one knows. The prisons are full of them even though Obama released thousands back into the public never knowing where they went. These were rapist, murders and hardened criminals. Do your research and you will see. The media never mentions anything about it. It’s just part of the design. Look around your own hometown and see how many you can see. I go into Walmart and feel like I am in a foreign country. President Trump is trying to remove as many as he can but the liberal judges, mayors and governors do nothing but fight to keep them here. He isn’t trying to hurt any one, he’s just trying to protect the American people. Obama will eventually go to prison as the worst traitor to America. It might pay you to turn off the constant propaganda on the TV, and do a little research for yourself. Why people are so concerned about small stuff , First Ladies shoes, golf courses, politicians sexual behaviors is beyond me, when the real dangers are all around them and they haven’t the ability to do anything more than bash President Trump. The radio frequencies on the TV and in music changes the DNA of people. They can’t see anything good when it’s stuck under their noses. Radio frequencies have been used in wars for the last 50 years but people don’t know about it. Research it! Fluoride in the water was used by Hitler to dumb down the Jews and daily we get it in our water. Doesn’t help your teeth at all and that’s a fact. A lie that people have believed for years. GMO’s is causing all kinds of diseases. We’re being fed Round-Up daily in our food. Alzimers and autism has never been as high as it is today. The wealthiest nation in the world but yet we are the sickest. Dictators around the world are killing their people, chemical war fair, etc. Americans are dieing a slow death, a cruel death. Pharmaceutical companies and doctors getting rich. Now I can continue about the important things like caring about the American citizens health and well being while the left wants to keep the leaches sucking off the government system to bring the economy down to a crash. I have done a lot of research and listened. President Trump has not accused anyone of anything that wasn’t revealed. I have to be around babbling idiots all the time, I shake my head and think, they just don’t have any idea just how bad things had gotten in the Obama years. I believe that America Will Be Great Again with the help of God. The corruption will be exposed and I certainly will not talk and bash someone who is trying to make my life better. Obama did nothing but tear our country apart, racism, hatred and debt is what we got from him. He made a fool out of America. President Trump is working at cleaning up this mess even though he is walking alone most of the time. The American people have been so used to being spoon fed they don’t have one back bone in them. President Trump can only work with what he has. He isn’t a democrat or republican, he has shown no favoritism toward any party. He will clean house in both parties. He doesn’t care, he just wants to do what is best for America and every American.

          • Birth certificate seems quite real and actually immaterial. His mother is American therefore so is he irrespective of place of birth.
            The President has no power so the rest of your rant is irrational and I should leave the rest of the world alone – all you’re doing is highlighting your ignorance.

          • Like I said I work around a lot of babbling idiots all the time, shaking my head at their rambling stupidly. I’d place you in the mix. Good evening.

          • Seems like they’re the sane ones.
            I’m never refuted, you just gibber!

          • YOU give SSA more than credit than they deserve. ONE Stolen SS# used by an illegal alien Kept a 5 yr old child from getting benefits, when his father died, because they said the CHILD MADE TOO MUCH MONEY! NO idea how long it took his mother, the widow, to straighten this out with SSA!

          • Don’t be silly, the mother or guardian would be claiming on behalf of the child. If the child had a number it would be irrelevant.

          • Living under a rock? ILLEGAL ALIENS BUY stolen ID numbers, including Social Security numbers, &/or BUY FAKE numbers along with the Driver’s License & Voter’s Registration for a couple hundred dollars in LA!

          • Which means they can fill in a form and get a job – no welfare. Illegal voters? Really! No proof to date!

          • Ovomit had an SS card, WHICH DIDN’T BELONG TO HIM!!

        • That old “myth”? Obama’s ILLEGAL ALIEN aunt in Boston was getting Subsidized Housing & SNAP, per Boston Globe, BEFORE she was given “sanctuary” at her Second Deportation hearing, right around the time Obama Became President!

          • She was living in public housing – doesn’t mean her name was on it. Duh!
            She was refused asylum but remained and was approved a second time, if she was illegal she wouldn’t have been able to apply again. Deported!

    • In response to Jim Dandy’s erroneous evaluation of the article’s headline, it didn’t claim liberal outrage. It said “Cue liberal outrage”. So surprise, surprise, the liberal got it wrong, or lied, or both. Surprise! Surprise!

  2. Just another step along the path of Making America Great Again…

    Thank you Mr. President.

    • Make America Laugh Again and the whole world. Great job Trumpster!

      • Has anyone ever told you that you are a total DUMB FUXK?! Well, I just did!

      • Thank you for your public demonstration of what happens when you only breathe intestinal gas.

      • You like illegals so much go over there and join them. We don’t need them here.

        • Numbers have been falling since 2007. Economy continues to be poor – may need a wall to keep folk in soon!

          • No. We’ll need a wall to keep s-theads like you out.

          • …………..and a padded room for you.

          • Better to have a padded room than sh-t for brains.

          • Never refuted – kind of means I have the brains. Duh!

          • It means you have no brains like the rest of Soros liberal idiots.

          • Obviously you are devoid of facts – Soros funds both Democrats and Republicans. Clever huh?! How do you know were his priorities lie? You don’t! Duh!

          • You are just plain devoid. Go spend your paycheck from Soros.

          • He pays me nothing, I’m just laughing at you fools.

            Like many he funds both sides. Plutocracy! Duh!

          • You’re the fool. Only a fool would dare be a demorat/liberal. Wake up before it’s too late. The 20/30 agenda will go into effect any day now and you fools won’t know what his you. Hope you enjoy your life in prison because that’s where you’ll end up-.

          • I represent neither Democrat or Republicans – I laugh at them both, there’s little difference.
            America is a plutocracy and has been for decades – less freedom and opportunity there than most of its peers for decades. Too late already!
            Agenda 21 or 20/30 isn’t going to affect me – all it is is organizing how the planet moves forward. Get a life! Is it going to stop me surfing? No. Will it improve pollution? Yes. Will it maintain wilderness and regulate business? Yes. Good at least then we won’t have dumb America giving us another depression – twice in a hundred years!
            Get off the drugs – you’re just paranoid.

          • It WILL affect you. The UN and the Pope are going to take the world over. If you don’t do everything the way they say you WILL be thrown in prison. Wake up air head before you explode and we’re all covered with s–t.

          • UN is a place to resolve issues and make the world a better place.
            The Pope is irrelevant.
            Grow a brain.

          • You are irrevelent, deaf, dumb and blind. The UN should be abolished. And you need t o go back into your closet.

          • What has the UN done to you?

          • Nothing for me. Go to their website and read back to 2001. They are NOT our friends.

          • So nothing. The UN is there to mediate and moderate, create laws passed by the majority. Nobody owns it, it is nobodies friend, it is there to assist in the workings of the world.
            Get an education bimbo!

          • You’ve been refuted way too many times by me, liar!!!

          • Evidence?????????????????????

          • Nope, since President Trump took office, economy is improving. MORE than it “improved” under Obama. Numbers are falling, because ILLEGAL ALIENS caught at the border are NO LONGER getting “catch & release”, like Obama did.

          • Obviously you do not get out much.
            Debt continues to grow – about a million every four minutes.
            Imports still outgrowing exports.
            Tax cuts have promised an extra $1.5 trillion on the debt but as the Budget has also risen, that’s probably underestimated and then some.
            Unemployment has been stable since 2015, but underemployment still very high.
            Basically we’re impoverishing the next three generations.
            Get a life!
            Illegals – numbers have been falling since 2007. Economy poor, less reason to come. Deportations actually down under Trump and at current rate will take 27.5 years to remove them all.
            Catch and release was before Bush II – fail!
            Trump at least is a buffoon and amusing!

          • The ONLY people talking about those falling numbers, are those who are H_LL BENT on Amnesty for ALL illegal aliens, including felons, those deported previously who came back, etc. IF the numbers are so low, HOW come ALL those bills sitting in Congress to “help” illegal aliens, NEVER have a Maximum Number on it? You know, like NO MORE than 10.5 million people can apply?

          • Facts are facts – numbers have been falling since 2007.
            Suck it up!

          • Did you just light up again?

      • School-yard mentality …. Agitator and or Troll.
        Good to know you’re out there.
        You dummies never disappoint us.

        • A troll is someone who says nasty things or a short hairy thing living in a cave.
          I’m neither, I’m pretty. My comments are factual with a dollop of irreverence and sarcasm.
          You are obviously an oxymoron – surely a “Musicmaker” would have Pink Floyd or someone of that ilk rather than a band that only requires three chords to play. Funny as!

          • Actually you’re both. Do the world a favor. Bend over, stick your head up your ass and fart. I hope someone is standing behind you with a lit match when you do.

          • Beats being pig ignorant!

          • Tell me that when you get ran over by a tank.

          • The UN don’t have any tanks – duh! Nor any military. Fool!
            When they are required they look to member states to all help out. Thus America and Russia against ISIS. Iran and Iraq jointly together against ISIS.
            Get your head out of your backside and read real facts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Hey dummy. They weren’t talking about UN tanks. But I’m more than willing to get into a tank and run you over and I’m sure a lot of others in here would too. We NEED a military parade whether you dummies think so or not.

          • The conversation was in regard to the UN – still no tanks. Are you changing the subject or back-peddling. Either way you’re getting walked all over!
            Military parade – probably not a good idea. Folk might realize how useless our military is – though not winning in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan set the mood!

          • The conversation is about military parades but I guess you have a real short attention span.

          • No it wasn’t!

          • Yes it is. Reread the article.

          • Yep. You’re a failure alright.

      • Oh yes, YOU would rather suck off the hind tit, lay on your filthy couch, suck down a 6 pack or 2 and smoke maryjane

  3. What is the primary job of our Government?

    To protect us, and the Left cries…. Fits their motto, America last….

    • Against what – yourselves?

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      • Alejandro M Castro

        It shows that you’re a real poop-head. Yes, your JACKASS poop.

        • Never refuted!

          • You and your ally Jimmy must be two of the most illiterate people I’ve read on this site. It is one thing to disagree with someone who posts here, but please try to come up with more than two words at one time. You’re pretty boring.

          • Well said… Poo is a troll, a smelly one at that.

          • Only after working in the garden and exercise! Whereas you’re stupid all the time.

          • It’s “official” redheads are dumber than blondes. Never refuted – means no one has refuted anything I have said or I own the facts. Duh!

          • Don’t bother trying to get anything of substance from the pooman. You can have a long conversation, document what you have said, give sources, cross reference, and at the end he will still insist on saying that whatever inane thought he was pushing is the absolute truth. He will then tell you that you have been refuted. What is possibly the funniest part, is that he up votes nearly all of his own comments. It is possible that he has been dropped on his head one too many times.

          • HAHAHAHA. This guy is nuttier than a fruitcake. I think “it” must be a child playing games in his mother’s basement. Most people who post their opinions and comments on this site, actually have something to say but this guy and his partner are just silly.

      • Against WHAT? Against TERRORISTS! Against impoverished, poorly educated, unskilled people who NEED OUR WELFARE to stay alive! Against impoverished, poorly educated, unskilled people who NEED OUR FREE healthcare to stay alive! Against impoverished, poorly educated, unskilled people who REFUSE to Assimilate! Against impoverished, poorly educated, unskilled people who are CRIMINALS, like drug smugglers, human traffickers, gang members, sex traffickers, murderers, rapists, arsonists, drunk drivers, etc, etc, etc. ANY other Questions?

        • Well said !!!!! Clear and to the point.

        • Terrorists are not all foreign – in fact historically not half.
          Education – worst system in the modern world. America doesn’t want smart people.
          America has the worst social disparity and mobility in the Western world – little freedom and opportunity.
          Worst homicide rate in the Western world.
          Worst healthcare system in the Western world.

          None of that is new – government has been falling then for 50 years+.
          I was correct “Yourselves”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Alejandro M Castro

      I like that.

  4. Sick of illegal immigration.. TIME TO STOP IT FOR GOOD!!! Whatever it takes!!

    • Dorothy, this new measure is not directed at illegal immigration, but rather it is to make entry more difficult for *legal* immigration. Try to pay attention.

      • Jim, you’re not so dandy, in fact, you are also a total DUMB FUXK, like poohead!

        • Totally agree with you

        • Susan, most of us agree with your statement regarding illegal immigration. All these haters, rapers, killers, thieves are not among those who have been vetted and found to be educated, solid citizens. They are the ones who have escaped from something and want to hide out in America. They can get welfare, jobs that otherwise might be held by an American citizen. There are ways to determine who should be allowed to begin the legal process for citizenship.

          • After all, why stay in their own Country, when they can come to the USA & live off of the tax payers money? Close our borders Mr. Trump & keep the trash from other countries in their own garbage hole. MAGA

          • Don’t you know how badly Trump would love to just out with that and let everyone know how he feels? But, he came pretty close with the S—-hole countries. I am very encouraged with what I am reading and hearing about this subject. Most of the American people agree with him on this; even the ones who still cry about DACA and babies want our country back without all the foreign influence trying to take over.

          • Marlene Marty Fowler-helfrick

            Oh grow up, the Trump is a racist rhetoric is false and debunked.

          • Did you read anywhere in my post that said President Trump is a racist? You didn’t because I didn’t even imply that. I don’t however think Trump is happy with all the illegal immigrants pouring in and that is what I think. Right or wrong.

          • Amen. Some of the immigrant wannabe’s/”refugees” are people who want to come here to avoid prosecution for some crime(s) committed in their old country. Just what we need, as if we don’t already have enough crooks here. We now have over 320 million people. That should be enough. Kep the foreigners out.

        • But compared to you I’m Einstein and never refuted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Plenty of ne’er do wells try legitimate immigration.

      • Security for Americans, little jimmy. AMERICA FIRST!!!!

      • It is being set up to make it more difficult for undesirable people to enter the country legally. It is not designed to make it more difficult in general.

      • you don’t know what the fuk your talking about, so stfu!!!, even if it were true, frankly I don’t give a damn, if I had my way there would be one or two a year, I want it stopped now and no more let in for 20 years, we have 2 million in here now that’s illegal, I would send them all packing and not allowed to VOTE FOR 20 YEARS!!!

        • Actually, current estimates are 10.5 million, with some thinking that it could be as high as 30 MILLION! Personally, I do NOT believe those who are trying to DOWNPLAY this Problem!

      • Actually, this type of Vetting will WEED out those trying to get a Visa to visit “family”, if they have Overstayed their Visa & been deported Before!

        • I think I have a solution to the DACA problem and also illegal’s voting in California and elsewhere. It is such a BFD that I cannot say more until I contact both the President and the major private companies involved in the whole debacle.
          FYI, I am a trained intrepreneur or an entrepreneur trained by private industry to introduce new products or ideas.
          It is a bigger deal than the introduction of the Post-it note.

  5. Only thing wrong with this headline is that once again you have to make shit up in order to have a story. I don’t suppose your average reader can pull his or her head out of his or her butt long enough to look, but there is no liberal uprising over this measure. I’m a pretty well informed liberal, and I haven’t seen a single line on this big event, let alone outrage. That would make this article what? Say it together: fake news.

    • Really, maybe you should check to see where your head is stuck; the (D) have always pushed against vetting the so called immigrants (they need the votes).
      Actually the (D) Party is now the Socialist Democratic Party!
      23 million illegals have crossed the border and snuck into the country illegally since Chuck Schumer has been in Congress. Based on that he sees no reason to build a wall. You can see what a great problem solver he is!
      Actually, Democrats have used illegal immigrants to trash the legal immigration system by making a mockery of the laws.
      (D) do NOT want Border Security….ask yourself why; do not forget to check the FBI stats on Illegal crime rate.
      DACA… Like most were young innocent kids brought over with their parents who violated their visa’s in the first place….that is violating the immigration laws…deport and get back in line…
      43% of food stamps are given to illegals…
      95% of warrants for murder in L.A. are illegals…
      less than 2% of illegals are picking crops, but 42% are on welfare…
      more than 66% of births in CA are illegals on Medi-Cal, paid by taxpayers…
      nearly 60% of occupants of HUD are illegals…
      more than 39% of CA students are illegals…
      75% of LA’s most wanted are illegals…
      more than half of all gang members are illegals…
      US Company’s using illegals in 2005 have profited over 2.36 Trillion $$$…
      US taxpayers are footing the bill for illegals

      • How about the 83,000 obmoo sent American planes over to Central America to pick up. Where did these kids go? I was in TN flea market, and stopped to eat at a Mexican outdoors fast food which most people there were Hispanic. Ate on picnic tables outside. A family came in and I counted 10 kids of different cultures. The mother of the group sat down and I ask her if these where her kids. She told me the government paid her $1000 a month per child to keep them. That’s $10,000 a month to an illegal couple to keep 10 kids. Foster Care monies are not taxed meaning they paid no tax, however the kids got the benefits of insurance, education, etc. Oboma has raped this nation, I heard in one of his first campaign speeches’ that he was going to have a civil army bigger than the American military. I feel sure he has accomplished that. I feel sure the American military has well trained this civil army as well. Get prepared for anything when the shit hits the fan. Understand that this is a very complicated situation for the Trump campaigne. When this goes down I certain they will not stop and ask if you are a democrate or republican before they attack. The dems are so stupid, brained washed they can’t reason in their minds just what has gone on the last 8 years. Their full intent is to see America fall for as America go so does the whole world. Then we would all see what it’s like living under government rule.

        • Thanks, there are still a lot of Veterans out here watching, especially in Texas where we are also swamped with illegals and are prepared for any attack against American people…vote in 2018 elections and pass it on to vote (D) & RINO’s out of office.

          • I understand, we have a lot of them here as well as muslins. Our only hope is to do like Washington did when in war with the British. Out numbered it looked as if America would be defeated. Washington brought his men together and told them our only hope is God. He designed a flag that hung on every ship and in every Calvary. The flag said, “Appeal to Heaven”. Look it up and read about the battles. All through America’s history prayer has availed. Sir it worked for them and it will work now. I am not a religious person however I am a believer. History repeats itself. We the people have no idea what is really going on. The media is being used by the enemy to sow hate, fear, and anger in people to divide. United we stand but divided we fall. Sir that is the plan!

          • We out-numbered the British by a lot! Plus they were fighting three other wars at the same time. A few years later when dealing only with Napoleon they sacked Washington because of our leanings towards the French.

        • I doubt you can count to ten and you’re so blinkered I doubt you can differentiate between white, Hispanic and

      • Wow, yours is the biggest list of incorrect factoids I’ve ever seen on Discus, and that’s really saying something. Did you make all that up yourself, or did someone have to make it all up for you? We Dems have never been against vetting, by the way. We certainly seem to be more aware than you of the vetting immigrants already go through, so maybe ignorance is the source of your error. It usually is. We are also aware that immigrants commit crimes at a much lower rate than native-born Americans, so wherever you get your information, they’ve sold you a bum steer to keep you riled and off-point. How does it feel to be manipulated by a man a stupid as Donald Trump?

        • My info comes from FBI/Government Agency’s NOT CNN as you seem to get yours (Immigrants? I refer to Illegals that commit more crimes! Get your ignorance in order.)

          “According to statistics from the U.S. sentencing commission, non-citizens are actually far more likely to commit a serious crimes than Americans are.”

          “Non-citizens account for 22%, more than a fifth of all federal murder convictions, 18% of fraud, 33% of money laundering, 29% of drug trafficking, and 72% of convictions for drug possession,” he added.

          These numbers are massive and prove that non-citizens are more likely to be arrested than Americans.

          So, you liberal Democrats can shove it–because Americans know the truth and can see through your lies! Where are your facts….I’m sorry I forgot that Liberals do NOT listen or even know how to do research! I feel real sorry for you….NOT!

    • Suffering from Over-inflated ego…Extreme self-importance?
      Dude, step into the real world.

    • Alejandro M Castro

      If you haven’t seen anything from the Liberal mainstream news media, you must be locked up in a dark cave. I’m a Conservative that likes to know what’s going on on the other side of the fence, what I see and hear make me angry, with the verbal abuse, the lies, innuendos, and insults toward our president, because he wants the best and security for all of us.

      • If you’re dumb enough to watch the TV news and not realise it is sensationalist claptrap then there’s no hope for you.

    • Is there something wrong with your reading comprehension? The headline does not claim any outrage has happened. Cue liberal outrage means that the move by the President is likely to bring out outrage in liberals. So here is another example of how liberals disparage right leaning news outlets. To a liberal, if you can’t make your narrative work on it’s own, then lie through your teeth. Nice try, but you will have to do better than that.

      • Yes, I do disparage this outlet, which is not a news outlet, by the way, but an opinion blog. Just as you say, the article doesn’t claim the outrage has happened because in fact it has not. But it does go on the bash liberals based on its incorrect prediction. That is not news. That is a fantasy printed here to keep you good and riled up so Dirty Don thinks he’s got a solid base, and to keep you in denial that the country is in big trouble with that menace in the Oval Office. My own prediction is that someone in this intellectual sewer will now try to insult me without addressing the question at all. It’ll be just another example of how conservatives disparage people who read actual news outlets and have the brains to resist propaganda.

        • First, you really don’t own up to your very prominent error, but merely allude to it. To me that flags a serious character flaw which sadly I find all too common in modern day liberals. This wasn’t always the case. Second there is outrage out there over this move. There are a couple of articled that do not paint the policy in a positive light, and liberals that I have talked to are not pleased with the prospect of what has been proposed. Thirdly, the President has a very solid base that has grown from what I have seen, so don’t prepare an epitaph too soon. The country was in far more trouble with the capitulate man in chief in charge, Obama. Given a few more years he probably would have given away Alaska and Hawaii. And lastly, since you wanted to use my own vocabulary against me, who do you rely on for the truth in reporting that you were afraid you would be disparaged for?

  6. Considering the basic logic of the creation of such a center, ANY opposition to it must be purely partisan-political, having no grounds in pure reason. We have become so accustomed to partisan-political opposition to proposals that it is meaningless relative to the frequency of fulfilled expectation.

  7. Check for MS13 “tats” if present, BOOT THEM OUT IMMEDIATELY. No WALL no DACA (it was ILLEGAL from the get-go anyhow, so (actually) boot them ALL out) Just think of all the welfare money, medicaid, and FREE STUFF we will no longer have to “GIVE OUT” and DEMOCOMMUNIST “votes” that will also be GONE.

  8. Of course the America hating left wing pinheads will make a big deal out of this because, as usual they’re on the side of the scum who want to destroy this country.

  9. You mean we’re not going to just let anyone in anymore, no questions asked?! What a fool Trump is, according to the liberals! They think we should welcome the drug dealers, murderers, MS-13 gang members, etc., etc.!

    • William Edward Smith

      These people, who are here illegally, have gotten used to the U.S. kissing their arses and giving them as much as the citizens get, or more in many cases, for being puppets for the left. Its no wonder they act like they have the same rights as we do, as citizens. But they are NOT citizens, and therefore entitled to nothing, except a big kick in the arse back over that broken down fence they came over. Build the wall President Trump, and thank you for thinking of us for a change, instead of a criminal.

  10. GOOD NEWS!

  11. Wherever they set this up it will quickly turn into “go to a different spot” without the wall. So the wall must be built. Just like Rome, Southern south America, and all the Hollywood, DC, and past presidents have around their homes. The add to that armed guards and then belittle American People for wanting to follow the constitutional mandates of offices.

  12. Anything that makes sense and is logical…of course the left will moan and groan. I say, let ’em bitch. Who’s listening to their nonsense anymore?

  13. Alejandro M Castro

    We’re really content that Trump has created a national vetting center for immigrants. The Democrats are on the war path with nasty comments about our president. Their agenda to bring millions of illegals, immigrants, and refugees into our country, so they can vote Democrat, doesn’t look too good. Their dream is to take control of the White house forever. Dream On! #yestrump.

    • Wake up dude it is happening! ALL POLITICIANS ARE CROOKS!! Liberals are diseased people who want something and will work hard to get it. Once they get it they find out it is no good, then they do not want it anymore. By then the damage is done. Repub politicians have no balls to stop them.

  14. That’s the best news I’ve heard in quite a while. Bravo Mr President.

  15. Not quite Ellis Island but a step in the right direction.

  16. Mr poohead. Is a illigal nightmare don’t give him the time of day .He’s just hating the fact that in Mexico he will live with laws not like here in the good old USA .Have a nice day

  17. We have enough parasites gaming the system in this country. BUILD THAT WALL and let their own countries take care of them. US citizens should always come first.

  18. Long overdue and finally something can be done, hopefully effectively, to limit immigration or migration into this country.

    For once, we have a President who is looking out for the welfare of the nation itself and its legal, law-abiding citizens! That is his number one priority and he has the guts and the determination to carry our his legal and constitutional obligation.

  19. No matter what our president does the liberals will say it’s bad !!!







  21. If President Trump found a cure for cancer the Democrats would oppose him.

  22. Thank you President Trump for implementing programs to keep America safe even for the idiots and the Trump haters.

  23. I am all for that! and I do not understand why everyone doesn’t. I think if we were to do a proper job of vetting, we would save monies we could us to assist our new immigrants to better fit into our society rather then establishing communes.

  24. Good- It’s about time.

  25. Thank God for Actual Common Sense & “Demanded” Vetting that insures the Safety of American Citizens. It’s the Open Wide Boarders rushing in everyone possible with FREE Benefits & Phones, in exchange for a Democratic Vote that has ushered in all of the insanity, terrorism, drugs and rapes! Thank God for President Trump! Common Sense Leadership in & for America once again, just in time. Whew!!!!

  26. Those were the requirements for many years until the fraud president changed it up so his fellow muslim jihadists could enter our shores freely. If you want to get angry abt islamists sneaking into America to hurt Americans, look no further than the scum king bho. He practically rolled out the red carpet to anyone, no matter if they were criminals, child molesters, etc. If they were muslim, he let them in.

    Now everyone gets vetted — only those that can contribute to our Country in a positive way will be let in. Finally, this is how to protect Americans and how to improve our Country! Time to make America a good place for “LEGAL” American Citizens to live.

    First we need to eliminate those liberals that keep opening our borders to “anyone” and find those Libs a new home country. We Americans DO NOT WANT THEM HERE ANY MORE! GO AND NEVER COME BACK Dikweeds!

  27. Why didn’t Obama think of this??? I guess he was too busy placating the terrorists and apologizing for America and trying to close Gitmo…….Duh…

  28. This is definitely a good move. There are a lot of evil people out in the world. We have our share here in the US and we certainly don’t need more. Identify them and keep them out. And the ones already here should be checked out as well. If they are here to cause trouble or to live off the government, send them back to their home countries. Or move them next door to dandy pansy or poohead.

  29. They were called “Concentration Camps” in Europe but the new Hitler is trying to tidy up the language so we will not recognize who he really is Trump=Hitler with a Russian tie, made in China.

  30. Alejandro M Castro

    The National Vetting Center is a tremendous accept to our country. The security of our nation should be safer. Let’s keep the undesirable illegals and immigrants on the other side of the fence.

  31. Use to have one years ago called Ellis Island where all immigrants were kept while waiting permission to enter the USA. Those immigrants came here legally too. So Trump is just creating a better place for them to wait.


  33. The Boston bombers came here legally and immediately signed up for welfare. This country gave them safe haven from Russia and what did the people killed and maimed get out of it? Stop allowing people to come here and immediately start living off taxpayers, and I don’t care what color u are.
    Thank God somebody finally has some good sense!

  34. Claudia Morin Garland

    I agree with Dorothy Foster. Sick of this. Send them home. Every single one who is here illegally!

  35. Carol Juliano Popp

    One more step to protect Americans. Stop illegal immigration.

    • Decent idea, even if late to the party. If there is time, money, and space… run the ‘dreamers’ through it too !!

  36. Marlene Marty Fowler-helfrick

    Even the dreamers are getting wise to the fact that the democrats are using them as pawns to get their way. All the democrat rhetoric is emotional and mostly devoid of facts.

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