Cruz Serves His Revenge Cold, but Victory is Still Trump’s

Ted Cruz was back in campaign mode on Thursday, crowing to the press about the middle finger he’d presented to Donald Trump the night before at the Republican National Convention. “I am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father,” Cruz told Texas delegates, many of whom were unhappy he’d chosen not to endorse the nominee.

At the convention, Cruz congratulated Trump on his victory before delivering a speech that included support for many of Trump’s favored proposals. But it was what he didn’t say that turned the Quicken Loans against him.

“Don’t stay home in November,” he urged conservatives. “Stand and speak and vote your conscience.”

When the delegates realized that Cruz was not going to endorse, they erupted in a chorus of boos, drowning out the conclusion of his speech.

If Cruz had hoped for a different reaction, he went away disappointed. Even some conservatives of like mind – Republicans who supported Cruz in the primaries, even – thought the senator should have taken a different path on Wednesday night.

“In the end, each individual has a duty to the nation that transcends the duty to themselves,” said Virginia delegate Richard Black, a former Cruz campaign chair. “That’s where he failed. He failed the nation.”

Clearly, though, Cruz thinks the Trump ship is a sinking one. He’s already looking forward to a run in 2020, and he believes that voters will be looking for a Republican who wasn’t taken in by the “con man.” It’s a gamble, but you can see what he’s thinking.

The problem is, that’s the very essence of putting yourself before the nation. No one’s suggesting that Ted Cruz has to forgive and forget. No one’s saying he has to endorse. But if you can’t bring yourself to get on board, at least have the decency to stay home. Cruz’s little rebellion gave Hillary Clinton a one-liner on Twitter, where she simply echoed Cruz’s advice: “Vote your conscience.” By using the Republican National Convention to launch his next campaign, Cruz turned himself into an agent of the Democratic Party.

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  1. Cruz in his speech buried himself, not Trump. A proverb worth remembering.: “Any one who sets out on a journey with revenge in mind first must dig two graves: One of the offender and one for himself.”

    • StupidConservativeValues

      And one for conservatism. You fucks are finally toast!

      • Ted may have some Conservative sentiments but his claim to fame is as a Religious Zealot/Bigot and pandering to that small group he gave Constitutional Government Conservatives, Christians and The Tea Party a bad name. Now he’s dead meat and will be hard pressed to keep his job as a Professional Politician in the Senate.

        • Cruz was fulla Crap during the Debates.. His double talk was obvious to any one listening that could THINK.. the rest of the DOLTS listening fell for his CRAP like many did for Oblamo & Hillary like Emotional lemmings …Remember a Senator signs the back of his pay check we give him.. He is an IDEA man with small ideas , A lot of Blather & NO accountability!!! !! He couldnt run a popcorn stand…SALT & BUTTER …whats that for??? CRUZ is a MOOOOK

          • Michael Dennewitz

            He’s become another “turncoat mccain!) I still say we shoulda left mccain there when we pulled outta Nam.. ?

          • McCain is not my favorite senator but he is twice the man you are Demwit.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Must be a dumbasscrat! ?????

          • He served his country…what have YOU done besides milk it.

          • Uh huh…
            That’s why they called him “song bird”
            Read his history.

          • To the soldier, freedom has a taste that the protected will never know. Yep, I can see why you are a Trumpette…you are two of a kind…vile individuals

          • Michael Dennewitz

            To begin with, I didn’T solicit your smart ass opinion, okay. And secondly, I’m a disabled, Vietnam vet.. what have YOU done????

          • Most Vietnam vets that I know aren’t in the habit of deriding fellow soldiers, especially POW’s, unless they themselves were there to witness what took place. Being a disabled Vietnam vet doesn’t automatically qualify you to opine on a fellow soldier’s war experience. 4th 503rd 173rd Airborne Infantry ’66-’67 Bien Hoa to Da Nang….Rep Det Commo 82nd Airborne ’67-’68 Hue-Phu-Bai. 100% that’s what I’ve done. Any more questions?

          • Lot of people still think that.
            I am one

          • He must mean something if Trump is wetting his diaper over him.

          • ARE YOU CRAZY

          • No, Trump and his ilk, are.

        • I have been no fan of Cruz, but even less for Trump. However, as it goes, Donald Trump needs to be seen for the kind of individual he really is. I often wonder where Trump gets his off the cuff accusations he comes up with. It serves his purpose for the moment, that is for sure. Trump’s statement and insistence that Cruz is somehow tainted because Trump says that Cruz’s father had dealings with Oswald in the death of Pres. Kennedy, and that T. Cruz’s father was a communist was horrible, and inexcusable. When I first heard it I did not believe it, but thought it was another one of Trump’s self serving lies. Also, I admire Cruz for the stand he took at Trump’s party. That is what I call a man of values. However, I am not as good as Cruz. I would have skipped the big party for Trump and said that I would NOT vote for that numb-nut ever. I would have verbally lashed Trump and all his lies. Then for the comment by Trump regarding Heidi Cruz, I cannot imagine what kind of trash Trump is. I don’t want to imagine. Although it would likely do no good, I’d probably sue Donald Trump and let the world know what kind of low life he really is. If Trump cannot slander a person, he has nothing to say.

          As I said, I do not always agree politically with Cruz, but I would vote for him before Trump any day. Cruz has had difficulty among his fellow lawmakers and Republicans, and that is most likely because he is an honorable man and tells the truth. That is not hard to figure out. Cruz wasn’t trying to get revenge, HE had been asked to speak. Revenge would have been to skip the party. Trump wanted to break Cruz by making him nominate Trump and so another Trump dirty move.

          I hope that Cruz knows that some people out there are aware of the way certain people are and wish him (Cruz) the very best.

          • I am no Cruz fan either but think less of Trump as well. I had to wonder why Trump wasted any time this morning dredging up his past references to Cruz’s father or his wife, Cruz didn’t bring up any of that stuff and that was old news until Trump resurfaced it. Trump should have focused his attentions on Hillary and her scandalous, corrupt, law breaking past and present instead but he showed his true colors by feeling the need to send a few more jabs at Cruz – totally unnecessary and regrettable!!!!! But THAT is the kind of person Trump is!!

          • Rule #1 don’t start on wifes unless you are ready to take a hit. Cruz I didn’t know The hell he didnt

          • Cruz didn’t start that fight…he is too smart to engage Trump on that level. Ask yourself who stood to gain from that dust up? The DNC, the RNC, the other candidates, and even Trump himself. The only one who couldn’t win was Cruz. He wasn’t telling conservatives anything that they didn’t already know and he wasn’t going to gain any traction with anyone else. Cruz had no desire to attack Mrs. Trump.

          • I’m sure Cruz knew nothing about the bs his superpac started about Melania. Yeah right.

          • You are free to believe whatever you want.


          • Sorry, but it happened before the debate.

          • Of course… just before the Utah vote. He knew alright.

          • Neither of us really knows the truth, so it is possible that you are right. However I think that Cruz was the only one who couldn’t win by playing that card. The infighting the ensued only helped the other candidates, the establishment Republicans, the Democrats, and to some extent Trump. People may not like Cruz but there is a general consensus that he is highly intelligent and a good debater. He knew how this would play out. It is time to look beyond the obvious and contemplate who had the most to gain from this dust-up?

          • You pointed out the answer, at least in part…”.That is the kind of person Trump is.” That insistence on continued pay-back for anyone who disagrees with Trump, especially after the subject should have been dropped, indicates his desire to completely demolish, if possible, any political future for Cruz. I have heard as a joke, but it may not be one, that Trump will spend his first year, getting even with his enemies, if he is elected. This ridiculous behavior by Trump, is an indication of character disorder. I just wonder why more people do not recognize that something is very wrong with Trump.

            Believe me Trump will do a number on Clinton, as soon as the time is right. He needed to take care of Cruz first.

          • The Clinton outlaw will go in front of a Grand Jury in Trumps 1st year, Obama is also a likely candidate. a lot of peopele seem to forget that the outlaw becomes available to the law again as soon as he is out of office.

          • You know what would be hilarious ….just picture this: Clinton becomes Pres. She appoints Obama as a Supreme Ct Justice, as he does qualify. Now that would be justice to those who kept Obama from appointing a Justice, which he certainly is entitled. The Party where no one dances, would refuse anyone that Obama appointed, as approval is required. Should there be enough Democrats in Congress, Obama would be instated. Just a thought to make people LOL.

          • Do you like the idea of civil war?

          • I would be willing to bet more people think there is something SERIOUSLY WRONG with the Hildabeast. Trump is himself whether people like it or not. He is not politically correct and he says what he means and means what he says. The Hildabeast hides behind a facade so you don’t have any idea what she truly believes or what kind of “person” she really is. She is nothing but a lying criminal panderer who shouldn’t even be allowed to run for president let alone be president. She jeopardized our national security and couldn’t get a security clearance now if she tried to get a government job for crying out loud but some people want her to be president. It’s totally illogical. Voting for the Hildabeast is like chickens voting for Colonel Sanders.

          • Yes DT is himself. His first manager was allowing Trump to say everything and anything which came to his mind, and he was really saying some of the most horrible things that was imaginable. Soon he would have come back and say: that was not exactly what he meant and it was bla bla bla. Note, he never admitted that he was actually wrong, or made a mistake. This type of behavior was keeping his pole numbers way down….then Trump terminated (fired) his manager and his grown children took over. They insisted that he clean up his attacks, which he did to some degree. They tried to keep him from appearing as a racist, which he still obviously is. So now that is covered up with “he isn’t politically correct”. Basically, he isn’t correct at all, regarding how he treats people and brags about it. He will jeopardize more than our nation security,,,well that may be exactly what is in jeopardized if Trump becomes POTUS.

            Hillary is much smarter than DT, and cares for what will happen to the working class people. I’d bet you that if Trump is elected, he will forget all those cheering people who have been so loyal to him. It might do you well to do a check up of Trumps history in handling his business enterprises with the people he contracted. Just watch the Democratic convention. You could find out something that you’ve over looked.

          • He has already shared his plans to start super-pac to destroy Cruz future election bids. Wow…imagine going into the White House with vengeance in mind. Sounds like something Castro, Mao or Kim Yung would do.

          • I think you might have concluded what I believe Trump is. I am not speaking in terms of using profane words. Trump really has serious problems, and we do not need to have his kind of individual to try to be Pres.

          • There is certainly fodder aplenty which varied psychiatrists could converse about, regarding problems which are apparent in both Trump AND Hillary.

          • I have missed that kind of particular problem with Hillary because of all the bad press and relentless trashing of her, so, I really did not get any impressions “from her”. I did not hear the same kind of self-serving rhetoric as I did from Trump. Trump stayed in the headlines and on TV for his astounding statements. No doubt Hillary has her demons, some assigned by suspicions, some real from association with savory characters, prior to DC. Some people were angry with her for not leaving Bill etc. I always think that particular kind of criticism came from people, who would have enjoyed company. I admire her valuing the institution of marriage enough to take Bill for marriage counseling. I have no doubt their daughter was a factor. I try not to pay much attention to gossip aimed at politicians about how they get along with their spouses. That is usually tabloid stuff. It is safe to say that anyone in the spotlight wanting power has a very different kind of make up. Some, I think, are very sincere when they make it apparent by the ideals they espouse; that their aim is to help American citizens better their lives, and their desire to unite us for the good of all. You likely can point out a lot about Hillary and that is all right. Seems to me there is plenty of “stuff” to go around. We will see how things work out. I hear Trump saying what “he alone” will do. Then he skips how. I am not even sure about the motives about somethings. We will see what happens…..whether we live better or worse til the next election, maybe whether we live or not. We shall see..

          • While Hillary may not be a “trash-talker”, she has no need to be. The impression I get from her is one of confidence born out of the knowledge that regardless of what she does, she will get a free pass because so many people are yearning for a woman president.

          • Hillary let Elizabeth Warren deliver the goods on Trump. I would never vote for someone because they are either man or woman. I look at a lot of things before I make a selection. I just think Trump is definitely an unknown, and I don’t like his using fear tactics. But if that is Trump, it might be best that he does let people know what he is about.

          • I couldn’t make out any “goods” that Warren delivered over the boos.

          • The best laid plans of the Bush Family frequently turn to shlt just like the JEB/Cruz 2016 plans. The RINOs will all have a whining session in the near future – sit down with them and hopefully enjoy the time – misery likes company. As the Establishment faces losing the “Cash Cow” – WOW

          • Maybe!

            . Some people call Trump a “whinny little bitch”. But he said “I am the only one who can fix it”. The whole freaking world no doubt. He thinks, in his sick mind, that he will have the power of Jesus Christ. I know he is not God, but he is so damn scary.

          • He is trying to help our misguided country be great again. That doesn’t mean he will be able to do all he says but he will be better than what we have or will have if HRC wins. Only God can heal our land only if enough believers turn back to Him, learn His ways from His written Word and apply them daily. I also see God giving our country a man who wants to do right for the people; HRC does not!

          • What is scary is that you know everything he has enumeratef that has & is killing America is true.
            I believe he will put the Best People in all the right positions & will accomplish everything he has stated.
            He is the Only one who has offered to SERVE.
            What scares me is because some will not vote for Trump because they are afraid of his strength, & are afraid of change.
            If we do not put Trump in the WH, .well… America, as we once knew her, is dead.
            I am not good with that.

          • Cruz is not a RINO… Never saw a JEB/Cruz ticket did you?

          • Truth doesn’t matter to these people. They are angry at the world and take it out on anyone who has a different opinion.

          • Elizabeth Raynor Short

            Please explain it toMAHB001. I just did to another one. I’m tired, too.


          • They behave like liberals….

          • I never saw it…especially with their polar opposite views on immigration.

          • Elizabeth Raynor Short

            fredo was for open borders and illegal immigration until he saw that wasn’t going to work and copied trump basically word for word. he and heidi are both bushies. soon as jebito was out, one of the bush brothers went inside cruz campaign to manage the money. and where did jebito’s left over $$ go? fredo is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and the people didn’t fall for it. he’s a neocon globalist. he betrayed the family. now fredo is dead to us.

          • FYI…the wall was never Trump’s idea…and the whole immigration issue was stolen by Trump from David Brat’s campaign against Eric Cantor. Ted was fighting the Gang of 8 and was NEVER for open borders. You Trumpettes will do anything including stooping to Hillary-type lies to gain favor for the horned Prince, won’t you?

          • Elizabeth Raynor Short

            There’s no reason to be ugly. Join the campaign for borders that WORK,;enforcement of our immigration laws ( both whether to let anyone in and if so, who and for how long); and enforcement of the laws related to illegal aliens in country)’ ; renegotiation of NAFTA or walk away; development of our energy sources (oil and coal); changes in tax law that help middle class and encourage repatriation of capital; adherence to the rule of law; and more. It sounded like you are for these things. Come on and help elect Trump. He’s the only chance there is. Hitlery will do more of the same as our muslim-in-chief and I’m afraid we won’t be able to survive it because of the amount of damage already done.

            Think about it. I hope you decide to help.


          • Well, thank you for a more civil approach in trying to sway my vote. In spite of Trump’s bombastic utterances, and demeaning approach towards his opponents, there are many things on which I do agree with Trump…immigration stances being at the top of my list, in the interest of national security. Trump could do a lot to show his commitment to unifying the party. Cruz said he would “be listening”. I am convinced that at this point Trump can get away from the outlandish and humanize himself and endear himself to Cruz supporters by publicly apologizing to Cruz and his family for any hurt he may have caused them. You would see an immediate turnaround. I know that unlike Ben Carson who did not accept Cruz’s apology for the debacle in Iowa, Cruz would have no choice but to accept the apology or really come out looking like a petty individual. Additionally Trump could be a bit more clear with us social conservatives, about how he will address the issues of religious freedoms impacting businesses, clergy and other people who do not share liberal views on abortion and gay marriage.

          • Elizabeth Raynor Short

            Barrustio, I have doubts about an apology to Cruz because Trump was gracious to allow him to speak. He, like all speakers, promised to talk about support for Trump against hitlery and all other Republicans on the ballot. No endorsement was required. Cruz chose to make the speech about himself, although he supported many of the planks of the campaign and then with the code “vote your conscience” was telling people to vote for HiLIARy if they wanted. That after breaking another promise (the first when all candidates pledged to endorse the eventual nominee) was probably the end as far as Trump is concerned. Trump has said he will work to have the LBJ law against clergy expressing political views on pain of church losing its tax-exempt status

          • I was in Houston when the mayor demanded the sermons of certain preachers who were supposedly opposing the transgender bathroom issue which she tried to push as an “equal rights” ordinance. I would have an easier time believing that Cruz would attempt to try to repeal laws restricting clergy for voicing Biblical text that happen to go counter to the liberal laws being enacted, than I would from Trump. That remains to be seen. I listened to Cruz’s speech in it’s entirety and I didn’t hear anything about self, in it. No, it certainly wasn’t a vigorous endorsement but neither was it an ugly condemnation. He made it very CLEAR, that he would NOT be voting for Hillary. If I were Trump, I would consider that as much a show of support that one could muster in view of the animus that developed between the two. That should be enough support, which is ALL he promised to do…it didn’t include endorsement. This is the only pledge that is being challenged in spite of the fact that there were others who didn’t endorse him. Also in view of the fact that throughout the campaign, Trump kept hinting of his intent to renege on his promise if “I’m not treated fairly”, maybe we shouldn’t hold Cruz to such great scrutiny. Perhaps Cruz felt he was not treated fairly by Trump.

          • Elizabeth Raynor Short

            I know about the mayor doing that unbelievable ! I think DDJT will work to repeal the LBJ law. We know Hitlery will NOT. And she will make it worse. It was the perceived code to vote for hitlery if you want that was booed, I believe,but I don’t know. I wasn’t there. It’s time to put these issues about why people are mad at Cruz,etc. to bed, at least for now and work for DJT, or if you prefer, against HRC. What do you think?

          • I will certainly work against Hillary…we might even get some help from Bernie supporters in light of Debbie Wasserman Schults’s latest fiasco…wow!!! 20,000 emails???

          • Elizabeth Raynor Short

            Anything bad that happens to DWS is karma – but wait ! she gets to work for clinton campaign. you know. it’s part of the clinton crime family business.

          • Elizabeth Raynor Short

            And I hope work positively fot DJT as well as on the neverhilLIARy side. Good luck to you and keep me posted on what’s happening from your perspective.
            Stay safe out there.

          • This Cruz is a RINO crap is from Trump…

            Another despicably slanderous thing that Trump did…

          • yep…every RINO in Washington will tell you Cruz is no RINO…he works for the people…and only the people…not colleagues, party or agendas.

          • Do actually think a RINO like Jeb would have had a Constitutionalist like Cruz as his VP? I highly doubt it.

          • Pay attention to all the history – Ted and Heidi mentored in the Bush White House – place in various government positions – Heidi boosted to Goldman Sacks – Heidi on Council on Foreign Relations with George HW Bush and Bill Clinton – Heidi on the CFR Committee to write the plan for the North American Union (Canada, USA & Central America without borders) like the CFR plan that created the European Union that England just bailed out of and 3 or 4 more Countries will probably bail out in the next 18 months. Ted was carted off to Texas where the Bush Boys established Ted as a Professional Politician. His climb and backing are current history – read it.

            Ted’s claim to fame and his undoing was being a Religious Zealot/Bigot. A Theocracy is NOT what 91% of the Citizens want for the USA. Ted lost.

          • Excellent statement. I will be voting for Trump, but will never turn my back on Trump.

            It is so sad that these two men couldn’t work together… For all the faults Cruz has, Donald has strengths, and for all the faults Donald has, Cruz has strengths…

            It is too bad the Donald isn’t more like the person his relatives think he is…. If Trump were, Trump would have found a way to work through their differences.

            I see this as a bigger Trump failure than Cruz failure. Trump used the ends justify the means to make those types of statements… Shame on Trump.

            Having said that, I believe Trump is better than Hillary… Hillary is instant death… Trump is live another day death…

          • LOL…..Anyway, what about Pence? I understand he and Trump are of different agendas, or political ideas. My take on Pence, as far as just listening and seeing him, makes me believe that Trump is going to run the show and Pence is one you can control, at least Trump will control. I also understand (rumor) that once Trump had chosen Pence, that he tried to back out, regretting his decision. However, since Trump had made his choice public, there was nothing he could do about it. Pence may have been the Republican Party’s choice. I won’t vote for Trump, and Hillary really isn’t whom I’d like to vote for, but I suppose I can write in someone. Right now, I think your analysis of the difference of what will happen if DT is elected, or HC is elected is accurate, and fair.

          • While it is true that we are now faced with the lesser of two evils. and the choices were no doubt chosen by the elites.. In this case not voting is the instant death sentence.

            Hillary = Communism
            Trump = Shot at Capitalism
            Non vote = a vote for Hillary.

            It really is quite that simple. Now I would say put Trump into office, and 3 months into his term if he has not selected a adequate Supreme Court Justice, built the wall, fixed the VA, dismantled 0bamacare, and fixed the Tax system….. Impeach the bastard.

            Seriously, I would watch him like a hawk, and not turn my back on him for a second. We the People must stay engaged in our politics right now.

          • Umm you can’t impeach a president for not doing something they said they were going to do. You can impeach them for violating the Constitution and oath of office so why hasn’t Obama been impeached? The so called democrats have their head buried so far up his ass and the DNC’s ass, they refuse to do their job and be true Americans. Once upon a time this country came first but it’s party first at all costs with the clowns in office today. I believe Trump loves this country and wants to put a stop to the total lawlessness. He has already put out a short list of Justices he would nominate and I also believe he will do all of those things you listed.

          • As Trump say, keep looking at the contract until you find something…

            We the People can no longer take 20 min out of our life every 2 years for Government activities…

            We must now stay diligent.

          • There are literally millions of Dems and Indies who do not want Hillary and just as many, including many conservatives who don’t want Trump, who jointly, might be swayed by a Cruz third party run, were he to meet the deadline and get the number of signatures to get on the ballot…as it is…I will write him in regardless.

          • Vote your conscience…

          • think I’ll do that write-in. Do want me to write your name in.(your posted name) .You’d straighten things out. That is a joke but sometimes the unknown isn’t one tenth as scary as the known. I don’t worry about Hillary being communist. In fact, I don’t worry about Communism at all. What I worry about the most is when Trump says to China, sorry but I did not make the debt to you and therefore I am not going to pay it. Or, however he designs to say it. If China fixes us with taking control of our economy, and waits to blow the s–t out of us, or just goes ahead and decides they will collect in U.S. property, looks like a possibility. I don’t know you, but you sound better and better as someone to vote for!!!

            I glanced at a note form some lady this morning, did not have time to read it but she said that if I vote for Hilliary that I have no integrity. I am not running for office, don’t need integrity. (LOL). I joke. I really like the VP choice Hillary made.

            Yes, we need to keep our eyes open. Keep in touch with our representatives…(although I have my doubts there too). I have a feeling that the people in Washington are going to be watching Trump with eagle eyes. Your concept of control is very unique and tough. I always vote….bet you do too! Even when things aren’t perfect, OUR USA IS GREAT.

          • Holy crap, wasn’t expecting that…. LOL..

            My first vote….. Very humbling…

            We used to hold our politicians to a Higher standard, but that was before 0bama…

            Things have changed, politicians have zero integrity.

          • Out of curiosity, do you really like the VP choice hillary made?

            If so why?

          • As a human being, I think he is a very fine individual. Very respected. He seems to have a lot of experiences that will strengthen the Democrat Administration. He and Hillary seem to be able to work together. That is critical in order to make progress. I really liked Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. They got further than I had anticipated.

            The one thing I wish Kane had was a little more aggressiveness. He may in the future. I haven’t heard him say much. His having been in the Jesuit Order of the Catholic Church, makes me believe he would not turn his back on the poor.

            I heard recently heard that Biden has really been an excellent VP to Obama. I liked Biden, and think he had some silly bad press. He just stuck his foot in his mouth now and then. Who doesn’t. He had good relations with the labor unions.

          • In his acceptance speech he called all of Hillary’s lies, “alleged,” That in itself is lying.

            He knows that Hillary has lied, and he should not throw away his credibility to try to help Hillary…

          • So what it is exactly for which you are saying. Is you have zero self respect, You love handouts ,you enjoy living as an indenture servant, you have great admiration and appreciation for political corruption and criminal activities. You love being treated as an ignorant Naive, gullible ass . That is what I had derive from your pontificating as to the corrupt Kane , Clinton an the socialist Bernie The now known as the Bernie Back stabber. Who through his own supporters under the bus. Biden had Good relations with the Labor Unions. You mean the Union management who take forced Union dues giving them to political hacks who their members do not support. So that Biden and other progressive liberal rats will support there cause. That of maintaining forced union dues and forced memberships. Nothing say’s non contributing fool then the praises of a TOOL of a fool who supports their own indentured Servitude status.

          • #1. I was answering a question from someone who wanted to know why I liked the Clinton running mate. I bothered to explain to him that and other information. #2. Self-respect? That has no place in my choice of political people. Perhaps my understanding of the social ills in this country has something to do with my chosen profession. I am a retired Social Worker. I am dismissing your unkind and crude writing. How you evaluated me for my opinion is more than unjust. I look at economics differently than you. Trust me for this, I have never had a handout. I worked my way through college, paid back any borrowed money, served my employer with long hours of hard work, many which were overtime, and not paid. I am most thankful for those years I served and helped others better themselves and their lives by helping them get gainful employment or advancing their education.

            I do not know your age, nor do I care…..but this is something that you might find useful, if you have the capacity to acclimate. There is a verse in the Holy Scripture (old testament). where God promised King David that if you have regard for the poor your enemies will not over take you. The word was good then as it is also now. It applies for individuals as well as nations.

            As far as Unions…..some do not have the best history, but the advantage has served it’s purpose and still does where ever it survived.

            The other things you eluded to regarding me, don’t apply or what you said just is not important. Have a great day.

          • Regards for the poor is from the heart. Charity is a Form of love it is not now or has it ever come from any government . And Government forced Charity is not from the heart . In fact I value your position as a payed government social worker as something much less then giving out of love. No in fact what you were doing as is the case with most government employees was taking by force from others to both benefit an glorify your selves. Not in the act of glorifying Christ. One more pertinent point.Are you not fully aware of the very thing God hates the most . Which is of course Pride and you have an abundance of false pride, Pride in being payed through forced tax payer funding. As If it were of some significant value. I’l tell you what giving from the heart and what a charity heart and its actions are all about . We shall have to visit the error of my childhood . 50 years ago While living with My Grandparents An witnessing their hearts. They who own a small family farm They who raised more then they had need for . Such as vegetables fruits, Chickens, ducks, Geese, Hogs , Veal calve ,Cattle both beef and for milk.
            In their surrounding community there were many truly poor families. My Grand parents on every single Friday evening would gather up A&P bags and boxes Loading them up with garden fresh picked fruits and vegetables. Along with a Dozen or so eggs in used egg cartons combined with fresh Cows milk in the old quart sized bottles. and when slaughtering season was upon them fresh meats. Now Mind you . They would delivery late at night when no one would hear or see But I was there And sometimes my brother or sisters would be with them . Here’s the approach . Well after dark shortly before coming up to the home’s of those with great need . My grandfather would shut off the head lights on approach and stop quietly never slamming or opening the Car door hard, interior dome light was always taken out. Grand pop would gather up Two bags full of food. Slowly quietly walking up to the front porches. Setting those groceries quietly. getting back in the car slowly pulling away. Then and only once past the house beep the horn for 4 or 5 seconds . Add to this the many barn an home raising. I attended as a young Man when either a farmers barn or a poor families home burnt down . No one asked for money not even the local lumber yard who more often then not would donate the lumber for the rebuilds. Please a payed government employee simply means your doing the job your payed to do. Don’t try to spin it into Love or charity IT is NOT. Because frankly you may enjoy your job BUT IT IS A PAYED POSITION THROUGH FORCED public funding.

          • The last I knew, the presidential nominee is supposed to be the one who runs the show not their VP choice.

          • The last I knew, the VP is chosen by the Pres. elect, based upon a lot of things. First, as it seems is that the two share the same philosophical political concepts…therefore they work together. Actually, what you are referring to is pre-election circumstances. Where as, I was discussing after the election and the individuals are in office. Before the election, it is my impression that for the most part campaign “managers” guide the Pres. Elect through the campaign, as in speaking schedule and speeches made. Just as Trumps previous manager did, and said he just let “Trump be himself”. Being himself, proved not to be so great for Trump and that is why his children (grown up ones) took over the campaign and led him to deny being a raciest and reverse other things that were not making him popular. VP is his choice. But as I said, I was writing concerning how Trump would be toward Pence, if elected. I will add this. I do not believe that Trump’s children are as crazy about him as they indicate. If so, however, good for Trump.

          • Pence is there merely as an evangelical conservative magnet. Once in, Trump will use him as a footstool and have him forsake any conservative values he still has.

          • You are right, no doubt. And Trump continues to call his opponents bad names. So, not only is he rude, crude and uncouth, he is a user and abuser (as far we we know or can guess we know). I have heard individuals whom he has done business with that tell their story of his walking away from paying his bills to them for either items or services, and it is only because he changed his mind about the product or the value of the service done. More than one had lost their business because of his dishonest dealings. The reason he has to get even with anyone is he just has No Conscious.

            Personally, I have little tolerance for those who use their religion, or someone else to make a gain. I, like wise do not like those of a religious group, to think or try to accomplish their goals by backing a certain politician. They need to keep their nose clean. Besides, they never get what they want, and look stupid for even trying. I definitely am a Christian, but try to keep my values and concepts clean. I know that there are issues where people follow their religious beliefs in supporting or opposing various issues. But each issue is separate and needs to be considered that way. I do not want the State to run my Church, and I certainly do not want my Church or anyone else’s to run the government.

            By the way, if Trump sees no reason to ask God for any forgiveness for his “sins”, then why on earth should anyone expect Cruz to apologize or forgive Trump for anything. It should have been the other way around. But that will never happen.

          • I firmly believe that one should not be expected to check their religion or values as a prerequisite for running for office. No, I don’t want a state run church or a church run government but certainly religious leader should have the freedom to tell their flock when a particular candidates record or stances run counter to the congregant’s beliefs…lest they be unaware of unknowingly supporting evil. There is a reason why the liberals have won on more than one social issue which run counter to Christian teaching…it’s because they are allowed to voice their opinion while silencing the voice of a moral majority with threats to close their businesses or churches simply because they share Biblical beliefs which run counter to theirs.

          • I understand how you feel about Cruz, but isn’t it strange that Ted Cruz did not deny the photo of his father and Lee Harvey Oswald on the cover of the National Inquirer? If that was a doctored photo, why haven’t they taken that tabloid for everything it’s worth? Just sayin’ . . . .

          • He has denied it over and over…as has his father. Do a little digging…to find the truth. The media sure won’t give it to you.

          • The taboloid gets away with a lot because if you are a public figure you have to prove malice or willful disregard of the truth. The National Inquirer has been sued many times but very few had been able to meet the necessary burden of proof.

          • I generally agree, but the fact is the National Inquirer gets it right more often than not.


          • That makes sense to me.

          • He is a Lawyer…
            Of course he would sue…

          • I think that Trump never should have brought the subject up especially after having won the nomination. And Cruz failed to keep his promise to support the nominee. Unfortunately George Washington and Dwight D. Eisenhower are not running this year so it is going to be either Trump or Hillary Rottenham. Hillary wants to bring in thousands of these Muslim migrants. If you have been following Pamela Geller on her Atlas Shrugged sight (which I highly recommend) you would know that the gang rape of teenage girls by these migrants in most of Europe is totally out of control. Why should we think that their behavior would be any different here in America? Just one of many reasons we have to vote for Trump in November.

          • Warren, I agree with your assessment of the situation. We have two choices with very stark differences–Mr. Donald J. Trump or Killary Rotten Benghazi Clinton–that’s it! We know what has been happening in countries like Sweden. The raping instances have gone through the roof because of the influx of these savages. Without question, we have only one way to vote–Mr. Donald J. Trump in November.

          • He DID deny it…he said “they are blatant lies”. look it up. Face recognition sources left and right agreed that there were no similarities…don’t you think that if there was even a bit of a chance that they were true, that the media wouldn’t have jumped all over it in order to immediately destroy Cruz, the only candidate who could beat Hillary?

          • If you were an person of integrity, you would help support the man we need at this time as our next president: Donald Trump. You are as bad as Cruz wanting HRC to win and continue to ruin our country. Do you not realize how much harm she can do in four years?

          • I think we have no other choice but to vote for Trump. I have seen what Obama has done to this country in the past 8 years. We are going down a path that is truly scary and turning towards total communism. I really feel Obama is a Muslim and has aspirations to make us accept Sharia Law here and turn it into a total Muslim country. He has infiltrated the government with high Muslim officials and don’t think for one minute they want this country to remain a Christian country. I hope the American people will give Trump a chance. We definitely know he is not a Muslim or a Communist. Hillary is as corrupt as can be and has sold her soul to the devil long ago. Wake Up America. This is our country, at least for now. If all of this doesn’t scare you, go ahead and vote for Hillary. Just remember if you want to go to work everyday and have the government take more and more of your pay for illegal aliens and deadbeats, Hillary believes in sharing the wealth, except if it is hers. Hillary is one scary scary person. I’ll take a chance on Trump over her anytime.

          • You absolutely correct. Good common sense post.

          • One question I have about Obama pulling out of Iraq too soon and letting ISIS take over. Is he really that dumb? Or is he on the side of the enemy? I guess that depends on what your definition of IS is.

          • obama IS the enemy.

          • A person of integrity would not ask another to accept an attack on one’s family and still be a lap dog, unless he himself would forsake his family in the interest of party…otherwise he is a hypocrite.

          • Not CAN. But. WILL.

          • Lets pray not.

          • You can still write in Cruz…I am, as are many others. What he did was honorable and any person who says otherwise is the type of person who would allow Trump to trash their family and still be his lap dog. The only one thinking about revenge is Trump…he has already announced his plans to start a super-pac to thwart any re-election bids by Cruz. He’s not even prez yet and already acting like Obama.

          • Sounds like a plan!!! I will surely consider it. Yes, Cruz did the honorable thing and I see nothing honorable about Trump. If Trump is elected, I have the gut feeling that people who really will tell the truth, will admit, that they wish they had voted otherwise. That is of course if they pay attention to what is actually going on. They might just see Obama in a different light. I think that Trump thinks he is a great patriot, but that is because he thinks he is wonderfully perfect. That is what scares me. He has no idea how he will accomplish what he says he will do. Wonder, if he will ask his children what to do to succeed?

          • I don’t know that people will ever see Obama in a different light than they do now but what they certainly should be able to see is the rush for change that resulted in his election, simply because of their disdain for Bush. I’m afraid that people from the other side of the aisle may be making the same mistake the liberals made simply because of their disdain for Obama.

          • I think that is true. In fact, I had thought of that many times as I read through some of the things people said, in the conservative blogs. There is no way that I can possibly believe that Trump understands the working class, or middle class, which ever you prefer. I just cannot imagine how that would be within his scope of knowledge of people. He certainly has no comprehension of the poor. At least he never said anything about them as I remember. Therefore he would not be able to be Pres. of ALL the people. Is this just a game to him.? He really has convinced a lot of people of how good he would be.


          • Your reply is far away from my info and opinion on the Cruz crucifixion by Trump. However, if that is what you speak of…I heard it too and my hearing aid is the latest and best…have yours changed and soon.

          • Oh, Jean…..I listened also. My hearing aid must be newer and higher tech than yours. But it doesn’t matter, the news media went bonkers over the situation, and they did not make it up as it was right there in front of them. And on tape, or whatever they use now. Trump is void of all credibility. He has promised a lot of bad things for people who do not deserve his threats. His ideas are those of a lunatic, who will say anything to get what he wants as he tries to appeal to a particular political group. His own party really doesn’t like him. I doubt his kids think as much of him as they say. Well, I do not mean to hurt anyone’s feelings about their choice for Pres. I would want you to “vote your conscience”. Or, for whomever you want. I might just put a friends name as a write in, I might put my own or my worst enemy.

        • I have not paid much attention to Cruz, other than what the media has pointed out. He has been known for not getting along with other Congressmen etc. I think he is very honest. Likely he does belong serving in some capacity in his Church, and leaving politics to the more worldly. He doesn’t deserve to be held responsible for his fathers actions. I doubt that story was true…look at the source; the national inquirer. What a reference.

        • what do you consider a Religious Zealot/Bigot?

          I would say that is a very bigoted statement in itself…

        • That small group” of which you speak was responsible for making him the #2 and if the field had not been stacked with 15 other un-electables who didn’t have the benefit of the face recognition of a reality show and 2 billion dollars of free air time by a media who needed a candidate who would ensure a Hillary win, the results might have been different…especially if Trump had been forced into a one on one debate with Cruz, early in the primaries. Maybe after Hillary wins, the fence sitters and RINOS will understand that those people whom you consider “religious zealots/bigots” have many other Americans who still share their values. Not everybody has New York values and would still vote for Trump even if he shot someone in the middle of 5th Avenue.

          • The Evangelicals get credit for being smart enough that only about 53% were supporting Cruz and after mid April that number started getting smaller. Voters are fed up with the last 28 years of Establishment control of both Parties and the Professional Politician Puppet lying to get elected then going to DC and flipping the voters off. As the Evangelicals continue to get smart they will join forces to throw the bastards out.

      • S hitforbrains, wut up?

      • Typical Dribble from a mindless fool who cannot reply with a civil word out of his mouth. Just remember what John Lennon song Imagine said.

        • StupidConservativeValues

          Fuck “Imagine,” “Just Give Me Some Truth” from the same album puts you fools in your place. And George Harrison plays some mean slide guitar breaks to drive the points home.

      • Hillarys America movie in theaters . Must watch! Hillary for prison. A must!!

      • You had better hope so liberal dem bloodsucking parasite.
        When Trump takes office, you scum will all be hunting work as your handouts go away..

    • Cruz may have buried himself with the Trump style “Conservatives” but he did it with his integrity intact. To those that value integrity, this was a necessary sacrifice.

      I wish we could say the same for Trump. If Trump were half the man that his children think he is, Trump would have found a way to win graciously, keeping both his and Cruz’s integrity intact.

      It was the author of this article opinion that Cruz served his revenge card. I do not see it that way, I saw a Man who instructed EVERYBODY to vote their conscience.

      The ends do not justify the means, and the way Trump won, was not just. I fear the new Trump conservatives are adopting the liberal progressive playbook of the ends justify the means.

      There is NO integrity in what Trump did. Having said that, I will plug my nose and vote for Trump.

      • <<o. ★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★✫★:::::::!be445p:….,….

      • There was NO Integrity in his speech! There was just jealousy and anger that he was rejected by the majority of Republican Voters in his campaign!

        • There was never any jealousy on the part of Cruz…he is above that. But his anger at having his wife attacked and his father accused of assassination was justified. If YOU could forgive someone who did that to your family then perhaps you have room to speak…if not, you are a hypocrite for expecting someone to do what you yourself wouldn’t do.

          • His campaign attacked Trumps family as well. If Cruz is above it all then he failed.

          • Actually, cruz attacked first.
            He is a dirty bird.

          • That is an outright lie and you know it. A super-pac with whom, by election rules, Cruz could not have any contact, was responsible for the attack. You are going by Trump’s “word” that Cruz attacked his wife. The only problem with that little story is the assumption that nobody was ever going to bring up the pictures of Melania and the fact that this would be the first time in history that we would have a strip-club owner as POTUS and a nude centerfold for a first “lady”.


          • Instead of depending on only Trump’s words which HE SPREAD this story as true…perhaps you should research all the other outlets which used facial recognition technology to discredit the picture as being Ted’s father but Trump kept pushing as FALSE WITNESS…not very Christian-like.

          • No one can say with 100_%
            accuracy whether it is or is not, but sure does look like him.
            Nor would it surprise me.
            Mr. Trump said he did not know, did not have anything to do with it, but he hoped it was not true.
            If…. this were not true, cruz’ daddy needs to sue the print off their pages. He has not, in fact , has been rather quiet .
            You, being such a fine example of a good christian,
            (sarc) should certainly see that.

          • The point being …Trump pushed it as if were true while “hoping it’s not true”…you don’t have to be a good Christian to see through that.

            I’m glad you feel you know Old man Cruz enough to say it “looks like him” from over 50 years ago…I guess your eyesight is better than the facial recognition technology that discredited the paper. Don’t you think ABC< CBS< NBC< CNN MSNBC and others were salivating just waiting for some credence to be given to the story? heheh. Like Trump said "I could shoot someone in the middle of 5th Avenue and not lose any votes, my followers are so loyal". That's exactly what Jim Jones had going for him.

          • Ted Cruz just committed career suicide. He is not a popular politician at all and if he was smart he should played nice with Trump so he could have been the VP.

          • would not have liked to have seen him as VP, nor on the supreme court.
            Cruz is for cruz. Period.

          • Naw, people who know him respect the fact that he treasures family and none of his naysayers, NOT ONE has been able to say that they would go back sucking up to somebody who had accused his father of assassinating Kennedy. Would YOU?

          • What would you know about Christianity?

          • Lot more than Trump…and you obviously.

          • You sound like a two yr old who has been told he can’t have a cookie.
            I am well aware of the rules governing superpacs.
            However, it was done to reflect poorly on the Trumps, & cruz saw nothing wrong with it. In fact , found it amusing, until a comparison picture of cruz’ wife beside one of Trumps wife, who is a lovely & gracious Lady.
            Very intelligent, well spoken & she will be a First Lady America will be PROUD of.
            Mrs Trump will be an asset to Trump & America.
            For the record, I did not lie.
            I’m one of those people who believe “tell the truth & shame the devil”
            Cry in your cocoa puffs some place else. Ty

          • For the record if you said Cruz did it…you lied.

          • You are a silly, silly creature.
            Grow up for the love of pete.

          • Heheh…I’m not in the habit of loving somebody I don’t know…and I don’t know Pete.

          • Donald J. Trump
            POTUS. 2016

          • Cruz/Jindal 2016 and 2020

          • A truly sorry excuse for decency & common sense you are. Waste a vote on a person you know has no chance, yet for sheer ignorant meanness you will jeopardize America.
            Do not post to me again. Ty

          • AAAAAW …Trump didn’t get his way now wants to take his ball and go home…bye bye

          • Donald J. Trump.

            POS forever!

          • Killary supporter are you?
            VN vet too I bet. Field Medic were you??lol

          • You must be a Trump supporter. Your deliberate denigration of those who put their lives on the line for their country because someone doesn’t worship your false god is a dead giveaway.

          • He was certainly complicit.
            Give it a rest.

          • Since Trump told you he was complicit…it must be so…he also told you Cruz’s father was complicit in the assassination of Kennedy…so it must be so…he could “shoot somebody in the middle of 5th Avenue” and not lose your vote.

          • You are a complete lying idiot. Melania was NEVER EVER a nude centerfold and you know it. AND, DT was never a strip-clue owner get real. You keep lying this is why you support “lyin Cruz”.

          • OK maybe she wasn’t good enough to get the centerfold but she certainly did do a nude shoot..Check out GQ. As for Trump perhaps you should do a little research on Atlantic City casinos and a place called the Taj Mahal with whom he is “supposedly” no longer associated but as sources say…that doesn’t mean he does or doesn’t own other strip joints.

          • Yes, Cruz attacked first and Trump already warned everybody that if he is attacked he will attack back 10 times as much.

          • I like that about him.
            He doesn’t start it, but he ights back.
            Time we have a MAN with a Backbone & a brain to go with it.
            He did give fair warning.?

          • Really? They attacked Ivanka and Eric…I’d like to see your sources on that.

          • There is a huge difference between the two…

            Cruz questioned (attacked) Trump on the duplicity of Trumps actions verses Trumps words, and questioned which should we believe, Trumps actions or Trumps words…

            Trump just flat out accused Cruz and Cruz’s family of lying, being some kind of spies, and the Cruz family’s integrity… That was wrong.

          • He did the same to Trump’s wife and First, trying to embarrass Trump and so shows me that Trump is the bigger man to even ask him to speak. So there you go Burrito!!!!

          • Trump had no choice but to allow him to speak…or he would have appeared to start of with Obama-like censorship and safe zones. Only Trump accused Cruz of attacking his wife…ALL other sources point out to a pac to which Cruz could have no access…but YOU are going to believe Trump no matter what. Trump has already announced his plans to start a super pac to destroy any future election bids by Cruz…and you say Trump is a bigger man than Cruz…possibly entering the White House with vengeance in mind already??? Sounds like something Castro, or Mao, or Kim Yung, or Obama might do.

          • Yes, Trump is the bigger man to even put aside their differences and invite him to speak at the convention. Up to now, Ted Cruz has not given up, he can’t do anything anymore to grab what Trump has won fair and square. There about 1000+ delegates more for Trump, Cruz only had 400+. He is a poor loser and should just have stayed home.

          • Cruz earned his speech, He had a significant portion of the delegates. Letting Cruz speak was not a magnanimous gesture by Trump.

            What would have been a magnanimous gesture was if Trump found a way to forgive Cruz, and offer the first olive branch…. Now that would have been impressive.


          • Because, if Trump was half the man that his children said he was, he would have done it… The person Trumps children described in their speeches was compassionate, kind, loving, forgiving, and not vindictive…

            Trump’s actions are not what was described. Do you judge a man by his actions or his words???


          • So what you’re saying is you would have no problem endorsing Trump if he accused your father of murder when it wasn’t true, right?

            In that case you should be willing to forgive Hillary and overlook what she has done, right?

          • I forgive others even before I am treated wrongly. ( But, few folk I know ever do treat me wrongly.) Unforgiveness only hurts me.
            But, forgiveness does not include liking and approving of wrong doing. We are at liberty to also speak out against their behaviors that are hurtful to others.

          • I agree, so I believe that Cruz in not endorsing Trump took the liberty of speaking against his outlandish behavior without saying a mean word.

          • I think most likely Cruz had an agenda, and it was not to “help” DT.
            It is very difficult for me to understand why he even showed himself.

          • He owed it to his supporters, many of whom will still be writing him in.

          • Perhaps that is true.

          • Did you know that there are people who think they need NO forgiveness ever. Guess why? Or course I suppose that if it helps “some People” they will say that they might need forgiveness. Get my drift?

          • No, I don’t get your drift. I have never known anyone who doesn’t know they hurt others sometimes and know that is not a good thing to do.
            Perhaps the atheists might believe they need no forgiveness from the Creator, for they don’t believe He exists.
            But surely they would want forgiveness from the loved ones they hurt.

          • Well, I’ll explain as best I can. When the candidates were being asked about their religious faiths. DT said he went to church at Christmas and Easter. It made him feel good. Another question was if he asked forgiveness for his sins, when attending. He said he did not sin. Later, in a day or two, when he found out that was not a good answer.he made some effort to change his previous answer. What this means is that he has no remorse for anything. Does he want forgiveness for hurting those who love him? Sounds like he never sees anything that he does as hurtful to anyone. Psychologically, that is a big red flag. It is normal for people to not want to hurt others, especially those close to them. I have no idea how DT interacts with his family. Anyone can put on a show., or it may be legitimate. However, it is pretty obvious that the Trump children were reared by their surrogate mothers. I qualify that with the fact that TD told of all the hours he worked and how little sleep he required. If this is true, then tell me how much influence would he bestow upon the family. That is just a logical deduction. There are those who say they believe in a Creator, and in a sense they do, as in a vague way, but they do not feel they are accountable to Him. Mr. T. was reared attending the Presbyterian church where the famous Norman Vincent Peel was minister. I do not know if you know about Peel. He taught his theory of the power of positive thinking. Basically, that meant: if you want something to happen, just say it believe it and it will happen.If you want 2 million followers, just say you have two million followers and eventually you will have them. Well, you and I know that is ridiculous to a point. That is why there is so much question around Trumps assertion of having so much wealth. Faith is one thing, but it involves God. And you know what God said about the LOVE of money. You might add power to that.

            I, like you, prefer not to hurt anyone. Sometimes it happens, more so with family members. We are willing to forgive and to ask forgiveness. That is essential to our peace. We do not have to control others, we hope they control themselves. Nice talking with you. Have a good day.

          • Trump NEVER accused Cruz’s father of murder or anything else. He simply made mention to a newspaper photo of Raphael Cruz with the murderer of JFK. It was not Trump who accused him of anything. Get your facts straight. AND, if it was not true, why hasn’t Cruz sued the newspaper? You know the answer – it was a legit photo simple.

          • “and if it was not true, why hasn’t Cruz sued the newspaper”. So you associate inaction with guilt,eh? Wonder if you would feel the same way about the issues with Trump U. Trump pushed it as gospel truth…”a legit photo” eh? Why didn’t all the other news media jump on this picture and push it the way Trump and his buddy at the Enquirer did?Because they weren’t stupid enough to believe it…simple.

          • The “other news media” are all in Clinton’s camp and make Pravda look honest! That’s why!

          • You are absolutely correct, that’s why it doesn’t make sense that the media would shy away from a story that could destroy the one man that Hillary actually feared in an election campaign, Cruz. They knew that the fact that it was not true would only gain Cruz more votes if the media appeared to go after him while his father was totally innocent.

          • It takes the kind of money that Trump says he has to start law suits against a paper as big as the National Inquirer. Trump is rude crude and uncouth, somethings just have to be handled as they are. How about Honor your father, (as it is written). Cruz honored his father and Cruz actually is not responsible for anything his father may have done. If that is true there would be a lot of people who would be claiming that they never new their parents. Cruz did what a real man should do. As far as forgiveness..did Trump want forgiveness. I may forgive a persons sin against me, but that does not mean that I should not discuss it with him or her.. Trump should have dropped the subject and as they say, just sucked it up.


          • ALL the networks cover Trump merely for the ratings, not for his content or eloquence. If the story were true they would have dropped Trump like a hot potato and gone after Cruz in an effort to destroy the one man who had shown at the time, that he could beat Hillary. If it were true, it would STILL be in the news. But what IS in the news is that Trump falsely accused Cruz’s Dad of murder with no substantiation whatsoever.

          • I’m willing to forgive ,if she truly repents and intends to amend her life in the future. Fat chance!!!

          • You are right. …I wish I had thought of that. What is interesting is that there is a lot of research revealing that it is more than likely that Oswald did not kill Kennedy. Having said that, Trump should have considered that prior to his stupid statement. Now, Trump should be embarrassed at his ignorance of the other possibilities regarding Kennedy’s death. This tells one that he really doesn’t keep up with recent political history OR he doesn’t care what he says or may not know, if it fits his purpose. (My opinion, which lots of people do not understand.)

          • I forgive because it is best for me! We can’t carry a load of hard feeling and be free to bear fruit for the Christ. However, we do not have to stay in situations that are very abusive to us.

          • Cruz started it with an picture of Trump’s wife posing almost nude in a photoshoot. He also started the lies about Ben Carson giving up, which resulted in losses for Dr Carson. He’s lyin’ Ted alright. Used to be a fan and donated $100 to Cruz but no more….

          • So did we!!!
            Yes.. a dirty bird .

          • Trump has sprinkled his “fairy dust”. In spite of ALL media outlets repeating that it was a super-pac with whom Cruz had no contact who put the picture out, the Jim Jones type Trump followers keep repeating the Trump LIE that CRUZ put it out. As for the shoot itself, it was all over the internet already…people had been talking about the potential of a First “Lady” being a nude centerfold for the first time, just like they were talking about if Trump won, it would be the first president ever to own a titty bar.The same way a Cruz STAFFER repeated a CNN story which they quickly distanced themselves from when they saw it could damage Cruz. Cruz publicly apologized to Dr. Carson who did the childish thing and didn’t accept the apology.

            I will STILL write in Cruz.

          • Awasted vote. What a foolish , selfish &ignorant waste.

          • Voting your conscience is never a waste. What is really selfish and ignorant is forsaking any moral values for the sake of a party.

          • Are you really so naïve that you don’t know that BOTH major parties are corrupt and immoral? More like a uni-party. That is not to say every individual is a bad apple, however.

          • I know all too well how corrupt both parties are…that’s why they worked so hard to ensure Cruz could not win…they both went after him.

          • But, surely you saw they have tried even harder to discredit DT.
            To me, the establishment appears very frightened that DT REALLY MAY rain on their corrupt parade.

          • What I saw was a supposed conservative network doing it’s best to hang him while all the liberal networks were playing nice. That in itself, aroused great suspicion in me. Now that he is the nominee, I see just the opposite manifesting itself. The liberal media will have him as a guest for ratings sake but now it will be in an effort to destroy him. The establishment may fear him a bit but they know they have to rally around him to save their own asses.

          • cruz killed his own campaign with all the DIRTY POLITICS that he pulled from Ia on and he is still trying to figure out some way he could still be POTUS. but after all he is a Native of Canada born to two Canadian Parents and has never applied for Citizenship in the Usa

          • Oh please…if that’s the case then Trump doesn’t qualify since his mother was born in Ireland…keep repeating the Trump lies, Hillary says if you repeat it long enough people will believe it.

          • My Brother I wish to inform you of a slight mistake on your part. First off,Trumps Mother was born in Scotland not Ireland, second she retained her Scottish citizenship for 18 of the first 18 years she resided here. Second Trumps father was born in Germany and retained dual citizenships his entire life 1st of Germany 2nd of the USA. Which by the way means Trump is am Anchor baby an not Qualified to be President of these United States. But I questions I’d the progressives an rino Repukes and Trumo bots think destroying the constitution is okay so long as it is them destroying it well so be they say.

          • I stand corrected

          • VOTE for the POS hitlery………see how that strikes your fancy when the good old USA goes belly up……..AND your mother, sister, aunt all have to wear birkas…hahahaha i’ll laugh my arse off……….

          • Until you change the law about anchor babies it is not true. The law right now is if you are born on American soil or an American base around the world you are an American citizen. Therefore it is time to change the law then their would be no discussion

          • WOW and isn’t that just what the slimy bitch has done?

          • How is it so many still do not see this?

          • They go from one extreme koolaid of “Hope and Change” to “Make America Great Again”…different titles…same song by a different con artist.

          • Good observation.

          • If you get down to it they all just want power or to pad their pocket books at the tax payers expense, Look how many who claim they are broke come out of the White house or congress multi millions in their bank accounts Time for term limits with no federal pensions or perks

          • This isn’t about party,
            This is about America !

          • Well, if you can honestly tell me that you would go back like a little puppy dog to someone who had accused your father of murder and kiss and make up, you might convince me.


          • I don’t know that being Christian requires you to be a puppy when a bulldog has attacked.

          • No, it IS ALL about which party you will support.

          • Really?
            Not me.. I am interested strictly in the man who will do what is right & best for America.
            I do not give one hoot about party.
            I care very much for our American citizens, & the man to get us back on track is
            Donald J. Trump.

          • Amen Emma!

          • I don’t we should “just” depend upon our conscience; The Word should be consulted.
            Since no person is ‘perfect,” often we must vote for the “least” evil.
            But, I, the same as you, do wonder about how honest the counting of our votes is.

          • I believe very few politicians are elected anymore.. The system is corrupt.

          • MAHB001, I am convinced the “corruption” and the WASTE is so deeply ingrained in our government that I don’t see it can be very much uprooted. IF DT really means and tries to do as he says, I doubt that all that will change.
            It will always remain as it was from the beginning: When mankind runs the government his own way, it will stay somewhat corrupt.

          • If DT tries, that will be a change….

            The waste and corruption did not happen overnight and will not be eradicated overnight.

            I believe that the corrupt ones know that when mankind runs the government it will stay somewhat corrupt. That is why they have driven God from the Public square.

          • The solution to eliminating governmental CORRUPTION must begin with a Clean-Up of the courts from SCOTUS on down.

            The concept of “judicial immunity” negates and overturns OUR 1st Amendment “RIGHT” to petition the government for a Redress of Grievances.
            This elevates judges and lawyers above the “NO MAN IS ABOVE THE LAW” axiom.

            visit <>

          • Jumpin' Jack Flash


          • I’d say hitlery is THE MOST EVIL……………

          • We could start with doing away with all delegates in both parties. Especially the so called super delegates

          • before you can forsake any MORALS you have to have some and lyinted has NONE!!!!!

          • 1) Guess who has fought FOR your second amendment rights ALL along? Not Trump.
            2) Guess who FIRST brought up illegal immigration and the danger it poses? Not Trump.

          • Who then ?
            Not democrats

          • No it was Ted Cruz on both occasions, years before progressive dog Trump stole Cruzs Ideas, works an deeds . Trump after all wanted an still wants more gun control still wants more illegals to fill out his labor force. It was also Trump who took complete advantage of the liberal ,progressive ,rino Neocon trade bills.

          • Actually, Trump is & always has been pro 2A.
            Cruz does not want to close our borders, but to vet who comes in.
            He wants them to come in the right way.
            Trump is not a dog, but a good & honorable man who will put America First.

          • My Friend That is absolutely untrue Google search Trump an Gun control . Trump is a Johnny come lately. To his pro 2nd amendment stance in fact he came to it only just before he formally announce his run for The office of President.
            Also key in Fact check search there in regards To Trumps anti gun comments an desire to limit the second amendment. . As For Senator Ted Cruz ! Cruz has always desired to secure the border. An limit immigration. I have no idea from where or what source you’ve derived those false notions. I would suggest you apply some do diligence. . One need only look to the Honorable Senator Ted Cruz’s Senate voting record an those statements he made on the floor of the senate . Which paints a rather clear& perfect picture as to how very wrong You are.

          • I have researched Mr. Trump.
            Thoroughly. As I did Cruz, Kasich, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio.
            Not Jeb. Knew him already.
            Trump absolutely is the only choice if America is to rise as does the Phoenix.
            If not, we are looking revolution square in the eye.

          • Cruz…..

          • Not a chance of a snowball on a hot griddle!!!

          • Sorry, but voting records, video all indicate that CRUZ not TRUMP has fought for your second amendment rights and against ILLEGAL immigration.
            Trump has openly supported illegal amnesty and has supported gun CONTROL for many years before deciding to change his stance since announcing he was running.

            As a critical step to protecting families and inviting more people to enter legally, in 2014, Sen. Cruz proposed legislation to prevent Obama from illegally expanding amnesty. The House acted to solve the ongoing crisis and passed bills that closely mirrored Sen. Cruz’s proposals, but regrettably the Senate Democrats refused to allow a vote on the measures.

            In 2013, Sen. Cruz proposed amendments to the “Gang of 8” bill that would strengthen border security, expand green card opportunities, increase high-skilled “H1B” visas, prevent illegal aliens from receiving welfare benefits, and enforce the rule of law.

            Trump supports amnesty.

            On Fox News on November 12, Trump’s son Eric expressed frustration that the media overlooks this:

            The point isn’t just deporting them, it’s deporting them and letting them back in legally. He’s been so clear about that and I know the liberal media wants to misconstrue it, but it’s deporting them and letting them back legally.

            Eric Trump is right. His father has been crystal clear that he wants all the illegals to return and live in America.

            Listen closely to what Trump is actually proposing. In an interview with CNN’s Dana Bash earlier this year, Trump explained his plan this way:

            I would get people out and then have an expedited way of getting them back into the country so they can be legal…. A lot of these people are helping us … and sometimes it’s jobs a citizen of the United States doesn’t want to do. I want to move ’em out, and we’re going to move ’em back in and let them be legal.”

            In Trump’s OWN words, he supports amnesty AND Trump supports allowing illegals to be placed AHEAD of those who have been patiently waiting to gain entry into the US.

          • Sadly, there is no medication to cure what ails you. I am sorry. Not just for you, but for our Nation.
            Enough of us are not infected. We seem to have a natural immunity.
            We will get our America back on the Right track, with Donald J. Trump in the WH.
            Just rest & don’t worry.
            We , common sense conservative Patriots will save you from yourselves.
            cruz is a dirty bird. No better by much than killary.

          • Thanks for the laugh!!!
            Much appreciated!

          • You are quite welcome

          • Just remember:

            During The Donald’s five previous almost-presidential runs, he made a series of comments that could be called questionable at best and downright liberal at their worst.

            In 2000 Trump quit the Republican Party for the Reform Party, came out in support of a form of single-payer health care, and proposed a one-time tax on the one percent to pay for the national debt. While he opposed Obamacare as a giant mess, he’s also on record advocating for universal health care available to all Americans.

            Then, in 2004, while Trump was seriously considering running for president, he outed himself as a Democrat during an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, “In many cases, I probably identify more as Democrat. It just seems that the economy does better under the Democrats than the Republicans.”

            Under Trump’s immigration plan, almost all of the 11 million illegal aliens will get to return and get permanent legal status to stay in America.

            Where Was Donald Trump During The Immigration Fight? Advocating Amnesty:

            What Donald Trump is proposing is known as the ‘touchback’ policy, but it’s not a new concept. The policy was actually put forward by Kay Bailey Hutchison, a moderate Republican Senator (Texas). The ‘touchback’ policy was proposed as an amendment on the Senate floor in 2007 and would require illegal immigrants to return to their home nations in order to apply for a special ‘Z visa’.

            The ‘Z visa’ would permit those illegal immigrants – who left the US – to return to the country at an accelerated rate. This would allow entry faster than would usually be the case when applying for an US immigrant visa, and would enable the now lawful immigrant to continue to work in the US for any employer. However, the amendment was never passed, losing by a small margin, 53 – 45.

            The policy was supported by the majority of Republicans, even gaining five votes from the Democratic Party with senators Claire McCaskill, Max Baucus, Jon Tester, Byron Dorgan and John Rockefeller all voting in favor.

          • I have researched him thoroughly, as I did the others.
            Donald Trump loves America, & our citizens.
            He is intelligent &honorable.
            He will do what is right for America…
            Something that has not been done in a very…long…time.
            Killary clinton is not right in so many ways.
            I believe she is ill, seriously ill, she is a carreer criminal, liar, murderer …
            She is as corrupt, if not more so, than a corpulant , rotting corpse.Did I mention a cheat & a Treasonous herridan?
            We have had enough of that these last , nearly eight years. Why in Gods’ name should we continue down this path of destruction & death?
            Read her history. Study her .Seriously. Study her.
            She will not ever live in our WH again.
            I believe her lust for power , money & the WH has driven her insane.
            No sane person would behave as she has & does.
            Research her. I have.Donald Trump is our only hope if we are to survive as a Souvereign & Free Republic.
            Without a bloody revolution,
            I don’t want that, but I am prepared if it comes to that.
            Donald J. Trump 2016
            A vote for a Free & Prosperous America.

          • Yes!!!!
            Trump…2016. ?

          • I REALLY wish I had your enthusiasm about Trump!

          • I have been around a long time.
            Trump is exactly what we need.
            He enumerates the issues & can rectify much of the damage & harm this illegal occupying regime has caused or done.
            Clinton will be obama on steroids & acid.
            Trump will lead.
            He will restore respect to the office of POTUS. from our allies & our adversries,
            There is so very much we can accomplish, with good, strong
            sound leadership.
            I do believe Trump is chosen
            for this time in our history.
            Trump will work For We The People.
            He will not put a “FOR SALE”
            sign on America.
            He has awakened the hearts of America,
            Clinton is a great danger.
            She has done nothing but pander to special interests, illegals ,lied, murdered & sold us out.
            Yes , Lili J.
            I believe , absolutely, that Donald J. Trump is going to lead us in the direction this Great Republic needs to go.
            Regain that which has been stolen.
            Our Birthright as a Free & Souvereign Nation.
            The United States of America.

          • The way I see it. The ONLY way America can be restored and saved is through repentance and return to moral, righteous living.
            Not Trump, not Hillary, No one, except Jesus, can restore or save America from itself and America does not want to do the hard thing and realize its sinful nature and turn from its ways.

          • I agree with you Lili J, & I do believe God has heard our cries & sent us a Warrior of HIS choice in the most unusual personage of
            Donald J. Trump.
            To have accomplished what he has in business & his very lovely family, he has done something right.
            Even those who don’t care much for him do respect him.
            He is, I believe, Heaven sent.

          • OK… God used David, so I suppose God can use Trump. 🙂

          • You know…. you’re. Okay
            Lili J ?

          • Nice meeting you Emma 🙂

          • Same here Lili J.?

          • I’m sure not gonna try to second guess GOD.
            I have me own issues!! ?

          • Don’t we all 🙂

          • Good morning Emma.

            I just found this in my inbox and wanted to share with you. Thanks for reading.

            A Christian Only on Sunday Is Not a Christian:

          • Thanks for sharing this Lili J.
            I read it. Am going to read it again before commenting .
            Thank you again;)

          • I know. I enjoy our discussions. ?

          • Lili J
            Alrighty.. I have read it several times.
            I see & hear so many who really have no idea what they believe, but quick to judge others.
            All I willsay about this is if she is not courageous enough to own what she says, I really can’t put any stock in it.
            I have not set foot inside mans’ church in close to 40 years.
            The relationship my Father & I have is just amazing & humblling.
            We visit a lot. ?
            I hear people, mostly “christians”, berate & malign Trump, but you know, I DO
            BELIEVE !with my whole heart & soul.
            Sometimes when we talk, God & I….,,.
            I ask Him … where are we going Father? But I know He will let me know by the path He sets my feet to,
            I also know I never am alone & when He wants me on another path, He will nudge me , open the space I am to go & close where I was,
            It is easy if we love Him & listen with our hearts.
            Trump is not perfect. Trump is just a man. BUT…..He as been greatly blessed, & now , I believe, has been chosen to lead us.
            We are in a great & terrible battle against true evil on this earth, & Trump has been given the tools to lead us in battle agsinst it.
            I am not a Sunday go to meetin’ christian, but one of my Fathers’ faithful children.

          • I suggest you enlighten yourself by Googling “Who has told more lies Cruz or Trump/”. Fact checkers couldn’t decide which was the biggest lie for 2015 because they were all mostly untrue, to pants on fire. Like when Trump witnessed THOUSANDS of Muslims celebrating in the streets of Manhattan after 911…and it goes downhill from there. Perhaps you need to vet the nominee for president instead of worrying about someone who is irrelevant at this point. 77 lies that were caught in 2015 alone, not counting the ones he’s still telling.

          • Isn’t it strange the way all the Trumpbots are willing to look the other way every time Trump tells a lie, says something unnecessarily destructive, or bloviates about how great he alone is? Their attitude seems to be “Oh well, that’s just Trump being Trump”.

          • ALL politicians are liars………….

          • They’re like Jim Jones followers…he really “could shoot someone in the middle of 5th Avenue and not lose any votes”

          • They all lie. if you really want to get rid of the liars throw them all out. HRC is the biggest liar of all

          • WANT A SKUNK president ? vote POS thieving hitlery

          • Naw…I will write in the Honorable Ted Cruz

          • How do you spell that? Oh I know L-Y-I-N-G-TED.

          • Well that’s the way a liberal would spell it and you can’t get more liberal than ringo starr isn’t he one of the old dudes who was with that group who thought they were bigger than Jesus? I’m sure Lennon never got to find out.

          • Jumpin' Jack Flash

            I knew there was something I liked about you.
            Cruz isn’t a LaRaza
            Freek is he ???

          • Not hardly, he’s to conservative for that movement.

          • LYIN’ HITLERY is the one to fear……the bitch is a bitch……

          • I caution you that:

            A vote for Hillary is a vote for Communism and the destruction of our Constitution.
            A vote for Trump is a vote for a shot at our Constitution.

            A vote for anybody else, is a vote for Communism….

            The Communists in charge of both political parties want Hillary in control, because they control Hillary… Our Election system is corrupt, and our votes are not being counted by the elites… If I am correct, it will not matter how many people vote for Trump, Hillary, or Cruz, Hillary’s machine will make her win by 52% to 48%, because they control the people that count the votes.

            Just look what the Machine did to Bernie… Bernie probably won most of the States including CA….

            “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes
            decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
            —-Joseph Stalin

            As I see it the only way to break the elites cabal is to have an overwhelming defeat of Hillary. If it is plausible that Hillary could win, if the MEDIA can sell us on a chance that Hillary could win, (and they are planting those seeds already), Hillary’s vote counters will make Hillary win.

            Trump may be a Trojan Horse, all we can do at this time is put the creep in office and hold him to his word… Give him 100 days, and then start impeachment process if he does not deliver.

          • I will do what Cruz said he would do…”I’ll be listening”…Trump can still convince me, he’s got a lot of work to do. He can start by apologizing for the right things, not for America.

          • We will see what words of “healing” Trump has to say..

            If he is half the man that his children make him out to be, he will find a way to fix the Cruz/Trump feud.

            I suspect, Trump is no longer what his children see in him… And we are in for a rough ride. But I still think in my heart that Trump give America more time…

            Hillary is the instant death sentence.

          • Trust me…I will not vote for Hillary. I want desperately for Trump to convince me that he IS at least half the man his children claim he is. I need to see that side of him. I haven’t yet.

          • I don’t know about you, or if Trump will be able to convince you of his abilities and honesty, but he cannot convince me.

          • I wholly concur with you my Brother

          • The “Cruz/Trump feud” need not be fixed.

            Cruz did the Unthinkable and nearly impossible trick of delivering his own Epitaph and Eulogy at the GOP Convention.
            Cruz may be “unelectable” … even in Texas!

            btw, I agree with your ‘Hillary …’ assessment!

          • I hope you are wrong, because what that means is that integrity means nothing anymore.

            Evil will run rampant.

          • There IS NO INTEGRITY in America …

            Corrupt politics has infested our culture and our COURTS!

            plagiarized from a Professor at LAW … probably 1988 … Temple U. Law School.

            Until “judicial immunity” is erased from this Land, LIBERTY and FREEDOM are nothing more than “empty vessels” without meaning.


          • Sad and very true.

            When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.

          • Giving Trump a chance is all I’m hoping for. I know he will be better than the Hildabeast no matter what. You can’t impeach him after 100 days just because he may not have done what he said he was going to do. If any president should have ever been impeached, it’s Obama.

          • All I am saying is that we can no longer put these people in office and assume they are going to do what they said on the campaign trail.

            The days of spending 20 min every two years on our Government is over. We must stay diligent and hold the politicians accountable. .

          • I have been paying attention to politics since a little before Obama came on the scene. When he came on the scene I really started to pay close attention.
            The only way to hold them accountable is to vote them out but the majority of people don’t pay attention and vote for the name. It’s sad.
            One reason I will be voting for Trump is the fact he isn’t a politician and I believe that’s what we need right now. The career politicians have screwed this country up so bad it’s not funny. He will shake things up in DC and the idiots in office are shaking in their boots at the though of him being president. I do like many of his policies though, especially compared to the Hildabeasts policies. No thanks.

          • Don, I think the corruption goes deeper than people not paying attention. I believe that the elites are no longer counting the votes… As the Stalin quote suggests. We no longer control who counts the votes. The elites do.

            Elite Democrats = Elite Republicans = Elite MEDIA = Communists.

            We believe that the Democrats are keeping the Republicans honest and the Democrats are keeping the Republicans honest, and the MEDIA is keeping both of them honest.

            We also assume politicians are working for the people. I do not think that is true anymore. All three are elite and all three look out for themselves, not We the People.

            I too will be voting for Trump. But fear that if we do not do something about the corrupt people counting the votes, everybody on the planet could vote for Trump and the MEDIA would call it close, and Hillary would win by a 52 to 48 percent margin.

            We must find out who counts the votes and not just assume they are on our side…Hopefully Trump will call out the corruption, not only on the Democrat side, but on both sides.

          • I think the whole system is broken. They need to get rid of the electronic voting machines which are easily tampered with. I don’t think it’s necessary to not have walk in voting. Oregon, Washington, and Colorado do all of their voting by mail. That’s absolutely absurd. How easy is it for voter fraud when all of the ballots are all mailed in?
            I don’t trust the so called media at all and the evidence of that was on display with the leaked emails. I don’t trust 90+ percent of the politicans. They stopped representing the people a long time ago. They are in it for themselves and their pocketbook. Lobbying should be outlawed and any politician or lobbyists being caught should be given a mandatory 20 years in prison. I believe many of them are in it to ruin this country.
            Trump doesn’t need this job. He doesn’t need the money or the headache. Call me an idiot if I’m wrong but I truly believe he loves this country, sees where it’s headed, and he wants to put it back on course. He wants to give back to this country that has allowed him to become so successful. I am more than willing to support him and give him a chance. I am NOT willing to live through another 4 or 8 years of Obamas “policies”, which is what the Hildabeast would continue and probably worse.
            The democrats will stop at NOTHING to try to stop him from being elected. They are morally bankrupt for even entertaining the idea of the Hildabeast being president. They will lie, cheat, steal, and yes, I believe they would kill to keep him out of office and get the corrupt lying old hag in. I don’t like a lot of politicians but the democrats take the cake when it comes to corruption. Their party is filled with communists, socialists, marxists, and muslims. It’s truly sad we are being destroyed from within and there are a lot of ignorant people cheering them on.

          • I agree, everything you the system has been taken over by the elites… It is now just a con, designed to make the people feel like they have a say in the process.

            We need to find out who is counting the votes, and replace them with someone we can trust….

            Fight the MEDIA at: Without the MEDIA this con would not be possible.

          • Pretty Good … but you fail to identify the ‘elites’ …
            … an International cabal (crime syndicate).
            cabal >> named after the initials of a ministry for >> Clifford, Ashley, Buckingham, Arlington and Lauderdale ( during the reign of Charles II ).

            Allow me to try!

            All those supporting the NWO, >>> IMF; bankers, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Roosevelts, Morgan … et al; Vatican ( yup, the Pope ); Masons; Illuminati; and possibly the Most Dangerous … the ABA (international) … lawyers and judges.

            We must get the ABA exiled from our courts ,,, and Country. The ABA is responsible for amendments to the constitutions of ALL 50 states, which transfers “authority” to judges to make NEW law, with absolute judicial immunity >>> which MUST BE DISSOLVED.
            See PA Const. Article V, Section 10(c). ( [nearly] duplicated in all 50 states)

            visit <>

          • International elements may be involved but the enablers are in our own Government. If it were not for the corruption within, we would not have these problems.

            I believe the international crowd is a red herring. Isolate the elites within….

            Elite Democrats = Elite Republicans = Elite MEDIA.

          • There is an International conspiracy … its Home office is still in London … The BAR Association is involved.
            BAR Assoc. “Model Rules of Professional Conduct” have been installed in more than 90% of courts in foreign nations.

            The involvement of our government IS the CORRUPTION!
            The BAR Assoc. makes the Rules.
            For all intents and purposes, the U.S. Constitution is Extinct!

          • Never give up, never give in.

            Expose the corruption and do what you can…

          • Amen to the write in. A play that only real Americans who still listen to their conscience can do.

          • If only the “so called” conservatives could see that.

          • if you do that why don’t just vote for your idle killary direct?

          • I don’t believe in voting for the lesser of two evils and since both candidates at this point are equally evil…I will follow Cruz’s advice and vote my conscience since my integrity is not for sale for the sake of a party or an arrogant loudmouth. Some people STILL have values.

          • Oh how self righteous you are! You will be crying the blues if Hillary wins the White House, and you will know that you helped put her there.

          • I voted for McCain and Romney and they both lost and I never cried for the past 7+ years because even though they lost, my conscience was clear…I can deal with the flaws of others…I don’t accept personal folly very well.

          • I’m with you.

          • TY millions of others are also

          • Yes and as an ex-Cruz supporter and NOW a Trump supporter we see things exactly the opposite!

          • Well as I said in a previous post…Trump has sprinkled the “fairy dust” and served the koolaid. He has shown me that he indeed is able to influence and change people’s thinking, for whatever reason. I haven’t witnessed anything from him so far that can convince me to relinquish my principles.

          • My Brother . What Trump a Sanders have both managed to do was nearly impossible coming from one party nominee. They Trump an sanders have busted open the corruption with in both party establishments. I give them both credit for that an that alone. Heres my sentiment as in refrence To how I shall vote this election cycle verses the last to for which I wrote in voted.. Trump is going to have to go one hell of a long way to Appologize In public to the Honorable Senator Ted Cruz’s an Cruz’s supporters long before I should pull a lever for him.. I suspect though if I were to hold my breath I be dead before that were ever to occur.Therefore Yes a write in fir the Only Honorable Man who ran for the Presidency. And it isn’t Trump.

          • WHO IS IT? HITLERY scum, trash, dirt bag, lying, thieving Clinton?


          • Yep…that’s what Trump has to offer.

          • Now if Celestial will try to look up the facts.

          • Now chance of that happening…like I said,they have swallowed the koolaid…too late.

          • Same here!!!

          • ANOTHER LOSER.

          • Amen to Cruz started it with the attack on Malania and the crap with Carson, then up go the hands and the claims that he was not involved

          • It is illegal, a federal crime, for a candidate to associate themselves with a PAC or SuperPAC in any way. Cruz could NOT even tell the Anti-Trump (and NOT a pro Cruz) SuperPAC to stop it, because that would be a crime talking to them. Trump knows this, but counts on people like YOU for not knowing the law and he takes advantage of you, saying Cruz did it. If Trump has any proof that there was any communication between Cruz’s campaign and the Anti-Trump SuperPAC, then he should present it to the FEC so they could investigate.

          • If you believe these groups operate within the law and/ or lyin Ted has no knowledge of the operations of His Super Pac, I’ve got a bridge I’ll sell you- or perhaps you already own one or two.

          • Hmmm… Ok, I’ll say it again to see if it will sink in. It is a federal crime for a candidate to associate, in anyway, with a PAC or Super PAC. If a super PAC has the candidates name attached to it, it does not mean it belongs to them. In this case, the Super PAC was an anti-Trump PAC, not a pro-Cruz PAC. The creator of the super PAC didn’t like Cruz, but she hated Trump.

            If Trump really believes Ted was behind this, then he should present any evidence to the FEC, as I told you before. But as usual, there is no evidence.

          • Then Ted Cruz could beat his chest and shed a big old Crocodile tear like the Reverend Jimmy Swaggart did when he got caught paying New Orleans prostitutes for a peak at the goods. Cruz knows that he is likely screwed in 2018 when he must stand for reelection if he wants to stay in the Senate where all of his colleagues HATE HIS GUTS.. It is telling that Crus hurried home as soon as the last Primary was done and filed reelection papers with the Texas Secretary of State. He is looking at defeat in the Texas GOP Primary in 2018 and this was BEFORE Donald Trump gets into the act.

          • Cruz had an explanation for each. You can choose to believe him or not. But, neither instance had smoking gun proof that Ted lied… Both he admitted they were wrong. Both were questionable… But was he LYING?

            Back in the days when your word meant something, people only called someone a liar when they had irrefutable proof of that persons lies… In this case of “he said”, where no SOLID proof was shown that Ted Cruz lied in either case it is on you to prove that Ted Lied, or be called a liar yourself.

            If no proof turns up, it is as if YOU are guilty of slandering Teds honor. ARE YOU SURE BEYOND A SHADOW OF DOUBT THAT TED LIED?

          • Back in my day, one was disrespected if one were not true to one’s word! But we were common folk with values.
            If political history is studied a bit, it is easy to discover that was not ever the case in politics. In our nation’s early history, some elections were much worse than this one.
            But now, it does seem that many common folk don’t think it is important to keep their word.
            Times are a-changing!

          • We used to judge ones integrity by weather or not did what one says… Now 0bama and the left use that lag time against us. They use that time to cement their lies… Deny Deny Deny is the new rule of thumb.


          • You must be a Trump supporter. No amount of truth could ever ‘trump’ your opinion.

            Cruz had *nothing* to do with the pic of Donald’s latest progressive whore. That was done by an independent third party that Cruz did not endorse.

            I know this is hard for a Trump supporter to comprehend, but there is a concept called FACT CHECKING.

            You might want to try looking it up and developing the habit of doing it before you post publicly.

          • Looks like I am the only one so far that votes you -Up. But you ARE right….even the sources some of these individuals quote are major questionable. Carry on!

          • Don’t ask for too much though. It might be impossible.

          • If it’s true that Cruz didn’t know anything about the picture, why he did not apologize and fired the person who had done it without his authorization. If someone in my camp does something derogatory against a person without my authorization, I will fire that person on the spot. But he didn’t do a thing about it, only cry and whine, this attitude makes him an accomplice. And as far as his father is concerned, he should have explained the reason his father was with Oswald in that picture. It could have been an innocent relationship or maybe he had just met him, since Oswald had been to Cuba. But all he did was cry, and whine and insult. The man has no character and his body language when he speaks says a lot to those who have studied psychology. We chose to forget that everything we do has a consequence.

          • You must be a Trump supporter. You might want to look up a word: NARCISSISM.

            You might also want to look up the term COGNITIVE DISSONANCE.

            These terms help to explain why someone would post what you just posted after having had explained to them by multiple posters, in multiple ways, that CRUZ HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PICTURES OF DT’S WHORE. THEREFORE, CRUZ HAS NO CONTROL OVER THE SITUATION AND HAS *NOTHING TO APOLOGIZE FOR*.

            Heaven help us, these are the people who appear to comprise the majority of the Republican vote….

          • DT’s whore? Really? That is the type of double mindedness that many people see in Ted Cruz. He comes across as holier than thou, but his behavior does not match his words. And you Medicoder, sound like a pimp! DT’s whore? To use your words, “Heaven help us, if these are the people(Medicoder) who support Ted Cruz.” You should save your vitriol for Hillary Clinton. The fight was over between Trump and Cruz, until Cruz started it up again with his narcissistic speech at the convention.

          • Wow with that whore comment you just lost ALL credibility and proved you really are a Cruz whore! Melanie is a beautiful intelligent mother and wife! You on the other hand are as vile and a sore loser like Cruz!

          • You must be a Trump supporter. Having access to the truth, and having it presented to you over and over and over and… you still kneel at the altar of ba’al (DT).

            So DT is walking down the aisle to marry his current ‘wife’ and is saying to himself, ‘… I’m already bored with this…’.

            DT’s ‘wife’ goes naked on camera before the world for… $$$. I don’t know what your mother calls that, but mine doesn’t haven’t good things to say about that kind of woman.

            What’s really frightening about women who support Trump is their complete lack of respect for themselves. DT is misogynist, considering any woman who doesn’t agree with him or who holds him accountable for his anti-female comments and behaviour to be a ‘bimbo’.

            Trump even makes comments about his own daughter that contain sexual innuendo.

            Many men have been married, divorced and remarried. But in his advanced age, DT still considers women to be bimbos and seeks a wife whose great depth of character leads her to take nude photos in GQ magazine for money.

          • I think I’ll hang around this site for a while. There seem to be a lot of people here like you who aren’t afraid to mince words when it comes to Trump. Keep up the good work!

          • What America needs is LEADERSHIP!

            Your diatribe against Trump pales when compared with the extra-marrital affairs of JFK!

            Try to stay focused on “What is Really Important” at this time in our Nation’s history …

            or soon, our Nation will BE History!

          • … and You might want to look up the terms “benevolent dictator” vs. “political whore”!

            BONUS POINTS if you connect the dots between the DNC “rigged” primary elections and the Clinton machine!

            Political Scandal … Clinton!

            Is there anyone who still questions the Clinton machine? … its Sharp claws and Long tentacles?

            News: DNC guilty of “rigging” the Primary election for Hillary. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz guilty of Serving Hillary the platter. Debbie’s Reward? … immediate job opportunity / continuing to work for Hillary campaign.

            Is anyone surprised to learn that Debbie was already on the payroll for the Hillary campaign prior to the email exposure of the DNC as corrupt?

            Would anyone be surprised to learn of others being paid under the table by the Clinton machine? Such as FNC contributors Julie Roginsky? … Kiersten Powers? … or even Juan Williams?

          • Can’t talk to super pacs, fire them or promote them or whatever without breaking the law. You Trumpsters would love for Him to have done that so you all could rant and rave about that. What a bunch of sheep.

          • Because Senator Ted Cruz had not , nore held any authority as to determining how or what a privately held PAC for Cruz did or did not do . No authority to hire no authority to fire ,an certainly no authority as to advise or other wise. Please become an well informed well educated voter. Put forth some effort to set aside your gullible naive nature. Instead begin utilizing Fact check ..Your eyes shall become wide open . As to who has preformed all the lies , devisivness, smears an out right untruths . I would also like to suggest you refrain from accepting anything as gospel from this rumor, gossip an enuenuedo rag blog . Or at the very least Fact check the false facts which are all to often posted here. Good like an please stay true to yourself.

          • Did you ever wonder what Rafael Cruz would have been doing with a Cuban sympathizer in 1963? That was the year Oswald went to Cuba, and Cruz Sr. came to America in 1957 to get away from the revolution that was brewing at the time. Therefore that picture had to be a fake, and the National Enquirer has apparently gone back to reporting fake stories.

          • 1) As posted NUMEROUS times, Carson HIMSELF, sent out an email earlier that day stating he was “TAKING A BREAK FROM THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL” The email NEVER said why, how long or otherwise. In the email Carson said he was going back home.

            Carson HIMSELF started that rumor and did not have the integrity to fess his own sin.

          • Bullshit Trump began his campaign of smear in the New Hampshire Debate. . Then when Trump was asked by the monitor s if He Donald would support The Republican party Nominee no matter Who it was. What were Donald Trumps exact works of course ill Support the Republican nominee As long as it is Me.. And There Trump began his lies , an there he also began his smear campaign against the Honorable Senator Ted Cruz . But we Cruz supporter s are to sit back an shut up when you ignorant Trump bots continue the campaign of smearing The most reliable honest Man In the entire Republican party where there are but a few exceptions . Go F yourselves. You clowns represent zero honor zero integrity zero intellect. Rage lies an devisivness Hell I might even be far more angry . But Like Senator Cruz I will not permit lies to continue. Not even for the sake of the nation aftwr all Trump bots havent yoy all also had your share of lies being spun in the last 7 &3/4 years an before . Then adk your selves this qurstion.Why in the hell would anyone with an once of integrity wish to join along side you all ..

          • Hummmm. You are correct. Just the way Trump speaks and behaves gives the impression to me that he is really not “right”. There are some people I know who would express that by saying; “Bro. He ain’t right”. meaning he has anything between character disorder, and mental problems. At best he is just mean. But he also lies…..

          • Cruz did not start that—that was a shot from a super pac that undermined Cruz. If the truth be known—straight out of Trumps playbook!!

          • Wouldn’t it be a good idea for you to do your homework about Ted Cruz before
            believing the media and Trump’s disgraceful remarks? Isn’t it logical that they will try
            and make Cruz look bad because if you repeat lies long enough people like you
            will just believe? People like you is what’s wrong with America. I doubt you were a fan of Cruz to begin with or you would know the facts and not just quote the media. I too will hold my nose and vote Trump and pray he will not be such a hothead and vengeful President.

          • Trump put that pic of his wife up there! He did it to show that he had a piece of meat that was superior to any piece of meat…That is all a woman is to Trump and he also put a nasty picture of Cruz wife…He did both pictures. You have not met a snake like the Trunp snake. I would really like to know what his kids REALLY think of him…By their behavior I would say Trumps behavior would be an embarrassment to them but they dare not ever show it!

          • cruz dropped the first picture asshat!!!!

          • You mimic your namesake in your grandiose verbage (and lack of class). Where is your source that CRUZ “dropped” the first picture, besides a lying Trump.

          • Hey ASS-HATE . Bill O’REILLY Put forth that very Question as to who was ultimately responsible for posting That nude photo of Melania Trump. Which of course was all over the cover of GQ magazine. Trump attempted to skirt around that particular question only to finally have to admit . It wasn’t at all the responsibility of Senator Ted Cruz .. In fact it was Melania her self who posed for those photos as a professional model an approved of those photos being cover page for GQ magazine. Naturally a PAC For Cruz a completely seperate political action group wholly an completely separate from the Cruz campaign . Used those photos rather wisely to paint a picture of just how very immoral Trump is. Unlike Trump bots . Christians are rather more forgiving of others past sins.There fore that photo gave no advantage to the pac.

          • His father was not accused of assassination. Please get your facts straight before you use them as justification for Ted Cruz breaking the pledge to support the nominee. Trump simply repeated the story about the photo of Lee Harvey Oswald with an unknown Cuban who looked much like Cruz’s father. That story is not so far fetched if you know anything about the subject matter. Personally, I could forgive someone for doing that…..and I am not even a politician! I am not saying that I might not get physical with the big mouth insulting my wife before I felt bad about smacking him down, but that is another story!
            Cruz is not above anything. He is just another lying DC politician, who is out for number one at the expense of the country. See Celestial 119’s post. Cruz’s behavior was not above reproach during the campaign. So he just comes across as a self righteous hypocrite by repeating the wife and father “thing”. It reminds me of the words contained in Romans 2:1, Therefore thou art inexcusable, O man, whosoever thou art that judgest:
            for wherein thou judgest another, thou condemnest thyself; for thou that
            judgest doest the same things.Ted Cruz was doing the same dirty tricks during the campaign as Trump. This is why he receives so much condemnation from others. Because he did the same sort of things himself while acting as if he was a holy man who was above such things.

          • Say what you will…intelligent people saw everything and the way it unfolded and how in typical vile fashion, Trump also pushed the narrative that the “story is not so far fetched if you know anything about the subject matter”. We are obviously cut from a different cloth because I would never forgive someone who on innuendo alone, bore false witness against my father with accusations of being complicit in the worst crime of the past century.

          • I would NOT do ANYTHING to get that scum bag POS hitlery elected I can assure you of that………

          • If you remember Cruz started it , But neither were right, It was plain childish

          • You must be a relative or as blind and deaf as a demoncrat.

          • Melania’s “spread” was public domain long before the super-pac (not Cruz) put it out AGAIN…and no I’m not a relative or a Dem…just an ordinary every day voter who doesn’t feel the need to forego my principles and values for the sake of a party or a candidate.

        • We will just have to disagree. Unless you were talking about Trump.

        • That’s wrong!!! Cruz has more integrity in his little finger than Trump has in his whole body!!!

      • Good decision on Mr. Trump.

      • I regret that Cruz, did what he did.
        I initially supported him and would have done so again.
        I would have preferred that he be the candidate.
        Given the amount o hate that exists against the liberal dem bloodsuckers and the fact that Cruz has probably cost Trump some votes. I’m afraid
        That, that alone will probably remove him from republican politics.

        • I am not sure what you are talking about…

          I watched the speech on TV, and came to a completely different conclusion, more in line with what Newt laid out in his speech.

      • I agree with MAHB001 completely. The real narcissist here is Donald Trump who did nothing but whine all through the primaries about how he would not honor any pledge if he felt mistreated. I watched 7 of the primary debates and Trump’s persistence in using ugly bullying techniques to personally belittle and demonize many of the other candidates, including George W. Bush who was not even a participant. Trump started the malicious tone so now he has the audacity to be affronted?! Trump said in a tweet right after Cruz’s speech that he knew what Cruz was going to say; furthermore, both his sons were interviewed on Thursday and raised no objections. Then I Friday the King of Ranting and Mud Slinging, Trump tries to suggest Cruz added a line when he was on stage. Lying is obviously not beneath Trump!
        I might add to Brit Hume and other reporters and commentators at Fox News who prattled on that Cruz was only about ambition and as a result was a much less than stellar individual. All of you are driven by ambition to achieve your goals within your professions so do not be hypocritical and snidely criticize Cruz for his. You will do whatever the circumstances will allow to maintain your status, and you well know it!!!
        Both my husband and I felt Cruz gave a fine, civil, principled speech while remaining true to himself which is far better than being a obsequious sycophant like some others at that convention.
        Joyce from North Carolin

        • Amen, Joyce. All those commentators would have no problem selling their souls and could give a rat’s petootie is someone attacked their family the way Trump did to the Cruz family. It is beyond me how his supporters can look beyond such offenses to the American family and still claim to have a conscience. Perhaps that’s why they were so offended by being asked to “vote their conscience”.


          • I never witnessed Cruz use profanity in front of children, I never heard him speak an ill word about women, I never heard him wobble when asked if he would defund America’s baby killing machine, Planned Parenthood, I never heard him submissively say, that gay marriage was the law of the land and that the court had spoken, I never heard him invite Caitlan Jenner to come use any restroom it wanted, I never heard him mock the disabled and I never heard of him holding any money back from fund raisers from veterans who deserve it.

            I’m a 68 year old Vietnam veteran who WILL vote for America…I will write in CRUZ.


        • Fox fell from grace this election period… It was very sad to see that happen.

          Fight the MEDIA at:

      • You are absolutely correct…I will do as Cruz said…vote my conscience…and write Cruz in.


          • I don’t go around professing forgiveness as what a Christian should do and then turn around with Trump-like insults just because someone has a different opinion about my candidate.

      • Not voting or voting independent is a vote for Hiltery. Make your choice.

        • A vote for Hillary is a vote for Communism and the destruction of our Constitution.
          A vote for Trump is a vote for a chance that the Constitution will survive.
          A non vote is a vote for Communism…

          My vote of Conscience is a vote for the Constitution and for Trump.

          Although my favorite would have been Fiorina then Cruz.

      • What planet are you from? Certainly it isn’t earth. Where have you been why the fraud in the white.hoyse has stomped our foundations and religious beliefs into the ground? Honey pie, integrity left when obama arrived. Those that had any of that attribute left have it hidden because the.”Society Vultures” are ready to attack and gorge themselves.
        Ted Cruz cut his throat because there has never been room for integrity in any recent elections. He is done.


        • Not sure you understand about super pacs. They are independent and do as they please, the candidates by law are not supposed to be involved.

          Cruz said he had no knowledge of the super pacs slander before hand, If you have knowledge that Cruz is lying, put it forth…

        • I don’t agree with all you stated, and certainly don’t know for sure about all the ins-and-outs of who did what to whom and when.
          But, when I listen to and watch Cruz, he gives me an eerie, chilly feeling that I do not like! I don’t know what to make of this feeling, but I don’t like it. I also don’t like following my “feelings,” but I am compelled to stop viewing him.

      • There is no “integrity”in making a pledge then breaking it.Cruz promised to support anyone who got the nomination.I now know he meant if that nominee was Ted Cruz!!He has shamed himself to the people he claims to support.He is a very dishonorable man .To most people of moral and ethical standing .He is a self serving sellout .This election is far larger and more important than personal issues .Those issues could have been resolved without his petty and petulant rants.No one wants the character of their loved ones impugned .As the old saying goes “it takes one to know one”Why did Cruz allow anyone connected to his campaign to cast the fitst stone??Trump was called out for David Dukes endorsement.He did not ask or promote the endorsement.Cruz will find that as the trash piles up around him ,he has absorbed the smell!!No political future instore for lying crying Ted.He will not even win re-election to the Senate.People are sick of personal politics.We want people in office who put love of country and the people above themselves.He has neither the temperament nor the desire to do this.He is as Trump has called him .Lying Ted ,Lying Ted.He will forever carry that label.I liked him as a force for the people.He has lost his respect for the people and we have for him.

        • What Trump has done to get than nomination was akin to lying and cheating…

          I would say that what Trump did was the first to break the rules…

          This particular moral and ethical man does not see it the way you see it. I suppose I need to work on my morals and ethics, as most people do, but I do not see how shaming and dishonoring others puts you at a higher moral ground…

          Yes, this election is far larger and more important than personal issues, yet those issues were NOT resolved, and Trumps rants have been far more petty and petulant than Cruz’s.

          Perhaps it does take one to know one, and that might be why Trump was able to accuse Cruz of lying?

          Cruz admitted that the super pac ad was wrong, and stopped it. I think that super pacs actions were the death of Cruz…. He paid a price.

          Are you blaming the David Dukes thing on Cruz now too? Not sure that is right.

          I would say that one should treat others the way they would like to be treated… I suggest you be very careful as to who you call a liar…

          False accusations are beneath a moral and ethical person….

          If you know what I mean…

      • cruz and his money pac dropped the first picture and now that his ugly wife has been compared to a very Beautiful woman he got pissed well sucks to be lyinted!!!

        • Was anything in the first ad false??? NO

          Was anything in Trumps response false??? Yes

          I have said this before, it is a very serious slanderous accusation to accuse someone of lying… To do so falsely reflects on YOUR character and integrity…

          What evidence do you have that Ted lied?

      • I’ll be bringing a BARF bag!

      • the war on trump was started by a pac group not trump and cruz was blamed for the comments on trumps family which is what started this thing and trump responded to what he thought cruz said about his wife, trump was protecting his family I would also but not you you would cower and wimper and hide , trump did not start this and unfortunately neither did cruz, but it was not known at the time so cruz blamed the wrong person when he should have gone after the pac for starting it. so before you post again get your info right!!

        • Thank you. Sounds like dirty politics.

          What we do know is that Trump called Cruz a liar without solid proof of those lies.

          Trump also called Bush a liar about WMD’s without any proof of those lies…

          What I do not like about Trump is that with Trump the ends justify the means… That is an Alinsky Radical trait, and not a very good one.

      • You will be glad you did.

      • PLUG your nose when every POS in this country votes for a sneaky, lying, thieving hitlery AND you have to watch her bring this country down…AND she will…COUNT ON IT…….

      • Cruz was G.W. (Baby) Bush’s speech writer. G H W Bush JEB Bush, and G W Bush all three created Ted Cruz, they lifted him out of obscurity and installed him as Texas’ Senator. What some fail to realize is that the leader of the holy roller wing of the GOP Ted Cruz, attacked Donald Trump’s wife first by running pictures of her that he paid her former modeling agency for and Teddy Boy did this long before Donald Trump made any mention of Ted Cruz’s wife. And as for Teddy Cruz’s Pa Paw, Ted Cruz is barely able to make a public appearance without his daddy running around in the background mugging for the TV cameras like he was Jane Fonda or something. So Raphael Cruz Sr. made himself a legitimate political target just like he did by mugging for the camera with Lee Harvey Ozwall. Oh Ted Cruz is for limited government all right, that is as long as government is limited to just Ted cruz.

        • What is your purpose? This crap has been hashed over for a long time. Ted Cruz did not attack Trumps wife first, unless you consider Ted in Control of a pro Ted super-pack, which would be illegal. Ted did ask them to take the ad off the air the second he knew about it.

          And lets talk about the ad, was there anything in the ad that was false? The answer is no.

          Was Trumps accusations about Teds Father false? The answer is yes…

          Is falsely accusing someone of lying wrong… Yes.

      • I heartily agree with every word you have spoken!!! You said it much better than I did!


    • I guess that would apply to Trump then, since he has already announced his intent to establish a super-pac for the sole purpose of destroying any Cruz reelection bids. Not a character flaw to be admired, much less in a presidential nominee… sounds like BLM-style hate. Trump should have publicly apologized to to Heidi and Cruz’s father. In the process he would have shown himself different from Obama who will only apologize for America but never for his own failures. Additionally he would have endeared himself to the Cruz supporters and social conservatives who still view him as too bombastic and lacking in spiritual depth. That would have forced a Cruz endorsement or have put him in a much worse light than he is now. As it is, Cruz won’t lose any support because he has already proven himself to not be one to go along to get along.

    • I applaud anyone who has the good sense to stand up for his wife and father against infantile clown who cannot get out of his own way. We are now subject to two of the worst candidates in history and it is not the fault of Cruz it is just everyone seem to enjoy a debate(?) which was the most slanderous and juvenile in history by D J Trump, the National Clown with the Orange HAIRDO!! He is a disgrace!!!! And if that was a debate we better get another party to replace the republican children run party!

  2. Tracy Riscinti Manzo


    • Yes, I think that Trump believes that he is capable of doing things he isn’t, especially when he says “I am the only one who can fix it”. That is a pretty big claim……as Bill Maher said regarding the statement by Trump…”move over Jesus”. etc.

      I noticed that you made a comment, but it does not say exactly whom you are speaking to, unless a reference to Cruz (Crud). Regardless, exactly what is your claim to glory?

  3. Ted took the Booing at the Convention for the Bush Family so they would not have to be identified as a major part of the Establishment problem – well Ted that’s what you do when you’re junior man on the totem pole.

  4. Canadian jerk. Go smooch it up with Castro like your father.

  5. What would you have done if Trump called your wife a Cuban whore and your father a co-conspirator in Kennedy’s assassination?

    • That was my point exactly. Even though I never liked Cruz, he did what I would have done. GO after me and I will forgive it…. Once you go after my family… we are done.

    • Cuban whore, the only thing I remember is Trump counter attacking over post of his wife from GQ putting her down as potential first lady, then Cruz said he was not behind post, but that is what he said about Carson post that he was dropping out just before elections, denied he knew anything about it, then it was proven he did know about it and then tried to apologize, a little too late to save Carson, so Cruz is a sleezy politician, plain and simple, plus a lying politician over and over again. And as to mentioning Esquire story over his Father’s picture with Oswald, he said nothing more than point it out. He never said anything else, so get your facts straight.

    • What if it’s true?

  6. It could be that I am a retired U.S. Marine so I view things like honor and respect a little differently, but although I have never really liked Ted Cruz at all, it seems to me that Donald trump left Cruz no out, no way to come back.
    Donald attacked Cruz’s father and even Ted’s wife. Donald did not apologize for that having occurred.
    There were so many ways Trump could have apologized in a way which Cruz could have come back, but he didn’t. Cruz was honor bound to stand with his family. I would have.
    Essentially what many of you here are saying is that “Family” is nothing compared to politics.. You are also saying that “Honor” has no place in the Republican Party.
    From what I have read, Cruz assured Trump that he would not endorse him at the convention, but Trump invited him anyway…
    Cruz, from what I understand, was very up front and was asked to be there anyway.
    In Cruz’s place I would have been honor bound to stand in defense of my family’s honor.
    Perhaps I would likely have chosen not to go, but had I gone I would have kept my honor and that of my family by not endorsing Trump.

    • Gloria Bouillion

      Cruz was unfaithful to his wife, he committed ADULTERY! He took an oath the first Republican debate, he didn’t keep his word. This is why he is hated in the Senate. Any man that can’t his word is not honorable and not worth the nomination. The people have spoken, I’d suggest the losers do just as all the rest of us that didn’t vote for Mr Trump in the primaries! Cruz just committed political suicide! Support the Republican nominee and let’s kick Hillary to the curb. TRUMP/PENCE 2016. Move on America.

      • I will give it to Trump, “It was a great show”, but Gloria, with all due respect, considering the demographics and statistics, there is a very small chance that Trump will be our next President.
        In order to achieve that Trump would have to get the support of every one of the Demographics he has assailed, insulted and attacked. Had he not done that he may have had a chance, but that ship has sailed. For all of the hype around Mr. trump, I am pretty sure he does not have a real chance…. Maybe I am wrong.. Just my view.

        • Wrong. Hillary Clinton will hang herself before this is over. People may not like Trump’s brassy personality, but he speaks the truth of how this nation is going down if we do not stop Hillary.
          I voted for Cruz in the primary, I lost my respect for him when he stabbed Herman Kaine in the back. He knew, or he chose not to check a rumor; before he jumped in and sent out the letters that Herman was withdrawing from the race. Wouldn’the you have checked facts before rumor if that had been your running? I would think a person should have enough common sense to know upfront, to check out something that important. Cruz knew, he went for the throat. I felt betrayed. I started thinking Trump.
          Trump has as much a chance to win the Presidency as Hillary Clinton has, to my thinking more, due to how the Democrats have run us into the ground as a country, since Obama took office and making her Secretary of state. Bad move.
          All I have to say. Other than Republicans, if you want another 8 years of dictatorship by the Democrats, just vote for Cruz, write in a person or stay home. All three will surely GURANTEE her victory. Does not take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Vote Republican, and vote Trump. It’s our only choice, other than having corrupt Hillary Clinton back in the Whitehouse. A disaster.

          • You are 100% right…. I’ll take my chance with Trump. He gave a great speech at the convention and he has a lovely lovely family that has morals and work ethic. It is not a coincidence that ALL of his children are well educated, well spoken, and not afraid to work. They could be do nothings and try to live off daddy, but Trump would never allow that. He taught them from a young age to work for what you want and they have. The democrat convention is going to be a pandering of blacks and latinos, as well as condemning the police officers and praising black lives matters. They priorities are so out of touch and corrupt. I hope America is going to be ready for what Hillary has planned for all of us. It will not be a pretty sight. Hillary will do and say anything to get elected. I trust her as far as I can throw her.

        • I am glad to read your comments and predictions. I keep having this sinking feeling that Trump will do whatever it takes to win. Then will win.

      • Well said.

    • I respect Cruz’s honor, sir. And Thank You for your service. I was, in the beginning, a Cruz supporter, but his campaign was weak. I believe it’s because of the people who ran his campaign. However, I will no longer support him, ever, due to his self-serving and revengeful attendance at the Convention. He should have stayed home. Even if he was prodded by Trump, he should have shown grace by not attending. I’ve no doubt that he succeeded in pulling some votes his way, but, unfortunately, Any vote against Trump at this point is a vote for Hillary. To all those who either vote for Hillary or who do not vote for Trump, you will have no room to whine about the state of our country after November 8.

    • Thank you for having served the U.S. citizens, and immigrants in the Marines. I completely agree with you and appreciate the additional information that I had not seen. I, often, have a tendency to skim too fast when I read. However, I felt that Trump should not have invited Cruz to speak, unless he had intentions to entrap Cruz in a situation, or apologize properly. Looks like Trump had a plan to finish destroying Cruz. Later, Trump said that Cruz did not deny that his father had been involved with Oswald etc.

      I hope that a lot of people read your comments…a great assessment.

    • Was Cruz honor bound when he posted a picture of Mrs. Trump from her modeling career that he pointed to as inappropriate that wasn’t, hmm! How do you explain that Cruz, born in Canada held onto his Canadian birth certificate for 43 years and didn’t renounce it until he decided it was a red flag for a Presidential run! Cruz is a dual citizen whose mother failed to fill out the appropriate form with the local American consulate or embassy in Canada declaring him an American citizen born abroad! Born of the soil of the nation is what the founders considered a natural born citizen except in cases where born on a military base in another country of a father and mother stationed there! Both his parents were on the voter roles in Canada and his father was a Cuban citizen who became a citizen of Canada as did his mother! As a veteran myself I couldn’t support Cruz who supports amnesty, the TPP and other job killing anti-American legislation as well as being funded by Goldman-Sachs the corrupt new world order bank! The man is a backstabber who plays loose as he did with lying about Dr. Carson in Iowa to steal votes from his supporters! Honor, the man has no honor that isn’t self-serving!

  7. Terd Cruz is the lowest piece of crap on the earth. Little coward tried to dish it out to Trump with his publication of Melanias modeling pictures when she was young and so he was hit back likewise. If the throw a Terd it the water, you better be ready for the ripples. So glad he killed his own political career. Just sweep the POS to the wayside and watch it burn in the heat. And he is the phoniest of Christians that ever opened his mouth. Christian–just another lie.

    • It is up to God to pass judgment upon the sincerity of Cruz’s christian behavior. But you might remember, God just might judge you as you have judged Cruz.

      • Yes, God will judge me the same as he will judge you. He sees deeper in the heart than in the mind, yours and mine. Were Terd Cruz’s actions and words Christian? What type of a campaign did he run? Was he honest or lying in his comments about competitors? You’ve evidently forgotten. Like the others who did not appear at the convention…..he didn’t have to go ……I think you know what his intentions were when he went there.. Were they the actions of a Christian? You defended him but you judged me.

        • I did NOT judge you. I pointed out that it is written that we need to be careful, less God Judges you (the person doing the judging of another) as you judge the person whom you speak of. I make it an appoint not to make judgment calls unless I feel that I have sufficient information to uphold my decision. I try not to make the same kind of wording that you have. However, should I have offended you, it was not my intent. Often, when people have reason to be angered at a politician, they really get-down. I will be honest with you, unlike “most” politicians, I actually did not follow Cruz that closely. But I, not unlike many, find that anything that Trump does is mean spirited. There is so much chaos in Trump that it worries even the least loyal Republican. My sincere apologies.

  8. Poor little Teddy, he lost and cannot accept it, so he makes up some excuse over nothing comments over his wife and Father, hardly an excuse to betray America, never mind his pledge he signed to support whoever won, but no, Teddy is all about Teddy, and to hell with America and WE THE PEOPLE.

    • In other words YOU wouldn’t give a damn if someone attacked your wife and father…you would still be their lap dog, right?

      • You forgot what Cruz did to start wife counter attack, he was behind a slam on Melania by posting one of her pictures mocking her as a potential first lady. And what attack on Cruz’s wife, he didn’t say anything other than threaten to release information on her, which he didn’t, and as to his Father, he only referred to his picture in Enquirer, he didn’t claim anything, so get your facts straight, stop being a lap dog believing the lame stream media, do your research.

        • You keep repeating the Trump narrative that Cruz and not the super-pac with whom Cruz had no contact, put out the meme on Melania. GQ and whoever bought the rights to her nude photos were open to the public domain…it’s not like it was going to remain a secret that the potential First “Lady” was a former nude model. You need to read ALL the articles put out by ALL sources which clearly show Trump pushing the narrative that Cruz’s father was complicit in murder…how about YOU do your research. Trump was correct about you people …he COULD “shoot somebody in the middle of 5th Avenue” and you would STILL vote for him. Jim Jones had those type of followers also.

      • Is that all you have to contribute? Do you only have one string on your broke down guitar? Your argument is not that wise or awe inspiring. You assume that because you would not forgive him that others would not, but that is not the case. As I said in another post, I would forgive him after I kicked his a…s!

        • I was asking free-stream…in case he didn’t get it. It might be only one string and one tune…but if it rings true…people will listen to it over and over again. But let’s be real here, we’re not talking about your everyday generic political attack against an opponent (you notice it never bothered Cruz to be personally attacked) but we’re talking about pushing the narrative that your father was complicit in the most horrific crime of the past century. The would be like tying someone to John Wilkes Booth in LIncoln’s time…can you imagine the hate directed at such a person from the idiots who would believe it. If you could endorse him after he did that to your father, you are obviously a better Christian than I am.

          • I actually respect your viewpoints, but I am not as idealistic as you seem to be. Cruz was my first choice, even though I never thought he could win the general election, because the country has shifted so far to the left. But his stated political views are very close to mine in most respects. But there were issues in Cruz’s campaign that led me to believe that all was not what it seemed, and he was not as squeaky clean as he presented himself to be. In other words, a typical politician. That is my opinion. I only switched to Trump when it become clear he was going to lose after Indiana. I am not going to vote for Hillary, or a third party candidate, that will help get her elected.

            I don’t think Trump will do as great of a job as his most fervent supporters think, but I also don’t think he is the demon that others portray him to be. I believe that he is patriotic and against the globalist agenda, which will enslave us all one day if it is not reversed.

            He does suffer from “foot in mouth” disease, and if anything costs him the election against Hillary, it will be his big mouth, in my opinion.

            Regarding Cruz’s father: the photos(s) are of Oswald and Cruz? handing out leaflets in New Orleans. This in no way suggests that Cruz’s father was part of the assassination. The assassination is much more complex than that simplistic assumption. And I agree with the majority of Americans that believe that our government covered up a conspiracy to assassinate Kennedy. Oswald may have been part of the assassination team, or he may have been a patsy. Trump never said that Cruz’s father helped assassinate Kennedy with Oswald. The significance of Oswald’s summer in New Orleans handing out leaflets is quite interesting to Kennedy researchers, and I would encourage you to read about the subject.

        • Richard Long ! Speaking of non inspirational shallow depth of thought, and truly short sighted-ness The arguments you put forth do not pass the stink test . Dam you are the presumptive nominee; for the position of the epitome of the ill-informed and truly
          ill-educated Trump BOT’s . At the very least; My friend Barrustio has single broken string on his Guitar . You on the other hand play the trump skin flute. And the only tune with which you play on it. Is LIE,LIE, LIE, AND GIVE ME SOME MORE TRUMP LIE JUICE.

          • “the Trump skin flute” Sheesh! And who do you think you are going to convince with that argument? Seriously!? Even if you don’t agree with me, you might want to use a bit more reason and logic rather than make statements about the “Trump skin flute”.
            But suit yourself.

  9. Yea, booed for implying the individuals (some no doubt think they were human) in attendance even have a conscience.

    • Yea, I think you have something there. The comment, “conscience” really was a complement that was givien that many did not deserve.

  10. You can’t break a pledge he claims to be a Bible believing Christian and he openly broke it.

    • I would never endorse someone who trashed my family, or my spouse. Whether, Cruz had something printed about Trump’s wife or not, who knows….It is best to only believe what you see or know, then remember even eye witness are about 60% accurate. The Don, is crude, rude and uncouth, at best. He is so mean spirited, and pushes his way regarding every thing. I will say this, if he is going to be Pres. it is going to be exciting seeing him get done, all he says he will, especially, with WHAT he claims he can do. We will see how good he is on “his pledges”. Don’t you think that one, due to extreme circumstances, has the right to change his plans. Cruz was a lot nicer to Trump than I would have been. Anyway, his pledge, no doubt, came before Trump trashed his family. This should be a lesson for all politicians, to never make a commitment regarding what you will do, until you find out what the other guy is going to do to or for you. Your reference to Cruz’s being a Bible believing Christian, as to what should cause him to keep his commitment, to Trump…….just remember this Trump really isn’t God.

      • Practice the following words, “Congratulations, Mr. Trump, on your election to the Office of President of the United States.” I would recommend you stand in front of a mirror and do this. It will help you accept the inevitable.

        • Mr. Trump “I alone can fix it” . BS . The Gotham City Convention pathetic, fascist hate, negative insanity wall to wall.

          • Pound sand, wail, and gnash your teeth, it will all be in vain. Trump-Pence 2016!

          • If that happens then the country has as its majority, ignorance. You are not ignorant obviously so why support what will destroy the body? The attempt to mind bend, i.e. ‘father’ 70-80 times at the convention as one example , is platen and the acceptance and ingesting of hate, fear and lies by the obvious bozo crowd was obscene to rational people. Rudy showed us that his insanity has reached a clinical stage. Carson obviously removed his own brain and morals. I was a republican voter from ’72 -’00 and then the obvious coup, its child 9/11 and ‘Patriot Act'(word play) lead me to abandoning that. I’m in Indiana, Pence was my congressman he is a neo fascist and if you elect T “Mad Mike” will be in charge; the Cheney deal again…third time our party has pulled this ‘pony/ dog’ swap . I’m fortunate to have a small apartment outside the country if your prediction is correct I have decided to leave stupid and regressive behind .

          • So what you’re saying is you prefer Killary Rotten Benghazi Clinton. There are only two real choices: Mr. Trump or the Wicked Witch of the East.

          • “As Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens’s mother, I am writing to object to any mention of his name and death in Benghazi, Libya, by Donald Trump’s campaign and the Republican Party,” Mary Commanday said in a letter-to-the-editor published in the New York TimesThe mother of the late U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens—who was killed in the 2012 attack on the U.S. diplomatic compound and CIA annex in Benghazi, Libya—has called for an “immediate and permanent stop” to the use of her son’s name by GOP leaders and Donald Trump in his presidential campaign, calling the practice “opportunistic and cynical.”

          • I don’t care what Stevens’ mother said, she wasn’t the one who lost her life because of the Obama Administration and Killary Rotten Benghazi Clinton in particular!

    • Christ like pledges- heal the sick, put your swords(tongues, guns, thots, weapons), away; love your neighbors; feed the poor and give them your shirt as well; judge not; /just a few liberal, oops, a few moral pledges.
      Psalms 52:Trump.

  11. I have been telling people to do their research, and vote their conscience for a couple of years now…

    I had no idea that I too was not on board with conservative values…

    I think this entire article is off based, Cruz was not serving out “Revenge.” I also think the last paragraph of this article sumized things wrong.

    People ARE saying Cruz should have endorsed Trump.

    People ARE demanding that Cruz forgive and forget…

    I will vote my Conscience and it is anybody but Hillary.

  12. I thought Cruz was a spineless weasel, I see now that he’s a patriot with conscience. He was not afraid to say, stop, think about what your thinking about doing to the country, yet another Paul Revere style warning; “DANGER ! DANGER ! Will Robinson.” If I were Ted I would create a product line for market release November 2017…”ted CRUZ’S I Told You So ANAL LUBE”. Thanks Ted for swimming up stream for lifting a big middle finger to the neo fascist Godfather “The Don” and his corn pone personal rights grabbin’ sidekick.

  13. Cruz has shown was a petty person he is — he has his priorities totally screwed up — he’s putting a personal vendetta WAY ahead of the best interests of the country. Thank God we didn’t elect him! He’s only succeeded in one thing — ending his political career. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

  14. All I see when I look at Cruz is a corporate sell out . He puts corporations before we the people. But , them again so do 99% of the politicians today.

    • They try to tell us ‘we must name SCOTUS’ because of… (fill in the moral issue blank. It truly is to seat judges who will bolster big business and billionaires instead of the constitution.

  15. Cruz should never have been a factor in a presidential race. Since he was a natural born Canadian, he was not even eligible to run. It takes more than an American mother and a Cuban father to be eligible to be president.

  16. I considered Cruz but when you pay attention to him he’s not a very forgiving man. Trump tried reaching out to him and Cruz chose to be heartless . Trump has had hundreds of insult on him. Small hand/ racist /hitler/ heathen / media twisted everything he said. Trump’s still going. Cruz needs to forget his self and fight for Americans. He really did look bad .forgive so you can be forgiven.

  17. Poor, pathetic, thin skinned half breed moron Ted. He didn’t have trouble dishing it out and lying to try to nab the candidacy but he can’t let go of what amounts to be the beginnings of a long and arduous road to the White House. He has shown his true colors and will now have to suffer the consequences for his actions. When Trump gets sworn in Cruz will have NO political career left. He’d better get himself a face mask to protect his stupid face from all the doors that will be slammed on it going forward.

  18. Michael Dennewitz

    Funny, how when backed into a corner, one’s “true self” comes gushing out. LOL Yes, Mr Trump erred in what he said, but this is politics, and many others have said MUCH worse. If cruz was the “man” he professes to be, he would have blown it off and gone on.. Now? Now he has made an ass of himself, besides breaking the “written promise” he made to support whomever was nominated! Sure wouldn’t want to count on any promise from this crybaby!! ?

  19. People who give their word, and then don’t keep it are not reliable, trustworthy,and the reason so many in our congress are despicable.. They promise to do what they know their constituents ask of them to get elected. But then they do not keep their promise.. They certainly do not deserve the life long retirement for serving for just one term.. That is one huge waste of tax dollars.. A person has to serve a twenty year term in the armed services to get a pension for life..

  20. Apparently Cruz didn’t try to stop his father and wife from claiming he deserved the nomination because he had mystical endorsements from God.

    Maybe Cruz will pick up on the meaning of “United” in “U.S.” He is, after all, a new all-American citizen, for about 2 years now. In the meantime, he should hone his friendship skills.

    • In other words YOUR friendship skills are so developed, that you would go sucking up to someone who attacked your father and your family, eh?

      • Cruz did not honor his pledge for reasons that seem specious to me. He discarded the opportunity of a lifetime to rally for Unity in the ranks.

        Scrapping that goes on in the primaries is usually rough and it’s usually overlooked in the end, not dug up and used as an excuse later.

        • The pledge was to support the nominee, not endorse him. There are others (in case you hadn’t noticed) who also have not endorsed him. Cruz has already stated that he will NOT vote for Hillary. As far as I’m concerned that is more support than Trump deserves.

          You would be more convincing if you had responded to my question. Would YOU go sucking up to someone who had accused your father of being complicit in the worst crime of the past century and attacked your wife/husband? Asking someone to do what one themselves would not do, is at the very least, hypocritical.

          • What Cruz said was dismissive of the majority of Republicans who overwhelmingly voted Trump as nominee. And he didn’t say whether he’d write himself in, did he?

            His statement revealed his petty vindictiveness. And he was quite selfish to put his future ambitions above the express wishes of his new countrymen.

          • You accuse Ted of vindictiveness for simply not endorsing Trump who has repeatedly said he doesn’t need endorsements and that if Ted gave it…he would refuse it. Now THAT is petty.

            I couldn’t help but notice that you also conveniently dodged my question regarding whether you would go sucking up to somebody who accused your father of murder. WOULD YOU? A simple yes or no usually suffices from a “sound mind”.

          • If you refer to the first paragraph of this article, you’ll notice Cruz admit that he let personal comments and feelings determine the outcome of his decision.

            Like I said, he missed a great opportunity, and that’s not what I call good leadership.

          • You again not so deftly dodged my question. “Let he among you who is without sin cast the first stone”. Of course personal comments and feelings determine decisions.

            So I ask you again…in his position, would YOU go sucking up to someone who accused your father of murder and demeaned your wife/husband and call it …leadership? If you can’t answer with a yes, then you are a hypocrite for expecting someone else to do what you yourself would not do.

          • No, I won’t let you pigeonhole me for a one word answer.
            I will say that I take my cue from:

            The discretion of a man deferreth his anger; and it is his glory to pass over a transgression. ~Proverbs 19:11

          • Just as I thought…not a SINGLE person has been able to say they would do differently. Using a quote by which you are not willing to abide is pointless. You are still asking someone else to do what you yourself wouldn’t do. Kinda like expecting everybody else to walk point all the time.

          • I would do differently. I would forgive him— after I kicked his a….s!

          • Heheheh…and I’m sure Cruz could but then he would be hammered for abusing the elderly.

          • I can understand why others did not answer your question. If you rephrased it to something like:

            Would you be willing to forgive perceived attacks to your (or your family’s) character that occurred during a race, and wish the winner well at the end?

            …then you may have received more positive responses. Mine would be, “Yes.”

          • In other words sugar-coat in order to make the truth more palatable for those not able to accept reality, eh? “perceived attacks” (are you serious?) He accused his father of being complicit in MURDER. I’m a realist…I believe that is the only way to phrase it so people might be able to relate to walking in Cruz’s shoes.

          • No, you and I use language differently, I don’t use your “suck” verb to describe interpersonal relationships… except between a baby and his mom at feeding time.

          • You are correct that we use different language because as I said…I’m a realist…and ANYBODY who endorsed Trump after what he did to Cruz would be nothing but a “suck up”.

          • Others have not endorsed him like Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush. Wow, Cruz is just like those 2 RINO losers!

          • The fact that they are RINOS is not license to malign them or their family like accusing George Bush of being responsible for 911. There are just too many things that Trump, who because of his wealth, is accustomed to being brash and arrogant, with no consideration given to burning bridges, has said, that are just unforgivable to people of principles.

  21. Cruz buried himself, with a bit of his integrity somewhat intact (not holding to your word, sore looser, etc.) but he’s now in the process of talking down the candidate that the PEOPLE overwhelmingly have chosen (I didn’t vote for him but now back him as candidate). Keeping his personal integrity intact is wonderful & the correct thing to do, just as with Erickson, Kristol, et al, but if they now can’t man up, bite their tongues, hold their nose & vote for him just as these guys & establishment GOP has been telling US for the last 20+ years and KEEP HILLARY OUT then the outcome is going to be on their shoulders whether it’s a close race or a landslide. These guys know the ropes, the tricks and have MAJOR media to voice opinions & support, etc. so they should be supportive of the platform, of the process, of the choice having been made if not the personality of the candidate.
    A vote other than Trump is for Hillary.
    Stay home & the non-vote counts pro-Hillary.
    No Trump, we get a Brave New World – Scotus, POTUS, ruling by fiat. We are going to be in the biggest world war in our history AND it’s going to flow on to our soil!

  22. Cruz contacted the DNC to alert them to an alleged, unnamed delegate who was threatened by Trumpers. This info is per Wikileaks. Like the “Rubio says Bible doesn’t have answers” lie he and his dad perpetrated. He is a smug ideologue like Obama, just at the other end of the spectrum.

  23. Cruz sounded like. appeared as, and stood like a Cuban communist in all his ways! His ways sure did not represent Democracy!

  24. Cruz has been saying from day one that Trump was destined for failure.
    Why cant he just swallow his pride already?
    He’s mad about what Trump did against Heidi and his dad, but he forgets he fired the first shot putting up that picture of Melania Trump photo shoot.
    He should have endorsed!
    Trump for president!

    • And Melania’s photo shoot didn’t exactly insult her image. She is a gorgeous woman with a photo shot that shows her more clothed than much of what is published today. Trump for president and Melania for First Lady! We need a lady in the White House again!

  25. From “trusTed” to “toasTed” in his failure to keep his pledge to support the GOP nominee.

  26. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    Cruz if you can’t take that then you need to get out and go back to your law practice cause you’ve made a fool of youR self not TRUMP.

    • As the saying goes “If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen”. Do you imagine that poor, sensitive Ted fail to recognize the fervor in a Presidential run? Can you image it? Or did he just see a window for himself and didn’t think it through to anticipate how it could backfire? Go Trump 2016!

  27. He out smarted him self. He has no honor!

  28. All I have to say is: Thank You God for letting Cruz and while I’m at it, Kucinich, expose themselves before they were elected to any higher offices. Imagine a Elected official holding some of the highest offices in the world taking an attitude based on personal feelings rather than the good of the people or country. Chit, we already have that in Obama. Everyone everyday deals in politics at some level no matter your profession. The one’s who stomp off to the lunch room, out of the office or off the Manufacturing Floor are not really part of the team and natural selection insures they have reached their level of incompetence.

  29. Some may have found fault with Cruz’s speechs, certainly the shallow minded ,,narrow minded an single deminsional thinking individuals had. What they themselves failed to grasp is the courage honor, dignity with much grace, Cruz had presented the nation. For had Cruz stayed home like many other cowards in the republican party. Cruz would then have been labeled like Jeb Bush, John Kasich ,,John McCain. That was not in Cruz’s heart to betray the entire party. Hence Cruz’s congratulations To Trumpertantrum, as well his Cruz’s words . He would not vote for Hillary . Like many other coward rino bastards. No instead Cruz asked, That we not stay home, That we vote our conscious. Up am down the republican ballet for those we know to be Constitutional Conservatives . Who will up hold the Party principles an platform . That platform by the way with which Donald Trump had much input on .If Trump loses Trump supporters . Will be directly to blame for dividing the party even further. After all I like many other staunch Cruz supporters Would have followed Cruz’s lead an voted our Conscience an in all likelihood would have Voted against Hitlery an voted For Trump. Now though thousands maybe even a couple of million of Us Have reconsidered ,an might even vote third Party. Why Rather easy question to answer . For what reason would we have to support . Those who have an are supporters of Trump an his rude obtuse ignorant Fools . I for one in no way in hell wish to be afiliated . With Lying ignorant Fools . Yes as much as I dislike liberal Gary Johnson. He is a far better alternative To Hitlery maybe even Trump. Johnson is now polling at 13% across this nation 2,More percentage points an he shall be in the debates. Giving the nation a true an deeply needed alternative.

    • You need to improve your written skills and your vocabulary before you come out and call ME names! “the shallow minded ,,narrow minded an single deminsional thinking individuals had”. I, respectfully, beg to disagree Peatro.

  30. I must be missing something about conservatives. They keep talking about “integrity” in this case and about some “principle” by some who attempted to defend Kasich’s absence from the convention. They gave their word and pledged to support the eventual winner but chose to, in effect, help the HRC campaign. Go figure! The real laugh, in my view, is the thought that Cruz may run in 2020 – fat chance. Besides what makes these principled conservatives so sure that there will be a credible election in 2020 if Clinton wins this Nov? For the record, I voted for Cruz in my state primary and consider myself (or, at least did) a conservative. Cruz has lost my vote.

  31. Did Trump attack Heidi Cruz?….All I remember is a picture of either a very angry or depressed Heidi was sent. A spoke person (Katrina?) on fox new stated that Heidi was a member of the CFR and she wrote for them the North American OPEN BORDERS policy. Trump did point a picture by the National Enquirer of what thought to be senior Cruz with Harvey Oswald before Kennedy was killed…..I thought that was interesting….My thinking was the busted invasion of Cuba could have something to do with the meeting if that was really Ted Cruz father.

    AGAIN TED (TrusTed) is either lying about attacking or deceiving the media and the pubic of the actual truth.

    It was Ted again that used the ruses to not support Trump..for own personal gain…eyes to 2020

  32. cruz once again showed the voters what a piece of shit he really is, his word is no better than killary’s he is an insider and he thinks that everyone will forget by the time he has a chance to run again but people like me are stock piling dirt of this SOB And will deliver it when necessary!!! he has never applied for Citizenship in the USA he was born a Canadian to two Canadian parents as his mother had to give up her USA Citizenship when she became a Canadian because at the time Canada did not recognize dual Citizenship!!! so he is a Canadian by birth and not a US Citizen in any way shape or form and Texas has been SCAMMED by LYIN ted to become a Senator but he will have to answer those questions when election comes up again and has he paid back all of his salary for the last year while he was absent from his JOB running for a Office that he was not qualified to hold?

  33. Cruz is looking to run in 2020? Good luck with that! If Trump wins in 2016 Cruz will be forgotten and if Clinton wins there will be no America left.

    • Exactly. If Cruz is looking to run in 2020, this just shows what an out of touch DC politician he has become, because America as we know it will be over if Hillary wins.

  34. 1) “I am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father,” Cruz told Texas delegates, many of whom were unhappy he’d chosen not to endorse the nominee.

    I would NOT endorse Trump for ANYTHING (not even dog catcher) after the way Trump manipulated, slandered Cruz and other candidates! I may be forced to vote for Trump this November as Hillary is much worse. But I will NOT make phone calls, knock on doors or hand out information on Trump as we normally do during election cycles.

  35. Tuition + Intuition

    Cruz exposed himself as the egotist he is. He doesn’t play well with others,….and probably never has. I consider him a very strange and dangerous man.

  36. Paul Revere warning us of danger, Ted’s not weak and spineless after all.

  37. Cruz is a sorry excuse for a representative of the Republican Party. In my opinion Mr. Cruz has a major problem with his integrity, obviously he needs to join the democrat party so he can be obviously, amongst a group of people that would rather climb a tree to tell a lie then stand on the ground and tell the truth. In my opinion Mr. Cruz should be removed because he has a major problem telling the truth.
    Robert Bennett

  38. If he had behaved himself, he might have gotten a Supreme Court seat where he would have done immeasurable good for us all. Instead he had a Cuban tantrum.

  39. I have read many of the comments as a summary of the points of view.I wish that our modern candidates had a clue about the ethics of rhetoric. It is our loss that none of them were exposed to the finest speeches through
    the history of speech making in Western Civilization.
    Even a study of the Lincoln-Douglas Debate, as was done in Richard Weaver’s “Ethics of Rhetoric” would have been an education worth having.

  40. The real question is? Can Trump become the bigger man and unite the party?

  41. Cruz is only honorable one who bravely put his career on the line to follow the RIGHT path.
    All others drank the Trump spiked Koolade and grabbed the coattails of the Demagogue Narcissist vindictive candidate.
    GOP has nominated the wrong candidate too many times for me to believe them. The RINOS have thumbed their noses at the Grassroot Voters too many times and lost the election because of it.
    The last 2 elections proves ” IT’s a LIE ” that voting for the least objectionable candidate will keep the worst candidate out of office. Obama won and my vote for GOP was wasted.
    I will not fall for that deception again. I will not vote for Clinton or Trump who is the GOP version of “Papa Doc” or maybe The Kingfish Huey .
    If given the option on the ballot Ill vote

  42. I was about to get my head around voting for Trump, then he ragged on Cruz the next day with all sort of Crap. I’m back at square one with Trump and an apology to Cruz, His wife and dad may bring me back on board!!

    • Ummm! The Cruz ship has sailed my dear. Only one way to go unless you want to see another Clinton White House.
      Why should Trump apologize? It’s politics not a High School clique. Grow up!

      • KK-I might get beat up or worse, but if you or Trump INSULTED my wife and Father like that I would do everything in my power to knock someone on their @$$. I’ve been around a long time and if you don’t consider that an insult, only politics, our values have gone to the dogs with the newer generations. Politics– I’ve never seen such disgraceful crap and then expect you to kiss the ring. It aint happening and I would think poorly of Cruz if He did kiss the ring.

        • So many erroneous assumptions in your post
          1) you claim to be familiar with my values, you don’t know me at all.
          2) you surmise my age and you are wrong.
          3) I posted to you in a respectful way and you reply with vulgar language and threats of violence
          4) the only ring I would ever kiss is the one on the pope in the Vatican.
          5)I’ve been around a long time too, long enough to know you are really not a very nice person Gary (or whoever you are)

          • KK-When your original arguments are squashed, you have only one defense—swamp someone with stupid details that have nothing to do with the subject—typical democrat-wannabe conservative that hasn’t a clue about Conservatism!!

          • I just have to delete user when a person such you invades my life:)
            Poof you’re gone!

  43. Wasted opportunity.
    Cruz could have gracefully but loudly forgiven Trump to his own and GOP’s benefit.

  44. When all is said and done Cruz pulled a lot of nasty stuff and upside he is gone

    • Just another idiotic comment from a Trump bot ass hat. With out any facts to support the most ignorant comment I have yet to have read here.. Trump an Anchor baby that is who an what you are supporting.. Anchor baby Who’s both parents held Alliegence to other nations.

  45. Ted Says…

  46. I still cannot place my finger on it but their is something about Cruz I do not trust, It will come out eventually

  47. Cruz is another HACK for the puppet masters.

  48. Cruz can talk the talk, but does not walk the walk.

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