Court Finds College Guilty of Racist Discrimination…Against White Professor

A Missouri appeals court upheld a jury’s $5 million, punishing verdict against historically-black Harris-Stowe State University, affirming the earlier decision that found the college had engaged in blatant racial discrimination when firing Professor Beverly Wilkins. In a stunning case of “reverse racism” actually being given credence by the courts, the appeals judge sharply rejected the university’s claims – among them, that since Wilkins spoke of teaching for a higher purpose than money, she didn’t really deserve or need the monetary damages!

The original lawsuit was filed by Wilkins, who is white, in 2010. In it, she claims that while she was hired six years before (black) Latisha Smith, she remained stagnant in her position at the university while Smith quickly rose through the ranks. Ultimately, Smith became dean of the university and co-chair of the department, at which time she fired Wilkins as part of “budget layoffs.” The only problem – black teachers with far less seniority were kept on staff while Wilkins was let go.

From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

The lawsuit alleges that Harris-Stowe failed to follow its own policy when the school skipped over several black faculty members and dismissed Wilkins instead.

The lawsuit goes on to say that the entire department was purged of white faculty except one white instructor who was protected by tenure.

Conversely, the only black faculty member fired from the College of Education during the same time was not terminated because of the reduction-in-force policy, but rather because he was found to be a sex offender, the lawsuit says.

To make matters worse, the university immediately hired two new instructors to handle Wilkins’ workload, which wound up costing the college $23,000/year more than it was spending to keep her employed.

“The Board unlawfully terminated Wilkins, not due to her competency or ability, but because of the color of her skin,” the appeals court said in last week’s ruling.

We have to say, it’s refreshing and a little surprising to see that justice is still actually blind occasionally in the American court system. It seems sometimes that every other verdict that comes out of our courts is tinged with some kind of social justice nonsense that has more to do with the judge’s liberal beliefs than it does with any kind of pre-existing law. We’re sure, for that reason, that the mainstream media will do everything it can to ignore this aberration. You wouldn’t want any other judges and juries to get any ideas…

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