County Clerks Choose Faith Over Employment

It’s about to get tough to be a Christian in America, especially if your religious beliefs conflict with your job description. The Supreme Court didn’t just legalize gay marriage last Friday, they put the opposition on notice. The tables have turned, and the LGBT warriors are going to savor every last moment of their revenge. How this will play out, no one can say. But if history is anything to go by, conservatives opposed to gay marriage should prepare for the worst.

Some have decided that they aren’t going to be forced to submit to the new liberal landscape. Consider the case of the Decatur County Clerk Office in Tennessee, where the entire staff of three has turned in their collective resignation. Gwen Pope, Sharon Bell, and Mickey Butler put faith before employment this week and turned in their two week’s notices. The trio claimed that the legalization of gay marriage was incompatible with their religious beliefs, leading them to make the only choice their consciences could allow.

“You don’t want to draw attention to yourself for any reason,” Pope said. “That’s not why we’re doing this. Not doing it in any way to draw attention to us. It’s for the glory of God. He’s going to get all the glory.”

Modest though they may be, the three clerks have become instant conservative sensations. Their bold stance is the first notable act of defiance in the wake of the court’s ruling, and it could very well inspire legions of similarly conflicted Christians to follow suit. Politically-driven judiciary or not, America is a collection of people at the end of the day. And regardless of what five justices have said, Americans are going to do what they feel is right.

Does it make a difference? Won’t Decatur County simply replace these three clerks with a new staff? Of course they will. But at some point, Americans are going to come to an understanding. They are going to realize, en masse, that we have traded one form of discrimination for another. After years of telling us to stop dictating morality, they’ve decided that it’s no longer socially or legally acceptable to oppose gay marriage.

Bold Conviction

This isn’t about gay marriage. This is about protecting the liberty given to us by God and enshrined in this nation’s founding document. Religious freedom was a significant part of America’s origins, whether or not they still mention that in the textbooks. Today, though, “religious freedom” has become a dirty phrase. A code word for bigotry, or so the left would have us believe. They’ve made it clear that any philosophy that comes into conflict with their agenda is to be mocked, scorned, and outlawed.

And so it may be that this is a losing battle. After decades of brainwashing the country’s youth, liberals enjoy the upper hand. Millennials are “open minded” and “progressive,” just waiting for the Boomers to die off so they can change this country into the liberal wonderland they’ve been told to crave.

Regardless, Christians thrive under pressure. At no time is the church stronger than when it is under attack. The ultimate destiny of this country may be irredeemable, but each individual citizen must answer for their own actions. Even in times of crisis, a hero can shine.

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