County Attempts To Secede From Blue State?

Residents of San Bernardino County, California have now approved a ballot measure that would look at whether it is possible for a certain area to separate from the state of California and try to form a new state.

Even with this ballot in place and the approval of both voters and officials achieving separation from California and the creation of a new state would be hard. In fact, it is the first time this has happened since Hawaii in 1959. However, that has not stopped the county east of Los Angeles from trying to do exactly that.

The county has been affected by the increasingly high cost of living and it would require the approval of both the California State Legislature and Congress in order to create its own state. Gaining these are expected to be incredibly hard.

Over the state’s 172-year history there have been more than 2020 attempts for the state to break up into smaller states, however so far those have all been unsuccessful. San Bernardino itself is a 20,000-square-mile county that has around 2 million residents.

The reason they are currently looking at secession is because of the growing number of people in the county that wants to find solutions to the homelessness problem, deal with over-taxation and gain control over crime.

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