Could This Man Be the (Unlikely) Last, Great Hope of the Pro-Life Movement?

Plenty of conservatives were surprised in 2015 to find themselves getting behind Donald Trump. A former Democrat? A celebrity TV host whose love of the fast life was legendary? A known womanizer who spent his life pampering his own ego, filling his own pockets, and essentially being the polar opposite of a conservative Christian? How was THIS guy going to be the savior of the Republican Party?

But ultimately, people came around. They came to see that Trump, whatever his faults might be, could be the mighty warrior that the Republican Party has been lacking since the days of Ronald Reagan. And, as it turned out, they were completely right. Hell, we just read a story today about Trump trying to get his face on Mount Rushmore and while our first reaction was a kind of “of course he wants that” internal grumble, our second reaction was: You know what, that’s not the worst idea. Call us suckers, but the guy has been THAT good.

Point being: You don’t always know where the great men are going to come from. The real changemakers don’t always come in a traditional package.

So when Tucker Carlson suggested Friday that Kanye West is the most “compelling” voice for the pro-life movement these days, we didn’t bat an eye. He could be absolutely right.

“At this moment, the most compelling voice against abortion and Planned Parenthood is not a Republican. The most widely heard Christian evangelist in America is not ordained,” noted Carlson.

“Instead, he is a rapper married to a Kardashian, who by the way, everyone says is crazy,” he continued. “Kanye West is running for President. But that’s not really the headline. The headline is that on core conservative issues, not political issues like legislation before the Congress, but on foundational questions about life and children, and what happens when you die. No one with a national platform has been more honest or sincere or effective than Kanye West has been, maybe in generations. It’s all pretty shocking –  really, talk about an unlikely messenger. But it’s real.”

Carlson said that because Kanye is too famous and too well-respected to be “canceled” in the usual way by the left, media Democrats have taken a different approach: Making the rapper appear as if he is mentally ill and/or outright insane.

“They’re sad. They’re concerned. He’s in trouble,” Carlson said after playing some clips of media Democrats commenting on West’s behavior. “Oh, it’s also fake. The feigned concern, the oily fake empathy, Kanye is vulnerable, right? These people are actually worried, but they’re not worried about Kanye West or his family. They don’t care about them. They’re worried about the threat that West poses to Democratic Party orthodoxy and, therefore, to their power. They don’t say that out loud. They’re liars. So instead, they continue to play the role of psychiatric nurse.”

After playing some more clips, Carlson said: “Kanye West is deeply embarrassing to them, mostly because he is embarrassing to the Democratic Party. Here is someone who should be a Democrat, calling out the most absurd lie that party tells. We care about black lives. That’s why we want more abortion clinics in black neighborhoods. That’s their position. It is insultingly stupid, and anyone who thinks about it knows that.

“When you love your kids, you want them to grow up and have children of their own,” Carlson continued. “It’s the main thing you want. But if your most consistent message to your children was please, end your pregnancy. They might start to wonder how you really felt about them. And Kanye West has started to wonder about that and things like that.”

Kanye West is…unconventional, to say the least. We certainly don’t agree with everything he says. He’s controversial, he’s provocative, and he is sometimes downright ridiculous.

Sounds, actually, like someone else we know.

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