Could They Still Take Trump’s Nomination Away?

There’s been plenty of talk in recent weeks about Republicans like Mitt Romney and Bill Kristol trying to find someone who will run as a third-party candidate against Donald Trump, but apparently some Republicans  haven’t given up the hope that Trump could be replaced as the nominee altogether. The NeverTrump movement, indeed, seems to be alive. Not well, perhaps, but alive.

The newest scheme seems to be convincing delegates that they don’t have to vote according to the will of their state’s elections. While the Republican National Committee says that bound delegates must stick to their voters’ decision on the first ballot, others are saying that delegates have the power to do otherwise.

“Multiple lawyers I know have looked at the rules and say that the delegates can unbind themselves,” said conservative blogger Eric Erickson.

RNC Chair Reince Priebus, though, insists that it’s just a fantasy.

“There’s no way around it,” he said last week. “If a delegate is bound to a candidate, even if that delegate decides later, ‘I don’t care, I’m not voting for that person,’ the secretary at the convention will read the roll as if that delegate voted for the person that they’re bound to, period.”

That, according to the Washington Post, has some Republicans considering a full-scale mutiny. There is a plot to encourage delegates to meet off-site in Cleveland and refuse to even attend the convention unless the party allows them to vote however they want. The plan, presumably, would be to come up with an acceptable nominee in the meantime so that the party would be finished with Trump.

So let’s say, by some miracle, these rogue delegates manage to pull this off. They go through all their rule-writing shenanigans and come out on the other side with nominee John Kasich (or whomever). Do they think the voters are just going to shrug and say, Welp, it’s their party, guess we can’t do nuthin about it…

Come on.

Sure, the delegates can probably pull this off if they really wanted to, but it would mean the end of the Republican Party. It would certainly mean the election of Hillary Clinton.

Probably, though, this is all just talk. No doubt, the convention will be a controversial spectacle to behold, but no one’s taking this nomination away from Trump. The backlash would be historic.

Time to give it up, fellas. You lost. Deal with it.

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