Corporations Distance Themselves From Planned Parenthood

Recognizing that being associated with Planned Parenthood could prove detrimental to their brands, three corporations have officially denied making donations to the controversial abortion organization. Coca-Cola, Xerox, and Ford Motor Company were among 41 corporations who were listed on Planned Parenthood’s site as active donors to the cause. After undercover videos showed Planned Parenthood representatives discussing (in gruesome detail) the sensitive issue of fetal tissue donations, the three major businesses went out of their way to sever ties.

After Planned Parenthood was asked to remove these names from their website, they went ahead and removed all the names. Now the page that previously listed corporate sponsors shows only a message asking donors to check if their employers match employee contributions.

Following accusations that Planned Parenthood could be making an illegal profit from the sale of fetal tissue, Republican lawmakers have begun looking into possibly stripping the organization of its federal funding. Under the Hyde Amendment, taxpayer money cannot go directly to the funding of abortion. Even so, Planned Parenthood gets millions in federal dollars each year. Supposedly, none of this money goes to the abortion side of their business model. Republicans like Senator Rand Paul want to make sure they get nothing at all.

A Shift in the Wind

It’s been a long time since abortion was in the national spotlight. Liberals have won this fight so decisively that America’s considerable pro-life population barely registers a blip on the mainstream radar. Those who oppose abortion are seen as religious crazies, hanging out in front of clinics with fake blood and disturbing posters.

In reality, America is not nearly as pro-abortion as you would think from watching the news. Millions of regular, everyday people find the practice abhorrent and it continues to send single-issue voters to the polls every presidential election. The feminist wing of the Democratic Party is loathe to acknowledge this reality, preferring instead to see abortion as a women’s healthcare issue. Opponents, they insist, subsist only of patriarchal Republicans who want to keep women subservient.

But these videos from inside the belly of the beast could finally raise the abortion debate back to the spotlight. Contrary to what many feminists think, the majority of Democratic voters are not frothing liberals. They are union supporters who prefer a strong, centralized federal government. Most of them are just as disgusted when they hear a Planned Parenthood representative talking about carefully crushing a fetus as conservatives. Democrats who defend the organization are therefore taking a big risk. They may find there is more humanity left in America than they thought.

You don’t have to be a Christian to oppose abortion. Nor do you have to be a Republican. You need only be a thinking, feeling human being. And if this country still has enough people who belong to that category, we don’t have to sit idly by and watch a million babies a year go in the garbage can. We can fight for a culture we can be proud of.

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