Convicted Killer Escapes Prison, Kills Family Of Five

A convicted murderer got into a chase and deadly shootout with Texas police Thursday night after authorities say he escaped from a prison bus last month and was named the prime suspect in the slaying of a family of five.

Gonzalo Lopez was serving a life sentence after he was convicted of murder in 2006 for brutally killing a man along the southern border with a pickaxe, according to CBS News. After escaping prison on May 12 near Centerville, Texas, authorities say Lopez killed four minors and one adult at their weekend cabin on Thursday. 

Lopez was on the state’s top 10 most wanted fugitives list, and the search for the murderer ended Thursday night after he reportedly stole a truck from the family he allegedly murdered and got into a shootout with police. “Law enforcement in Atascosa County located the stolen vehicle, disabled it with spike strips, and gunfire ensued,” Texas Department of Criminal Justice spokesman Jason Clark said in a statement. 

Lopez crashed the stolen vehicle after hitting a spike strip and was killed in the ensuing shootout. No officers were injured in the gunfight.

The family of five Lopez was suspected of murdering were found dead in their rural cabin on Thursday after being seen alive earlier in the day. The identities and ages of the victims were not released, but according to CBS, four of those slain were minors, and three were young children.

“Lopez is obviously a killer,” Clark said. “He has a disregard for human life.”

In May, Lopez escaped from a prison bus in Leon County by somehow cutting out of his restraints and proceeding to stab the bus driver. The driver stopped the bus and got out of the vehicle with Lopez when another officer approached. Lopez then got back into the bus and attempted to drive it away, but the officer shot the tires, according to authorities.

Lopez escaped on foot into nearby woods, but no other prisoners escaped.

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), Lopez had tiesto the Mexican Mafia and a long rap sheet of violent behavior. Before his 2006 sentencing for murder, he “was convicted of two counts of aggravated assault and received two eight-year sentences,” ABC 13 wrote

Another Department of Criminal Justice spokesman, Robert Hurst, warned in a press conference just before his death that Lopez was “very dangerous.”

“He’s got a life sentence for a capital murder, where he killed a man with a pickaxe and he’s also gotten an attempted capital murder conviction for shooting a gun at a police officer,” Hurst said.

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  1. If they’d ha exacted him in the first place, the others would still be alive!

  2. Tell that to stupid Biden…… May he be restful that people like him are coming through our borders !!!!

  3. Every news org repeatedly acknowledges this pathetic form of animal. By glorifying him with time and space in peoples lives through media. Making a model to some, and making prisoners of others thru fear. The picture of this human waste posted over and again.

  4. Permissiveness as well as silence is consent. There will always be sick and evil people that will never change. Therefore the logical and responsible thing to do is keep predators off the streets and protect those who can live in peace with their neighbors. This in fact is the point of a society with laws and enforcement of those laws. When certain ideological concepts interfere with that process ie “rule of law”, what remains is anarchy. When leadership shows disdain for the very laws they swear to uphold, the inevitable permissiveness of society at large creates an atmosphere of inaccountability. Much like we are seeing today. A complete and utter disregard for human lives and personal space. A world where only might makes right. He who has the fastest trigger finger takes all. A disastrous breakdown of morality and accountability. You’re now being lead through classism. Us against them. Black against white. Gay against hetro. Left against right. Vaxed against unvaxed. The list is endless. As long as unethical morality killing politicians can keep is divided against each other they can get away with anything unchallenged. I for one will never accept the foolish concept of either you’re a victim or an oppressor and government gets the right to decide which one I am.
    America is further divided I have seen in my 60 years. This socialist woke nonsense is destructive and spends it entire energy on finger pointing and zero on solutions. Simply put it doesn’t work and therefore it’s day in the sun is coming to an end. I can only hope that the American people will learn and remember what has transpired in 2 short years.

    • patrick g connelly

      the democrats will never learn. they drank some sort of delusional koolade. no matter what democrats will vote democrats even if biden killed their whole family. doesnt matter they are insane,

  5. A clear example of the parasites that the Biden/woke administration are allowing into our country.
    Why doesn’t this story make national headlines ?
    What about the innocent family that was murdered?
    Is it because it will press the need to secure our borders which the idiot Washington puppets do not want?
    America wake up. The communist in DC want to disarm us and steal our rights and they refuse to protect the American people.

    • Well said!!

    • It doesn’t make headlines because a Hispanic doesn’t fit the “White Racist/Patriot/Nationalist” narrative. Do you remember the Jewish synogague mass shooting in NYC? That got massive press as white racism until they found out the shooter was a Black Muslim, then nothing but crickets. The story got dropped like a hot potato. Likewise, the Christmas parade rampage by a black nut case driving his truck through the celebrants which killed at least six people including a couple of kids. Where is that story now? These are the people that VP Harris promoted and funded their bails. Read “The Prince” by Machiavelli to find out what the democrats are up to. The book is supposed to be a warning, but the democrats are using it as a ‘How to’.

  6. How many illegal’s come into this country unchecked and continue to commit horrific crimes on a daily bases, but this moronic president still continues to let anybody from anywhere pour into our country. I’d say Biden and his whole incompetent administration are partially to blame for many of the crimes that are taking place in this country, including MURDERS! The man is a fool! And the only reason we are in this war is because of this corrupt Democratic party who rigged the election. I truly believe that had the real president been in the Oval Office Putin would not have gotten away with this! Absolutely shameful! what this fool has done to this country!

  7. Execute convicted murderers immediately, if not sooner…unless there is a shadow of doubt.

    Those that let this disgusting scumbag live and/or get away, should be on trial for accessory to murder.

  8. Why keep people around to feed and cloth and give medical care to when there doing life sentences, A major reason for there crimes is that they know they will be locked up and can probably escape again or at least do a time served as our Lousy spineless bunch of prosecutors dont care if they get out, its all money to them yet the burden of this spineless scumbag murdered at least 6 people and he would have lived out a live sentence of total care on the backs of the US Taxpayer;… I say off with their heads first time, and it wont take long to change the minds of those who know its no longer a gravy train ride, except to a quick and timely horrible death by hanging or firing squad, Why in this country the Good folks the ones who have to take the suffering over”The mentally corrupted”. If their crazy all the more reason to delete them post-haste., IM sick of this whacko shit!!! send them to a speedy death, and those who commit lesser crimes bring back the Public STOCKs used for humiliating these bent bastards in our past history. That will work wonders believe me. I say we vote on it rather than have a bunch of ringer-ed in assholes who will vote for leniency because they worry for their
    own possible future crimes, and or, their own ignored kids that they half ass raised,,Pending to be heathens.

  9. Glad he’s gone. This is the kind of crazy maniac that would kill anytime, anywhere. This is why I remain staunch in my stand to defend myself and my family. Anyone who wants to say otherwise, would you like to be alone with this individual and not be able to do the same?
    Maybe you could convince him to stand down. Right.

  10. Oh noooooo! Biden just lost another vote!

  11. Interesting !!! I guess he wasn’t “picking fruit” or “performing jobs that Americans won’t take”, like the liberals claim ALL illegals do. Too bad those innocent kids had to pay for the laxness of Demorat policy. But then again, I am sure they chalk it up to “post partum abortions” that they do not consider themselves subject to.

  12. Good read…Thanks.

  13. Not mentioned in this article: the escaped convict was armed with an AR-15. It is believed that he stole it from the family he murdered, and that they owned it for self-defense. If they weren’t dead, you could ask them if their guns kept them safe.

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