Conservative Impatience Growing with Paul Ryan on Obamacare Repeal

In an interview with a NY radio station this weekend, former Donald Trump campaign adviser Betsy McCaughey said it was time for Republicans in Congress to get their act together. McCaughey, the former lieutenant governor of New York, told 970 AM host John Catsimatidis that Trump’s supporters were quickly growing impatient.

“Paul Ryan isn’t doing his job,” she said. “If he can’t do his job as Speaker, to hold these Republicans together and get a repeal and replace bill through, somebody else should be Speaker.”

McCaughey said she was concerned that the GOP was going to end up replacing the Affordable Care Act with “Obamacare Lite,” doing little to shrink the size of government and doing little to reverse the damage done by the previous administration.

“Ryan has attached things to his version of the replacement bill that are very unpopular,” she said. “He’s got to get on board with Donald Trump because Donald Trump’s program is popular.”

She said there should be no controversy when it comes to eliminating a law that victimized the majority of Americans for the benefit of a few, and she said a replacement could have positive effects that aren’t even talked about.

“Repealing it would be a huge jobs program,” she said. “There’s going to be more jobs and higher wages.”

Unfortunately, she said, lawmakers were dragging their feet.

“That’s the real problem,” she said. “Congress isn’t acting. The fact is Republicans in Congress are bickering about how to fix Obamacare, how to repeal it and replace it. They’re like firefighters arguing over the best route to the burning house. Just get there and put out the fire.”

Well, what’s the problem?

We can debate that question, but most of this comes down to one, fundamental misconception: That somehow the health insurance industry cannot thrive without the help of the American taxpayer. That unless we have a law forcing hundreds of millions of working people to subsidize these insanely-profitable insurance companies…why, they’ll just dry up and go out of business. Gee, somehow we doubt it.

At this point, we’re starting to get skeptical about these claims that the health insurance industry needs this subsidy or that one to offer affordable plans to people with pre-existing conditions or independent contractors. We have this nagging suspicion that, when the rubber meets the road, these companies will somehow find a way to survive.

These companies do a lot of complaining about Obamacare, but let’s face it: They’re complaining about a law that makes it ILLEGAL for Americans not to buy their product. We have a feeling they aren’t as dissatisfied as they claim, and we have a feeling they have their claws deep within the Republican Party.

And now we have to wait and watch. Were all of those “damn Obamacare straight to hell” messages just a coverup? Just a little game they were playing to keep the base riled up? Is the Republican leadership, in reality, horrified by the prospect of making good on their promises?

The media is spinning this to make it look like Republicans are hesitating because they’re afraid of political blowback. Perhaps.

OR, perhaps they’re hesitating because they aren’t afraid ENOUGH of said blowback.

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  1. Ryan is a RINO!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Paul Ryan, hurry up and repeal Obamacare!!! If you don’t hurry a lot of republicans will be voted out of office.

    • I’m afraid there’s a reason Ryan isn’t moving on this. Eight years they let OBAMA steam roll us. Now with republicans controlled house senate and president THEY HAVE BEEN FOUND OUT! Puppets all of them!

      • There’s a reason why the Health Insurance Industry and the Hospital Corporations were the first 2 groups to come out against repealing the ACA; and it’s the same reason that Republicans don’t have an alternate plan in place and ready to go (after 8 years?!), because they thought they’d be able to keep whipping-up artificial avarice and blaming the Democrats for something that’s working very well for the Big-Money Makers, all around.


          • “To argue with a man who has renounced the use and authority of reason, and whose philosophy consists in holding humanity in contempt, is like administering medicine to the dead, or endeavoring to convert an atheist by scripture.”
            ― Thomas Paine, The American Crisis

    • He might be one of those closet DEMS…………He sure kissed the BO rump often enough….

  3. An old Japanese saying: “It is easy to give and hard to take away.” This socialistic stuff, where people start to get free stuff, and all of a sudden they are OWED free stuff, is going to sink us. Robin Hood was considered noble, but only because he stole from thieves, not from everyone who was doing honest work for a wage. The Communist ideal to take from everyone who has earned something, and give that to people who have earned nothing, and who don’t even want to earn anything on their own, does not rise to the Robin Hood ideal. In fact, it sinks much more to the Sheriff of Nottingham model. It is simple thievery in order to bribe voters. There is little or no ethical principle in our leaders these days, just a question of how to bribe voters. Drain the swamp!!! Republicans claim to uphold the ideals of our nation’s founders, but in reality they prove that they don’t have a clue, or care to get a clue. They talk a lot about conservatism, but somehow they can’t move beyond talk. As for Democrats, they only get to say that they are not hypocrites, just dyed in the wool Communists.

    • You are a misguided soul. Many people have two or three jobs and have no health insurance. You also seem to forget that prior to Obamacare, folks paying into health insurance for many years and suddenly got sick in their older age were suddenly dropped by the insurance companies. Talk about theives. The insurance companies are the theives. They take the money and do not provide what was promised.

      • Yeah, I’m misguided, paying more than four times as much as ever before, now for YOUR health insurance, perhaps. Plus, my deductable is sky high, so I don’t have any effective insurance any more. Also, I’ve been shifted between three different insurance companies this past year. Indeed, please tell me how misguided I am! Insurance companies may be thieves, but so are the socialists, both the ones on top picking our pockets and the ones with their hands out. I hope you’re not one of them. Otherwise, don’t tell me about thieves. I’ve always worked hard for a living.

        • You’re lucky you’ve never been dropped by an insurance company after you had been paying into one all of your life. That is the worst possible case that was fixed by Obamacare. And no. I worked hard all of my life. Now retired but earned my keep and invested my money well.

          • Hmm, do you think I have been shuffled between insurance companies so much recently “for my health”? No, it’s because they have discontinued my plans, and because I’ve needed to use them a bit. If Obamacare fixed anything, it broke many more things, besides installing a government mandate to buy worthless products. Anyway, if you like your Obamacare, then so far you seem able to keep it. Enjoy! I find it to be tyrannical, unaffordably expensive, and next to useless. That makes you the lucky one, I guess.

          • If the Congress had worked with the President, we would have had a great plan for all. But this Repeal and replace taking so long is proof positive they only intended to obstruct rather to do what’s best for Americans.

          • The mooslums & illegals enjoy BOZOcare……They pay nothing and still get all the benefits…….

          • Nothing was fixed you MORON, we are paying for everyone else including our self’s! go whine to someone dumb enough to listen to you!

          • Nothing will get fixed. These that are on Soros payroll are infiltrated all through government. Soros agenda is to bring down our government, through chaos and no money. Obama wasted billions of taxpayer hard earned money with this agenda in mind. HILLARY just lost unaccounted for bucks, as did OBAMA.

          • Screw you ass wipe. You start with the name calling and I will make you feel like a POS that you are.

          • Actually it is the USA LEGAL CITIZENS that are getting screwed……WE THE PEOPLE are paying for the illegals/mooslums that have to pay NOTHING….The ASS WIPES are the illegals and the mooslums……Those aliens are a big pile of bull manure………


          • “A general dissolution of principles and manners will more
            surely overthrow the liberties of America than the whole force of the common
            enemy. While the people are virtuous they cannot be subdued; but when once they
            lose their virtue then will be ready to surrender their liberties to the first
            external or internal invader.” — Samuel Adams

      • Politicians promised not insurance companies. They can’t provide this obuma crap. Another huge failure by Dems and obuma. Republicans refused to vote for any if this sounds cry to your party that got voted out of iffice

      • So, Is that why you want all of us to have the most expensive an crappy insurance possible??

        • We’ve had crappy insurance fir decades. At least now insurance companies can’t drop you if you’ve been paying into the system for 60 years and then get dropped when they become ill. I’ve got insurance for life, but I am compassionate for other folks who are being exploited by the health care market. If the administration would do anything positive, they would help put a lid on runaway health care costs which are twice the rate of the CPI and stop thinking about campaign contributions.

          • You may be missing something since you have insurance for life. My wife has lost her insurance twice and her doctors, these providers just drop out of the plan and your gone! In some states were down to one or two providers our costs have doubled and out of pocket is ridiculous. Wish you were on the plan you might see it differant!

          • Obama care has broken our nation. The job is to fix. GO PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP.


          • Wouldn’t you like to have insurance for life?

          • Certainly that is part of the agenda. Ryan and obstructionists are working against we the people and our PRESIDENT DOES TRUMP. We have work the must get done. They play games on Soros payroll.


          • Shame that it happens that way

          • I think you’ll find out that Trump only works for himself. My former dentist, since retired, is a staunch conservative. He was an excellent dentist. Didn’t rip off people and always cared for his patients. Even after he retired, he would call in to see which patients were in that day. We were good friends but have since lost touch as I moved out of he area. Long story short, he knew the Trumps growing up. He liked everyone in that family except for that Donald. Plain disliked him. He told me that Trump was petulant and acted like a little kid.

          • Heard the same about CLINTONS. People I know who have known PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP for a long time, and those who have worked for him like him immensely. I like his strength determination and vision for America and how he is attacking diligently the issues facing we the people today. He is s great statesman. Far and above the other contenders, republicans and the flawed incompetent incapable unfit inept convuluted con HILLARY.
            That’s my opinion.

          • Ask *, your talking to a Troll. I just have not fingered out just how Big a Troll.

          • Thanks! PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP gave a great address!!
            Thought they were going to have to take NANCY PELOSI out, I thought she died during president speech. Guess shes just barely alive. Too weak to stand for Americans. Need to put her out to pasture. Ruthie G. not there. She must have been out in the car snoring. GO PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP

          • Yes it was.
            I think that palacey and the rest of the Dims. were sitting on their hands so that they could make sure that their mouths were kept SHUT!!
            Oh, Yes. It is a Troll. I found that I blocked IT a while Back.

          • Don’t know your dentist. My family, a family of doctors, we are overwhelmingly in support of our PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP.

        • Interesting Arizona, John McCains state 120% increase in Obamas care. Under the watchful eye of the golden showers boy. Kate Brown of Oregon took money earmarked for veterans and put it in her general funds. Nice communist. Soros funded, too.


          • The list is long. The big question. Who is on the payroll that Soros is their actual boss.?

          • Arizona is one of the States that are owned by the illegals/mooslums/DEMOrats….

            Oregon has more illegals than Mexifornia now..jihadist camps & Sanction cities…They deal alot in drugs there….Those facts I gathered on google…..

          • Our real threat is shadow government. Obama set up to bring down PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP. Obama and his moles wire tapped–highly illegal, treasonous–this will make Watergate small potatoes. OBAMA GATE is huge! We need to dismantle OBAMA this shadow government and all the moles in government now! HANG OBAMA AND ALL TRAITORS IN OBAMAGATE!!!


        • Hes clueless because he is no doubt an illegal or a mooslum.


      • skiosk, no, we are NOT misguided. We had kids, my husband and I both worked but could NOT afford insurance-one of our children needed urgent surgery, the other hospitalized for a serious illness, and I needed major surgery. We owed our souls to the hospital and paid off the bills a little bit each month. No one subsidized us, no one gave us a free hand out, we did it on our own and we paid all our bills by ourselves. Some are so used to the nanny state because they can’t accept responsibility to take care of themselves. As for being dropped in older age…that’s why Medicare was developed to specifically help the elderly.

        • Medicare is not that helpful for the elderly…….They have lowered our deductible, and pay less for our MEDS……..Medicare seem to be helping themselves……..Would love to see their annual statements about what is going out and what is coming in……..The illegals & mooslums are not having a problem tho……..they get it all for free, and the mooslums do not have to pay any taxes after arriving, for 7 years…..THAT IS A FACT.

          • End all forms of socialized medicine in America: Medicare and Medicaid must be abolished.
            Our Founding Fathers knew real freedom can never exist when one is dependent on the government.
            “I predict future happiness for Americans, if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” ― Thomas Jefferson
            Medicare and Medicaid pay for 67% of the over-inflated Healthcare given in the USA; Medicare and Medicaid are 2 social programs we do not need as a nation. Responsible adults save for their retirement, so that they can carry their own weight; and the way that American’s put old people in Nursing Homes is a true sin: Families should take care of their elders.

            “It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes. A principle which if acted on would save one-half the wars of the world.”
            ― Thomas Jefferson

      • Lib! go to another web-site we do not want to hear your kind! I am sick of paying for insurance for you bums get a job!

        • No one is paying insurance for me scumbag. Get off your f’ing ass you hillbilly and work fir a living. You’re disgusting.

      • Bill is not misguided. He sees it as it is. The truth.

        • That’s funny. We see the truth differently. There is only one truth and I check out things before I believe them.

          • Well we have people who have fought and given their life that you have that right to disagree. That’s why we love America. We do not want government ruling our lives, but to have less control. We have people to be proud of. Like the navy seals wife tonight who was honored. That’s why we are thrilled with our PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP. PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. GOD BLESS THE USA ??

      • More false news from the left. Do you work for CNN or the NYT?

    • Soros is their Santa ?. They are his puppets.



    • I am much more uncomfortable with how my tax dollars are given directly to private companies, without meaningful oversight; that’s the main reason that the Republicans aren’t going to rip that ACA off like a band-aide (I wish they would…).
      That’s such a gravy-train for the Health Insurance/Big-Pharma and Hospital-System Conglomerate gangs that it was the Health Insurance Companies (!) who were the first group to come out against ACA repeal…the same companies that have been putting the screws to the ACA by pulling out while posting record profits and paying their C-Suite people 10-50 million dollars a year.
      The Republicans don’t have an alternate plan in place and ready to go (after 8 years?!), because they thought they’d be able to keep whipping-up artificial avarice and blaming the Democrats for something that’s working very well for the Big-Money Makers, all around.
      Something needs to be done, alright…but I don’t think this is a Left/Right issue, like the Big-Money. Real-Decision Makers would like us to believe.

      • What you say here seems absolutely right. The insurance companies were right in there during the Obamacare negotiations, seeing what they could harvest from it. Meanwhile, businesses can be expected to be greedy, but they can’t force citizens to buy their products (as the government has now done). Of course, they can be dangerous to us in all kinds of other ways, using their resources to corrupt many things. contrary to the wishes of their customers. But while businesses have huge guilt, it is our political leaders who set up the dependency cycle and who force taxpayers to support their corrupt schemes. It is they who have the power, unfortunately, to tell everyone, “This familiar way is now illegal, and everyone has to behave in this other way.” Combine this power with a population that just wants to be fed and entertained by the government, and we’re back to the losing “bread and circuses” political strategy of the Romans. But you are absolutely right. It is now the Republicans in Congress who reinforce the initial betrayal by the Communist Democrats. Drain the swamp!!!!

    • One of the best posts here!

    • During the Depression. The Government hired most of them men in this country, had them work on projects like WPA, CCC, they housed them feed them , most of the pay that they received was sent Hime to the Familys.
      FDR, was asked why the Government did not Feed the People that needed Help.
      He stated that he did not want the People of this country to become dependent on the Government for the THINGS, that they should do and GET for themselves.
      In 1967, Johnson, and the Demorat Congress, did[with my view] just what FDR would not do.
      As a Matter of FACT, Johnson, when he signed the Bill, stated that that should keep the MIGGARS, supporting the Democrats for the next 100 years.
      So Far he is Correct!!!

      • I thought he said 200 years; maybe not. But that was his scheme, and you are exactly right! What a great way to undermine a true democratic republic and start coercing voters to keep you in power! And big-hearted, more honestly liberal people who supposedly love this country keep thinking that this is just a compassionate way to help the downtrodden! Just let the would-be tyrants go a little further with their crazy dependency building, and undermining God, nation, education and ethics, and it will be over. Obama made magnificent strides on all of those fronts. If Hillary were our president today, we would be in extremely desperate straits. Thank God we got a reprieve, and a little reason for renewed hope. America, wake up!

        • He may have. I a not sure of how many years he said. I do know that it was very Racist, that he was also. At that time I was a Newly wed young man with a Wife and two children under the age of 3. Driving Ambulances, 48 on 12 off, to make a Living.
          I did not have the time to waste listening to Politicians.

  4. 2 parrots and a dog

    It was a mistake not to get rid of Ryan as Speaker. He is part of the problem, not the solution.

    • He and his RINO buddies have all sold out!

        • Soros is our enemy and shhould be Deported

          • Arrested and any front group he funds should be shut down.

          • Prison would be a better outcome. He needs to be disempowered and locked away from the world with no outside contact.

          • That would be nice granny. But how do you disempower a $30 Billionaire?
            As he is a Naturalized Citizen, he could be tried for Fomenting Civil Unrest.

          • Funding treasonous acts and anti-American groups makes him at least an accessory to treason.

          • Treason no. There are other crimes that he may be tried for. If we had an AG that wood do it.
            Write Sessions, a letter.

          • You mean the Sessions they have asked to resign……..

          • The same.
            He didn’t do anything wrong. The Democrats are Sh*ting their collective pants over Trumps Election. They have been in power from the time is started School, very likely about as long as you did too. They CAN NOT believe that they are not in control.
            If ryan has any Manhood at all, they will never be again in our Life Time.

          • Knocked out, body bag, and sent to RUSSIA…….They want him BAD….

            I hear that the Mafia still takes consignments……..

          • Ahh, to be 60 again!!!!!!!

          • He became a citizen in 1961 and is now 86 , today I was hearing about Chuck Schumer and Obama going to Russia with plans of hurting Trump , it even had a picture of Schumer with Putin ,, Obama went to school in Moscow and got hooked up with Valerie Jarrott , all Commies , Should all be in Prison ! I am older than Soros by 2 years but much poorer1

          • Russia wants him bad………he is on their “MOST WANTED LIST”………..I hear that once you are in Prison there…… are never heard from again………

          • OG, When the States or the Feds. want someone for ordering a Murder, Big Drug deal, or whatever.
            They don’t go shaking the Bushes for them. They go to prisons. That is where the leaders of all the Big Bad Gangs are.
            They sit in there , three Hots an a Cot, running their Gangs in Complete Safety. They run everything from Prisons. not the streets.

          • True, but that can be changed. There is no reason prisoners should have phone, internet or other communication privileges except written letters by usps mail delivery.

          • Have you ever watched a Show called Lock up?
            You will see what I mean if you do. The Prison Guards[ my youngest son is a Lt. in a Prison] he HATES that term, work night and day to stop it.
            If those that are in prison spent half as much time thinking of ways to get Rich legal they would be Millionairs in a Year. But they rather steal , sell drugs, do whatever the easy way.
            They for the MOST part Are Smarter than the people that keep them in Prison.

          • I’m not familiar with the show, but I believe what you’re saying.
            Even our county jail is a school for inexperienced criminals to learn how to up their game.

          • Arn’y they though.

          • To GITMO!

          • Russia has him on their most wanted list……..

          • 2 parrots and a dog

            And stripped of his US citizenship.

      • 2 parrots and a dog

        I truly hope that Trump will push hard for term limits.

        • He should force the return of power to recall members of Congress to the individual states.

        • Ye s Obama is still there , he is a no Good Muslim and we had it after 8 years , I could not stand the Creep when he was in Chicago as an ACORN agent , but then he was proud that he was not an American !

        • The truth is that I have never seen dumb people like Repubs, TPs and so called supporters who want Obamacare repealed when they don’t have a replacement. In fact, there is no replacement according to experts. The only alternative to Obamacare is to expand Obamacare to cover all Americans-poor or rich; Black or White. So the problem with those dumb people who want to repeal Obama is their intent to kill poor Americans. You remember at GOP Florida 2012 convention when they were asked: “Would you leave a poor Black woman with cancer to die if she does not have health insurance?” In unison these dummies shouted and applauded: “Yes let her die. She should have health insurance.” Is that not stupid thinking? it is. That is why Romney lost the election. Sane people saw Romney as misfit for WH job-he lost. Trump will not go that way. Trump wants all Americans have insurance and this time without out of pocket premiums. I have recommended a sale 0.01 collected at the counter. All money will be collected by IRS. So people will have only one person to deal with-their doctor. Insurance companies will be out of a job. That is why I like Trump-he wants everybody have equal access to medical services. What a day to see that happen. Repubs and TPs must be peeing in their pants..

          • The only ones peeing their pants are the rino’s and the dimocrats. PS there are plans, they just have not been submitted yet.

          • Now – if you’re smart; please suggest a plan on this site how to replace Obamacare; and let people comment on it. You don’t. I have a plan. Expanded Obamacare should be funded by 0.01 sales tax at point of sales except for food. So you rich morons who want to buy expensive SUVs, cars, jets; homes; clothing; cruises etc. will pay more and we the poor will pay nothing as premiums. Nobody will feel the pain of 0.01 tax increase except the top 1% rich.

          • Spoken like a true lock step democrat/socialist.

          • If you were as SMART as you believe that you were, you would have sent it to your Representative.
            Have you?

          • I say repeal it and let it die. Aca is a bad ideal.

          • You seem to be a rattler like TPs and Repubs in Congress. They have no alternative other than expand Obamacare. I watched Canadian TV which claimed that USA Health care system has increased since ACA. In Canada people do not consult their insurance to cover the cost. Republicans are dangerous to American people and Trump should fire them.

          • In Canada, the government pays for every thing.They people pay far more in Tax’s.
            It takes Months to get a Operation or see a Specialist.
            That is why they come down here to get things done.
            If you rather have Health Care like the Canadians or English do.
            You are able to drive to Canada, or Fly to England.

            They may suit you better as you are for a MORE Socialistic, and Communistic, from of MIND.

          • You’re lying again. I watched Canadian channel making fun of us here because of racism in this country. Life-expectancy in Canada is now 15% higher than us here. Sarah Palin takes her kids to Canada for treatment. I told you Repubs and TPs are bringing our country here down.

          • As usual. Your full of Shit.
            Go lookout up. If you can, I know Canadians. I have a Brother that has lived there from the time he went AWOL , to keep from going to Viet Nam.
            We,talk once in a while now [after 53 years] as we have gotten older.
            I have also talked to many Canadians that have came down here to receive treatment have operations for Illness’s that would take a 6 mo. or a year to get up there.
            You Call people names, insult them because you haven’t the Balls to do it to peoples Face.
            This medium gives you courage to do that.
            All you are doing is showing your Ignorance and Cowardness.

          • I believe that President Trump , Spoke to that in his speech to Congress Tuesday Evening.

          • Like The John Wayne Movie…McClintock……….


          • Ya. I met a Lady on time that enjoyed that. Scared Hell out of me.
            Man did that Lady have a Right Cross.

          • 2 parrots and a dog

            First of all, you have no idea what you are talking about and where the true threat lies. I can’t go into every detail because it would take too long, but here goes. This is the condensed version.
            I am a retired surgical RN. I lived through the Hillary HMO disaster and I also helped stop something even worse from happening with several fellow surgical RNs that happened a while later and know other issues that will be a serious problem. You have no idea what effect this will have on the quality of healthcare. I do.
            I won’t get to it all because it would take hours, but let’s begin with Hillary. It is my understanding that she was financially invested with the advent of HMOs which is supposedly why she pushed so hard, but as I have no personal knowledge of that, I can’t prove it but it is a logical motive.
            About one year or slightly less is when the results of HMOs really kicked in. To save money in order to increase profits the HMOs were delaying surgeries for many months. The HMO patients began arriving in the surgical suite at death’s door. At first we (the nurses) we were caught off guard that people who could have had routine major surgery had waited until they were so ill that they had to go to the ICU after surgery. It only took a very short while to figure out what was going on. The surgeons filled us in right away that the HMO carriers wouldn’t allow their surgery and word spread like wildfire through the OR nursing staff. Then the severely ill came pouring in. It was so dire that we would see a person deathly ill coming to the OR for routine surgery and just look at each other and say HMO. We were always right because we were so alarmed that we were checking the charts. This was a private hospital with an all RN surgical staff.
            In the late 90’s another cost saving idea came along form hospitals wanting to cut corners. I was then at a hospital that had an RN and a scrub tech in each room instead of two RNs. A new director with no surgical experience thought she could save the hospital money by having three RNs to sign the paperwork and be legally liable while allowing techs circulate and scrub. We are talking about 20 surgical rooms doing surgery at the same time.These techs were people with no medical background that the hospital wanted us to train. Two examples were a secretary and an instrument washer. There were others. It was so unsafe that we had secret meetings away from work and stopped it with the aid of the Board of Nursing and the State’s Nursing Association lawyer. This had already been unsuccessfully tried in another state first. We stopped it in our state. I acted as the liaison between the nurses and the State Board and another nurse was the liaison with the lawyer, while a third pulled it all together.People would have died as a result of that being implemented. I have no doubt that with the federal government’s involvement things like this would have been pushed using federal regulations.
            This is just scratching the surface. There are many issues and all you fools who are clueless pushing things you know nothing about or the inevitable danger to sick people are inviting the death of thousands and you need to back off. Sooner or later it will be you or your mother or your children in jeopardy. The government has no business getting involved in any way with healthcare. They make a mess of everything they touch and quality of care would plummet. They don’t care about sick people. This is about power and money, not people.

          • What did you say – The government has no business getting involved in any way with Healthcare-This is about power and money not people? Do Health insurance have business getting involved with health care of people? I have dealt with health insurance. They love your money so long as you are not sick. You do not have enough money they will throw you out of hospital. People are dying – they go for heart surgery and insurance dictate they should stay there one day only. I have lost three friends who were smiling and laughing to heart surgery room. Two days later they were dead because they were discharged one day after surgery. I do not trust health insurance. I trust Obamacare than the dumb plan Repubs and TPs are now proposing. I do not think Trump will sign it if he is smart. He will lose re-election if he agrees with Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell etc. They hate Trump; and can’t stand another 4 years with Trump. I am telling Trump to avoid those morons.

          • 2 parrots and a dog

            Exactly where in my comment did I say or suggest that health insurance companies care about people? Nowhere. There is a huge difference between the the insurance companies and the government. Simple laws can fix the insurance company issues. The government creates bigger and far more damaging problems.
            I am the kind of person that enjoys fixing seemingly complex issues in very simple ways in order to help people and save time and money. I spent a several months working on a plan that would fix the health care issues quite easily. The ideas didn’t take very long to come up with, but I had to look at several angles and side issues. I’m retired, but once a nurse, always a nurse.
            I enjoy helping people in a position where they can’t help themselves for a variety of reasons. I’m also a perfectionist. I recently sent bits and pieces of my plans for the new President Trump Veteran Center in the UN building, how to save money running it and how to help our vets the most. It drove me nuts that I had to edit most of it out due to character limits. I like including my rationale and all the details which make a difference. I am filled with great ideas.
            My point is that I don’t plan on going into all my rational and the answers to all the questions that will arise about the healthcare issues. I am behind on some paintings and the weather is perfect today. I will just go into one or two issues ever so slightly so I can finish checking my email, track some packages, and head outside.
            Wasted time: Useless committees to justify jobs and promotion, and excessive paperwork. Both increase costs and take valuable nursing time needed for assessing and caring for patients away. It also causes most floor nurses to stay overtime after their shifts just to finish it which increases overtime pay.
            Tort reform: Reason for excessive paperwork and for lower quality of care which ends up having unskilled people doing the job nurses should be doing because they are swamped with paperwork. Some tasks that unskilled people have taken over were vital for nurses to do since nurses were able to assess patients while doing them, and many I consider dangerous for patients. I had to work light duty for a month and was sent to a floor. It never made sense to me as I have always been a surgical RN. I did see what floor nurses went through and I busied myself talking with patients to see how they were doing, getting them little things to help them, and relaying issues to the nurses. That was prior to Obamacare.
            Paperwork from government interference due to Obamacare has skyrocketed beyond the paperwork to prevent lawsuits. Lawyers were already kept on hospital retainers or hired to be on staff and I wouldn’t be surprised if extra lawyers were needed after Obamacare. The government thrives on nonsense, do nothing, time wasting committees even more than hospitals and companies do.
            Doctors malpractice insurance is so high that to save money, many opt out of writing certain kinds of prescriptions or go on staff at a hospital because the hospital covers the cost of their insurance. The private doctors with limited prescription writing abilities are unable to treat their patients fully. Medical devices costs are extremely high because of insurance rates related to malpractice. Hospitals routinely charge patients double the cost of everything they buy from toilet paper to medical devices. It is one of their largest sources of income.
            Wasted money: Aside from all of the above,administrative people hired to oversee and decide what nurses and other professionals need to do their jobs effectively. Huge waste of money. One example- new surgical beds needed. Old beds were still with crank handles which were causing neck problems for anesthesiologists. Administrator buys two used and outdated voice activated robots at $80,000 apiece that only hold scopes in a hospital filled with surgical residents who learn by holding the scopes.. No new beds.
            President Trump was right on point with his initial plans for health care reform. I read them when he first released them during his campaign and decided not to send in my ideas which were almost identical. There has to be competition across state lines. Not like the fake competition that cable companies have. There must be real competition. The pharmaceutical companies are ripping people off and that must change as soon as possible. We must have meaningful tort reform to really make a difference, yet truly help those who have been harmed. I have ideas for all of that, but not random words in a comment section.
            This isn’t my plan or even a plan. I’m just rambling on about some issues and I haven’t gone into depth about them. This really isn’t very helpful. I still have my organized and logical plan with all the problems and rationale somewhere. It took a long time to write, but the laws needed to fix it were simple. I have no idea where I put if after I saw Trump’s ideas. My point is that the government isn’t the answer and only creates more problems beyond what we are already facing in healthcare and government waste is epic. We have to get them out of healthcare or more people will be harmed. Doctors and nurses need to take an active role when laws are made concerning all aspects of healthcare reform. The more layers of people involved, the less is accomplished, and the more harm is done at the expense of patients. I was disappointed that Ben Carson wasn’t put in charge of that. HUD? Really? What a great opportunity missed.

          • If Trump does not expand Obamacare, he will not be re-elected and therefore will be One-term-President. Those around him are tricking him. Do you trust Ryan, Cruz, McConnell? I don’t. I have suggested to Trump how he fund expanded Obamacare. Let us wait whose idea or suggestions Trump will take – Yours or mine.

          • 2 parrots and a dog

            The answer is neither. President Trump will decide what he thinks is best for the American people. It will will well thought out and he will explain his decision. He is a good and thoughtful man.

          • 2 parrots and a dog

            There is much about health care that you are unaware of. Obamacare should be fully repealed and Congress should pass a handful of simple straightforward laws that would result in better care, lower costs, and dramatically lower health insurance. President Trump was on the right path when he released his plan during his campaign and should have stood by that. The largest mistake is never involving everyday health care professionals who know exactly what the problems are and easy ways to fix them. The government likes to exploit everything they touch to make it look like they are needed when they are the ones in the way and fouling the waters.

          • If Trump wants to lose re-election, let him listen to Paul Ryan and Mitch. These will make sure he is not re-elected with their silly Ryan care. Do they and their families have Ryan care or credit care? No. They do not pay a cent as federal government workers. These are government officials who want to throat you with their stupid care. I have counselled Trump to adopt Canadian or Sweden care. Nobody should pay out of pocket premium. a 0.01 sales tax on all good except food should be able to fund Trump care or Obamacare expanded. This will enable you and your doctor have privacy and being interfered by insurance. Ryan, Mitch want to kill seniors, poor young whites, Blacks and children. Then they will be given campaign money by the insurance companies. Reject their care.

          • 2 parrots and a dog

            No one wants people to die from illness and as long as there is no tort reform, we won’t get real financial relief. I am against their plan to tweak Obamacare. It should be fully repealed, but my reasons are different from yours.

        • Getting them passed may take years…….

          • 2 parrots and a dog

            I agree. They will do anything to retain their power. I think that President Trump is the only person with a true chance to do it, but even with him it may never happen. That’s why I want him to push hard beginning now so the odds are better.

          • You want him to hold their hands or what?
            He is doing everything that he can.
            May be he could get himself a Baseball Bat?

          • 2 parrots and a dog

            Your comment makes no sense to me. How did you make the leap from pressuring Congress to vote for term limits to hand holding? I don’t want him to hold hands. I want him to demand they get their act together and I think he is taking steps in that direction. The corruption that exists because of entrenched corrupt Congressmen is harming our nation. I don’t believe he has done all he can do, but I believe that President Trump has a reason for that and that he has a plan he wants to unfold in a certain way so the effect his plan has will get the best results.

          • 2, He can pressure all he wants.
            They will do as they wish, when they wish.
            Other than Holding their hands and walking them through the Prossess of writing the Law, Voting for the Law, then his signing it. There is no Way that he can get it done.
            I do not think, as long as ryan, and the Old Coot in the Senate are there that they will ever bring it up OR vote on it.
            They would be giving up too much Power if they did.
            Just as you do in your Head n Heart.

          • 2 parrots and a dog

            Not sure what you mean by the last line. Ryan should not be in a leadership position anywhere doing any job. He is intoxicated by power and it shows.

          • The last line infers that you know in your heart and mind.
            If ryan and Mac what ever, along with many of the older, longer in office Congressmen, will NOT bring up ,or Vote for when it is Brought up for a Vote. Any Term Limit Act.
            ryan is a RINO first, Last and ALWAYS.
            He reminds me of Johnson. He was a Snake also.
            I don’t think that ryan has the Balls that Johnson had, but he is close.

          • 2 parrots and a dog

            I couldn’t stand Johnson and I was still a child. I could feel that something was off about him. My brothers felt the same way. Ryan gives me that same feeling.

          • If you really want to find out one of the Big reasons that we are in this mess that we arena. You may want ,to read up on that man, see just how Big an sash was,. See how he was Able to Rise as he did to The Presidency .
            It will give you a lot of insight.

          • 2 parrots and a dog

            Thanks for the tip.

    • He is one of the swamp dweller’s, I don’t trust him he is like Obama.

    • Ryan is kept in office in Wisconsin by massive democrat crossover voting. Democrats love Ryan because they know whose side he is really on. Wisconsin needs to mount a massive get out a conservative voter campaign to overpower the crossovers.

    • Paul Ryan is a RINO! He always has been, but more and more republicans are now starting to realize this.

      • 2 parrots and a dog

        I really don’t think it has been a big secret that Ryan is a RINO. So are many of the other Republicans. It became even clear when so many of the re elected Republicans didn’t keep the promises they made to the American people and continued to fund Obama’s every whim.

      • Sure wish they wore some of Jeff Foxworthy’s “SIGNS”………

  5. Come on Ryan – you had plenty of time to get your act together – Repeal this terrible act and help MAGA.

  6. Send his ass down the road…Maybe he should run as a Dem and get the hell out of the way

  7. Ryan is a typical neocon phony. Whatever the Democrats want, he does. These neocons are also globalists who want a one world govt. And until a few years ago there was no Obamacare and the world was better for it. Why do these neocon phonies pretend, like the Democrats, that without Obamacare or something like it, the country would collapse? Obamacare is just another big govt. ripoff. Get rid of it!!!

  8. Ryan Dances to the NWO Organ Grinder !!
    Should be wearing Johnny’s Bellboy Hat

  9. If republicans had to retire on social security alone they would fix it in a damn hurry! Well it’s the same with Obummercare. The socialist model of free health care will only amount to insanely high taxes to support it. This article is correct, insurance companies will not wither and die for lack of federal subsidy, in fact they will thrive in the capitalist marketplace where they are forced to provide more for less that the other company! IMO employers need to provide in lieu of wages basic health care via paid premiums from the companies that provide the most for less.
    You can’t put lipstick on the Obamacare pig and call it good. We must scrap it and build anew and build it right.

  10. Ryan took money from Soros. what does that tell you? Also Lyndsay Graham and four other prominent politicians.

  11. Repeal obamacare but instead of trying to replace it – do like they did here in Polk county Florida they have. Polk health care supported by a portion of sales tax and run by they county health department; this is a lot better idea then having the federal government trying to do it. When they are involved everything always gets missed up to say the least

  12. Paul Ryan is a gutless wonder!!!

  13. Gregory Sarmas Sr.

    Get Movin or Get Out!

  14. She makes good sense, because Ryan is not the answer for speaker. He is not capable of holding the party together and facing the democrats and what he must do for the people in this country! Do your job or vacate your office Ryan. George Soros is not the answer for this country. Take no money from others to sell out the people of this country. If you do, we will have you in jail, even if We the People have to put you there.

  15. ryan is as big a liar as MccConnell, Clinton, Obama, and McCain

  16. Everyone, stop complaining here – do SOMETHING!!! Contact House 202-225-3121 and contact Senate 202-224-3121 – let your voices be heard by the establishment elites – GET THE JOB DONE NOW, not when you’re good and ready. SUPPORT OUR PRESIDENT’s AGENDA – NOT YOUR OWN.

  17. I am one who is getting sick of waiting I have been dealing with the non affordable care act long enough, Paul Ryan get your head out of your ass or step away I had a feeling this moron would waffle on us!

    • Everyone, stop complaining here – do SOMETHING!!! Contact House 202-225-3121 and contact Senate 202-224-3121 – let your voices be heard by the establishment elites – GET THE JOB DONE NOW, not when you’re good and ready. SUPPORT OUR PRESIDENT’s AGENDA – NOT YOUR OWN

  18. Paul Ryan is nothing but a blowhard RINO, Trojan Horse, who should not only be speaker, but thrown out of the party. What a WIMP.

  19. ryan and the gop talked trash for 8 years how they couldn’t get anything done with dems in control. Funny here we are repubs in control they don’t defend our President against constant attacks from the msm and dems/lids and they still are not accomplishing anything. So one might ask did you think this day would never come, or are you just that worthless you have no plans or spine?

  20. Will this be the smoking gun that Paul Ryan, not only has received GEORGE SCHWARTZ SOROS money, but is actually on the payroll say as OBAMA is? Who else is on that payroll? Let’s find out. Kaisich, Mr. Ohio
    is I’m absolutely sure.

  21. Replace Paul Ryan. No trust there.

  22. To bad those politicians don’t love the USA………Tell them to stop sitting on their brains and start acting like true USA legal citizens…….

  23. 2 parrots and a dog

    I just thought of the perfect way to describe Paul Ryan as Speaker. It’s just like having Eddie Haskell for a hall monitor. If you don’t know who Eddie Haskell is, watch an episode of Leave it to Beaver.

  24. Damn Straight, we’re getting impatient; we’ve given the Republican Party everything they’ve asked for in order for them to repeal Obamacare. First, they said they could defund it if the Republicans controlled the Senate, and so we did that. But they said that they couldn’t, but said that they could not only defund it, but repeal it if only they had the Senate, too, which we gave them. THEN, they claimed that they needed the Presidency as well in order to defund, but also repeal and replace Obamacare, so we not only gave them that, but we gave them Trump.

    Now, they say they cannot repeal it at all, and won’t replace it, for what reason? The MSM doesn’t agree with them, they don’t have a good Supreme Court, the sun rises in the east, their hemorrhoids are acting up, they have to wait for their hangnail to heal, which will take several years before they can see their healthcare provider – are you seeing a pattern here?

    I guess what we need to do, is systematically remove ALL Congressmen who are impeding our goal of R & R Obamacare, and while we’re waiting for that to be done, put ENORMOUS pressure on them to DO THEIR DAMN JOB!

  25. Two words for Ryan: John Boehner.

  26. There is NO plan or intent to repeal! There was a leak today on the plan with which they intend to tweak and replace obamacare, rather that do what most were elected to do: get RID of the monstrosity and get gov’t OUT of our health care altogether!

  27. I do not want to hear any noise about “repair” or “fix” Obamacare. That would be the equivalent of putting a new paint job on an airplane with defective engines; its still not going to fly. Do what you said you would do “if only you had the presidency”; REPEAL and now. As for replace, why is government intruding itself into something it has no constitutional authority to be into to begin with. Again, repeal, repeal repeal.

  28. The biggest problem with politicians is that they spend more time on figuring how not to lose votes and their jobs at the next election, than they do in actually doing the jobs that they ran for, and which we expect them to do!
    They would be surprised at how much importance we give to those elected officials who do what we are paying them to do! If only they would put partisan politics aside and get to work for us! We would certainly reward their efforts by voting to reelect them next time around!

  29. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    It takes time for some thing to be done. You gave Obama all the time he wanted so i think you should hold your horses and give our new PRESIDENT THE TIME HE DESERVES.

  30. The country as a whole would get rid of Ryan but people of Wisconsin are more sympathetic to his BS.

  31. Conservatives had a chance to kick his ass out but as usual they didnt have the nuts. Now Ryan needs to be dragged out of his speaker job and recalled because he will not do his damned job.

  32. if the state of wisconsin had a set, they would impeach or throw out ryan.
    that would send a message to the rinoi/soros sellouts
    get it, ‘songbird’ mccain?

  33. WE THE PATRIOTS have to make it known to Congress that it MUST TELL RINO PAUL RYAN THAT “HE’S FIRED”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Write, Call, Text, go down to your Congressmans Office and Complain to them.
    That may get their Attention. If it does not let them know they WILL be coming up for Election Soon .


  36. lyin’ Ryan will not repeal Obamacare….he is going to leave a lot of obamacare intact. I listened to his interview with Sean Hannity last week and a couple of folks from the Conservative caucus and it appears that ryan is not providing the whole truth, though he claims he is scoring a bill which repleals and replaces obamacare but he’s not sharing it with the GOP or the media. He is an untrustworthy weasel and there is no excuse for the party NOT to repeal Obamacare. We might as well start calling it ryanobamacare.

  37. Ryan will continue to play his game of sounding like a conservative but acting like a democrat. Repeal the damn thing. The government needs to keep it’s hands out of health care altogether. ObamaCare does not need to be replaced by government interference. Let the private sector go back into health care insurance business with some minor oversight. WE DO NOT NEED GOVERNMENT MESSING IT UP AGAIN. WE DO NOT NEED A HEALTH CARE LAW WHATSOEVER.

  38. Face it fellow conservatives, there will be no repeal of Osama Obama health care. The establishment is still in control.

  39. Paul Ryan is just a part of a larger problem.

    The permanent Deep State and the Establishment have been in bed with the Soros funded Hillary-Obama Shadow Government, and even after the election, they are slowrolling everything to wear Trump and his followers down.

    I doubt we will get anything done, until Sessions gets his prosecution on, and takes out the criminals for the RICO Act level crimes that have been used by Congress and Obama to keep the Zombie Obamacare going by diverting funds from Fanny May and Freddy Mac and other parts of the Executive and Alphabet agencies.

    This embezzlement scheme will probably take down more than half the government, The trafficing in guns, drugs, and children by the State Department, Intel agencies and Obama’s shadow Government will take down many more

  40. Yep, all it takes is for one loud woman to stand up in a meeting and yell, time after time, “Obamacare saved my life’, ‘Without Obamacare I’d be dead”, and so on. I’m glad she’s not dead, but my question to her, and people like her is “which Health Care Plans have you purchased’?

    I betcha she, and most of those with her story, have not paid for their own insurance policies and that’s why they are happy with Obamacare. I get to pay for their inability to be responsible for themselves.

    Until I get true data in response to my question, I’m not interested in their pleas; or rather, their ‘demands’, which is what they are.

  41. OK, repealing Obama care, the affordable health car flop can be altered by making medicare available to all americans and could be altered by allowing any one to join medicare. I call it the ‘blendable insurance program. Charge the same cost seniors currently pay for m/c by allowing employers to include all employees at $105.00 and let the insurance CO. sell supplemental ins as retirees pay for whatever plan they chose which would solve both problems. We currently have Medicaid for low income Americans.Retirees often also chose a supplement to cover the 20% that M/C does not pay. Insurance companies can offer ins to any one who decides that they can afford there own care plan. Everybody would have the coverage they can afford and the cost to pay for these coverages would be the preferred plan they can afford yet every one would have Health coverage they chose without braking the federal budget.
    Repeal and replace AHC should be easily made law and everyone would be covered. The Ins Co. would be solvent and profitable. Remove all State restrictions and make all policies coverage universal. Competitive prices would make the coverage affordable no matter where the insured lives or relocates.
    A similiar version is worth considering. Comments would be welcomed

    • Why do you just call for Congress to ADOPT the British Health Care or the Canadian Health Care Plans?
      For that is what you JUST DID!!!!.

  42. Forrest Huck London

    Trump will come up with a plan he will not depend on Ryan I know I am not but it is a big mess pray for The Lord to give President the Light on this mess

  43. Ryan is NWO same as Graham & McConnell. I always wondered how they managed to stay in office. I have now come to believe that NWO has Democrats in their States Voting for them instead of the Democrat Nominee

  44. Ryan Is on the Soros payroll and that’s not good !

  45. Well, they don’t seem to have an actual plan for anything. They had all those years during the Obama administration to come up with something; but they just sat on their behinds and preferred to trash the Affordable Care Act rather than to do anything to alter it. What’s the delay? Can’t these people get their stuff together?

    • There are 8 different proposals. They are working on them now.
      If you do not recognize the problem , you are part of it.

  46. Paul Ryan is just another republican coward who agrees with the democrats. The republicans need to really fight back instead of cowering all of the time to the democrats. Hopefully, Trump will defend the attorney general or the decline of the republicans is just beginning and the democrats will continue to go after republicans.

  47. If the Republicans had not just been giving lip service to their constituents since Obamacare was passed, their plan should have been presented as repeal & replace the first day of the Trump Administration. Had they done that, all this B.S. about Jeff Sessions and Flynn would not have given the progressives the chance to create this false narrative about Russian influence. These guys have just been drawing their paychecks and benefits from supporters and lobbyists and are the real cause of the Administration’s problems today.

  48. The GOP still doesn’t get it! I’m an Independent, and I search all candidates for the best one, imo, for a position. But the GOP is still a RELIGION, same as the DEMS. Their motto is “Believe in the Party”, instead of “Believe in America”.

    The voting process might make a big dent in both parties with the people we can elect if we just do it. It’s our problem, and we are the answer.

    • If you Truly wanted to improve the Republican party.
      You would give up being an Independent, become a Republican for the Fist time ,then work to bring it back to Fallowing and Promoting the Constitution.
      Indeed of being a Cowardly Independent!

  49. They are still kissing Barrack’s rump……..PLUS……..filling their pockets with SOROS $$$$$……

  50. Is Ryan on Soros payroll? Is Ryan part of the shadow government the DEEP STATE set up by OBAMA with moles that wire tapped. PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP? Ryan is he involved in the massive OBAMAGATE? Watergatevis small potatoes ? next to the huge treanous plot of OBAMAGATE! Let’s dismantle OBAMAGATE immediately and hang the traitors. Is this the real Russian collusion with PUTIN? Sell our uranium for nuclear warheads at heads? Defund and weaken our military. That’s collusion for destruction! Hang OBAMA AND SLL TRAITORS!

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