Conservative Doctor: Think of LGBT Activists as “Termites”

At the Stand 4 Truth conference in Houston last week, Dr. Steven Hotze said conservatives should realize that LGBT activists are steadily destroying the fundamental principles that glue our society together.

“The homosexual political movement is really infiltrating, much like – think of them like termites,” Hotze said. “They get into the wood of the house and they eat away at the very moral fabric of the foundation of our country.”

Dr. Hotze said that you could see the parallels of the modern gay movement in some of the most regrettable moments in human history.

“This is exactly what the Marxist movement was all about,” he said. “If you remember, Khrushchev came and said we’re going to get your country one way or another. And the way they want to do it is to destroy the moral fabric and create moral anarchy in our country, so that our people no longer live righteous lives but they’re living lives that are ungodly.

“And when you do that,” he continued, “you lack moral courage, because you can’t very well stand up and oppose people who are doing wicked things, if you’re participating in the same activities.”

Sadly, it’s all too clear how rotten the wood has become. Even amongst Republicans, we seldom hear anyone truly oppose the gay agenda anymore. We rarely hear conservatives speak out against pornography or general media standards these days. Those that do are mocked as hopelessly behind the times, pining for an age of decency long having passed into history.

And it’s not just the LGBT militants, either. It’s the feminists. It’s Hollywood. The fight comes from all the little divisions of liberalism, and they all have the same ultimate goal in mind: To replace thousands of years’ worth of tried-and-true cultural traditions with…whatever happens to be the direct opposite of those traditions. Thus, gay is better than straight, atheism is better than religion, promiscuity is better than chastity, and criminals are better than police.

Underpinning their “progress” is the greatest of all lies: That theirs is a crusade towards equality and freedom.

In reality, though, they are hollowing out the culture and leaving behind a chaotic country filled with people who see nothing but emptiness in their lives. Our skyrocketing suicide rates speak to that conclusion.

In the meantime, there will always be those happy to fill the void. Traditionally, we’ve called them tyrants.

The left will no doubt come up with a more politically correct name, though.

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  1. Great speech and all true!

  2. The LGBT community has become fascist. What I mean by that is that they are intolerant of all other beliefs.

    Big Government is Communism, and what I mean by that is that the people work for the State, in both Big Government and Communism…

    Fascism and Communism have been close partners in the past.

    • ObomoTheStupidNiggerTerrorist


      • Good point, but they are working on rigged elections… Just look at what is happening in CA.

        • ObomoTheStupidNiggerTerrorist


          • I represent that remark in two ways; 1. I’m a native Californian. 2. I do have a down syndrome sister.
            Where you foolishly miss the mark is; 1. I’m Republican and not down syndrome. 2. My down syndrome sister is 73 and has never voted.
            I also wish to add that I am a devout Christian and as a minority in California will fight against the evil that California government inflicts upon us here. I will not move to the northern states that many Californians have moved to that now makes them blue.

            Please do not clump the warriors here in California with those without morals that share our great state and country. If I could be guaranteed the Hollywood leftists would leave my state if Trump is elected (and thankfully he was) I would personally help them pack their bags and buy that one way ticket for them! Our concern now should be what Obama plans to do in his last days in office.

          • The reality is, Conservatives are far more prevalent than we are lead to believe… Even the Democrats are leaving the party to become independents. Which makes the independents the fastest growing party.

            CA is stacked against the people right now and in complete control of one party. It is all about perception, like 0bomathe…. shows. People just parrot what the elites want us to believe.

            No doubt Republican conservatives are in occupied territory in CA.But don’t give up… That is exactly what the Elites want.

          • After looking at a more detailed map of the states I see the breakdown by districts. There really is a lot of red in the states the left calls blue. It was a boost to me to see my district as all red. I believe many did stay quiet until the end. It paid off by fooling the media. I noticed so much ranker against Trump from what I know to be Independents and Republicans when the garbage was put out by the Left from a decade ago or longer in his past that it was disheartening. It seemed Clintons own current wrongdoings didn’t matter to them. Made me think they were brainwashed. Thankfully that wasn’t the case.

          • I believe the problem in CA is that the elites are no longer counting the votes… All they need to do is convince the people that the result is plausible and they will make that result a reality. Note that the people may get to vote, but that doesn’t mean that the elites are actually counting the votes.

            “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes
            decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
            —-Joseph Stalin

            For instance, down here in San Diego County, ALL the tax increases passed, yet I can’t find one person that actually voted for them… Or at least none of the people I know admit to voting for tax increases. None, and I talk to both Democrats and Republicans… None of the people voted for tax increases, yet they passed…..

            Elite Democrats = Elite Republicans = Elite MEDIA…… As Stalin said, it is the people who count the votes that matter, and the Elites are counting the votes.

          • One thing the elect do is pass on to the voters decisions they fear will jeopardize their future power hold. Strange how we allow them to pass the buck. If they get their way they blame the voters.

          • So true, Time to impose term limits. Check out the Convention of States.

          • And just who are these elites? The vote counters in my county seem to be rather ordinary everyday people doing a job. Unless of course they are masquerading as non-elites.

          • You ACTUALLY KNOW who is counting the votes, or do you know who is collecting the votes?

            I live in CA, and the people collecting the votes are ordinary people, BUT, they pass the votes up the line to someone else who counts the votes… I have no clue who they are, but I will bet you that those that count the votes are as corrupt as Lois Lerner and Loretta Lynch.

            I guess what I am saying is that those who collect the votes decide nothing as well.

          • Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina and Pennsylvania all won by Trump. All were previously blue or at least purple states. I also just read that Clinton did not win the popular vote but have not verified it yet. If it is true then Trumps victory was even more monumental than thought. .

          • Warrior On Brother. But certainly you realize, in Californication, you are a VERY small minority in a land of Fruits and Nuts and Hollywierd Whackos!

          • Being a minority in battle usually works to ones benefit when surrounded with like minded individuals. Hollywood’s conservatives are getting bolder and speaking out more.

          • Don’t worry, YObama is going to be the most transparent POSPOTUS in American History. Mr. Trump is going to erase him completely!

          • Good Luck !

          • Should I leave the state? Or should I stay and fight along with Oldchopper?

          • Stay and fight, That is what I am doing…

          • I guess that it will be Oldchopper, you, and me staying to fight. Also there is my son and a very small group of friends. My cane teacher told me a couple days ago that he will never again watch a Lear Jet Leo DiCaprio movie. The same goes for Robert De Niro as far as I am concerned.

          • I just wait for the movies to filter down to the swap meets. That way I can purchase them for under $2.50 and none of the money goes to hollywood.

            If you really want to help, please join my website at:

            We are fighting MEDIA bias. Without a corrupt MEDIA, even CA could return to a red state.

          • I am already a member.

          • Studies have show that CA is hopelessly liberal with… 45% Democrat,, 27% Republican, and 23% independent..

            The fastest growing group is independents.

            There is tons of proof of election rigging but the most convincing to me is my personal polls.

            I talk to people, ask them if they voted for say a cigarette tax, and nobody has admitted to voting for it. (The Elites are counting the votes)

            I ask them if they voted for a 10 cent tax on plastic bags, again, nobody has admitted to voting for it. (The Elites are counting the votes)

            Funny thing is, all taxes were approved this time… Including taxing and putting ammunition on a waiting list…. (The elites are counting the votes… )

            And what happened to the Bernie supporters was the most obvious example of vote tampering… Bernie had thousands at his rallies, Bill Clinton had 200 people at his talk, Hillary never gave a public speech, and the controlled ones (invitation only) never had more than 300 people… Yet, Hillary took CA???? (The Elites are counting the votes)

            The last time Feinstein ran and got re-elected, she never held a news conference, or made a public speech in CA. And I don’t think anybody voted for that witch, but…. (The elites are counting the votes.).

            CA is a single party State, completely controlled by Liberal Progressives. (Elites)
            Elite Democrats = Elite Republicans = Elite MEDIA

            “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
            —-Joseph Stalin

          • I campaigned for John Dennis against Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco. She didn’t even bother to campaign and still got eighty percent of the vote.

          • I campaigned for Elizabeth Emken who ran against Feinstein last time. I am convinced Emken won by a real vote count…

            I am also convinced that Bernie beat Hillary this time around in the Primaries.

            What we have here in CA is a single party banana republic. All Californians are now being disenfranchised by the elites, whom only have to convince the people that their votes are being counted.

          • Who are these “elites”? Can you name them.

          • No I can not name the elites…

            Elite Republicans are criminals like Boehner, Ryan, McConnell.
            Elite Democrats are criminals like Reid, Feinstein, Pelosi, Shummer.
            Elite MEDIA is ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, FOX.

            You would be a fool to assume that just because I do not have names for all these traitors that they do not exist.

          • And what is it that makes them elite?

          • Hollywierd has been “the den of depravity” since the 1940’s. Maybe if the public stopped supporting their offerings and their outrageous pay was affected, it would do some good.

          • You are wrong! Hollywood does not tell us how to vote and more than it tell you how to vote.

          • Hollywood merely influences the weak minded on how to vote.

    • And just how do you know that we have become fascist. Where’s your evidence?

      • Fascism is when the government allows private property, but the government exercises total control over the people and their property (Central Planning). This was Mussolini’s model. We are not there yet, but under democrat control, we WERE moving in that direction. People who own businesses and property made a statement on November 8, and we are now going to reassert Free Capitalism as our business model. Read F. A. Hayek, in his “The Road to Serfdom.”

      • First, let me define what I mean by fascist… From a dictionary.

        Fascism- Dictatorial movement

        any movement, ideology, or attitude that favors dictatorial government, centralized control of private enterprise, repression of all opposition, and extreme nationalism

        If you exchange the last word, “nationalism” with the words “liberal ideology” you have just described the LGBT community…

        As examples of LGBT fascism look into what they did to Brendan Eich at Mozilla, Memories Pizza in Indiana, and the Wedding cake Bakers, Sweet Cakes in Oregon. All were destroyed by the fascist LGBT community because of their religious convictions.

        • It could of course not have been due to the fact that these concerns went under because they did not obey the law. We live in a secular society with secular laws. We do not live in some kind of “religious” society which allows people to flout laws they don’t like. And, you list only 4 people/concerns out of the thousands of businesses we have in this country. This is hardly evidence of any gay take over of anything. Get a grip.

          • Brendan Eich of Mozilla resigned due to pressure from the fascist LGBT community, that did not agree with his legal choice to give money to pro marriage groups.

            He broke no secular laws… His only crime was to do something the fascists didn’t like.

            The same goes for the bakers of pizza and wedding cakes.

  3. I was on my knees this morning, finding I had fallen asleep at my post in front of the TV! I rush into the bathroom and hit my knees! NEVER have I been so happy in my life with the single exception of the birth of my 24 yr old daughter, than to hear that Trump has won! NOW Revenge 101 will happen and there will no rock large enough for the treasonous, traitorous, seditious years we have just come out of. Let us pray, run(do not walk) to your local church, synagogue, or wherever you get your “Spiritual Food from and drop to your knees and thank GOD, just as when Obama sent millions of dollars to Israel’s opposition to oust Bibi Netanyahu. I said it then that God

    • I feel the same way, it is like a great evil burden has been lifted from us, PRAISE GOD!

      • Do you actually think that God casts a special favorable eye on America? Where does that come from?

        • Oh, yes. GOD has always looked as the US as being special. If you aren’t a Christian you won’t understand.
          GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

        • And He changeth the times and the seasons: He removeth kings, and setteth up kings: He giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding: (Daniel 2:21) (KJV)
          Christians believe this verses as His WORD tells us that He gave unrighteous leaders to the Israelites because of their idolatry so did He give USA Pres. Obama who has been the most unrighteous of all past presidents.
          Though I didn’t expect this win I was certainly praying for it… But I also believe there is no way that Mr. Trump can make USA great once again We deserve the destruction that He has been warning us about since the mid 1980s and Good takes His warnings extremely serious.
          I good father will warn his children when they do wrong and when the children fail to heed his warnings than he allows them to feel the consequences of their sins… Thus the consequences are coming and they will be well beyond anything this world has seen this Noah’s flood.
          The 9/11/01 attack was the 1st of three major attacks. The 2nd. will be approx. 1000 greater but even this one will be only minor compared to the third attack. If anyone is interested in the details they can Google; “watchman48 RFC Newsletter,” and if you don’t believe in God or you don’t believe He use man has He has in the past, Google: “watchman48 The Greater Message.”
          Nether Pres. Elect. Trump nor any other man can save USA… John 14:6
          Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. John 14:6

    • AaaaMEN!!

    • You do realize that you are advocating violence against your fellow citizens. Where does that come from?

      • Apparently, that comes from the tactics of “Black Lives Matter” and the protesters marching and burning in California and Oregon using “violence against your fellow citizens”. That truly doesn’t solve a thing and that would be true for those of us on the right as well.

        • You are right. Violence only begets more of the same. But it’s interesting that we seem to be in love depictions of violence in the movies, on TV and in video games. And then there are all those pesky guns people seem to covet. It often seems that we’re giving each other very mixed messages.

          • There’s no mixed message here. Our gun rights have nothing to do with the no-minds who march and burn or the thugs who use their guns to shoot each other on the streets of the city. Our gun rights protect you from the tyranny that occurs somewhere in the mid-east on a daily basis and that could erupt here because of the unbridled hatred being shown.. No. I have no mixed message

      • Have you not seen the violent attacks by leftist Ohillary thugs.????

      • These are not citizens they are traitors. Did you know that high treason during wartime is a capital offense. I don’t believe that they should be executed but I do believe that they should be put in prison for the rest of their lives.
        GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  4. Eight years of hell is almost over, Obama and his sick cronies have almost destroyed our country with their gay agenda, I hope and pray Trump can help undo all the damage done to us, not just the gay thing everything!

  5. I tend to think of them as perverted scum of the earth dedicated to forcing their disgusting choices down societies throats. Pizza yes, genitlilia no way

    • And what “disgusting choices” are you talking about? Do you mean sex? Did you know that heterosexuals also engage in the same sexual practices from time to time? Think about it.

      • That and it is wrong for heterosexuals to behave in that manner. Also trying to marry which is not possible to do. Yes, you can get a piece of paper but you aren’t married.
        GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  6. Well, guess we don’t have to worry about them now

  7. Think of LGBT as termites ? How about “think of LGBT as like Sodom and Gomorrah.”

  8. We had a great election last night. There is still hope for America. There were 23 celebrities that said they would leave if Trump was elected. All of them low life. It they did move it would be that start of making America great again.

  9. President Trump!!! That is music to Patriotic Americans’ ears! It is time for Americans to control their Federal Govt, not the other way around!
    God Bless America!!!!!!!


    • I’m 100% behind you on that one!

    • Where did you get the idea that we are pushing something on people? All we want are the same rights and responsibilities which you enjoy as a citizen of the United States. Is that too much to ask? We too are American. By the way, do you actually know any homosexuals? How can you tell if a person is a homosexual?

      • Oh because I have experienced abrasive Gay behaviors exhibited in front of children. Because the LGBT Thinks that they can destroy businesses that refuse to cater to Gays. Because they are forcing public school teachers to teach that being a homosexual is normal – it isn’t. Sorry, but it really isn’t.

        I’m sorry if you have different needs than straight people. That’s an issue for you. But when my grandson is thrown out of his public school classroom because he said the Bible calls Gay’s actions sinful, that’s where I get angry. If there can’t be constructive discussions about homosexuality but only that it must be accepted, then we no longer.have a free nation.

        Your choice is up to you. However brainwashing young children to think they should be.homosexuals is unacceptable! Do NOT MESS WITH OUR CHILDREN…EVER! They are not yours to exploit!

        And YES, I worked closely with a Gay teacher (whom I respected and was my friend) many years ago. Interestingly, she said it is wrong to confuse young children abt homsexuality and that it should be an adult thing, not a child’s decision. I totally agree! Children have enough to deal with raging hormones than to try to figure out if they rsther be with someone of their same sex. That’s cruel punishment for a kid!

        I’m not against the Gay culture as long acts responsibly – which it hasn’t been doing and the straight American culture is done playing games. We won’t let you people corrupt our children, but should our “grown” children choose to be Gay, that is their choice as an adult. This is the only way Gays and Straights can live together – in mutual respect of each other’s wishes. You are free to be Gay, but be respectful — not outrageous — and leave our children alone!

        The World will be a different place under Trump and Americans will not put up with nonsense that has spilled over our Nation. Be careful…it won’t be the same environment as bho has created… That’s not a threat but a warning from my gut. I’m an Emotive/Sensitive and can feel the energies in our world…and they have changed. Just be careful…

        • Well said and I agree. Homosexuals should not be persecuted or assaulted but there are jobs that they should not be allowed to hold such as teaching where children are involved, police, firefighters, the military, the courts, or any government position that creates or handles policy or classified information. Also they should be banned from all Christian positions. You can not be a homosexual and be a Christian.
          GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

    • Yep. I keep asking why a group that only consists of 1% of the legal population gets to stuff their garbage down the throats of the rest of us?
      GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  10. God Bless America and God Bless Trump! A new beginning for America and Americans! Thanks be to God for helping America! May God guide President Trump’s heart and actions to a more successful, secure, Christian loving America!
    You Go Trump!!!

  11. This is a wonderful article full of simple truth. Sorely lacking in our society for eight long years. Trump’s stunning victory last night means that we the people, all of us, all sane, rational, moral decent Americans of all colors have risen up with one solid voice and soundly, rightfully, gratefully, finally rejected insane, destructive, hopeless, self serving, corrupt, stinking, sinking liberal ideology Thank you God and thank you America.!!!!!!!!

  12. It’s obvious that you have never met a homosexual, other wise how could you say these things about us. We are lust like you. We are far more than our genitals. Any reasonable person should know that. Where you come up with these notions is beyond me.

    • Richard,
      . . . . You are not anything like us except maybe in physical appearance. Just being homosexual means that you are a liar. You lie to GOD, yourself, and the rest of us.
      . . . . Should you be persecuted or assaulted? Not at all. But you need to be told that you are wrong. You are in trying to get special privileges. You are not normal and you are wrong in trying to say that homosexuality is acceptable. It is wrong. That is my opinion and I am entitled to it.
      . . . . The person of above that said all of those nasty things about homosexuals is also wrong. It is his opinion and he is entitled to that. You and him will both be judged by GOD and found to be wanting.
      . . . . That is what is troubling us is the activist are trying to take away our Constitutional rights of free expression. I don’t agree with what he said but I will defend his right to say so to the death. Are you an activist?
      GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  13. This is a good analogy and probably more PC than comparing the LGBT activists to a metastatic cancer that gradually eats through your body. However, since the end result of unchecked activity, my advice would be, like cancer and termites, LGBT activities need to be studied early and any signs of progress need to be treated sooner rather than later, stopped them before damage can be done. Preventative measures, exposure of distructive activities and actions to suppress those activities: Sounds like a menu for the success of a nation.

  14. Tyronne Shoelaces

    Kill all the fags and dykes….. Oh yeah, and beat up all the trannies.

  15. (The following is a personal handout I’ve shared with a number of voters and neighbors. As one who’s personally dealt with same-sex attraction, I’m personally speaking to my state legislators to pass legislation based on the following: Join me in reclaiming our God-given Liberty.)

    Just as termites slowly destroy the foundation of your house, so illegitimate non-discrimination laws have been slowly destroying the foundation of this nation – Liberty – over the past 50+ years. Read the Constitution and you will not find the word “discrimination” in it. Rather, our founders declared that “… we are endowed by our Creator (not government) with certain unalienable rights … Life, Liberty …” The Preamble to the Constitution states: “We, the People, in order to …, and to secure the blessings of Liberty to ourselves, and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution ….”
    Liberty (freedom) is the Constitutional word. Liberty is, in fact, the right as individuals (persons and entities) to discriminate whether others approve or not; otherwise, Liberty would have no real meaning. Someone once said “I may disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” That is Liberty. Prohibiting/punishing citizens for making decisions some people don’t like, is suppression of Liberty or tyranny. That is anti-American. Government has legitimate authority to address “Societal” discrimination, but not “Individual” discrimination. Why? Because only Societal Discrimination denies people Individual Liberty. Example: prior to the 1964 Civil Rights Legislation black people (via segregation laws) were denied Individual Liberty; they were prohibited from choosing which water fountain, restroom, restaurant, school, etc., to use. But other categories (age, religion, sex, e.g.) were added illegitimately as “non-discrimination” categories; they did not constitute Societal Discrimination. Example: If I enter a restaurant and the owner says “Sorry, we don’t serve old guys here.”, he is merely exercising his Individual Liberty. As long as I can walk down the street and be served at another restaurant my Liberty is not being denied. Consequently, government has no legitimate authority to force that owner to serve me or to give me legal grounds to sue – NONE! Government’s first responsibility is to protect that which we already possess (God-given right to Liberty). When it prohibits Individual (not Societal) Discrimination it is trampling on Individual Liberty. “We. The People” are responsible for this country. We must first realize that our “house of Liberty” is in imminent danger of collapse. Then act. Start by voting in this election for those who have already shown support for preserving Liberty. Don’t vote for any who have supported illegitimate non-discrimination laws – laws that address only Individual Discrimination. Then ask your representatives to pass a “Liberty Preservation Act” that distinguishes Societal and Individual Discrimination. Remember:
    Illegitimate “non-discrimination” laws destroy Liberty; they are ANTI -LIBERTY. A vote for candidates who support illegitimate non-discrimination laws is a vote to destroy liberty.

  16. The LGBT would be ok if they just kept to their-selves and quit DEMANDING PRIVILEDGES. If they want to live their life styles they just need to not push their sick ways down the public’s throats. No longer a liberal presidency so they won’t get a colorful white house like Ovomit gave them.

  17. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa

    Will Hussein Obama come out of the closet real soon?

  18. <3 <3 Amen <3 <3 !!! !




  20. Mark Anthony Jones

    Don’t dump all LGBT into the liberal category. You had a significant backlash of LGBT that voted FOR Trump and straight Republican down the line, as did a significant portion of Hispanics and African Americans. We are not all braindead liberals. We are prolife, pro 2nd Amendment, anti-illegal immigrant and believe Trump is right on most things. #GaysforTrump #MAGA #NeverHillary.

  21. It was a good example!

  22. Where does he get this stuff? What evidence can he produce to show that what he says is actual facts. Where did he get such facts? Has he read all the literature available about this subject, and I mean ALL the literature. This doctor comes from a place of ignorance – a product of lack of knowledge.

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