Conservative Catholics are Turning on Pope Francis with Historic Rebuke

A stunning report came out this week that revealed that more than 60 conservative Catholic scholars and theologians have issued a rebuke to the liberal Pope Francis that hasn’t been seen since the 1300s. Known as a “filial correction,” the 25-page letter was reportedly delivered to the Pope in early August. In it, conservative Catholic academics from twenty different countries issued a startling rebuke of what they call the “heresies” preached by Francis over the course of his Vatican tenure. They claim that the new, popular (yet controversial) pontiff has supported unbiblical teachings on marriage, the Eucharist, and morality itself, and they are demanding that he retract those positions.

“With profound grief, but moved by fidelity to our Lord Jesus Christ, by love for the Church and for the papacy, and by filial devotion toward yourself, we are compelled to address a correction to Your Holiness on account of the propagation of heresies effected by the apostolic exhortation Amoris laetitia and by other words, deeds and omissions of Your Holiness,” the Catholics wrote in their letter to Pope Francis. “As subjects, we do not have the right to issue to Your Holiness that form of correction by which a superior coerces those subject to him with the threat or administration of punishment.”

However, they said, it was their duty to “protect” fellow Catholics from an improper interpretation of traditional doctrine.

Much of the disparity in the letter centers around the subject of marriage, divorce, adultery, and what rights those who get divorced maintain in Catholic ceremonies. The specifics of their issues will be of little interest to anyone who is not themselves a member of the Catholic Church.

What is interesting to everyone – Catholic, Christian, and otherwise – is this growing schism between conservative Catholics and one of the most socially-liberal popes in living memory. With this letter, that schism has gone public, and we doubt this is the last we’ll see of the split. Francis is so off-the-mark when it comes to a pope’s traditional teachings that he has become a darling of the progressive left. But that same popularity has made him a target within the Vatican, where more than a few high-ranking officials consider him a threat to the very existence of the Church.

Catholicism and Christianity do not mesh well with the religion of liberalism. As Francis grows in popularity among his leftist admirers, he may inspire a full-scale mutiny among the flock.

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  2. Could the Left have infiltrated the top of the Catholic Church?

    I doubt it. But the Left did infiltrate to the top of the United States in the form of 0bama….

    Podesta had this to say about the Catholic Church, from the Wikileaks emails…

    “There needs to be a Catholic
    Spring, in which Catholics themselves demand the end of a middle ages
    dictatorship and the beginning of a little democracy and respect for
    gender equality in the Catholic Church,” Sandy Newman, president and
    founder of the progressive nonprofit Voices for Progress, writes to
    Podesta in an email titled “opening for a Catholic Spring? just musing.”

    • Smile…Would a “Catholic Spring” be similar to the Clinton and Obama “Muslim Spring”? hmm. Might it have the same result?

      • It probably would. But what is more important is that this Podesta email proves that the Left is still following the agenda items listed in the book “The Naked Communist” all designed to weaken America and prepare it for a communist take over.

        24. Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them “censorship” and a violation of free speech and free press.
        27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity which does not need a “religious crutch.”
        28. Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of “separation of church and state.”
        29. Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis.

    • According to some in the conservative media (Infowars) the Vatican has been infiltrated in the same way the Dark State has taken over our gov’t. We are headed for another civil war and this one will be the mother of all civil wars.

      • I pray and work against that outcome every day. If a civil war was to break out in the US, our enemies would be at our shores attacking with a vengeance.

        It will be ugly, hundreds of millions will die.

  3. The manner in which this Pope speaks, encouraging illegal immigration into an already strained Europe, especially Italy, I’m surprised all he got was a letter and not a flogging.

    • Maybe the Pope is just following Jesus’ thinking when he said, “Suffer the little children to come unto me”. Having read all of the above comments, I’m shocked at the attitude. For me, this is the first good Pope that has come in my lifetime. I am Catholic, raised Catholic, went to “all girls” private Catholic school and i welcomed this Pope’s thoughts on many subjects. For once we have a Pope that is an actual human being. When I went to Catholic school, it was mass every morning and religion/theology classes twice a day. Those classes actually made me afraid of God because He was always going to punish you and send you straight to Hell for almost any little offense. I guess I’m not with all of you on this, but I hold firm in my beliefs.

      • This Pope encourages terrorism. He is the last Pope. Islam will over run the Vatican and it will be his fault.

      • I had 12 years of Catholic training and this guy is so off base or you have not read the bible or maybe he has printed his own bible. He is not Godly or again he is not following ALL of Gods word.

      • this Pope is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and nothing more.

      • I also attended an all girls Catholic school and will continue to believe what I was taught in cathechism, I remember well Pius the 12 and those that followed him I also continue with a Duoay version of the Bible. Just remember the Pope is Man and not infalable

      • Guess you believe the Pope is a higher authority than your Creator God.

      • You were taught wrong …go to…. you tube Why the German Pope Benedict quit … it will enlighten you.. pope john Paul could not walk he remained pope was very sick they carried him…. MOST POPE’S DIE POPE…..It is very rare to see one quit..there is not a thing wrong with pope Benedict he is living or hiding in a convent…… why did he quit…why not live in the Vatican were he worked many years…

    • I’m sure he’s not moving them into Vatican.. I MEAN THATS WHAT JESUS WOULD DO….

  4. It has always bothered me that this pope has shown more concern for saving the planet – truly God’s creation – than saving souls – his true mission on earth. Instead of loving the sinner and hating the sin, he seems unable or unwilling to differentiate, thereby causing great consternation in the flock who look to him for guidance. If he is no longer the moral authority then he has no job except as a figurehead.

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      • How many names do you use, I’ve counted 4 with same picture.

    • 2brn: I agree with you. This pope is not a holy man. He is a socialist/communist. The catholic church does not need someone like that to represent its people. This is the one that needs to resign, rather than his predecessor.

  5. This past year has been pretty bad for the Catholic Church. As said in this report from the Popes own spritual council , he is way off.the mark. Worship the Creator not the creation, which comes directly from scripture is a prime example of where he has lost it. The earth is God’s creation not man’s. To be be good stewards is one thing but to blame humans for global warming or climate change goes beyond reality. By the way there is no such thing as “Mother Earth” , totally made up by the whaco environmentalists. Then you get into the moral issues and there the Pope is really lost it. He keeps trying to appease worldly views instead of God’s Word. I would say as a whole the Catholic Church is in a heap of trouble. All this has become quite obvious by those that are his human spiritual conscience.

  6. The Pope has spoken out against capitalism as the worse thing that has happened to mankind though it is capitalism, not socialism/communism that has brought more people out of poverty since the world began. He ignores the homosexuality in the Curia around him, though his predecessor has made it clear to him of this problem as one of the first conversations they had.

    This pope has opposed walls to protect borders of countries, saying the “rights of refugees supersede the rights of countries.” This is hypocrisy. The pope and his help live in Vatican City which is surrounded by 20 – 30 walls all around with limited entries which are manned by armed guards. Pope Leo built these walls to protect against the hoards of invading Muslims and those walls continue to protect the sovereign state of Vatican City as they do in Hungary, Romania, Israel, southern Mexico, and around Obama’s new house in D,C.

    It’s not just the pope’s views on marriage, divorce, and adultery in Roman Catholic doctrine but also so many other things he says and does that truly calls into question the wisdom of the conclave of cardinals who apparently did not hear from God.

    • Yes, it absolutely does. Do you think this just might have something to do with the old addage of their policy of I’l scratch your back if you’ll scratch mine, in attempts to sweep all garbage of molesting young boys under the rug. Denying the facts, but spending hundred’s of millions of dollars to try and quiet the sheep ?

    • Agreed. BTW. “hordes” (sp) (“hoards” is a different word).

    • If the pope in a communist I’d be highly surprised, however I do believe he is the last hole as it was said the last pope would be a black pope well is not black but he is from the black order the Jesuit order.

    • Remember Pope Francis is a Jesuit priest. A lot of regular catholic priests hate Jesuit priests. Remember to be accepted and graduate from Jesuit universities you must be very bright. Therefore Pope Francis must be confusing oldies as to his approach to Catholicism. But remember to remain in the Church as priest after graduating from Jesuit universities, Pope Francis must be a true believer in the Creator and Jesus. Most people who graduate from Jesuit universities become morons or anti-religion completely. I am told Pope Francis is a virgin-that means he has not monkeyed around with any woman. Therefore Pope Francis must be a true light for this world. President Obama is also a true guiding light to all of us despite he is as young as my first child. Barack and Michelle showed how a good and loving family should be and behave. Therefore those priests and bishops, who are unhappy with Francis, should jump in the lake. We will pull them out before they drown.

    • He is pure evil.

    • Humility this pope has none.. washes the feet of a prisoner the only one that should know that is himself and God…. NOT THE NY TIMES…

  7. I am not a Pope Francis fan, in fact his climb to power in the Catholic Church is frightening. He came from a democracy turned Socialist Country, and was in the mix of a Coup to overthrow the democracy by killing the heads of government and church. Yes he has blood on his hands. He stood by and watched as they murdered his Bishop, and archbishop. He then was appointed archbishop. And off to Rome he went. I have been researching his raise to power the past couple years to present day. Evil man.

  8. no this story is bullshit

  9. It’s about time “the flock” called out this phony Pope. He’s nothing but a liberal communist in sheep’s clothing.

    • they will only understand when the money from here stops flowing to rome ,its the only thing that matters

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    • This Pope gives an entirely new meaning to the phrase “the whore of the church”. (KJV, Holy Bible).


      Excelent,I have been calling him a comunist for a few years why is taking people so long to see this???

      • What – Conservative Catholics are turning on Pope Francis with Historic Rebuke? They better not. It is blaspheme to revolt against the Pope. It is like lower courts turning back on US Supreme Court. I like Pope Francis – very smart; and we are told he is virgin. Pope Francis is a Jesuit priest, a thinker and that is why he is the right pope at this era. People should first have tangible evidence to believe rumors. This is always hard for some people. Some people take religious beliefs literally and too far as to hurt others. Examples are KKKs, 911 jet bangers, Apartheid, the young man who killed Blacks in their churches and racists in state and federal governments. They all believe their bibles literally. But this Pope puts the Catholic Church as a church of thinkers not of people to be dragged by their leaders to believe what they want. It is hard for anybody to make him believe in rumors. Recently he was in Spain at a shrine of Mary. Pope Francis said he would wait until a miracle pops up to believe what people there believe. I know he canonized some last year. But he has to have proof first. Thank God we have this Pope who knows what he is doing. Those lower priests and cardinals should stop or else leave the church. We will not miss them.

        • Knowledge Transfer

          You gladly suffer from the SMOKE OF SATAN inhalation that was ‘”welcomed” into the Communist and Free Mason inspired Vatican II whose sinister and cunning purpose was not to introduce the Church to the world [who was unaware of the Roman Catholic Church as of 1960 almost two centuries] but rather to let the “modernist” world and its ambiguities into the Roman Catholic Church which has with premeditation been morphed into the Church Marshmallow vs. the Church Militant. You mention the Jesuits [Society of Jesus] plagued with and filled to overflowing with fidelity to abortion; sodomy and wealth redistribution ad thus transformed in all too many ways in all too many places from the Society of Jesus into the Society of Judas. You love Pope Pandemonium because he helps make you easy and comfortable in sin. Jorge Bergolio is to the papacy what anorexia is to dieting. He shouldn’t be trusted to lead groups in silent prayer.

        • Pamela Sue Therrien

          He is a man not a God


    This has been needed for quite a long time. I applaud the scholars who wrote the letter. Francis has been making pronouncements that make it very hard for sensible Catholics (and other Christians) to agree with his pronouncements. He denounces capitalism as an economic form, seeming totally unable or unwilling to recognize that capitalism has made more of God’s people able to live more healthy, more decent lives and has tremendously reduced poverty in much of the world.

  11. Richard Muccillo MDDCM

    That guy is a plant –when I was a kid –they told us that no pope could retire—there for life –til his death—they remove a pope because of some scandal and plant this poop–he is what religious people call –the anti-christ needs to be removed

  12. Not all popes have been good men! Some early popes were actually despots. I’m 71 years old, and I have lived to see some popes who we considered good men. Now I have been enlightened to be told that my Catholic church has actively been involved in pedophilia cover ups of priests, and since I have never espoused liberalism, this pope greatly offends me! I think I am being herded toward a basic belief in the ten commandments, and not the doctrine of the Catholic church, or any other organized religion. God help me find my way!

  13. If ever there was a false prophet, you’re looking at Pope Francis who’s a fraud and a hypocrite if not worse. Finally these 60 scholars have taken him to task even though the Almighty hasn’t sent him a lightning bolt.

  14. These changes within the Catholic Church began before Francis. You need a PDF version of the current English translation of the “Catholic” Bible to assist you in searching for words and phrases . The word “homosexual” has been added that should not be there. The word “homosexual” was coined as a replacement for the religious terms sodomy and sodomite to be politically correct and did not exist when the Bible was originally written. The older Catholic versions and the King James version, that I have, do not have the word “homosexual” in them. Pope Francis’s handing of the olive branch to the Islamic/Muslims is the worst. The Qur’an specifically calls for the destruction of the Christian and Jewish people who do not convert to Islam. The Qur’an is another document you need to acquire as a PDF English translation and familiarize yourself with using the search engine in the Adobe Acrobat Reader. God gave you a brain above all with the tools of the 21st century to aid you can make informed decisions, which is where this disconnect with Pope Francis is evolving.

  15. Spent more time talking about “Saving the Planet” then abortion when he made his state side visit. Seemed like he was more worried Obama would be offended so he bashed us “Climate Deniers” and pushed the gay agenda. We now know what a socialist Pope looks like.

  16. This Pope is not good for the Catholic Church. I do not like him ,

  17. What most don’t think about is he is just a man and not God. I do not listen to him and he is a disappointment. There are a lot of good priest here and yes some bad like every religion. I follow my Christian beliefs and will not change.

  18. I am a Catholic and I do not find this surprising, as many of the things he has done and says oh right out of the communist book.

  19. Wow! Such a scathing rebuke, but put together so nicely! I just hope the Pope takes it to heart and sees himself clearly in the mirror.

  20. the olny thing that they will understand is when the money stops flowing from the us to rome , they are supporting his socialist programs through out the world

  21. Maybe the Antichrist?

  22. A darling of the progressive left means big trouble for our faith. I belong to a Traditional Latin Mass parish and I love it. We live the faith to the best of our ability. Thank God I am old enough to know right from wrong. Jesus is whom I turn to for knowing what to believe in today’s evil world. He established our church and He is our leader. He made rules for a reason and so did our American Constitution. People today are out of control and heading for a bad place in the end times and that especially includes leaders who lead the flock astray.

  23. Francis is after all the 1st Communist Pope;but, not the 1st heretic Pope, there have been a few.

    • There have been many corrupt popes people that believe this human man or any man is infallible are crazy.

    • The Polish Pope John Paul help end communism …with President Regan AND NOW WE HAVE A COMMUNIST POPE. and HAD a communist president in OBAMA.. Its bizarro world ….TRUMP HELP US

  24. Based on what this person has done since becoming “Pope” I have to wonder if he is a part of a global conspiracy to infest the Papacy with Marxist/Globalist ideology.

  25. Our Pope Francis is a Socialist coming from a socialist and Fascist country. We do need to loosen up a bit but he is dabbling in politics. Best he stay out of politics but he alone should dabble in religion as it only pertains to religion. Socialism in our country is what is tearing us apart. Communist like Obama have put mucho nails in our coffin.

  26. Pope frank might just be the anti-christ.

  27. Jesus will be coming soon.

  28. The opposite ways of God is Satanism, and Liberalism is the new name for Satanism.

  29. It’s ironic how pope Francis was very vocal against Trump building a wall to keep illegal aliens out of America but the Vatican is surrounded by a wall! Why don’t da pope take in these refugees??? He’s a Hypocrite!!!

  30. LOL…this ass is the pimp. They wanted a communist pope, and they got one.

  31. The Pope needs to follow the Bible. That’s what his job is. To teach the Bible.

  32. The Faux Pope

  33. Sick Sicko. Estelle

  34. True Christians answer only to God, not to a human being even if that human is considered to be a disciple of Christianity. True followers of the Teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God, need only to refer to the “Owner’s Manual”, the Bible for Divine Guidance. Try it. God will speak directly to you and not through another person.

    • Preach it, brother!

      • I have known a lot of Roman Catholic people as friends. They are wonderful and I would never knowingly say or do anything to sabotage their faith. However, it is a fact that the Roman Catholic (universal, world-wide) Church descended from the Holy Roman Empire. I see it more as a political entity than as an ecclesiastical one. The Son of God, Jesus of Nazareth, never set up a political “church”. What He said to a Samaritan woman at Jacob’s Well regarding the “place” to worship puts to rest all questions about denominationalism. The Roman “Pontif” is no closer to God than someone who just converted to Christianity. We should pray for Francis I and all of the Roman and Protestant clergy worldwide.
        In Nomine Jesu, Soli Deo Gloria. +++

  35. How did this flake become Pope? I am totally unfamiliar with Catholicism,but for a Pope to take the stance he took is UNBELIEVABLE, and it seems to me that EVERY CATHOLIC WOULD LET HIM KNOW WHAT THEY THINK OF HIS ATTITUDE AND PHILOSOPHY. Personally, I’d not allow him anywhere close to any of my family. This “Pope” is NOT in the business of dictating what type of government we have, certainly not if he wants it to be Communism or Socialism (essentially the same thing, and essentially the same as the Democrat Party).

  36. Remember what you learned in CCD, The Pope is ONLY INFALABLE in maters of FAITH and DOCTRINE and as a human he cannot change the laws of GOD given to Moses.

  37. Carol Juliano Popp

    It’s about time. This pope is a rogue. He goes against Catholic dogma and doctrine. Why bother having a religion if you don’t believe in its principles? He is too worried about politics and not enough about straightening out the terrible problems
    within the Caltholic church/clergy. You want to know why paritioners are leaving….
    that’s why. Bring the church back to the teachings of Jesus.

    • Francis said that you can remain a homosexual priest as long as you stay in celibacy and not act on the feeling …Were is that in the bible…. that worked out really well for the catholic church already… lawsuits

  38. The Roman Church is a religious cult made up of the pagan beliefs of the Roman empire with warmed over Christian beliefs thrown in to make it appear as Christian. This Pope is power hungry and has sold out to the Globalist in order to be head of their One World Religion.

  39. Nothing but fancy barbarians

  40. They are batting at the breeze, because Francis is not a true Pope, but an anti-pope.

  41. Are you trying to tell us that true believers in the faith are turning from a faithful Pope into the arms of a pussy grabbing liar and con man? I just don’t believe that.

  42. Serves that liberal, progressive, socialist right. He should stick to his expertise, i.e., Catholicism and religion. Stay out of politics. Politics have ruined Congress, the courts, Hollywood, colleges and universities, professional sports, STEM, et al. Now, politics is ruining religion. Stay out of it, your Highness. Even your own followers will reject and rebuke you. Stay out of politics and stick with saving souls.

  43. Like so many institutions today, it is the leadership — not the masses — who are the problem. Unfortunately for the Catholic faithful, the unwashed masses of Catholics don’t have the right to vote in Papal elections.

  44. I do NOT believe the Pope is a communist, but I do believe he has made a deal with the devil — be he Soros or someone like him. To go so far Left with his views shows that someone is controlling his moves and that someone isn’t a person but a “thing”. I also do not believe the Pope thinks all those proclamations he has stated are true, but he is now caught up in the middle of a Political tug O’ war.
    Obviously, Pope Francis is NOT a very smart Pope because he is claiming things that our Bible says is a No No! So where is he getting his advice? Obviously, NOT from God! The Pope’s connection is deep below.

  45. Just read the Prophesies of LaSalette, and Fatima. The third secret was not revealed no matter how much they say it was. Malachi knew the third secret and they put a gag order on him. However, he could not say what it was, but we was not silenced to say what it was not, Art Bell directed some good what ifs to him and he clearly said yes or no. Rome waited until his death in 1999 to come out with the lie about the third secret, that they knew he would protest if it were not the truth.
    This anti-pope Frankie is an agent of hell as predicted by Our Lady of LaSalete when she cried” Rome will become he Seat of the Anti-Christ”, in 1846.
    The Coming Chastisement is yet to be done, but so far everything Fatima predicted has and is happening right now.
    We must pray and make amends for all the atrocities done against The Most Blessed Trinity..

  46. As a conservative Catholic I have no use for this pope whatsoever. Apparently he either knows nothing about the Bible or just doesn’t care. This open borders one world govt. he loves so much is where the satanic anti Christ will spring from. Does he know anything at all about the Books of Revelation?

  47. Your post is very interesting to imply that they will understand when the money stops flowing to rome. Maybe they will, but I’ll have to say it will only happen when the pope is removed. Now as I understand only the church Ecumenical Council has the very power to remove the pope. If the pope doesn’t respond positively to the demands then I would say the next step would be to petition the council to remove the pope. There is zero time left to save the Catholic religion and the sweet love Jesus gave to us.


  49. Let’s hope they get an elephant-sized Papal flea in the collective ear. The Catholic church is not a ‘wing’ of the NeoCon / Liberal movement.

  50. Will you stop drivelling about ‘Liberal Communists’ – Liberalism = capitalism. Communism kinda doesn’t. BTW the Catholic Church has been condemning capitalism since it was a gleam in some Venetian’s eye @ a millennium ago.

  51. “[T]he money from here” (presumably the good ol’ US of A) “stops flowing” – it stopped decades ago.

  52. How silly are humans, to think that they have the intelligence, knowledge, and power to decide who is God’s representative on earth??? Who knew that God was a liberal communist??? Well, you learn something every day if you’re lucky and pay attention. MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

  53. This Jesuit Pope is a Bilderberg Puppet same as the Marxist Muslim Mutt & hillary

  54. A POPE is suppsed to keep the shep contented, and not to alarm them to hit the fence!

  55. ‘Love thy neighbor as you love yourself….’ You nor I have the authority to judge. That is all Pope Francis is saying. If you are so offended by Pope Francis stance why don’t you look at yourself instead ? Why don’t we each focus on the commandments we as individuals are Not following? After all, that Truly is the basis of scripture ,to not judge and love one another. So, whatever you may call him or however you interpret his words, he leads by example.

    • Maria Spano Barbiero

      GOD BLESS YOU Tessa,you Trust the HOLY SPIRIT.all these Judges about our Beloved POPE FRANCIS ,they need to take their big look in their souls . OUR church was Persecuted since Jesus Christ on herth , Jesus words! They Persecuted me’ your will to.Do all of these know everything .they will be judged by JESUS CHRIST,We are here for TUO THOUSANDS YEARS AND GOING ⛪💒 Praise GOD.,, Don’t let nobody thank the PEACE of the HOLY SPIRIT. After all .they don’t have the truth about our church.the universal Church Prayers for Them . Jesus Christ day! PRAY for them Ho Persecute you . Jesus Christ know that POPE FRANCIS is Guide I’d the HOLY SPIRIT.

  56. So much for religion —- a papist politician….

  57. Yes, this communist Pope must resign. We the Catholic people, don’t need him in the Vatican.

  58. This is what happens when the Pope criticizes capitalism.

  59. What do you expect from a Jesuit? …Go to and listen to what they said about him. IT’S ABSOLUTELY DISGRACEFUL!!!

  60. Jesuit Pope Francis is a Bilderberg Puppet same as obama !!

  61. The Pope is either the “Vicar of Christ” on earth, or he isn’t. Get inline or be excommunicated.

  62. By your comments you are all saying, God doesn’t know what he is doing. You will burn in hell for this

  63. Knowledge Transfer

    Pope Pandemonium isn’t a Pope. He is a PERVERT.

  64. if they ever did a real investigation into his activities in Argentina, they would be shocked. His critics better be very careful or some really bad things could happen to them. He is a very dangerous person.

  65. This Pope has influenced the leadership of priests in such a spiritually destructive behavior, that finding a Church that is still a House of Prayer seems impossible. Factions are developing now, but with this again will be the issue of trust. This decay actually began many years ago with hidden, secretive deals. Now, however, it is so bad, that I think the Pope and his liberal assistants are intentionally bringing about the collapse of the true Catholic Church, or that the Catholic Church has become what the Jewish Church became due to the Sadducees and the Pharisees…..sold out. And for that very reason, the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Many of us are frightened now, because we no longer find the hope in our Churches, yet they keep crying out for more money, more new buildings, as a self-righteous demand, with no thought of the congregation, only thoughts of their expensive trips to encourage the illegal immigrants with our money that is needed at home.

  66. The Catholic Church has gone far from the teachings of Jesus that they claimed as doctrine in the first few centuries of their existence. The “Vicar of Christ” has become the Vicar of Satan and his doctrines reflect that. Many years ago a nun who was the personal secretary of the Pope of that time, having seen all of the hypocrisies and falsehoods of the leadership, left the Catholic Church and joined the Mormon Church. All of the Christian churches that exist today are the result of Catholics becoming fed up with the false leadership of the church in Rome and leaving it to join other dissenters or to start their own church. Catholics who keep trying to get the liars and thieves in the Vatican to listen to them and repent are spitting into a hurricane.

  67. The only comment I disagree with is that this Pope is POPULAR!!!! WHATTTT! No way is he popular,seriously!!!!

  68. The only way the Catholic Church is going to regain the respect of the American People is by doing the following:
    1) Replace Pope Francis just as soon as it can be arranged, and I frankly don’t care how that’s achieved!
    2) The Catholic Church must cease trying to tell the US Government what it should do regarding illegal aliens!
    3) The Catholic Church must cease supporting any other form of marriage besides God’s Biblical Definition, which is One Man/One Woman, NOT civil unions by homosexual couples, nor marriages by same-sex couples!
    4) The Catholic Church must condemn in the harshest terms possible the sexualization of Western societies!
    5) The Catholic Church must cease demanding that Western nations flood Muslim refugees into their countries!

  69. time the vatican had a renovation…..

  70. Bilderberg Jesuit Puppet Pope !!

  71. Ahh! The communist pope who is willing to see the united states go down in flames. I wish he would have done an intervention for Otto Warmbier, the innocent student who was killed by the North Korean Pigs. I forgot there was no money in it for the Church.

  72. AS WELL WE SHOULD!!!!!!

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