Condoleezza: Opponents of School Choice Are Racist

Appearing on Fox News Radio’s “Kilmeade & Friends” Monday, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice dropped a bomb on opponents of education reform that puts more power in the hands of parents. Rice said that it was an example of race relations and how twisted the arguments have become. She pointed the finger at liberals who go to bat for teacher’s unions, claiming they were responsible for trapping minority children in terrible public schools where their chances for success were limited.

“Anybody who isn’t in favor of school choice, anybody who isn’t in favor of educational reform, anybody who defends the status quo in the educational system,” Rice said, “that’s racist to me.”

In an age where liberals are quick to use the R-word to describe everything from Halloween costumes to football teams, it’s refreshing to see someone call them out on their blatant hypocrisies. Of course, liberals thrive on just this sort of racism. Anything that can be used to hold minorities back, keep them from understanding the true potential of liberty and individuality, and teach them that the American dream is a myth is a tool for Democrat avengers. Without a population ready and willing to submit to government dependency, America’s left wing goes extinct.

Choice Only Appropriate on Abortion

While liberals will go to extreme lengths to protect “choice” when it comes to unborn children, they are unwilling to extend that philosophy to parents. Their reasons are as transparent as they are fallacious. The biggest anti-choice argument also serves as one of the biggest pro-choice arguments: voucher programs will provide government dollars to private institutions. They say this amounts to a violation of the Establishment Clause, but it’s really just liberal fear that they will lose their captive, secular audience. Anything that would shuffle children from state indoctrination is a good thing, even if the alternative curriculum has its own weaknesses.

The other big argument is that it will take money away from public schools. Well, yes, this is probably true, but it doesn’t have to be. By giving choice over to parents, the government will present failing schools with two choices of their own: get it together or get the hell out. Isn’t that what the free market is all about? Competition? Of course it is, but liberals hate the free market, so it doesn’t take much imagination to figure out why they hate the concept of school choice.

Numerous studies have shown that school choice is not only in line with the freedoms this country supposedly believes in, but it also works across a wide spectrum. When parents are allowed to choose where their kids are educated, schools improve through competition, special needs children get better access to the help they require, parents are more involved at every level, and high school graduation rates increase. To look at all the evidence in favor of such a system and say, “Nah, it’s bad,” is to put ideology before results. Then again, what else would you expect?



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  1. Condoleezza Rice, PLEASE run for President of the United States of America. You are a true Patriotic Conservative American for the Republican Party!

  2. Is Condum will to pay communities the extra money for school choice?

  3. “Anybody who isn’t in favor of school choice, anybody who isn’t in favor of educational reform, anybody who defends the status quo in the educational system,” Rice said, “that’s racist to me.”
    Very well said Condi

    • Anyone who is not for parents choice; their choice to place their children in schools where they are safe to learn, Where they are truly taught to become; fully functional, participating members of our society. Is absolutely a hate filled racist. Under the US. department of education, which has not benefited the children of our Republic. Instead has benefited the dead beat teachers and their union Representative’s. Protecting their interest in higher salaries better benefits such as great enhanced pensions, health benefits,enhanced and extended paid holidays, sick days, personal days, and vacation days. All the while our nations position in the world standings rapidly drops to the bottom we were once in the top five we are now in the very bottom. Why one ask ? ” simple ” Unionization,and teacher tenor. Protecting the dead beat teachers and the bureaucrats behind them.

  4. Condi should be on the Supreme Court.

    • Not really. Her views and experience with forcing Israel to give up land that has been theirs since the covenant between Creator God and Abraham and his descendants are enough to disqualify her.

  5. Kennedy reversed Roosevelt’s rule that prohibited formation of government employees unions by an executive order in 1962; then in 1965 Johnson made it into a law. At that time American education was among the first in the world – toady it is comparable to Zimbabwe. Teacher unions have by now “educated” 3 generations of illiterate nincompoops who know nothing about history, geography, mathematics, philosophy, literature, logic, physics, chemistry…but vote their “feelings”.
    A fact: no Congressman sends his or her children to Washington public schools – those children are ALL in private schools!!!

    • Throw in the removal of prayer from the public schools at the same time (O’Hare and the ACLU’s dirty work) and … you have a distant second rate educational system. Albeit a veery expensive second rate system

      • Did somebody say “ACLU ” ??

        Ambulance Chasing Lawyers Union …. AKA

        All Criminals Living United?

        • In 1961, in the heat of the Cold War, my 11th grade history teacher, a nun, said the two greatest threats to America were Madelyn Murray O’Hare and the ACLU. I thought she was crazy, for the USSR I thought was our main concern. Boy, that old lady (RIP) was spot on, it seems now.

  6. damn I cannot believe what I just read, a liberal telling real truth . that is foreign to liberals , they will either just lie or just tell parts of the truth. like obama telling complete lies to get what he wants , he would not know the truth if it bit him on his balls . he has been lies for so long he even believes his own lies .

    • I hope you’re not referring to Condoleezza Rice as being a liberal. She is a true conservative. It’s Susan Rice who is the libtard. Susan is in the back pocket of Obozo.

  7. These obozos who have been given a chance to lead our country are the true racists!

  8. School Choice is only for the RICH…

  9. Just another Obama monkey trying to push their agenda on everyone else that don’t agree with them…….

  10. Wow Ms. Rice tell it like it is. The Democrats are truly the party of racists. Remember who voted in civil rights laws it was the Republicans the party of civil rights for all. The Democrats always have and will be a party of the shoe on the neck!

  11. Racist AND bigoted in most cases.


  13. If children leave the liberal indoctrination centers, I mean public schools, the Left will lose control of the indoctrination, I mean curriculum.

  14. Hooray for Condoleezza! Maybe she will make some headway in our abominable schools!


  16. people opposed to school choice are hypocrites of the lowest kind. Marxists Obama _ gates for sure !!!

  17. Hey, come on, you’re rocking the boat !! Why would any self respecting politician (either right or left) want to wake up the food stamp, welfare check, laid back, guaranteed vote, brain dead supporter? Why, all you have to offer is a responsible, educated, tax paying individual with the intellectual capacity to see through all the governmental white wash who realizes that when you run out of other peoples money, the whole party is going crash. Ho-Hum :^(

  18. Paul Harvey, years ago created an undeniable.legacy with
    “THE REST OF.THE STORY”. Should those evaluating the media conclude that “the rest.of.the.story” passed away with Paul.Harvey? Could education be a free choice issue?

  19. Abolish the dept of education. All they do is cost money. Since the inception of the dept of education, the education of our children has actually gone down. We used to be one of the best educated when it came to highschool graduates. Now most of them only have what was an 8TH grade education at best.

  20. Ms. Rice is correct. The ONNLY way we are ever going to become a real world leader again, is through the young people. Unfortunately , they are nearly a lost cause due to the abominable state of our schools. Please remove your kids from the public schools. They can get a much better education from the internet, but, most of us cannot afford to pay our school taxes, and also pay for a private education. The public schools cannot even keep the kids safe anymore. If we had that same amount of money to invest in a quality education, the kids would be so much better off. Parent could research what education they would like their kid to get, then the money would go toward THAT education. This is real free-market stuff. Competition improves the quality of Everything. Abolish the NEA and Teachers Unions.

  21. Any Parents who does not want their children to attend the public school in their district/neighborhood are free to pay for their progenies education where ever they choose. But I as a taxpayer should and shall not contribute one red cent nor one thin dime to that end.

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