Concerned About Ebola? You’re Probably Racist

The bleeding-hearts never miss a chance to call the country out on its racism. In fact, if they can’t find any real racism to rail against, they’ll just make it up as they go along. There is such a notable lack of racism in mainstream politics these days that libtards have no other choice but to invent narratives from whole cloth. You don’t like the president? Racist. You’re not in favor of unrestrained immigration? Racist. You think we shouldn’t force an 80-year-old NFL team to change their name? Definitely racist.

Now it’s apparently racist to be concerned about the Ebola epidemic that could be facing our country in the next few months. A writer for The Verge contends that it is a factor of “white privilege” that Americans got Zmapp drugs while Africans are still dying every day. While North America has better access to medication than Africans – we did invent the drugs, after all – how can anyone say we aren’t doing what we can to help those in West Africa? What country is doing more? We’re doing (much) more to help Africa than Africa is to help themselves.

This is what the libs never get about our country. They step all over themselves to condemn our racist ways, never stopping to wonder why the world turns to us in times of trouble. Whether it’s stomping out terrorism, overthrowing genocidal maniacs, putting an end to hunger, or stopping the spread of disease, it’s always America that comes to the rescue. But that’s not good enough for the libs.

According to this writer, there is another dimension to the racism. Taking note of a conservative meme going around – #obola – they make up some connection between Obama’s dark skin and the spread of an African disease. This is nothing new. The left has long accused conservatives of racism when it comes to the president. This is a stretch even for them, though. We have serious concerns over whether Obama has done enough to keep the country safe from this plague. The hashtag is a reflection of that – literally no one I’ve spoken to has made any connection between Ebola and race. Not even racists!

This could be excused if it was just one idiot, but the accusations are popping up everywhere. Robin Wright – not the actress – wrote a column for CNN where she makes vague correlations between the response to Ebola and racism. She laments that Thomas Duncan was unable to get Zmapp in Dallas, even though infected white missionaries got it last month. Well, Robin, we’re out of it. What else is there to say?

Not even Stormfront is as racist as these liberals think the average conservative is. They see conspiracy everywhere they turn, ramping up division wherever they can. Why? Because they simply can’t believe that maybe…just maybe…America isn’t as evil as they’ve been taught.


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