Concerned About Ebola? You’re Probably Racist

The bleeding-hearts never miss a chance to call the country out on its racism. In fact, if they can’t find any real racism to rail against, they’ll just make it up as they go along. There is such a notable lack of racism in mainstream politics these days that libtards have no other choice but to invent narratives from whole cloth. You don’t like the president? Racist. You’re not in favor of unrestrained immigration? Racist. You think we shouldn’t force an 80-year-old NFL team to change their name? Definitely racist.

Now it’s apparently racist to be concerned about the Ebola epidemic that could be facing our country in the next few months. A writer for The Verge contends that it is a factor of “white privilege” that Americans got Zmapp drugs while Africans are still dying every day. While North America has better access to medication than Africans – we did invent the drugs, after all – how can anyone say we aren’t doing what we can to help those in West Africa? What country is doing more? We’re doing (much) more to help Africa than Africa is to help themselves.

This is what the libs never get about our country. They step all over themselves to condemn our racist ways, never stopping to wonder why the world turns to us in times of trouble. Whether it’s stomping out terrorism, overthrowing genocidal maniacs, putting an end to hunger, or stopping the spread of disease, it’s always America that comes to the rescue. But that’s not good enough for the libs.

According to this writer, there is another dimension to the racism. Taking note of a conservative meme going around – #obola – they make up some connection between Obama’s dark skin and the spread of an African disease. This is nothing new. The left has long accused conservatives of racism when it comes to the president. This is a stretch even for them, though. We have serious concerns over whether Obama has done enough to keep the country safe from this plague. The hashtag is a reflection of that – literally no one I’ve spoken to has made any connection between Ebola and race. Not even racists!

This could be excused if it was just one idiot, but the accusations are popping up everywhere. Robin Wright – not the actress – wrote a column for CNN where she makes vague correlations between the response to Ebola and racism. She laments that Thomas Duncan was unable to get Zmapp in Dallas, even though infected white missionaries got it last month. Well, Robin, we’re out of it. What else is there to say?

Not even Stormfront is as racist as these liberals think the average conservative is. They see conspiracy everywhere they turn, ramping up division wherever they can. Why? Because they simply can’t believe that maybe…just maybe…America isn’t as evil as they’ve been taught.


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  1. Proud US vet/American

    I only like “white meat”, guess I’m a racist! I only like “wheat bread”, guess I’m a racist! I like playing in the snow, guess i’m a racist! I love America and what she stands for, guess i’m a racist I think Iraq and Syria are a tribal matter, not ours, guess i’m a racist! I sleep on the right side of the bed, guess i’m a racist! I like Apple pie, baseball and Chevy’s, guess i’m a racist!

    • I love the Bible and God, the country, the Constitution, and the military so I to my brother in arms are a racist also.

        • We are the majority, the problem is to many are silent. We are not alone Peggy, we are not alone.

          • Nope, you’re not!

          • I’m with you too. Ex Army and Air Force TACP., I now have a daughter in the Navy.

          • I was Army 64-69 and Viet Nam 67-68. Thanks for your service and your daughters.

          • 7papa7; Thank You and the same to you. Our Army tours over lapped, I went in from 62-65.then sat out for a few years and went back in as an Air Force TACP ( Tactical Air Control Party) and wound up back with the Army. We handled the air strikes and close air support. Did everything but drop nukes, they wouldn’t let us, some kind of dumb law about only the Pres,can do that.

          • Did you ever get the chance to fly in Puff? A great plane for the times. They saved our derriere more than once.

          • No, I never did.When I first got in we had O-2’s then we went to A-37’s and when I got out we were using everybody’s favorite the A-10 that everyone called The Warthog but, it’s real name was Thunderbolt II. That was the tank killer with it’s 30mm Gatling gun at 3800 rounds per min.

          • I remember hearing about the Warthog but never saw it in action. I would have loved to though.

    • God Bless you Vet. I’m with you 100%.

    • You notice how fast Obola cut his fund raising short and came back to the Oral Office when he heard that the second nurse was black? The first one was Asian and it was all her fault for catching Ebola, but the second nurse who is black is rushed off in a special jet to a top notch infectious disease ward. Nothing racist going on here. Move along sheeple, move along!

    • Michael Dennewitz

      I’m from native Indian heritage. Damned betcha, I’m a racist. Listening to my grandmother’s stories was all it took. Some asswipe comes to my front door and starts shit, he had better be in .380 proof armor!! :-))

      • You have as good a reason to be racist as anyone does, we treated the Indian people like shit. The Indians showed us many things, what did we give back? Alcohol, tobacco, and guns.

    • Assimilation of those who wish to immigrate to our way of life.

  2. Do you think for a moment that any of this ignorant illegals will go to an emergency room, when they have been brainwashed to hate gringos? No.1 they will think they have the flu and/or they will reason: If I am fkd I will take a few gringos with me. Cuba is another infectious point, planes go back and forth every day from Miami to Cuba and vice versa. Most of West Africans have duel citizenship, so they can have passports from their country and another one from the European Union. And Air Travel, even here, look at what happened..the contagious person was able to fly cross country, do they want to make sure we have a pan”demonic”. We are either in the hands of morons or very evil people.

    • Well put, Maria. I could add plenty to your post but the last line tells it all.

      • I pray we don’t see the illegals falling dead on the streets because their friends or family as soon as they sneeze will kick them out of the house, and how all of them are illegals and are deadly afraid to be quarantined we will see the corpses lying in our streets. The rats, the flies, the mosquitoes, the birds an every stray animal will be roaming around them taking their redistribution of Hell.

    • illegals hate the Red Skins even worse than they hate whites… their population keeps rising while the Indians population keeps shrinking… 🙁

      • and they hate the blacks more. The blacks have no idea who they will be fighting. They will be fighting for survival, the illegals are the new privileged class, the blacks have stop having that many babies so they will be overcome by these bloody gangs.

        • stop taking care of all the babies they have. 75% of these illegal babies cant find the fathers. Give them more stuff and they will keep having more babies and they have babies. Pretty soon there will be no working people to take care of them and we will all be living on the street just like Africa… Hope Obama is setting on sidewalk next to me asking for a handout…

      • 2 ways to fix that problem. : )

    • Chris_in_Kalifornia

      Perhaps they are both?

  3. Michael Dennewitz

    Welllll…. Gads, they’ll think of anything. Okay, here’s one for you damned liberals to grab hold of and exploit to the max (like you always do). My ancestry is full blooded Cherokee. They prefer to be called native Indians – not American Indians! If memory, family talks, history and what I’ve witnessed means anything: Those army soldiers that were slaughtering my ancestors from horseback, were BOTH WHITE AND BLACK!! So yeah, we’re racists – we hate you ALL!

  4. Here’e a thought. Reply from this moment going forward to all libtards.. you are definitely a dumb a$$.

  5. I am proud to be a racist because I am for and will defend all LEGAL American Citizens. American Citizens are those who do NOT demand I accept their way of life according to some doctrine written by a paranoid, pedophile who claimed he talked to allah and proclaimed himself a prophet in order to conquer, enslave and murder because he was a liar. Put that up your ass devout islamics and constipate.

  6. Ok since I am not interested in catching an incurable diease allowed in the COUNTRY BY DICTATOR OBAMA I am RACIST.? Well it wouldn’t matter if OBAMA was white,green,red,blue,orange,yellow, I wouldn’t want anything he allowed in the country so I guess I would STILL BE RACIST. GET OVER IT I FOR ONE LIKE LIVING SO DOES MY WIFE AND OUR CHILDREN.!!

  7. Racist & Proud! 🙂

  8. Well I guess it is what it is. HIV=AFRICA, EBOLA=AFRICA, OBAMA=AFRICA.
    These are FACTS and progressives don’t deal in facts.

  9. Obama recently stated that “My first priority is to keep “Africa safe”. No mention of America!!

  10. The truth? Concerning liberals, the truth is a no-no, the agenda is everything. The truth quite often takes the wind out of liberals’ sails, it exposes lies and ruins their agenda. Blaming people they hate for everything bad is the only road they travel.

  11. Don’t need Zmapp, all you need is Vitamin C. The Elite (Obama & DNC) would never release a plague without an easy cure. Ebola causes the complete removal of all vitamin C from the body.
    Dr Robert Cathcart states “the Ebola virus kills by way of free radicals which can be neutralized by massive doses of sodium ascorbate intravenously”.
    Who do you believe? This information, the CDC or Obummer?

  12. Well just brand me with the BIG Red “R” when it comes to caring about the safety of my family, Friends and
    myself. Let me know who out there is not in the same boat OK?

    • I was never racist before but this fool in the White House has me thinking about joining up…

      • i have never been racist, have always been colorblind, but when i disagree with the current resident of the White House, that is the name i am called…here’s a fact: i don’t give a crap if he is purple with pink polka dots, he should never have been elected (twice!)…he is incapable of doing the job

      • I would rather be called a Racist than see my family and friends die from this Horrible infliction.

  13. so does that mean the CDC is racist for leaving that fridge in africa that started this whole thing? isnt the CDC an american government agency? i guess the government is racist too.

  14. I am ‘white.’ I am Christian. I am Republican. I am patriotic. I am as far right conservative as they come. I am 63 years of age. I have never understood racism or prejudice because of skin color. I don’t care what color a person’s skin is. I just either like people for who they are or I don’t care to know them because of who they are. Am I a racist?

    • Chris_in_Kalifornia

      Lets see… I’m also “white”, I’m also Christian, I’m not a republican, they are way to liberal for me, I am patriotic, and I’m a total constitutionalist. I married a woman of color so my kids are mixed. I must be a worse racist than you.

      • Yep you’re most likely a ‘racist’ too (LOL) Chris, the way people are being labeled nowadays! Can’t we all just get along. We are one family UNDER GOD and IN GOD WE TRUST. Oops I bet I just became racister.

  15. Political Correctness will be the death of America.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and get sharp.

    • Well you are a racist. I can say that because you have demonstrated it to be a fact.

      PS: Don’t bother googling his blog, it is full of more of his lies, confusion, and racist rants.

      • As one of mixed race I would be hard-pressed to be a “racist.” I use the word Negro because is the correct anthropologic term. Why should anyone believe a man who hides behind a handle and a picture of a carnival freak?

  16. the card is getting old. But that is good. The old race card is about worn out. Main stream America is sick of hearing it and now it is actually getting no benefit. When the card comes out all or any leg to stand on you might have had is gone. People don’t want to hear it.

  17. If NOT giving in to all this crap and NOT allowing these people to use race as an excuse to steal get free handouts or as an excuse to be a failure makes me a racist then I AM A PROUD RACIST!!! and I hope that offends the hell out of all of those lazy morons using race as an excuse for everything from global warming to tooth decay. You know what her is a message for all of you doing this GO FUC5 YOURSELF AND YOUR NEIGHBORS DOG TOO!!

  18. In the third paragraph first line you wrote “in our racist ways”. Maybe you should have wrtten in our alleged or percieved racist ways. I am white and proud of it. The racist bigots encountered today are African american. Also. I do not dislike Obama because he is mixed race,, I dislike him because he is incompetent.

  19. Irish- Swiss- Comanche. We as a nation we need to give up on the idea of political correctness and just call a spade a spade. Kick these idiots out before a new revolution begins! Or, trust me it WILL!

  20. the so called silent majority in the good ole usa are sick of the race card, sick of political correctness, and sick of the socialist oreo in the white house. We need a real Black President like Dr Ben Carson.

  21. white and yellow folks can get it to… Duncan was a plant. That is the Oct. surprise Obama promised…Duncan came he passed it on and he died..He was not a citizen what was he here for???.Who got the ticket for him to come over here???? It was a one way ticket. who paid???? He came to visit friends really????? he is a plant to destroy the country. Bring all those kids over our borders and suddenly all our kids get sick. Another plan of the Obama bunch to rid the country of Americans. Kill off the young and the old… Declare Marshall Law and take over the country. No election in 2016 he will try and stay in office like another Hitler…Get your guns ready to defend your self…

  22. My favorite race is the Kentucky Derby. I watch it every year.

  23. I just heard the funniest thing on Michael Savage today. He played a clip of Obola and in it he said that he hugged and kissed the nurses at the Ebola ground zero hospital in Texas but he made a point to say that he did not kiss the Doctors. I guess he was trying to make everybody think that he is not gay. It was hilarious, especially the way that he said it! ROFLMAO

  24. Well,I guess this old Texas boy is a Racist.I love this country of ours,and I’m 100% Conservative.If believing in the Constitution,and thinking for myself makes me Racist,then I’ll wear the name proudly.

  25. IF there IS a connection between race and ebola, beyond that it started in African nations, it’s in O’s head, because he apparently believes Americans, particularly white Americans somehow deserve ebola, hence HE made everyeffort to insure it WOULD be brought here to infect us! His own racist excuses for why he failed to act appropriately are very telling to medical professionals, who know how you properly deal with communicable diseases, NONE of which steps has yet been taken!

  26. Hey if Ebola is what it means to be “black” I do not want any.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and get sharp.

  27. Certain parts of Africa have wild animals, and some have dumb animals, dat make me a racist too?

  28. Yah! We are all racists, like Obummer looking out for his people in Africa, with no regard for the peoples of America. Shalom!

  29. For all the hell visited on Indians it is amazing how many European descendants have Indian bloodlines. My first ancestor came across in 1640. Settled in what is now Canada. First 3 generations were all mixed breeds. To this day the North American side of the family have little to no body hair, except for the sclap. No joke intended.

    Want to know the benefits of diversity, equality, being inclusive, etc. Ask the Indians standing amist the bones of their ancestors.

    My wife is Scottish. Also have Indian Bloodlines.

  30. Want a glaring example of racism? Just look to the Democrats Immigration Bill. Would have to be blind, deaf, and dumb not to know what this means to the Blacks. Even so, the Blacks will cleave to the Democrat Party, a Party with a long history of slavery. They wonder why they have no respect shown to them. Well, you first require respect for yourselves.


  32. A racist and proud of it: Realistic American Combating Ignorance and Socialist Trends.

  33. Yes, I’m concern about OBOLA.

  34. I went to the doctor,he said whats wrong?I said i have a bad case of chiggers!He says excuse me but don’t you mean chigroes.

  35. WAKE up America

  36. If you want to see racism in action nust look at Obama and h oily s administration, especially Holder.

  37. The left, liberals can’t find the racist they’re looking for should turn around and look within and they’ll find all they racist they need. Lets start with Al. not so Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Chris Matthews and, all of NBC and MSNBC.

  38. interesting, conservative news sites now blocked on twitter as spam

  39. Dennis B Anderson

    Hey I like all kinds of bread but will cut the brown crust off because its not spongy enough texture, and feed it to the birds. If it were the other way around Africa would put a ban on travel from America no matter what kind of pie we would offer them, and the whole world would rise up against us! Maybe this pandemic would start a nuclear war??? This and voter ID WOW!! IM A RACIST might as well shread the constitution.
    With a flip of an election our government will be dragging white people out of black houses.

  40. So what this article tells me is that only black people live in Africa. And only Black People can carry Ebola. And to have common sense, Prevention on this continent by shutting down admission to our country. So if we are to save 1,000’s of lives of all races, let them call us racist. We know the truth that we are not racist. We want to protect our families, as well as those Whom are black, and live on this continent. So I ask these Idiots, how is it racist to save people of all colors, on this continent !!

  41. Obama wants this disease here now!

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and you will know.

  42. You are not alone and you are not racist. Thank you for your service.

  43. Just call me Racist then

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