Columnists Say Conservative Media Must Change

According to Oliver Darcy and Pamela Engel at The Hill, the Republican Party will have to do something about conservative media after the election is over. Taking for granted that Hillary Clinton will win on November 8, the columnists say that Donald Trump is the result of a “conservative media industrial complex” gone haywire.

“Years before the real-estate tycoon entered onto the political stage, the conservative press – made up of a handful of websites, talk radio, and Fox News opinion programming – started to move the center of gravity in the Republican base further and further right,” they write.

To back up their claims, the two writers turn to President Obama, who made similar remarks at a rally last week.

“Trump didn’t come out of nowhere now,” Obama said Thursday. “For years, Republican politicians and far-right media outlets have been pumping out all kinds of toxic, crazy stuff.”

“The power of the conservative press,” claim Darcy and Engel, “allowed its members to decide who was accepted by the base and who wasn’t. True conservatives could be painted as unprincipled moderates, and, as in the case of Trump, unprincipled moderates could be painted as exactly what the base wanted.”

Oh boy.

Okay, first of all, there’s a tiny element of truth to what they’re arguing. It is true that some conservative media outlets go overboard in their criticisms of perfectly respectable Republicans who happen to go off the reservation on one issue or another. Not every elected official can be Ted Cruz. When you get to the point where you despise every Republican who isn’t a card-carrying member of the Freedom Caucus, you’re just helping Democrats.

That said, they have the rest of their analysis completely backwards. Breitbart, Rush Limbaugh, and Fox News did not create the Trump phenomenon. But unlike National Review, Glenn Beck, and Erick Erickson, they didn’t trash Trump on a daily basis, either. You know why? Because they were on the air every day, listening to what conservative voters were saying. Where Beck saw an ideological hurdle too high to overcome, Limbaugh and Hannity and others saw an opportunity: To put up a Republican candidate who…ACTUALLY HAD SOME EXCITEMENT BEHIND HIM!

Darcy, Engel, and Obama are right about one thing: Donald Trump did not create the movement that swelled to support him. But neither did “conservative media.” The movement came from the ground up, inspired by a stagnant economy, an out-of-control president, and a culture that is sliding beyond the sewers into someplace even worse. Conservative media is a reflection of that movement.

And whether Trump wins next month or not, that movement isn’t going anywhere.

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  1. Sovereign_Citizen

    We must change?:)

    Let me give you a nickel’s worth of free advice MSM…you should leave the country while you can because if Trump doesn’t win? We will hunt you down and Charge, Try and Execute you all as accomplices to wanton Treason.

  2. What Darcy and Engel from the Hill are actually saying is that We the People must accept the Goebbels like corrupt propaganda of the MSM….That all MEDIA must conform.

    What they are saying is, RESISTANCE if futile.. (Borg reference intended)

    I say Hell no it isn’t!… People, join the fight, make go viral….

    God is NOT dead!

  3. “Trump didn’t come out of nowhere now,” Obama said Thursday. “For years,
    Republican politicians and far-right media outlets have been pumping
    out all kinds of toxic, crazy stuff.”

    What 0bama is saying is that Republican Politicians and far-right media outlest have been pumping out all kinds of truths that do not fit within the approved propaganda line.

    • Amen Amen! Hopefully God will look don kindly on us who fought against all the sick idealism coming out of Washington DC and liberal cities. Without a strong moral guide our country is doomed and will collapse on its own filthy ways. It isn’t too late to repent and correct the hellish direction our country is going. They have change common God fearing moral knowledge for perversion. We all know what happened to the two cities that did the same. Learn from it. Don’t accept anyone trying to copy it. Mr. Trump has used his success and stature to voice the will of the people and half of the country doesn’t care. He will not just save Republicans. He will save the whole country from suicide..

      • Amen and Thank you.

        Without a corrupt MEDIA, none of this would be possible today.

        Fight the Corrupt MEDIA at:

      • It’s never too late, as you’re breathing. However, turning America from her fate now is about akin to turning the Titanic from that berg; by the time they saw it, they were sunk. Too few have yet seen that berg. And repentance has to be individual before national; Trump doesn’t believe he needs to repent, ergo will NOT lead into a national repentance!

        • I believe you are wrong about Trump and am troubled as to the reasons you have come to that conclusion.

          The clip in the middle of this foreign news short used to be all over the internet. But, liberals have a way of erasing things.

          It was a very heavy part of his speech and the laughter at the end is nervous laughter, but I still believe the sentiment is real.

          • First, if Trump actually believes the U.S. Presidency can somehow earning a slot in heaven, he’s dead wrong, regardless how good job he might do (that being entirely unlikely on its face, without Yhwh God’sdirect and constant guidance). There is only 1 way into Heaven and it’s not via the WH.
            Second, ever hear of Arcosanti Mall? Probably not; it was project he promoted in the ’80s, which NO ONE in the city wanted, especially not where he decided to put it, but he bulled ahead, and eventually betrayed partners and shareholders badly, grabbed the money, and declared 1of his many bankruptcies, leaving others holding bag, which included jail for some of them. That confirmed things I’d been hearing and “passed off” as sour grapes; they weren’t; it’s a pattern he’s repeated since, more than once. Add to that, his lifelong support of liberals, and liberal values. There are many liberals who claim to “love America”, but like the valid question about which “Jesus” a church actually follows, so also the question of which “America” they mean. I doubt seriously it’s the Founders’ America.
            I’d FAR rather trust a rattler in my bed, than either Trump or Hildebeest in the WH; besides, she already had her 2 terms! Slick Willie may have that the title, but she wore the pants then too.

          • I would agree with your first statement. obtaining the U.S. Presidency is not a way to heaven.

            But, not betraying the trust of others and staying true to your words might be a start.
            Which is something very few career politicians seems to be capable of doing right now.

            Even with Trumps torrid past, he is not as bad as Hillary’s present. If it were not for a corrupt, MEDIA, DOJ, FBI, Hillary would be in jail. For CRIMES she committed against the American People.

            Trump was not my first choice, Trump is now my only choice.

            Fight the Liberal MEDIA at:

          • I already do too. Trump wasn’t even my last choice. Hildebeest BARELY edged him out here. There are choices still who believe in the Constitution, that’s a better start than Trump can ever be; and that at least 1 also believes in God makes him an even better choice. Isn’t it time we vote the way God showed us we should, and trust Him for the outcome, rather than any man and a very broken ballot box?

    • Ha! That “toxic crazy stuff” Oblowhard mentioned must be what we call love of country, respect for the laws, infallibility of the Constitution as written, and all the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. That would be everything the democrats hate about America. That being said why don’t we the people start deporting all democrats as “persona non grata”? They don’t deserve to live in a country they hate and trying to overturn it is subversion and against the laws of our society.

      • But where on earth could take this big of a crowd of cowards, America haters, people with no morals, no ethics, no belief in God ? I understand NASA and some private space companies are planning to start a human population on Mars, perhaps that would be more to their liking.

    • Are you listening to the person that has totally messed our country up…$20 trillion in debt… No jobs…all his departments getting called for abuses…wake up. He has a big smile that pulls the wool over your eyes.

  4. Republican Politicians and the free media is no more responsible for Trump than they are for the Tea Party.

    The Trump movement is not about politicians or Trump. It is the rising of independent thinkers that now realize that they have been disenfranchised by the Government.

    • Republican politicians, particularly those campaigning for office in 2014, bought the votes to get in with promises that they immediately betrayed once elected. With the exception of a noble few, and those roundly criticized for their attempts by the powerful Progressive wing of the GOP, the Republicans newly empowered by an election victory made at most a weak token attempt to fulfill their promises – followed by total surrender. They infuriated the voters that put them in office. Trump is the result. Without the motivation of the bold betrayal by the elected Republicans and other Progressive Republican officeholders, the repudiation of their promises to voters, I doubt Trump would even have entered the political circus.

      • well said. The Tea Party put these turncoats into office, only to have the turncoats ignore the wishes.

        Elite Republicans = Elite Democrats = Elite MEDIA = Progressives or in other words, Communists.

    • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

      disenfranchised is another word for Barry and Michaels’ favorite fornication of sodomy.

    • Considering that we really have no real representation in government due to the two corrupt parties that virtually guarantees a corrupt Congress we would be better off without them. They were only necessary because of the time and distance between the citizens and the seat of government in D.C. They are no longer necessary. They could be replaced with secure “teleconferencing”. It would eliminate a huge cost that these people incur and get rid of the corruption.

    • Again, another great factoid. How is the weather out in Ramona. I fished in Lake Sutherland once, when I used to do lots of bass fishing when I lived in both San Diego and Newport Beach. It’s probably been at least 30 years since going through your city.

      • Ramona is currently 72 degrees, and sunny. Some things never change, even though 0bama and declared it a settled science….

        • No doubt, he fell into the Algore/JimmaCotta train of global freezing, warming, stock up on your woolen goods back in the 70’s, because we’re all going to be frozen over. and then the reverse, with algore, who sounds like he had a major role in the Frankenstein movies. He probably would have looked like Marty Feldman, no disrespect towards Marty.

  5. That was the stupid and moronic writing ,,,,,,

  6. We have had “hope and change.” To tell someone that their values are THE problem requires some concrete proof of the truth of that. While the educated know that two plus two equals four, they are more than willing to allow the interest on that principal/principle to be compounded and paid by someone else “way down the road, around the corner and out of sight,” because need necessitates the obviation of transactional quid-pro-quo with respect to value received or given. If I can’t afford it NOW, what makes them think that some else can afford it THEN, with interest being compounded however rapidly? Why is it that the principles which DO work for the individual, DO NOT work for government? Is it merely because politicians pander for the political advantage of votes which keep them in a position of employment, able to pay their own debts? Conservatives who are not simply fiscal conservatives, caring little about anything but their own financial well-being, apply the concept of accountability to finances. For the rest of the costs and consequences of human behaviors, they may be completely unaffected, indifferent or liberal. How long can people go on (pretending??) in the acceptance of the notion or belief that something does NOT matter? If individual choice is not governed by the majority with respect to law and values, as a matter of freedom and the security of freedom for citizens, it is the values of the minority which pose a threat to law, freedom and security. This is, essentially, what this election is about. We are NOT voting for Clinton, because she is a threat to law, freedom and security. It is that simple. We are not about to change, since there is NO hope in that kind of change.

  7. The Elite/Establishment ‘Conservative’ GOP who promised us over and over…. “just give us the Senate and we’ll stop Obama!” are the ones who created Trump. They used/abused and lied to us one too many times (2014 mid-term elections) and we finally said ‘SCREW ALL OF YOU!). There are a few I like.. Gowdy.. Chaffets.. Gohmert.. and a few others.. they have always stood true to their promises when the ran and were elected. The rest of them.. McCain.. Rubio.. McConnell.. Ryan and countless others can go out and play in traffic.. and I hope they get run over. I’m sick and tired of their lies.

    The Media didn’t create Trump……… the GOP Party created Trump. If the GOP Party doesn’t recognize this during this election……. I’ll personally work for their defeats in 2018 and beyond.

    • Well said! It’s the RINO’s who outright lied to the Conservative Members of the Republican Party about their intent to change things should they become a majority in Congress. American voters gave them that opportunity and they blew it! They have allowed this President to violate the Constitution far too many times!
      It’s time to get rid of these two-faced politicians and get real patriotic Americans in their places! Start with the leaders of the RNC and go from their!

      • Not asking with an attitude but because I want to know. Would you tell me what infractions of the constitution have been committed ?

        • Here are 4- all related to Obamacare:
          1. Delay of out-of-pocket caps.
          2. Delay of employer mandate
          3. Delay of insurance requirements
          4. Exemption of congress from ACA

          There are others, but these come to mind immediately. All are changes to standing law passed by congress and required additional legislation to comply with the constitution. The president does not make law- even though this one has tried repeatedly with EO’s and presidential memoranda.

          • There are 127 unproscribed federal taxes called usurey fees to physicians, medical suppliers, insurers,wholesalers, etc.etc. designed specifically to cause overpricing. The ACA is a an assault on the medical establishment to force dissent among the citizens in order to force socialized medicine on us and further destroy our free market economy.

          • Exactly, Tom. As a holder of a georgia insurance license back in the 60’s and 70’s, I knew immediately that the ACA was designed to fail. It was only a placeholder on the road to single payor- that is, total government control of healthcare. You nailed it. Be well, friend.

        • Nowhere in the Constitution does abortion and same sex marriage get addressed. You would need 2/3 of the states to vote for it to add it to the Constitution. 9 men in robes should not change the laws..that is not their duty.

        • Shall we start with Obamacare? Totally illegal, according to the Constitution; and STILL not repealed!

          • Well, the irony of that, if you will recall is that what we thought was a conservative, Chief Justice Roberts, cast the deciding vote that Obamacare( it doesn’t bet much more affordable than Affordable Health Care, does it- the gift that keeps on taking) was not unconstitutional because it was a tax. And indeed, it is a tax- Congress could give a damn if you get any healthcare out of it, since they’ve got their own gold-plated version. What was indeed unconstitutional was the way it was rammed down our throats, in the dead of night, 2500-page text hidden from the people, and never read out before being passed. A trial should have been the kindest response to Nancy Pelosi’s declaring that “We have to pass it now- we can read it later.”

          • Also unconstitutional is the fact that it requires us to buy a product we don’t necessarily want! Neither Congress, nor the Executive branch, let alone SCOTUS, has the right under the Constitution to require that.

          • Thanks to Justice Roberts vote we are now saddled with this AHC and it is now imploding
            with SKY Rocketing cost.

          • Exactly!

          • “Obamacare premiums will soar in 2017, the administration acknowledged Monday, with the price of the most popular benchmark plans jumping an average of 22 percent as the law continues to rely on older, sicker customers than its backers had envisioned.

            The number of insurers offering plans on the federally run exchange will also plummet as companies tap out, saying they can’t figure out a way to make the economics work — and raising the risk of lower competition and worse premium increases.

            Roughly one in five customers will have only a single insurer as an option next year after major players such as UnitedHealth Group and Aetna withdrew from most states and nearly all of Obamacare’s co-op plans failed.

            This is the Obama government saying that prices are going way up as their choices go away. Voters already don’t like Obamacare and now it is crashing, what a great opportunity.”

          • MyronJPoltroonian

            Indeed, it is a “Tax” I cannot deduct, nor get a refund for, on my 1040A as a Social Security Pensioner, even though I owe no tax.

          • It was passed in Congress as a fee. If Roberts said that, to be Constitutional, it had to be a tax, it should have gone back to Congress to be voted on as a tax. This did not happen. Roberts just took it upon himself to change the law. Unconstitutional!

          • Absolutely correct. And to add insult to injury, having made it clear that that the obamination was a tax, they failed to apply the law and rule it unconstitutional on the grounds of origination: “All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives.”

        • 1.Pushing for TPP and trade deals that would gut national sovereignty in favor of corporate interests.
          2.Doing nothing, after the 2008-9 banking debacle, to rein in banking abuses and speculative gambling, allowing the already “too-big-to-fail ” to grow even bigger, even as they are allowed extortionate returns on their spread between interest charged and paid to savers, and as the proposed $89 billion AT&T deal shows, consistently putting big business ahead of constituent interests. Lacking the courage or even interest in dealing with what amounts to price-gouging in pharmaceutical and health care pricing.
          3.Continuing to allow one undeclared war after another, with an ever-expanding defense budget, and doing nothing to block massive deficit spending. Doing nothing to curb excesses associated with imperial Executive Order issuance.
          4. Posing as “conservatives” while gutting the Bill of Rights, such as right to free speech, protection from unreasonable searches an seizures, 24/7 spying on American citizens and not just foreign suspects, often with no cause, and with use of NSA spying making a mockery of privacy as well as industrial espionage.
          These are not all strictly Constitutional issues, but the list goes on. In a nutshell: pretending to be republicans (i.e., ones calling for adherance to the rule of law), but in fact being anything but.

          • Thank you. #3 was the plan of “Project for a New American Century”,(goal- “to create conflicts on many fronts similtainiously”); who accomplished their goal by election coup 2000 and 9/11.

          • We see that you do indeed have an attitude and an agenda.

          • And the two-fers: 63 (31 Republicans/33 Democrats) members of Congress sitting on corporate boards of directors.

            Probably there are more.

            Hey! Ain’t they supposed to work for the taxpayers? Those who elected them?

            Is there any connection between when they first enter Congress with modest financial assets…and a few years thereafter leave as multi-millionaires?

            Naaaaw…it’s gotta be my imagination!

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        • Research recent Supreme Court Rulings, then you will have an answer that you can’t say it was a alt-right conspiracy.

        • Actually it has been violated for years. Show me where in the constitution is the EPA, the dept. of education, the department of labor, the department of agriculture to name a few. When you add Obama care and executive orders allowing illegals you get many things that violate the constitution.

    • Exactly. The do-nothing GOP created the atmosphere that allowed Trump to strike a chord with the people. Folks have heard the same crap, the same pandering for years and are finally fed up.

      • I’m with you completely. I really pray that enough people are so angry, frustrated and fed up with “politics as usual” and “D.C. corruption” that we can overcome anything including the guaranteed voter fraud that we will be facing.

      • They were not do nothing to me…they kept most of obama’s major policies from becoming law.

        • I was referring to “Do nothing” in light of all the promises they made while hoping for the senate majority in 2014. Still they gave Obama all the money he wanted

        • Name one that was not passed, or EO’ed in and Congress let stand.

    • How about working to eliminate all political parties? There is no need for them since all they do is get us to pay so they can run for office. George Washington said it all very succinctly when it came to deciding whom to vote for, “Deeds before words”. I can’t name a single politician today that could pass that test. Like Paul Ryan’s latest ad where he talks about “rolling out a list of reforms the House will work on”. Funny how they are all the very same things he talked about in 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2014. Not a single promise made during all of those elections were kept or were ever even mentioned after the elections were over. Send Ryan and the rest of the Rino’s back home to actually work for a living. If you had an employee that lied to you as many times as Ryan and the Rino’s they would have been fired years ago. FIRE THEM NOW.

      • It’s interesting to note that men like Jefferson and Madison believed that the “party” system was a bad idea. They didn’t want the nation to be divided, because parties worked against unity.

        • You mention two giants in the creation of the United States of America. Most people know a lot about Jefferson but not many know about Madison. I am not one of those. I love American History so I made it my mission to find out about him. Madison’s Federalist Papers taught me that much of what Jefferson did and wrote came from the mind of Madison. He is truly one of Americas unsung heroes.

    • Just winning elections will not save us at this point. The corruption has spread to our whole national government infrastructure, IRS, DOJ, FBI, ATFE and the list goes on. While the president appoints the heads of those departments and there are good people within them who are sickened by what they are forced to be a part of there is a culture of corruption within these agencies that has become entrenched. People like Lois Lerner and the managers at ATFE who oversaw Fast and Furious will remain after any president leaves office. Our whole national government infrastructure has become so corrupt it has lost it’s legitimacy. It needs to be totally dismantled, and restructured with some safeguards in place to prevent the new government we create from ever morphing into the illegitimate beast we have now. This can be bone by calling an article V convention of states.

      • Obama put people in place but did nothing to make sure they stayed honest.

        • What makes you think they were “honest” to begin with? O certainly isn’t and neither are his cronies/companions!

      • Winning elections is a “start”. There are a lot of issues that cannot be covered under an Article V, Convention of States. “Losing” elections will amount to a complete nullification of Article V and the Constitution.

        • You are 100% correct. Elections have immediate consequences. Amending the Constitution is a deliberative process, which is as it should be. That said there are some needed reforms that will require amending the Constitution. Two things at the top of my list would be:
          1. Repeal the 16th amendment. Abolish the IRS and prohibit any tax on income. Enact a national sales tax collected by the STATES and sent directly to the treasury. That would force everyone to pay their fair share including the pimps, prostitutes, drug dealers and others who live off the “underground economy” and currently pay almost no taxes. The rich would naturally pay more because they spend more. If we broaden the base we lighten the load on everyone. Furthermore it would make it impossible for the federal government to force any state to comply with an unreasonable mandate by threatening to withhold federal funding as the states would actually be controlling the purse strings to begin with.
          2. Require periodic NONPARTISAN retention elections for ALL federal judges including supreme court justices.
          Things like this require an article V convention. Congress will never do it.

          • I wholeheartedly agree. Another step we should take is to do away with the corporate tax. Corporations do not pay tax, WE DO. They pass any tax on to us in their pricing. We need to repeal the 16th amendment, and pass the Fair Tax. It is the best, and easiest way to fund the government. As to your second point, I agree with the retention elections, and there is nothing in the Constitution that establishes SCOTUS appointments as life-time. We can impeach them.

    • As soon as this election is over, regardless of its outcome, I will no longer be registered as a Republican. I am opting for Independent.

    • Agreed, except the MSM is at fault because they backed the policies of the Dems that the GOP failed to stop.

    • Glenn Beck OUTS THE ALT-RIGHT and

    • Fully agree!!!

    • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

      If i’m living i will work to put there butts in the high way.

  8. We need to take down the despicable MSM empire. Already cancelled the newspaper. Checking out options to cancel or reduce tv news, boycotting stores that are in lockstep with horrible liberal policies, etc. Need to hit them in the pocketbook where it really hurts. Most importantly we need to ……….
    “Make America Great Again”

  9. The Democrats are brilliant at PR and the Republicans don’t have a clue nor do they want one. They want to improve America’s domestic commerce so that everyone will have a job and improved income. This will strengthen America in many ways but they don’t know how to say it. BTW notice I did not say “change” America which is what they are saying. I said improve America. Another PR point they don’t seem to grasp! I have come to realize that talking to a Democrat is like talking to a teenager. (They know it all and don’t have a clue all at the same time). Unfortunately, I am sadly finding out that when it comes to PR, it applies to the leadership of the Republican party also. We have had enough disgraced lawyers in the White House. What America needs is a businessman. Like him or not on a personal level, his business savvy and distain for BS is exactly what is necessary for America to survive as a sovereign nation. The whining crying “I’m not getting my fair share crowd will actually benefit more from someone that can improve Americas domestic commerce far better than a overtax and overspend Democrat who’s philosophy will continue to weaken America’s productive infrastructure.

  10. Thnk God the public is waking up to the evil of left wing politics and politics in general. Trump is here because of it and it is a good thing. Politics has become so corrupt and moving farther left everyday. It’s the people that made this country great not big government. Now all the cronie establisnent want to continue this road to socialism which will lead to communism. No thanks. Pray Trump wins.

    • Fortunately the future looks like this, not your desired fascism. This is the map, right now, if only the millennial vote were counted. So if we can avoid electing/disrespecting the country November 8, by electing the mentally ill despite Trump, the future looks as though we will continue to move toward the civility of other developed countries in coming days. If Trump is elected it will be an indictment of our educational system or lack thereof.

      • Your comment is internally contradictory. If we elect he mentally ill, they will continue and expand upon the Obama administration policies that have doubled the national debt, have half the employable citizens on federal assistance, raised energy costs, reduced the middle class, created a health care disaster and promulgated an educational system that has lowered the achievement levels of American youth. The developed countries of Europe which most resemble ours are in turmoil and are struggling economically. They are being overrun by refugees resulting from Obama’s Middle Eastern policies and the European Union is on the verge of collapse. How would it benefit us to move in that direction?

        • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

          Never feed those nasty trolls, block them.

        • Not only did she claim on multiple instances “I can’t recall”, so have some of her minions. With so many of them getting immunity, pleading the 5th, one of them in the last few days who’s been a state dept. employee for close to 40 years did the same thing. I guess they’re too afraid of the Clinton’s death squad and all the people that were in line to expose their sheer corruption, finding death by supposedly natural causes, Like bullet wounds to the back of their head, (self inflicted) or the 14 and 15 year old boys that saw a plane dropping bales of cocaine or such in a field from a low flying airplane while BC was governor of Arkansas, within weeks, they were found beheaded while being tied down to railroad tracks. The coroner was a personal friend of BC who claimed death by natural causes.

    • Below is a look at the future, it does not reflect the fascism that you are ‘praying’ for. This would be the electoral map today if only millennial votes were counted…a picture of the future. So if we can avoid electing a mentally ill despite/dictator in Trump we seem to be headed toward the civility of other developed countries eventually. If we disrespect the country and our fellow citizens by electing the Orange party candidate it will be we older voters and our failed self education upon which history will blame our demise. Here’s the future, thank God:

      • Wow, Fascism will only continue to grow if Trump isn’t elected. I guess you did not know that the great Communist Olinsky is the one that formed Hillary and Obama’s philosophy. Dictators supreme are already at the helm and that will be completed with Hillary. You haven’t studied the Communist agenda formed over fifty years ago to take down America from the inside. Obama and even worse, Hillary, will continue the process as planned. I have seen the chart of how every area of government has been corrupted by positions under the Communist agend and now also the Isamic agenda. Soon to be part of the one world government and one world religion. You’ve got a lot to catch up on. Only God can stop it. Best vote for Trump if you want any chance of keeping us a freedom created nation.

        • Fascism comes from the right historically, far right. Evidently you don’t understand the fascist coup that took over our government in 11/63.

          • The communist party by its iwn definition is now the progressive party which is the extreme left. It uses socialism/liberalism because they are weak minded and believe in big government to take care if their needs. As it grows to the levels needed then the Communist party takes it all over. Believe me, studying this for a long time. Guys like Olinsk who have mentored Clinton and even Obama all are of the extreme left. Conservatives, the right, must be destroyed along with God, Capitalism, morals, the family and freedom. Once this is complete Communism controls all. That my friend is the goal of the extreme left. It all started with a well known man named Karl Marx. It’s evil and leads omly to destruction.

          • Fascism, according to Mussolini (who should know) is not an ideology in itself. It is a methodology, a means through civil disorder, riots, demonstrations natural or covertly created by government, to motivate voters to democratically request increased centralized control to restore civil order. By this means a government hegemony gains control, legitimized by popular demand. Franco did it, Mussolini, of course, the German National Socialists and the Bolsheviks. It is the means by which socialism is imposed. Substantial control is implemented through mass media (the MSM), education (Common Core), control of energy resources (EPA), health care (Obamacare)and the economy (taxes and thousands of new regulations monthly). Governments function under the same natural laws as other organisms – they attempt to achieve control over as much as possible. Our government was Constitutionally created in three branches having separate and distinct functions, each very limited in power to certain assigned functions, all functions and powers not specifically assigned to the separate branches of the federal government to be delegated to the states. That’s all gone to hell, which is how we find ourselves in the mess were in right now. The government has assumed powers not intended for it by the Constitution. Congress has abandoned its responsibilities and delegated its powers to functionaries of the executive branch and has failed to prevent the gross misuse of those powers. We are becoming an increasingly feudal society with a ruling class, not with a government representing the people. There are strong similarities between feudalism and socialism.

          • Like I said.

    • God working in the hearts of the people is what made this nation great. Sadly the vast majority of the people have turned away from God seeking to please themselves rather than pleasing and obedient to God’s WORD.
      The Bible tells us that the shedding of innocent blood desecrates the land and the murdering of approx. 68 million babies cannot be overlooked by God. We are living in the Age of God’s Grace and God’s long suffering is a testimony to His being a merciful God not wanting any to perish but all to come the knowledge of His saving Grace.
      God has clearly been giving us His warnings of USA destruction since the mid 1980s but very few are listening. The 9/11/01 attack was the first of three major attacks. The second will be approx. 1000 times greater with at least three areas being hit, somewhere in Southern California and in or near the Philly and Boston areas. I give greater details of this if interested Google: “watchman48 RFC Newsletter #101.
      God has never allowed the destruction of a nation nor of it’s people before first sending His warnings hoping that the hearts of the people might turn to Him.

  11. There are only two words for these “columnists: BS

  12. Hahaha– go to work you fools

  13. The change needs to be the main stream left leaning democrat supporting media that will not tell the truth or report on any bad things about Clinton or Obama. Hillary for prison

  14. Idiots. Trump came to be as a political powerhouse because of the Republican party establishment, NOT because of a conservative press. these folks sit around their conference tables and opine over what went right / wrong / whatever. Want to find out why Trump is where he is? GO OUT IN THE STREETS and talk to the VOTERS, don’t just sit around wringing your hands. I think Jack Nicholson said it best in “A Few Good Men”. – you can’t handle the truth.

    • According to “The Federalist” there is talk around those conference tables to ‘ELECT & IMPEACH’ Mr. Orangutrump prior to inauguration or shortly after, there are certainly grounds for such action. We can sleep peacefully knowing some are thinking of the country’s good if enough people choose to disrespect it and their fellow citizens and elect this despite, this dangerously mental would be dictator to our president. Impeachment would also save the party the embarrassment of the 72 law suits facing Putintrump. The downside would be that Maniacal Mike, a ”don’t turn your back fascist”, Pence(my congressman) would be painting the oval with his special hate. At least there’s more than hand wringing afoot .

      • Drink that kool aide.

        • I know that you are normally uninformed Charles so you most likely don’t have a subscription to “The Federalist”. If you would do a little, tiny(like Orange Hitler’s tiny raccoon paws), bit of research, you will find that the publication is very conservative; ‘elect and impeach’ is a conservative plan it has nothing to do with kool-aide. During Kruger effect.

          • Was not referring to “The Federalist,” as much as your cutesie writing and communication (Barely) style that shows you much too concerned with your ststus as lehend in your own mind.

        • He’s most likely got the Kool-Aid stored in large kegs.

  15. It is not only the conservative media that has to change, but every member of the media. For years you have taken advantage of your position. You have taken it upon yourself to leave the main function of reporting news and now color the news to meet your narrative.
    Americans are easily led by your attention grabbing headlines that are often misleading. Even in the “meat” of the article both conservative, moderate, and liberal media outlets tend to color articles to their personal and political beliefs.
    The main job of the media is to report the news in an unbiased manner. Yet, you feel you must tell your readers what to think, often misquoting or eliminating parts to make your point. The media has taken on the job of telling it’s listeners and readers what a person “really said”, even when many of us listened to the speeches. Your uses of “analysis” to sway your audience to your opinion. For example, many tune in to hear the State of the Union Address by our President. We listen carefully to what was said. Yet, at the end of the speech you drag out your “experts” to tell us that what we heard is not what the President meant.
    The media, both written and viewed, need to stop assuming that Americans are so stupid that they cannot make educated decisions on issues but must be told by the “experts” or “commentators”.

  16. America is finished! It is going the way of all the other great empires . . . from corruption within! But then, it deserves to go down! It has become a society that has thrown out everything good and has embraced everything evil! One more Bible prophecy fulfilled: “In the end times people will call good ‘evil’ and evil ‘good.'” Notice the words “end times”!

  17. The Hill is just another face of the DC establishment which wants the entire American population marching in lockstep toward authoritarian globalism/socialism/commun(al)ism. Better armed rersistance than a quiet surrender to their global cesspool. Semper Fi!!

  18. oliverinski and the hore pamela are hoping that after the ho clintoney gets into the oral office that all of the media will look like those communist $luts and cnn or abc or cbs or whatever the cheerleaders company initials are..

  19. Oliver Darcy and Pamela Engel are clinically insane. There are a handful of conservative media outlets versus the far left whack job panderers. The conservative media is only reflecting the estranged conservative base’s angst against the massively lying RINO’s that were swept into Congress only to betray our faith.

  20. The conservative media just like the “Re-PUNK-lican” establishment are chiken-sh&t cry-babies; they have bashed Trump more than our Muslim-Marxist jihadist – haven’t heard a one of them define him as who he truly is! In just eight years, this demonic psychopath has done what no standing army has been able to do, destroy America! R.I.P. USA or REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION, realistically but highly unlikely those are the two alternative that we have left, and that is Right! Armr==========================?, you will be needing them – guaranteed!

  21. Its obvious that the two authors spend/spent too much time in Washington and do not know what the rest of the USA is thinking. They (Washington) is what created Trump the fact they are not aware of that tells it all. I don’t know about you but I do not spend a lot of time listening to people I don’t respect or have some views in common with or if I don’t believe what they believe I have some kind of Phobia. Sick of them

  22. The “Down on Their Knee’s” media has failed in every way to do the job that the Constitution guarantee’s to journalism! And their answer is………”It’s all because of the Conservative media”! The current administration, the current Congress, the current DNC & RNC created Mr. Trump by their lies, their self-serving ways and the MSM has done nothing but get down on the knee’s and yell-out……… “Yes Master, Yes Dear Leader, we are here to do your bidding, Beloved Master”! All of you are “stool samples”, just like Ms Pelosi and Mr. Reid, Period!

  23. I would say that Oliver Darcy and Pamela Enge are both out of their minds or else useless liberals in their
    ideals. Trump was given an opportunity to run and win the election because he spoke to the People in a
    a language that they understand about issues that concern them. He did not try to blow smoke up their
    backsides and tell them that the world is rosy, instead he told them the truth and pointed out the lies and
    corruption that is destroying our nation today. He highlighted many problems that both parties have not
    spoke about that are of concern to the Citizens of both Parties. Reporters need to pay attention and
    report the facts not their personal political leanings, that is one of the major problems in our society today.
    What has happened is the main stream media has chosen sides and it is not in favor of the American
    People and as a result no one trust the media since the do not report the truth but a biased slanted view
    that fits their left wing Liberal ideals.

    • You say nothing of right wing bias of the media, it goes both ways; you also neglect the bias and blatant fabrications of alt-right fascist media.

      Facts and truth don’t matter to 35% of our citizens, many confuse news and opinion. The uneducated and intellectually lazy are easily duped, they believe what they choose to believe regardless of accuracy, and find reading/researching/educating/acting to be a waste of valuable bitching time.

      Bias runs in all directions and is only an issue for those who don’t bother to find for themselves the difference between shit and Shinola.

      • In our society today we have a major brain fart taking place, To many people rely on “Social
        Media” or Google to get their information. They do not bother to step back and do actual
        research on the issues and an even large number have no comprehension of the issues nor
        the facts. An even larger number have no comprehension of the Who, What, When and
        Where of many of the problems, they live in a dream world controlled by MTV, U-Tube and
        other systems that only present one side of an issue. I would venture to say that your number
        or 35% is way off but it is what it is. As fare as the bias yes it exist across the spectrum
        of our society and always will. It is as varied as the color of our population in the Untied
        States and it is only thru people talking openly and honesty about issues that we have a
        chance to reduce it somewhat. But the key factor is OPEN and HONEST discussion
        without acting like animals and burning down the community in the process.

  24. obamas ‘toxic, crazy stuff’ would be the American citizens disgust with his administrations vast, open corruption. Their ignoring, rewriting and contempt of our laws. His horrifying fundamental changes and his total disregard and disrespect for basically everything America stands for. His open armed acceptance of our enemies while reviling those he supposedly leads. This list could go on all day.
    He is a resounding disgrace. And will be a stain on this country’s history. He has lowered us in the eyes of the world.

  25. I don’t believe Conservative media created Trump, I believe Obama created him and Bush created Obama, all bums as President especially the communist one Obama. and Muslim one Obama. Something is wrong with Hillary and I mean going back 50 years. She has been in controversy since College Father ? Something.
    She is capable of the worst crimes thinkable and has done many so far. She is bad for our country and has caused death and destruction to-date. You vote for her your are to blame for the consequence’s will all will suffer. Trump? Vote against Hillary and possible 4 liberal Supreme Judges. The Republican party will not be able to turn the destruction Obama has caused and will cause, most of us don’t know what it is all about but it has started to be leaking out all over the place. I don’t trust Democrats, The IRS, The FBI, the Attorney General , Harry Reid , Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden (just a buffoon) So many others feel the same so what the hell are we voting for these people for????????

  26. There is no such thing as the “conservative media” there is only extremely leftist propaganda coming from democrats and a slightly less leftist propaganda coming from the GOP Establishment. Folks “we the people” are in a war for our very lives with these two groups that together make up the “ruling class”. WE ARE ON OUR OWN NOW. If we don’t get this election right we won’t have to worry about any next election. Hildabeast and the demonazi party will make sure of that. Harry Reid is already promising to use the “nuclear option” with regard to Supreme Court approvals. With that, the Constitution will be DEAD in a matter of months and you know the GOP Rinos won’t lift a finger to help us.

  27. Beeotchstewie the deplorable

    This is just another not too well veiled attempt to demonize the few media members who actually still try to get the real truth out there. It is a complete crock of liberal controlled bullshit.

  28. I do believe it’s the Mainstream liberal media needs to change by getting off of the liberal agenda of lying and their corrupt dealings. Hillary the liar and the corrupt democratic party needs to be prosecuted right along with the FBI and AG Lynch for their involvement and Obama also, the master of lies. Go Trump!

    • Mr. Trump is facing 72 court cases against him after November 8. Interesting that you don’t like liars yet you support one that is pathologically so.

      • I’ll tell this Jazzbelly, I’ll take Donald J. Trump over Hillary the liar any day my friend. You go ahead an snuggle right up to the bitch and see how that works. Go Trump!

      • Good thing about confused souls such as u is that we have that Block feature back..

        Quick, Run to one of those millennial safe spaces..

  29. Can you say TERM LIMITS???

  30. Is there a Conservative Media? If so, I’d like to know who they are. I know the vaunted Fox News isn’t, so who are these “conservative” media sources?

    • You make a good point. The problem is that where government spending goes, there are almost no conservatives. You have the liberal left, for whom the very concept of a balanced budget means deprivation for their own meal ticket, welfare class, and then you have the Corporate Welfare Queens, so amply serviced by RINO’s like John Boehner,Tim Ryan and their ilk. A Ron Paul, or Ross Perot didn’t have a chance against these trough feeders with their billion-dollar PR campaigns.
      Nonetheless, some real honest reporting can be found, with effort. I recommend 1. Pam Martens of Wall Street on Parade (that is one woman I would take a bullet for), Tom Fitton ofJudicial Watch,,,, and Listening to what Assange and Snowden have to say is useful, and I’d take the cigar-smoking-muckraking-canine Triumph over the rest of the MSM put together

  31. So, the radical far left LSM isn’t guilty ?? Guilty as sin. Somebody has to counter the LSM and point out their out right obvious LIES and CORRUPTION. Especially CNN (Clinton News Network).

  32. AND HOW, pray tell, are the conservative media people to change?…become liars, cover, with prejudice, favorably all liberal things and unfavorably all things moral, true, orthodox, conservative, honest, I can go on!? Ha, NO Thanks to that! Just like The Catholic Faith will not change, as the liberals wish, the Laws of God!!

    • You might chose to re-read ‘the sermon on the mount’ and the ‘beatitudes’. I expect biased news, when hasn’t it been ? So often information given is the information passed to us by the faces chosen to pass it; it is honest investigative reporting that’s missing. The real problem is not media it is that the powers that be have us divided by who we CHOOSE to believe . Some refuse fact when its presented. A few prefer the lie or fantasy(alt-right)because it fits their indoctrinated view from their world. Positive, negative/ lies, truth/propaganda, whack-a-do demon stories …its a mess, intended to divide.
      The answer: Turn it all off ! End the bias. Spend the time ‘loving your neighbor.

  33. Eleanore Whitaker

    Nah. The rest of us won’t have anyone to laugh at. The joke is that conservative media is going to fail of its own accord. They have dredged up every particle of sewerage and there’s not much left for them now. But we do love watching them repeat themselves over and over and over and over in their Doom and Gloom, World is Ending BS. It really is kind of fun watching them put sentences together that make no sense and sound like some kid in kindergarten. More fun is when they lie and forget their own lies. But, that’s our CONs…always ready for a war. Always ready to waste tax dollars on investigations of anyone who won’t flush money to their states. And why do you ask is that? Well, so they never have to bust their butts in real jobs. Walmartianism is a religion to them. roflmao

  34. As usual, the braindead Media blames the wrong things because the American people no longer trust them. THEY BROUGHT IT ON THEMSELVES AND NOT ONE OF THEM HAS THE CLANGERS TO ADMIT THEY WERE WRONG — 100% WRONG! “We the People” don’t trust those two faced supposedly Conservative media. Throw them on the dump. We’ll make our own voices heard!

  35. Tyronne Shoelaces

    Stupid Obozo. You created Trump, you dumb sh*t. You have screwed Americans for 8 years and now we have a hand grenade to toss at the democratic/communist party, it’s called Trump. Go Trump/Pence.

  36. The current status of the Conservative movement has been waiting a long, long time for something to happen and finally now we have the TRUMP movement. A movement that is fully supported by real people who are just sick and tired of our government and tax dollars being pissed down a rat hole by the self serving politicians. Thus changes must and will be made.

  37. While finger pointing everyone is missing the point. Liberals just want to shut up anyone who disagrees with them. RINOS created Trump, not the conservative media. They supported Rubio, Kasitch, et al while laughing at Trump. Democrats masquerading as Republicans in order to support Obama instead of doing what they were elected to do aided by all of the failures of the left created Trump. Live with it.

  38. These writers must be HIGH school kids.

  39. Florida’s three largest newspapers – the Miami Herald, the Tampa Bay Times and the Orlando Sentinel – just called for a federal investigation of Republican nominee Donald Trump’s payoff to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, which forced the Republican nominee to pay an IRS fine and re-ignited media coverage of the Trump University scam and cover up. To date, 827 Floridians have joined the New York Attorney General’s lawsuit against Donald Trump.

  40. ‘Scuse me, but Ted Cruz isn’t precisely a stellar example. That said; as the LEFT has moved further and further to the left, it only SEEMS that conservatives have moved further “right”; most haven’t actually “moved” at all; just stood in place! But so many of the “right” have also moved further to the left, filling the vacuum, as the left moved, as it were, that it creates that illusion!

  41. TRUMP is the result of the American people losing faith in their bi-partisan federal government…nothing more, nothing less. “We the People” are done with corruption and “Me-itist” thinking coming from the most corrupt and self centered government in all our U.S. History. Europe is shaking their heads at what is happening in this election and threatening if Trump doesn’t win. Unfortunately for the Media, they chose the wrong team and will go down with the rest of the white collar gang.

    Where did our government go wrong? When did it go wrong? It was allowed to take over because Americans were too busy playing with their selfies and adult toys to even notice that Big Brother has stepped up his Freedom grab game. For shame Americans! What in this world could be even close to the importance of your FREEDOM of Choice? Nothing. Now you have one opportunity to make this right by voting for Trump.
    What are you going to do? Hillary wants your money and your Soul. Are you willing to make a deal with the devil? She already did!

    • It went wrong in the1860s starting with Lincoln’s presidency; and from there forward; by 1871 it had divorced itself from we the people, by declaring itself a private corporation; and in 1913, it severed the last shred of control by the states when it persuaded them to relinquish selection of Senators to a popular vote. Next question?

      • And it probably doesn’t help that the U.S. public is basically dumb downed to not even notice what is happening to their Freedoms. Plus bho has his own personal agenda to destroy our place in the World arena because he is also a Globalist like hillary. Both of them want America less powerful and more easily controlled.

        Look at the crap they have our kids learning in the public school system. It’s the worst curriculum ever. I’m a retired teacher and when I found out what they are teaching, I knew someone is doing this on purpose. A less intelligent mass is easier to control than an intelligent one…and there are a lot more people who do not know anything about how our government works, how people are elected, what our laws are and what we can do about it if we are not happy. The really sad thing is…they really don’t care.

        • I know; and I couldn’t agree more. I went through the public indoctrination system, back in the ’50s to early ’60s, and graduated well; but THEN I got educated! It is sad! But even when we try to educate others, as you say, they really don’t care!

          • But don’t give up “trying” to educate them. They may not like the truth but it will set them free if you make it something that relates directly to their lives. It can be done but will be easier to do if Trump is elected. Fingers crossed!

            Keep up your very informative info!! Everyone needs to know what you have in your head…everyone!

          • Thanks; they may need it, but they sure don’t want it! Still, I do keep trying.

          • That’s “why” America is great! Because people like you don’t give up easily when confronted with lies! We’re fighters for the truth you and I…and that will never change Sandra Lee! You go girl! God Bless America!

          • Must be some of that “Pioneer” blood in my stream. I spring from stock that includes 2 of Washington’s soldiers, and others who have served along the way since, as well as helped settle what became the Midwest particularly. But I need help for this task! It’s bigger than both of us, and I’m not a teacher, never was, so Don’ you quit either! God bless you and all yours, and help this once reverent nation turn back to Him, lest His full wrath fall on us!

          • I will do my best! It’s nice to know there are others fighting this same battle. God be with you Sandra Lee!! God Bless America!

          • It doesn’t feel quite so lonely out here, but we are few really. I pray He is with you also, Guardian Flame. Let America bless God, so He can once more bless her!

  42. How absurd to support their claim by using what Obama said. He’s the one that’s most responsible for the Trump movement. People are tired of a lawless President that doesn’t control the border, has generated a stagnant economy, has ruined the health care system, has played racial politics, and has supported radical environmentalists and his radical liberal agenda. It’s time for Americans to take back their country!

  43. The President does not represents you. If you had the knowledge and skills then you should run yourself. If you do not then why should the President copy what you think? The President leads by knowing more and making better decisions.

    The Conservative press ceased to care about knowledge or skills. Find those with the least knowledge and skill. Repeat what they believe to be true because actual science or history or law makes them feel inferior. They will avoid your competitors who make them feel ignorant until you become their sole source.

    Tell them that they are superior for believing (even though they never saw one bit of evidence) and say that everyone else is a liar or a fool. Eventually, they will reject any candidate qualified by knowledge, training or experience.

    Finally, when the rest of the electorate rejects your party’s unqualified and ideological candidate, claim that the election was stolen. Wait four years and repeat.

  44. She has no idea what truth is nor our true history. These people hate people like David Barton (get the American Heritage Series from and watch Foundations of Freedom on TBN on Saturdays) who explains how important our Constitution really is and as long as they continue listening to the thoughts in their own heads they will continue to move us to situations like Venezuela, pure socialism. The Venezuelans are starving, their money worthless and they can’t remove their corrupt leader because of their Judiciary.

    • MyronJPoltroonian

      How many Venezuelans are armed? Therein lies your answer as to why they cannot be rid of their dictator.

      • I have to let that stand because it is true but they have tried to remove him through governmental processes first and the Judiciary has stood in the way. I hope it is possible that their military will act on their People’s behalf. You are right.

        • If the progressive communistic democrats have their way America will be a Venezuela in about four years. All they are waiting on is confiscating the guns.

      • You are correct. I sincerely applaud you. That is exactly what obama would like to install here in America. That is exactly what hillary will also attempt to install. It must not happen and will not happen as long as we have our weapons. Never absolutely never give up your guns to any government for a promise of protection by government. It does not work and never will. The proof is in the history. it is the threat of war (the unknown) that permeates peace not the actual war.

  45. Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    Does no one see what they are truly saying? No one can think for themselves anymore!
    Something will have to be done to essentially “do away with conservative opinions”. Really? So, now we must
    all adopt only liberal idiology? Talk about brain washing! If I understand it, only Hillary’s way of thinking will be
    allowed. OMG! What a frightening idea!

    • I see a Donald Trump victory by at least ten points. That is a conservative estimate. So all conservatives out there vote for the only conservative Donald Trump and help fix this eroding America.

  46. A federal judge on Saturday blocked Florida Governor Rick Scott’s attempt to throw out tens of thousands of mail-in ballots, then publicly reprimanded him. U.S. District Judge Mark Walker issued a blistering caution to Scott’s top election official on a lawsuit about vote-by-mail ballots. Orangutrump is always doing that of which he accuses others. Not only does the Orange party actively suppress voters but they steal votes…in of all places , Florida. RIGGGGGED !!

  47. You call them columnists; I call them communists!

  48. The Main Stream Media – the Dem’s AND the Republican’s and President all created Trump ….. They have NO ONE TO BLAME but themselves.

    I will even throw some ” CONservative ” Media in there as well.

    The Main Stream American’s are saying: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  49. US Media is so dangerous to our future….They are leading our country on the road to ruin! They back crooks like Hillary like she was good….far from it!

  50. Is that Columnists or COMMUNISTS?

    Sounds like Marxist bilge to me.

  51. kenyan boyo did “not just come out of nowhere” as well…his heroes were sending operatives to infiltrate and infect the USA since the first clown, stalin, did so in the 1920s…after mao ahole became fully entrenched in murdering his countrymen he was only able to help in places like Korea and Vietnam..that soon changed when the democrapo aholes here turned the light off on our allies, the South Vietnamese, and the commies swarmed into the south like locusts..not too long after that mao, and the commie scum that succeeded him, worked hard at developing ties to the USA…one such tie was billy “the rapist traitor” clintoney and his ho…you know the ho that is wanting to get back into the oral office to get “her” pipeline set up for the cash to flow in even larger dollar amounts into the foundation’s coffers…

  52. The liberal news media owned by George Soros needs to change. George Soros needs to be deported to one of those countries that wants him! What they do with this thing is their problem.

  53. Ergo, it’s acceptable to be biased, intolerant, and ridiculously liberal, but don’t show any signs of conservative thought. That’s bad, evil, and against liberal socialist dogma.

  54. I don’t know why these brain dead people think conservatives should change, why don’t democrats change? For the last eight years we’ve had a foreign muslim for president and democrats have bowed to ever whim of obama’s and demand. The establishment in DC is broken and Americans want a leader that thinks United States first, cannot remember muslim jerk ever saying any thing good about this country, he’s been critical of this country ever since he became president!
    Get a preview of America if Hillary is elected president, look at Western Europe and countries there that have allowed muslims enter their country’s.
    And Hillary says she plans to let hundred’s of thousands of unvetted foreigners into America, imagine most if not all will be muslims, especially from Syria.

  55. In reply to, ” Is it the commie columnists” Confushis states : Go to Hell !!!!!!!

  56. The reason for the “Trump phenomenon” is the absolute FACT that conservatives are sick and tired of RINOs who promise to do something about Obama’s leftist, marxist, “redistributionist” agenda, and once elected, all they do is bow down to the idiot in the White House and give him everything and anything he wants! This stinking backstabbing of the people who make this country work is GOING to come to an end!!!

  57. Every time Obama says something, I know he is actually looking at himself in a mirror because he is all he says about Trump or anyone else when in reality it is he! Trump came about because we, the PEOPLE are sick and tired of being led down the road to nowhere with those we elect and decided we really must vote for the candidate we want and not someone via the RNC or DNC or anyone else telling us for whom, where, when and how. We are adults and we are the Republic by, for and definitely are the Government by the People and we chose Trump because he is NOT a politician, he didn’t have to run but felt called to do so, paid his way, gets things done, and speaks OUR language, that is straightforward and to the pith of the issues. The RNC has filed him and so many so-called conservatives and RINOS have also. Might want to look at this and find out how we have been rooked for such a long, long time: and then realize we must change
    things for the better or shut up!

  58. OMG is he serious, I say the LIBERAL MEDIA needs a reality check!!! I guess this statement tells it all. The liberal media have gone off the deep end, geeze I am flabbergasted at this RIDICULOUS comment Mr. GET A GRIP!!!! SINNERS SEE THY SELVES!!!!!!

  59. Hillary will defeat herself

  60. Fundamentally, conservatives have a perspective on truth, law, arithmetic, common sense and the guiding principles in values which “serve” to give meaning to life. The more “liberal” or “free” one becomes with regard to any of these fundamentals, the more the difficulty of a problem is compounded. Grace is an exception to this, but you would not want to be on the paying end when the Lord deals with the liberal abuse of the taxation of grace. So the law serves a beneficial purpose and is justified. Liberals can violate it and obviate it all they want, but the consequences are costly. Moreover, they know it. If, by choice of a majority, Clinton should prove to be our next president, the poetic justice will be found in the fact that she will have to deal with the problems which
    a liberal-democrat predecessor has created or allowed to fester. That may mean “hope” for liberals, but it will not mean beneficial change for the country. Americans need to think seriously about the choice they make on November 8. The preservation of American heritage is at stake.

  61. In truth, we need more conservative media and HONEST journalism to counter the political lies and propaganda that we hear every day from the liberal folks at the big 5. In their political world, there is no such thing as honest journalism and watching them openly bend and twist the truth the way they do is worse than Communism. In fact, it’s something that you might hear from a third world dictator or from Obama.

  62. Liberal members of the press should be required to get a license to practice journalism that could be revoked for egregious bias and lying. Libel laws need to be strengthened to permit greater ability to sue journalists for libel

  63. Hey Oliver Darcy and Pamela Engel at The Hill, I have heard that higher education is teaching that anyone that doesn’t go along with the democrat’s are committing the crime of “hate speech”. So why wouldn’t Hillary just send dissenter’s to re-education camps, or just plain liquidate the dissenter’s….??? After all you two wouldn’t trust anyone that wants a free sovereign nation….

  64. Let’s be honest. When the MSM loses it’s bias, then yes let’s examine political conservative media. Otherwise the bigger problem is the MSM, which is proven to be on the take and a PR wing of the DNC. Seriously did you not read wikileaks emails exposing the sycophantic media, Politico, HuffPo, CNN, etc etc etc ? No media is reporting without opinion interjected of the where what when and how. Also there is where what when and how omitted and opinion of the “writer” is presented as fact, when it it not. It is spin and propaganda. Is right wing media less than stellar, yes it is. But is because they need to do more work as well. Lets have conservative media take up the “no opinion” flag of a journalism Renaissance. The first step in that is to have conservatives not pubically criticize their own media, to do so simply exposes you as a liberal media hack. Sorry- but that could have been quietly taken up with media management.

  65. Utter nonsense—all of it. Both parties are corrupt, so-called conservatives as much as so-called liberals (the labels mean nothing anymore!). Trump was nominated because Americans know the truth of what I just wrote. Hillary was nominated because the fix was in. The USA began going to hell when the GOP abandoned the U.S. Constitution in 1860 and attacked the Confederacy, a duly constituted and constitutional government of Americans. Every year since then governance has grown more corrupt under each party. I’m sick of it and sick of the labels. Who the hell do Democrats and Republicans think they are fooling? Many Americans have wised up. P**s on both parties—Marxists and Nazis on the one hand and Marxist-lite and Nazi-lite on the other.

    • I disagree I do not think conservatives are phony or corrupt however, I do think many, not all, republicans “are” (they are called RINO’s) right along with all progressive communistic democrats. Although it is right now hard to accept not all democrats are progressive communistic democrats. Some although few are Kennedy democrats left over form the 60’s. I am a firm believer if JFK were alive today he would be conservative if not republican certainly independent. Who thinks they will ever hear the words again he said at his inaugural address; Ask not what your country can do for you, as what you can do for your country! Does anyone think they could ever hear such words uttered by a democrat again? Greed and jealously will never allow any democrat to ever think of such words again. In their place are the words “share the wealth.” That is obama’s by-words.

  66. Whattttttt???? The Conservative media!!!! Where the hell do these two Beauties live, surely not the real World!!! Are they insane???
    THE LIBERAL MEDIA NEEDS THE CHANGES. They not only DO NOT report the damn news they also inject their outrageous BIAS to the NEWS they do actually report!!! What ridiculous statements,geeze are these two people morons, good God how stupid do they think American people are,seriously!!!!!!!

    • Of course what you say here is absolutely truth. However, the word moron does not cover their, the clintons, ignorance completely. Or for that matter any media on the left in my opinion.

      Well to answer your last question extremely stupid. When hillary was asked if she had wiped her server she replied “what you mean with a cloth or something.” I expected her next words to be no my cleaning lady does that. And she was deadly serious. Now only two things can be interpreted from that either she is a total imbecile or she thinks the rank and file American is!

      Remember after the Monica scandal involving bill clinton he said it depends on what the meaning of is is. How can anyone not think the clintons think they are the smartest in the room everywhere?

      To cover the rest I think it is difficult if not totally impossible to actually get unbiased news like in years past. An actual news person should be totally neutral. No one should even suspect their politics. Today no one even comes close!

  67. RueDeLaDeplorable

    That’s real funny, because the rest of us Patriots who despise the global socialist/communist/Marxist who makeup the majority of the MSM together with the DNC should be charged collusion if not treason for their propaganda & disinformation campaign during this and prior elections.

  68. You have to give it to the liberal progressive socialist media, they certainly stay on point with their vast right wing conservative conspiracy bullcrap. Must be tough to live in a self delusional world! Kind of like paranoid schizophrenia.





  70. michael schimanski

    I would think to lead our country from a sovereign , independent nation to a globalized , free range and open border nation should NOT be the decision of one man [ president ] seeings how it effects every person in America . What makes him think that the decision to completely change our Constitutional , free country into a globally , eliteist , U.N. controlled country without the consent of We The People is his to make . Don’t you think that a change like that , that effects the lives and freedoms of ALL the American people should be left up to We The People ? This is a decision that effects not only our lives but the lives of our children and grandchildren and the course of America , forever . A one government rule , not by an American government but by a globalized government is not what our founding fathers wanted when they wrote our Constitution and it is certinatly not what I or anyone I know or talk to wants . What do you think ?????

  71. News organization ties to White Houes
    Presidents of ABC and CBS News Have Siblings Working at White House With Ties to Benghazi
    By Noel Sheppard | May 11, 2013 | 17:09

    “CBS News President David Rhodes and ABC News President Ben Sherwood, both of them have siblings that not only work at the White House, that not only work for President Obama, but they work at the NSC on foreign policy issues directly related to Benghazi.”

    So stated political consultant and media commentator Richard Grenell on Saturday’s Fox News Watch (video follows with transcript and commentary):

    RICHARD GRENELL: I think the media’s becoming the story, let’s face it. CBS News President David Rhodes and ABC News President Ben Sherwood, both of them have siblings that not only work at the White House, that not only work for President Obama, but they work at the NSC on foreign policy issues directly related to Benghazi. Let’s call a spade a spade.

    Let’s also show you why CNN did not go very far in covering these hearings because the CNN deputy bureau chief, Virginia Moseley, is married to Hillary Clinton’s deputy, Tom Nides. It is time for the media to start asking questions why are they not covering this. It’s a family matter for some of them.

    JON SCOTT, HOST: So they don’t want to bring embarrassment upon folks who, who they’re close to?

    GRENELL: Who directly are related to this story. Absolutely. They’re covering for them. There’s no question about it. For the record, Ben Sherwood’s sister, Dr. Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, is the Special Assistant to Barack Obama. Virginia Moseley’s husband, Tom Nides, is the Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources.


    As for David Rhodes’ brother Ben, he is Obama’s Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communication.
    As reported Friday, Rhodes was a key player in revising the White House’s Benghazi talking points last September:

    In an email dated 9/14/12 at 9:34 p.m. — three days after the attack and two days before Ambassador Rice appeared on the Sunday shows – Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes wrote an email saying the State Department’s concerns needed to be addressed.

    “We must make sure that the talking points reflect all agency equities, including those of the State Department, and we don’t want to undermine the FBI investigation. We thus will work through the talking points tomorrow morning at the Deputies Committee meeting.”

    After that meeting, which took place Saturday morning at the White House, the CIA drafted the final version of the talking points – deleting all references to al Qaeda and to the security warnings in Benghazi prior to the attack.
    Consider, too, that CBS News executives possibly including Rhodes have allegedly come down on their own investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson for “wading dangerously close to advocacy on” Benghazi.

    If Attkisson gets the boot, it could very well be with a foot attached to the brother of an Obama administration official directly involved in the cover-up. A family matter indeed.

  72. How about the main stream media. They need to take a good look at themselves and the bias the present that everybody sees. The conservitive media tell us the truth that the lame media refuse to tell us.

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