Columnist: White People Should Be Ashamed of Trump

According to one of the most racist columns ever printed in a respectable newspaper, Donald Trump is “a white-people problem.”

The author of this piece – Dexter Thomas – writes in the Los Angeles Times that white Americans should be shamed of the Republican frontrunner.

“Trump is a particularly embarrassing figure because of whom he purports to represent,” Thomas writes. “His rhetoric might appeal most to white nationalists, including former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke, but his target is not the fringes. Instead, as Duke says, Trump’s campaign is an appeal to ‘the values and interests of the European-American majority.'”

Thomas says that white people should feel shame at hearing that, but wouldn’t we have to take David Duke’s word as unimpeachable in order to do so? If a murderous Black Panther describes Obama as appealing to the African-American minority, would blacks rise up to denounce the president? Oh, sorry, there are different rules when you’re talking about blacks and whites. How silly to forget.

“Whites need to stand up and say that they will not allow Trump to hijack their culture, or to conduct his racist politics in their name,” Thomas writes. Furthermore, he insists, “a community must take responsibility for any damage that has been done, and take steps to correct it.”

What damage might that be? Thomas quotes author Tim Wise, who says there could be trouble if Trump fails to secure the White House:

“Trump is unleashing this sense among a certain group of white men that violence is acceptable,” he said, referring to recent attacks at Trump rallies. “They’re afraid that their country is being taken away from them by immigrants and people of color, and that Trump is their last chance to take it back. If they discover that they can’t win at the ballot box, the question becomes: What do we expect these angry white people to do?”

“Some of those people,” he says, “might turn to terrorism.”

Simply unbelievable. If the races in this article were reversed (and the author was white), this op-ed would be a national scandal of epic proportions. But since we’re talking about white racism, mainstream columnists are free to make any accusations and insinuations they like without the slightest fear of professional reprisal.

Removing that from the equation, though, the logic in Thomas’s argument is spotty at best. Trump has in no way positioned himself as the leader of a “white movement.” Liberals have constructed a narrative that starts with calling Trump a racist, continues by digging into his mostly-white support base, and finishes by concluding that there is a white supremacy movement afoot in the United States. And as long as they can get a couple of leftist professors to back them up, they don’t need to provide any more proof to make their case.

White people don’t need to be ashamed of Donald Trump, but liberals should be very ashamed at playing this dangerous and unacceptable game.

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