Columnist Calls Trump Ad “Ugly and Dishonest”

Washington Post columnist Greg Sargent had to retire to his fainting couch after watching Donald Trump’s debut ad for the general election.

“This morning, Trump released his first general election ad, an ugly and dishonest production which shows he isn’t changing a thing,” wrote Sargent. “In fact, the new ad is filled with precisely the same sort of dark, dystopian themes and content – and even some of the same sort of grainy, dark footage depicting illegal immigrants as invaders – that marked one of the first ads he ran during the GOP primaries.”

“That,” Sargent declares, “says it all.”

The ad that sent Sargent running for his smelling salts was released by the Trump campaign on Friday, wrapping up the Republican nominee’s best week since the convention. In it, Trump tells a story of two possible futures.

“In Hillary Clinton’s America, the system stays rigged against Americans,” the narrator says. “Syrian refugees flood in. Illegal immigrants convicted of committing crimes get to stay, collecting Social Security benefits, skipping the line. Our border open. It’s more of the same, but worse.”

“Donald Trump’s America is secure, terrorists and dangerous criminals kept out,” the ad continues. “The border secure. Our families safe. Change that makes America safe again: Donald Trump for president.”

Throughout the ad, the claims about Hillary are supported with clear attributions, so while Sargent is free to express his opinion about the tone of Trump’s TV spot, he has no right to say that it’s dishonest. Those things are happening, and Hillary Clinton has not only admitted that they will keep happening, she’s running on that promise!

“Broadly speaking,” Sargent writes, “the new Trump ad echoes some of the ugliest elements of the picture Trump’s convention speech painted of what ails America and what must be done about it.”

Yes, well, it’s called a theme. Themes tend to recur, much like bad Washington Post columns.

It will not be surprising to see the mainstream media rip this ad apart until there’s nothing left; this is the truth they can’t afford to let the American people see. They can’t refute the facts; they can only ignore them while pretending that illegal immigration is the backbone of western civilization. When they jump to “RACIST,” nine times out of ten, they want to distract you from the truth of the message.

If that truth actually gains traction in the American consciousness over the next three months, Donald Trump will be the next president.

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