Columnist Calls Trump Ad “Ugly and Dishonest”

Washington Post columnist Greg Sargent had to retire to his fainting couch after watching Donald Trump’s debut ad for the general election.

“This morning, Trump released his first general election ad, an ugly and dishonest production which shows he isn’t changing a thing,” wrote Sargent. “In fact, the new ad is filled with precisely the same sort of dark, dystopian themes and content – and even some of the same sort of grainy, dark footage depicting illegal immigrants as invaders – that marked one of the first ads he ran during the GOP primaries.”

“That,” Sargent declares, “says it all.”

The ad that sent Sargent running for his smelling salts was released by the Trump campaign on Friday, wrapping up the Republican nominee’s best week since the convention. In it, Trump tells a story of two possible futures.

“In Hillary Clinton’s America, the system stays rigged against Americans,” the narrator says. “Syrian refugees flood in. Illegal immigrants convicted of committing crimes get to stay, collecting Social Security benefits, skipping the line. Our border open. It’s more of the same, but worse.”

“Donald Trump’s America is secure, terrorists and dangerous criminals kept out,” the ad continues. “The border secure. Our families safe. Change that makes America safe again: Donald Trump for president.”

Throughout the ad, the claims about Hillary are supported with clear attributions, so while Sargent is free to express his opinion about the tone of Trump’s TV spot, he has no right to say that it’s dishonest. Those things are happening, and Hillary Clinton has not only admitted that they will keep happening, she’s running on that promise!

“Broadly speaking,” Sargent writes, “the new Trump ad echoes some of the ugliest elements of the picture Trump’s convention speech painted of what ails America and what must be done about it.”

Yes, well, it’s called a theme. Themes tend to recur, much like bad Washington Post columns.

It will not be surprising to see the mainstream media rip this ad apart until there’s nothing left; this is the truth they can’t afford to let the American people see. They can’t refute the facts; they can only ignore them while pretending that illegal immigration is the backbone of western civilization. When they jump to “RACIST,” nine times out of ten, they want to distract you from the truth of the message.

If that truth actually gains traction in the American consciousness over the next three months, Donald Trump will be the next president.

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  1. He is not a columnist. He is an overpaid trash blogger with apparently the cognitive skills of a roll of one of those paper dispensing corner metal stupid boxes you put a dollar or something in. I’ve heard his ambition was to someday wind up as one of those little metal newspaper boxes. So far, he’s only managed to match their intelligence.

  2. Holy Shades of the Gotham City convention Batman!!
    Despicable Donald is using fear motivation against the simpletons of the city Robin, he’s the real crime.

  3. Trump 2016, Please

    • the Truth is you are not really voting for Trump you are Voting for Hillary because the Truth is Trump is Hillary and Trump and Hillary are the 2 sides of the same coin this means Trump is Transgender and he used the name of Hillary to run against himself

      • HUH??? I bet you think I knew what you thought was what you meant to think but what you thought is not what I think. Is that clear? Holy crap you might be falling into the schizophrenic web of garbled thought.

      • Jay Upadhya –
        You need help, fast, and not medical, more like serious mental problems. Run, don’t walk to the nearest shrink for a starter!

      • 200mg of Chlorpromazine IM stat, please.

      • Wow……..and you’re out there lose??

      • Thanks Jay, now restart your douchebag.

      • Do you known the best part of you dripped down your father’s leg, you’re a foxtrotting idiot.
        Period (end of conversation)


      • What is wrong with you? Your comments make absolutely no sense. Trump is the farthest thing from Hillary. Hillary is corrupt and a pathological liar. She wants to take away our legal guns, she wants to bring in 550% more Syrian refugees, which will have terrorists infiltrated in them, she wants to shut the coal mines down putting thousands of people out of work, and she wants to raise taxes on the middle class. Why on earth would anybody agree to this? Trump may be our lsat chance to repair all the damage Obama has done. Hillary will be Obama doubled down. Don’t do it America. It will come back to haunt you. Hillary doesn’t care about us. She just acts like it to get your vote. I am a former democrat. I saw the light. The democrats want to CONTROL us and keep us all dependent on them.

      • Run, don’t walk, to the nearest help center for mentally disturbed.

      • You have a mental problem if you think Trump and Hillary are the same. Trump knows what he is doing.

      • Richard Daugherty


      • You reasoning seems somewhat shaky. It shows that you actually know nothing about Mr Trump’s nor Mrs Clinton’s health status.

      • Polar opposites, Trump wants to cut middle class, business and corporate taxes. Hillary will give everyone a tax hike to the tune of 1.3 trillion dollars.

  4. The liberal media can’t handle the truth. Call a waambulence.

  5. Someone needs to give that greg sargent Tard a quiet personal room where he can go pout and cry because of free speech, because Trump hurt his we wittle feelwings. That’s right buttlick it IS “dark and grainy” because you demotards made the whole country dark and grainy. Put it right next to Hillietard’s jail cell

  6. Sargent is nothing more than another Hitlery cheerleader at the Washington Compost…worthless, useless and clueless.

  7. Poor Little Snowflake is gonna start Covulsing worse than Hillary

  8. Trump could run an add that told everyone to vote for Hillary and they would still find a problem with him.

    • The ones that are going to have trouble are the ones who kept saying there was NO WAY this was true…..

      • You are probably right as people today just look inward and if everything seems okay in their world or neighborhood nothing else matters.

        • Joel Wischkaemper

          And in a world that is nightmarishly busy, maybe that is a good thing!

          • The problem may be that what hasn’t happened yet will happen down the road and then it will be too late. Many neighborhoods in the past were considered safe and then little by little it changed. Now with section 8 allowing the RIF Raft to move anywhere they choose it is speeding up the process.

        • Thanks but now it will be impossible for the lamestream media to cover this up, just like they couldn’t cover up for the DNC and THAT cost those morons their jobs. This is going to hurt her in ways ONLY SHE deserves.

          • We can only hope but how many people really do any research as to what is really going on in this country and to me that is the scary part

          • While I wholly agree with you, this story will have WAY too much traction for it to be ignored. The lamestream media will do their best to try and spin it but the bottom line is that it will be too much because the Trump campaign will staple it to Shitlery’s forehead for the entire world to see. That’s WHERE his talent as a loudmouth will come in to be one of his best assets.

          • One can only hope but the real problem is the democrats have huge locked in votes such as blacks, Mexicans, those on the government dole and then you add in multi voting and votes from the grave they really have a huge head start.

          • Surprisingly many blacks, latinos and Independents like myself are voting for Trump because they are fed us with the way they have been used, slandered, out of jobs due to influx of invaders on our soil, etc. Some are on the plantation but not as many as before.

          • The problem is when you say many it is still a very small percentage of population. You see what is going on and can only hope more do and will just have to wait for the election to find out.

    • That is because even the GOP are after Trump. I will still vote for Trump because I love my country America as well as fight again for it. I hate terrorist and I consider Hillary, Obama terrorist.

  9. Liar….not a columnist at all

  10. Hillary’s policy is ugly and dishonest.

  11. George E. LeFebvre

    Guess this columnist doesn’t know the truth when it bites him on his butt. There is nothing ugly about the ad except the person he described as being very detrimental to the welfare of this once GREAT NATION before Obama. I’d vote for a milliion TRUMPS over any of the current DUMBOCRATS trying to tear this country apart more that our current occupant of the White HOUSE. has already done.

  12. Speaking of ugly and dishonest…

  13. The Press is always becomes faint when confronted with the truth. It is so foreign to their psyche.

  14. Hey Washington Post I’m a voting Democrat since 1977 . And sorry to say voted for Obama Twice. But this time I’m supporting Trump for president.

    • Good for you because the alternative is this…

      • Thanks so much for posting this video!

        • My pleasure!!! Hope you enjoyed it. I will be posting it everywhere I can so we will ALL be ready for the release of the emails. Have a great day!!!


    • Welcome aboard the We The People train John.

    • Hillary will be lucky if she makes it to the debate. She is sick and we the people should know what’s wrong with her. I don’t know how she will make it thru the first debate. GO TRUMP 2016 the time is now.

      • She probably is suffering (KARMA) from “Binswanger’s Disease”.
        (Look it up … it IS real!)

        • But along with dementia she is suffering from serious clots which can remove her from this planet a lot sooner.

          • Richard Daugherty

            If they truly think she can win they will drag her across the finish line. I’m not convinced even they believe their own rhetoric. She could be a vegetable and they will go with her. It will be like a weekend at Bernie’s. Soros and Goldman and the oligarchy will be call all the shots . Believe me it won’t be in our best interests. Agenda 21??

          • Hell, they don’t need hillary alive, just there, she does what they say to do! That be Soros, goldman sachs, warren buffet, and the entire mid east donors! Not very good for america, if you think about it!



          • What does this “Take our country back” actually mean? How far back should we take it? Do you have a specific year in mind?

          • I would imagine, taking our country back from liberal control, wouldn’t you?
            Rid the Gov’t of its’ Muslims; halt the acceptance of more Muslims; deport the illegals; starting from Jan. 20, 2017.
            How’s that work for you?!?!

          • Excellent post !

          • Very good response to the idiot Richard B

          • You are truly an idiot if you do not know what that means. Go away!

          • Take it back means from liberal lunatics that are hell bent upon making it open borders, anything go’s only some will prosper while the rich politicians get much richer . It means stop agendas that are destroying what was once the greatest nation on Earth. It means stop anti- American bull crap such as Black Lives from creating more racism and attacking innocent Americans for not supporting Democrat candidates and for choosing to support their own candidate and it means make America a strong, great, Free America again before it is too late. How far back does that seem to be in your mind Richard?

          • take it back 9 years,,,,,, make it safe, remove the Muslims, the ones that are being shipped over here 10,000 a month, Send the south american children home. Build a wall along the border, Get rid of obozocare, open the coal mine’s, bring back jobs,,,,, many more things to do,,

          • If I were not voting for Trump, I would certainly vote for you.

          • To the place of decency!

          • Most any year prior to the current weird administration will do. We’ve had a few good years and a lot of bad years prior to this current progressive/socialist invasion, But the current one is certainly the worst, except for Warren Harding and Jimmy Carter.

          • It has been suggested by some that making America great again would entail a return to something like 1956/57 – the days of Leave It To Beaver when we were handed the hokum that everything was perfect. Would you say that GW Bush made America great? I mean he did lead us into a war which managed to set the entire Middle East aflame; and then he happily trotted off leaving Mr Obama to clean up his mess. How great is that?

          • Granted that Bush/Cheney made an unconscionable move by invading the mideast.
            However I do not discern how you could possibly think the current group of amateurs has cleaned up their mess by making it much worse and far more dangerous.

          • The mid-east was aflame for a long time before either one of the Bush’s or other administrations of those periods were in office. They’ve been slaughtering each other since recorded history and at an accelerated pace ever since Mohamed invented the Koran. were it not for technology being brought into the region due to the discovery of oil, they’d still be living back in the middle ages.

            Bush may be the one who finally lit the fuse igniting the present day slaughter, but it was eventually coming no matter who was in office. The Koran preaches world domination through conversion or submission and its members refuse to modify its verses to alter the path.

            This country was based on freedom of or from religion, and most all other religions abide by this. There have been some random exceptions to this, but in general we’ve lived by this doctrine. The Muslim religion denies its members this choice. It’s their way or else you face death. Simple as that.

          • I agree Richard. As a veggie, they’ll have Bill take the oath for her. As long as they get their commie in office is all they care about. After the Inauguration then they put Keane in her place.

          • She’s in the same condition Robert Bird was in when he left office. And that was when he left office – she’s trying to enter office and already in that mental and physical state.

          • No, not remove her, but plant her under this planet’s crust, but not just yet …
            Just let ‘nature’ take its’ course.
            Seems that that is the only way to go.
            Whatever ‘man’ touches, ‘he’ tends to muck up! So …

            Any ‘clot’ is serious!
            Until it is dissolved … and that doesn’t happen all that often.

        • I posted about that somewhere.
          Thought it a joke when I first read it but upon researching it, it is indeed quite real .
          Does seem to fit, for the most part, the symptoms we have seen.

          • Seems Hillary has been worried about her shaking/tremors for quite some time; she has had her staff do look-ups on a Parkinson’s which can mimic s/s of strokes.
            She is also quite concerned with her lack of sleep so she’s had some of her staff look-up a drug called Provigil.
            Am thinking she is self-diagnosing, ’cause she probably doesn’t want a “paper trail” by having her MD’s involved.
            Which Parkinson’s might be a good guess, I’m still thinking Binswng-r. More likely 2-dary to clots/ hemorrhage.
            Thoughts ???

          • Agree, but I believe they know exactly what ailes her.
            She & Billy have sealed their medical records.
            Supposedly someone leaked medical information & is now no longer with us.
            I want to say the Drs. son, but I cannot swear to that.

          • This maybe true as well …
            She’s been doing the look-ups/researches since 2009 … 7-years of concern, yet 3-years after her initial research, she had the 1st (of record) stroke … followed by a hemorrhagic episode … hospitalized X 4-days while undergoing intensive anti-coag therapy. The hemorrhage shrunk in size (decreasing the pressure on that part of her brain) … subsequently she was released.
            She continues her downward slope … while at a fund-raiser on Nantucket over this past weekend, she was recorded wearing a Wool coat, while standing at the podium on an outdoor event. The temp. outside was 80 + deg..

            Hopefully, what she is doing will put a negative spin on what she wants … to win the WH.
            Hopefully, the people will recognize her persistent, as a foolish desire to win at ALL costs,
            and vote in a different direction … for one who will Pres…side for the entire 4-years!

      • I read she has Parkinson.

      • Push her hard Trump so that the clot will reach her lungs or heart or brain very, very soon as it seems to be affecting her in many ways already. One down and then who will the DNC push? Kain who is the clone of Hillary? Biden, etc. DNC should close doors and go out of business!

      • Richard Daugherty

        I think it will be very iffy if she makes to the debates. She is just having tremendous problems. Truth is she needs to be in jail. Do they have assisted living in prison??

          • <<hp.. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★::::::!il835r:….,……..

        • Gloria Bouillion

          She belongs in mental institution. She’s crazy with hate and greed and really not dealing with reality. Pathological liar would drive anyone crazy.TRUMP PENCE.

        • If she’s marginally ill now, wait until she undergoes Trump treatment in a debate. She will be whirling like a dervish, whining like a banshee, and exploding like the hot air balloon she is.

          • One thing your forgetting Trump can’t debate like he did in primary. Because it would show him as a loose cannon and turn more voters off . That’s what the Clinton campaign is hoping that he shows his real self as a man running for President . If Clinton comes out Presidential looking and ignoring Trumps bate it’s all over for Trump in the first debate.

          • You cannot possibly believe that.
            She is bad news for America & the world.
            Everything done under a Trump Administration will be to the BENEFIT of every American.
            Harmful to America, continuation of this occupying illegal regime.
            Her goal is the destruction of Our America & the last bastian of Freedom on this planet!!!

          • Emma if Trump would release his tax returns and show me he has no ties to Russia Investments and China Investments I would vote for him. And The IRS said their nothing stoping him from releasing his returns . I could care less about the tax he’s paid unless he’s avoiding taxes in banks outside of US. Trump wants to build 5 Hotels in Russia that is a concern to me.

          • Why building hotels in Russia is a concern? McDonalds is also everywhere…..

          • I can’ t even respond to what you just said . Trump doesn’t own McDonalds.

          • Called business commerce, George. You build where the money takes you. Our
            ‘current’ government does “business” with any and all you might not like – something called the global economy. Your ‘concern’ over Trump doing the same seems somewhat immaterial to your decision, or, simply seeking some reason NOT to support him….

          • You know, I do have an opinion on this
            I believe that as a very wise business man, he has used every legal means to pay as little taxes &take advantage of all to his benefit.
            I do the same thing.

            As for him wanting to build hotels in Russia? Unless I’m missing something, I see no problem with that.
            Good investment financially, & a good investment in good will.

            I do not believe Donald Trump does business in the shadows. I do believe he uses every law & regulation to the benefit of his corps. I believe he is ethical &legal.
            Trump did not nor will he ever sell America , or sell us out, as has Killary has done for years.
            China, Russia, Saudis, .
            Financed our enemies etc.
            Plus, although she did release her tax returns, turns out they forgot a few things.
            There simply is no other but Trump if we are to survive & flourish as the most wonderful, free, economically sound , safe Republic we once were.
            A POTUS Trump gives us that option & chance to do this without a full on revolt.
            Killary guarantee s the loss of all I mentioned & more.
            We will lose ourselves.
            In my mind, that is not an option.?

          • I respect your opinion .But with Hillary we know what we’re getting and it’s all out front to watch . With Trump he is not level headed and doesn’t think of the consequences till its to late , as in his tweets and no thought about what he says in his speeches. His Ego is to big to be President. If Elected he will be a do nothing President because the Republican Party will not support his Actions.Why can’t voters understand their won’t be a border wall . Congress and the House Won’t let it happen. And 11million will never be deported it would take deporting 2700 people a day for 365 day just to get to a million it’s impossible and the cost would ruin the Nation .

          • Part 2 : If 11 million were deported let’s say 5 people to a family that would be 2million 200 thousand family’s that probably spend 250 dollars a week on goods or services which would mean a 2 billion lost to the economy and lost American jobs above what we have now in all service jobs how would you make up the loss of 2 billion dollars who would you sell the extra goods too just to get back to even ,where were at now . So their is no gain just stagnation of the economy.

          • Let me guess, George, you are the science fiction editor for National Enquirer. Thank goodness you aren’t the economics editor.

          • All you can do is make excuses, show me how you make up 2 billion in lost economy with Trump policy . Why do you think he backing off with his wishey -washy immigration plan he now realizing the cost to American tax payers.

          • Well, I stand straight, solid &true.
            The one thing you said that is true.
            With killary clinton we all know what it will be.. it’s all out front for the world to see.
            My question to you is this….
            Why would anyone vote for an insane, greedy, lying communist , murderous Traitor who wants our complete & utter destruction?
            A vote for Trump is a vote for a Souvereign, safe, economically sound America

          • That reply is a Joke when Trump wife family are communist. And Trump is the one with cozy ties with Putin.

          • Your highly trained, scientific mind incised right through to the crux of the beguile Trump uses to hide the truth. Has anyone in the country EVER married a Russian before him? Did he ever attempt to hide the fact that she was Russian? And if her parents were communists that makes her a communist? Ergo, Bammie was raised in a muslim household, hence he is muslim. The “cozy” ties with Putin, as you state, is really your bias used to bolster your gimpy premise. George, your ancestors were highwaymen, therefore you are a thief?

          • You need to educate yourself on Trumps ties to Russia.

          • But you, sir, my obvious inferior, are not the one to educate me. Jokingly I referred to your ancestry as less than socially acceptable only to realize that being socially oblique is one of the major planks of the dung beetle party (aka, democrats, socialists, communists, etc). You certainly belong in their ranks. Go kiss up to mommie Hildy, wicked witch of DC and enjoy your night terror disorders.

          • vote for your wishey-washy ,flip Floper No wall ,Ego maniac who cares nothing about people.Who Embarrassed disabled people and veterans on National TV.

          • Really????
            I like Putin too,
            But I do NOT intend to see a crazy, lying, murderous, traitor in the presidency.
            That lets killary clinton out.
            I find it disturbing that anyone would prefer that type of creature to
            Donald Trump…
            Intelligent…Loves America.
            Will work FOR the People.
            Will do what is right.
            How do you square that?

          • The Problem is you and prosecutors have no proof but the American voters in a poll , find Clinton 87 % more Intelligent than Trump. Trump is a wishey – Washy flip Floper who only wants to say I came in first in the Election. He doesn’t care you ,me or any other voter.

          • There really is no further need of discussion.
            You will vote however you vote or not vote.
            I will absolutely vote for the right man…Donald Trump.
            He does, at least, tell the truth, & she would choose a lie over the truth every time, even tho the truth serves better.
            This woman will NOT have the keys to the WH…….
            Not ever again.


          • She will be one of many in the last year. And they were much better than her. Remember all the outcries saying they were more electable than TRUMP.

        • Pressure is getting to the lyin old hag

          • Yes, how will she ever deal with all that pressure of a 10-point national lead in the polls? She must be losing it over that bad news.
            Break out the fainting couch.

          • It would serve you well if you were to seek a poll outside the socialist press. Might even solve your biased slant on things. A dentist? Almost a scientist. What happened to your objectivity? Hope you aren’t playing the liberalist game with your implants.

          • Yeah, that’s what they said in 2012, and Romney got his ass handed to him on one of his silver platters.
            Meanwhile, in reality, Trump is having trouble in Georgia, a formerly very blue state. If he doesn’t watch out Texas will be in play.
            Do the words “Barry Goldwater” and “Hubert Humphrey” mean anything to you?

      • Yes, when demons own you they make you sick .That’s where they dwell in filth and disease

        • Demons dwell in so/called christians

          • Hey myopinion, your opinion is dumb! You want to blame christians for Hillary’s lies? So wrong!

          • hillary claims to be christian……….you shall know them by their fruits

          • I know you’re a true patriot and Constitutionalist by your past posts. That wonderful Constitution was written by God fearing Christians.

          • Thank you Ken for the affirmative reply

          • “Question with boldness even the existence of a god” Thomas Jefferson

          • After all that bold questioning, they decided to create one nation under God!

          • They decided to create this nation, One nation under god wasn’t added to the pledge until 1952 Man, you really are a dumbass

          • That’s true, Jimmy; however, our Declaration of Independence written in 1776 states, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights…” Right there, our forefathers decreed there is a God, our Creator, who endowed us with rights.

          • The Declaration has no force of law. The Constitution does, and it never references a god.
            Well, yeah, it is dated “In the year of our lord.” As did slave sale papers written at the same time. So if the Constitution was holy because of the dating, so was the ownership of our fellow humans.

          • The called it our creator, you named him god

          • Even an atheist can’t deny that. So say he just thinks his parents created him and the universe was just some cosmic accident. The rights and equality remain the same. Many atheistic scientists have become believers after they’ve studied things like DNA/genetic code that is so much like a program that something divine and insanely intelligent MUST have created us, especially with a conscience and soul to go with it (weight of 22 g I believe). Atheists that study a lot like all scientists, astrophysicists, etc, have the most chance of finding God after they’ve studied for so long, connected dots, learn history and theology, and it begins to click, and it is indescribable once you KNOW, not just by having blind faith.

          • Since you do not understand where we come from there HAS to be a god? I don’t buy that nonsense. Why are you so weak that you can’t admit you simply don’t understand. The greeks had gods to explain, thunder, floods, lightening, harvests, etc. As science advance we came to understand these thing, and understand that they weren’t due to “gods”. Now many faiths have settled on just one god. For the same reason, because you don’t understand. Its ok to not understand everything, science will help you. This is why they are so afraid to teach science in the republican party. The church is a mega billion dollar industry. They need to you remain dumb and afraid. Their mansions and private jets count on it

          • Historically, when was “IN GOD WE TRUST’ added.

          • “In god we trust” was made the nations motto in 1956 replacing the unofficial motto “e pluribus unum”

          • Thanks! I thought that was “One nation under God.”

          • No, they created “E pluribus unum” — from many, one.
            One nation under God wasn’t added until 70 years after the Pledge of Allegiance was written — in the 1800s — by the way.
            What, are you a graduate of “Sarah Palin’s Dumbfurck History” course?

          • “Although the detail of the formation of the American governments is at present little known or regarded either in Europe or in America, it may hereafter become an object of curiosity. It will never be pretended that any persons employed in that service had interviews with the gods, or were in any degree under the influence of Heaven, more than those at work upon ships or houses, or laboring in merchandise or agriculture; it will forever be acknowledged that these governments were contrived merely by the use of reason and the senses.” — John Adams, “A Defence of the Constitutions of Government of the United States of America” (1787-88)

            “Christianity neither is, nor ever was, a part of the common law.” — Thomas Jefferson, letter to Dr. Thomas Cooper, 1814

            “Every new and successful example of a perfect separation between ecclesiastical and civil matters is of importance.” — James Madison, letter, 1822

            “The United States have adventured upon a great and noble experiment, which is believed to have been hazarded in the absence of all previous precedent — that of total separation of Church and State. No religious establishment by law exists among us. The conscience is left free from all restraint and each is permitted to worship his Maker after his own judgement.” — John Tyler, letter, 1843

          • They weren’t christians, they just wanted to plaster Bible versus all over the Capital and Monticello and in other government buildings just for the hell of it.

          • Adams was a Unitarian; Jefferson a Deist. The latter also owned a Quran. The Treaty of Tripoli stated that “the government of the United States was not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion.”
            That treaty was passed unanimously by the Senate during Washington’s presidency and signed by John Adams.

          • Well her fruit is rotten to the core.

          • SHE IS NOT A Christian,, She is a LIAR, A crook , a Thief, She has blood on her hand’s and so many have died that were going to testify against her,, Vince Foster was upset about the things she and Bill were doing and they had him Murdered.. They brought in Drugs when they were in Arkansas and she loves Planned parenthood,So dont tell me she is a Christian,,,She is the Evil bitch Daughter of Satan and Slick Willie is her Minion

          • She is also a slang word for vagina.

          • Correction : slang word for vagina at least has a useful purpose.
            Perhaps she would better be defined as a cancerous hemorrhoid ! ????.

          • You mean she can’t understand normal thinking !

          • She cant understand as she has brain damage from her fall in 2012. Just look at the FBI(feather brained idiots) interview where most of her answers were “I don’t remember or cant remember”. Do you really want this half brain dead person with her finger on the button that can blow up the earth. If her last name was not Clinton, she would be in jail for murder, conspiracy, unlawful release of American secrets, and many, many other crimes.

          • Can’t understand normal thinking!

          • Great definition !!!


          • Ha! Ha! Heeee! I’m jus laughink at mineself I think, it is so good to vent, but I’ll be glad when this election is over–I was never an outwardly ill spoken person and a nonresponder, but the inner anger has gotten to me this year. can’t believe the ash wholes that are on here…..PEACE!

          • Yes, very good one….HaHa

          • Does it rhyme with runt?

          • And her picture is used by medical facilities to cure 4+ hour long erections

          • Just the sound of her voice would do! Bill has proven that !!

          • Better one

          • By the way I laugh everytime I see that commercial and IF I Have an erection that lasts four hours, I’m not only calling my doctor I’m gonna call everyone.

          • Now that is funny!!! ROFLMAO!!!

          • See her next tuesday!!

          • You should be sued for slander for sayings things you have no proof of. When you say it’s your opinion that’s fine but you outright said She and Bill had him murdered .

          • killary clinton absolutely IS, if not the hand that actually did the deed, had it done!
            If the trail of bodies they have to their credit could just talk.
            Oh! Wait..
            That’s why they were suicided.. so they COULDN’T .
            Go research them & their dead “friends” & business associates.
            You might just get an eye opening surprise.

          • You are as bad as Trump and his Briebart racist friends with your conspiracy stories , you probably believed trump when he said Cruz father was part of the assassination of President Kennedy.

          • Now see?
            What Trump said was he did not know, he hoped it was not true.
            He further stated, (I forgot the publication) they were right pretty often, but hoped it was not true.

            I am not a young woman , and I remember who & what America was all about.
            I want America back.
            Our souvereignty, good jobs, good educations,, Honest educations, for our kids.
            I want our borders closed.
            I want the freedom to protect myself, family & home without harassment.
            I want a morally , mentally, ethically, healthy POTUS.

            Mr. Trump is exactly who & what we, America, needs at this time in our history.
            You see, the government is suppose to work For We The People.
            It has not for a very long time.
            Killary will continue these same lines , but on steroids.
            Trump worked hard for what he has & loves this country.
            He actually said the words,
            “I am offering to Serve”
            Killary is a greedy, unethical, power hungry murderous traitor.
            What was your objection to
            Donald Trump again?
            I am curious as to why you think clinton is the better person for the Leader of the Free World.

          • Emma, Thank you for what you have said. It is so true. We need Mr. Trump and his family in the White House. Blessings to you.

          • Thank you ! these little troll on these sight are a bunch of un-educate people of history. That have no clue about life. That are paid by Clinton .With talking points.”IGNORE THEM”

          • We need to educate them if possible. ?

          • Improbable ! All they can is name call. They don’t wont to learn anything .

          • Focus on the reachable. It’s too late in the game to waste time with them. Internet control goes to the UN on Oct 1. Possibly Breitbart and all alt. Media down. We won’t know wtf is going on and they can suck their thumbs in a corner while everyone else cleans up the mess. If we pull through, they’ll wake up from their nap, saying “see, everything’s fine” having no clue how hard we fought to fix it. If it goes bad, we’ll be blamed as well and would be as sure win with them awake. Stick with your trusted friends and get ready. They may pull back and wait a term like they did with Bill as Bush pushed it so they had to back off some-it could go any direction-we just don’t know, so eyes open. Peace sisters.

          • Jeff Sessions and others have said that they think this election year is our chance and maybe the last to turn this country around and out of the hands of the Globalist and Corporations and stop the refugee influx.

          • I completely agree with that, and even with Trump, it’s going to be a bumpy ride back, but FAR less so than the alternative, if not total destruction, impossible to turn around, judgment day. The longer we wait, the more hellish the fix will be,

          • But it’s a chance for a way back. With killary it’s over the UN will take over and we’ll have to fight another revolution to get our sovernty back. Plus remember Supreme Court, can’t let killary put liberal judges on. We may never be able to fix this country and I’m too old with not enough years left. Our grandchildren won’t know anything about how it was. The true history will be rewritten and the whole thing terrifies me. I don’t want one world order, open boundaries, common core schools and all run by the UN. Brexit has it right. Maintain our Constitution and our Sovernty. TRUMP 2016

          • George, get a life and your head out of the sand! Hillary for prison! TRUMP IN 2016!

          • Have you had 40+ friends & co-workers die from suicide/gunshot wounds during your career?? Give me a break!

          • You know if she did believe that was possible, I’d back her. Rafael was possibly one of the Cubans that came in at that time. I think the Old Man Bush was involved, as well as lbj (listen to his mistress testimony), but we ALL know her warren commission report was total BRAVO SIERRA.

          • Stop with racist shit George!! Been there done that! It’s old.
            Hillary is a liar, murderer & criminal. When will that sink into your thick skull??? She cares NOTHING for America or YOU!!

          • Trump will never build a wall , trump will never deport even 1 million people because the Republican Congress and House will never let it happen , Trump will only be a figure head if Elected .

          • dream on fool!

          • You as a uneducated voter doesn’t understand that the wall is about votes and won’t be built because 40 % of immigrants fly into the US as legal immigrants then overstay their time making them illegal in the US now try to stop that with a wall. It’s all misdirection of the problem.

          • Hey George, why don’t you Google that Clinton’s and their racist mouth in the 90s. And then come back and tell me the Clinton’s are not racist people. People like you make me fucking sick. You don’t even know the government’s plans to bring in thousands and thousands of refugees and turn America into a Muslim population. People like you think this is a conspiracy that why don’t you Google that too. Government statistics on Muslim population in the u.s. in 2020. You will find out that they will outnumber us and we will not have a nation anymore. Fucking idiot like you makes me sick.

          • It’s people like you who cause the problems in the world.

          • And it’s people like you that got us into this horrible socialist mess. Vote Hildy and whine your way to oblivion.

          • I understand it’s hard to watch your canidate fall apart with his “Wishy-“Washy flip flopping and no support from his own party.

          • You should understand that better than anyone on Trump’s team. Your pathetic old sick hag will be lucky to survive until November, if it isn’t Parkinson’s, or Lewy Body D., it could be any number of other ailments. Multiple organ failure is not pretty and shouldn’t happen to even to the ugliest candidate. So flop your way to the polls and whine yourself into a stupor. You earned it.

          • Is that all you can say George. It’s people like me that caused the problems. Get off your ass and research what I sent you. Or just sit there on your smelly little ass and vote for Clinton without knowing anything about her. That’s the trouble with you fucking liberals you won’t listen to anybody. So you trying to tell me that ever since the nineties everything about the Clinton’s is a conspiracy. Even if you were to believe just one little thing that the clintons did that would be enough not to vote for the lying bitch. But no you people are so fucking pigheaded
            You will not even get off your dead ass and research somebody that wants to run the country. I only have two words for you George and that is fuck you.

          • She didn’t embarrass disabled Vetrans and children like Trump did on National TV ,and she didn’t have to fire 2 campaign managers.

          • Full of shit MUCH???

          • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

            You need to wake up and smell those too.

          • Yep, there’s that word “racist” again, the old GO-TO when the libTARD really has nothing to contribute, you are THE RACIST HERE AND NOW!!

          • Dead men tell no tales.

          • Emma, keep up the good work, I’m a diehard Trump supporter. Here’s something that you can use to show dumbass people like george, it comes directly from someone who was extremely close to the clinton’s, but not anymore. try this

          • You are simply awesome!!!
            Thank you .Hugs dear heart ?

          • And they did!!

          • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

            Why should they be sued.I BELIEVE WHAT IS BEING SAID ABOUT THOSE TWO.

          • The count of friends and business associates of the Clintons who have died under mysterious circumstances, is between 50 and 60. Tell us, have 50 to 60 of your friends and co-workers died from suicide or plane crashes or car accidents over the last few years of your life? Do your know anyone who has had 50 to 60 friends who have died mysteriously? Do you know anyone who has had even a handful of women who have presented proof of someone like Bill Clinton who has sexually assaulted them? Do you know a person or a couple who have been able to extort $250,000,000.00 from foreign country leaders, business leaders, colleges and universities, and Saudi Arabian Princes, and a NAZI billionaire? Let us know if it’s something legal, because we could use a little extra money too.
            If it involves serial lying or killing my friends and associates and destroying my country, I’m out!

            We should have seen it coming when they stole the furniture and silverware from the White House when they left. And that’s not just me making it up…they had to return it and pay a fine, although they only returned some of it.

            By the way Hillary berated Vince Foster in a meeting with the whole administration, and they said it hurt him so much, he shot himself in a park but the weapon he used was never recovered. So he shot himself in the head with a shotgun, disposed of the gun, and then laid down to die. All of his Rose Law Firm records disappeared from his office that night, when Hillary’s goons broke in and stole them.
            And a girl was shot in a Starbucks by two men in suits who walked in, looked around, saw her in the corner, and shot her. She was scheduled to testify against Bill the next day.

          • Does the name Mary Louise Smith ring a bell?
            She was the first woman to head the RNC. She also was a Planned Parenthood board member at the time.
            Prescott Bush was the first treasurer of Planned Parenthood. So Republicans have been involved with PP from its infancy.

          • Well, we know the Bush’s are corrupt and unethical. At least the Republican voters say that part of their party is corrupt. You Democrats just stick you head in the sand and continue voting for yours. Hillary is the crookedest politician yet. Women will vote just because she is a woman. A shameful example of a woman.

          • So, depending on your age a Republican may have voted for a Bush six times — twice as Reagan’s VP, twice as a presidential candidate and twice for Dubya — and you’ve just realized that the Bushes are “corrupt and unethical.”
            Man, nothing gets past you people, does it?

          • Better late than never( Democrats) for some of us.

          • Thank you . It a shame the American people can’t see threw this EVIL person. What she and Obama have done to the USA. Steal ignorant enough to vote for her

          • Democraps will and do vote for anyone with a D after their name no matter how Disastrous
            to the country they may be.!!!!!

          • That’s the intent of liberals running the education system to dumb down and indoctrinate the young people.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            I always tell the Democrackhead liberal racist thugs to jump on the broom stick with Hillary demons and go to Saudi Arabia where you take money you traitor!!

          • Love it.

          • You nailed it.

          • You have just presented Hildy’s medallion. This coin will soon be available; .0014mg of high quality gold, purloined with care and used sparingly on this beautiful rendition of Hildy “wicked witch of DC” and her commemorative coin. Only $50K, but wait, order now and you will get two, yes 2 for the same price, add shipping and postage from Cuba, $240.00. Limit 4000 per customer. Proceeds deposited in the Clinton Bogus Services (CBS) treasury.

          • Did you say Hillary is a liar? How about Trump lied to 2 women at the alter and later divorced them. He has now the 3rd wife who is already wrinkled. Trump now wants to go back to Europe for a young woman. Trump does not like American women because they are too smart for him. He likes bomboombs from Europe. This time, as a women tour of Europe he is taking with him the following: Pence, Herman Cain, Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker, Gov. Sanford, Newt, ugly Giuliani, Bill O’rielly who has just divorced and probably Hannity. Trump also, like Romney, banks outside the US banks to avoid tax. That is why we continue to have deficits. Rich people are not paying tax because they are shipping their money abroad. And here you are praising Trump and avoiding Hillary. Please join me an vote for Hillary.

          • That is so insane and rambling.

          • WHAT? Please tell me that’s satire.

          • Oh my goodness!!! Trump has been divorced!! Holy hell, bring the wrath down on him!!! You stupid asshole!! So who the hell cares what he does in his private life?? HILLARY on the other hand has done unconscionable, despicable things while employed by the government!! Getting people who might get in her way killed!! Lying every time she opens her mouth!! Cheating, using her Clinton foundation for nothing but money laundering, that’s Just for a start..
            And don’t give me that shit about rich people not paying their fair share!! My husband has to work 7-8 months a year just to pay the taxes!! He gets to bring home 4-5 months wages to take care of his family!! So shut the hell up! I bet YOU don’t pay any taxes?!? YOU stupid democrats are very generous with other people’s money!! If YOU had to pay for the illegals & lifetime welfare recipients, I bet you’d be singing another tune. Liberal jackass!!

          • “Who the hell cares what he does in his private life??”

            Um, maybe Jesus? Who said, after all, that a man who remarries after divorce for any reason other than the infidelity of the wife is an adulterer?
            I doubt your husband is rich, which is the whole point: Wages of the not-rich, adjusted for inflation, are lower than they were 40 years ago, but the profitability of corporations has been off the charts for the last six or seven years. While they park more and more money overseas where it is not taxed.
            And as far as your: “So shut the hell up!” — you’re not the only person who gets to have an opinion.
            Meanwhile, in reality land, undocumented workers pay Social Security but don’t get to receive it. They’re actually helping keep the system going for Americans. And if corporations didn’t give them jobs, they wouldn’t even be here.
            Speaking of which, more people from south of the border are going back South these days.
            It behooves one who lives in a democratic republic to keep up with what’s happening. Otherwise one would be tempted to believe that a four-time bankrupt jackass who couldn’t make money on casinos — which are pretty much a license to print money — after receiving a $400 million inheritance has any clue about what it’s like to be a regular person. And whose products are made in Mexico and China, by the way, and who regularly employs H2A workers (look it up) to staff his properties.
            Oh, and finally, who after demanding that Romney release his tax returns refuses to release his own, even though the IRS says it would have no impact on his audit.
            Not only does your emperor not have any clothes; he doesn’t have even needle or thread.

          • You idiot! They are using a legal friend or relatives SSN! That friend or relative is getting SS. Yes legals are involved in the scam! They can go to jail when we deport the ones who are here illegally!

            You atheist are way more religious about religion than most Christians!

          • What did you say – who the the hell cares what Trump does in his private life? Yes, we regular Americans do. Did you read this on internet today? People have discovered that Trump maybe psychopath. I do not blame them for thinking so. With so many wives at Trump tower and now is planning for another one from E-Europe, Trump has something in his head we have not found yet. But somebody called Trump as psychopath! I agree. Look, he planned to build an electric wall at the border to kill all Latinos trying to enter this country; then Trump called Blacks “My Black friends”- I hope Dr. Carson did not hear that; then Trump just called American women as “Fat.” “Pigs” “Dogs” “Disgusting animals” “ugly”. We are now told he directly banks in Belize – and that is why IRS cannot find where is income went. Please stay away from Trump camp. Join me and vote for Hillary.

          • Yes he’s been divorced. Big whoop. Lots of people get divorced. You are “told” Trump banks in Belize? Who told you that? Some other liberal??
            And now he’s said some hurtful things … Boo hoo!!
            Go run to your safe place & grow a pair!!
            Trump might be rough around the edges but at least he hasn’t had our men killed in Benghazi! Doesn’t have about 60 dead bodies in his wake, people who knew things mysterious end up dead?! Imagine that!?
            She is a liar, criminal & murderer !! No way in hell would I EVER join you yo vote for that sick, selfish POS!! Get on the Trump train!!! ????????

          • I do not trust people who divorce. There must be something wrong with them – of course if you were forced to marry that woman or that man-that is different. But if you selected a woman or a man when young there is no reason to dump him or her. You will regret in life like Trump now. He says he wished did not divorce his first wife. All women when they take off their make-up become regular human beings; and they are more beautiful without the make-up. I hope my wife does not read what I am tell you now. I know Repubs and TPs are crooked, liars, cheaters, bigots, racist and sexists. Stay away from polygamist Trump. Please vote for Hillary. I will be there to help you.

          • Sorry… No can do.
            Did you forget all that slick willy did & that Hillary went along with it & tried to cover it up? How about the rapist Hillary cleared when she knew he was guilty,??? And then went on to laugh about it?? How about when the guys got killed in Benghazi & all she could say was.”what difference does it make?” You want to support her??? She’s going to flush the toilet that Obama had made America.
            If she wins, we are gone as a country?? Is that what you want?? Think long & hard before you pull the handle on that voting machine!!

          • That is why regular thinking people are voting for Hillary. She loved her husband despite short-comings. We are humans and sometimes we fall to trappings. Hillary should be our President next year. I will vote for Hillary and so you too.

          • No we will not vote for Hillary you dumb mother fucking piece of shit. Don’t fucking help anybody asshole. Turn yourself in to the nearest hospital and get your fucking head examined.

          • Can you even speak English? Are you one of those illegal immigrants living in section 8 housing with subsidized utilities, an Obama phone, welfare and food stamps? WHo is going to vote in the election illegally?

          • LOL, she “loved” her husband for the power and money she could secure for herself hanging onto his coat tails.

          • pmbalele, please, please, don’t help anybody! This world has enough trouble without your dumb fucking ass. You’re dumber than a fucking rock you fucking stupid piece of shit. My God how’d you get so stupid? How in God’s name did An American get so fucking stupid. You’re so dumb I don’t even know how to talk to you because you don’t fucking understand it stay off the goddamn fucking keyboard before the world comes to a fucking end. Jesus
            Christ who educated you the goddamn fucking Apes in the jungle. Mother fucker you sure are stupid.

          • Wait a minute – Jesus Christ taught you to use those foul names on me? Your Jesus Christ must belong to voodoo religion. Stop calling our regular Jesus Christ for your weakness. Hillary is a human being like you and me. Our Jesus Christ pardons people for their sins. After all Hillary did not sin anywhere. All those stupid scandals you’re hearing about are babies of FoxNews and Roger Ailes the women predator. Please forget about Benghazi and so called e-mail. Join me and vote for Hillary.

          • I do not trust people who have other people killed because they know the truth!

          • Vote for the most deceitful person ever to run for president? She is even MORE deceitful than that traitor Barack Hussein 0bama. She sells her office for political favors and millions of dollars. She refused to send aid to our heroes in Bhengazi, she had had dozens of people murdered in her wake to gain power. She lies at every turn. She lies about lying.

          • I know it’s sad that those Americans died. But you should blame TPs and Repubs in Congress. These had cut spending on foreign post. They wanted to save on their stupid deficit. Hillary was in executive branch. The money was tied in Congress. You got it now Mr. Cat?

          • You’re nuts. Where was Hilary when she got that … 4:00 pm phone call? Why did she ignore over 600 requests for security from her “friend” Christipher Stevens? Do you really want someone in charge of defending our country that couldn’t defend an obvious target like the compound in Benghazi even AFTER it had a hole blown through the wall in June 2012?

          • So you want Trump who is friends with Russian Putin. Putin is still struggling to feed his people. Bread there is $5.00 and there are always lines just to buy bread. Now Trump wants to buddy with Putin no. No. I am sorry Trump is done for praising Putin. No doubt Trump’s daughter and Putin are girlfriends. So this rubbed on Trump. We cannot trust Trump being a friend to Putin. Putin wants war with US; we are ready to fight back. Please do not vote for Trump. He may be selling USA to Russia.

          • You do not trust people who divorce, yet you support a woman married to a serial rapist and philanderer?

          • Kill yourelf cretin, you have nothing you are as close to a walking cactus as I have ever seen.

          • I don’t trust peopke who cheat on their spouse over and over and over. And I don’t trust women that go after and try to ruin the women their husbands cheats on them with and do nothing about their cheating, lying husbands.

          • Bill used and abused countless young intern women while married and while president and Hillary protected him and shamed the women . And this is what you want .HYPOCRITE is your word for the day

          • What – Bill abused countless young intern women? You look like a Black male to me. How many women chests have you slept on-20 women? And you’re cursing why Bill C slept women. Those women started Bill by flashing their privates in front of him. He is a 100% a man.Why can’t curse Trump and FoxNews old farts who have been groping women for the last 20 years. Did you know Trump is soon dumping his present wife. He and the following are going to poor European countries to recruit new wives: Roger Ailes, Pence, Herman Cain, Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker, Gov. Sanford, Newt, ugly Giuliani, Bill O’rielly who has just divorced and probably Hannity the school drop-out. Please join me and vote for Hillary on November 8 at 8 9 am

          • I don’t get laid , I’m a short , dorky , white old guy with no power or money. And you ? well , who knows, confused and brainwashed most assuredly

          • You must be brain-washed like Dr. Carson who wanted the WH job by Affirmative Action program. Carson did not know Repubs and TPs hate Blacks. Just remember what they did to Herman Cain. They slandered him he was a White women underwear groper. Five White women appeared on TV to have been groped. So watch out Mr. TPs and Repubs are not to be trusted. Vote for Hillary

          • Question; does the P M of your name represent “post mortem”, like your brain?

          • You are truly brain dead . You have copied almost the rLEFTY MANIFESTO in your posts today, suicide is the only answer got you liberal dem bloodsucking parasite.l

          • Bill is a rapist and philanderer and while claiming to be catholic and a strong supporter of family values, you support a woman married to a serial cheater and rapist. WOW the stupid is strong in you.

          • Suicide, it is your only chance of having any worth.
            Go out into the Arizona desert, as your body decomposes, it will enrich the shoddy soil and finally you will have acheived some worth.

          • Now who is the stinking racist? —- Why it’s the commie democrap useful idiot.

          • Bla bla bla, same old Democrap lies. Some would think after 30-40 years the Dumbocrats might at some point want to change or at least update the lie-play book, but no same old shit over and over again. First yell and scream racists, then sick the guard dog press on them and if you cant find any trash, then make some up and try to scare or ruin anyone that gets in the way; then as last resort (like Vince Foster) just murder them. Since the Democraps own the FBI, CIA, and Attorney General, they can get away with anything.

          • They should not allow brain dead assholes like you to vote. Your vote is for corruption and you are a big part of the problem

          • pmbalele: There is no need for you to feign surprise at the mention of one of Bill Clinton’s crimes. You’re a Democrat, so we already know you’re lying! You’re deflecting us away from the subject at hand and talking about something completely unrelated.

            You are being racist for even mentioning whether Nathan Marley is black or whatever, but you also ASSUMED that, because you think he’s black, that must surely mean that he’s sexually active with women other than his wife! You also infer that ALL black men must engage in that kind of activity. I can assure you, they DON’T! I believe that also makes you a bigot!

            It doesn’t matter what Nathan Marley MAY have done. We’re discussing the husband of Hillary Clinton, who is the Democratic nominee for President of the United States of America. We know that Bill can’t keep his “little Willy” in his pants and that he has raped several women before, AND THAT HILLARY CONSPIRED WITH HIM TO KEEP THOSE WOMEN QUIET. Hillary is just as guilty of those rapes as Bill is. We have no business bringing a sexual predator and his enabler back into our White House!

          • Thank you for lightening my day. I have never laughed so much. I know you can’t be for real. No one can be that stupid. On the chance you are that stupid, go back and read your posts, then get some reference books and find out some facts. Nothing you have said is true, and you seem so sincere. If you actually believe what you wrote, God help you. You need to be in the mental institution yourself. It is pathetic.

          • Suicide is the only answer for you low life liberal dem bloodsucking parasite, you would vote for the devil if he promised you handouts you fing leech.

          • You are no more a regular American then I am a brain surgeon.

            You are a subversive pro moslem communist who hates the country I fought and bled for, and your only goal is to destroy my way of life.

            Move to Iran where you belong.

          • Muslims are no communists nor are they socialists. That’s why they hate Russian Putin. But Russians love Trump. Recently Trump praised Russian Putin as a good man the same guy was about to bomb our ships. Trump recently called American women as “Fat.” “Pigs” “Dogs” “Disgusting animals” and “ugly”.

          • It is stupid people like you pmbalene that have caused the fall of this country. You must have blinders on or else you are just too damn lazy to take a look at the record of corruption that has followed Hillary since her days in college. Perhaps you just have your nose so far up Hillary’s ass that the stench of satonic ways seems exciting to you,

          • pmbalele: You’re trying to build up a lot of smoke, but the only thing burning is your bull crap! I think you must be a psychopath too, and I think you should be banned from this website! Ignoramuses can get on here and SAY anything they want. But very little of what you say has any merit. Our whole country seems to be on a marriage-go-round. Trump is NOT the only one who is doing that, but THAT isn’t illegal, as so many things Hillary has done, are!

            You say that Trump “planned to build an electric wall at the border to kill all Latinos trying to enter this country!” Do you have to smoke something so you can have all these wacky “visions” or are you just naturally that stupid? I’ve never heard that Trump’s plan was for an “electric wall” at our border, but if that’s what it takes, so be it! Non-Americans need to KNOW that the fence means “KEEP OUT!” If they’re stupid enough to climb our wall, ZAP EM! If the shock doesn’t kill them, maybe the fall will. Either way, they need to respect our wishes or they accept the consequences of trying to enter our country illegally! The sooner they learn that we mean business, the better off they will be! For years, they have shown no respect. I’m sure they all know what that tattered fence means, but they choose to disregard it, and our rights and our concerns with all the illegal things they bring with them.

            What does calling certain people his friends, have to do with ANYTHING, whether they’re black, white, red, yellow, green or whatever; rich or poor, Methodist or Catholic, short or tall? Nothing!

            I don’t believe that Trump called ALL American women those names. They were addressed to specific women, according to what she had done.

            You seem to ignorantly think that Trump is the ONLY person who banks over seas! How big is the rock you live under? It has to be so large and oppressive that you have never been out from under it before!

            Whine away cry baby. Hillary is so far ahead on corrupt things she has done, that it’s impossible for him to ever catch her.

          • Come now, Post Mortem, your blood pressure will put you in the IC unit if you’re not more relaxed. It’s bad now, what til Hildybeest croaks and a substitute nitwit has to be found.

          • Are you serious!!!!!!!!! Is that all you have to say,really, those statements don’t even deserve a ripple. Why don’t you note all the disgracefull shortcomings of your chosen one, like Bengazi, private emails, the clinton foundation,etc. Please don’t make me laugh with your ridiculous comments on MR TRUMP’S DIVORCE RECORD,you need a reality check ,seriously.

          • I hate polygamists. These are the people hurting family values. Look at what is going on FoxNews. these along with Rev. Swaggart, Jimmy Bakker preached family values. Now FoxNews males are being accused of stalking young women there. Now Trump is planning to take them to Europe to fish for new young women. The one Trump has now is wrinkled. I am Catholic, I stay away from polygamists. Please vote for Hillary.

          • I am also Catholic and to my mind Hillary Clinton is far more soiled . Have you forgotten her stance on ABORTION, SAME SEX MARRIAGE. I believe I would never be able to atone my sin of voting for Hillary. Sorry but thank you for your views.

          • Did you read the internet today? Amazing. People have discovered that Trump maybe psychopath. I do not blame them for thinking so. With so many wives at Trump tower and now is planning for another one from E-Europe, Trump has something in his head we have not found yet. Look, he planned to build an electric wall at the border to kill all Latinos trying to enter this country; then Trump called Blacks “My Black friends”- I hope Dr. Carson did not hear that; then Trump has just called American women as “Fat.” “Pigs” “Dogs” “Disgusting animals” “ugly” and he wants them to vote for him. Now he is planning a trip to E. Europe for another wife. The one now has wrinkles. We are told this time he will include the following: Pence, Herman Cain, Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker, Gov. Sanford, Newt, ugly Giuliani, Bill O’rielly who has just divorced and probably Hannity the school drop-out. We are also told he directly banks in Belize – and that is why IRS cannot find where is income went; and he wants regular people to vote for him. Give me a break! Please stay away from Trump camp. Join me and vote for Hillary on November 8 at 9 am.

          • Your ignorance is as prominent as that big ugly wart on the end of your nose. Or is that your big ugly nose on that wart? You are the poster child for socialism and communism in the democrat party. By November 8, Hildy, wicked witch of DC will be in a convalescent home. And you’ll be SOL!!

          • pmbalele, boy it sure is easy to tell that you are a dumb fucking stupid little bitch your adolescent little whining is incredibly childish. You have to be the dumbest fucking child on the internet. Go play with your fucking stupid-ass dolls and leave the politics to the grown-ups. what are you 12 years old? Your comments are so stupid and fucking dumb I can’t believe it. If there is a lot of whiny little fucking bitches out there voting for Hillary we might be in big trouble. God damn Stop Believing every fucking little thing you read on your computer. Jesus Christ you make me wanna fucking puke

          • Other than a brain the size of an alfalfa seed what can you boast beyond swearing and whining and vomiting cuss words. You are a prime example of poor quality protoplasm. Now go get your 13 year old wife to explain this to you, that is after you finish covering the tires on your trailer house/

          • Oh, yet ANOTHER commie on the horse tranquilizer.

            Comrade mesaman (who is obviously a typical commie coward who will not use his real name) Take my advice and stop taking that stuff your commissar is giving you. It is designed to liquidate you useful idiots when that are done with you.

            I tried to warn you, comrade, but keep taking it if you like the trips it is taking you on more then your oen life.

          • You are a one trick pony. You keep repeating the same tired old nonsense. If you can’t come up with something new and relevant just go sit in the corner and suck on your thumb with your silly complaints. You obviously are too ignorant to even know what is going on if you think Hitlary is any one worthy of even one vote. I suppose you think that her homosexuality is more acceptable than Trump getting a divorce because things didn’t work out between him and his wife. People do grow apart and tho it is sad it is not a sin and does not ruin the family values as much as same sex marriage does. So go stick your head back in what ever hole you pulled it out of and get a life.

          • Yes, and I did not see anything about that nonsense, comrade.

            Go back and tell your commissar that the Marxist trick of telling the same lie again and again is not working here,,,,And while you are there, stay there. We do not want commies on this site.

          • Don’t you dare not bring up her stanch on the Muslim invasion, she wants to Merkel us and bring in one million at minimum over the next 4 years. We don’t need all these Muslims sucking up welfare, plotting to kill us all and sexually assaulting us and our livestock 24/7.

          • Truer words were never spoken.

            Their book of filth, the Koran says all must convert and submit to sheria law or be killed or made a slave.

            I’m for for deporting an enemy who has sworn to kill and enslave me and my family so they can come back and try again.

            Kill them all and let allah sort them out.

          • Lady – how crazy can one be? You are just ready for the asylum! And in addition to calling Trump all sorts of names that are erroneous, when you call his wife wrinkled, you REALLY are insane! LOL!

          • Nobody is voting for the Hildebeast except her sycophants and the mentally challenged.

          • If Trump’s wife is wrinkled what is billary face? Har har har!!

          • Did you read this yesterday? Trump is done. According to three polls, Trump rallies is full of uneducated racists, bigots, toothless people; sexists and primitive people who want this country divided into races. Contrary to Clinton rallies. We have there educated Whites, Blacks, Hispanic, Red Indians, Asians, men and women. These groups feel belong to one another as a Nation. It’s over with Trump. Please join me and vote for Hillary on November 8 at 9 am.

          • Same trick as Goebbels. Tell the same lie again and again and people will believe you. Only problem is this is not Germany in the early 30s and the majority of the voting public was not brainwashed by liberal progressive teachers.

          • Do you even know what a polygamist is?

          • you supported the Inquisition huh, that figures, a Democrap type thing.!!!

          • WOW! You really nailed it. Never before, in the history of mankind, has anyone stooped so low as to divorce two women. Balele, if this is the most critical comment you can make, you might want to try knitting, or embroidery. Politics are just too fast for you.

          • I have people who divorce for they create so many problems with kids and relatives. That is why we have too many violence in this country. Look what is going on at FoxNews. I used to trust the CEOs at FoxNews as role models or family values. Now we are told they have been sleeping and hunting those women. Many, like Bill O’rielly, are divorcing. Let us stay with Hillary. She is tough and loving. Vote for Hillary and I will be there to help you is you too old to walk.

          • But those who assault and rape – as in Slick Willie – are ok??? They are an evil couple! The stories of their lies & frauds & crimes have followed them from the Arkansas Atty Gen office (actually since Hillary was fired for lying as an intern during the Watergate trial)! She lies with such ease – it is truly amazing. Anyone who steals the furniture & silver from the White House as they leave is unbelievably criminal! Add the evils of Ben Gazhi, the bribery of the Clinton Foundation -& you have the “Bonnie & Clyde” of the 21st Century!

          • Try not to HATE there pm balele or is it pm ssssssssss

          • HILLARY??? LOVING???? Hahahahahahaahahahahaha…… ROFLMAO!!! HAHAHHAHAHA

          • She only loves all the money she has stolen for decades.

          • She also loves fools who bow at her feet

          • Yep. Hillary with the help of AIDS infected Bill killed at least 200 people with love? Not to mention five or six demo-communist workers in the last four months including Seth Rich, six bullets to the chest because he was about to expose some troubling info to the press, pmbullshit! Your existence is an insult to humanity! There are ways to fix that, we could deport you to a tolerant terrorist Middle East nation where you can exercise your freedom of speech for a second or two!

          • Let’s not forget the hundreds of thousands of citizens killed using the military weapons enabled by hillarys bribe money–After she recommended the sales to known enemies of Our Country–hillary should be punished for her crimes against humanity, not rewarded with the presidency

          • The media have been complicit in hiding the truth, they are bought off with threats! Finally, Newsweek closed it’s doors and wrote a stinging rebuke of the fraud in the White House! It reports the truth surrounding the Muslim in Chief. A total fraud from the get go unfit to hold any office of power in America! There was absolutely nothing in his past that was true, from his birth, to his supposed education, to his religious beliefs (Islam) to his hatred for America and every aspect of our way of life! America was led by an impostor, a teleprompter in chief who has lied, stolen and committed treason and sedition at every turn to the detriment of America! Sadly, the nation that had the best educational system in the world became a tool of the new world order and has been indoctrinating our youth, not educating but creating a society of mind numb robots! At the same time, our nation has been invaded by legions of immigrants both Islamic and cheap labor from third world nations! Jobs for Americans have disappeared as our industry has been sold off to nations like China! America was the greatest nation the world has ever seen and has gone from the penthouse to the outhouse! America must be made great again and soon or it will cease to exist! Trump is our only hope moving forward. No more diseased felons, traitors and murderers like the demo-communist party is trying to shove down our throats! No more Clintons, the death house for them!

          • Everything you say is true, but you give obama too much credit, he is merely a puppet, that hand up his @ss belongs to george soros and other elites–Of course we’ll need to have them all hanged, I also favor drawn and quartered with the head(s) on a pike to remind the rest–could make a dandy display in a museum somewhere

          • I agree, I’m very familiar with who is pulling the strings and they all need to be strung up! In the old West you steal a horse you get a rope and a tree. Stealing a nation requires a much more intense punishment and not one that is quick. Slow and painful as a warning to anyone considering selling out America. No lifetime positions in the Supreme Court and one term in the house and senate with no perks after their term! The judges must be strict constitutionalists and no lifetime salary, benefits, security etc. upon retirement. You serve, you get out and your on your own! They are servants of we the people, we pay them, we own them and they will answer to the people! They step out of line and it’s the big house post haste! One other thing that riles me, all illegal immigrants and muslims, rounded up and ejected asap, especially those working in government at every level! All mosques, turned into rubble! Any act of terrorism in America, we will hold the nation of origin responsible for those acts and retribution will be swift and painful! The GOD of the bible is who we worship……..the Koran is emergency toilet paper! Don’t like our beliefs, tough, we don’t respect yours! We are one nation under GOD, not Allah get it!

            At this telling juncture in our storied history Trump is the only choice, an unapologetic American who will turn the Titanic around to a safe harbor, build our military back up to the best in the world, bring jobs and industry back to America, and restructure our insane debt bomb telling our creditors to go stuff it. You stole our jobs, you stole our industry, we’re keeping our money, so go pound sand! We must treat every adversary whether in business or diplomacy, it’s our way or the highway! With friends like the ones we have, we don’t need enemies! To nations like N.Korea mess with us and we’ll turn you nation into a wasteland, same goes for the Middle East rag heads, no more warm fuzzies! Our only ally in that part of the world that we can depend on is Israel and their incredible military! God’s chosen people are our eyes and ears on the ground in that cesspool, and they kick ass and don’t wait for permission!

            Just a few more thoughts Bill! The military didn’t train us to be diplomats! Just watch the SEALS in action. This current administration is responsible for more SEAL deaths than the total since their inception. My son in law was a NAVY SEAL and Army Special Forces Commando and he doesn’t say much but I know where his heart is!

          • I’d rather vote for the Wicked Witch of the West. Wait…she is the Wicked Witch of the West.

          • You heard what I just told one racist. According to three polls, Trump rallies is full of uneducated racists, bigots, toothless people; sexists and primitive people who want this country divided into races. Contrary to Clinton rallies. We have there educated Whites, Blacks, Hispanic, Red Indians, Asians, men and women. These groups feel belong to one another as a Nation. It’s over with Trump. Please join me and vote for Hillary on November 8 at 9 am.

          • hey Troll, STFU until you have something to say that’s TRUTHFUL!

          • Typical Trumpkin just tell everyone else to STFU.

          • Stupid woman..

          • If that’s the best you can do, give up!

          • I can help liberal dem bloodsucking parasite, soon we take all of your handouts and watch you leeches starve,.

          • The only “handouts” I have ever received are Social Security and Medicare, which I paid into for many years. How about you?

            Plus, I live in a blue state that contributes much more to federal coffers for distribution to “leech” red states than we receive in return..

          • Found your LEFTY MANIFESTO, EH?
            Where was it, under the sofa?
            You liberal dem bloodsuckers have pushed that particular piece of bs for 50 years.
            LA County alone, paid out 689 million for welfare and food stamps for the criminal aliens.
            That is more than any red state collected for welfare and food stamps last year.
            Chicago has public housing project called Taylor Homes, it is big enough to have it’s own zip code.
            They spent 578 million for welfare and food stamps last years, that is also more than any red state collected last stupid lying scrub.
            The rest of it is a function of population and Interstate highway costs.
            Soon, we will separate ourselves from you ersatz life forms and applaud while you starve.

          • Can’t wait for you and your ilk to separate from the rest of us. Tell me when. Can I count on it? Sure hope so.

            At least you admit the red states do collect more than the blue states from the federal tax monies, so who will starve? We have California the producer of most of the fresh food in the USA, and the worlds sixth largest economy.

          • You won’t have to wait long cretin.
            You pay 14% top rate in Ca for state income taxes cheating the rest of the country out of what you scum owe,
            You stupid garbage ;lost 2.56 billion in taxable income last year when they moved out of your parasitical paradise.
            You also lost 2106 businesses, to other states.
            But, don’t worry, Moonbeam replaced them with criminal aliens on welfare and food stamps oh yeah you scum will do fine.
            Maybe you should get one of those I am am a US citizen button, so that the aliens will know that it is okay to shoot you, assault you and rape you.

            Dec 2014, a poll showed that 11.4% of the people thought that their state should secede from the union.
            Dec 2015, same poll 23.9 % of the people though that their state should secede form the union.
            Liberal media didn’t tell you about that, did they.?
            i’m that you liberal dem bloodsuckers have about 2 years, then we close off the borders to our states , station marksmen at the borders, and shoot anything crossing illegally.
            Might want to look carefully, all of that food that you grow you have been importing food because of the drought, stupid.
            life will be wonderful for you, no one will obstruct you.
            You can raise taxes on and busoiness or rich person silly enough to stay in your state to 90 %.
            You can buy every thing for everybody, well for awhile..
            All of your pervert friends can get married, all of your bent gender friends can use the restroom and locker rooms with your daughters sisters and mothers.
            You can bring all of the Mexicans from Mexico into your areas, you can bring all of the rapist, killer Muslims into your areas.
            You can ban Christianity and confiscate all weapons.
            No one will stop you. You will have a couple of minor problems, you will have to try to work out some way for the stopping the rapist, killer Muslims from cutting heads off of the perverts and a bent genders or throwing them off of roofs, but hey, you’re smart, you can handle it.
            Us, we will go back to running areal country, again, kick back and applaud as you scum srtarve to death.

          • How do you explain CA’s balanced budget, first time in 30 years. Happened after we kicked the conservatives out of CA State Legislature.

            As for percentages of population voting to secede from the USA- the age old question-=Source?

          • Cretin, you live there, why are you asking me?
            Do it any way that you like, if you really believe the crap that you spout, you shouldn’t have to ask me.
            Listen very carefully low life liberal dem bloodsucker, ,in spite of what you parasites beieve, no one has adopted you, find out the same way that I did.

          • Too ugly to be tolerated. BLOCKED.

          • Ooooh, the pain, blocked!!!!
            May I suggest suicide, ersatz life form?

          • Based on the Brown administration’s latest budget projection, released with the signing Monday, the state will be $4.1 billion in the red in three years.

            Read more here:

            Even CA gov knows the budget he just signed is not balanced

          • She’s just another uninformed liberal.
            Got to feel kinda sorry for her. NOT!

          • So Donald Trump went on state-owned Russian television to complain about the American media and foreign policy. But it’s not his fault! He was duped by Larry King LIVE

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            Have some cereal you need help

          • Love it.

          • Not anymore .The drought an wildfire took you out .

          • WAFI!

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1


          • You guys know obama spent over 2 bil, just on vacations–and that is just up till now

          • BS .

          • Better stock up on food girl,because if this bitch goes in, you’re checks are not going to come in much longer. Sorry, ain’t gonna be my fault.

          • Your reading comprehension skills rate at ZERO.

          • Yes, because we get tired of all the bullshit you libTARDS promote! STFU!

          • Clearly you are not intelligent enough to participate in any form of discussion. You should take your own advice and spare yourself further embarrassment.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            Clearly you area liberal fool ignorant, low energy and thuggisg homie girl lol

          • Fuck OFF homelygirl! If you can’t see the ongoing destruction of our country, then you are BLIND!! Trump will solve your blindness, or you can get the hell out!

          • Just more evidence of your capabilities-you double down on displaying your ignorance and hate.

            No need to respond.

          • Responding to IDIOTS like you make my day, your head is so
            far up your ass, you suffer from oxygen deficiency!

          • Typical piece of shit demoCRAP!

          • Uninformed . Talking points. From Killery

          • As soon as hell freezes over!!!

          • Democrats always yell “racist” when they are losing an argument.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            THANK YOU! He is Gone thank u real America!

          • Typical Democrap, every one is racist or homophobic,except you, don’t you think that’s a bit worn out ? inasmuch as the Democraps are exactly what they accuse everyone else of being !!!! but I guess you really have to be sick in the head to be a Democrap, better get some help, you need it, big time.!!!!

          • You are getting worse, comrade. That stuff actually devolves brain cells and you obviously didn’t start out with too many.

            Even in the psychotic delusional state how can you tell who is at the Cackling Witch’s Rallies? She never drew 500 people. Trump draws 1000s.

            For your own good stop with the drugs, even though it looks like it’s too late already.

          • You need some psychiatric help. Please get it

          • Did you hear this true story:

            Stay informed. Effect on Obamacare. For the first time ever, America’s uninsured rate has fallen below 9 percent. Quarterly numbers from the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) show that the uninsured rate fell to 8.6 percent during the first three months of 2016. That’s the lowest rate the government has on record. On Opportunity and Economic Opportunity: Standard of Living Ratings Rise During Obama Presidency When Obama entered the White House, the United States was in the midst of the Great Recession, which damaged the housing market, left many Americans out of work and caused the U.S. gross domestic product to plummet. For 2009, the Gallup Standard of Living Index averaged +26, little better than the +24 found in 2008. It has edged up in most years since then, and for the first seven months of 2016, it averaged +50. Help sustain this movement to vote for Hillary.

          • What creativity, what ingenious use of fantasy. Old Post-mort balele can conjure more useless statistics than Bammie’s Department of False and Spurious Data. Bammiecare is a total destructive disaster. It does nothing, get that Postmort, NOTHING to control prescription costs and does little more than allow those who work and contribute to pay for the insurance of de po people who can’t, won’t, or wouldn’t work. A fine example of a failed social nirvana which is connected to a more destructive Mao-form of communism.

          • We know you hate Blacks to be in your rich people clinics and hospitals. Get a life. Please vote for Hillary.

          • Wrong, “Postmort”, you think I hate blacks, what I hate is democrats, socialists, communists, and terrorists. As for voting for Hildy, wicked witch of DC, I know you are crazy, now. You belong in an asylum before you injure yourself or someone else. Vote for Hildy? I would crawl across the Mohave Desert in July, without water, and without an umbrella before I would betray my patriotism for this country. And, I find you to be an inert form of humanoid protoplasm, not worth one red penny.

          • What – if you hate democrats, socialists, communists, and terrorists then you should hate Trump. Trump and Russian Putin are buddies. Trump daughter goes on vacation with Putin girl friend. Did you know that?

          • You seem to have an obsession with Trump and his family. You do it for sexual stimulation? Does it help alleviate your ED problem? Do you get turned on when you tell lies? Are you training to become a Catholic muslim with all your lies? Is your lying pathological or did you learn it from your parents? What a liar you are!!

          • You will be sorry if USA is sold to Putin.

          • Did you also read the true story about several healthcare insurance companies dropping their coverage for thousands of people in several states because the insurance companies were losing money due to Obamacare? That’s been in the news for a while. Some states now only have one health care insurance provider. Even if the uninsured rate has fallen (only due to the penalties, nothing more), people with high deductibles can’t use their insurance because it’s too expensive. & when the premiums start rising people are going to be dropping their insurance in favor of the penalty because the penalty is cheaper.

          • Look Lizfan, I did not write the article. A right wing organization studied Obamacare and found it is improving the country. It is only you and racists who want the 50s back so that you do not see Blacks in your clinics and hospitals. Get over it. African-Americans are regular Americans only they happen to have different hues.

          • First of all, I’m not a racist & I have nothing against African Americans. Go figure that you’d play the stupid, worn out race card. I never said anything about blacks. Second, name the “right wing organization” because I think you’re lying like a rug. Third, Obamacare is NOT improving the country, otherwise all those insurance companies would NOT be dropping coverage for thousands of Americans, the premiums would be lowering (they’re rising), & people would not end up being stuck with sky-high deductibles. Accept the fact that Obamacare is a massive failure & get over your infatuation with a proven liar (Obama).

          • What did you say -insurance companies are dropping coverage for thousands of Americans? They are lying to you. Those insurance companies dropping people because they have been caught by the people they serve as cheating on billing the government. Take interest reading federal appeals courts decisions and see how many insurance companies are being caught and fined heavily. Some doctors are in prison for billing for services they did perform.

          • Which right wing organization?

          • Stupid don’t have the sense God gave a jackass.

          • What – did you really bring in your god in these conversations? Your little god is useless if you’re a Repubs or TPs. These use their god to advance their racism, bigotry, sexism and stereotyping Blacks are useless people. If you’re one of them please stop and plan to vote for Hillary..

          • There you go with the race card again.

          • You are bare face low life liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical liar.

          • You need to clean the Hellery shit off your glasses. The Trump supporters always show up as hundreds or thousands of hard working, tax paying, individuals, the kind that made this country great. Hellery cant fill a minivan, unless her rich supporters like George Sorryass, pays them to come in and stand around.At her last rally there were more press than supporters, that by inself should tell the whole story.

          • Are you insane? She would bring in more ISIS. Maybe they would rape you. Clinton was a racist when she ran against Obama 8 years ago. Trump is far from racist. Did you see the speech in Detroit? NO? Are you on drugs? Booze? Low IQ? It has to be something like that for you to post such lies and nonsense.

          • What – did I see Trump speech in Detroit? Yes. Trump called African-Americans as my Black friends. And the next day he called American women as “Fat.” “Pigs” “Dogs” “Disgusting animals” and “ugly”. And Trump expects African-Americans and African women to vote for him. No.

          • pmbalele   wrote  some  untruths.    He  or  she   does  not  know the truth.  Trump  never said  what  pmbalele   said.      What  nonsense.   I  cannot  stand  people who want  ISIS  to destroy  our  country.

          • More left wing lies.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            You ignorant and a Democrackhead racist liberal hatin thug yes you are!!!!!!!!!!!
            You Liberals are racist pigs , punks, coward look at you pathetic, weak, low energy and liberal!

            ]Join me vote TRUMP real American change no jive talkin change!!!

          • What you called Demos : “racist pigs , punks, coward look at you pathetic, weak, ugly, low energy primitive? That is what Trump calls American women. You must be Trump neighbor to know those words. Wake up and vote for Hillary on November 8.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            Nope wrong again my Liberal racist low energy enemy. Wake up you Cowardly liberal wacko PRESIDENT TRUMP IS REAL AMERICA AND CROOKED EVIL HILLARY IS CRAZYYYYY OLD LADY!

          • Let’s
            see Donnie Trumper unfaithful adulterer admitted cheated on 2 wives,
            lies like most people breathe, judges found sufficient evidence to
            allow a rape case to go to forward against Donald Trump this fall who
            is being accused of raping a 13-year-old girl. Under federal get
            investigation of ripping off thousands of students Trump University.
            Are these the family values that Republicans always talk about? It’s
            your laughable candidate.


          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1


          • I “think ” you’re confusing trump with william j clinton.

          • So Donald Trump went on state-owned Russian television to complain about the American media and foreign policy. But it’s not his fault! He was duped by Larry King.

          • Typical left wing propaganda. Twist anything to make it appear bad. Last time I checked Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, and Nancy Pelosi all appeared on Larry King’s show. HILLARY FOR PRISON 2016!

            TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT 2016!

          • Bandara Carlos: Is it illegal to tell the TRUTH now? Most of our foreign policies are a mess and we don’t have much real “media” in this country. Most of our media are acting as defenders of Hillary and attackers of Trump. They don’t just want to REPORT the news, they want to MAKE it, and they’re helping to destroy our country in the process.

            Did Trump do anything ILLEGAL, or are you just crying again? If you think that Trump did something terrible by his statements on Russian television, where were you when Obama took his world apology tour, bowing and apologizing to foreign leaders who are NOT our friends, but at the same time, disrespecting those who had been our friends and allies for years?

          • I understand what you mean, whether intentional or a huge mistake. LOL
            it gave me a insight into Donald John Trump organization and personal judgment. I’m very concerned about the type of right wing extremists he has hired for advisors?
            I found interested to check the money and the type of individuals that own my news outlets, it gives me insight into the way they slant their new service. Also I follow up any comprehensive studies of news outlets politics. It’s not perfect but if I have a company that Lies 75% of the time and another company tells the truth 75% of the time, it’s obvious who I would more likely to believe. It’s important to me that if a news outlets will retract mistakes or just say that is their freedom of speech to lie with no retraction.

          • Bandara Carlos: I didn’t want a Pee Wee Herman candidate. I wanted a leader. Trump isn’t a politician, so he’s not going to have as much polish on his speeches, but I don’t really want him to. He gets in little spats with some people, but I’d rather have him like that than lying to me all the time like Hillary does. I HATE liars and Hillary is among the worst of them!

          • The only way the witch will be elected would be with massive voter fraud.
            If that happens you may watch the right wing do a helluva lot more than that.

          • Republican. Stealing the Election Is the Republicans Is Trying to Keep People from Voting, That Might Not Vote Their Way. There Actively Right Now Removing Names from Roles Just Because They Have a Similar Name in Another State. Like Somebody
            Is Going to Drive 300 Miles to Vote Twice. Give Your Brain a Chance for Once.

            Give me one reason to vote for the
            Donald other than he’s a white guy?

          • Bandara Carlos: Being a white guy is no reason to vote for ANYONE! But I’ll give you a FEW reasons to vote for Donald Trump! He’s the only candidate that really hears what the American people are saying, he UNDERSTANDS what we’re saying and he has solutions to those problems.

            He really wants to get America back to a position of respect and power in the world, where we were before Obama arrived and started catering to the Muslims, but only criticizing Americans and especially Christian Americans.

            Our military have suffered a lot under Obama, and he recently signed a bill that will make it even worse for our military. Trump wants to build our military back up where it SHOULD be and try to catch up on the training that Obama has been negligent to do.

            Our veterans SHOULD be respected for their sacrifices to this country, on our behalf, but Obama has allowed such corruption in the VA that combat veterans who need immediate medical care are forced to wait for unreasonable lengths of time. Many didn’t have the strength to hold on that long. That seems to be Obama’s plan to NOT have to pay medical bills for the veterans who risked their lives fighting for OUR freedoms. That is an amazingly inhumane thing to do to those who sacrificed so much for US! But Obama probably NEEDED more money for one of his favorite causes: He delights in donating to the Muslim Brotherhood, who in turn give the money to Islamic Terrorists. Trump has promised that he will take MUCH better care of our veterans.

            Not only has Hillary been a “person of interest” in the murders of at least 51 people who all died under very suspicious circumstances, but a majority of them were either investigating the Clintons or were close associates of the Clintons who may have gotten to know too much about how the Clintons REALLY do business. One of them was a young woman who is known to have had an affair with Bill Clinton, and when her body was found, they discovered that she was pregnant, but no DNA testing was ever done to determine who the father might have been, There were a few who were even scheduled to testify against the Clintons, but “luckily” for the Clintons, ALL of them died BEFORE they could give their testimony! The death of all of these people benefited the Clintons!

            I believe in coincidences, but the possibility of having 51 consecutive coincidences is non-existent! I don’t believe there is EVER that much smoke, without there being at least a few fires.

            Hillary’s past has proven that she is very careless in handling classified government documents and continues to lie about it if she gets caught.

            Hillary REFUSED to send help to our Ambassador and other Americans in Benghazi; she leaked the name of an American spy, who was immediately executed by the Iranian government! Hillary also sold military weapons to ISiS! One of the BEST reasons to vote for Trump is because Hillary has already said that, if elected, she will continue to support many of the policies that Obama has been supporting.


            White nationalists yakking. Give your brain a chance. What keeps you voting against your own best interest?

          • Bandara Carlos: Do you even have a brain? If it weren’t so pathetic, I’d think it was funny that you think I’M voting against my own best interest! Because the truth is YOU are planning to vote against the best interests of BOTH OF US! You lament that I won’t believe anything you have to say, yet you thought so little of my intelligence that you sent me that link with Keith Olbermann? How delirious are you? How much that I have said do YOU believe? I don’t have any more obligation to believe the lies you tell on here than you have to believe the truth that I tell you. You sent me a link to what you thought was a “killer” website that you thought would make me confess that you were right, but I read what should have been the most powerful accusations, but it didn’t take me long to debunk them all. There is no need for me to even read the other 170 FALSE ACCUSATIONS! Doesn’t it concern you that I was able to refute the best of all those “fairy tales” so quickly? Don’t you think that you should seriously question some of the things Hillary has done and says she will do, if she is elected?

            This isn’t a game! It’s for more than “ALL the marbles!” This is probably the very last election that will ever happen in this country, IF Soros, Obama and Hillary will ALLOW it to happen. But since none of them have ever been ones to listen to the voice of the people, that election may very well never happen.

          • Thank you for admitting you’re a paid Republican blogger.
            Obviously you didn’t listen to the video it was 176 items not 170. So just prove 10% of them are not true? Personally I know you can’t and won’t. I dare you, you are chicken. LOL

          • Bandara Carlos: You can’t understand even the plainest English, can you, IDIOT! I made no such admission, because it’s not true. I told you that I watched Olbermann through his first several accusations, but they were all so pathetically false that I saw no need to even look at the others. How many of my accusations about Hillary did you even put that much effort into?

            Anybody who wants to make a list puts the most influential and most powerful points at the BEGINNING. With that pathetic start, I knew it wasn’t going to get any better, so I saw no need to waste my time. I refuted the most powerful lies you had! There was NO
            PROOF WHATSOEVER for any of the lies that Olbermann was telling. After those first few failures, there were 170 that I saw no need to look at. I have disproved 6 of your best lies and you can only demand that I disprove some more.

            Before I waste my time disproving any more of your lies, why don’t you ATTEMPT to disprove a few of my allegations about Hillary? Let’s just start with the 51 names that are on the Clinton body count list! Then you can ATTEMPT to disprove that she
            threatened, harassed and intimidated Bill’s rape victims into silence, thereby becoming his ACCOMPLICE in those crimes. Then you can ATTEMPT to disprove that Hillary sold military weapons to ISIS. Then ATTEMPT to disprove that she was guilty of REFUSING to send help to our Ambassador and other Americans in Benghazi. Attempt to disprove that she leaked the name of an American spy, which caused the Iranian government to execute him.

            You want me to refute 170 more meaningless lies, so I don’t see that it should be any problem for you to refute just these few that I have mentioned. I believe I even asked you to rebut several of Hillary’s crimes, even before you sent this ridiculous link. So
            you owe me answers FIRST! I sent you a link last night, to a few of Hillary’s crimes, but you choose not to address them. Does that make you a chicken SHIT? Yes, I believe it does! I’ve already given you far more ANSWERS than you have given me! So much for you saying that I CAN’T and WON’T prove your points not true. I HAVE!
            Dumbass liar!

          • Blah blah blah blah blah blah the time you spent on your rant could disapproved at least half of the points, which you clearly can’t.
            Personally I know you can’t and won’t. I dare you, you are chicken. LOL


          • Bandara Carlos: Obviously, you don’t know ANYTHING! I have disproved a few of your points and you have disproved exactly zero of mine! The truth is, YOU CAN’T disprove ANY of the points I mentioned! You put NOTHING into your comments, but you challenge ME to do all the proving.

            You keep on blustering and challenging me, but the score is at least 6 to NOTHING, MY FAVOR! You haven’t brought any FACTS to this conversation because you can’t, without incriminating Hillary, so you ignorantly challenge me. The burden of PROOF is squarely on YOU, Idiot! You either bring some PROOF that my accusations are false, or I’m done playing your stupid liberal games. If brains were cotton, you wouldn’t even have enough to make a Kotex for a piss ant!

          • You really can’t challenge them can you? Did you notice that 80% of them was his own words documented from Donald John Trump own lips. When you cannot prove anything or you don’t know anything ,Republicans and you resort to personal foul and abusive attacks congratulations are now officially a Republican. LOL Loser.


          • Bandara Carlos: Again you PROVE only that you can’t PROVE anything concerning either Hillary or Trump! It doesn’t matter if 100% of those “statements” came from Trump’s mouth. Corrupt people edit his speeches and make it APPEAR that he says things that he didn’t! It’s a shame that Democrats have such a corrupt candidate that they have to resort to such dishonesty.

            I WOULD HAVE proved some things to you, if you had a brain, but you don’t. You continue to NOT give any FACTS or PROOF of anything, but you accuse me of not being able to prove anything. You’re an idiot! Seriously! I’m not just name calling, you really are an IDIOT!

            Yes, THANK GOD, I AM A REPUBLICAN, instead of a brainless traitor like YOU! There is NO need whatsoever for you to respond to me again. You never bring facts, proof or even a good debate! You’re worthless!

          • Grandpa
   Said”the worst thing is watching someone drowning, when all they
            need to do is stand up”. Stand up nitwit or you gonna drown!

            I give and you 176 reasons that Donald Trump should not be president. And you’ve written 4000 words and had not debunked one of them. Check with your boss Steve Bannon and see if you get a better way to go.

          • Interesting news today. Donald John Trump admitted today that Barack Obama was born in the United States. He begrudgingly tells the truth, Which immediately offended half of his most loyal supporters. LOL Now your candidate Trump is refuting and laughing at your rant also. You been played like a piano

          • I give and you 176 reasons that Donald Trump should not be president. And you’ve written 4000 words and had not debunked one of them. Check with your boss Steve Bannon and see if you get a better way to go. LOL

          • Bandara Carlos: You still don’t give one shred of truth or proof of anything and you deny the points that I HAVE already disproved. You truly have shit for brains! That kind of ignorance deserves to be blocked, and I believe I will! Dumbass Democrat!

          • Thank you you obviously couldn’t find one of the 176 truths that you could debunk. Probably more likely you didn’t listen to them. If you’ve lost the will of truth persuading you have lost everything. You’ll be surprised when the rest of the truth comes at and you voted against your own best interest.

          • Donald John Trump admitted he was today that Barack Obama was born in the United States. He begrudgingly tells the truth, Which immediately offended half of his most loyal supporters. LOL

            Now your candidate Trump is refuting and laughing at your rant also. You been played like a piano

          • Bandara Carlos: You’re just throwing bull crap onto the wall to see if any of it sticks! Cheating on wives isn’t very nice, but it ISN’T illegal! Trump can’t hold a candle to the lying that Hillary has done! There have been SEVERAL instances where there has been enough evidence to take Hillary to trial, but they haven’t! I guess threats of murder and ruination really ARE effective! Please provide PROOF of your claim of ANY rape charges against rump; especially of a 13 year old!

            Trump hasn’t been found guilty of the charges in the Trump University fiasco. He is INNOCENT until proven guilty!

            You talk about “family values” and say that our candidate is “laughable.” But you choose to not even recognize the MANY crimes that Hillary Clinton is guilty of. These charges you have stated against Trump are as NOTHING, when compared to the NUMBER and the GRAVITY of what Hillary is guilty of.

            When you even MENTION the 51 deaths that Hillary may very well have orchestrated, that should make it clear to anyone that Hillary is MUCH MORE CORRUPT than Trump will ever be. He has NO accusations of murder against him, has never abandoned people to die, exposed classified government documents to hackers or named any American spies, which caused their execution. Neither has Trump sold military weapons to ISIS!

          • It’s obvious where you get your news and it’s obvious you won’t believe anything I say so therefore I suggest you Google it.
            I have an interesting link own 176 reasons not to vote For Donald John Trump.


          • Bandara Carlos: Others have also thought they knew where I got my
            political news, but they were wrong, and I suspect that you are too!

            I followed the link you sent me about 176 reasons not to vote for Donald Trump,
            and I was very disappointed. It was moderated by Keith Olbermann, of whom
            Wikipedia says “During his time at MSNBC, Olbermann received attention for his
            pointed criticism of right-wing and conservative politicians and public figures. Though he has frequently been described as a “liberal”, he has resisted being labelled politically, stating, “I’m not a liberal. I’m an American.”

            Am I supposed to be surprised that such a person would say these things? Liars and others who are corrupt never want to be found out for what they really are; hence his
            denying that he’s a liberal. I couldn’t stomach what Olbermann was saying, TOTALLY WITHOUT ANY PROOF, but from among his first accusations, I have added MY comments below.

            1.) Olbermann said that Trump attacked the Pope: From a news site – “Thrusting himself into the combative 2016 presidential campaign, Pope Francis said Thursday that GOP front-runner Donald Trump ‘is not Christian’ if he calls for the deportation of undocumented immigrants and pledges to build a wall between the United States and Mexico.”

            If that’s a fact, the Pope is an idiot! He fired the FIRST shot and he supports those who break our law, by coming here ILLEGALLY! If they won’t stay out, we need to build a wall or something to keep them out. The Pope is also an idiot for even suggesting that it’s wrong of us to enforce our own laws, as protection from the many crimes and diseases that the illegals brought with them. We have a right to defend our own citizens!

            2.) Olbermann said that Trump attacked John McCain: From a news site – “The controversy exploded July 18 when Trump told an Iowa audience that McCain is ‘a war hero because he was captured’ and that Trump likes ‘people that weren’t captured.’ The Republican senator earlier had stoked the feud by telling the New Yorker magazine that Trump had ‘fired up the crazies’ at his July 11 rally in downtown

            It appears that McCain attacked Trump FIRST and that he was very disrespectful of Trump’s supporters! Had you ever heard of John McCain before he became famous for being a POW? That’s really all that Trump was saying! Even McCain should have agreed with him that he would prefer those who WEREN’T captured. McCain would have been elated if he HADN’T been captured. The news media made this a far bigger deal than it really was. (I’m a Vietnam veteran and I have read far too many accounts from McCain’s fellow POWs that McCain was a bird; one who flew to their captors and “sang” to them, what he had heard from the other POWs. They would have no reason to tell such things about a fellow POW, unless they were TRUE! Also, in his Senate capacity, I believe he is supposed to be in charge of getting benefits and other favorable things for veterans, but his work on behalf of veterans has yielded almost
            NOTHING! If he was really one of us, and really a hero, you would think he would work
            especially hard for us, but he HASN’T!)

            3.) Olbermann said that Trump attacked a Gold Star Family: From a news site – “They said the Republican presidential nominee’s suggestion that the Muslim mother of a U.S. soldier who died in Iraq had not ‘been allowed’ to speak at the Democratic National Convention was akin to ‘attacking us.’ “When you question a mother’s pain, by implying that her religion, not her grief, kept her from addressing an arena of people, you are attacking us.”

            I read elsewhere that all of this happened AFTER this family had attacked Trump FIRST, as guests of the DNC. It seems that they were only concerned with constructing a reason for them to be “offended,” which all Muslims seem to do. The mother was definitely silent, so I don’t think you can blame Trump for his perception that she wasn’t ALLOWED to speak, which is Muslim law, custom and tradition. In Trump’s defense, he said “Captain Khan, killed 12 years ago, was a hero, but this is about RADICAL ISLAMIC TERROR and the weakness of our “leaders” to eradicate it!” He was “taking care of business,” as any REAL candidate should be doing, but his words were taken completely out of context and they attempted to vilify Trump.

            4.) Olbermann said that Trump attacked Judge Gonzalo Curiel: From a news site – “Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for president, escalated his unprecedented verbal attacks on Federal District Judge Gonzalo Curiel on Thursday night. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal,Trump claimed the judge could
            not fairly preside over the Trump University cases because of Curiel’s “Mexican heritage.” (Curiel is from Indiana; his parents are Mexican immigrants.) ‘I’m building a wall, it’s an inherent conflict of interest,’ he added.”

            Trump is being very wise to challenge this judge. How many black people do you
            see every day who refer to themselves as “African-Americans”; even though almost NONE of them have ever been to Africa? Do you recall that Supreme Court Justice Sonia Maria Sotomayor, who referred to herself as a “wise Latina”? How many Irishmen (and a great number of others) celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by drinking themselves silly, in the name of supporting their heritage? (Even though none of them have ever been to Ireland) These are just proof that one’s HERITAGE … CAN influence their views. It doesn’t seem a far stretch for Trump to protest a judge of Mexican heritage from determining his guilt or innocence in the Trump University case. But if Trump had been a Democrat, you’d have thought that move to be “GENIUS!”

            5.) Olbermann said that Trump attacked a handicapped reporter: I’m just
            sending a link to this story, so you can watch the videos and determine
            for yourself –

            6.) Olbermann said that Trump attacked Elizabeth Warren: From news site – “Slamming Trump as ‘a small, insecure money grubber’ who would ‘crush you into the dirt,’ Warren sought to highlight sharp contrasts between the two parties’ presumptive presidential nominees.

            Warren said “Now, Donald Trump says he’ll make America great again … It’s
            stamped on the front of his ‘goofy hats,’ Warren said. ‘You want to see
            goofy? Look at him in that hat.’”

            It looks like here again; it
            was Warren who fired the FIRST shot! If people are going to take the
            liberty of name calling and making unfounded accusations against ANYONE,
            they need to be prepared for the repercussions. I think that’s where
            the saying “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” came
            from. No matter what you think of Trump, he has the same right to
            defend himself that anyone else has when they are attacked.

            You should be ashamed! If all 176 FALSE EXCUSES for not voting for
            are as “spectacular” as these, you wasted my time. The “heavy hitter”
            accusations usually lead the pack, so if that’s the best you have, you
            need to vote for TRUMP!

            Hillary Clinton Hasn’t Been Found Guilty in ANY OF
            Nine Republican Driven Investigations. She Is Innocent until Proven Guilty! Including All the Republican So-Called Dirty Tricks of the 90s That You Seem to Believe without Proof..
            My Religion Would Not Recognize Any of His Adulterous Marriages.
            Hillary Clinton What Actual Crimes Has She Ever Been Charged with? Put up or Shut up
            You Sound like One of Those White Nationalists or ALT Right Extremists but You Really Are Probably Trumper Paid Blogger.


          • Bandara Carlos: So Hillary is INNOCENT of everything she’s ever been accused of, but Trump is GUILTY of every stupid, nit-picking, 176 false reasons to not vote for Trump, lies that you can think up? If SHE’S innocent until proven guilty, so is Trump, whether you like it or not!

            Please remember that the police were never able to convict Al Capone of any gangster related crimes, even though they knew he was guilty, but they finally got him for tax evasion? Therefore, just because Hillary’s guilt hasn’t be proven yet, does NOT mean that she’s innocent. When there is that much corruption, a lot of things get covered up. “One dirty hand washes the other” so to speak. Hillary has an organization of corruption that is so deep and powerful, that it has so far been impossible to convict her of anything. This country was so much better when we were under the rule of law. Obama has changed this into a country in chaos. He doesn’t obey our laws and he orders others to not do their jobs of enforcing laws. We now have a lawless society, with the
            biggest transgressor being our own government! They have been “legislating” our freedoms away from us and they want to “legislate” our guns away from us. A government that serves its people, instead of oppressing them, doesn’t need to fear our guns, nor is there any reason for them to take away our rights!

            I have no idea what you’re talking about when you say “All the Republican So-Called Dirty Tricks of the 90s That You Seem to Believe without Proof..”
            Please be specific and allow me to refute those lies too! You accuse me of believing things without proof, but you really do believe a LOT OF THINGS WITHOUT PROOF!

            You say “My Religion Would Not Recognize Any of His Adulterous Marriages.”
            Well guess what little buckaroo! It doesn’t matter what YOUR religion will recognize! Trump obviously isn’t of YOUR religion!

            You said “You Sound like One of Those White Nationalists or ALT Right Extremists but You Really Are Probably Trumper Paid Blogger.” Ha! That’s a laugh! I am no writer of any kind and I have most certainly never been paid for anything I’ve written. As I have told you, I’m just a plain old Vietnam veteran who still loves my country and I don’t want to see it be ruined by these corrupt politicians from EITHER party!

            Oh boy! It’s getting serious now! You said “What Actual Crimes Has She Ever Been Charged with? And then you make the mistake of saying “Put up or Shut Up! I
            could tell you the same thing, but then I’d never hear from you again.

            Here’s a link to get youstarted:


          • No, I just call them either “stupid” or “traitors” to the country.

          • Please don’t be smarter than an average bear. Join me and vote for Hillary on November 8 at 9 am.


          • The only votes that Hillary should ever get is from a jury, and that vote should be one of GUILTY of various FELONIES.

          • When God passed out brains, you must have thought he said trains and said I’ll wait for for next one. Trump rallies are much larger and with people of all races who are fed up with our do nothing government and one sided bias for special Interest. Why does Hillary attract the young college students and first time college voters? Many are book smart but completely ignorant about how our government was set up, why, and they know very little about the Constitution that guarantees them the rights they have enjoyed all their life. They listen to Hillary’s lies and don’t care enough to learn the real truth She represents giving them a free ride. Wrong should carry a penality and we are a nation of laws—Hopefully that will finally catch up to Hillary. She will have to answer for misleading the people, for supporting abortion, and gay marriage—-Perhaps in the not too for future with her health failing her.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            heres your racist

          • It would appear then that only useful idiot would vote for Hillary !

          • Didn’t you learn ANYTHING,from your two DISASTROUS votes the last time
            yet you STILL continue to be STUPID

          • Scientific studies have revealed that being so stupid that you would have voted for Obumhole and are now going to vote for Hildebeast is transferred onto your DNA. This phenomenon has continued for the past fifty years and is hereditary. Thus the current crop of idiots are the offspring of earlier (shall I say premordial?) generations. These same morons will pass their stupidity on to their children and only a cerebral procedure using a “roto rooter-like” device can separate them from the sub-human species. Sadly, with the loss of 80 percent of their brain matter, they will be forced to teach in liberal colleges and universities where they will impart experiences from whats left of their trephined brain.

          • Maybe 3 people of each nationality . There no way Trump could do the damage that Killery and Obama has done. Just because the Lame Stream Media says something dose not make it true. Who poll are reporting on the uneducated racist,bigot,toothless people,sexist,primitive people (I didn’t know they were in existence ) You have got to be talking about the people that Killery and George Soros paid 15.00 a hr. to fill the seat at the Dem. Convention . After she screw over Bernie Sander delegate . I read a lot of post from Mr. Donald J Trump supporters . They sure are more inform an more educated on what going on in America . Then Killery.

          • pmbalele: Judging from your posting, you obviously belong in the group that is uneducated! I’d bet you got the two groups confused. You always twist Trump’s words so it SOUNDS like he’s being racist, but those are actually YOUR words, so YOU are the one who is RACIST! The same goes for you calling him a bigot, sexist and primitive. What do you have against toothless people? I don’t think that has anything to do with their intelligence or whether they get to vote. Obama has done more dividing of different groups in this country than anybody else in our history, and HILLARY is the one who says that, if elected, she will continue many of Obama’s policies. She will be Divider 2.0! As a country, we were much more tolerant and accepting of each other, before Obama came around! He has intentionally divided everyone. He doesn’t want us to be integrated and happy. He want’s to bring out the hatred in everyone.

            Clinton rallies REALLY ARE HATEFUL! They kept police officers out of their convention and BANNED AMERICAN FLAGS, except for one photo-op. They’re even deceitful in the pictures they take at her rallies. The crowd is so small that they have to crowd everybody into a small area and move the furniture in to make it look like there was a BIG crowd. She’s becoming pathetic and desperate. It’s a real shame that more of you idiots can’t see what she’s up to.

          • I recently discovered that the “PM’ of alele stands for “Post Mort”. It’s brain ceased to exist years ago but it’s personality kept people from caring, so it was ignored.

          • The most stupid, uneducated racist, bigot, toothless person is still superior to the bottom feeding sewer rats like you “Post Mort”. Please take an overdose and save your suffering.

          • Well, that is your opinion. Were you one of those morons who were picketing against Obamacare in 2009 in DC? I went there and mixed with them. Maaan; some were stinking of sweat. One collapsed and was rushed to ER. I asked them how they were paying for board and food. You what they told me – thinking I was part of them? Insurance companies were bringing them by bus-loads. Those people were racists and dumb to be given peanuts by insurance CEOs. That is what is happening with Trump rallies. People loyal to racists and bigots are brought in bus-loads and are fed free. Who is working then – the illegals for which Trump wants to ship out. So watch out with your candidate. Trump is selling USA to Russian Putin.

          • Apparently it’s more than my opinion, Post Mort. You might try counting the number who seem to think you belong in a cess pool. Try to remember, your virgin queen, Hildy, Wicked Witch of DC, labeled us “deplorable” so I can live up that slur with dignity. If I am racist, Bammie gets the credit. My colleagues, companions, and close friends are from an array of racial backgrounds, so what? We don’t make a national whining protest out of it. You, on the other hand, are worse by far than deplorable, you are incorrigible and culpable. That is a most horrible slur, but you earned it. And, that is NOT what is happening in Trump rallies, bumpkin. That’s what you perceive through your jaundiced, biased perception to be happening. Because that’s what you want to be happening. Your queen may very well die on you before November, leaving the dung beetle party in endangered mode, all the better for the US. We may be able to regain some of the dignity your erstwhile muslim sympathizer has destroyed. I will give you this much; you are polishing your lying techniques to the point Hildy would be envious of.

          • My what – My Queen? Hillary is my Angel. The Clintons have a heart of a pure American. This is the same as the Obamas. The Obamas see Americans as Americans – no labels. Trump calls us “My Black friends.” We are not animals. We are regular Americans, only dark skin and loving it. We are as smart as you and your bigot friends. Please join me and vote for this Angel -Hillary. Thanks for responding.

          • Actually she’s the carpetbagging witch from the Midwest !

          • Tough and loving???? Boy am I glad you are not my mom!!! ICK!!

          • You are one sick SOB.!!!! if she is elected which I doubt, I hope she sticks it so far up your a** you never get over it.!!!

          • Well sorry to say but killary has fucked around as much as bill and there are rumors that their daughter is not bills so get over your BS . Has trump ever got a child molester off and then bragged about how she did it. She so crooked you won’t do live debates. How can someone in her plase in our gov keep getting away with lies. Simple money

          • Are you just stupid or what ?

          • You better taking the stuff the commissars are giving you. While it dose act as a strong hallucinogen it’s horse tranquilizer and will kill you, comrade.

          • We don’t want you anywhere around us you low life liberal dem bloodsucking parasite, we want to elect trump then watch you starve when we take your handouts.

          • So you will stick with your wife no matter what? What if you get a job in Saudi Arabia and she refuses to go with you? The Bible allows divorce when one partner abandons the other, as my first ex wife did when I got a job in Germany of indeterminate duration. My second wife abandoned me for a 12 year younger man who, as it turned out, is an alcoholic. I never wanted to divorce, but sometimes life forces things on you.
            If you find Hillary so attractive, I suggest that you go live in Venezuela or Zimbabwe for a couple of years to see how socialism really is, because these countries are now where her and Obama’s policies and vision are taking us. I might mention that she is a liar and a thief, but that doesn’t seem to disqualify her.

          • So righteous! Judge not lest yeeeeee be judged.

          • Yeah! and the psychotic liars diaper was so full the other day she fell and all of the queen people (LGBT) LAUGHED.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1


          • Hillary love no one only Power and Greed. You really need to read more. Find the truth about you darling Killery

          • what a brain wash ignorant fool u r …Hillary has had 35 years of Government corruption & making millions off of it & why should she get a pass , because she’s a Clinton . Vote Trump 2016 so we can get all the crooks out of the W/H.

          • You hate people who divorce? So you must hate 40-50% of the human race, including all the liberal movie stars who’ve divorced. & considering that Bill Clinton has cheated on Hillary numerous times, the fact that Hillary stays with him proves that she’s an idiot. As for rich people not wanting to give their money to a wasteful, greedy US government, the rich keeping their money is NOT why we have deficits. We have deficits because the US government SPENDS TOO MUCH. Do you know that the rich pay 60% of the US taxes? Maybe there should be no such thing as being rich. Then who would you & the rest of the liberals blame? FYI no one cares about Trump’s marriages any more than they cared about Bill Clintons numerous affairs. Anyone who would pounce on Trumps marriages while ignoring Hillary’s serial womanizing husband is a hypocrite.

          • What are you one of her middle eastern contributors? You seem to have a bit of difficulty with English. ie “Vote for Hillary and I will be there to help you is you too old to walk.”

          • You are cracked

          • Talking about men hunting women in their office. Have you ever heard of a man named bill clinton?

          • You do not have proof for that. Just innuendos by Repubs and TPs who themselves are cheaters.

          • Okay pmbalele. What rock did you climb out from under? If you’re so hot on Marriages and no divorces, what about babies that are conceived in those marriages and the wife decides she doesn’t WANT YOUR BABY and goes to Planned Parenthood and aborts your beautiful healthy baby boy? After the procedure, your wife walks away with an evil smile on her face, while the technicians at Planned Parenthood start dissecting your perfect little boy so they can sell his parts to the highest bidder. How does that make you feel? Sick inside? Twisted inside, right? Well, you are supporting a woman who gives her complete support to Planned Parenthood, EVEN THOUGH SHE KNOWS THOSE BABIES, THOSE PERFECT HEALTHY BABIES, ARE BEING CUT UP INTO LITTLE PIECES AND SOLD TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER. Hillary totally supports Planned Parenthood and the dissecting of tiny babies souls for profit. She has stated that publicly.

            Also, you support a woman who would allow her very own husband to have extra marital affairs with other women while she was close by. Now what is wrong with that picture pmbalele? Everything IF YOU ARE TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT HOW IMPORTANT MARRIAGES ARE TO YOU. I’m beginning to see that you are lying just like hillary does every day of her life.

            IF YOU VALUED MARRIAGE SO MUCH, YOU WOULD *** NOT***SUPPORT HILLARY BECAUSE SHE DOESN’T HAVE A MARRIAGE, BUT A “CONVENIENCE” WHERE SLICK WILLEY CAN GO MATE WITH ANY OTHER WOMEN HE WANTS AND HILLARY LOOKS THE OTHER WAY! No person who values “Marriage” would ever support a woman who allows her husband to screw other women and then attacks the other women like they were the culprits, not her husband. Would YOU allow your wife to screw any other man, then attack the man for causing the infidelity? YOU would be wrong! Your wife would be the adulterer. The man would be guilty, but she broke your vows. The women in Slick Willey’s life were guilty, but he was the adulterer…he broke his vow to Hillary.

            I wouldn’t blame him. Killary lacks empathy (she feels nothing inside about any other human being hurt — including those tiny defenseless babies or the children in the Middle East that were caught in the battles and died) and her Soul is “dead” inside. How else would she be able to make actions that hurt or maim or kill without her conscience screaming at her? She is NON-EMOTIVE, lacks feelings, and the only place she should be is on a psychiatrist’s couch to find out why? NOT in our White House making decisions that affect us all, including those tiny slaughtered babies.

            You need to do some introspection pmbalele. You know nothing about killary and are condemning Trump for having several wives. At least he was decent enough to end the relationship before starting another, unlike Hillary who must get her jollies watching Slick Willey’s escapades…a voyeur…sick, sick, sick. Don’t let her “DARKNESS” slime over you, because it will, and it can.

          • I am Catholic and therefore hate Repubs and TPs because, like you encourage other to divorce. Now we are told Trump regrets for divorcing his first and 2nd wives.

          • Just because you are a Catholic and don’t believe in divorce, that shouldn’t make you stupid. You are a foolish stupid because you claim to hold marriage as sacred yet you support the woman WHO SUPPIRTS KILLING TINY FULLY FORMED BABIES! You are a danger to the human race and to America because you live a double standard — hate people who get divorced (my spouses family is all Catholic and two of his sisters are divorced and remarried). In fact in this day and age, the percentage of those still married to the same partner is astoundingly smaller than those who’ve divorced. No one stays married to an abusive spouse – you get rid of them out of your life! God knows we are fallible and human, He knows we make mistakes…and He forgives us because we are His children. If you don’t know that then you truly do NOT know God.
            But I digress. You have list your Soul because you folliw a person covered in darkness, who lives on the dark side of life and manipulates people and actions to do her will…not to benefit the people but to benefit herself. HERSELF!
            If you are going to show people you love God, then STOP SUPPORTING THE DAUGHTER OF THE DEVIL! God sees what’s in your heart and knows you are obedient to His word, but when He sees you supporting a “Person of Darkness”, God is concerned for your Soul. You may think hillary is a good person and wants to help yoy, but it’s a lie. She eats people like you for breakfast…you are an easy catch because you do not think and Libs like their followers stupid as dirt. Do you fit? Absolutely!

            Betwern hillary and Trump, hillary condones infantacide, allowing Americans to be killed, and allows her husband to break his vows of marriage every time he has sex with another woman — which is multiple times in a month.
            Trump married 3 different women snd feels badly abt divorcing them. Trump is a normal man with much business success and expertise. Hillary has little to nothing she’s accomplished as Sec of State, allowed 4 very brave patriotic men to die in Benghazi and stated “What difference does it make now” when questioned abt their brutal deaths. She supports publicly the abortion (KILLING OF BABIES) AND THE SLICING AND DICING OF ALIVE BABIES TO SELL THEIR BODY PARTS TO THE HIGHIST BIDDER — ALL THINGS THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IS AGAINST. So if you think being upset because Trump got married 3 times is enough to not vote for him and you support the women who is a killer of American Seals and Ambassador, plus the MILLIONS of tiny alive babies being butchered for their parts, well you are an even bigger hypocrite and idiot and will suffer God’s own punishments throughout your life beginning in 2017. God does NOT LIKE HYPOCRITES AND THEY ARE NOT WELCOMED IN HEAVEN! AMEN. No Catholic church can help you with that unless you cleanse your Soul from all the darkness you’ve allowed to possess you


          • I cannot imagine you support Trump a friend of Putin. Putin is still struggling to feed his people. Bread there is $5.00 and there are always lines just to buy bread. Now Trump budding with Putin. No. I am sorry Trump is done for praising Putin. No doubt Trump’s daughter and Putin are girlfriends. So this rubbed on Trump. We cannot trust Trump being a friend to Putin. Putin wants war with US; we are ready to fight back. Please do not vote for Trump. He may be selling USA to Russia.

          • Where di ypu get your crazy info abt Trump? Who are you listening to? Because your info is nothing but liberal make believe statements to try to derail Trump — THE LIBERAL’S GREATEST FEAR IS TRUMP WINNING THE PRESIDENCY. ..AND HE WILL WIN! All your insane (because the libs only tell lies and DO NOT KNOW FACTS because facts scare them) dribble abt Trump is just dribble nothing else.
            Here pmbalele, let me stop you from wasting your time. NONE OF THE CRAP YOU KEEP SPEWING ABT TRUMP IS TRUE AND EVERY CONSERVATIVE SUPPIRTING TRUMP KNOWS IT. THEY ARE LAUGHING HILARIOUSLY AT YOU. YOU, PMBALELE, WILL NEVER PULL ONE SUPPORTER AWAY FROM TRUMP BECAUSE HE IS A TELLER OF TRUTH. YOU ARE A TELLER OF LIES. Every time you pretend to beg and plead everyone to not vote for Trump, another 200 democrats, libertarians, undecideds etc swing their votes to Trump. Another 500 voters sign up with Trump. And every time killary feigns a headache ir pretends to faint like recently, another 1000 voters switch to Trump and he doesn’t have to do a thing! Trump will win the Presidency because the Fates don’t like killary…period. She is destined to L-O-S-E and she will!
            Back to you pmbalele. You AREN’T WHI YOU PRETEND TO BE BUT AN IMPOSTER! No Catholic would follow a known supporter of butchering babies…No Catholic would di that. So here’s the first lie! Also you keep pushing marriage to one person which shows you aren’t even married but are just pretendung that is important…you also probably have been married at least 4 times. So everything you pretend to be is nothing but a hoax, pretend, fraud and no one on this website wants to deal with a liar like YOU. So I’m telling them exactly how to block your lying arse. Soon you will only be bligging with your patheticly ugly self! Toodles lying liberal fraud! Go to where the rest of the lying morons go!

          • Actually, taking into your account comments, you just hate Republicans no matter how bad your side is.

          • You may be right. Just imagine the Repubs and TPs at FoxNews. They were telling us Blacks not to cheat on our wives and girlfriends because they were preaching family values. Family values – when they were Roger Ailes, Bill O’rielly and other were preying on office women. These people were married and were bragging as Family values males. This makes sick to my stomach. Please do me a favor – vote for Hillary..

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            Hillary’s nose gets bigger then her Liberal lying face hahahhahahahaha

          • Knitting and embroidery takes more skill that that person has or could master in a lifetime.

          • pmbalele: If that’s lying, Trump has a LOT of company. Everybody goes into a marriage being hopeful that things will be heavenly, but it doesn’t always turn out that way. At a certain point, we just have to cut our losses and go on with life. The fault is never just of one person. Both share the burden of a failed marriage.

            You throw a lot of conjecture into your mini-rant, but it’s just fiction.

            Comparing Trump to Hillary, He has NEVER done anything that is half as bad as she has! Get a life!

          • He’s a Democrap, they don’t have a life, unless it is a life of lies and Innuendo.!!!

          • You should get a job writing shit for Hilliary Rotten Clinton to spout in her five day a week campaign appearances. You are either totally ignorant or on her payroll already.

          • Wow, so much stupid in that comment it speaks for itself!

          • Come on get real. Go back to Hollywood!

          • Too bad you don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground. Much or maybe most of the money held in accounts overseas is money earned overseas and by corporations. No different than a French Corporation, it is not taxed by the US. US Citizens are the only citizens in the world who are taxed on money they earn in foreign countries, so an individual who has money in an overseas account is taxed on that money just as if it were in a US account. Your ignorance is just why you vote Demoncratic. Anyone with any sense at all who isn’t looking for something for nothing won’t vote for them.
            Incidentally, your SEXIST views are showing! “3rd wife who is already wrinkled” eh? Those who scream loudest about SEXISM and RACISM are usually the ones who are the most guilty of the things they decry.

          • This is about the dumbest post I have ever read. If it were not so funny it would be pathetic. The last time I read about Hillary’s wealth it was in the $140 million range and all gotten through her criminal Clinton Foundation pay for play. You talk about wrinkles??? Hillary has so much makeup on they use a trowel to apply it. I have no idea what a bomboomb from Europe is, but if that’s what you call Trump’s wife, it must not be too bad. Rich people pay more than 3/4 of America’s taxes. Do you pay tax? Do you take any deductions? If so, why? Hillary and Bill are in a marriage of convenience, a business deal. Bill has raped women, and abused them. Hillary knows it, but can’t break such a good business deal. At last count there are about 49 people who have died under mysterious circumstances who had dealings with the Clintons. Hillary has lied over and over under oath. That’s a criminal offense. She and Bill stole furniture, computers and other valuables and trashed the White House when they left at the end of Bill’s term. Bill goes to an Island to visit a friend who keeps underage girls there. But I guess he’s just visiting. Is this who you want running our country? If it is, you are no better than they are.

          • Trump recently called American women as “Fat.” “Pigs” “Dogs” “Disgusting animals” and “ugly”. That is why Trump is now considering going back to Europe for a new woman. I am surprised you still want to vote for Trump an egocentric. Trump does not care about you. Now he is budding with Russian Putin. Please join me and vote for Hillary on November 8 at 9 am.

          • Cite your source that Trump is going to Europe to find another wife. That’s the stupidest thing I have ever heard. The Kings of Egotists are Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. You are certainly no practicing Catholic if you approve of abortion, lying, murder, stealing deceiving the American people. You are really nuts.

          • Another full of shitter, You REALLY STINK this place up, go wipe your ass fool!

          • you noticed that pmbalele conveniently left out slick willies name, it’s amazing how stupid people can be, slick willie is a sexual predator, and the bitch hitlery covered up for him. Trump is an honest man in a pool full of scumbag liars, they only have: Trump hasn’t shown his taxes mantra that they keep bringing up, it’s never about hitlery’s emails and the hundreds of lies shes told for the last 30+ years that she’s been in politics.

          • Boy you Lib. Democraps are sure desperate. get a life !!!

          • How pathetic can you get to try to use divorce as an excuse to call Mr, Trump a liar like you hero Hillary . Dumb in the extreme. Do you even have a shred of common sense in your head? Don’t you realize how many people in the world are divorced and how those divorces don’t have a thing to do with lies or whatever. It isn’t about lie. Divorce is about (relationships.) Grow up or shut up. As for your asinine statement that “rich people are not paying taxs”-bla-bla etc., Listen up and open your blinded eyes and look at the Clinton’s and every Democrat politician now. Look at every one of the people that have literally billions of dollars that they got by using other people instead of earning it like Mr. Trump and many others have earned theirs – with work, sweat, and honest behavior. You are a complete moron. Not a partial moron. A complete moron.

          • Just what kind of drugs are you on ???

            If that is the best you commie useful idiots can do Trump will be ried up for the next 8 years.

          • Hillary is a disciple of Lucifer…

          • Do you trust Trump a divorcee and a polygamist? i do not. That why every time he opens his mouth his words later haunt him. Recently he praised Russian Putin as a good man the same guy was about to bomb our ships. Trump recently called American women as “Fat.” “Pigs” “Dogs” “Disgusting animals” and “ugly”. You also know he wants to build an electric wall to kill all Latino kids trying to enter this country to escape being sold by human traffickers. And here you are planning to vote for Trump. You must be sick in your head. Please vote for Hillary – she is one of us.

          • I trust Trump more than I do a murderess, a proven liar, a traitor and a tramp. At least Trump speaks the truth whereas Hillary doesn’t even know the meaning of the word.

          • Y — ..- / A. .-. . / o. -. . / D ..- — -… / m — – …. . .-. / F ..- -.-. -.- . .-.

          • Me thinks Mr. Pin-ball, you should leave that part-time job racking up bowling pins in the bowling alley where you work. Or, at least take your head away from the pins once you’ve set them up. Thus to prevent bowling balls from striking your head causing further brain damage.

          • I’ve survived multiple divorses. Divorse is a shame and a sin; but not a crime. 70 % of all marriages will end in divorse; perhaps even yours. Hillary is a traitor and criminal; and anyone who would vote for her is not much better.

          • You must be one of those who adore Sharia law. Under Sharia law only males can initiate divorces – not women. Now I know why you support Trump who is divorced 2 times but allowing his ex-wives in his house as ex-wives. So whenever he wants them he can have them any time.

          • You are completely wrong.
            End of discussion

          • Hey cretin there you are again you cretin you can’t stay on subject for one whole post suicide is the only answer for you liberal dem bloodsucking parasite.

          • Did you really read just what you wrote. Do you realize that there are more rich Democraps that GOP. Just because someone gets a divorce, you think that makes them a bad person. Are you happy with the Mexican and Muslim invasion. Are you happy that your brain damaged canidate wants to continue allowing these millions if illegals to come in, give then all the welfare and free education that they want and YOU the tax payer will foot this bill. Your insurance under Obama care will be going up 51% in jan 2017. Does this make you happy to support someone who is going to continue this and maybe take 25% to 50% of your Social Security to give to the old illegals who have never paid a penny into the system, but will take out millions during their lifetimes. Clara, I think you had better wake up while you still can as Hellery is coming to take from you and give to her illegal supporters.

          • AT LEAST HE MARRIED THEM AND IT SEEMS THAT THEY ARE ALL STILL FRIENDS. Slick willie molested, fondled, raped how many. And killary couldn’t get the job done but monica did.

          • At least he married them? Do you what you promise to God when get married – Forever love and no cheating. They are not still friends. Look at Trump’s sons and daughters. They fear their father because of his current wive. You know step mothers always abuse your kids.

          • And all of the Clintons are crooked, lying retards. You didn’t say anything about slick willie and his dangling participle. At least the TRUMP children have made something of themselves and are successful. Chelsea could only get a job at NBC for $750K and appeared one time in the same way as her crooked parents so the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Trump family made something of themselves–by the way the psychotic lying leech and slick willie are in more deep shit but the big ball is about to drop in October. Can’t wait!

          • How can you expect a polygamist, Trump, to think right. Just imagine Ghadafi who had 3 wives and 8 virgins as body-guards. That is what Trump wants in his life -as many foreign born women as possible. No American woman would put up with his life-style. Are you sure you want to vote for a polygamist? Then you voted for Romney. Make your life easy – vote for Hillary.

          • Fnny how you haven’t commented on the POS slick willie that rapes and molests….you’re just a fucking troll for that pussy licker.

          • Would you believe my state courts are full of cases of divorcing Repubs and TPs? These divorcing Repubs and TPs are the ones blaming Blacks for having one-parent families when the same TPs and Repubs are tying up courts with TPs and Repubs who want to divorce their wives. That is why I hate Repubs and TPs. They are hypocrites, racists, liars, cheaters, sexists, women mongers and primitive living in an advanced country. Please join me and vote for Hillary. I just want to see how Repubs and TPs in Congress squirm after Hillary is sworn in as President. She won’t take crap from these morons. I cannot wait!

          • You sound like either a bitter crunt who couldn’t hold her man or a bitter man whose crunt divorced him.

          • PostMort, there you go again, using your own inadequacies and fails to fantasize the behavior of important people. Not just a stupid ass, you are a bloviating, lying, pile of puppy poop who manufactures facts to help balance your bigotry and hatred. You belong in the democrat hall of shame, along with Hildy, Bammie, and the rest of the imposters.

          • He got two divorces!!! If Hilary weren’t riding Bill’s coat tails for power, she certainly would have divorced Bill; serial cheater, womanizer and possible rapist. I really don’t care about his divorces. What was it he said, “that depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is”.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            Stick dat nose up you’re Liberal ASS!!! You Moron!

          • just where do you think fat, ugly, corrupt, lying, cheating, murderous hilldebeast keeps her billions. You can bet it isn’t in the USA. Her foundation is not even a USA foundation. Money goes through Canada, A vote for the LYING beast is a vote for continuing corruption.

          • Hillary is a professional liar and traitor to the United States!
            Trump could lie like that if he tried !

          • Then Trump is a pathological liar. Trump lied his first and second wife that they would live for ever. Then Trump started having affairs with other women. That is why he was dumped. Please dump Trump; Vote for Hillary.

          • Trump 2016 all the way for me!
            Hillary lied and four people died in Benghazi,.
            She bald-faced lie to the families of two of those men who died! Those lies at the very least are widely known worldwide which kills her credibility on the world stage that’s so volatile that to trust her is stupidly dangerous !
            She is a world-class liar.
            Trump on the other hand to use your analogy has ex-wives that benefited by the millions of dollars and didn’t lose their lives !
            So why don’t you please wake up !

          • What is wrong with you? Are you still listening to FoxNews which is dying a happy death. These were inventors of Benghazi and email so called scandals. FoxNews is now dead. Please join me and vote for Hillary.

          • I listened to the interviews online by the parents of two of dead men that were killed at the compound in Benghazi who said that Hillary bald-faced lied to them and told them that the attack and subsequent murders were because of a movie, I listened to Susan Rice who works for the administration several days later go on the Sunday morning talk show rounds of Meet the Press, and This Week with George Stephanopoulos where she also made the claims of it being a movie that instigated the attack.
            I also listened to the interview of the Saudi prince who was told the truth about it being a terrorist attack by Hillary herself, as well as the text messages that were made public of Hillary telling her daughter Chelsea that it was a terrorist attack.
            Hillary herself did all the lying within a 12 hour time span.
            It’s unfortunate that you’ve been duped by the Democrats and the Clintons since the proof of her lies are in her own words and texts contradicting each other are public knowledge !
            Hillary’s pathological lying makes her untrustworthy on the domestic and foreign stage.
            The United States is been deemed week by our adversaries
            since Obama took Office !
            I do not want to continue that weakness that only emboldens our enemies !
            Her policies of wanting to continue to bring in tens of thousands of unvetted muslims from terrorist countries
            that Isis has already publicly told us they will infiltrate
            with more terrorists to perform more terrorist acts like we had here in San Bernardino is insanity !!
            Presuming you’re not insane, you must support terrorism !

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            Crooked lying sick perverted Liberal low energy Hillary will lose this election!!!

          • Why don’t you do research before you post. If anyone would vote for Hilary Rotton Clinton .Is as corrupt as she is . And care nothing about the USA or the American people. When you live in a glass house be careful the stone you throw .

          • What? Vote for a promoter of the holocaust against the babies, for one who has aided and abetted the Islamic enemy? Give us a break, already. We already know that Trump isn’t perfect, but he’s a d**n sight better choice that Bonnie-&-Clyde-on-steroids Clinton being back in the White House! If you-all succeed in putting Crooked HilLIARy in the Oval Office, may your blessing be on your own head!

          • uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuw that’s like comparing a stolen kiss at a sweet sixteen party to a BJ in the oval office.

          • Why would anyone even think about voting for hillary? She believes in killing babies and importing criminals

          • Watch your language. Please join me to vote for Hillary on November 8 at 9 am.

          • She does believe in killing babies and importing criminals. That is accurate. just because you have your head buried in kitty litter doesn’t mean it’s not true

          • Would you believe state courts are full of cases of divorcing Repubs and TPs? They are following their leader Trump. Trump finds divorcing ad a hobby and fun. Trump does not care how divorces affect children. You know it feels to be raised by step-mother or step-father. Watch Forensic Files. These divorcing Repubs and TPs are the ones blaming Blacks for having one-parent families when the same TPs and Repubs are tying up courts with TPs and Repubs who want to divorce their wives. That is why I hate Repubs and TPs. They are hypocrites, racists, liars, cheaters, sexists, women mongers and primitive living in an advanced country. Please join me and vote for Hillary. I just want to see how Repubs and TPs in Congress squirm after Hillary is sworn in as President. She won’t take crap from these morons. I cannot wait!

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            shes guilty as HELL!

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            Hillary is a liar and a fraud!!!!

          • Please behind you and you will find you’re not perfect either. Please join me and vote for Hillary. You can avoid heart attack that way.

          • Is that all you got. Some women are after only three things and thats money, money, money. When they can’t get it guess what. They cut their losses and sue for what they can get. Try again. And by the way, I wish my wife looked like that wrinkled old gal.

          • Get off your soap wagon…no one cares about Trump’s relationships BUT YOU. Get over it! Americans are NOT going to ever vote for a lying manipulative bitch of a woman just because Trump likes women. We don’t want him to manage or fix our marriages or relationships DUDE, we want him to FIX this nation and kick every lying liberal’s arse over into Mexico, far far away from our lives…that means YOU!! So get off your stupid pathetic soap wagon and go get a job. You don’t stand a chance in Hell of changing any Conservative’s mind about Trump. In fact, you’ve just added 150 more supporters to Trump’s voting database. Keep up the great work! The more you condemn, the more people flock to Trump…so just keep on flapping those jaws…look there’s another 300 voters!

            Check out mesaman’s comments…great idea. Knitting would do wonders for your imbecilic mind!

          • I am sorry you maybe a candidate to Hell if you are voting for Trump because you want to have as many women as Trump. Okay, since Trump is planning another wife-searching for the present one is wrinkled, then accompany him to Europe. Presidents should be role models. See the Obamas and Clintons. They are together and they are beautiful too.

          • Where did you get that ptrash abt Trump getting another wife? Out of the Enquirer, the trash rag for liberal American fits a k itcherm ng/

          • I have been concerned too. And Marco Rubio was right. Trump acts like a young girl or Jihad. I believe I have told you I am concerned about how Trump uses his hands. Usually leaders of Jihads and girls have such inflections with hands. Men in this Country never inflect their hands like he does. I believe Trump hand inflections is a result of having too many women around him. Too many foreign born women around tend to influence men to behave like themselves. Look, how defensive he is. Trump whined that GOP nomination was rigged. He cried so many times that I called his manager to stop him from whining. Now he is whining the November elections are already rigged against him. He is not telling us who has rigged the election of November 8 which is in preparation now around the country. I have nothing against Trump, but I believe he is too immature because of too many women around him. He should wait another 8 years to bid for the WH job again. Now it is Hillary’s turn to be the Commander-in Chief. Please vote for Hillary.

          • Bill had sex with how many women while being married. That’s the problem with dems, when they do something morally wrong they are just dems but when a Republican does wrong they are a hypocrite because we strive to be better but being human we fail and must try again.

          • Repubs and TPs make me sick. All this time they were stopping buses carrying Latino kids from S. America. Trump heard these protesters and pegged his campaign on that – build an electric wall to kill illegals and get rid of illegals Mexicans from this country. The same Repubs and TPs blamed Trump for harshness to get all illegals. We do not know where Trump and his supporters really stand. We better vote for Hillary.

          • Haha well now you can be sick for the next 4 YEARS. Have fun.

          • Did you hear this – Repubs and TPs are not coming out to congratulate Trump for winning the most powerful position in the world. Are they ashamed that Trump wants to do exactly what they have been badgering President Obama for the last 8 years? Shame on Repubs and so called conservatives not to come out and party with us Democrats for Trump win. Some Repubs and TPs cried not for joy but for Trump winning. They are bitter; but I do not know for what. Repub and TP leaders are vying to fight Trump the first day in office. Let’s wish Trump success dealing with those morons in Congress and Senate. If they give Trump problems, I will allow him fire them all.

          • Funny, you whiners have been crying nonstop since the 9th, so don’t try and feign celebration at getting your as $es handed to you. It really is just pathetic.

          • Well it sounds like you came around to the only side that will keep America strong. Glad you did. We all thank you for helping us vote Trump into office.

          • Do you really think we give a rat’s fart what you think you poor pathetic loser. You make it difficult for us to be polite winners when you and your comrade pals are such tragic, infantile losers.

          • Thanks, please go to bed and call me in February next year and tell me how you feel. Congrats

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1


          • How much are the tickets to the circus going on in
            your head ?
            If what you said was reality, He would only have to take Bill Clinton since he knows all the brothels in Europe as well as the United States for that matter !
            You can ask Hillary, she even knows because she suggested some of them !

          • you are so would vote for a slug that lets her hubby screw any woman that will do it with him and if they dont he rapes them. ,,,,you need a mental adjustment,, or do you envy Slick willie ??

          • Hi! Little girl – did you read this: “The census report found that median household income climbed 5.2 percent last year, the biggest single-year gain since the government began tracking the data in 1962.” That is why I am seeing a lot of people eating is restaurants and giving big tips; people are also driving big American Brand cars and SUVs. In fact, why should drive a Toyota when I can have a Big Lincoln Navigator. Gas is cheap $1.69. a gal in my hometown. Make your life easier-Join Hillary camp.

          • You’ll get to answer for those and I’m sure many other opinions you hold on your day of reckoning. Good Luck with that

          • You are so right and anyone backing the agenda of the democratic party can not be a Christian. Women,s rights (baby killing) should only be a woman’s rights if her own life is in danger. Mixed marriages, gay rights, and other acts that are not moral and that go against the teachings of God’s Holy Word, makes you by supporting such actions, a supporter of Satan. God is a jealous God and you can not serve Satan and God.

          • I totally agree with you

          • My compliments. They brought the drugs in through Mena, Arkansas and Vince Foster knew the details

          • Don’t think I could’ve said it any better

          • Clara, Larry Nichols,a whistleblower and empoyee of Bill and Hill in the nineties, confirmed that fact that Hill flew on a monthly basis with Linda Bloodworth Thompson to her coven in California for meetings and was a practicing black witch, and her involvement in a methodist Church was something from her parent’s family tradition, but no real connection. She killed the first three boys she conceived, in abortions and would have done in Chelsea, when a friend in politics convinced her that a child would make her political marriage to Bill look more conventional.

          • Clara, pmbalele is NOT a real person just an antagonist to cause friction. You can Block him or any other piece of meat harassing you by clicking on the down arrow next to his name and then clicking on Block in the drop down menu. He’s history!

            What you say abt the lying Dragon Queen is absolutely right and don’t let any of killery’s snakes try to convince you any differently. Evil says only lies, while goodness says truths…they can’t stand the truths because it burns their Souls…if they still have anything left of it.
            Block the suckers. Soon they will be blogging just to each other!!!

          • pmbalele is such an obvious ‘useful idiot’ that I just keep him around for laughs

          • Have at him/her! Whatever’s your pleasure!
            Personally, I prefer to converse with someone with intellect, but occasionally it’s fun playing dunk the jackass!

          • HAHAHAHA You crazy people are fun

          • You failed to hyphenate your name Jimmy. You should add KONG to your name. Much more fitting and apt. Jimmy King-Kong; sounds much more appropriate.

          • Yes but T Rump, who has had 5 kids with 3 different wives, who was publicly fucking his second wife while still married to the mother of his first 3 kids, who divorced his 2nd wife a week before her pre-nup vested, he’s a real christian

          • Maybe you should read Scripture about Abraham, Solomon, David, etc. God does forgive you know. Whether we know this to be the case with Trump we cannot say since we know not what’s truly in his heart. Nor do I know your heart. If we fill it with hatred towards others God will see it and judge it according to His will, not ours. To not be totally one sided I will add that we as Christians are known by our deeds (or Fruits of the Spirit). Doing the right thing according to His will is difficult at times but can be accomplished through Him. We should always look at our own life before casting stones at others.

          • Oldchopper thank you for that. Its very sweet that you believe all of that. I hope your beliefs provide you with peace and comfort in your life Its nice that you have those beliefs to guide you. I’ve lived in NYC for the past 30 years and have seen trump over a long period of time He is nothing but a thin skinned narcissist and a bully. He’s the last person I would call a christian, but it isn’t up to me.

          • I prefer God Fearer

          • Do you fear the easter bunny and santa as well?

          • I could not let this one go…sit down and pay attention..what fear means
            Hebrew: Yare>>>>reverent
            Webster: To regard with respectful and affectionate AWE, to honor

            I’m afraid of no one…but I fear God

          • Excellent comment!!

          • I don’t fear the make believe

          • good for you

          • Damn straight. We’ve all done bad things, but murder and laughing about it, I doubt few have done, nor have we used soldiers as pawns in our war games.

          • I am in no way justifying Clintons behavior. When it comes to our soldiers she is despicable. She defended a child rapist in a manner that would have had any other defense attorney barred by holding back critical evidence. She won her case but then laughed and bragged knowing the scumbag was guilty. That was another of her many despicable acts. My point on the post was that we all have our failures. Though sinful behavior by Christians is bad it is generally faced up to by repentance and a desire to not continue with such behavior, her behavior is continual and consistently evil.

          • Thought you might like to see this.


          • I was unable to view the video.

          • I will have to find another way to view it. The last part is the problem. Will get back with you.


            Click on it a couple of times and it will enlarge.

          • I have seen this before.

          • I am glad you have seen it, I don’t think enough people have or they would not be voting for the cold hearted b i t a c h.

          • you sound like a convenient christian,only against Trump,you f###ing hypocrite,forget about “try to rape and screw anything Bill?”

          • I’m not a convenient christian at all I believe in science not fantasy. I wasn’t saying he was a worse christian than bill clinton your fucking moron so how could I be a hypocrite? You people are so stupid. Neither of them are christians,

          • Show us the way, oh wicked one. Maybe Hidly, wicked witch of DC will make you one of her satyrs; or eunuchs.

          • Let him without sin cast the first stone…………get in line

          • OMG thats bad but Killary encouraging Bill to screw and Rape women then tell the world they are the bad people plus having all that blood on her hands from the people that mysterously die after they are schedualed to testify againast hillary and she makes sure planned parenthood has money to abort thousands of babies a year and she lies with every breath she takes and streals money from the USA is just fine with you,, All of the people involved with Donald are all over with hate and have forgiven him BUT evidently you are a Saint and have no sins,,,,, I am sure he has asked for forgiveness But Killary is up the creek with out a paddle because the people she has harmed are dead and cant forgive her.

          • WOW I wish I could understand 1/2 of your incoherent babble. Now I see why the only demographic trump leads with are the uneducated whites

          • I don’t think they were sorry with their divorce settlements. As a matter of fact they are all supporting him in his bid for the White House. And yes, he has had three wives, but let him who is without sin cast the first stone. But look at the affairs both Clintons have had and then judge TRUMP.

          • Well said, Bill is a pervert that should be in jail.

          • We want TRUMP not a TRAMP!

          • Now that we know that all three of them have sinned, can we get on with the discussion?

          • Well, Jesus himself said that any man who marries a divorced man commits adultery, as does any man who remarries after a divorce that stemmed from anything other than the wife’s infidelity.
            But Trump’s a Christian because he can quote “Two Timothy,” as he called it.

          • I don’t believe that Jesus said that any man who marries a divorced man commits adultery. Did they have gay marriages then? But in which cafeteria religion is divorce allowed? That, the pick and choose what I want to believe and not believe – We don’t like that one so will just drop it! Amen and Alleluia!

          • “I tell you this, whoever divorces his wife and marries someone else commits adultery—unless his wife has been unfaithful” — Matthew 19:9
            Those would be words that in certain Bibles are in red print because they were supposedly said by Jesus the Christ himself.

            Um, so a biblical scholar I’m guessing you’re not.
            Seriously, you people have one book, and you don’t even know what it contains. And supposedly you are familiar with it. How can I trust your judgment when you can’t even remember what’s in the Bible — your supposed holy book upon which you supposedly base your life — for Christ’s sake?

          • As I said above; I don’t claim to be a scholar like some people who wil type quotes from the bible….just a common sense Christian. I try to live by my bible.

          • That took a keen eye, I missed it and had to go back and read it.

          • Don’t claim to be a scholar just a common sense Christian.

          • I think he finally found the right one, they have been together for approx. 18 yrs.

          • I can’t believe it is that many years. They both must be doing something right. There are always two sides to a divorce. And, they both seem happy and fulfilled.

          • Jimmy, have you heard of Monica Lewinsky and her “BLUE DRESS” in the Oval Office – that was when she was a young intern in the WH and Slick Willie was POTUS. Let’s also remember how KILLary bullied and vilified ALL the women who had come forth accusing Slick Willie. Yet, KILLary says she’s for women’s rights – yeah sure, that’s why she pays females 35% less than males on her staff.
            You know, Jimmy, I wish I were as perfect as you think you are. Never have we had a perfect POTUS – they are all human beings warts and all. I’m just a lowly Christian with faults who is going to vote to Make America SAFE and Great Again – TRUMP/Pence!!!!

          • HAHAHAH Make America safe again? By deporting 11 million, oh wait not deporting, what? Today he says he is deporting again? Trump is a narcissistic moron. Why do you think the ONLY demographic he leads with in the polls is uneducated whites?

          • Divorce, growth, maturity, mistakes…we’ve all made them and said dumb stuff, but PALES in comparison to murder, using military like pawns, and laughing about killing Gaddafi. There’s being a human, and then there is EVIL.

          • she donated 1 million to the church of Hillary…think she’ll send any to the flood victims,we’ll see

          • What flood victims????

          • Baton Rouge!

          • Hillary hasn’t heard of it yet

          • I don’t think so. she will probably send it to ISIS!

          • obama also claims to be christian….nuff said!

          • He’s a damn liar too!! Seems to run in the Democratic Party!!

          • You just stated that she’s not a Christian –“you shall know them by their fruits.” Her fruits are not the fruits produced by a Christian, a real Christian. Just to say I am a Christian does not make you a Christian. Christianity is a way of life as depicted in the Bible and exemplified by Jesus Christ.

          • That’s what I said…CLAIMS to be christian…her fruit’s are rotten to the core!!!!!

          • ll Timothy: 3;1-5..” Without natural affection……traitors….lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God; having a form of Godliness, but denying the power thereof. From such, turn away.

          • don’t even think about it,,,her description exactly

          • Your Nuckin Futz if you believe anything the Hidabeast says.

          • A lot of you people are so dense, how do you find your way out of the bathroom………..CLAIMS to be,,,,,,,,,,,wormwood, correct your spelling it’s just as bad spelled wrong as correct

          • Rotten to the core & beyond.

          • Well, I claim to be from Mars but that doesn’t make it so.

          • She’s lying. She’s tight with the Muslims

          • myopinion: Obama CLAIMED to be a Christian too, but he never does anything for Christians. He throws billions of dollars to Muslims and protects them in every way. HE is a MUSLIM! Don’t be fooled!

            Hillary and Obama are both well known liars. Lying is acceptable behavior for Muslims!

          • The operative word is “claims”.

          • Hillary is a backslider hypocrite ! Her & Bill is turned against our country because of Bill’s Impeachment when he was President & its called getting back even . Common sense will tell u that.

          • And Hillary and her girlfriend are fruits.

          • Sorry to bust your bubble, but Christians don’t support the murder of 300,000 unborn babies every year by Planned Parenthood like Hillary does.

          • Key word is claim. Her fruits are lying, “why does it matter now”, and more.

          • You are entitled to your opinion. We all are in America. But your opinion doesn’t negate the fact that a lie is authored by the father of lies, the Devil. That fact is from the Bible. now you also don’t have to believe that fact. Your choice. But don’t dare try to prove that you are correct. You simply can’t.

          • Isn’t “myopia” an eye disease that prevents you from seeing anything that is further away from you then the end of your nose. Fits you to a “T”, cement head.

          • Hillary is of the Pagan religion.

          • You claim to be human we know for what you are, scum bag

          • Now that hurts my feelings,,,,,,,my only claim is myopinion

          • I think the important word is “claims”. Obummer also claims to be a Christian, but he supports all the bums in the world that rape and murder Christians. Obummer will not even mention our worst enemy, radical muslimes–probably because he is secretly one of them.


          • right-on

          • She also claims to be honest…

          • Hillary’s not a Christian. She has stated that she wants to make laws to make people change their religious values. We not only are to obey the laws, we’re not supposed to dislike what the government says is good.

          • Clearly she is delusional, No Real Christian would support the things she supports or does the things she does to further hurt America, (I guess that’s what you meant by so/called Christians) Yeah Christians should be capitalized

          • Obama told us he was a Christian when he first ran for the Presidency!
            We have since found out, not to our benefit, that he lied! He is a Muslim and has stated as much, both here and around the World!

          • So did Obama when he ran the first time. We all know what he is now!

          • The only FRUIT that Hillary Clinton is associated with is the husband of her adviser. His name is Anthony Wiener of Sexting Fame.

          • myopinion: Obama CLAIMS to be of the Christian faith too, but anybody who pays ANY attention to what’s going on, KNOWS that he’s a MUSLIM! Those two are the worst liars in the country, and that has been known about both of them for a long time. If you want to believe them when they say they’re Christians, YOU’RE the fool!

          • I’m not stupid………what a person CLAIMS to be and what they are<<their fruits are ROTTEN read the Bible sometimes

          • myopinion: From your chopped-up posting, it’s hard to tell that you’re not stupid!

            I have read the Bible, (that word in your post should be capitalized!) and I know about judging the fruits of individuals, but that is sometimes called “discriminating” and that makes it sound racist. We need to discriminate every day of our lives: to determine what is the best meal for you to have for lunch; what clothes would fit most tastefully into your wardrobe; to determine whether the young man who smokes and curses is a good candidate to be your child’s friend. There are many good things to do that are referred to as “discriminating.” It’s not good when we wrongly criticize people based on the wrong reasons, but to fully accept someone who exhibits “good fruit” makes very good sense, but it is NOT judging!

          • You are correct in that opinion. So-called Christians are not Christians and therefor continue to be at enmity with God.

          • have your cranial rectal impaction looked at

          • Had an enema in 1976,,,washed them democrats down the drain

          • O yes me too, first Killary came out then Bill, then all demorats.

          • Yes they do ,when they refuse to repent and continue a life of sin after much correction (ref. 2nd Peter ch. 2 ) ,Most assuredly they do as was my experience after using cocaine 26 plus years. Yet the kindness and ability to fix the unfixable was what GOD/YESHUA did for me as I have been free from cocaine since 2008,PRAISE JESUS . And he will do the same for you if you call on him for help and repent from your wicked ways ie;lying , stealing ,selfishness ,hate , drugs , alcohol ,homosexuality , self righteousness , etc

          • Praise the Lord ,,light has replaced the darkness that shrouded you for all those years

          • “So called Christians”- they could. Actual Christians – No way. Where the Holy Spirit dwells there is no room for a demon to rent or borrow and they absolutely can’t use a True holy Spirit filled Christian that is paid up and prayed up. Two of those can throw demons out of others and you can take that to the bank !

          • You mean the people that founded and funded 40% of all hospitals, the people that run 22% of all free clinics and the 41% of all food banks.
            I hope they get sick of pukes like you a close the Er’s on their hospitals then watch the scum like you die in the streets from lack of medical care.

          • God is my healer

          • Well wonderful, call on him in your next illness,. if he doesn’t respond, I hope that, you die in the streets

          • You sir, have no opinion, God has spoken go to your cave of filth. Go Trump, kickass and take name, take no prisoners.

          • you sir, make no sense, seeing how I did not comment on this

          • Well, your opinion blows.

          • Who said that Hillary is a Christian? By all means, she’s nothing but a heathen who really needs to be put away.

          • Would there be one single good reason to vote for hillary? Don’t blame Christians for her lies. That is my opinion

          • In government controlled churches demons sure do. Ever hear of the clergy response program? it’s a government program established to enlist the clergy to tell the flock what to do and believe.

          • You are correct. SO CALLED Christians; not true born again, sanctified Christians.

          • Lame try! About a 4th grade attempt!

          • My c-ck dwells in myopinion’s mouth. Oops sorry, I just went OhillBILLY!

          • you are sick..>>>>>I BIT IT OFF

        • Thats exactly whats going on! She sold her soul and now its time to pay up!

          • The way she lies constantly , the state governor head of security reports about her attending witch gatherings in L.A. while Bill was governor of Ark , and this persistance gaggling , choking , and coughing are all symptoms of possession . Along with the googly eye head wiggle thing . Sure makes it hard to see it any other way. Yet I am praying that she finds humility , Jesus, and repentance before she discovers eternal damnation.

      • If hilldeast does make it to the first debate, The Donald will give the B*tch a coronary.

      • And where did you get your incontrovertible evidence that Mrs Clinton is “sick”? Do you have any actual facts?

        • She had a stroke and Bubba the love sponge said it took six months to recover. She also has seizures. I saw a video the other day and when she stepped up to the podium and she looked like a deer caught in the headlights. A secret Service guy rushed to her side and said to her you’ll be OK. I also saw a photo of her being helped up the steps by two aids, and she’s on the blood thinner Coumadin to prevent another stroke. People on that drug have to see a doctor once a week for a blood test. Healthy people don’t take Coumadin.

          • I tried to get Richard to take off the blinders and open his eyes, but alas, he wants someone to convince him; as if he were worthy of being convinced. Comme si, comme sa.

          • I take Warfarin , that is the generic for coumadin,,,,,,,,,,,,You have to have blood work 1 time a month,That is what I have done for 4 years, there is something wrong with her but we will never know because they are bound and determined to put her in office to finish the plans of the NWO and to get our guns and give the USA to the UN.

          • My father in law takes it and he has to go once a week. He would consider you very lucky! Don’t lie down and die, I don’t think Hillary will win.

          • I feel for him one time a month was bad enough but I got good news today……because my INR is always good I now have to go get blood work every 2 months,,,,thank GOD….I hope she doesnt win,,,,,,,,if she does there will bad times coming for all of us,,, have a great day,,

          • Have you asked about plavix? Blood test once a year.

          • yes but I am to old for it plus the other meds I take are not compatible..thanks… have a good week end.

          • And where did you find that information? I’d like to check it our myself. And who revealed to you that Mrs Clinton takes coumadin? I’d like to check that information as well?

          • It’s been out there since her stroke. After you have a stroke or blood clot you take blood thinners to try and prevent another one. You haven’t seen her bizarre behavior?

          • I have seen no evidence that Mrs. Clinton has has had a stroke. Could you direct me to the source of your information so that I could check out the details for myself? Thank you. Also, what “bizarre” behavior are you talking about?

          • A blood clot in the brain is called a stroke and Bill Clinton said it took her six months to recover. Bizarre behavior, barking like a dog, freezing in mid-speech forgetting what she was talking about. Two reporters ask her a question at the same time and her head starts bobbing up and down among other things. Google is a liberal search engine and you won’t find it there. Use YouTube or the Yahoo search engine.

        • Richard Daugherty

          Richard go on you tube and check out her speeches. They are very telling. This person Hillcapone has some very serious health issues.It is not likely she will make it much longer. You need to witness this with your own eyes. If you are voting for her you had better vote now or you may not get the chance.

      • I wonder if she’ll have another 20 minute bathroom break.

      • She is sick, & we are sick of her lying, fraudulent, racketeering ways. I haven’t seen the ad Trump has out on her, but anything he says is probably true of her. She is unfit to ever sit in the oval office. Trump may not be the ideal candidate, but I don’t think he would continue obama’ & Hilary’s agenda to further turn this country into a marxist/socialist country. VOTE FOR TRUMP!!!!!!

      • StupidConservativeValues


      • She has a sleeping disorder called the DONALD Syndrome.

      • bETTER QUESTION WOULD BE , wHAT isn’t WRONG WITH HER !!b ???. aaaaaggggghhhhhh f*ckin cap locks

      • Just1Saddletramp

        Trump will eat her alive in a debate. She will be on the defense constantly but that is nothing new

      • Elizabeth Raynor Short

        There won’t be debates. They have to protect Hitlery from public view lest we see the real ugly, evil, criminal. Hint: We’ve seen enough of her and the effects of her evil and treasonous leadership.

      • How can you trust a polygamist to think right? Trump is a polygamist. That why every time he opens his mouth his words later haunt him. Recently he praised Russian Putin as a good man the same guy was about to bomb our ships. Trump recently called American women as “Fat.” “Pigs” “Dogs” “Disgusting animals” and “ugly”. You also know he wants to build an electric wall to kill all Latino kids trying to enter this country to escape being sold by human traffickers. And here you are planning to vote for Trump. You must be sick in your head. Please vote for Hillary – she is one of us.

      • Maybe we will get lucky and she will have another stroke and die right on the stage.

      • Democrats are demented. Hilllary is a Democrat. Hillary is demented. If you doubt it, just look at how she acts and what she supports.

      • Her and her faux-hubby are both sick and SICKO’S! The sheeple that support these two evil entities have a death wish too!

    • Welcome to the light?
      Trump 2016

    • You and pretty much anyone else who’s tired of watching the Mandarins of the Democrat and Republican parties enriching themselves while they hang the American middle-class out to dry.

      The GOPe Neocons are backing Clinton for a reason… and it’s not because they like her pantsuits.

    • Welcome John,now I pray many more are out there who will do the same.

    • You go, John!

      • John, even my democrat family and godson are going to change parties (I think they already have) and vote for Trump because they, too, are sick and tired of what the democrats offer and say will do and then never do, but increase jobs, close down businesses, etc. all in the interest of preparing to Hillary to move America into the globalist communists’ hands.

    • Glad you came to your senses. The question is: What took you so long?…………..;-)

    • Kudos to you, John! Good choice!

    • Welcome to the rational world.

    • Welcome John K. and I hope many of your voting background will join the “make America great again” movement. I too was a Democrat from youth until Eisenhower and then saw the creeping socialism growing in this country as I became a businessman. Small & large business is the bulwark of capitalism and democracy as I embraced it. The Republican party is the only one to restore our society and we must give Trump a chance in a conservative admin. to do just that! Pass the word……

    • richard hutchinson

      one smart man thinks

    • Well posed, John. I am a Trump supporter, myself. Supported Dr Ben Carson, early on, and I am still very supportive of his logic and standards, but alas, ’twas not to be. As for Sargent, the culprit masquerading as a news reporter, he is a typical garden variety low grade and incompetent reporter common to the Eastern US MSM newspapers. When Hildy burps there are crowds of reporters eager to “scoop” the no news event. When Trump states anything at all, the same crowd of misfit and misguided liberal news people climbs all over themselves to slam, slur and degrade Trump. He will be most courageous as POTUS. He has fought every faction of liberals, the GOP, the also rans, and the whiny, whimpering others, every inch of the way and this adversity has made him strong. Now enter the adversary, not even worthy of mentioning, certainly not worthy to be POTUS.

    • You are late to support Trump. Trump is losing big now. Too many women in his life – he cannot think straight. People have already made their mind to vote for Hillary. The right wing polls are against Trump – 36 for Trump and 60 for Hillary. That is hard for Trump to catch up. I have nothing against Trump-remember that. I know Trump has learned good lesson now. He should wait another 8 years to get into the WH ring. Everybody, including people in his camp are abandoning him. He may as well go to Trump Tower to talk to his wives from foreign countries who are still illegals. What surprises me is that Trump could not find beautiful American women here – but went to solve women problems in other countries. That was betraying women in this country. That should be unacceptable with American women. Do not vote for Trump – he abandoned you. Clint and Trump can talk to as many chairs as they want. Let us vote for Hillary on November 8 at 8 am.


    • I’m with you John. I was raised a Democrat and voted for Obama, and now regret it. I too will be voting for Trump, and now consider myself to be an Independent voter.

    • Your Vote is a Vote for AMERICA!
      Thank you!
      Rally your friends, family and help other see The TRUTH!


      GOD BLESS!

      • “Take back our country” – Now, how far “back” should we take it. Do you have a specific year in mind?

        • Close the borders, illegals cost the American taxpayer $400 billion a year, and because of our porous borders the country has a heroin epidemic because of cheap Mexican heroin. Yeah, take back the country and also block any refugees from the Middle East because they bring terrorism as seen in France, Germany and Brussels. The Boston bombers were also refugees living of welfare.

        • Our Country is being highly compromised as are the American people.

          TRAITORS Obama, Hillary, Kerry, etc are CEDING the SOVEREIGITY of Our Nation to the UNITED NATIONS and INTERNATIONAL Law..the building Blocks of the NWO.

          This has been going on for Decades. Now WE ARE RIPE for Takeover.

          All people are in place inside Government and the courts….Federal, State, and Local…the GLOBALISTS, RINO’s, SOPPED SELL- both Political Parties, FOREIGN ENTITIES that HATE America and Western Civilization etal.

          Our Children and youth INDOCTRINATED WITH LIES….MANY have come of age to be USED and they are being used. Corrupt Lying Obama and HILLARY have been DEVISIVE and have been fomenting unrest among ethnicities. They Want a Civil War so they can Declare martial law.

          THOSE against America have used Oppressive REGULATIONS: The Environment/ EPA/ BOGUS CLIMATE CHANGE, CO2 and the CARBON FOOTPRINT to DECEIVE, ENERGY…INTERNATIONAL CARBON TAX with Regulation to make AMERICA pay….it is all RE- DISTRIBUTION of OUR WEALTH to Third World Countries with the Aim to BRING THE United States to RUIN.

          Evil Obama has been Giving away TAX PAYER DOLLARS to our Enemies, arming them, bringing ” REFUGEES” HERE ON OUR SOIL, Wasting and Spending OUR MONEY without check.

          Obama caused the loss of our Space program to RUSSIA, OBAMA plans to Cede The Overseeing of the Internet to International rule and to cede the SOVEREIGNTY of AMERICA.

          THE AIM IS TO DESTROY AMERICA IN ORDER TO ERECT THE New World Order/ ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT which equals Communism, and the loss of our Rights, Freedoms and PRIVATE PROPERTY…..SERFDOM!


    • Good for you John, I thank you for your honesty & that you have seen “the Light”…I believe you will be in very good company as many will do the same…OORAH…GO TRUMP GO!

    • John,
      Like my brother, you “saw the light”. Better late than never!

    • Eleanore Whitaker

      Well of course you are voting for Trump. You know damn well WHY you REALLY won’t vote for Hillary…She doesn’t have teeny weeny or seedling balls like Trump, right? Grow up Middle Aged Punk. You might booze yourself to death with all that male bonding in your MAN Cave’s BS but you don’t fool any woman with that liar mouth. So tell us…If you are asshat enough to fall for Trump’s lies, does that mean you are just as big a liar as Trump?

    • There is a silent nation that are waiting to vote. These people have never voted, or maybe voted at one time. They also include many democrats and independents. Their numbers grow larger and larger each day as we get closer to NOV 16 Elections. Our very lives depend on the RIGHT CHOICE. TRUMP LANDSLIDEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeee……………..

    • took ya long enuf to wise up . But , LIKE yOU , iVE almost DONE THE SAME THING . I STARTED GOING gop , IN THE EARLY 80S . SORRY HIT CAPS BY MISTAKE

    • I’m supporting Trump so I’m with ya there but I have to say , I did not vote for Obama either time!! So I’m giving you a thumbs up for waking up!! Thank you!!
      TRUMP!!! ????????

    • Congratulations on your awakening, even if it is a bit late. If the lamestream media had portrayed Obama in his own words as Fox did occasionally, he never would have been elected.


    • Me too my dad was head of the Democratic Party in Mass when I was a whole family left the Democratic Party so we could vote for Trump in the Primaries…Dad has passed, but we know he would have been the first to support Trump, horrified over Obama’s division of our country..Bewildered that his beloved party has backed a First Lady who said they left the White House Broke…and Then Left as Secretary of State a Billionaire ? Amazing isn’t it…

    • Welcome to the good guys, John.

      When this thing is over hope you go back to being what was the good pre LBJ type Democrat and see to it nothing like the Cackling Witch ever crawls out out it’s hole EVER again.

      Maybe we can sit down and talk about Oboma one day. I’ll try to show you that you made a boo boo.

      Later my Friend.

    • good for you

    • Blessings on you for your turnaround!

    • No matter what your friends tell you you’re doing the right thing i promise.hurray for you.

    • I see Donald Trump as a useful fool to Vladimir Putin the Russian

    • Good show John great news. Just heard a fellow Democrat who said the same thing on TV and they are forming a group a huge group of Democrats for Trump.

  15. I retired from the Seattle area 17 years ago and it was going overboard to the left back then.. They have a lot of good people there that are being fed a lot of BS of liberal lies and distortion. The mayor wanting to not have interest shown on all loans including home loans because because their Muslim faith says they do not pay interest on anything is sooo far out that it is embarrassing and an insult to our intelligence

  16. Mr. Columnist: If you want dirty, dishonest, absurd, raunchy or any other distasteful thing you need to look up anything from your idol Hillary. This article is plain great. Almost all columnist now a days doesn’t have any credibility. Once you nasty sob;s chose to support Hillary, you chose wrong. You so called journalist started to add your opinions and only half the story that knocked you guys to the ground and we don’t need to hear from you again. Now go and check out more of Hillary;s lies, that is about all you are good for.

  17. Maybe he just does not understand what Trump is trying to accomplish. Is he also so stupid to think Clinton is well enough to live very long. Does he also not know that Obama and Clinton brought ISIS to the USA to destroy it. Clinton said she did on tape and she was bringing more in. Maybe this guy who wrote that will be beheaded by them. Maybe his wife and daughter will be raped by them. Maybe his dog will be painfully killed. Maybe they will knock out our power grids and 90% of Americans would die in a short period of time. Trump promised to save us from them. I guess if he sees this , he will learn something.

  18. @Greg…for your information illegals are invaders. illegals do not belong here. Trump is telling the truth and your mama Hillary is lying as usual. now get up and give your knees, lips and Hillary’s butt a rest. Go Trump 2016, 2020.

  19. A guy with his head in the sand has his butt up in the air just waiting for someone to use it for a football. I hope someone uses it soon!

  20. Sargent: you are so wrong as usual !!!!! This is sooooo true !!!

  21. the quasi fag pansy needs to change his diphers and face reality. Ogayarab and his liberal minions have almost destroyed the country.
    Trump is spelling it our very clearly

  22. The ad is 100% accurate. Hillary must never be President of anything, NEVER!

  23. Dear columnist, if anything is ugly and dishonest, please take a look in the mirror! Trump-Pence 2016!

  24. He’s basically a piece of crap!! Trump lies but the foul mouth of Killary doesn’t! The man has a very large amount of brain cells missing!! Go Trump 2016!!!

  25. Sargent sounds like the regular leftwing liberal press that the Dumbocrats own. Most of the so called press, are just mouth pieces for the Dumbocrats. They ALL have to clear their storys with the Dumbos before it gos to print. If they don’t, they get shutout of all the info. It seems that all the Dumbo propaganda machine people can do is cuss and harass Trump and his many many supporters. You never hear they say anything about what Hellery has done, because if the general public knew just what she was doing and saying; that they would NEVER support this lieing person. I have no problem with a female president, but just NOT lieing Hellery. She cannot run on her own accomplishments because there are none. She has screwed up everything she has touched and they lied. lied, and lied again. She allowed an American ambasidor and his associates to be murdered by terrorists and refused to do anything. She could have sent in help but refused as Obama had said that the terrorists were defeated and this would make him a lier, AGAIN. We have had 8 years of Obamas lies (keep your doctor,keep your health plan, and save $2500 on health insurance) and Hellery will continue and add more of her lies as she directs our government into bankruptcy. At 20 trillion debt now, it will not take much more of her freebies to buy voters to put the country down, and it will take a long time for recovery, if ever.

  26. The Washington Post, the NYT, the la Times, I suspect that we will be looking for ways and means to educate those life forms after Trump takes office.

  27. Guy supports Clinton, he supports unbridled dishonesty.

  28. I’m looking forward to the next batch of emails…

  29. It must always be remembered that Pravda trained reporters always follow the “Party line”, regardless, and always showing the same tendencies as the NY Slimes. The Washington Compost just dances to the tune of the Party line and has for years!

  30. Washington Post “used” to be worth reading, now ypu use it in the kitty litter box. Their journalists “used” to be tight on, noe they are a.bunch if.whining little twits that have absolutely nothing of value to say. They do not contribute but condemn!

    So let them whine and dribble like the babies they are. Trump has the support of true Ametican citizens who are done being a dumping ground gor tje elitist’s twisted ideas. We ARE DONE LIBS!!

    When Assange leaks the “Worst of the Worst” emails from hillary’s PUBLIC Server (to be done just prior to the election), she will not only go down in flames, but Witchee Poo will find herself not in a plush living situation but wearing her new favorite color — Orange — in a facility full of other psycho sociopaths, along with Slick Willie. Soros, he’ll be banned from the U.S. and all its territories…forever! Yes! Our Nation will rebuild itself with our help and Trump will make it happen! We just need to make sure soros or any other slimey person tries to fix this election

  31. WaPoop isn’t a newspaper, it is the foul mouthpiece of the liberal socialists (aka dung beetles). It’s primary use is flooring for your bird cage, used to transport kitty scat to the garbage dumpster and/or collecting doggie doo-doo while walking your doo-dooing doggie. It’s readership is limited to those brain injured democrats who use it as fodder for their frothing and ranting verbiage against patriots, true Americans, but mostly conservatives. Patriots use it to start fires in the fireplace, rolled up it can be used to toilet train dogs, or democrats, and used to wipe dirty shoes and boots on, used as toilet paper by outdoorsmen, and read around campfires as comical entertainment.

  32. Look around you Mr. SARGENT, open your eyes.I SEE NOTHING DISHONEST!!What I see as dishonest is Hillary Clinton. She is the liar, ,
    cheater not to mention the ugly part!!! So keep the smelling salts out because I believe the Trump camp has just begun to fight!!!!!

  33. Liberals always think the truth is ugly.

  34. What else can you expect from a columnist with the Washington Post ? Mr Sargent , I think your elevator stopped short of the top !!

  35. Just another DemoRat drinking the kool-aide.and spouting off. GO TRUMP 2016

  36. Ah yes, Mr. Sargent, another pathetic and brainwashed mouthpiece for the liberal establishment.

  37. Again this idiot oxygen thief proves that no matter what the facts and truth are libturds can’t handle them because they make their tiny brain cell explode! Can’t fix STUPID with libtirds but they sure suck the shit up of all lies!

  38. Mr. Sargent, you are a liberal hack for a damn liar, which in my book should make you one also. When you pick your bed, that’s who you will lay with. Every time I get to watch one of Donald Trumps’ ads I see it as it is and not a La-La land that Hillary lies about. Your paper will be out of business before long, just my opinion.

  39. It will be better for America if Sargent and the socialist/communist will stay on their fainting couch with a duct tape on their mouths forever and ever. Stop the nonsense/stupidity.

  40. Does he think his rant influences anyone? The nay sayers about Trump can continue their negativism but the people will decide.

  41. Washington Post, the only THING that is ugly and dishonest, IS Hillary. AND. here’s the Thing. MOST of the Country KNOWS it!!!

  42. We’ve stop buying the washington Post as it’s Writers are one sided and biased, obviously disregarding the dishonesty of the other candidate.

  43. The pot calling the kettle black? eh sargent.

  44. Julian Assange for the Nobel Truth Prize.

  45. Donald Trump and Mike Pence are brilliant and the only candidates in either party that ever said America first! America this means only two candidates want to and will put AMERICA and AMERICANS first and those candidates are your next President DONALD TRUMP and your next Vice President and current Governor of Indiana MIKE PENCE!
    Hillary Benghazi Clinton is insane! I have no doubts!

    Hillary Clinton put our entire country and the life of every AMERICAN citizen at risk with her unauthorized illegal email server and I as an AMERICAN taxpayer, demand that she be arrested and prosecuted for her crimes against AMERICA and the AMERICAN people! There is also the question of six billion dollars that went missing from the State Department when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, something that seems has been swept under the rug! Six billion dollars is as much as 800 average middle class AMERICAN workers earning$100,000.00 a year for 75 years would earn in their lifetimes and our government treats it with no more concern than an average AMERICAN would losing a shirt button! Hillary Clinton owes the AMERICAN taxpayers six billion dollars, it disappeared under her watch and she is responsible for finding it or replacing it with interest! I honestly don’t know how this woman that failed and let four AMERICANS die in Benghazi can even show her face in public or run for President or think that she has a snowballs chance in hell of getting elected! They died and she lied and lied and lied!


  47. Sargent is typical of those who support more of the same. Well folks more of the same simply takes America closer to total destruction of our Constitution and our way of life. If Clinton is elected we might as well change the name of the country to the Union of Socialist States of America.

  48. Doesn’t it amaze you how many stupid people will believe this.

  49. people should only watch the mainstream news media as comedy…they are no-longer creditable…period.

  50. Calling Trump dishonest and untruthful is like comparing Snow White to the Devil !!!… Stupid…
    Hillary Clinton is the most evil ,corrupt, dishonest POS that ever stepped foot in the White House and you want to
    talk about Trump!! That is the craziest joke I have ever heard!! I wish I would never even hear her name again…

  51. These same adjectives could also describe Greg Sargen. The ad was correct and to the point!

  52. Voting for Trump – Democrat up until 8 years ago when we hired the most inept and inexperienced candidate in the history of America. It has been so bad that I went from being a Democrat to Independent and now fully a Republican. Big changes are needed.

  53. Years and years ago America could accept real refugees, but those times are long past.
    These new supposed “refugees” are different from those of a by-gone era.
    Some are wolves in sheep”s clothing and are trying to come into the United States with evil
    intentions. The authorities cannot properly vet them and our border agents are overworked and
    stretched too thin. Trump is right to be suspicious and wary of who gets into our nation.
    Just common sense folks!!! TRUMP/PENCE 2016

    • Correct. Obama has removed the border patrol check points back at least 35 miles from the border at least here in Arizona. Which just points out the fact he does not want those coming here illegally apprehended. That is also the reason they are spread so thin. Of course there are other things as well only the border patrol know of. There is a reason they support and endorse Donald Trump. The main one is they want to do their job!

  54. Hey Sargent, I hope the Post doesn’t pay your for your opinion. Back to your cubicle!

  55. Michael Dennewitz

    Since the Washington compost delivered this tidbit of soros’, I’ll laugh their BS off!! ???


  57. Ugly and Dishonest! He must have been looking in a mirror when he came up with this garbage!

  58. Hillary revealed that she has ALS ( Lou Gehrigs disease) She stated to throngs of her loyal lemmings that now, she feels like the luckiest liar on the face of the earth.

  59. Donald Trump’s life-size naked statues were installed across five American cities by an activist art group, which said the controversial Republican presidential candidate should never become the US president. The statues were put up in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle and Cleveland yesterday by the group of artists called ‘Indecline'( Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” these series of statues are called “The Emperor Has No Balls.” All Trump is wearing is his Masonic ring.

    In NY Parks Department spokesperson Sam Biederman said:
    “NYC Parks stands firmly against any unpermitted erection in city parks, no matter how small.” The great crowd reactions can be seen on YouTube …enjoy!

  60. Andres Villamarzo

    Yes, you guys are right. Hillary might be ill but Donald Trump is sick in the brains and we need to know how many screws are loose in his head? After all. truth be told, we need to be fair about the entire thing. Also, since Donald Trump is so high fired about immigrants, then maybe he can explain to us about his mother being from another country and not American born? Maybe Donald Trump can explain about why he refuses to produce his income taxes or to discuss why he cheated/screwed over 3 thousand American Citizens out of their savings and retirements via his Trump University scam whereas he is facing a Federal RICO racketeering fraud case in November right after the elections? Yes, fair is fair, Trump has weaseled his way to the nomination by using race rhetoric and immigrant bashing throughout his campaign to include insulting every demographic in the country and appears to garner people with education levels of romper room thru 3rd grade (per the media), Trump also becomes angered and calls the media “lowest form of humanity” all because they report every disgusting rhetoric out of his own mouth. Yes, we have to be fair, this can’t be just Trump insulting Clinton and 16 other candidates and calling them disgusting names because Trump has little or low levels of intelligence, fairness like most of the commentaries on this report is what I believe is being advocated! Also, maybe why does Trump refuse to produce his income taxes?? What exactly is he hiding from the American public??????????

    • You were a jackass the first time I read your socialist, liberal drivel and you have disintegrated since. You must think Hildy, the wicked witch of DC is your long lost mother.

      • Thank you.
        Your post is so much inder than I was about to post.
        But I will say this…
        Anyone who votes for killary or third party are traitors in their own right _ deserve what will come their way
        No American Patriot will come to a Traitors aide.

  61. Andres Villamarzo

    Bottom line is we need to be fair about this entire matter and not listen to the nasty rhetoric out Donald Trump’s mouth!!!!!!!!!!

    • you would rather listen to all the friggin’ lies coming from your queens pie hole. Sorry dude you have come to the wrong place to be a hellery cockroach supporter. Go to your own kind!!! But like the saying goes you can’t fix stupid. you for sure are the epitome of that!

      • Actually the only demographic Miller is winning is white men with high school or less. (who knew that was still a thing?)

      • Andres Villamarzo

        Sorry Russ, but all of your kindergarten insults along with your 2nd grade education will not stop me from telling the truth. As for Hillary C., sorry to brake this news to you, I am a republican and we will not be voting for her, my wife and I are voting for Johnson/Weld. As for you, you can go ahead and vote for that low life Trump who refuses to turn over his income taxes and whom has insulted his way to the nomination. The media has reported that citizens of low education appear to align themselves to the Trump message, mostly from romper room to 3rd grade level of education. Which are you Russ, as you write more like a 1st grader, I would probably venture to say your at least 2nd grade educated by some of your nasty rhetoric…….. Bottom line, I would prefer to vote for your sister in a whore house before I vote for Trump or Clinton!

    • How can people who are so ignorant put one foot ahead of the other.?!
      Have any of you actually LOOKED at KILLARYS’ RECORD?
      Have you LISTENED to what she says she will DO to this country?
      To Our Citizens?
      Honestly, if that is the kind of life you want , then you need to go where the govt will be more than happy to have another neck to plant their boot heel on! You will of ourse, have to give up your American citizenship, never to return to our shores.
      Good luck with that & stay gone!

      • Andres Villamarzo

        Emma, sorry to tell you this but you need to start looking at Donald Trump’s track record, and stop listening to his racist rhetoric and lies. He is nothing more than a criminal himself, his fraud case is coming right after the November 8th elections. If you are only listening to his racist rhetoric, then I feel sorry for you and those that follow your same line of thinking. This guy and his family are deeply in debt, they have one mission, and that is to wipe out everything they can for themselves then “pardon themselves from prosecution”, therefore if you are that ignorant that you feel and think that Donald Trump who advocates for lowering taxes for the rich is for you, then you are sadly mistaken! Wake up and smell the coffee lady, he is for himself, that’s why he is so desperate to win and advocates for Hillary Clinton to be incarcerated.

        • you are talking to the wrong woman.
          I researched them ALL.
          killary clinton is a liar, murderer, thief, communist
          who was promised the WH in 2016 if she threw it to obama for another four years to attempt completion of their agenda.,.Destroy America.
          She will be obama on steroids.
          She has allowed her greed & lust for power & money to drive her insane, & now she is physically & mentally ill.
          Maybe you should research killary
          Benghazi Butcher.
          Oh! Let’s not forget TREASON.
          Anyone who loves this Country, wants a strong economy, a strong Military, our Vets properly cared for, our borders protected, &on & on, should NOT vote killary.
          Vote TRUMP…2016
          For. America
          For Liberty
          For a Prosperous Future.

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Emma, who exactly did Hillary kill and why was she not brought in for trial? Who promised Hillary the presidency and please provide all of us the documentation? We are eager to hear your responses with dates and times of the occurrences you claim happened? Again, I am not a democrat but do not like the negative portrayals. Also, why does Donald Trump not provide his income taxes, is he hiding something? Also, why did Donald Trump donate $100,000 dollars to the Clinton Foundation and now he is bashing them?
            Personally speaking, I do not believe you researched anything, you are a Trump Supporter who is following his shallow promises and his racist rhetoric which has polarized this country along with Trump’s business ventures. He has lost
            many” contracts as a result of his nasty, hate mongering comments!!!!!!!

          • Do your own research.
            I have been around a long time.
            It is what it is.
            Killary is absolutely guilty & thinks she is untouchable.
            She is not. One way or another.
            If you cannot or will not see that she is corrupt as a rotting corpse, it is you who lives in make believe land.

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Emma, I already know. Trump is nothing more than a con-artist. He cares very little about the people and his rhetoric is proof of same. He only knows how to do one thing and that is to attack others personally and insult anybody he can. This is not a person whom has made clear and concise remarks but remarks of a third grade bully trying to buffalo his way to the White House. I’ve already researched this con-artist, apparently you have not and are blinded to his lies and conspiracies!

          • Listen……..
            Look up clinton body count.
            Do you really want open borders, no jobs, race wars, taxed to death, military police, euthanasia for our elderly, possibly against their will?
            You know, killary is dangerous to our America , our people, our culture & on &on.
            We, American Citizens with a functioning brain & common sense know, without a doubt, killary clinton is not fit to sweep the side walks of this Great Country. She is all about money. & POWER.
            She cares for nothing & no one but killary.
            We were a Country of Constitutional Laws.
            Haven’t seen that in last 8 yrs under this illegal treasonous regime.
            Oh YES!!!
            Trump all the way to the WH in 2016.
            Jobs, closed borders, good trade deals, A2,
            On & on.
            Now, I have thoroughly researched clintons & Trump.
            Absolutely Donald J. Trump for POTUS???

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Emma, I do not want any of what you mentioned but if you want to talk about taxes, then if Trump lowers taxes for the rich, who do you think will have to pick up the tab as we are reaching a 20 trillion debt? The answer is the “middle income”. You can go ahead and deport illegal aliens and at the bottom of the day ask yourself this, do I want the price of potatoes, tomatoes, fruits to sky rocket thru the roof and to boot having to pay more in personal income taxes because Donald Trump does not want to pay any taxes?
            You are not thinking this entire issue through sensibly, the rich are siding with Trump and the lower educated because they have seen jobs flying out of the country. Bottom line, the unions have to more flexible and stop pressing so hard over raising salaries whereas the bottom line for these businesses becomes so unstable that they have to move out of the country so that they can survive and make a profit.
            I am not trying to be disrespectful but good common sense is needed not “anger management” over these issues. Businesses/farms rely on illegal aliens because Americans do not want these jobs, my wife and I lived in Florida for 17 years and many of the construction jobs, landscaping, restaurants and Nursing Homes were employing illegal aliens because Americans did not want these jobs. If you want to wreck the farm industries and the others mentioned just go on ahead and apply this anger management being shown against these poor people.
            Finally, if you want to deport immigrants then reminder, you must apply the same rules towards others, think about it, Bonnie & Clyde, Ma Barker, Machine Gun Kelly, John Dillinger, Al Capone, Bernie Madoff and Jeffrey Dahmer were all anglo/white, do you want the rest of America to judge all white/anglo Americans by these heinous individuals? Think about it, as you are implying different sets of rules and also include over 250,000 illegal aliens from Canada every year and nobody mentions building a wall on our Northern Border, I wonder why?
            The only problem here is that the republican party has a candidate that advocates racial rhetoric, disparages disabled reporters and disabled veterans, disparages women and people of the Muslim faith. The only problem is this hate mongering, mean spirited man named Donald Trump whom is using words to stir up the country and the lower educated whom feel the same way this mean spirited man feels just because he wants the presidency so bad so that he can “rob the taxpayers blind” and pardon himself to boot. The names of the criminals mentioned are only a few, we can go on and on, as there are many, to include those whom imposed slavery and committed heinous acts against humanity, also you can include the KKK, White Aryan Nation, Skinheads, The Nazi Groups followers.
            The American people are better than this and need to stop listening to this man and his hateful message and stop judging other people by what a handful do!!!!
            Wake America and smell the coffee, Donald Trump is nothing more than a con-artist looking for an opportunity as he observed in the republican party as he was a democrat for 99% of his life til he saw that he could become president, this is called “opportunist”!!!!!!!!!!

          • Andres Villamarzo

            p.s.- You should do your research, I’ve already researched what I needed to know about Donald Trump, and I know that he is “all wrong” for this country. The only message he has is a hateful and demeaning message that will lead to worse things. I pray to God every evening that this does not happen and that the American public wakes up………..

          • Stop posting to me please.
            I have a very low tolerance for stupidity.
            I do.
            Anyone who is so willfully ignorant is simply beyond what is reasonable.

          • Andres Villamarzo

            you mean your own stupidity and being a moron too!

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Emma, you make “zero sense” in what you say, I will give you a taste of Donald Trump’s idea of economic fairness:
            Trump’s Tax Plan:
            25% for rich and corporations
            15% for middle income
            10% low income
            Trump, whom we all know pays per his own mouth and his fish lips “as little taxes as possible”, which means he pays zero, because he refuses to show income taxes and he is hiding something.
            Secondly, Trump is at a 38% percent tax bracket, why on earth or in heavens name would any working person want to give Trump or any rich person a 12-13% reduction in their taxes? I am middle income, and at between 13-16%, therefore he actually gave nobody in the middle income a tax break.
            Donald Trump has advocated on many occasions that he was going to reduce taxes for the rich (if you were listening of course), therefore in making this comment, should tell you his true intentions.
            Thirdly, it has never been mentioned how Trump has helped anybody in the middle class in his entire life and what he did for them?
            You are either making up everything you speak of or you are just following Trump’s hateful mongering campaign?
            The other day he was asking minorities for votes but was asking for same while in a 99.9% white anglo crowd. Although, Trump’s message vague as it is shallow is not explained as to how he is going to do anything, does not explain that why does he not go and walk the streets of Chicago or Detroit so that he can garner the votes he needs but instead he makes shallow comments with racially offensive remarks that make no sense!
            Maybe you can explain to us mathematically why you and Trump supporters feel the rich should receive such a generous tax break at the expense of working people, whom by the way, will ultimately be the ones paying for all of the tax breaks given to the rich. As these lost revenues will be made up by the middle income tax payers?
            Please go back to school, get a GED and then come back and argue, but for now, please stop spreading your ignorance and distorted message.
            p.s.- In the event you haven’t noticed, Trump appears desperate to win this election, could it be the walls are closing in on him in regards to his federal RICO racketeering fraud case in November after the elections or could it be that he wants the presidency so that he can pardon himself from prosecution especially after he places both of his sons to build this Berlin Wall that will cost billions of dollars. Oh that’s right, you don’t believe that Trump and sons will not be corrupt figures if elected? You actually believe this Trump is some kind of saint that lives at the foot of the cross……………..YOU ARE A BIG LAUGH!!!!!!!!!!

          • Andres Villamarzo

            p.s.s.- if you know anything about taxes, Trump wants to lower corporations down to 10%. In a major corporation, 49% of taxes paid are paid out by the shareholders, 51% by the corporate owners, which after all the legal deductions to include Trump’s proposal will bring the corporate owners down to “zero taxes”. The rest to be paid by working people and shareholders.
            Again, are you stupid or are you making believe?

          • Not stupid nor make believe.
            certainly bright enough to know killary will be obama on steroids & will lead to things I do not want to consider.
            Business owner all my adult life.
            You betcha!

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Emma, small business is different than a major corporation. I took up business in college. Therefore, you must agree with Trump’s tax plan? You did not answer the question. When our taxes go thru the roof because of Trump supporters, we will all remember this. The other day during one of Donald Trump’s Klan Rallies, stated that inner city schools were a mess and needed fixing. Do you actually believe the rich will be paying the property/school taxes to repair same? Or is this another one of Donald Trump’s shallow and baseless lies or scam?
            I’ve yet to get one concrete reply from you as to the alleged conspiracy on Clinton or even Obama but instead you support a candidate who is nothing more than a certified con-artist, waiting to fly in like a vulture to stick it to the entire USA population with his “democratic views”. Yes, Donald Trump has been a democrat for 99% of his life, therefore his views do not coincide with the RNC.
            Please tell us how he pretends to repair schools, bring back jobs “when he can’t even bring back one job” and fix the economy by reducing taxes on the rich and corporations? (reducing taxes on the rich has never worked, this was tried by Bush).
            By the way USA pays it’s employees 15-20 dollars an hour in most jobs, China pays 65 cents an hour with no benefits and 65 cents in Viet-Nam and no benefits, Mexico pays 2-3 dollars an hour with no benefits. I’ve not heard of one business or corporation willing to come back to the USA because Donald Trump says he ‘s going to wave a magic wand and bring them all back.
            Again, you are listening to fairy tales. Trump’s family business is in hock up to it’s ears and large loans to China Banks, he is playing the American people like a violin and his plans are to scam billions one way or the other! He is not completely stupid, he is using the lower educated to get to his target, which is the White House, then while there he plans to scam away quietly while his sons are left to pick apart where and when they plan to make money. These are a bunch of certified vultures bleeding their father to death. Also, in the event you’ve not heard, many overseas contracts that Trump “had” have been cancelled because of his mouth and his racial rhetoric. He has lost millions of dollars in contracts because of his fish lips mouth!!!!!!!!
            Again, are you truly listening to the news or are you making believe? Inquiring minds want to know. Also, please tell us how Trump plans to bring back the jobs?

          • If you listened to him
            You would not need to ask,
            Now.. nuff said

        • What track record you dizzy snothead. He is no more criminal than you are. Fraud case? Trump U? Come on dork, you can do better than this. Is “villamarzo” farsi for dumb-assed camel chaser?

    • You actually DO need to hear what he says.
      They are honest cross your heart truths that every America Citizen needs to Know!!!

  62. There is no truth in the national media reporting and in fact they are taking Trump statements and twisting them into anti ads by out right lying to the electorate about what he said. This country right now is worse than the old soviet Tass news agency and Nazi’s regime in trying to control what the public hears about Hillary and it needs to stop.

  63. michael schimanski

    Greg Sargent said it exactly right , { illegal immigrants } . So what is so hard about following the law and sending ” illegal ” immigrants back to where they came from ?????

    This is what people seem to not think about , { the Law } ILLEGAL immigration …. They seem to think that its alright to follow some laws and not others , well its not , that is if you / we / they want a government of , by and for the people of the United States of America and the Constitution that has governed our nation for more then 200 years , and unless hillary is elected will continue to serve America , the greatest nation the world has ever seen . Only Donald Trump wants to protect America , our Constitution and God in this country . hillary has already stated that she wants to change the Constitution, enact globalization , have open borders , legalize illegal immigration , and new world order , and destroy America ,and our Constitution as we know it , FOREVER . We have to elect Donald Trump in November to keep America safe , and make America great again >>>

  64. I suspect that Sargent is having his nappies changed on a regular basis with the jump Trump is having in
    the polls. He sounds like a bottom feeding wussified troll from under the rock at the White House and
    better watch out or Hildabeast might put him on her “dislike list” and we have all seen what happens
    when she dislikes someone, they disappear under mysterious circumstances.

  65. I guess Greg Sargent can’t stand the truth.

  66. The illegals are invaders, Shrillary will do nothing but bring in more. The Ad is to the point, Mr. Sargent is missing the point.

  67. The ugliest thing in America today is the news media and it’s outright lying being done on Hillary’s behalf by mainstream news reporters and the outright lies about Trump being made by them. They, Obama andHillary are by far a greater threat to this country than Donald Trump will ever be.

  68. Egor von Johnson

    He`s obviously a Queer or girly man. That`s why no picture, worth a thousand words . Remember my slogan and Fatwa. FUCK ALLAH AND HIS GOAT!!!!!

  69. Greg Sargent is a Hitlery shill. Only the ignorant Demo-rats and the Republi-cats listen to what he says, just like the rest of the WaPO. I used to be a Democrat when that meant patriotic and reasonable, but that went out the window when Rep. Dante Fascell retired, Gov. Lawton Chiles died, and after Bill’s pecadillos became public. Go Trump! I voted Democrat 1980 – 2004, except for 1992, when I voted for H. Ross Perot, who also told the truth about NAFTA.

  70. Remember this is the WP and you’ll never read anything positive about Trump. They’re paid too much money to be journalists. My friends and I love to read their headlines.

  71. I am a FORMER democrat too and I am voting for TRUMP. Hillary is so corrupt and she and Bill Clinton are pathological liars. She will destroy this country just like Obama has been doing for the past 8 years. Its time to take our country back and put Americans first.

  72. I’m voting to restore America to law and order, to peace through strength, to take our borders back, to give we the people our government back. I’m voting to put America and Americans first. I’m voting for Donald J. Trump.

  73. That’s OK, let’s see what the lamestream media does when the next batch of emails is released, they certainly won’t be able to ignore them….

  74. Tyronne Shoelaces

    Somebody better get the cupcake some smelling salts. This guy has gotta be gay the way he writes. Poor little sissy is mad because Trump is telling the truth about his poor little honey.

  75. Post columnist Greg Sargen is ugly and dishonest

  76. Typical Leftist mindless stooge, disregard the truth and kill the messenger! Hopefully the dumb-(m)asses have caught on to the State-run, fifth column’s cheerleading for the Communist Party USA, formerly known as the democ-rats and now self proclaimed Progressives! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION – guaranteed!

  77. Yes Sargent the truth hurts when it comes to your queen bitch doesn’t it???

  78. Everything is dishonest to them since they are all bought and paid for by foreigners or muslims. Honesty burns their minds so I hope Trump keeps the FIRE going hotter and hotter. Smart, intelligent people know the score and will vote for Trump (even the Cruzbots because the other choice will be communism with a seriously ill hag) as well as several #neverTrump because they are awakening to the fact that Hillary or any DNC candidate would be the death of this country! We MUST fight for America if we want freedom and rights because you won’t like what comes with any DNC candidate!

  79. Thanks for joining the sane Americans and voting for Trump, John! Get some more of your party to see the light and abandon a ship that will sink our Country and ruin our lives! We welcome anyone who truly loves and cares abt the U.S. — not like the crazies who keep dumping their twisted ideas on our shoulders while stealing our incomes and bankrupting our infrastructure.
    GO TRUMP!!

  80. The post is nothing but an arm of the Communist Party just his problem is for the Communist Party in Russia

  81. Thai is a great add. It will make a lot of people that are still undecided know that Trump knows what he is talking about.

  82. About the only thing someone can say to a whiny weenie putz like Sargent and those of his ilk, that he shows himself for what he is…morally bankrupt himself and wallowing in intellectual dishonesty. Opinion is one thing…but Sargent’s dark, unimaginative mind takes it to a much lower level. A typical Washington Slimes recruit.

  83. I have zero trust and faith in anything written in the Washout Post. They are so biased and prejudiced it is unbelievable. No credibility at all…only for the NWO.