Colorado Students Storm Out After Dems Make Vigil All About Gun Control

It’s unseemly and even a little disgusting when Democrats make campaign speeches, Twitter posts, and fundraising emails all about gun control in the immediate aftermath of a tragic shooting. But imagine having so little self-awareness that you not only push your political agenda to the world at large, you actually push it to the student survivors. Not weeks or months after a tragedy, but the VERY NEXT DAY. The mind reels at the utter lack of empathy you would have to possess to go charging into suburban Denver this week with a message not about healing and strength and compassion but with a message about the evils of the NRA.

And yet, that’s exactly what Moms Demand Action activist Laura Reeves, Rep. Jason Crow, and Sen. Michael Bennet did on Wednesday. The students, gathered there to remember a fallen classmate (and hero) named Kendrick Castillo, were having none of it. Once they recognized the vigil for what it really was, they stormed out of Highlands Ranch High School and left the liberals to talk amongst themselves.

Reeves, apparently, was the worst offender, actively using the event to whip students into an anti-gun frenzy.

“It has become our unimaginable reality that gun violence is now so commonplace it is our new reality that we allow families to live in neighborhoods where gunshots can be heard at all hours of the day,” Reeves said. “I’m also very disappointed to admit that all the generations before yours made this harder.

“We became paralyzed by the NRA,” she continued. “We did not hold our elected officials accountable as they were loosening the sensible gun regulations that were keeping us safe Instead, we chose to burden our youth with the responsibility of saving their own lives. We forced all of you to learn in an environment that’s more closely resembling a prison than a school. We robbed you of your innocence. Why would we do this to our own children? The very pathetic truth is that we took this route because it seemed easier than confronting the actual root cause of the gun violence issues, for this, I am truly and deeply sorry.”

The students didn’t need her apology. When she started rambling about electing Democrats and organizing walkouts, they took the cue and staged a walkout of their own. On their way to the doors, they chanted, “mental health,” which shows they have a lot more sense than people like Laura Reeves.

“What happened at STEM is awful, but it’s not a statistic. We can’t be used for a reason for gun control. We are people, not a statement,” said one student, according to the Washington Post.

Aw, c’mon kid. Don’tcha want to be famous like David Hogg?

“I thought this was about us, not about politics,” said another.

Ah, but to the left, every school shooting is about politics. Not the next day, but right now. And to hell with any students who might feel differently.

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