Colorado Democrat Will Stop at Nothing to Get Rid of Native American Mascots

As the NFL wrings its hands over the Redskins, one Colorado liberal wants to bring that kind of politically-correct spirit to the legislation in his home state. State Representative Joe Salazar says that it’s time for Colorado schools to rid themselves of the offensive Native American mascots of the past or risk being defunded by the state.

In other words, it’s more important to this Democrat that we eliminate the possibility of offending a few people than to make sure our children our educated. And people who vote for these clowns wonder why conservatives are so passionate about politics. It’s because this crap is happening every single day!

Oh wait, Salazar has left an opening for schools to keep both their funding and their mascots. They are encouraged to get permission from the Native American tribes depicted on their banners, and only then can they get a pass from this liberal nanny. It’s unclear if they must go to the specific tribes for said permission, the leadership council, or just some guy who says he’s 1/34th Cherokee.

This is a new low for Democrats, even if Salazar finds himself hanging out to dry. To play this kind of politics with an educational system that needs all the help it can get right now should be enough to see this joker’s career in state congress come to a swift end.

It’s one thing to have a discussion about whether we should continue to use these mascots. Such a discussion is hard to have, though, when nutty liberals dominate the dialogue. Are Native Americans really upset with teams like the Redskins, or are people just being offended on their behalf? Let’s have the conversation. It isn’t going to be the end of the world if a few sports teams change their names.

On the other hand, is it going to be the end of the world if they don’t? What gets lost in these tirades about white privilege and political correctness is that none of these mascots were chosen with malice. The vast majority of them were chosen precisely because the Native American symbolizes heritage, strength, and pride to many modern-day Americans. The use of these names and symbols is intended as a tribute to America’s original people.

“You want to continue using your racist and your stereotypical imagery?” Salazar said. “Then we don’t have to fund that.”

Let’s remember once again that Salazar is not talking about professional sports teams worth hundreds of millions of dollars. He’s talking about the elementary, middle, and high schools of his district and others around the state. He’s talking about the public school system. And instead of engaging these schools in a productive debate about their mascots, he wants to hold their money hostage over a matter that is suddenly trendy. Presumably, these teams have been offending whoever they’ve been offending for decades. This rush to get rid of them is the worst kind of reactionary politics and a shameless grab for attention.

“There are people out there who still reside in the world of ignorance” Salazar said in a radio interview.

And when you’re done defunding schools for outrageous reasons, Joe, I guess that world will get a little bit bigger.

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