College Libs: Remembering 9/11 Promotes Islamophobia

Is there a major university in this country that has not been crippled by anti-American, anti-conservative, anti-common-sense philosophy? What we’re seeing on these campuses is worse than your everyday, garden-variety liberalism. We’re seeing a new radical movement that echoes the Vietnam protest era.

Except there isn’t any war.

And there isn’t any rational cause.

Be that as it may, these kids are thirsty for drama. At the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, the student government voted down a proposal to commemorate the anniversary of 9/11 because opponents believe it will engender Islamophobia.

If only the dangers of engendering Islamophobia had been chief in the minds of the 19 hijackers, there might not be so much of it these days.

“The passing of this resolution might make a space that is unsafe for students on campus even more unsafe,” said student government representative David Algadi. “Islamophobia and racism fueled through that are alive and well.”

How can you even talk about “safe spaces” in the same breath as you’re discussing 9/11? Algadi is talking about whether or not Muslims feel comfy on the University of Minnesota campus. Whether they feel respected. Whether they will fit in perfectly with their peers. And meanwhile, we’re talking about a mass murder that stole the lives of 3,000 people. This kid doesn’t know the first thing about safety.

Further demonstrating his ignorance, he asked the student newspaper, “When will we start having moments of silence for all of the times white folks have done something terrible?”

Well, you have to shut up in order to have a moment of silence, and that’s something you and your liberal kind seem unable to do.

If Muslims on campus could take the temperature of things, they would see a resolution like this for the opportunity that it is. An opportunity to come and speak out against the evils of radical Islam. American Muslims and moderate Muslims worldwide have been woefully silent in the years since 9/11. Why is that? Why aren’t they among the most vicious and relentless critics of ISIS, Al Qaeda, and the rest of these evil organizations?

To say it’s because they secretly support them would probably be going a step too far, but it is certain that they do not see them as you or I see them. They may not approve of what happened on September 11, but do they approve of Palestinians knifing Jews in Jerusalem? They may not approve of what just happened in Paris, but is there any part – any part – of them that says, “Well, that’s why the West should get their military off holy ground”?

But this is largely beside the point, because this isn’t even about Muslims versus everyone else. This is about liberal kids who haven’t had a day of struggle in their entire lives looking desperately for something that will make them feel like they are part of a cause.

Funny thing is, that’s exactly the kind of people ISIS attracts.

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  1. These youth have been brainwashed by Ideological subversion. In fact ideological subversion works really well on liberal minds….

    Wish I had a solution, but even facts can’t save them now.

  2. I guess my response to these statements are as follows:
    1. 50 Million killed during WWII, because we did not listen or take action.
    2. 10 to 20 Million killed during WWI because we did not listen or take action.
    3. 70 Million killed in China because we did not listen or take action.
    So my question to the Liberal Children and yes they are all children, HOW MANY

    • 290 Million killed by Muslims in 1400 years. WAKE UP.

    • Nah, time to quit talking to these punks.

    • left out some descriptives…”So my question to the Liberal Children and yes they are all children:…SHOULD read

      So my question to the Liberal arrogant, self-aggrandizing, bloviating, non-reality based, egotistical.. stupid, Children and yes they are all children…”

      • Know what Allen, I do not fully blame these mindless Children, I really blame the MINDLESS
        parents who have not educated there children into the truths of the world.

        • When reality stares one in the face, and you choose to ignore it…you are not mindless….And yes RMC you are correct…parents had a huge hand in creating this abyss of reality understanding…

        • I blame the stinkin’ low-down commie/marxist/maoist/hitler lovin’ education leaders … you know the “perfessers” like ayers, cloward, piven, alinsky, et al. Our education system is sh*t – a whole campus of it!!!!

          • Well lets put it this way, most of these kids have had a basic inkling of what true life is
            by the time that they enter into the so called Higher Education System. Now whether this
            inkling is that of being a PC qualified Idiot or not is another issue to be discussed.

          • I get your point and you’re right.

          • Just like during the past election I talked to a Junior student at Mary Washington
            University here in Virginia and when asked why she was voting for Obama she stated
            because he came to her campus and talked to us. I asked her what he talked about and
            she could not relate that to me she was just voting for him because he came and talked
            to them. Now that is an excellent reason to vote for a President now isn’t it?

          • Wow, well I’ve listened to a lot of commentary by college-age folks and 85% of them couldn’t find their own butts with both hands and the help of a good friend! I am a firm believer that we are the last generation to get these spoiled, brainwashed brats straightened out. The rub is just how do we do it. They don’t trust anybody over 30 unless its one of those leftwing lunatic lugnut “perfessers” that pour that garbage into their brainpan.

          • Its really easy, start cutting the Budget dollars that go to these state run institutions. Once
            the money dries up these so called Professors will not longer want to work there because
            they would be getting poverty wages.

          • Unfortunately, the previous speaker, as well as his clone replacement, have no balls and even less inclination to get tough.

          • Well Rebel this has nothing to do with the Federal guys. The bulk of the funding that I
            am talking about is controlled by the States where these Institutions are located. The
            People of the states need to rise up and take back there institutions.

          • Geez, you’re right. I gotta stop trying to carry on conversations when I’m dog tired! Sorry, I screwed up.

    • They’ve all been both pablum and tit fed for too long of their lives. Their mothers should have weaned the a long time ago, and made them do something for themselves, like get a job and work let them sink or swim, hopefully, they’ll finally get it after hitting rock bottom enough times, and pull their heads out !

      • Much like the Mother of one of the students yesterday when She
        stated that her Daughter was on the side of the SCUM taking over
        the Library but she didn’t understand why she had to wear black
        clothes she looked better in blue. These are the students that have
        been breed and raised by mothers of this nature, and we wonder
        why the country is in the shape it is in?

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    • Academia Lounge Lizard Socialist Alinsky types that have Polluted Minds for Generations will keep them from getting educated in REAL HISTORY and FACTS…and these Rat Bastards are the 98% of who teaches them

    • And over 58,000 of my brothers lost and never accounted for in Vietnam! My ship hauled everything possible down there and we brought body bags back…….FOR WHAT ?????

      And now geo Soros and the halfbreed in OUR white house ARE ignoring what is happening! Why? Because the damned terrorists are THEIR PEOPLE.

      Now they’ve PROMISED to hit Washington next. All it would take is for the mooselums in charge to order a stop to it! Even the FBI is saying they don’t have enuf manpower to cover it all. Naturally, the little halfbreed in charge made sure of that!! Get ready folks, a blood bath is coming!!















  4. Wake up America. The Quran causes Islamophobia all by itself. The Quran contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule. Some are quite graphic, with commands to chop off heads and fingers and kill infidels wherever they may be hiding. Muslims who do not join the fight are called ‘hypocrites’ and warned that Allah will send them to Hell if they do not join the slaughter.

  5. College Kids of Today are about as “Bright ” as Obama .. because they ALL have about as much Common Sense, as a Louse or a Nat, period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    People like that need to be disposed of because there “No ‘F’ing’ Good” to anyone or anyplace on this Earth!!!!!

  6. Let’s honor islam and all muslims by rounding them up and sending them back to the Middle East where they belong. America has always been a Christian nation and all of the change that has happened in the last seven years under the current rogue administration needs to be undone.

    • How about we feed the world and turn their homes in to pig farms and they
      can work them if they so desire otherwise they be SOL in Hades with
      their master SATAN

    • Helluvanidea!! I love it.

    • If they’re own countries weren’t a lousy hotbed of violence and oppression they wouldn’t be trying to leave in the first place. Most American Muslims are law abiding and love America, but of course there are some who are not; ditto with some of these refugees we seem to be adopting. Muslim immigration should be stopped cold until ISIS, Al- qaeda and all these other whack jobs have been finished and killed. We have too many of them in this country now who recently came to America, and I doubt very seriously as to whether this administration did anything to properly screen them. All they want is to teach them enough English so they can go and vote ‘democratic’ in every election. It’s a sad story but very true; many liberals hate America so much they want to destroy it without realizing that if that happens they are totally screwed anyway. By then it will be too late, so we can’t wait for these fools to have their light bulb moments. There are no easy answers, but at least this administration could admit WHAT the problem is and stop calling common sense people ‘islamophobic’ each and every time a discussion about security and safety are brought up in debates or conversations.

      • Al-Kindi, one of the early Christian apologists against Islam, pointed out that Islam and its god Allah did not come from the Bible but from the paganism of the Sabeans. They did not worship the God of the Bible but the Moon-god and his daughters al-Uzza, al-Lat and Manat. Dr. Newman concludes his study of the early Christian-Muslim debates by stating, “Islam proved itself to be…a separate and antagonistic religion which had sprung up from idolatry.” Islamic scholar Caesar Farah concluded “There is no reason, therefore, to accept the idea that Allah passed to the Muslims from the Christians and Jews.”

        • A truly educated response, it’s unfortunate that most aren’t aware of the history of muslims and their so called religious background going back to the 7th century.

      • They are leaving because their countries are messed up! They are leaving to mess our country up just like their POS countries.

    • Just close down the Communist infested Colleges of lower learning, tell them drag their lazy behinds down to the nearest Salt mine. The University of Hard Nocks, won’t give them anything!

  7. We have had enough of these pinhead Liberals. If you love the Jihadists so much, we can deport, if you wish, along with all the politicians that support you.

    • I agree with you 100%. Also, Congress needs to come up with a bill that forbids burning of our beautiful FLAG! I am so sick of this. There needs to be a punishment or even deportation out of America for this heinous act of TREASON in my opinion. Those that go over to be trained by ISIS needs to never be able to come back into our country again!

      • Should be autonomic citizenship cancelation!

      • There was, I have seen people arrested for burning the flag and all the stuff this current administration and congress allow this Black Lives Matter Crowd to pull. This country has really devolved with the current times. Guess we all need a reminder of why we have these freedoms and it looks like ISIS, our South American neighbors oh so ready to take advantage of stupidity, and this administration and this congress are sending the wake up call.
        This current state of the nation and the world ought to get the US legal constituents off their lazy behinds to protect their freedoms. Sorry, but we have been too complacent. It is really time for every legal citizen to vote and protest these liberal opportunist. But the blame still lies with the mass of legal citizens who still don’t vote and don’t get mad or even understand what is really happening right now.
        Time to wake up, vote these turds out of our congress, and do protest. Amazing the illegals protest for their rights in this country they are not even in legally! Wake up or we will loose our own country to the invading hordes of illegal aliens, refugees who are mostly muslim men, the TPP hordes and the rest this admin and this congress are encouraging for their own greed, political gain, and power. The government from this administration and this congress certainly do not have our best interests in their actions indeed.

      • My question is, “What the Hell are they doing here in the first place”?

    • And please, take Obama’s illegals and “refugees” with you!

  8. AND …. Screw ALL the Liberal Professor’s who teach their “Shit” to the young “Dumb” people in College!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Between the ages of 15 to 20 I also thought I knew “Everything”. I guess we all go through that phase, most of us get through it and find that we were just young and wrong! These young folks have been indoctrinated their entire lives and they may never overcome that damage. Well, not until that “day” when they find that all of their freedoms and rights have been taken from them and there is no one who even cares. As John Wayne once said, “Life is tough, it is really tough if you are stupid”!

  10. There is no such thing as islamophobia! Islam is a totalitarian geopolitical system that wants to destroy the West. Shoot to kil if confronted, and keep your militias armed and ready. First targets should be those jihadi training faciities that have infitrated our country. Surround them and burn them to the ground, jihadis included.

  11. If what happened in Paris , Happened in one of these liberal colleges, I wonder if they’d , join in on the assaults, or wake up to what these animals are about? ,, I fear they’d join in on the assault, As stated,, this generation have the same mind set as the Vietnam era, students, They spat on us for coming home alive.

  12. When and if the time comes take them out along with the radical muslims. It’s that simple.

  13. The funny part of all this is how these same liberal idiots hate Putin and Russia. Yet they endorse the USA becoming the same as Russia. They hate China and all it stands for yet they want this great nation to follow the same path. Our liberal leaders keep telling us how “awful Russia and China” are while they lead us down the same path. So all the little liberals out there who are so busy trying to turn our nation into another Russia, China, Cuba, etc Why not save the rest of us a hassle and just move to one of these nations you think you want our nation to be like and see how well you really like it.

  14. NEVER FORGET. NEVER YIELD. It seems that some of our young ones have forgotten our past …. or never were taught the facts. Ronald Reagan said something to the effect: Our country is one generation away from … (communism, disaster, socialism …). Todays academia are filled with the communist led hippy protesters of yesteryear. Those of the likes of Bill Ayers, family and friends, all card carrying communist. Obummer was born into and reared in a communist family and friends. Most of his Chicago friends and political aids are from communist backgrounds. The Clintons rubbed elbows with Sal Alinsky, a card carrying communist, and the 1960s and 1970s communist led hippy movement. Free love, STDs and penicillin, dope, LSD, utopia and unicorns. One of the most infamous Communist, besides Karl Marx, was V. Lenin. One of his most favorite sayings: A lie repeated enough will eventually become the truth.

  15. As a one-time public school teacher I have made it my business to ask random others to identify three things they think lacking in current school environment(s). 1. Quality of teaching 2. Too much emphasis on and funding for sports 3. Insufficient discipline. By a 3 to one margin insufficient discipline wins. Call it hands down. One might correctly observe that discipline is equally insufficient in the family, in communities, in society as a whole. Fully immature brains that have been programmed for insolence and disidence are the issue here. The balance of those filling the subject of this article are committed Marxists and/or anarchists. Most of the leaders within the abcess are members of professional agitation organizations – often paid for their ‘services’.

    • Lack of discipline is the teacher’s fault (and the parents)……not teaching the FOUR R’s……and allowing corrupt Teachers Unions are every parents fault.

  16. the western world must unite and stop the islamic PC bullshit!!

    A) countries must stop the influx of young muslim men that are terrorists in disguise, and limit the amount of women and children, but take ALL the Christian refugees you can. our muslim-in-chief is bringing in over 200,000 young male terrorists to complete his caliphate takeover of the great satan, by declaring martial law like France!!!
    B) countries must break up “sancuary” communities, especially muslim ones that want to be ruled by sharia law. this is what you get when you have cities that breed islamic terrorism and governments that care more about illegals than their own citizens!
    C) countries must be strong with thier intelligence, justice, and education that has led to the indoctrination of islam in western society. the only way to fix this is to force the corrupt DOINJ, DHS, and DoED to do their job!

    but the corrupt DOINJ, DHS, and DoED under orders of a muslim terrorist traitor:
    1 are trying to take guns away from lawful citizens.
    2 are defending felons by releasing 10s of thousands of them and giving them voting rights!
    3 have stated that “muslims should not be profiled and should not cooperate with terrorist FBI investigations because of their civil rights”.
    4 have stated that “citizenship to illegals is a ‘civil right’”.
    5 are NOT deporting criminal illegals (including murders), they are just releasing them into your neighborhood.
    6 have told state attorneys’ general to ignore laws passed by their legislators.
    There are many others…

    a real president’s main job is to protect America,
    obama/johnson/kerry/clinton/et. al. have set this country up for big islamic attack,
    either nuclear or like Paris,
    we will then pay for our defense with their hides, when is someone going to get rid of this American hating lawless uppity muslim terrorist traitor?

  17. I learned on INFOWARS from one of Ale’s guests, Dr. Darrell Hamamoto, a highly-respected professor at one of these universities, and he revealed that these students are being deliberately programmed through EMF, cult-programming techniques and other mind-control actions. This is essentially what happened on campuses in the 60’s and 70’s, but with better tricks. These elites want to destroy free exchange of ideas and individualism on campuses. They are building the wreckage of humanityin these kids that will be incapable of thinking for themselves, or even of taking care of their own responsibilities, and they are doing so deliberately. These psyched-out kids will be our next generation; everyone who is thinking about college should take online classes if they actually want an education, it seems.

  18. Gregory Sarmas Sr.

    I wonder if their going to ask the families of the dead in France if the terrorists were comfortable in their country?and if everything was to their liking governmentally or otherwise?

  19. That term Phobia is Bull-S**t. It’s a white washing and twisting of the truth by a bunch of nazi’s who have a lack of “INSIGHT and ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. ” The politically correct – back slappers of themselves, are so stupid they can’t recognize the enemy, until they have an Ozzie in their faces or a bomb blowing their legs off. But even then they would say, “Phobia, Phobia” to what ever evil is out there, because they are spiritually dead.

    Imagine that Islam has forever been the enemy and look at Turkey. Now they are hosting a Global Summit and are ALLIES of America? After all they have done to Armenians and Christians to to wipe them out because it was Islam versus them?

    The Ottoman rulers, like most of their subjects, were Muslim. GET IT: MUSLIMS – Islamics just like today and since their creation in 600 Plus AD. Oh for a while they permitted religious minorities like the Armenians to maintain some form of autonomy, but they also subjected Armenians, who they viewed as “infidels,” to unequal and unjust treatment. Christians had to pay higher taxes than Muslims, for example, and they had very few political and legal rights. SOUND FAMILIAR?

    On April 24, 1915, the Armenian genocide began. That day, the Turkish government arrested and executed several hundred Armenian intellectuals. After that, ordinary Armenians were turned out of their homes and sent on death marches through the Mesopotamian desert without food or water. Frequently, the marchers were stripped naked and forced to walk under the scorching sun until they dropped dead. People who stopped to rest were shot.

    At the same time, the Young Turks created a “Special Organization,” which in turn organized “killing squads” or “butcher battalions” to carry out, as one officer put it, “the liquidation of the Christian elements.” These killing squads were often made up of murderers and other ex-convicts. They drowned people in rivers, threw them off cliffs, crucified them and burned them alive. In short order, the Turkish countryside was littered with Armenian corpses.

    Records show that during this “Turkification”campaign government squads also kidnapped children, converted them to Islam and gave them to Turkish families. In some places, they raped women and forced them to join Turkish “harems” or serve as slaves. Muslim families moved into the homes of deported Armenians and seized their property.

    In 1922, when the genocide was over, there were just 388,000 Armenians remaining in the Ottoman Empire.

    In 1914, the Turks entered World War I on the side of Germany and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. (At the same
    time, Ottoman religious authorities declared jihad, or holy war, against all Christians except their allies.) Military leaders began to argue that the Armenians were traitors: If they thought they could win independence if the Allies were victorious, this argument went, the Armenians would be eager to fight for the enemy. As the war intensified,
    Armenians organized volunteer battalions to help the Russian army fight against the Turks in the Caucasus region. These events, and general Turkish suspicion of the Armenian people, led the Turkish government to push for the “removal” of the Armenians from the war zones along the Eastern Front.

    After the Ottomans surrendered in 1918, the leaders of the Young Turks fled to Germany, which promised not to prosecute them for the genocide. (However, a group of Armenian nationalists devised a plan, known as Operation Nemesis, to track down and assassinate the leaders of the genocide.) Ever since then, the Turkish government has denied that a genocide took place. The Armenians were an enemy force, they argue, and their slaughter was a necessary war measure. Today, Turkey is an important ally of the U.S. and other Western nations, and so their governments have likewise been reluctant to condemn the long-ago killings. In March 2010, a U.S. Congressional panel at last voted to recognize the genocide

  20. Never let intelligence confuse the issues for College students, The are spoon fed
    Pablum from the Left Wing Anti American Kool Aid Jar and incapable of rational
    or coherent thought on any level. Since our nation allowed and muzzie sympathizer
    into the White House we have been bombasted day and night by the Terrorist
    supporters on how “Peaceful” the murdering pedophiles are and how they are
    not causing the problems we are current seeing like the assault in France, or
    other nations around the world, the beheading of individuals or mass murders.
    Murdering of Gays or others who will not convert to islam. Not the brave little
    college idiots do not want to honor those who died on our own home soil in an
    attack by radical Islamic factions or other murders that have taken place here
    by the followers of the minions of Satan.

  21. We have been too patient, too long, with the liberal scum.
    We are at the place, we either physically separate ourselves from this garbage or start breaking heads.

  22. Well if that’s the case ‘Never Ever , and I do mean NEVER Forget 9/11 ‘ Islamophobia ? There is good and Just cause for it . When those those who practice the teachings of Islam a are on a 1500 year war upon the rest of the world , there is good cause to be Islamophobic . The so called religion of peace has been spread via one means and one means only That of Fire and Sword . Better we see it for what it is , a cult of death . The solution ? Exactly what they want for everyone else in the world . Death ! Kill them all , let God Sort It Out .

  23. That’s great! We need millions more to promote that subject! If the faithful followers of Islam don’t have to intestinal fortitude(balls) to call out and condemn their own then it is up to those of us who realize the dangers these Islamic radicals pose to the world, and to expose them at every juncture. A sociopathic, genocidal lunatic organized a small following in Germany during the 1930’s, and that small following grew into a force that almost conquered the world; we cannot and will not allow that to happen again! Islamophobia, may it be contagious!

    • Think about it, the moderate Muslims can’t call out the radicals. The French tied to have peaceful protest and their own government shut them down.
      Even in Michigan the Christians had a peaceful protest while the Muslims and atheist and other activist threw stones, bottles, urine, fesses at them what chance do you think moderates have against their own when they have go back home to those same peaceful hyena’s?

  24. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. If you are not part of the solution, then you ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM!!!! I would not blindly trust any muzzle. I believe that everyone else lives by the ‘golden rule’. That means that they want to be treated as they have treated others. If they ignore the isis problem, then they want me to ignore their rights.

  25. Maybe these idiots will change their mind when the muslin’s open fire on their college campus as it is a gun free zone and they could take a lot of students with them.

  26. Maybe what we need is to send the liberals to the gas chambers

  27. These college kids need to stop listening to the insane, liberal Professors and learn to do their own thinking about what is right and wrong!

  28. So according to these college-pin-heads we must not remember the attack on Pearl Harbor, because it may create anti-Japanese feelings? Maybe we should not celebrate July 4th. either, it may cause anti-British feelings. College “professors” brainwashing these kids to be as stupid and un-American as themselves.

  29. Everybody is a left leaner during college-ages 18-23-but there is hope-I was in college during the height of the Vietnam war, the campus protested all the time-I was even on the street when students decided to dump trash and light it on fire in protest so we were all tear-gassed and herded back to our dorms-unless you were doing the burning-then you got arrested. Point is this- having been there done that- I am now a staunch conservative who believes in the Constitution of the US and now I realize that even though mistakes have been made-ie Vietnam and now Iraq, the INTENT is to keep America safe and FREE and without borders, profiling and the use of whatever force is needed — we cannot keep our country safe. This PC culture of “whatever” has got to stop-the college students are victims of their idiot, ideological profs who hold the power of the grade over them if they don’t buy the crap they are currently teaching. Time for some adults who fund these liberal schools to STOP writing the damn checks and for parents to realize that political correctness is the undoing of the country.

  30. If there are moderate Muslims as the liberals declare, then why aren’t they helping find those who are radical? This makes them part of the problem. And those non-Muslims who defend them, I have the same response that we did during the Vietnam War: if you think Russia is so correct, so great then more there. Today, it should be that if you believe the crap that Muslims spread, then move to the Middle East and live there, as if they would accept you as immigrants. Remember one thing, The Koran and supporting book demands members of that ideology to kill the infidel. Lie to them. Rape and pillage their lands and take over. I have yet to meet a college teacher or professor who is conservative and embrace the constitution and other documents written by very smart men even in the 1700s which gives everyone there right to their opinion, no matter how misguided. Can this country wait long enough for these children to get smart before it’s too late or has it already become too late?

  31. It is way beyond that, it is communism as these useful idiots are committing political suicide but they have been too dumbed-down and drugged-up to realize this! The sheeple need to unite and fight these communists in power instead of squabbling amongst themselves as the sheeple are playing right into their hands! States need to start manning militias to send a message to Moscow West and until they do then kiss your asses and freedom ADIOS AMIGO! Armr========================?

  32. I think that there are Muslims who must fear the extreme Islamists. Christian Muslims are being slaughtered by the thousands because they will not renounce their Christianity and accept Islam. So the idea of lumping them all together is not feasible. But I agree that Islamaphobia is a smart thing.We need only to see what is happening in France and be on guard.

    • Some confusion here. A Muslim believes in Islam. A Muslim who converts to Christianity is no longer a Muslim, but a former Muslim. They are then called Syrian Christian, an Egyptian Christian, Iraqi Christian, etc. Maybe you are confusing Muslim with Arab? To call someone a Christian Muslim would be like calling someone a Baptist Satanist. The two are polar opposites.

      • mjhiggs, thank you for the information

        • You are welcome. I have read several books by former Muslims who are now Christians. They always make this point: Don’t hate Muslims, but hate Islam. Muslims suffer the most because of Islam. They are bound up in a religion of death and darkness trying to please an unknowable god with no assurance of salvation unless they die as a martyr. But even then they are doomed to Hell.
          Our God sent His Son to die for our sins. Allah asks Muslim’s sons to die for him. That’s a big difference between the false god and religion of death and darkness and our God of life, light, and love.
          Pray for the Muslims and all of the lost. Time is short!

          • mjhiggs, Indeed, time is short. I am 83 yrs. old, so I may not be here when the end comes but I can tell you it is going to make everyone’s worst nightmare seem like a Sunday School picnic. When people will cry out for the mountains to fall on them, you know it’s bad. We need to pray for the young people who are rioting and protesting, that their eyes and hearts will be opened before it is too late. For the lost souls who blindly follow the Prince of Darkness instead of Jesus. I pray that we can reach at least one, lost sheep. It would be wonderful to reach them all. Keep praying

    • The Arabs worshipped the Moon-god as a supreme deity. But this was not biblical monotheism. While the Moon-god was greater than all other gods and goddesses, this was still a polytheistic pantheon of deities. Now that we have the actual idols of the Moon-god, it is no longer possible to avoid the fact that Allah was a pagan god in pre-Islamic times. Is it any wonder then that the symbol of Islam is the crescent moon? That a crescent moon sits on top of their mosques and minarets? That a crescent moon is found on the flags of Islamic nations? That the Muslims fast during the month which begins and ends with the appearance of the crescent moon in the sky?

      • What’s more, the moon is allowed to control the Muslim calendar to a ridiculous extent. Dates move wildly around the year regardless of the seasons. And the moon is close enough to Earth that moon-timed events do not occur at the same time in different places. The day on which Ramadan starts, for instance, sometimes varies depending on where you are located (not to mention that the season of Ramadan is pretty unpredictable).

  33. There is no doubt in my mind that these kids are exactly like those in the late 60’s and early 70’s. There is also no doubt that they are exactly like their mothers and fathers, nothing but idealistic assholes and would lay down to any event that would require strength.

  34. “College Libs: Remembering 9/11 Promotes Islamophobia” makes about as much sense as “Remembering the Dead Promotes Death.” Having once been a college student, I am reminded that it is supposed to be a learning experience.

    Quite often, it is what they are trying to teach us or tell us that reinforces the idea that it is supposed to be a learning experience. What are they being taught?

  35. Anybody notice what pathetic, leftist states Minneota and Wisconsin have become? I used to think Kaliphornia was full of entitled, beady eyed maggots.

  36. I wouldn’t send any of my kids to a state school nor would I have them in a public school through the 12th grade. This country is on the verge of complete collapse and we will see that happen soon.

  37. People need to be reminded of the TRUTH. The attack on 9/11 was carried out radical Islamist extremists who were Muslims. Islamophobia is healthy. You should be fearful of any religion that espouses death for non-believers of that religion. And so called “moderate Muslims” will almost always agree that the extremists had a right to carry out jihad.

  38. These students were toddlers when 9/11 occurred, so it is more important then ever for them to remember the past. Secondly, the emasculated faculty at such universities are the root cause of much of our society’s problems. Having spent nearly four years of my life living (and fighting) in Muj countries, I have learned that these people simply Can’t Understand Normal Thinking!

  39. Ungrateful and ignorant little punks. Send them to Syria and don’t bring them home until they learn how to say “thank you for protecting my nation against terrorists”.

  40. Not remembering ensures that it will happen again!! makes one wonder about the motives of this group of “useful idiots” doesnt it???

  41. I just heard that our Gov. Abbot (Tex.) just announced that he had sent a letter to Obama that we will not accept refugees. Bless his heart.

  42. Just a reminder, the majority of these NAIVE College Libs, were still sucking their mother’s tit and having to have their dirty little diapers changed on 9/11. Here is a lesson kiddos: Right now, I know you believe you know every thing about every thing. That no one can tell you a damn thing. You, by your youthful arrogance are the very definition of a Naïve fool. Right now, the world is watching HISTORY repeat itself again. 1. REALITY>ISLAM DECLARED WAR ON THE WEST, not the other way around. Here is a hint: Do your research. 2. REALITY>ISLAM HATES THE WEST and desires to destroy it. Here is a hint: Do your research 3. ISLAMIC Clerics through out the WORLD are calling for DEATH TO AMERICA, DEATH TO THE WEST, DEATH TO ISRAEL. Here is a hint: DO YOUR RESEARCH 4. ISLAM attacked PARIS this past weekend, while you were out playing wowy zowy, zippy zappy with your brain. HINT: Read any newspaper/watch the tv. or look at your “social media”. You may choose to do what FOOLS in generations past have done and shove your heads up your arse or in the sand. The generations in the past that have done that resulted in WWI/WWII…..9/11 and this past weekend Paris. Those are facts not phobia. You may not like reality. You may live in denial, but these are still the facts. Wake up little children, it is time to put your big boy/girl pants on and GROW UP!

  43. Pure idiocy. Students, faculty, and administrators alike.

    We don’t have Japanophobia when we commemorate the bombing of Pearl Harbor. And we don’t have Islamophobia when we commemorate 9/11.

    When we commemorate something, it’s not to rally the troops against something, rather it’s to remember the victims.

    This is the sort of nuanced thinking these children should be learning, not how to come up with a way of being offended by pretending something is what it clearly isn’t.

  44. What we really need is some college student dumb- ass- o-phobia.

  45. Tell this B.S. to the French…………. There is not war ???? Our education system does not teach people how to think and use their brains and listen to what is going on around them.

  46. Forget the lessons of the past repeat the failures in the future. You little children need to remember that your parents, grandparents and great grandparents fought for your freedom. So stop throwing it away with that PC BS lib education of yours before it’s gone.


  48. All this silly talk about who did what to whom and when is nonsense. We are at a time in our national experience where we simply have to draw lines. And those lines are based on little more than survival. Do you want our Nation (and tangentially the nations of all our friends) to survive or not.

  49. Back to Jarhead: What you say is thoroughly true, but I did address that. However, reality has it that so few parents do the job. Who can blame them, though, when our all-wise ‘progressive’ society has fixed it for them to be prosecuted for doing their duty as parents / responsible adults. Consider that many of those permissive parents are part of the progressive fools who support these ‘rules’! Still, it is a responsibility of public schools to address incorragibility with discipline. Removing miscreants from classrooms as they foul the learning opportunities for others is the least they can do. Kicking them out of school costs them mandated state funded attendance ‘allowance’. Hey, can’t have that ! It would seem that those who are providing the money (which neither the schools nor the state have) are doing their civic duty to correct the madness. This conversation can go on and on. In the final analysis, it ain’t happnin’. When we stop acting as our own worst enemies, a few good things may begin to happen.

  50. Time for all Western cultures to group together and work to eliminate the threat of Islamic Terrorism in the world. Time for the Nukes to be put to use and to remove all radical muslim extremists from the face of the earth, and accept the collateral damage of those of the Muslim faith that will not stand up against the radicals. No notice, just fast and furious nukes all over the Middle East and Africa and wherever radical Islam is present. Those who remain due to their personal desire to accept the radical culture will just have to make their peace with God when they get there! The time is NOW before any more innocents are killed by the Radical Islam Terrorists!

  51. What a bunch of spoiled brats!!!!!

  52. Islam is the enemy and should never be accepted in this country in any capacity…period! Hell is coming folks…like it or not!

  53. ConservativeSenior

    Send these morons to Syria.

  54. A nice but deceptive way of the left for you to SHUT UP and take your ISIS pills (or bullets).

    The left like ISIS just want to SEE YOU DEAD!! So guess what America. You have DOUBLE the targets now!! So you shouldn’t miss even if you are a bad shot!!

  55. Talk about oblivious, if this is the future of America we are truly doomed.

  56. So why do students need the blessing of any student government in order to commemorate the anniversary of 9/11? Go ahead, make plans and have a commemoration. The student government is free to not attend if they prefer to protect the feelings of a bunch of filthy savages. Let them all #GoPoundSand!

  57. No one deserves a free college education if this is what they are teaching this generation.

  58. I gather Paris also means nothing to them either, or all of the people they are not finding in mass graves in Syria. They are nuts if they think I will not remember who and what religion perpetrated both acts. Bury your heads in the sand and end up with WWIII or worse by worrying about offending. “IDIOTS”!

  59. Islamophobia, Huh…. How much islamophobia will you have when YOU are hanging off the end of one of these ropes… Or kneeling with a knife at your throat
    You ignorant Brats need to get your heads out of your collective asses.

  60. The only use I have for any liberal student out of today’s colleges is for filling a shallow grave. And by the way, they can also disenroll themselves from any insitution and march their dumb asses over to Iraq and really learn what life is all about!

  61. Remembering the 4th of July commemorates insurrection? Remembering Passover/Easter commemorates superseding physical laws? Remembering Memorial Day glorifies death? Remembering Veteran’s Day commemorates war? I think college students whose heads are filled with mush anyway, are demonstrating the mush in their heads does not help them to think.

  62. every American had better start being Islamophobia and be proud of it…. Islamic scum is just that they are all alike and these dumb kids are one of the problems in America they have bought in to the Obama jihadists propaganda because he promises them free stuff that they will never get and if they did it still has to be payed for by someone….Obama should be impeached….. Hillary for prison 2016 Obama her cell mate

  63. Ignorant spear chucker doesn’t realize that black people also died on 9/11. An entire race of ignorant, jealous apes. Tisk tisk.

  64. Maybe these little brats should have been taken on a “field trip” to the 9/11 disaster shortly after the buildings fell and perhaps they would wise up enough to stop listening to their commie professors. Just sayin’.

  65. How did these fools get into college at all?

  66. They whine because collage isn’t free. Cut all federal and state funding and see how the demoncrats whine then. They are the ones getting the money anyway. Free school free meals what else do they want. Go to school then the welfare line or be a politician. They will never work for a living or fight for their freedom.

  67. The song “Living in the past” by Jethro Tull comes to mind. For those who don’t know the song, you’ll find it on YouTube.

  68. These lefty naive bonebrains have a bad bromance with Palistinians who hate them and hold them as nothing but useful tools. They do not get that Islam hates the West, them, Christians, atheists, gays, and the liberal Starbucks crowds. This is because Muslims hate everyone, including other Muslims that are not like them. This Cobra is especially dangerous to kiss, and Islam is a deadend road that promises a lot and delivers death.

  69. Someone who has attained to a little knowledge and thinks that he or she is wise is more than likely a fool. We are sending our children to colleges and universities that spread a progressive ideology that is very dangerous and deceptive. These perveyors of liberalism are doing nothing less than dumbing down our children, turning them into the Eloi and ready prey for the Moorlocks who await to devour them (read the Time Machine book or watch the movies). Their liberal philosophies will ill prepare them when the Moorlocks come for them, for the Moorlocks will show them no mercy.

  70. What’s coming out of US universities these days will be the downfall of America. The traitorous Marxist professors have brainwashed an entire generation; those who haven’t attended college can consider themselves fortunate to still have a brain intact.

  71. Liberals should be told to shut up if they are not with this country. If you like this Muslims go to the middle east and do not come back.

  72. All I can say about these dumb fucks is GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY COUNTRY

  73. If the liberals love them so much, then why don’t they just move to the middle east, and live happily ever after under sharia law?

  74. Liberal insanity prevails in academia and they have indoctrinated students for decades to hate America and to embrace communism, socialism and gayism (my word). Radical academia needs to clean house but they want because most academic administrations are lead by ignorant coward leaders.

  75. The children who are complaining and whining about justice are among those who have been given the chance to educate themselves in a way that others would give anything for a chance to have that opportunity.. One remarked he wants JUSTICE but for whom young man? Justice for the people who are fleeing there Country in terror or the people here that live day by day in fear of there lives. All lives matter and the color of your skin does not matter. We need to love and protect each other in a time of crisis instead of making more trouble. Ranting and raving does no good and proves nothing. If you want to do something stop the Hate you are nourishing and look for peaceful ways to heal the rift between cultures. We are being attacked by these monsters from Isis who call themselves human beings. They are the scum of the earth! I pray none of the children have to face what others are going thru in France like Gerardo found out first hand. This is a time for LOVE for each other not HATE.

  76. Message to College Uneducated and idealists but Stupid LIB TARDS:
    Well Morons it weren’t Blonde SWEDES that Caused 9/11 you DIP STICKS!

  77. The University of Minnesota along with the University of Missouri need to be shuttered! There is no education in these institutions, just indoctrination, so close them.

  78. To those college libs, Don’t ever cross the paths of true Americans, for you are not worthy. Don’t ever cross my path, or you will not live. Don’t ever ask for this Nation’s help in time of crisis, for you deserve nothing. College lib lives don’t matter!

  79. I’ll give a Muslim respect when they are headed back to their homeland. GTFO of our country YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE. Oh, if any of you bleeding heart liberals think this is bad, YOU CAN GET THE F¥€K OUT TOO!!!

  80. We remember Pearl Harbor, but it doesn’t trigger Japanaphobia. We Remember the Holocaust but it doesn’t trigger Germanaphobia. Of course they were once enemies, but are now our allies.Perhaps if the Extremists weren’t shouting kill the Americans, if the Qu’ran didn’t demand that they kill infidels wherever or whenever they find them.If it didn’t say it is okay to lie to an infidel, there might be a common ground we could meet on and discuss our differences like civilized people do. They do not want discussion,. They want A TOTAL ISLAMIC WORLD. I would not say that we have a phobia (fear) about Islam, but we certainly need to be on our guard. And anyone who thinks differently is either deaf, blind or stupid.

  81. These people should be in kindergarten not college.Being liberal really is a mental issue.This country has real problems that need more attention than these kids.We could start by getting this poor excuse for a leader out of the WH and put in someone who will lead.

  82. Brenda Kay Welch Spurlock


  83. Well, no s—-t. I certainly hope it promotes islamophobia! Remember the Alamo = Remember 9/11. Kill a raghead today!

  84. From the very first sentence of this article I found errors. What we now see with the college students is nothing like what happened during Vietnam protest. The only way they compare is that students reacted and acted upon their belief. But in the time of the Vietnam protest not only students acted. Up until citizens from every area of life began to react and act, no one in political circles took notice. After years of seeing our young men die for what seemed nothing other than a lost cause and after returning veterans began to say that it should stop, after fathers and Mothers wearing their house dresses, aprons , or suits and ties, began to react, then America woke up.
    College students always protest. They have done so since they began colleges. But having faculty that encourage stupidity and lawlessness and downright un- American-Unconstitutional values has never happened in this nation. Not until now.
    Why does the media persist in calling these Democrats “liberal”? Look up the meaning of that word. All of you that are so ready to play at using words now but seem not to understand the true meaning behind most of those words need to look in a dictionary once in a while. Liberal means open minded. Generous. Unbiased in politics. Favoring democratic ideas in politics , freedom of religion and freedom above all else. Clearly what we see from colleges can be called progressive but not in a good sense of that word. A person can progress to a much worse place than they came from . That is what is happening now. These students and college staff and faculty are for the most part, narrow minded and selfish to a fault. Closed down to even any kind of debate which would make them think out of the box or feel something other than what they have decided is comfortable.These students want to destroy the freedoms in America that they have taken for granted all of their lives.

  85. Bryan W. Carpenter

    There IS a war. It doesn’t END until the enemy says it’s over. They haven’t. We ARE STILL at war regardless of what the enemy’s leader in the White House says.

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