College Athlete Acquitted of Murder After Beating Gay Man Who Posed as a Woman

A former Virginia Tech football player was acquitted of murder charges Friday in the deadly beating of a man accused of pretending to be a woman during a sexual encounter after the two matched on Tinder. 

A jury in Montgomery County Circuit Court found 19-year-old Isimemen Etute not guilty of a charge of second-degree murder in the 2021 death of Jerry Smith, 40, of Blacksburg. The jury deliberated for approximately three hours before returning its verdict around 6:30 p.m., The Roanoke Times reported.

Prosecutors had earlier told the jury that Etute, then 18, became enraged and fatally beat Smith when he discovered Smith was a man. Smith, who identified as a gay man, presented himself in a profile on the online dating app Tinder as a 21-year-old emergency room physician named Angie Renee.

Smith performed oral sex on Etute, who later returned to the apartment to find out if his date was a man or a woman. In taking the stand earlier in the week, Etute had testified that he felt “violated” when he discovered that the Tinder match he believed to be a woman was actually a man.

Etute had testified that Smith reached for what Etute thought was a gun. Smith did not own a gun, but police reported finding a knife between the man’s mattress and box spring.

Defense attorney Jimmy Turk argued that Etute had acted in self-defense, whereas Smith had been “controlling the entire environment and the entire episode,” had “demanded that it be dark” and had hidden a knife under his mattress “in case there was something awry.”

During closing arguments, Turk described Smith as a “deceitful and dishonest man” who “defrauded young men for his own sexual gratification,” according to The Roanoke Times. 

“Who is the real victim here?” the attorney said through tears. “This was a wicked sexual ruse.”

Etute said he punched Smith five times and kicked him to gain time to escape the apartment.

The prosecuting attorney, Montgomery County Chief Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Patrick Jensen, compared Etute, an “elite college athlete,” to Smith, who weighed 153 pounds, and recalled the testimony of medical examiner Dr. Amy Tharp, who testified Smith suffered a “brutal beating.”

When the not guilty verdict was read aloud, Etute embraced his defense attorney in a bear hug and prompted exited the courtroom with his emotional family members. Smith’s family and prosecutors also left reportedly without taking questions from the media. 

Original Article: Ex-Virginia Tech football player acquitted of murder in beating of gay man who posed as woman during sex act | Fox News

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  1. frederick fetty jr

    I do not care for gays>>> However, a man has an Adams apple and women do not. This murder knew he was being sucked by a man and premeditatedly ( he came back to kill him, that is premeditation) beat him to death. Queer/gay or whatever, he did not deserve to die. This black man murdered and got away with killing another man. If the killer had been white and the murdered person was black, the decision would have been different. What cowards we are becoming. And this is why so many people are predicting a civil war in America.

    • I believe no one deserves to die, but people need to stop with white and black. Evil is evil, deceit is deceit it has no color just choices. The consequences resulted from poor choices.

  2. murder someone and go FREE. this is the American way. SO SAD!

  3. When you seek to deceive and victimize others in an attempt to satisfy your own twisted desires the risk is entirely yours. Own what you do. Recognize what the risks are and make a logical decision based on those metrics. We weren’t there. We didn’t see or experience any of it and therefore can not say what we would do. If this sick individual had not done what was clearly wrong and potentially damaging he she it would be alive today. Do what you want but be prepared to accept the consequences of your actions.

    • B.S… he poised as a Woman. Had he not then their probably wouldn’t have been a encounter.
      The Homosexual should have been honest abt his sexual preference… PERIOD.

  4. Violate someone and you take your future into your hands. As for you, do you speak any language but pidgin gayese?

  5. Lessons for the defendant:
    a) Don’t go somewhere for oral sex without FULLY SEEING WHO THE HELL IS GOING TO PROVIDE THIS FOR YOU.
    b) Don’t trust a ‘lady’ who pays you $50–she can get it for free!
    c) If you don’t think she was really a she, stay the Hell away. Don’t go back. Lessons learned, remember a) and b).
    Sh*t, just get a girlfriend if you don’t have one already. Wth.

    Lessons for someone potentially in that other pair of shoes:
    a) Don’t falsely advertise yourself as being who/what you aren’t.
    b) Don’t provide oral sex under shady circumstances–it’s obviously a kink, and one that’ll potentially get your @ss killed.
    Just be honest from the get-go.

    That’s the real lesson: Be honest and upfront. And, don’t go back to check out a ‘lady’ who paid you $50 in a dark place to clean your pipe.

  6. A fool who got what he deserved! Lying, dressing as a woman! A sick mind! Trying to destroy a young man career in football! Well it cause him his life! But it also destroyed the young man life!

  7. Dispenser4Hire

    Justifiable homicide.

  8. If it had happened a month later he would be in prison for life. The “ gay panic defense” pretext for violence was outlawed but didn’t go into effect until a month later.
    The guy got away with murder.

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