CNN’s Plot to Label “Biden’s Recession

CNN, a far-left propaganda outlet that spreads conspiracy theories and political violence, is laying the ground to claim that any declaration of a recession is… racist.

Those of you waiting for CNN to change under new management? Suckas!

So as I’ve been telling you for the better part of a year now, America is headed into recession. Am I a genius? No. It’s just that I lack the sophistication necessary to look at record gas prices and record inflation and see any possible way around a recession. Trust me; you have to be awfully sophisticated to pull off that trick.

So His Fraudulency Joe Biden is already in deep dookie, and in about four months, the Democrat party as a whole will be in real trouble when the midterm results start pouring in. Moreover, CNN knows that our economy has already shrunk this last quarter by a whopping -1.6 percent and that if we shrink again during this second quarter, we are officially in a recession.

That’s how it works. Two consecutive quarters of shrinkage, and we’re in a recession.

So the big brains at CNN sat around and thought to themselves, How can we save the Democrat party? Hmmm?

What can we do here?

Well, we can’t convince people to halt the recession by urging them to go out and spend more.

No one listens to us anymore.

No one watches us, either.

Yeah, and mfffhhhg giopsdlllee jjfjlk

Stop talking with your mouth full, Brian.  

Hey, I know! How about that old standby: raaaaacccccciiiiiissssmmmm.

And so the desperate stupes at CNNLOL came up with this beauty of a headline….

Who decides if the US is in a recession? Eight White economists you’ve never heard of

And the 1400 or so words that follow are all about undermining any upcoming declaration of a recession as illegitimate because white people….

There is a clear lack of racial diversity amongst the eight members, and NBER has never had a member who has been a racial minority, according to Gary Hoover, co-chair of the American Economic Association Committee on the Status of Minority Groups in the Economics Profession.


In recent years there has been a push by policymakers and the Biden administration to include more diverse thinking in economic analysis.

Janet Yellen, America’s first woman Treasury secretary and its first woman Fed chair, has argued that the lack of women and minority economists at the Federal Reserve and the federal government is a top priority. That lack of diversity, she said, skews viewpoints and limits the issues of discussion.

This is not an opinion piece—I mean, it is an opinion piece, obviously, but it’s presented as news.

This is how desperate the corporate media now are….

Thanks only to left-wing policies (profligate federal spending, green nonsense exploding energy prices, etc.), things are so objectively bad in America — and the corrupt media’s credibility and moral authority are so eroded — that all CNN can come up with is naked nihilism to push back on the coming declaration that the United States is officially in a recession—which will be an objective fact.

All they can do is respond with the nihilism of hurling accusations of racism at objective facts.

They got nothing else.

You can see the cable news segments now…

These are white people telling us we’re in a recession. If there was a Cherokee lesbian with a harelip in that group, we might discover the economy is booming.


We’re in a recession.

That’s racist.

But the economy shrunk two quarters in a row.

That’s racist.

But the math!

Math is racist, racist. 

And how condescending and insulting to suggest that a racial minority would say anything different, would ignore an objective fact.

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  1. Only those whom gain a particular advantage from incessant claims of racism buy into this nonstop cry of same. We’ve spent the last decade listening to the talking heads spew their divisionist bile without any gains whatsoever for the black community. In fact the policies we’re told that are intended to combat this so called racism has affected the black community disproportionately over the effects on middle class suburban whites. The vast majority of victims of violent crimes has been the black community. The outrageous energy policies that have only exacerbated the Inflation caused by unnecessary handouts is again mainly hurting poor black communities. We’ve listened to claims of racism from rich elitist white democrats for far too long. If in fact these divisionist politicians actually cared about their constituents they would acknowledge their epic failures at every turn and make a complete reversal of the policies that are hurting them. When you look through the lens of racial division on every issue you can only see racism at every turn. This weak and despicable attempt to divide and conquer only to maintain power has shown that making decisions based entirely on race sex and sexual predilection is untenable. These disgusting examples of human garbage have had control of the entire federal government for nearly two years and in that short time they have managed to destroy the economy the educational system immigration the military and our standing as the leader of the entire world. We’ve become a weak and feckless nation that only attained derision and the nations that once stood with us now jumping ship for support of an evil communist empire. People are leaving democrat strongholds by the thousands if not hundreds of thousands. CNN MSNBC and CBS have destroyed their own bottom lines and lost all credibility yet they simply can not face the reality of their own self destruction and so they dig in deeper pushing more false narratives and blatant lies upon the American public. We are a joke to governments around the globe. They respect neither Joe Biden Kamala Harris or the United States itself. Meanwhile the so called leadership continues to sell out Americans at every turn. The time has come and gone for the radical left. We the people have seen enough and we predictably knew precisely what would come of these foolish and ridiculous policies. Shameful feckless and despicable.

    • That pretty much sums it up. We’ll said. Might as well figure that anything the left doesn’t agree with is racist these days. It’s true but it’s been getting old for a long time now. And believe it or not, I think that overuse of the term “racist” kinda subtracts from those times when it’s use is warranted. It causes desensitization.

  2. We are Fuc..d and there is only one man who can save us like he did once before President Donald Trump! You Liberals who don’t believe in God or the Constitution may you burn in hell !!!!!

  3. I read he other day where someone in the OBiden administration claimed inflation and the recession were caused by the UN-vaccinated…Go figure!

  4. Given the FACT that Democraps have created this recession makes it RACIST since Democraps are the source of all RACISM in America. Pedo Joe is one of America’s biggest RACISTS.

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