CNN’s Jim Acosta Should Be Kicked Out of Journalism

We wish we could say we were surprised by CNN’s Jim Acosta, but this fool has been an embarrassment to journalism for as long as he’s been on the national stage. So, no, we can’t necessarily say we were surprised by his astounding performance at the White House on Wednesday, but we were definitely cringing. Even when you’ve gotten used to someone making an ass out of themselves in public, it doesn’t get any easier to watch. And White House strategist Stephen Miller didn’t help. With his unholy smackdown of Acosta, right there in front of all of his little press pool buddies, he made the CNN correspondent look like a baby among men.

Of course, that knowledge would be more satisfying if we didn’t have the sinking feeling that a lot of Acosta’s fellow journalists actually believe he WON the debate…

If you didn’t see it, only watching the video can do the moment justice. But the gist of it goes like this: Miller was introducing the White House’s support for a new immigration bill that seeks to limit migrants to those who can speak English, prove they will not be a burden to the U.S. economy, and are actually in possession of skills we need in this country. It’s not a perfect bill – we would frankly be happy with a complete and total shutdown of ALL immigration for a couple of years – but it’s a step in the right direction.

Naturally, Acosta found a way to make it sound horrible and racist.

He cited the poem on the base of the Statue of Liberty, claiming that the Trump White House was an affront to its lyrical words that encourage us to accept the world’s poor huddled masses. He accused the Trump administration of limiting immigration to whites from the U.K. in an attempt to smear them as modern-day Nazis. He, for all intents and purposes, took off his mask of objectivity altogether and became a left-wing activist right in front of the nation’s eyes.

And Miller just swatted him away like the annoying “cosmopolitan” fly that he is.

It was glorious.

But it’s not that Acosta should be purged from the profession because he “lost” the “debate” with Miller. It’s that he was even ENGAGED in a debate in the first place! Is that really the press’s job? To advocate for unrestrained immigration? To argue and berate White House officials who are announcing policies the left doesn’t like? NO! It’s their job to ask questions, correct the record, and report the facts. Yes, that can include challenging politicians – of course! But Acosta wasn’t challenging Miller on the facts, he was debating him on policy. That’s not the job of a journalist, that’s the job of fake news.

In other words, we fully expect CNN to give Acosta his own primetime show by the end of the year.

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