CNN’s Fredo Cuomo: Trump’s “Mouth is a Threat to This Country”

A couple of weeks after going on an unhinged, violent rant against a troll who called him “Fredo” outside some bar, CNN’s Chris Cuomo had the gall to tell his viewers that President Trump’s “mouth” was going to be the destruction of the country. In a segment filled with the kind of hopped-up pomposity CNN viewers have come to expect from their hosts, Cuomo said Trump was a racist whose remarks were a “threat” to America.

“A little real talking, all right?” Cuomo said, closing out his broadcast. “We all get politics is often about provocative talk, trash talk even, and I’ll stipulate for the fact of this argument that this President likes to be provocative, and it messes with the media, and gets him a lot of attention. But there’s also a point at which what he is saying is inherently abnormal and a dereliction of his duty. His oath is to faithfully execute the Office of the President. His oath is to preserve and protect the Constitution. I argue that he’s not doing either.

“He clearly thinks this economy is shaky,” Cuomo continued. “That’s okay. But that’s the only reason that he’s attacking the Fed Chief, Powell. You can argue Powell raised the rates too fast and too much. But if the economy is so strong, it shouldn’t matter, and certainly can’t warrant this. The President of the United States calling the Fed Chair an ‘enemy’ and likening him to someone else he says is an ‘enemy,’ a guy he’s trying to cut a deal with right now, the Chinese President, Xi? This statement is a metaphor for the mess this President is making.”

Well, actually, Trump is right on the money. Both Powell and Xi’s actions have damaged the economy’s stunning pattern of growth, so it makes perfect sense to lump them in the same category for the purposes of explaining why the boom is stuttering.

“The truth is the President’s mouth is a threat to this country,” Cuomo whined. “Now, I get why just his running his mouth this way might be excused by some of you because you got low, low expectations of politics. And you’ll say, ‘I just look at what he does. That’s all I care. I don’t like his style but.’ Here’s my argument. His foul mouth is just the stench of a real wound.”

From there, Cuomo launched into the usual “Trump hates brown people” argument that we literally can’t repeat here because it will drive us slowly insane. We just can’t hear it anymore. It’s tired, it’s wrong, and it’s nothing more or less than Democratic Party propaganda.

We did like this one line, though: “His people literally say to your face, that poem, the new Colossus on the Statue of Liberty: it’s just words, it’s not policy. Thank God the generations that built this country, those that came freely, didn’t know that. They weren’t told that. Or else, a lot of us wouldn’t be here.”

Imagine a country without the Cuomo family.


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