CNN’s Cuomo: Rights Come From Man, Not God

In a debate between CNN anchor Chris Cuomo and Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore over gay marriage, the discussion turned round to the subject of human rights. According to the liberal Cuomo, “rights” as protected by American law are not sacred and irrevocable. They were passed down to us by men, and thus they are as subject to fallibility as anything else.

“Our rights do not come from God, your honor, and you know that,” said Cuomo. “They come from man. Our laws come from collective agreement and compromise.”

Naturally, knowing the law far better than his adversary, Moore disagreed. He asked Cuomo to recall the Declaration of Independence, which states that man is “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.”

The War to Change America

Of course, the neo-liberals want nothing more than to bury the Founding Fathers in the past along with the Declaration, the Constitution, and God. Those things stand in the way of the latest “theories” coming out of liberal universities. They stand in the way of progressive, feminist thought. If they concede that our rights, and thus many of our laws, have a supernatural origin, then they can’t very well sweep them under the rug.

Now, it’s of course true that God did not write the Declaration of Independence. Nor did he write the Constitution. Man created those documents, and thus they can never be considered divine and perfect. That being said, the Founding Fathers got pretty damn close. And what’s more, they never intended these to be restrictive documents. The Bill of Rights is not a set of human freedoms bestowed upon us by the benevolent federal government. It is a document outlining the natural rights of man that shall not be infringed upon by said government. So many liberals have it backwards.

Cuomo is right in one respect. Our laws do come from man. But our laws are only based upon our rights (that is, when they aren’t trampling over them.) But if those rights were created by man, they really aren’t rights at all. They’re merely permission slips handed to us from 200 years ago. Oh, thanks Thomas Jefferson! I always wanted to speak my mind. Thanks for the permission.

No. That’s not how it is. You could burn the Constitution tomorrow, and all of those rights would still exist. They would exist even if police began locking people up tomorrow for running unpopular speech in the newspaper. They exist above and outside the laws of man. We are fortunate enough to live in a country founded on that sacred belief. We’ve seen what happens in countries where that belief is absent.

Maybe people like Chris Cuomo would be happier if they packed up and moved to those countries.

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