CNN’s Cuomo: Rights Come From Man, Not God

In a debate between CNN anchor Chris Cuomo and Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore over gay marriage, the discussion turned round to the subject of human rights. According to the liberal Cuomo, “rights” as protected by American law are not sacred and irrevocable. They were passed down to us by men, and thus they are as subject to fallibility as anything else.

“Our rights do not come from God, your honor, and you know that,” said Cuomo. “They come from man. Our laws come from collective agreement and compromise.”

Naturally, knowing the law far better than his adversary, Moore disagreed. He asked Cuomo to recall the Declaration of Independence, which states that man is “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.”

The War to Change America

Of course, the neo-liberals want nothing more than to bury the Founding Fathers in the past along with the Declaration, the Constitution, and God. Those things stand in the way of the latest “theories” coming out of liberal universities. They stand in the way of progressive, feminist thought. If they concede that our rights, and thus many of our laws, have a supernatural origin, then they can’t very well sweep them under the rug.

Now, it’s of course true that God did not write the Declaration of Independence. Nor did he write the Constitution. Man created those documents, and thus they can never be considered divine and perfect. That being said, the Founding Fathers got pretty damn close. And what’s more, they never intended these to be restrictive documents. The Bill of Rights is not a set of human freedoms bestowed upon us by the benevolent federal government. It is a document outlining the natural rights of man that shall not be infringed upon by said government. So many liberals have it backwards.

Cuomo is right in one respect. Our laws do come from man. But our laws are only based upon our rights (that is, when they aren’t trampling over them.) But if those rights were created by man, they really aren’t rights at all. They’re merely permission slips handed to us from 200 years ago. Oh, thanks Thomas Jefferson! I always wanted to speak my mind. Thanks for the permission.

No. That’s not how it is. You could burn the Constitution tomorrow, and all of those rights would still exist. They would exist even if police began locking people up tomorrow for running unpopular speech in the newspaper. They exist above and outside the laws of man. We are fortunate enough to live in a country founded on that sacred belief. We’ve seen what happens in countries where that belief is absent.

Maybe people like Chris Cuomo would be happier if they packed up and moved to those countries.

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  1. Free Sirhan Sirhan, and send him to Cuomo’s house.

  2. How did we let so many Godless people into our government ?

  3. You bet your sweet bippie the liberals do not want us the American people to be protected by our found documents. If so they could not control us and king 1/2 breed, holder and the rest of the liberal dems would be shet out of luck!

  4. REGARDING: Since such gay marriage contracts HARM NO ONE, there is no compelling reason to
    forbid them.

    RESPONSE: Harms no one? How about the entire society?


    How would a society be affected if there were no such institution as marriage?

    Take more than a moment and “think” and extrapolate.

    While “thinking”, one should attempt to bypass one’s prejudices.



    Sex (n)

    Before a subject can be rationally discussed, terms must be defined.

    Friendship: A relationship between two persons who like one another.

    Partnership: A relationship between two persons with agreed stipulations and

    Love: Very ambiguous, amorphous, et cetera, but let’s try…. Affection towards another

    Marriage: A specific type of partnership, between a man and a woman – can be a legal or a
    religious partnership or both

    Sex: Intercourse between a man an a woman

    Sensuality: Indulgence in sensual pleasures

    A marriage is a partnership between one man and one woman, which can include friendship, love, sex, and sensuality, which has been established by society as a core element in its foundation.



    • WOW, thank you, so well put & correct. IF Homosexuality was NORMAL, well there would be no discussion here at all, as the HUMAN RACE would NOT exist. What you do in your Bedroom is between you & G-D, I will not judge you, just stop trying to convince everyone it’s normal & okay. As far as the Bible, “I” follow the NEW TESTAMENT & the CHRIST JESUS, who wants us to LOVE everyone, which to me doesn’t mean I have to like everyone, just do no harm..If I don’t like your actions & crude culture, that is my right & privilege, it is not RACIAL. The Japanese tortured my Brothers, I did not like them for that, was that RACIAL, ISIS is murdering & torturing people, I do not like them, is that RACIAL.

      MARRIAGE is the Social Acceptance of a Man & Woman living together for the sole purpose of having Children to perpetuate our Race. Some cannot fulfill this, so what, it is also a spiritual contract between that Man & Woman, mine has lasted 50 years.

      • REGARDING: WOW, thank you, so well put & correct. IF Homosexuality was NORMAL
        RESPONSE: Homosexuality is not “normal”, but it exists and homosexuals should not be discriminated against, but there should not be “special” rights for homosexuals.

        REGARDING: As far as the Bible….
        RESPONSE: Religion should not be a factor.

        REGARDING: .If I don’t like your actions & crude culture, that is my right & privilege, it is not RACIAL. The Japanese tortured my Brothers, I did not like them for that, was that RACIAL, ISIS is murdering & torturing people, I do not like them, is that RACIAL.
        RESPONSE: If one casts a blanket over an entire group, he or she is foolish, at best. Well…., ISIS appears to be an exception to this concept. But even then, I am sure there are some well-meaning within those involved with ISIS.

        REGARDING: MARRIAGE is the Social Acceptance of a Man & Woman living together for the sole purpose of having Children to perpetuate our Race. Some cannot fulfill this……
        RESPONSE: It is a rational factor in any civilized society, whether or not children are involved.

        REGARDING: …., so what, it is also a spiritual contract between that Man & Woman, mine has lasted 50 years.
        RESPONSE: I disagree. The “spiritual” element is but an element, but is not critical.


        • REGARDING: As far as the Bible….
          RESPONSE: Religion should not be a factor. *****If memory serves me, I NEVER MENTIONED A RELIGION pertaining to the Bible, I believe I said that “I” follow “THE CHRIST”. I also blanketed NO group, AND as I plainly stated some Male & Female couples cannot have Children, OH and a spiritual connection not being critical is your opinion, so far if “I” agree with your rebuttals, WELL, we’d BOTH be wrong.

          • REGARDING: If memory serves me, I NEVER MENTIONED A RELIGION pertaining to the Bible, I believe I said that “I” follow “THE CHRIST”. I

            RESPONSE: An oxymoron, since following Christ or Buddha, or Muhammad is a religious endeavor.


  5. Cuomo’s is so ignorant. The Judge told him! Read the Constitution ” We are endowed with rights from our Creator” praise the Lord, they don’t come from man. The only thing that comes from manmade beliefs, are dictatorships, communism, fascism, totalitarism, and death cults like islam, all poor people without any freedoms

    • Ah, an educated response! Except… well, not so much. First, you’re quoting the Declaration of Independence, which is not law. Second, you’re quoting a passage that describes rights endowed by our Creator — whoever that might be — as opposed to what Cuomo was saying: legally protected rights. I would imagine that next you would argue that we have the right to own slaves (go read the bible. Start with Leviticus 25:44.) we do not have the right to plant more than one type of crop in the same field or wear clothes made of two fabrics or eat shellfish.

      I’m pretty sure laws are written by man. In fact, that document that you misquoted — the Constitution — was written by… (wait for it!) men.

      • suckin on the tit… go get a job A-Hole… ah-ha :O

        • What doe’s he need a job for? He is an Obamabot they will just let the taxpayers tax payers his kinds way! that’s why their lazy asses like socialism!!!

          • sorry,forgot big mouthed MARXIST always spend other peoples while acting the ELITES ROLE…

          • Sadly because of ball less R’s in Congress that is exactly what is happening. All teat-sucking Obama supporters, and there are millions of them, are getting everything we have worked for and they are getting it FOB! We need to put a sudden stop to all of that welfare give benefits only for working.

        • Very elegant and polite reply, icetrout! Jesus would be proud. By the way: Did you mean get an additional job or a different job? Not that I need either, but I was just wondering…

      • Yes our Constitution the bill of Rights as well the Declaration of Independence . The most Wodeful Gid given frame work an very Foundation of our Constitutional Republic. These laws those rights were written by men. Decerned through God’s promise that through him all men are free. With Certain inaliable Rights. Now try an twist that you lynatic self agrandizing lunatic libturd.

      • It was athe declaration of OUR Independence from a tyrannical government, and so what if I didn’t quote it word for word. It is there. This Country was founded by Puritans, seeking religious freedom from England’s Church. The first thing done at Jamestown was they planted a Cross and dedicated our Country to Jesus Christ. Our founders were men of God, and John Adams state that a Country of freedom could be founded on no other. Now you tell me what other Countries there are that were not founded on Christianity or Judaism which are not dirt poor, with no freedoms and are not dictatorships, communists, fascists, socialists or islamist? I’ll be waiting for the list with the number zero.

        • Where do conservatives come up with this hogwash?

          Puritans did not come here to start a new country, they came here because they had nowhere else to go! They got kicked out of Germany. They got kicked out of France. Finally they got kicked out of England. They had nowhere else to go.
          As far as the Puritans idea of freedom it was this: hanging Quakers in trees when they trespassed.
          Christians love to make up stories about the founding of America. One of their favorites is that America is a Christian nation. But none of them seem to find it peculiar that the founding documents of America say absolutely nothing about Christianity or salvation or Jesus or any magic sky daddy. Religion is mentioned twice, both times in the negative. NO RELIGIOUS OATH OF OFFICE and CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAW RESPECTING AND ESTABLISHMENT OF RELIGION.
          Christians have gone far beyond wishful thinking here, they’ve gone into delusional thinking. What else could you expect? These people base their lives on the book that is nothing more than a pack of lies about events that never occurred written by people that weren’t there. Of course if they want to waste their lives waiting for something that is not there that is their business. I really don’t care. Where I draw the line is when the sickos start trying to force their delusional thinking onto everyone else.
          Question: if your god is real then why does he hate amputees? Practically every person, in the history of the planet, that has lost a limb has prayed for it to be restored. I can count the number of people that had a limb restored, after praying for it, on one hand and I won’t need to use any fingers to do it. Can you count the number of people that have been murdered by Christians that wanted their property and land? The Old Testament in your Bible is a celebration of genocide.
          I believe the only thing that Christians read less than they read their Bible is the Constitution of the United States of America. Why don’t you do a little more reading and the less thumping?

          • I think you do not understand our Constitution or read our History. As a Christian Attorney, I can tell you there is no such thing as “separation of Church and State” in our Constitution. The establishment clause says that the State, the Government cannot set up a Church, it is to protect the people’s right to worship freely without government interference. I hope you find Jesus, because he loves you and died for all our sins, and rose again and is coming soon. You need to know Jesus. Don’t believe in God, then ask him honestly, and mean it, to reveal himself to you, and he will. I will be praying for you.

      • Happy now. Leviticus is the old testament Skip to the New Testament. Your arguments are the usual left-wing claptrap and narrow minded truths. I’m not denying you your right to be an atheist but you sure seem hellbent to deny me my right to believe in something greater than myself which I choose to call God. No I don’t agree that I or anyone has the right to own slaves, nor did my ancestors who fought in the Civil War. Have you made any contributions to the welfare of humanity yet or is all you do is bitch about other people..You claim to be able to recognize intelligence but you don’t show it. I also,like shellfish. Some scholars believe that a lot of what is in the Old Testament is really practical knowledge about living ones life. Have you ever heard of crop rotation? You ‘I went to college or read a book and now I know everything’ types really tick me off. Which, if you are as intelligent as you seem o think you are, you must realize.

        • I don’t think “Methodist” means “atheist” Davard, but I’m not surprised to read an uninformed opinion on this board. And I’m pretty sure I haven’t bitched about anyone; I seem to be the only courteous person here, but perhaps our standards differ. Anyway, have a nice day.

          • I missed something. From your reply I assume you are a Methodist, however in you original diatribe I didn’t see that mentioned. I’m a Methodist so I never thought that meant atheist. I was distraught by your comment, ” I would imagine that next you would argue that we have the right to own slaves (go read the bible. Start with Leviticus 25:44.) we do not have the right to plant more than one type of crop in the same field or wear clothes made of two fabrics or eat shellfish.” That comment implies that you considered the person you were addressing (me) to be stupid and that’s what prompted my invective. If that was not your intent, please accept my apology for my ill considered and too hasty reply.

          • I didn’t address that at you, Davard, and certainly didn’t mean it in the way you understood; I just wanted to point out that it’s not always a simple matter to quote the Bible to justify something; there are things in there that we now find to be repugnant. So… sorry if I didn’t express myself clearly enough; your apology is unnecessary, but accepted, and it’s nice to run into a fellow Methodist. They’re scarce out here…

          • I lived in the NYC metro area for over 40 years and we are pretty scarce there too. I think Jesus said that he came not to destroy the law but to enhance it. The major message of the New Testament is love and forgiveness and salvation. The Old Testament was written in a time when owning slaves was a normal as owning a car today. I wonder if you were aware that the Methodist Church split over the question of slavery.

          • Interesting. Thanks for the mini-history lesson, and take care…

      • All those, such as yourself, who want to change this country by diminishing the God given rights as enumerated in the US Constitution may challenge those rights all you wish. But in attempting to deny those rights, you all will find that you have chosen the wrong side. I say thit to you, to the Cuomos and all Communist, Islamists, Fascist, Socialist tyrannical dictators or kings and would be kings. You will meet your maker at the hand of free men exercising their God given right to self defense and defense of the liberties protected by the Constitution. The traitors among us will see no mercy.

      • Can you be this stupid and breathe?The Declaration of Independence was not meant to be law but demand to King George release America from his totalitarian grip. The men who wrote the declaration were men of GOD and as such, men inspired by GOD! Every elected criminal and patriot, as well as every person upon entering the military take an oath of office that ends in “So Help Me GOD!” Making a futile childish attempt to quote the bible to support your moronic premise does not dismiss the founders deep Biblical belief system as the sole guiding principle in the formation of our nation and the laws embodied within it! The ten commandments stand tall behind the Supreme Court bench, In God We Trust, is noted upon all of our currency. The founding principles and laws of our nation were vested heavily in Judeo-Christian beliefs based upon the bible and the word of GOD! Washington who led our nation to victory in the revolutionary war would slip away at night while his troops slept, get down on his knees and pray for GOD’s guidance in seeking victory for America. The creator was part and parcel involved in every aspect of the birth of our nation, the light that led the way to victory. Your weak attempt to equate a passage or two from the bible does not address the enormous impact the bible and GOD overall had upon our founders that inspired the Constitution and the Bill of Rights!

        Do yourself a favor and seek out a communist forum to post your weak ass BS, this site is for patriots!

        • Yes, my friend; I guess I can be this stupid and breathe. I presume you’re referring to the post wherein I mention that tk-atty’s comment:

          Read the Constitution ” We are endowed with rights from our Creator”

          was not found in the Constitution, but was in the Declaration of Independence. One (the Declaration) established our independence; the other established our government. Or, rather, fixed the mess created by the Articles of Confederation.

          I’m pretty sure I got that right, but I have been known to make a mistake. Feel free to point me to the section of the Constitution that contains that phrase, if you really think I’m in error.

          And… why would I want to go to a communist forum? As a believer in this country and its constitution, a proud voter, taxpayer and law-abiding citizen, I’m pretty sure I fulfill the requirements of “patriot.” Unless, of course, you mean I have to agree with you 100%.

      • In your infinite(or not) wisdom, just what Rights are not endowed by our creator as opposed to “legally protected Rights” bestowed by men?
        A “legally protected Right” is merely a pre-existing or unalienable Right that people have enumerated(protected by listing in a legal document), not created.
        Think I’m wrong? Try to tell a person who is threatened by imminent death that they cannot defend themselves! Sure, a trial by people may or may not decide they did wrong according to society’s laws, but the Right or even more simply put, the instinct to defend themselves at all cost is inherent and therefor pre-exising and cannot be bestowed by man and only recognized or enumerated.
        However, there have been instances where (mostly Liberal) people have decided that there “should” be a Right for this or that and tried to “legally protect” said “Right”.
        For instance: gay marriage. There is no “Right” to MARRY whomever you want. If that were the case polygamy, child weddings, marriages to animals or inanimate objects(weird I know) would be happening.
        Yes, laws are written by men, but many Rights are not. They are merely recognized by men.

      • You have no idea how to interpret Leviticus, first you have to know the whole Bible, not a few verses. Secondly, the Bible did not condone slavery, it said a man could sell his services for 7 years if he owed more than he could pay and at the end of 7 years, he was free to go his way or if he wanted, he could drill a hole in his ear and wear an earring signifying he wanted to stay with his master.

        • Thank you for your correction, just a little reminder. Slavery is in my opinion is an Abomination, to enslave a Human Being is most certainly against G-D’s plan. BUT please remember, it was BLACK AFRICANS who sold their BROTHERS to the Dutch Traders. It was THEIR culture to attack, kill & collect other Tribes as SLAVES. The Dutch who bought & sold them from the AFRICANS & those who bought them for whatever use were all abhorrent.. That said, who is WORSE the drug user or the people selling the drugs to them OR the people producing the drugs. Legally we always go after the sellers & producers, as to eliminate the source.

      • If you want “men” to be the spring from which all rights issue, be very careful what you wish for…there could just as easily come forth a conservative tyranny in the future as a leftist one. Would you like those “men” to determine what your rights are? Or, would rather have it stand that your right to freedom and equality are derived from God and therefore inherent and unalienable?

    • CHICKEN NOODLE NEWS …. wtf do you expect from Lefty Libtards other than LIES ,BS & HALF TRUTHS… & who watches CNN ??? Drug Addicts like Obama… 😛

      • trollhunterforlife45

        Yes America. Obuma is a LAIR and a Homo Sexual Bisexual Fool.His wife MANchelle is Supposedly a Tyranny .

      • You are either a liar, or you are delusional. Just in case, I hope the appropriate authorities take your guns away as soon as possible.

        • Phuck-Face,your delusional if you can’t see the Anti-POTUS is whacked out of his gourd on some kind of drug in this pic… than again U sound like U R on DRUGS U R-self… simple minded lib-twit troll… get U R -self to rehab fool ! 🙂

    • Tk-atty it is you that is so ignorant. and full of Crap and all above.Jack ass you are..

    • The last time I looked the oath of office, as well the one I took for my military service ended with “So Help Me GOD.” The laws that this ignorant scab refers to were passed down by men inspired by the God of the bible. Our founders were men of faith who aggressively reclaimed that faith by extricating America from England, where freedom of religion was non-existent! It is clear that the intent of the Constitution and to a greater degree the Bill of Rights was to endow our nation with the blessings of God, not government. As the overriding statement in the Declaration reads, “We are endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights,those being freedom, justice and liberty for all.” We weren’t endowed by our leaders, our courts, our elected criminals, the whims of a Communist media, nor a Communist party or muslim or LGBT degenerates. In Genesis God clearly commands that man shall lay with woman…….period. See Sodom and Gomorrah for God’s wrath upon the pedophiles, the LGBT perverts, etc! These events preceded CHRIST and GOD’S forgiveness through him. Not to get too preachy here but the historical basis is relevant!

      • Amen Brother! You are right on point.

      • Wonderful!

      • —- The last time I looked the oath of office, as well the one I took for my military service ended with “So Help Me GOD.”—-

        You failed to mention which oath of office you’re referring to, however, if it’s any federal office then you are very wrong. Just because a few idiots want to add that to the end doesn’t make it part of the oath. If you bother to check your Constitution you would see that religious oaths are specifically prohibited. Article 5, paragraph 3.
        Funny, they oath I took when I joined the Army certainly did not include any allegiance to make believe skydaddy’s.
        If you bother to look you too can learn the truth and be set free from a life of misery by being enslaved to imaginary gods.
        Just one small point. Show me an amputee that has regrown a limb after praying and I’ll be the first one in line to believe in your sky daddy. Until that day gets here your life will go along much better if you can remember that the Bible is a pack of lies about events that never happened told by people that weren’t there.

        • Opinions are like assh**les, you have yours and I have mine and my oath ended in “So help me God.” Beliefs are personal, in your case putting down the crack pipe might be a good start! Try reading the actual Constitution! There is nothing in Article 5, nor is there a paragraph 3 that prohibits religious oaths!. Article 5 is one long paragraph addressing the requirement that two thirds of both houses must deem it necessary to propose amendments to the Constitution! I just read it and my life is going along just fine. I know many brothers who survived that shouldn’t have, some who were declared deceased who came back to life. I was told I was going to lose my left arm and not only did I not lose it, I have at least 85% function because I never gave up! Just because you derive some twisted pleasure raining on people’s beliefs, only proves how unstable you are. I didn’t ask for you to free me from being enslaved when in reality your the enslaved one, enslaved by your hatred for the creator, so spread your vitriol somewhere else. None are so lost as those who fail to see. Your the one whose blind!

        • 666 says it all. Has anyone checked barry’s head to see if the 666 is there ?????????

      • Amy Thank You for your Service, I’m also a Veteran. Nobody would be on this earth without God. The Bible says we are made in his image and likeness. Unless the idiot liberals can prove otherwise, our rights come from God.

        • Thank you for your service as well brother, our rights do come from God and clearly there are some vets who have lost their way and don’t thank God for their lives!

    • @tk-atty; YOU my friend are so RIGHT!!!! THANK YOU !!!!!

    • That would be the Declaration of Independence. But, your point is well taken.

    • That would be the Declaration of Independence. But, your point is well taken.

    • All that education and power and Cuomo has no idea what is in the Constitution – worse yet, he like all the Commie Democrats have never even read it. They treat it like it’s some fairy tale.

      Speaking of fairy tales, I have one for Obama: “Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, all the Kings horses and all the kings men could put Humpty together again”.

    • Thank you for saying the total TRUTH. The trouble is that, ignorance is taking over our beloved country! Thank GOD for people like yourself.

    • Oh, he knows exactly what is in the Constitution, but he doesn’t like it that our rights are inherent from God, and therefore he, and his liberal friends, can’t just take them away…for our own good of course…URP.

  6. Du2:

    REGARDING: There is no social necessity that ONLY heterosexuals have the right to marry who THEY want or are attracted to.

    RESPONSE: Sorry Charlie…, but there are many reasons that emphasize social necessities.

    1. Natural order

    2. Rationale for 1 man, 1 women is due to that about 50% are men and 50% are women – what if on wealthy woman (man) could “marry” 100 men (women)? How would that affect society.

    3. Social order.

    4. Promote children being raised by biological parents or the balance of a man and a woman.

    5. And so on……….

    Think Bruce Jenner.


  7. Cuomo is an idiot and a putz ! Did that idiot even graduate high school ???

  8. Hope he repents soon. If God takes him out, he won’t have any more chances. Heaven or hell for eternity. It’s our choice

  9. This sorry sob will burn in hell. CNN (Communist News Network) is trying to use these shills to further their own ends. Of course, when your hear Cuomo, you are listening to a liberal hack whose name brings NYC, armpit of the nation, and their communistic activities to light. SOLUTION = Ignore CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC et all (AKA MSM) and watch a good movie, Fox News had their own problems (Don Lemon) but he is easily annoyed. Megan had the real poop, and is not intimidated by that illegal alien squatting in our WH.

  10. Load all people like Cuomo on a bus and ship them out.

  11. Our rights are god given. Written in a document years ago by those long dead. However, there is a spirit of those rights still alive and vibrant. We must be together and fight tyranny from those who have no knowledge of freedom.

  12. Liberals will never accept the truth because they can’t stand to have their secret acts brought into the light of day.
    If they don’t like the United States Constitution, then they can leave this country with just the clothes on their back and don’t ever come back.

  13. What people like Cuomo don’t realize is that if we do not believe in God-given rights, then we have no reason to oppose any diminution or expansion of rights, based on the whims of the vox populi or the whims of the Messiah-in-Chief.

  14. Cuomo = SH*T FOR BRAINS! If these liberal I-D-I-O-T-S read the Constitution, they would know that our RIGHTS come from our CREATOR, NOT man. It’s time that these alinskyites read something other than “rules for radicals”! This country was FOUNDED on CHRISTIAN principles, and NO AMOUNT of pressure from the muslim-loving left is going to change that fact, in my opinion!!!

  15. What does one expect from some ignorant, Stalinist. And to think, the uppity New York citizens voted for this godless puke. So, we can officially call New York>The People’s Republic of New York. And thus in the future, when New York sticks its hand out looking for help (and they will), the answer should be go to the Stalinists of the world and get their help. Cuomo is like ALL democ-RATS>>godless/anti-Christ/Anti-America/Anti-US Constitution. Ass Clowns one and all. Now New York thinks they are above God. Let us sit back and watch. The gimme folks of New York will be true to their lack of character and their hands will once again be stuck out for help. Not one drop of sweat from my ass will I give to New York. What a bunch of Stalinist LOSERS

  16. Those who think they are God will have toasty tootsies in due time. You do not mock God. Cuomo and the Obamanation will find out the hard way I think.

  17. Cuomo should not be taken seriously. If it were not for God, there would be nothing!

  18. First, Cuomo Junior is a POOR example of an offspring of his Father Mario, who I liked as a person & despised as a Politician. Second, if MY Catholic Church had any guts it would throw Cuomo Junior OUT of our Church. He stands for everything MY Church is against, is NOT a Catholic by any means, Divorced, supports Gay Marriage, and supports Abortion, the MURDER of innocents but has no problem handing out benefits to ILLEGALS who broke our LAWS, yet Condemns & Punishes legal & Constitutionally protected Gun Owners. In his statement of who HE thinks should reside in NY the wel-fare state, well that was enough. The gun Owners have only themselves to blame that this dolt got re-elected, had over 3 million of them VOTED against him he would have to get a job & actually work for a living instead of living on the Taxpayer dole.

    • If the RCC had any guts, the recently departed patriarch of the Cuomo clan would have been publicly rebuked for supporting abortion and his son, the gov of NYC, would be similarly rebuked for his support of homosexual marriage, abortion, and living in sin with his girlfriend. Cardinal Dolan (NYC) lacks “guts” or a true belief in the RCC Magisterium.

      • I most certainly AGREE, I was raised a Catholic by one parent who was, & one who converted. I never hear anything relevant at Mass to what’s going on in & to this American society. I was disgusted that the Bishops in NY my home State, supported Cuomo Junior’s Dream Act. This nonsense about breaking up Families is just a RUSE to get sympathy. Lets apply their same il-logic to Criminals & jail no one, as that also breaks up Families. We need another King George to straighten this country out, voting is a waste of time they tell you one thing, get elected & follow their Party, not their principles.

        • You may enjoy what one faithful organization has to say regarding the RCC and the rot within it. Free updates and a lot of good programming at this site:

  19. God made us free,man takes our rights away.

  20. Interesting topic of debate: It really revolves around whether one believes in a creator or not. The founding fathers — at least some of them — did, as the statement in the Declaration of Independence attests:

    “We hold these truths
    to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are
    endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

    It is another way of saying that the rights are not given by any person, group of people or government but that they are natural — springing from nature and the innate nature of mankind. Either Cuomo is ignorant of this philosophical debate or chooses to dismiss it as being irrelevant in the modern world. Either way, a sad comment from someone who should know better.

  21. Progressives confuse Human Rights … with LAWS……. life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and the “right” of human beings to be free are INALIENABLE rights that come from GOD. These “rights” cannot be taken away or abridged by “the government”. Progressives are truly slaves of the “government”. And the Cuomos and any political person who thinks as they do are a danger to a free society. I always think it’s good when these arrogant people are allowed to speak because their thoughts are so revealing.

  22. Many people – like chris – are fools who are all for taking away the rights they disagree with… until the rights they do agree with are taken away from THEM! I am amazed at the mechanism of lost brains like that idiot.
    People do not seem to grasp that “Rights” are defined by the FACT that we are human. It is our nature to think in abstracts. It is our nature to like some things and not others. It is our right to choose. To speak out. To answer every single question – even if we have to make something up. You can hold me down and cut off my hand and I will still be human. If you could hold me down and cut off my right to choose – I COULD NOT be human any longer. “WE hold these truths to be SELF-EVIDENT, that all men are created equal…” -none of us are more human or less human than any other human!!! There are no Natural Superiors – only COMMUBNIST “EXPERT” BULLIES who somehow think they are better than the rest of us – KMA chris, F-H, cwooomo! Come test my right to defend myself!

  23. Way to go Cuomo, spoken like a true Obamabot Socialist you @$$ wipe!!!

  24. trollhunterforlife45 am or FM radio top 50 conservative and sport talk and allowing Liberal point of view,Alan Comes of FOX News fame, with Conservative feed back call ins Including Coast to coast, Infowars,The Blaze,Michael Reagan, Shawn Hannity,Rush And the Man Michael Savage whom is # 1 In Live stream and am FM now going live stream no more fading in an out on your home or Auto Now on your PC Iphone or Android ,Ipad cheaper then XMSiruss at all Aspects of HD Quality Radio TV & Movie is putting cable sat out to pasture.

    • trollhunterforlife45

      My Favorite Central time radio host who is Anti Obama, Anti Democrat is Charles Butler of his radio show The Take M-F from 7 to 9 CT out of Chicago An American first Black man of Military Exp of the Vietnam era service in the U.S Navy.Telling the truth about The Politics of IL and Chicago,Democratic controlled Politics calling it out on Public Airwaves. Whom knows the Obamas personally.

      Obama is a Bis Sexual Man and is a Muslim not A Christian You have to tune in to liste and here what he has to say.

  25. Without GOD, there would be no man!!

  26. From the Declaration of Independence:
    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

    He stands in contrast to the foundation that the Founders based this country on. Therefore; he is not an American, he’s a danger to liberty, and he needs to leave!

    By what authority does one man bestow a “Right” on another man?

    When Rights are granted by men, those are not “Rights”, but privileges; and can be taken by man.

  27. Cuomo is just another puke liberal like Obama who thinks he knows everything. Our rights do not come from any man, they just are! No man has the right to tell me I cannot do certain things and if he does he needs to be eliminated post haste!

  28. I would sure be happier if people like Chris (oh no) Cuomo packed up and moved to those countries.

  29. It is so sad that we actually have people like Cuomo who are uneducated teaching more of the uneducated on what they call a “news” channel.

  30. What the lousy piece of liberal garbage is saying… is that they can take our rights away! We will see….

  31. Cuomo you are such an ignorant. If we have any laws today is because more than 4000 years ago, when men were very far from even recognizing what humanhood were, they were given laws by God which served as a model of what morality, right and wrong should be. These God given laws prevailed over all other sects and pagan laws around , or we would still be offering our babies to the fire of Moloc. Exactly by exterminating those pagan nations is that a possibility of a higher order laws and rights came to modern man. If you read the laws in the Old Testament, they are the fairest model of human rights and organization that you could base the modern law system.

  32. I believe the attempt by liberals to remove both God and liberty from America ultimately will fail, but it will be a long, hard struggle to retain our freedoms..

  33. NoMoreMarxistsInDC

    Chris Cuomo and his brother NY State Governor Andrew Cuomo are just “useful idiots” for the neo-communist/socialist apparatchik, who wish to deprive of us of our fundamentally secured God-given rights, starting with elimination of the Second Amendment. The RIGHT TO SELF-DEFENSE is a God-given right, and is not only found in the Second Amendment, but in the Ninth and Tenth Amendments as well, along with the Declaration of Independence. It is a right that cannot be taken by government or anyone else.

  34. Cuomo is following in the footsteps of his arrogant, narcissistic brother.

  35. Cuomo is as ignorant as they come. Unfortunately, too many poorly educated people believe as he does because our schools are being hijacked by PC Progressives who do not teach our children the TRUTH about our Founding Fathers and the history of our country.

  36. The Democrats proved which side they were on when they overwhelmingly cheered to ban God from their platform at the 2012 Democrat Primary. The man supposedly judging the response was so wrong, but then he said God would remain on the platform. People booed.

  37. He is in for a big surprise. I think God may have a different idea.

  38. Chris Cuomo “What a maroon.” – Bugs Bunny.

  39. Cumho is an ignorant dick. And he clearly doesn’t know the difference between rights and laws.

  40. Cuomo take your gay agenda to hell with you.

  41. The second you deem rights are “man” derived, then any man (or woman) can take them completely away. Our forefathers believed and wrote what they did, to define freedom and equality as God derived by default, therefore no men (or women) could EVER take those rights away, because they are inherent rights the day you are born (I would argue the day you are conceived, but that’s a whole other battle…). Of course the libs want rights to come from man, so they can TAKE THEM AWAY!!!

  42. His rights are from man, mine are from God. I expect that I will keep it that way.

  43. I know it is virtually useless to discuss with true believers. but here goes. I could be basing these comments on a faulty search engine, but if so please refer me to one that works better.

    Neither the word God nor the cord Creator appears in the US Constitution. Similarly, the word Creator appears only once in the Declaration of Independence and the only place the word God appears in that document it is in the context of
    “nature’s God” It doesn’t say the God of the Puritans, the God of the Christian Bible, etc. The Declaration of Independence is not the law of the land in the US. It was the document declaring independence from the tyranny of their former government directed by the King of England. After the war was successfully completed the victors wrote the Constitution, primarily to prevent the recurrence of such tyranny in particular, but all tyranny in general. The dominant theme is to proscribe tyrannies
    of various kinds, not to provide “Rights”. High among the freedoms is the freedom to believe whatever you want (but not the right to impose that tyranny on the rest of the nation). Under our Constitutional law, written by men (albeit with a lot of notions evolved from various Christian denominations and other closely related religions) the church and the state are separated carefully to prevent the tyranny of any single religious doctrine. That separation is the biggest advantage that we have in the US
    over the theocracy of Islam.

    In the Moore case, the Constitution clearly states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”.
    That seems about as clear as it can possibly be and should resolve the Supreme Courts’ difficulty – marriage and other religious beliefs is no concern of the Federal Government.

    Note this does not provide any right to any religion, it just says that Congress can’t interfere with the beliefs and the exercise. Even that is not a universal right. Regardless of what religious beliefs you have you are still obligated to observe all the man-made laws of the Constitution. For example, even though a few Muslims believe they are instructed to murder infidels, the practice of that religious belief is not permitted under our man-made Constitutional laws. Similarly, Moore can believe anything he wants, but he is responsible for applying Constitutional law as it is written, not the way his beliefs would have preferred. He took an oath of office to
    support and defend the Constitution. If he can’t do that he should resign. Of course, those last two sentences also apply to Congress, the President, and the Supreme Court.

  44. What really can you expcect from the leftards?? They dont believe in God or creation, even though they can not scientifically and unequivocally rule it out. They think that gay parents are better than normal parents, even as a recent study contradicts that. They think that human life have no value and they affirm this thru abortion. They dont know what the Constitution is, and how is that same Constitution is the one that give them rights to talk all the nonsense they do. They dont follow facts and data in anything they support , just the paid or faked data that the leftard media aproves or support. Basically you are dealing with a person that lives in their own fantasy dream world and which laws for living are more a philosophy than reality. There is more proof supporting an existing Creator than any other failed hypothesis that men can bring forward. But still , when they do all this stupid things that they do ,they are only confirming what the Bible tells us will happen in this time. So seeing how their twisted way grows only can give more faith an assurance that the Bible is true.

  45. Cuomo is a man who does not believe there is a GOD much less that our rights come for one. No Atheist or self righteous human believes that any Biblical law is worth spit. No one can carry on any sort of agreement with people such as the likes of Cuomo. They must be obeyed or followed by like minded individuals or they simply don’t agree to anything ever.


  46. Hey, Chris: Who made you omnipotent?

  47. Sorry Cuomo you’re a moron, all our rights come from God.

  48. Hey, how ’bout that. CNN has a Cuomoron too! As a New Yorker(state not city, there’s another I’d like to send to Commie News Nation, where diseased minds go to…well, spread disease.

  49. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    Cuomo sure is one fool cause our real rights do come from our GOD.

  50. It is these sort of VILE EVIL MEN We have to deal with ….get in their faces and tell them off. If our Founding Fathers were alive today, Mr. Cuomo would be HANGED! YOU SOB!

  51. If he would bother to read the Constitution he would see that it starts off with three words, WE THE PEOPLE! Nowhere in the Constitution does it say anything about a creator, salvation, Christianity, Jesus, or religion except in the negative. I thought all conservatives were supposed to be constitutional experts. It’s a claim they never cease making, while at the same time they always fail to prove.
    There is one small item conservatives can’t seem to get through their heads. The Declaration has NO force of law. It is not a founding document. It is not a part of the law of the land and never will be. But since we’re on the subject of the Declaration a close reading of the it will reveal that it says nothing about God, Jesus, Christianity, or salvation. When it says we are endowed with rights from our Creator Christians always jump on that is claiming it says something about a god. It does not. Many of the founders considered nature as their Creator. Many of them thought this whole god thing was a bunch of drivel, which it is.
    Conservatives would know this if they would bother to get all way to the 10th grade in high school. They should have learned this in their basic civics classes but clearly did not.
    There is something else that conservatives would have learned of had they gone through high school. A period of time called the Dark Ages. The planet got a taste of god-given rights as administered by the Catholic Church. How many hundreds of thousands of people were burned alive by the church? How many women were murdered for being witches? The planet has had its bellyful of god-given rights.
    Moore is a moron that embarrassed Alabama once before. I doubt the people of Alabama are going to stand around and put up with his hogwash very long.

  52. This guy is an idiot. Marriage came down to us as marriage one man and one woman from God the only Almighty creator of everything. If like wants to join with like then it must be called something else; RATHER than marriage. Like canNOT marry like. If they want to call it something such as a legal union is one thing. It just can’t be called marriage.

  53. Whoa! Do you promise to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth, SO HELP YOU GOD.

  54. My GOD is not an imaginary god. My God is a god of truth. Thank ye all United States Veterans.

  55. our government is no more than common criminals who have given themselves power to do what they want. it is up to the people to take back our nation and prosecute all the politicians who have destroyed this nation.

  56. The words cited by Judge Moore were written by a man. Also, they are not in the Constitution, but in the Declaration of Independence. They are written by a Deist and constitute a paraphrase of words written by another man: John Locke.
    Also: God does not appoint, or elect judges. Men and women do. Judge Moore sworn duty is to interpret, enforce and obey laws written by men.

  57. Believing what the Main Stream Media says is like sticking your hand in a snake pit. Cuomo is just another person with the libtard mental disease/brainwashing from college.

  58. And the Bill of Rights states how we have a DUTY to remove despots from government office. If we don’t exercise that right with this president, then how would we ever be able to have that to work for us for removing anybody from office after this? It seems to me we have given over the one thing we have left to help ourselves. Any president after this one will always feel safe from impeachment because it was not used on this president. We have to put him out for his criminal acts, treason etc, but it would also preserve our right to do it with any despots coming up.

  59. Everything we have comes from God whether you like it not.

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