CNN Stars Get Really, Really Upset Over Trump’s Latest Briefing

They just can’t resist the bait. No matter how many times President Trump plays the exact same gambit, the idiots at CNN fall for it every time. If presented with a choice between defending their non-existent honor and giving viewers some straight-up reporting of the news, they will go with the former without exception. And after President Trump threw a video in their face at Monday’s Coronavirus Task Force Briefing, CNN’s stars just couldn’t hold back.

So enraged were they by the video – which promoted Trump’s coronavirus response while taking merciless shots at the fake news media – that they actually cut away from the briefing so they could rage about the whole thing in the studio.

Gathered for the beatdown were CNN luminaries Erin Burnett, Jim Acosta, John King, and Brian Stelter, and they were all very, very mad about what they’d just witnessed.

“He’s trying to talk his way out of a mess he created himself,” whined Acosta. “Over the past 45 to 60 days, both he and members of the conservative media were in this echo chamber saying to one another that the public did not have to worry about this.”

Yeah right. Just Trump and the conservative media, eh? Not the Associated Press, which, as the Media Research Center noted, had this beauty of a headline on February 18: “Is the new virus more ‘deadly’ than flu? Not exactly.”

Or the USA Today, which ran with this story on February 1: “Coronavirus is scary, but the flu is deadlier, more widespread.”

But sure, blame all your woes on Sean Hannity and Donald Trump. Have fun with that.

“The briefing was breathtaking,” huffed King. “It bordered on dangerous. The president began with a propaganda video. He played it in the room, that cherry-picked moments.”

Yes, because the anti-Trump media has never done THAT.

“He started this briefing with an anti-media propaganda video, which is nothing short of disgraceful,” said Stelter. “But it also shows us where he’s coming from. And I found myself thinking of people in hospital wards who, they don’t want to talk about the past. They want to talk about right now. They need help right now. But the President is not showing empathy for those people.”

Uh-huh. Go do yourself a favor, Brian, and actually watch a few of these coronavirus briefings. Count to yourself how many times the reporters press Trump about the “people in hospital wards” and compare it the number of questions they ask about what the administration was doing in December, January, and February. If the people the media cares about “don’t want to talk about the past,” why does the media spend all of its time talking about ONLY that?

The only thing “disgraceful” about what’s going on right now is that the left-wing media is using the coronavirus as just one more excuse to bash the president and his supporters.

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