CNN Pastor Explains Trump: Christians Have “Lost the Gospel of Jesus”

We could perhaps think of a network or two we’d like to see pontificate on the true “Gospel of Jesus” less than CNN, but it would take some thinking. So it was that we were just disgusted to see Lutheran pastor Angela Denker tell us on “Reliable Sources” this weekend that Trump’s popularity could be explained by noting how far from the Bible American Christians have strayed.

Everyone knows, of course, that a good Christian votes for politicians who want to see babies left to die on the tables of your local abortion clinic. Duh.

“The American church has lost the Gospel of Jesus and has become caught up in a gospel distortion, over Christian Nationalism which says that our God is no longer the God of the Bible but a God who makes America strongest,” Denker said.

Exactly. The real God is the one who invites us to erase our borders, allow our country to be overrun by illegal aliens, and, while we’re at it, kneels for the Pledge and throws prayer out of the public schools. Please, do tell us more, Ms. Denker.

“I found this in churches from Appalachia to Orange County that pastors, in particular, have failed to teach the actual teachings of Jesus, which were not about power or wealth or money, but about loving one another, about giving your money to the poor. and instead, American churches have become caught up in wealth and power, and it has led American Christians to be so entirely focused on our own power and our own money, and of course, has led to a president who exemplifies many of those things,” she said.

Okay, she makes some fair points in that particular paragraph, but we’re not quite sure that you can draw a direct line from this failing to President Trump. Rich though he may be, he’s hardly the first wealthy man to occupy the White House. At least this one was honest about where his wealth came from.

“I think the national news media needs to more deeply understand the actual story of Jesus and who Jesus really is,” she continued. “Jesus was somebody who was not at all like an earthly king, and God sent Jesus to remind the people of Israel that an earthly king was not what God intended. Americans are getting caught up in the same kind of traps that the Hebrew people of the Old Testament were, which is waiting for an earthly king to bring us power. That is not the story of Christianity. I think a lot of journalists are missing that part.”

Well, we’re not sure we recall the last time a journalist pontificated on the true teachings of Jesus, but we’ll take Denker’s word for it. What we won’t tolerate is the insinuation that American Christians are looking at Trump as some kind of Christ-substitute. There’s no evidence in the record for that; indeed, many Christians are quite forthright about Trump’s shortcomings as a man of piety. But if he’s going to be the bulwark stopping godless liberals from stripping this country of everything that made it great? Well, God bless him.

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