CNN Panelists Say “Sexism” is to Blame for Elizabeth Warren’s Downfall

Two days before Elizabeth Warren finally gave up the ghost and canceled her presidential campaign, the writing was already on the wall. No serious contender for the Democratic nomination could come back from the shellacking that Warren received on Super Tuesday, a night where – humiliatingly – she could only manage third place in her own home state of Massachusetts. And that, frankly, was one of her better showings of the night.

While a list of all the flaws in Warren’s campaign could fill a small book, the idiots covering Super Tuesday on CNN didn’t want to talk about any of them. Instead, they went the predictable route and blamed the “sexism” of Democratic primary voters for Warren’s misfortunes.

“You had this very diverse Democratic Party and then you have the women, you have all the white guys who have the delegates. What’s going on here?” said host Don Lemon, encouraging his woke panelists to dive into this irresistible red meat of grievance-based identity politics.

The Daily Beast’s Jackie Kucinich said that there were still some woefully backwards folks out there who don’t think a woman can win the presidency.

“If just the fact that this ground game did not turn out votes for her, did not get people to the polls for Elizabeth Warren is really — there’s really a lot of digging as to why that didn’t happen, whether it’s sexism, whether it’s the fact someone did just changed their mind,” Kucinich said. “I heard women when I was in Iowa tell me we’re Warren fans, we’re worried that people — they liked Warren, they heard her speak. They went to the polls and then they were worried that a woman couldn’t beat Donald Trump.”

And then, presumably, they pulled the lever for gaffe machine Joe Biden or outright communist Bernie Sanders, so what can you really take away from people like that? At the end of the day, woman or no woman, black guy or no black guy, diverse candidate or candidate as white as rice…none of these fools are going to beat Donald Trump.

But sure, let’s keep kicking the dead horse.

“Americans are still very uncomfortable with women in power,” Karen Finney said without evidence. “And that’s part of why women have to credential again and again.”

Never trust anyone who uses “credential” as a verb, by the way.

“This whole dynamic really upsets me,” said former Clinton aide Patti Solis Doyle. “It really upsets me that someone like Elizabeth Warren who was stellar on the debate stage, had a great organization, smart, tough, had resources, somehow just seemed to — has been like shoved aside and we don’t know why.”

Because. People. Didn’t. Like. Her.

It’s not that big of a mystery. There’s no sinister plot against women. It’s just politics.

Settle down, ladies. (You’re being hysterical).

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