CNN Leftist Ready to Make Good on Trump’s Monument Fears

In his wild and woolly press conference on Tuesday, President Trump vocalized a fear that most Republican politicians dare not address. It is the fear that once the Democrats finish tearing down every Confederate flag and monument in the country that they will turn their attention to the Founding Fathers, many of whom were also slave owners. Thomas Jefferson. George Washington. And from there, where does it go? Can anyone honestly say they have no fear whatsoever that this is exactly where all of this is headed? If you can, then you either support that conclusion or you just haven’t been paying attention. Because on the extreme left – see: universities, Antifa, socialist blogs, etc. – they’ve been talking about ripping America’s racist history out by the roots for a long time.

And now that it gives them an excuse to denounce Trump, the mainstream liberals are gladly picking up the pitchfork themselves.

CNN political analyst Angela Rye gave this insanity a mainstream platform on Thursday.

“The heart of the problem is the way many of us were taught American history,” Rye said. “American history is not all glorious. George Washington was a slave owner. We need to call slave owners out for what they are. Whether we think they were protecting American freedom or not. He wasn’t protecting my freedom. I wasn’t someone – my ancestors weren’t deemed human beings to him.

To me, I don’t care if it’s a George Washington statue or a Thomas Jefferson statue or a Robert E. Lee statue, they all need to come down,” she continued. “I’m calling out white supremacy for what it is. And sometimes, what it is, are blind spots. Sometimes what it is, is not acknowledging this country was built upon a very violent past that resulted in the death and the raping and the killing of my ancestors. I’m not going to allow us to say it’s okay for Robert E. Lee but not a George Washington. We need to call it what it is.”

There you have it, and don’t think for a moment that Rye’s opinion is going to stay on the fringes of ideology for much longer. The left sees a glorious opportunity after Charlottesville, just like they did after the shooting in Charleston. Never let a dead body go to waste, right? Oh, and they won’t. The Confederate statues are coming down for sure now, you can take it to the bank. And then it will be on to the Washingtons, the Jeffersons, and maybe even the Lincolns. Because it doesn’t actually matter if they can connect these people to slavery. It only matters that they can shred the foundation of this country and start fresh with their own diseased ideas about what makes a country great.

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  1. The heart of America’s problem is that political analysts like Angela Rae are demoralized by ideologically subversion. And this is a SERIOUS problem.

    In the video below Yuri Bezmenov describes the Lefts process of Ideological Subversion. There are four phases.

    Phase 1: Demoralization 15-20
    Phase 2: Destabilization 2-5 years (Destroy economy, foreign relations, Defense systems)
    Phase 3: Crisis 6 weeks – includes a violent change in power.
    Phase 4: Then Normalization which lasts indefinitely.

    Angela Rae and many more are examples of a demoralized person. She is no longer able to accept information that goes against her Leftist ideology. There are probably millions of them and as Yuri says, they are placed in positions of high importance within our community and we are stuck with them. (This includes both political parties.)

    It is equally obvious to me that 0bama did everything he could to implement phase 2, the destruction of our economy, defense system, and foreign relations.

    AND 0bama attempted to move the Country into phase 3, where he or his outside buddies could assume control of the Country.

    First we must identify the problem, then we must find solutions. I believe in America, and I believe we can do this. Any suggestions as to how to fix this situation?

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  2. I think they should trash every Democratic Party Symbol and office across the country for the simple reason that the Democratic party was the party of slavery. It was the people of the Democratic South that owned and traded slaves. They attacked Fort Sumter in South Carolina shortly after Lincoln was inaugurated. It was the mostly Republican North that fought the Civil War and put an end to slavery! The mostly Democratic South advocated for states’ rights to perpetuate slavery and its expansion in the Americas. The latest way to spell “Democrat!” is “Hypocrite”.

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    • Hell we are still the slaves of the democratic and the Republican Party of this country. The full-time politicians making a living by raping and pillaging the working people of this country is nothing more than slavery itself. That’s what needs to be done away with! No more professional politicians no more lobbyist it is what it is what the people want.

    • Well spoken! The Demoncrats are the ultimate HYPOCRITES! They are the ones who are responsible for the “revised history” that is going on in this country! I’ve lived quite a few years, and I could tell the Demoncrats a lot of stories that they would not like hearing! THEY are the ones who advocated, and fought for slavery, for many years.

      • The reason Robert E. Lee surrendered was to stop slavery. He was anti-slavery but the blacks are so stupid they don’t want to study real history. They just want to bitch about their sorry lot in life. They should stay in school and get jobs and pay taxes.

        • Hello, I have read your post and it bares a lot of truth, you see, I am black and it is true that a lot of my black people don’t know the true history of slavery in America, but who is to blame, our history books in school never taught this, then there is Hollywood who only show black slave movies like 12years a slave and Roots, then you have Beloved all these pictures are just something to keep blacks in an uproar over non truth. 1 Million white slaves came to this Country before the black slave was brought here by Muslim and Jewish slave ships, the Jews used English names on their ships, the Muslims used their Islamic name and flag. I again agree with you, todays black young men don’t care to work, they say it is to hot or to cold outside, I am not talking about all of them, I will say about 40%, these are those who have their pants under their butt cheeks and their drawgs showing, they prey on young black females having baby after baby and pay no child support, then there is a sight I hate most of all, a fine black sister wearing a doo-rag and thinks she is a man, she to wears those sagging pants and wants to be the children father, she is no man and what does it seem like for a woman to be called daddy by a child? I hate the fact that they are taking down these Statues, it was a good thing for me to know at one time we had two Presidents at the same time, it’s a shame to erase this history. I guess these people won’t be happy until Islam fly their flag and erect a statue of Mohammad across this land. They have changed our name in the last 150 years, first it was Negro, this name is more fitting to all dark skin people, even the Mexicans use this term for some of their people, then came the N word , which does not mean a black man as the new dictionary say, the N word was for someone ignorant or plain stupid, then came the word colored, to me this was anybody white or black, then the name Afro American , now it is African American, I am not one of these, I am a American Negro this is on my birth record, not my mother or my father was listed as African or as coming from Africa, on my job application I use to always put American Negro, this is my heritage, I was born here and I am proud to be a true American.

          • Well said, Sir!

          • You sound like an intelligent man. I would imagine black men like Judge Clarence Thomas and Dr. Ben Carson sound a lot like you also. And I definitely mean that in a complimentary way. As a matter of fact I was unsure of who to vote for during the presidential primary in my home state. I had settled on Dr. Carson just ahead of Sen. Cruz and future President Trump. However he had dropped out of the race by the time of the election in Louisiana. I was glad to see President Trump pick Dr. Carson as a member of his Cabinet though.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Dayuummm, do I ever appreciate your message, but people like you are far and few.. Thanks bro. (and I’m a honkie) ROFL

          • I want to thank the three of you for reading my post. I ask the LORD GOD to help me to say the right things before I post. One thing we as a people seems to forget, there is but one race all Created by the MESSIAH JESUS CHRIST, we were separated because of one man, Nimrod who hated GOD and claimed the he was a god, had it not been for him we would still be one people ONE WORLD UNDER GOD. I wish that we could all come together as Americans and talk without shouting to get our point across, this would be the greatest debate ever. However there is a problem, we have people who have come from overseas, the Mideast who wants to destroy this Nation, we have the Democrats who like in the Civil War have pushed for these people to be here. Islamic terrorist are here by the thousands and if Hildabeast had got the house, their number would have doubled. I don’t hate anyone, but when it comes to my freedom being taken away, we have a problem, anyone who can’t abide by the Constitution should not be here. You take the people of Dearborn Michigan, they surrendered their city to Islam, they live by their Sharia Laws, they have more than one wife and they get welfare and tax dollars to support their hate for this Nation, the taxpayers of America is being taken by the Democrats to support these jihadist and radicals. I.C.E. where are they when they are needed? The jihad camps are well armed and ready for war right here, who do we blame? how did they get here? they have no ships or planes and yet they are here. The news media plays a big part, they show pictures of women and children in these wars and they want us to feel sorry for them, I say this, all these young men who comes to this Country should be sent back home to fight their own wars instead of coming here planning to destroy our Country and our freedom, the President should not send one American soldier to fight for their freedom, Islamic men and boys at the age of 16 should be packed up and sent onto the battle fields of their homeland, instead our government has sold them land here to build an army to fight us. Please go on line, call your Congress man or woman and push for the complete removal of all Islamic men, women and children, the government has already done this to the Hispanics so why not the Muslims that hate and are ready for all out war? It is wrong to say anything about Islam, it is political correctness it is racist, they are the perfect people, they are always right. Go on line now and see for yourself, Jihad Camps in America. Do we want to see a statue of Mohammad replace the Great men who fought for our freedom? Do we want to see the HOLY BIBLE replaced with the unholy Koran? Do we want to see the black flag of Islam fly over the White House? Do you want your daughters to marry old Islamic men when she is 8 years old? We must rid this Nation of Islam, 80% of the Mexicans come here to work, not to blow up buildings and murder and rape, they are hard working people and they spend their money here and they do send some home to help their people, but Islam is all about supporting their war with the rest of the world and they use our money to do so.

          • I haven’t heard that word Honkie in a many year now, then there were your mama jokes we called the dozens. Blacks today still go around today saying, what’s up my nigga but they get upset if you said it and you are white, I often wondered where did the word white came from, no man is white, just lighter skin because there is a place called Caucasus and the people are called Caucasians be they are black or lighter skinned, just like all Africans are not black. It sound so funny to hear that word again. Names for both races are funny to hear, like for blacks, jiggerboo, spear chucker, jungle bunny, spook, coon and sambo, for whites, grayboy, crackers, wiggers, honkies, and shay whittie, who in hell thought of these crazy names, none of these names ever got to me, I know who I am. I see that we are still at it today. If you get to Heaven before I do, please let me know if GOD has two Heavens, you can text me, because there is just one Hell and that’s for all who don’t or won’t accept JESUS as LORD and SAVIOR, Color will not get you into this KINGDOM. Satan’s time is winding down and he know this, so to keep us going at one another, he came up with a master plan, the Democrat Party. In 2018 I hope and pray that all the old fokes are put out to pasture starting with John McCain, Maxine Waters and there are more, do not vote for these people again, they been around for decades.

          • Ray, when I was stationed in Korea (’65-’66) my buddy and I use to have some fun with the blacks that started acting stupid with this idiotic racial crap we were stationed with. He was Black and I was white and he came up with him acting like that Black actor that taught Shirley Temple how to dance, Slow Joe. He had the Southern drawl down perfect. When I need him for something I’d yell “Hey, Joe.” He look up and say “Yessa Boss, I’za commin’, I’za commin’!”, and start that slow walk just like that actor did in the movies.

            I felt kind of funny doing that and was scared that those guys would jump me sometime; but he told me that nothing was going to happen because they were more afraid of him, I think he was about 6’6″ and weighed in about 250+ pounds all muscle. If I remember right before he was drafted he worked as a Logger and a Tree topper. So as you can see he was one hell of a big man and sometimes I’d jokingly call him Paul Bunyan and ask him were Babe was.

          • Hey don’t feel bad, back in the early 70’s I had a guy on my job we joked everyday, he would call me WRAP, I would call him WGH, these were two radio stations, one was black and the other was white music that was the way he and I talked, but some of the bricklayers didn’t like it, the job was ending and we were going to another city, they didn’t let him come with the move. I have something bigger than this, our city and state government has been going around taking down Confederate Statues saying it is upsetting blacks in America, someone else brought this to my attention, Islam was the ones who sold the black slaves to America, they raped most of the black women that was their cargo, they threw the babies to the sharks, when a bad storm came they would throw many a slave over board to drown. Mohammad was a slave owner and he had many black slaves and yes he would have sex with them, he and his army, but you know and I know blacks in America don’t pick up books to read about this, a lot of them join Islam and they will defend that dumb Mohammad, not knowing that they will be beheaded if Sharia Law was here today. How many black soldiers do you see in the Middle East fighting on the side of ISIS? They hate our black skin, yet they smile in our face. I am not a person to worry, I trust GOD to much to let thing get to me, if my black brothers don’t wake up and join forces with my white, red and Jewish brother, we will fall, this is America and not the Mideast. The Mideast is worst than any 3rd world country, almost completely destroyed, do we want that here? We have allowed all these young healthy Muslims into America, they should be in their homeland fighting for their freedom, instead of President Trump sending our men and women to fight, he should draft all Muslim men 18 to 35 and send them to fight for their freedom, why should American have to die or come home crippled for their sake? This is what’s going on right under our nose, these Muslims come here and join the jihad camps that are here by order of Sheikh Gilani, so instead of tearing down our history, we should be tearing down all of these Mosques, because these are the people who beat our great grandparent and sold them into slavery, murdered a lot of them, yet we welcome them as peaceful, what in the hell are we thinking?

          • Right on friend great comment.

          • finaly had enough

            Raymond Jones
            You are absolutely correct… and sound like a smart and good man. This business about Mexican American, Asian American, Italian American or African American is a well planned and thought through strategy of dividing us into identity -driven minorities when we learn to disrespect and dislike each other… This strategy makes us week and busy trying to accuse each other of all kind of sins rather then remember that “Together we stand…divided we fall”.
            I am a proud first generation Jewish American and take offence to be considered anything rather then — an American who happens to be Jewish. I am not a Republican nor Democrat but a real independent… I used to vote sometimes for one and sometimes for the other… now I cannot imagine voting for a Democrat. They lost any and all interest in fixing what is wrong with our country… economy, GDP, education, healthcare, taxes, infrastructure, national security and more then anything the value system for the young generation. After their loss of power for no reason but because they had a lousy, weak, corrupt candidate, no plan for solving any problems but the “bathroom bill”, lost touch with the people they supposedly represent and work for…Democrats created the current uneasy and unsafe environment in our country. The “Resist” movement (oppose everything that the president is working on), the militant violent agitators who cover their faces (!??!) and destroy public property without punishment, the active censorship of conservative speech, the destroying of historical monuments, the disrespect and violence against the police ,,, I could go on and on… and they use the words “Racist” and “Racism” as powerful tools to end the discussion. Any discussion. Any disagreement. Any attempt to think different. It is shameful. I just heard H Dean, the former DNC chairman say” if you are voting Republican you are a racist”. He made my point.
            Liberal press distorts reality to fit the narrative…
            Just take the Sunday demonstrations in Boston. The conservatives were violently overpowered, people with their faces covered were hitting and spitting and screaming at the members of the conservative meeting which had to be cancelled for safety reasons and not one “news outlet” found this story worth discussing… The local talk radio had dozens of people who were actually there, calling in and sharing their awful experience and no media picked that up.
            So where do we go from here… destroy the historical monuments, get angry at Columbus, rename Washington into Maxine Water’s City… (???)

          • JESUS had 12men that HE hand picked, HE knew one was from Satan, that one betrayed HIM in the end. When it came down to owning up if you were one of the 12, they fled for their lives, fearing being nailed to the cross. What I am saying is this, the President has had leakers like Judas and there are still some there from the Obama era, he has to be careful of who he talk to. Let me say this, it is bad when you can’t talk around your cabinet people for fear of leaks. The bathroom bill is the worst thing going, we have talked about men using the same bathroom that our wives and little girls use, well we have to blame the homo OBAMA. When it comes to the Nation of Israel, I have been saying that if we do not stand with Israel we are doomed. I try to explain to people on line that all Israelites are not Jews, only the Tribe of Judah is Jewish, this is where King David came from and KING JESUS. When King Solomon lost his mind chasing false gods, the LORD GOD took 10 Tribes from him, these 10 were called Israel and they dwelled in the North of the land, Judah and Benjamin were to the South, the 10 lost favor with GOD and were scattered around the world, people say that Islam is every where, that’s a lie. The world count for Jews is 15 million, that’s a lie, GOD said to Abraham, I will make your seed like the stars of Heaven, so where does 15 million come from? From Adam and Eve to Noah, God wiped out that generation, from Noah being saved from the Great Flood we are here today and nothing has changed, the LORD GOD said, as in the days of Noah so shall it be when the SON OF MAN returns, we as a Christian Nation has gone all the way back to the days of Noah, people are unforgiving and unloving, Faith Hope and Charity where is it today? People bad mouth the President, for what reason, they have never been to his house, they never talked to him one on one, Jesus said, how can you hate your brother who you have seen and LOVE GOD who you have not seen? If your blood type is O positive and you need blood to save your life, would you say to the doctor where do this blood come from, was he black, white, Mexican, that would be real stupid and this is what people should be thinking, I might need that persons blood to save my life, nah, some would blow your head off and let that blood be wasted, we better get it together are we will all be lost in time. Death has no respect of color, it will take us sometimes before I’ll time is up by the things we do, like the girl who lost her life in the VA riot, she should have been at home getting ready for College, they talk about opium and how many people are hooked on it, tell the doctors stop giving it to people and stop making these pills, it is your fault when you take something that will kill you or destroy your body organs, you can’t blame no one but self. Before you go to sleep tonight, REPENT of all your sins, you could wake in Hell.

          • Ray, there won’t be no statue of that pedophile because its against the perverted side of the Islamic faith to do so.

            I may have white skin but I’m what used to be referred to as an American Mutt. Some of my ancestors watched the white man come ashore. On my Grandfathers side I’m part Lakota Sioux and on my Grandmothers side I’m Iroquois with some Scots, Irish, German, Dutch and English mixed in. In other words: I’m a Proud American Mutt!

          • I hope that one day that your people get their heritage back, we all have been taught to speak English, but to hear someone speak their own tongue sounds better. I heard 2 Indian boys talk and I was wishing I could have got in on the conversation, they were 8 and 10. I was looking at PBS on Native America and they were talking about Tribes teaching their young their old tongue. Now to the topic, Mohammad was more of a god to his people, because GOD would not have chosen a fool to teach anyone the Satanic verses and call it a bible. To Islam it is a sin to say anything wrong about their so called demonic prophet, you said that it is no way for them to erect a statue of him, if they had it their way, I believe they would take down Lady Liberty and put him right in New York’s harbor, but you know and I know, before we surrender our freedom, Islam will be destroyed here in America, like I said if Hildabeast got the House, the invasion would be completed, she wanted 500,000 more. The media have been showing war torn Yemen, they show mostly children, this is to get the Democrats to fill sad and sorry so they can push for them to come here, they never show the able body young men that should be fighting to regain their freedom, here is the problem, ISIS has no ships to get any where, but by playing the refugee card they get a free ride, once they get into a Country, they join forces to overturn the government just like here in America, they got their free pass and now there are 33 jihad camps here and over 2thousand mosques, they get their weapons at gun shows most of the time. If our Government don’t get these people out of this Country, we will have war because they want NO GO ZONES, so they can have Sharia Law and marry little girls, some now have 2 to 4 wives getting a check and food stamps, they collect these checks to help fund wars in the Mideast, thanks to the America Taxpayers and our Government

        • That’s very true. I don’t think General Lee surrendered to stop slavery though. Things had gotten to the point where it was pointless to continue fighting for the South’s independence because of the Confederacy’s lack of manufacturing and manpower. The north had all the manpower it needed because not only were the big cities up there more populated than the states of the Confederacy but also because there was a potato famine going on in Ireland and they were all sailing into New York City and willing to do just about anything for a paycheck including joining the yankee army. However I do remember reading that President Davis wanted to start putting an end to slavery after the Confederacy’s independence was won. Unfortunately things didn’t work out and the South lost its bid for independence. In any case, as soon as the age of machinery and manufacturing started in the late 1800s, slavery would have ultimately been abolished. And the reason is purely financial. It’s cheaper to feed gasoline to farm equipment than it is to feed, clothe and house slaves.

        • Give a N!$$er , not blacks, half a chance and he’ll act like one.

        • Stay in school, get a job and pay taxes, you are asking for a miracle now and you know it. Job is selling drugs and for the women having welfare babies

    • DirtyDaveyDownEast

      Actually I like Demon-rat better.


      • The New Party Name is; Socialist Democratic Party!
        What is next; Mount Rushmore, Stone Mountain, or what about the faces on R $1., $5., $10.,$50., $100., bills; should they get rid of them too? In God We Trust! Idiots; that R being used…

        • DirtyDaveyDownEast

          Yea, but I still think the party leadership, (if that’s what you want to call it), is demon possessed.


        • You forgot “Fascist”! These brown-shirts need to be arrested, and if there aren’t enough prisons, we can always set up prison compounds with barbed-wire fences and guard towers, German shepherd dogs, etc.

          • gITMO ! One way ticket ! After they serve their time just let them out amongst the other commies

        • they already are asking for them to be demolished while we are at it lets sink all the ships named after the decendants of slave owners like the mccain it already has a head start so just scuttle it

        • The way things are going I think that they are pushing for an Islamic takeover and they will put Mohammad, Keith Ellison, Obozo, Hillary and Bill on all of our money, then they will put in Allah we trust and the Crescent Moon and Star will be flying over the White House, this is what the Democrats want and if we don’t stop this madness we are in for a real fight, Islam is the democrats key to keeping this Nation at war, they hate all poor whites and all blacks. Many of you don’t know that we are at war with Islam not just overseas but here also, they are the enemy of the State and people.

          • Amen ! We just need to keep on putting the word out there; eventually someone else might change their ways…In

        • I heard talk about Stone Mountain just yesterday–saying it should be sandblasted. This nonsense needs to stop.

    • Why do you think the symbol of the Democrat Party is the jack-ass? (Eeeh-Awww, Eeeh-Awww…)

    • The Party of Slavery and lately of Black JOBS losses and a future mired in Ghetto/Plantation Welfare has really become the RACE INDUSTRY future to make that KKLAN of BLACK Racists of CBC… Sharpton and Obama Wealthy at their ultimate Expense …IE NO education… NO Future and no Dreams and Hope to ever GET out of POVERTY but remain screwed up forever…all in the name of MISCRONSTRUED RACISM…

      • The slaves would probably b e embarrassed at the way these non slaves, never been a slave and never will be a slave walk around with all their garbs on and smirks at white people and walking with their pants halfway down their butts. Now, they think that’s cute or makes them look tough??? Ridiculous and downright sickening.

    • Wish we could. Any ideas as to how to do it?

    • Something needs to take place for those hypocrites. Why is it NOW the democrats are making such a todo about the monuments and statues? WHY, when President Trump is our president??? Why didn’t they do this commotion when Obama and prior presidents were there??? Those statues have been standing for many years and I think if someone tears them down they go to prison. This is our history and who are those extreme leftists and dummy democrats all of a sudden wanting to take out our history?? I would love to hear a comment on this because I just don’t get it. It looks like a personal thing toward our president.
      WHY doesn’t our president pass a bill to STOP them dead in their tracks??? I want to know!!!!

      • Why doesn’t our law enforcement agencies do their job when these ass wipes attempt to pull down these statues or deface/ destroy those monuments. Wade into these ass wipes and do a tattoo on their heads with a night stick. Those that survive should be locked up in one of those FEMA camps we heard so much about during the Obumass years. The police high ups are political appointees.
        When some liberal mayor tells them to “stand down”, they meakly do so because they are scared to death of losing their jobs. I think I would rather lose that job than be a wimp and not do what the law prescribes me to do…

        • I stand with you on your idea. To me it’s a crime and should be treated as such.

        • Actually they,(the police), have. Those who pulled over the statue in Houston last week, have been identified, arrested, and now face up to 40 years for the destruction of public property. Those involved are all members of the American Communist Party. I can only hope that the courts in Houston due their job, and hand down the max sentence of 40 years to them all.

    • Yes but the south did not actually start slavery in the first place, it was the northern states that did but after getting to being a slave owner , the north could not make it work for them, the south got into it after seeing the northern states doing it
      The northern states could not make it work for them because they were not brutal enough unfortunately the south was. It is ironic that the very people who bitch about slavery was the very ones who ancestors may have help start it. Then when you look at the end of the war, Lincoln always thought that the black people would go back to where they came from when it was over with. What bitches me is listening and reading about all this so call white supremacy crap. I had relatives fighting on the union side in the civil war.the black people who talk like that CNN PERSON DOES needs to get a grip on reality, it was blood of white people that made them free in the first place and if there had not been a George Washington or Thomas Jefferson, she would most likely still someplace in Africa or where ever her so called Ancestors came from. So in some ways it is because of us poor white supremacist that they she and all the others even have freedom all ever were free. It is with our poor white supremacist blood is a reason why she’s able to be sitting at a CNN desk right now so she should be thanking us rather than put us down unless she believes that the entire Civil War buy black people and black slaves. And she needs to remember black people fought on both sides of the war here and there were black Confederate soldiers and like it has been said it was never about slavery anyway it was about the south being able to govern itself was that the government meddling in his life and what’s funny you got California getting ready to do the same thing and I believe they going to do it it’s only a matter of time and if California does it you can watch for I think Alaska to follow

    • Right you are, Justin. It’s absolutely true that the Democrats were the party of and for slavery; and the Republicans took the initial steps at ending slavery. It continues to be ridiculous that so many American descendants of slaves automatically support the Democrats. When will they realize that the Dems were the founders of “Jim Crow” in the south. That as recently as LBJ, Democrats continued to consider black Americans a lower class. It was the REpublicans that fought the pro-slavery Democrats for decades.

    • You should actually do a little historical research. You are just regurgitating the sanitized history you were taught in school. Slavery was not an issue until Lincoln gave his emancipation proclamation for the sole purpose of keeping England from supporting the CSA. Lincoln supported slavery as is proven by his congressional record until it became politically expedient to reverse his stance. He also only freed slaves in the Confederacy where he had no authority. The emancipation proclamation didn’t address slaves in the north, and there were many.
      Robert E. Lee didn’t own slaves during the war having freed them years before. Ulysses S. Grant owned slaves before, during, and after the war. The northern population didn’t care about the slavery issue with the exception of a minority of abolitionists.
      States rights was about the individual states retaining the rights as stated in the Constitution. Lincoln expanded the power of the federal government exponentially during his tenure as president, to the detriment of all.
      The way to spell “politician” is “hypocrite”.

      • You don’t have to be a historian to know what is going on in this country is plain wrong and thank you, Obama started this whole mess.

    • We all need to start thinking of each other as American Citizens, not Democrats or Republicans. Our President Trump not only does not support any discrimination, he is President to all American Citizens. He wants everyone here to have a better life, and to join together to help make America “Great Again”. Not only no discrimination but positive work to help all Americans. Let’s” criticize things that divide us and celebrate everything that unites us.”


    • Got that right !

    • You might want to check with the real history books. Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut were the trading guns for the Carribean slave traders, those were all yankee states. Let’s also not forget, the first slave owner in this country wasn’t a white man, he was black. He also held the distinction of owning the most slaves in this country, 3,000 of his own people were his slaves. So I’m curious as to why this particular tidbit of information has been curiously overlooked by the folks who keep screaming racism?

    • Justin, please go back and recheck your history. The Emancipation proclamation only freed the slaves in the south. NOT all slaves. The great Yankee General Sherman had slaves, before, during,and after the Civil War was over. Had the Civil War been fought entirely to free the slaves, don’t you think the North would have freed all slaves in the country? An old saying, “History is invariably written by the victor” is as true today, as it was at the beginning of mankind. Just as every story has 3 sides. Yours, theirs, and the truth. So even reading the history books, you only get one side, which rarely if ever resembles the truth.

    • Charles Wolfe jr

      First slave master in The American Colonies was Anthony Johnson….a black man.
      He owned 3,000 slaves.Census records, at the library of congress. Don’t blame the South for slavery, it was in the North also.

    • I am honestly mystified in trying to understand how and why the Democrat Party continues to get by without owning up to their history. Recent history … one doesn’t need to go back hundreds of years. Are their friends in the media so powerful? How have they managed to fool so many Black folks. Black people know the truth.

  3. Their own ideas on what makes a country great. Hatred and contempt for it’s history, it’s values, it’s morals, it’s sovereignty, it’s founders, their descendants, the religion that is an integral part of it’s founding, it’s flag, it’s traditional culture, the traditional family, the sanctity of human life, it’s police officers, it’s military, those who work, pay taxes,contribute and believe they should have a voice too, millions of ordinary Americans who don’t agree with everything they say, anyone who doesn’t grovel to their ideology, reality.
    You have to wonder, what do these people value?

    • Moonlight Gambler

      It is so obvious. As Hitler did to Germany, they will do to America. They will rampage, burn, and destroy the fabric of our society. The Blacks, who are part and parcel of this, will brutally continue the destruction. They, and the stupid white appeasers (haters of their own race) will continue till stopped or allowed to finish.

      I wonder what the party leaders in Russia and Communist China are saying. No doubt, they are happily clapping, saying Khrushchev was right all along. He said the American Communists and Anarchist would destroy America from within. They were right.

      The ONLY thing that MAY save America is destroying the Democrat party and those in it. Install a White Right-wing dictator for 10 years. The leftist vermin must be killed every time they poke their heads out. Remove every Democrat in all positions of authority. The cancer must be eradicated.

      Every owner, editor and left-wing ‘journalist’ of every communist paper tossed into prison for the damage they have caused through the years. Clean out the leftists in all schools and colleges. Save our children that aren’t on the road of evil. Unfortunately, many born in the current century aren’t worth saving, and are happily part of the Democrat evil. Thin out the violent animals in prisons. Open the Mojave desert for a self-sustaining tent city prison. Any suggestions as to who should be top dog?.

      SEAL the border. Cross illegally and you can spend your life in the desert prison! Simple. All riots should be quelled with lethal arms. Professional rioters and anarchists may decide to stay home. Those not willing to work, no benefits or assistance.

      I have not mentioned so many things that need correcting, but the basics above will work. Do I care if I get a million hateful comments? Not a bit, as those commenters are, in many ways, the ones responsible for this mess America is in. It is time for proud and patriotic Americans to take a stand. I’m 71 and a retired Marine. I would joyfully strap on once again and join the fight against the destroyers of America.

    • curmudgeon VN Veteran

      MONEY and POWER over others. Pretty simple really.

  4. So on a whim we are now taking down 150 years of AMERICAN HERITAGE STATUES to appease LEFT WING thugs. How about that I what to rename every MARTIN LUTHER KING SIGN and flower name AND EVERY SIGN THAT SAY DEMOCRAT down and rename it “THE DIVIDE AMERICA PARTY”…how about that!

    • Want to remove every thing and replace it with their own view !!

    • No matter how many statues are removed, it won’t erase what ‘they’ believe in their hearts…that all whites are bad and that whites are all guilty because of their skin color. Not all whites in the south owned slaves, and as it was the custom at that time, many never thought, (because it was legal), it was morally wrong. It was a sad and terrible time in our history, but what is going on today is even more sad and terrible because we are supposed to be educated about such things.

      • I heard that about 5% owned slaves, and my best guess is that about 80% of men volunteered to fight for the confederacy. Conditions in the Civil War were much worse than conditions in a war zone today. I don’t believe that the rank and file confederate soldier was fighting for slavery, but to defend his homeland from the northern invaders.

  5. For liberals, history began when they came up from mommy’s basement for a hug and a bowl of Coco Puffs. But, don’t dare ask if they’re looking for a job today, because there’s a big anti-American rally in the park. “Mom, where’s Dad’s old Army helmet and could I borrow a bottle of beach or ammonia and a couple of spray bottles?”

  6. Charles Wolfe jr

    First slave master in The American Colonies was Anthony Johnson….a black man.

    • But the leftist and BLM does not want to hear the truth and cannot handle the truth.

    • How do you know that? Did you read it in a book? Are there any documents to prove this? I know ‘Indians’ kept slaves of enemies, including blacks, whites and other ‘Indians’.

      • Anthony Johnson (b. c. 1600 – d. 1670) was a black Angolan who achieved freedom in the early 17th-century Colony of Virginia after serving his term of indenture. He became one of the first property owners and slaveholders of African birth there. Held as an indentured servant in 1621, he earned his freedom after several years, and was granted land by the colony.[1]
        He later became a successful tobacco farmer in Maryland. He attained great wealth after having been an indentured servant and has been referred to as “’the black patriarch’ of the first community of Negro property owners in America”.[1]

        Early life[edit]
        Johnson was captured in his native Angola by an enemy tribe and sold to Arab slave traders. He was eventually sold as an indentured servant to a merchant working for the Virginia Company.[2]
        He arrived in Virginia in 1621 aboard the James. The Virginia Muster (census) of 1624 lists his name as “Antonio not given,” recorded as “a Negro” in the “notes” column.[3] There is some dispute among historians as to whether this was the Antonio later known as Anthony Johnson, as the census lists several “Antonios.” This one is considered the most likely.[4]
        Johnson was sold to a white planter named Bennet as an indentured servant to work on his Virginia tobacco farm. Servants typically worked under an indenture contract for four to seven years to pay off their passage, room, board, lodging and freedom dues. In the early colonial years, most Africans in the Thirteen Colonies were held under such contracts of indentured servitude. With the exception of those indentured for life, they were released after a contracted period with many of the indentured receiving land and equipment after their contracts expired or were bought out.[5] Most white laborers also came to the colony as indentured servants.
        Antonio almost lost his life in the Indian massacre of 1622 when his master’s plantation was attacked. The Powhatan, who were the Native Americans dominant in the Tidewater of Virginia, were trying to repulse the colonists from their lands. They attacked the settlement where Johnson worked on Good Friday and killed 52 of the 57 men.
        The following year (1623) “Mary, a Negro” arrived from England aboard the ship Margaret. She was brought to work on the same plantation as Antonio, where she was the only woman. Antonio and Mary married and lived together for more than forty years.[6]
        Sometime after 1635, Antonio and Mary gained their freedom from indenture. Antonio changed his name to Anthony Johnson.[6] Johnson first enters the legal record as a free man when he purchased a calf in 1647.
        Johnson was granted a large plot of farmland after he paid off his indentured contract by his labor.[7] On 24 July 1651, he acquired 250 acres (100 ha) of land under the headright system by buying the contracts of five indentured servants, one of whom was his son Richard Johnson. The land was located on the Great Naswattock Creek which flowed into the Pungoteague River in Northampton County, Virginia.:[8]
        In 1652 “an unfortunate fire” caused “great losses” for the family, and Johnson applied to the courts for tax relief. The court reduced the family’s taxes and on 28 February 1652, exempted his wife Mary and their two daughters from paying taxes at all “during their natural lives.” At that time taxes were levied on people not property. Under the 1645 Virginia taxation act, “all negro men and women and all other men from the age of 16 to 60 shall be judged tithable.”[8][9] It is unclear from the records why the Johnson women were exempted, but the change gave them the same social standing as white women, who were not taxed.[9] During the case, the justices noted that Anthony and Mary “have lived Inhabitants in Virginia (above thirty years)” and had been respected for their “hard labor and known service”.[6]
        Casor suit[edit]
        When Anthony Johnson was released from servitude, he was legally recognized as a “free Negro.” He developed a successful farm. In 1651 he owned 250 acres (100 ha), and the services of five indentured servants (four white and one black). In 1653, John Casor, a black indentured servant whose contract Johnson appeared to have bought in the early 1640s, approached Captain Goldsmith, claiming his indenture had expired seven years earlier and that he was being held illegally by Johnson. A neighbor, Robert Parker, intervened and persuaded Johnson to free Casor.

        Handwritten court ruling.
        March 8, 1655
        Parker offered Casor work, and he signed a term of indenture to the planter. Johnson sued Parker in the Northampton Court in 1654 for the return of Casor. The court initially found in favor of Parker, but Johnson appealed. In 1655, the court reversed its ruling.[10] Finding that Anthony Johnson still “owned” John Casor, the court ordered that he be returned with the court dues paid by Robert Parker.[11]
        This was the first instance of a judicial determination in the Thirteen Colonies holding that a person who had committed no crime could be held in servitude for life.[12][13][14][15][16]
        Though Casor was the first person declared a slave in a civil case, there were both black and white indentured servants sentenced to lifetime servitude before him. Many historians describe indentured servant John Punch as the first documented slave in America, as he was sentenced to life in servitude as punishment for escaping in 1640.[17][18] The Punch case was significant because it established the disparity between his sentence as a negro and that of the two European indentured servants who escaped with him (one described as Dutch and one as a Scotchman). It is the first documented case in Virginia of an African sentenced to lifetime servitude. It is considered one of the first legal cases to make a racial distinction between black and white indentured servants.[19][20]
        Significance of Casor lawsuit[edit]
        The Casor lawsuit demonstrates the culture and mentality of planters in the mid-17th century. Individuals made assumptions about the society of Northampton County and their place in it. According to historians T.R. Breen and Stephen Innes, Casor believed he could form a stronger relationship with his patron Robert Parker than Anthony Johnson had formed over the years with his patrons. Casor considered the dispute to be a matter of patron-client relationship, and this wrongful assumption ultimately lost him the court and the decision. Johnson knew that the local justices shared his basic belief in the sanctity of property. The judge sided with Johnson, although in future legal issues, race played a larger role.[21]
        The Casor lawsuit was an example of how difficult it was for Africans who were indentured servants to prevent being reduced to slavery. Most Africans could not read and had almost no knowledge of the English language. Planters found it easy to force them into slavery by refusing to acknowledge the completion of their indentured contracts.[1] This is what happened in Johnson v. Parker. Although two white planters confirmed that Casor had completed his indentured contract with Johnson, the court still ruled in Johnson’s favor.[22]
        Later life[edit]

        1666 Marke of Anthony Johnson
        In 1657, Johnson’s white neighbor, Edmund Scarborough, forged a letter in which Johnson acknowledged a debt. Johnson did not contest the case. Johnson was illiterate and could not have written the letter; nevertheless, the court awarded Scarborough 100 acres (40 ha) of Johnson’s land to pay off his alleged “debt”.[7]
        In this early period, free blacks enjoyed “relative equality” with the white community. About 20% of the free black Virginians owned their own homes. By 1665, however, racism was becoming more common. In 1662 the Virginia Colony passed a law that children in the colony were born with the status of their mother, according to the Roman principle of partus sequitur ventrem. This meant that the children of slave women were born into slavery, even if their fathers were free, English and white. This was a reversal of English common law, which held that the children of English subjects took the social status of their father. Africans were considered foreigners and thus were not English subjects.[23]
        Anthony Johnson moved his family to Somerset County, Maryland, where he negotiated a lease on a 300-acre (120 ha) plot of land for ninety-nine years. He developed the property as a tobacco farm, which he named Tories Vineyards.[24] Mary survived her husband, and in her 1672 will she bequeathed a cow to each of her grandsons. Five years later, in 1677, Anthony and Mary’s grandson, John Jr., purchased a 44-acre farm which he named Angola. John Jr. later died without leaving an heir, however, and by 1730, the Johnson family had vanished from the historical records.[25]
        See also[edit]

    • He was also the largest slave owner in this country with just over 3,000 head.

  7. James Higginbotham


  8. Since the figures on our currency has pictures of people that owned slaves think all those people should refuse to take any of that money. No when it comes to handouts those idiots will have no problem accepting money no matter what is on it.

  9. DirtyDaveyDownEast

    “What it is”, is an attempt to sterilize AMERICA, tha Greatest Nation Evah, of it’s true history. Once they do away with the Founding Father’s statues and monuments; then what? Even AMERICA’s flag? That end has already been underway for a number of years.

    Once they do away with every vestige of AMERICA’s greatness, identity and heroes; then what? Erect statues to the heroes of the left; Marx, Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Moa, Castro and even Mohammad with a statue at Ground Zero?

    We are living in perilous times!!!


  10. Ignorance and apathy may do us in as a country. I’m thrilled to see the silent majority come out and pull those levers in November ( Dems take note: This is how OUR democracy works ) So my fears regarding apathy are waning. The POTUS has an extraordinary job to to unraveling the mess that was left for him. And EXTERNAL crises can’t wait for us to come to a consensus. Just pray for him.
    Ignorance is going to be much harder. You can’t tell when you are stupid. A college degree once implied that you were exposed to critical thinking at some point in addition to some skill set. That made you a valuable asset to society.
    I’m afraid that is not the case today. There are far more institutions of brainwashing than real colleges left in our country. Very scary and I have no answer.
    Pray, pray, pray.
    It worked once, Trump was duly elected. Keep praying.

  11. One word: TWIT!

  12. This MUST be stopped. Crime MUST be punished. Mr. President, enforce the law.

  13. What these lefty loons really want to tear down is the Constitution itself. Their hero, Barack Hussein Obama, when asked about the Bill of Rights said they were too much about what the government CAN’T DO TO YOU, and not enough about what the government MUST DO FOR YOU. Bingo! Old Barry Soetoro was all about distributing income, giving away a whole lot of free stuff – everybody gets a free home, a car, free Obama phones, even a job if it doesn’t interfere with their leisure activity. All this nonsense about free speech and the right to bear arms is for people who just want to commit micro-aggressions on other less fortunate people, you know, like the poor little snowflakes and the very rich, but oppressed black people, like, you know Colin Kaepernick and LeBron James. What the loons really want is government by decree, the Banana Republic way where government by executive order is the way to go. There you can just create a new culture out of thin air. Get rid of those old nasty statues which pervert the past. Begin anew. Tear up the Constitution, by Executive Order. Expand the government. Open those borders. Everybody’s welcome. Come back to “1984.” George Orwell, and Barack Obama welcome you.

  14. demorats invent slavery now they are running away from what they started

  15. Who is listening to this fool? In tearing things down, those who do, are being the biggest racists of all. To purposely try to eliminate something distasteful is only highlighting it, makes it seem that more important, that people would go through such effort to get rid of it, but in doing so, the subject is just made more interesting and important. If a lesson was to be made, then the statue of dislike, should be discussed, whether in school or on travel catalogs, or news articles – and pointed out as a well learned lesson. Tearing something down, eliminating information about a subject only makes people more curious about that subject.

  16. Angela Rye is a slave to her past! She, herself, says she ‘wasn’t someone’….agreed, neither was anyone else living today ‘someone’ at that time. We cannot change past, what was is what was!!! As I said in another post, ‘there are all types of slavery….’

  17. Dear Angela Rye! There is something you should know! “You will reap what you sow!” But it won’t be what you think it will be! You are responsible for what comes out of your mouth because it comes from your heart! You have a streak of meanness and evil in you that will eventually bring you down! You may make history, but you cannot change history! The citizens of this nation from generation to generation have the right and the need to learn that history. If they don’t know it and its consequences they will repeat it! And you are in part to blame!

    • Oh, the dumbocrats will change history. They are rewriting history every day by revising our textbooks and history books. Sickening!

    • Just a thought, has it occurred to anyone that the whole idea is for a return to the days of slavery where the color of one’s skin isn’t the deciding factor as to who can become a slave? Or for what reason? Kinda makes me wonder just which of these so called elites, plans to be the next great slave owner?

  18. Trump was right. The insane democrats are trying to erase American history and re-write it into some sick, twisted communist view of our nation. After the insane democrats take down all confederate statues, they will come after our founding fathers, from there, the United States Constitution because, after all, it was written by “racists” and “bigots” who owned slaves. We must end this NOW before there is violence. I don’t know how anyone else feels about this, but I will fight if I have to, kill if I must, and die, if necessary, to protect that which I love. Back in 1977 I swore an oath to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States against ALL ENEMIES foreign and domestic and I still hold to that oath today. The insanity from the democrat party must stop and stop now!

  19. IS-the-NACCP-not-racist-I-do-not-rememver-that-they-for-whites-or-chinese-or-mexicans=-Whaaaat

  20. These un-Americans need to be stopped. Who in the hell do they think they are trying to erase our country’s history? Many are probably bought and paid for by the richest hater of freedom George Soros. He needs to be the first one of these shoes to get taken out.

  21. There is a limit to everything, common sense would tell you do not cross that line. If you start pulling down statutes of Washington trust me, your might be sorry for the reaction you cause. This is not a threat, unlike Obama’s anarchist, communist, and hate groups, the fury you will see will be at the polls, even if your millions and millions of illegals vote along with your legions of morons, you will definitely lose. You can Cleanse our Civil War foes history, but go after our founding fathers and your in for a shock.

  22. If they continue tearing down public property (like monuments to OUR history), there will be ARMED confrontation! The police had damned-well better do their jobs, or WE WILL!!! This bullcrap is GOING to end!!!

  23. Lock and Load….

    Hmmm – ISIS – Taliban – AQ — History films of Nazi Germany (millions dead) – History of Russia Revolution (25Million dead) – Chinese Revolution under Mao (50Million dead)….etc —— They all used execution – book burnings – re-education camps – radio – television – now internet and just plain fund IGNORANCE – STUPIDITY – VIOLENCE by CEO’s – Politicians – Bilderberg group – soros ….(using 501(4)(c) …etc Let’s jack hammer – blow up – deface – destroy and change history to OUR liking not the TRUTH…..Attack by MSM – professors – street punks – whatever – WE HAVE OURS LET THEM EAT CAKE….
    Forget – the history of Egypt – Roman Empire – Persian Empire – Genghis Khan and the Mongols – EVEN SHAKA ZULU having enslaved the world only to have fallen by their own GREED and treachery…..Yep – THIS IS THE US THAT I’VE FOUGHT FOR AND DEFENDED ALL MY LIFE – MY FAMILY – MY FRIENDS…..

  24. Amazing. Three months ago these statues and monuments weren’t bothering anyone and today they are a threat to Americans. Amazing how quickly these assholes can all jump on the band wagon when it means getting their names in print. Looking for votes???

  25. I wonder if the Anarchists Morons of CNN that seem to bent on More Racial divisvness than the Members of Obama administration had been for the last 8 Years might find it amusing to see a Statue of Obama next to one of Benedict Arnold in NY Central Park and actually Understand the Similarity??

  26. Welcome to the beginning of a civil war. When it gets to the founding fathers people will finally have had enough. I hope that is not the case but law enforcement has been told to stand down and I don’t see any help on the horizon.

  27. Start calling out muslims and islam then. Don’t hear that coming from liberal media or demokkkrats.
    Deport all muslims because they were the slave traders in Africa and in islamic countries still do own slaves.

  28. Put armed guards around the Founding Fathers and shoot to kill anyone who is stupid enough to try to deface the or tear them down!! Get tough or they’ll take over!!!

  29. Joanne Libro-Martin

    Angela Rye you need to get over yourself. In the far away past these men owned slaves because it was the thing to do. That stopped but you still can’t shut your mouth and you try your best to further divide this nation. You think you were treated badly? Not half as bad as the native Americans. You and others of color are the racists along with the whites who don’t have the balls to shut you down. We are one people, no matter our color or creed. For God’s sake grow up and stop your whining. Teach your people to be proud, accomplished citizens, stop killing each other and get on track. Do away with “black” colleges. Would you like there to be “white” colleges? Say goodbye to BLM, Jesse Jackson, Sharpton and others who are pulling you down to their level. Realize that the Democratic Party is not your friend. They keep you down do they can control you and keep you in your place. Tell those people that you are done listening to their lies. Stop having your babies aborted and have them only within a marriage so a father is there to help you raise children who respect others and the law. Help get your people off welfare. Whites need to do that also. Poor me doesn’t work anymore except with the democrats who think all blacks are too stupid to get an ID card to vote. If you agree with them, by all means stay stuck in your rut and watch your children stay in it with you. The only time most of us even notice black or white is when one or the other tries to glue the racist tag on us.

    • Absolutely. The Democrats have been keeping blacks “on the plantation” since the 1860’s. They always seem to have “spokesmen”; ever notice that? They are not there to HELP their race, they are there to do their thinking for them! Quit watching/listening to all these highly paid “puppets” and start thinking for yourselves! THERE’S the REAL freedom … right there: think for YOURSELF!

      Like you said Joanne, the only time most people notice differences in skin color is when somebody insists on bringing it up!

  30. The liberals are showing us who they really are, not those they whine about.

  31. This liberal “shill” has no clue what she is talking about. If white “slave owners” were beating down and torturing “her” people (oh the righteous indignation), she wouldn’t even be here today!

    No, idiots like her are just “useful idiots” in a far more insidious game. I found this article on the internet this morning that will give you a much clearer look at what the Angela Rye’s of this world are supporting:

  32. Look; so far no one has stepped up and said, “stop!” We have let the loonies go on their little rampage with very little if any interference. However, I think it would be a REALLY big mistake to attempt to destroy the monuments to the Founding Fathers or Mount Rushmore etc, etc. I believe that will be the spark that will lead to civil war. That and the continued Antifa loonies who come ready to fight. In my view, if I saw on with a Molotov cocktail on his/her person I would attempt to break it and then set it on fire. . .give them something to distract them!! Time to lock and load folks, lock and load

  33. Stupid darky.

  34. When the Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln statues and monuments come down, it’s time for the MLK monument and statues to come down. Fair is fair. Equality for all! Stupid idiots!


  36. If anyone should have to pay reparation’s it should only be the Democrat’s. Their ancestor’s brought the slaves to this country and bought and sold them and beat and raped them. Slave’s were sold by Democrat’s to other Democrat’s. No matter how much Democrats want to change or rewrite history that fact can’t be covered up. African American’s are still slave’s to the Democrat’s.

  37. Simple- send her back.

  38. The Obammunists clearly plan to tear all the founders off of their pedestals, and have already attacked Abraham Lincoln (even destroying a statue of him in Chicago) and Theodore Roosevelt. This will not stop until Alinsky, Castro, Guevara and Mao stand on every pedestal in the Soros-run peoples republic that is to follow the overthrow of President Trump. Anyone who doubts that the revolution we all knew was coming on Election Night has now started will not be ready when the communist and black militant storm troopers come for them. We must give them as many Kent States as they require to stop their insurrection.

  39. If it weren’t for those slave traders we wouldn’t have the problems we do today. If I could, I would dig up those guys and kill them again for inflicting this mayhem upon us. I think the blacks need to go back to the homeland of their ancestors and see the difference between that way of life and their life here. They think they have it so bad, millionaires, actors, business owners, politicians, isn’t good enough for them.

  40. You just can’t fix stupid. The civil war was not about slavery. It was about the Southern states wanting to secede from the Union. Maybe Rye forgot that the majority of slaves were sold and betrayed by their own people, or that there were many black slave holders. This is America’s history, Good or bad it happened so stop trying to erase it.

  41. Billdorich Gmbooks


    Please Boycott and DO NOT USE any $1.00, $5.00, $20.00, $50.00 or $100.00 bills as they all depict “Slave Owners.” Gather all of these hideous forms of racism together and send them to me ASAP and I will see to it that they are disposed of properly.

  42. rosalind servello

    Just finished reading all the posts, and one post is better than the other. All I could say, well written to all.
    Loved everything all of you wrote.

  43. The left does not own this country. The rest of us have a say in this and the left is out numbered by ‘WE THE PEOPLE” The RACIST/HITLERAZATION OF THE LEFT HAS NO PLACE IN THIS COUNTRY….GET THE F*** OUT YOU SCUM BAGS.


  45. Remember 2018 is another chance to remove the communist democrats and RINO’s. We knew this was not going to be a short term project after the homosexual muslim spent the last 8 years f’ing this country. Let’s not stop now. Bring the fight to them and deport that POS Soros.

  46. This is so true and now the liberals want to put up statues of rappers to replace the ones they tear down now!! SICK

  47. You can’t fix stupid.

  48. Piss on these “people ” fascists,nazis,and communists and isis destroy historic statues to erase history WE THE PEOPLE do not nor should we let those who seek to erase Our history .out if sight does not mean something never happened and is something is out of sight it does mean what ever it was they are trying to hide will happen again . History always repeats itself if you try to erase it. In short hell no you don’t get to tear down our statues of anyone or anything they belong to the citizens of THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA so hands off .

  49. Why doesn’t the justice department arrest any one tearing down Government property.The statues are government property.Angela Rye go to hell.I hope you are one the first to go when you idiots in the media start a civil war

  50. lets get rid every name of Robert Byrd on every building and street.This lousy Democrat was a KKK wizard.You idiot democrats don’t mention that fact

  51. It is clear that the party of Marx, Mohammed and Murder does not just want the confederates gone, they want the country gone. The party of perversion, pedophilia and pederasty wants complete effacement of our history and culture and its replacement with a saturnalia of decadence and degeneracy. The party of satanism, socialism and sodomy wants all of the founders off their pedestals, and the later presidents too (Lincoln’s statue in The Mongrel’s home town was burned, and the statue of Theodore Roosevelt was attacked at the American Museum of Natural History in The Drunken Lesbian Witch’s Manhattan bailiwick); they want a subjugated population shuffling past statues of Alinsky, Castro, Chavez and Guevara while speaking the regime Newspeak of Ebonic and Spanish. The party of Waters, Maria Nidal and Hodgkinson wants President Trump overthrown and killed, and if you are an American-born anglophone European-American heterosexual person of faith, they want to kill you, too.

    • They may in the end, but I can guarantee brother, It won’t be until they figure out how to get over the wall of their comrades laid out before me.


  53. Wonder when they are going to rename everything in West Virginia and tear down the statues of KKK Robert Bird, Woodrow Wilson, LBJ, BJ Clinton and let us not forget FDR.

  54. Democrats,party of pro slavery. Should be abolished.

  55. Anybody can see that these rats aren’t content to stop with destroying the monuments to heroes like President Davis and General Lee. They hate anybody who is white, Christian, heterosexual and not a full blown Marxist.

  56. Joanne Libro-Martin

    Surely there must be someone somewhere in our government with the balls to shut this disgusting display of hate crimes down! Throw these suckers in jail! For God’s sake stop the insanity.

    • Oh come on, the women in either house of Congress have more balls than all of wanna-be men put together. So it may be difficult to find a quarter ounce of balls inside the beltway
      Why do ya think Trump only stays there as long as absolutely necessary. Lol

  57. lets get the so called slavery mish mash for what is nothing more than a rag to chew on like most dogs like to do with rags etc!
    Capturing a city etc of another’s land and ones body always resulted in paying your time as a slave to work it off for your loosing your freedom!

    The spanish slavers paid the chiefs in Africa etc, those who didn’t fit in the tribe for one of a bunch of rules! Slaves turned out to become B-COINS in retrospect!

  58. I think she should attack Obama. As a Kenyan, it was his ancestors who herded up people and put them on slave ships to be sold around the world, including America. Get rid of every Obama symbol.

  59. Yes some of our founder’s owned slaves but they’re the ones that gave us the Declaration of Independence the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and the ideals they convey. All the people have to do to is live up to it.

    All through our nation’s history we’ve been fighting tooth and nail trying to live up to those ideals.
    Now we find ourselves and our Constitution under attack from Domestic and Foreign enemies whose
    sole intent is to destroy America and our ideals.

    We cannot stop trying to live up to those ideals. Americans must demand that the laws of the land
    be enforced! Fail and the consequences will be a civil war to restore the Constitution and the rule of law!

  60. Angela Rye, you may THINK they are going to tear down all those statues and demolish those monuments, but only in your dreams, (read nightmares here). We the conservative, proper thinking peoples of this country WILL defend those entities if we have to take down those that approach in an attempt to destroy them. Unless you have some magical method of going back in time to remedy that which you consider ‘evil’, then history is history. It cannot be changed no matter how hard you try. I frankly am surprised some of those that are tearing down those statues have not been put in hospitals due to lead poisoning. If you do not like this countries monuments and statues to it’s history, may I suggest you move your fat ass to another country that is more to your liking!!!!

  61. I am sick of all this bullsh#t. Call it out for what it is , huh. Ok. There were a lot of black slave owners. Some black slave owners were slave magnates, owning 60 or more slaves, they were slave breeders, which was illegal. They were the roughest on their slaves. The very first slave owner in America was a black man. They can just get off their damn high horse. This is not a white/black thing. It never was. There were free black men that fought in the war, even though they were not made to, they were not allowed to by law except under approved circumstances. Some still fought anyway because they were born free and owned slaves themselves. But like so many refuse to understand, slavery was but a small issue of the war. Screw political correctness. This is getting completely stupid. History cannot be changed, all of these idiotic claims of racism has got to be stopped. If it really hurts your feelings, i dont care. This whole damn thing is not really even about racism, not to the ones that started it. It is all because the democrats lost the election and are so petty and plain ignorant, they would just as soon destroy the entire country if they cant be the ones running it. It is time to stop their chaotic rants and violence once and for all, whatever it takes to shut them up. Somebody is gonna have to grab their balls and make some hard decisions to end this.
    Please excuse my words but ive had enough.

  62. Oh, boo ho, all these crybabies that want so much attention now days. If they are looking for Utopia, they aren’t going to find it. The country is what it is, it came from hardships and discrimination, right or wrong, that is the American History of development. Taking down Statues doesn’t change any of that, in fact it may even make things worst than they already are. Lock and load my friends as Civil War II begins!!!

  63. Oh, boo hoo, all these crybabies that want so much attention now days.
    If they are looking for Utopia, they aren’t going to find it. The
    country is what it is, it came from hardships and discrimination, right
    or wrong, that is the American History of development. Taking down
    Statues doesn’t change any of that, in fact it may even make things
    worst than they already are. However, if you insist on starting, with
    Robert Carlyle Byrd who was a Democrat United States Senator from West
    Virginia and a member of the Klu Klux Klan. Byrd served as an exalted
    leader of the KKK as well as the Democrat’s Leader in the United States
    Senate for 51yrs. Lock and load my friends as Civil War II begins!!!

  64. The real problem is that they have never been taught to respect our country. The public allows this to continue. the public doesn’t question the indoctrination that school children go through everyday. The communists are teaching our children in classrooms across our country. They are being taught things that should not pertain to normal curriculum. this where the insanity begins. It our job as parents to override these kinds of things, so that our society does not get into the shape it is in now. I taught my children to do the right thing. It was not all roses to get them to the point where they understood that they work for what they want, and what they make is their’s. I am a disabled Marine veteran, and I instilled in them the respect for our country. It doesn’t matter if you don’t always agree, you still must respect it. I did not become disabled to watch these fucking idiot football players sit during the national anthem. These are the people that are making the most noise, and they have never lifted a finger to do anything to support this country. I am not talking about the boys club, I am talking about doing something for the country besides hanging out with gang members. We all need to boycott the NFL if the shit continues. I know you don’t want to miss the game, but the game is not even important. I too am a huge NFL fan, but if that’s what it takes to get these assholes out, then I am on board.

  65. Fed Up With Politicians

    If I recall my history lesson correctly, slaves were sold to white people by black people. They were fed, clothed and provided with a place to live. They were supposed to earn their freedom by working for the owner who paid for them?

  66. This movement to take down Civil War statues is a liberal plot set out to hurt the minorities and trick them into being against something that has no basis or reason. It is another stupid Democrat idea to hurt America. Resist the Soros mentality and tell the liberals to suck eggs!

    • Look at history and see the strategy of devising a Common Enemy to build a new order. It was the Jews in nazi Germany. It was the educated in Pol Pot’s Communist Farmer society. Neither worked out well for millions of people and we can see the beginnings of it in the US! I just don’t want the equivalent of Cambodias dial back to “Year Zero” and that’s what this destruction of our history represents.

  67. MLK and the other black leaders should be torn doen as well…
    Lets see how the left, Antifa, and BLM matters likes that one.

  68. More than 300 years ago, slavery was very common in the world …. not just in the U.S. but in England, France, Spain, India, Italy, and others around the world. That is historical fact. The DEMOCRAT party was the principal practitioner in this country. They were the Klan and the segregationist all over the country.
    Al Gore, Sr., J.William Fullbright, George Wallace, John Stennis, the Sheriffs, the State Troopers and others were all DEMOCRATS were. Segregationist. In fact, the Democrat Party was opposed to the Civil Rights Bill of 1964 and, In fact … The bill was filibustered for 15 hours by Democrats to prevent its passage . Leading Democrat figures stood against the bill including Senator Robert Byrd, a Grand Klegal of the KKK. THIS IS OUR HISTORY and it is not changed by removing some statue. The people we honor with these statues were also the people who gave us the country we have … a country which is the envy of the world. It seems those who are so interested in taking down statues, may actually be most interested in taking down our country … and after the statues are all gone, they will find something else.

    • The ones invested are haters using their energy to “take down statues”. They simply have little education. Enlightening them with facts is couter productive, it’s like trying to reason with a tree stump.

      • You are absolutely right however, it’s a mistake to ignore these people. They are led by intelligent and thoughtful people who intend to take this country down and they could succeed. Ignoring these people is dangerous.

        • The ones you describe may be the impetus behind the violent demonstrators but I don’t see intelligent and thoughtful out on the streets. It’s probably an intelligent leadership with useful idiots. Those useful ones only have so much time to burn so hopefully we can outlast them.

  69. Charles Wolfe jr

    First slave master in The American Colonies was Anthony Johnson….a black man.
    He owned 3,000 slaves.Census records, at the library of congress.

  70. Term limits, get rid of these crazyees.

  71. If we have to call out people for what they are we need to start with those so against the best country ever. The NWO people are selling the lies of great life if you only get rid of the past. Why then don’t we get rid of O and Soros? They are worse than slave owners,they are destructive and greedy and power hungry. Do those working on the dirty work for Soros really understand what will come next? They haven’t a clue because they have been lied to for decades now. Communism is brutal,people go hungry and don’t have a place to live other than with 5 other families. If you get money they will dole it out to you,when you go to buy food after waiting in line for hours you probably won’t get anything at all. When Hitler took over Germany the people could not question anything he did or said. If his SS squads didn’t like you they could send you to a prison where the job of others was to brutally torture others. Is this the kind of life the Antifa wants,they will usher it in by doing Soros’ bidding. He doesn’t care about you or any of us here,it’s strictly about him.

  72. CNN Leftists had better be getting ready to die. I confess. I hate them. I hate all evil.

  73. These LEFTISTS are COMMUNISTS. It’s the COMMUNISTS that are behind tearing our nation apart.

  74. Well Martin Luther King was against gays, so we should tear down all his statues . Unless YOUR a racist ?

  75. Too bad this woman’s own race sold her out for the profit in slave trade. Is she questioning her own history at all? Africa is not in any better shape. Look at their history of genocide to their own population. She is freely speaking because of the sacrifice of multiple cultures which fought for the freedom which she is now abasing! Shame and Disgrace! Success is due to great leaders such as Washington. Additionally, slavery was an accepted historical method from the beginning of time, not limited to just black people. Black people need to take a time out and reconnoiter their own historical behavior. If they had been morally purposed, they would not have fallen into this ugly path of feigned innocence and hatred. They are not the victim. They have been enjoying a long vacation of welfare benefits, and college grants, plus have babies with fathers for fun sex. Now, it’s time to face the error of their ways, but cowards that they are, especially when united in a group. As we witness now, their illogical, unrighteous response is to blame and assert the right to hate and promote violence on all white people. It is no wonder that when any black person comes near a white person, there is huge stress, and a uncontrollable dislike and disrespect experienced as a white person. You with your “education” (through a grant), are invoking a terrible division and aversion towards your own peoples. And you would blackball your own Godly leaders such as Dr.Ben Carson, who rose out of the despair of poverty to become a great neurosurgeon, now head of Housing USA, and not by selling drugs like Obama? Why not sic your hate group on Obama for employing “white racist”, speech writers while he was in the White House, instead of the great number of scholarly Negro men in our society? Would she take down the statue of George Washington Carver because of his name, in spite of being a Negro? You need to alter your very uncooperative tone, please.

  76. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W

    Oddly enough,the first slave owner in America was black!

  77. I really don’t care what that idiot thinks and I shall fight her to the death to stop her. This is not the Soviet Union; we don’t rewrite our history because some ignorant fool feels uncomfortable.

  78. Angela Rye was personally affected by slavery? No, she’s fighting for a generation long deceased. How about joining the present day, curbing that hate and focusing all that energy on current issues; poverty, education, living veterans come to mind. How can people even tune into this garbage and not wince?

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