CNN Leftist Gets Angry When Called a Leftist

Head over to the Washington Post and try to find the last time “conservative” columnist Jennifer Rubin wrote anything that wasn’t blatantly carrying water for the Democrats. Browse over to the New York Times and try to find anything that Bret Stephens has written that is even mildly complimentary of President Trump.

Either endeavor would be easier than finding a clip, column, or comment that CNN’s supposed Republican, Ana Navarro, has made that comes within a thousand miles of conservative commentary. Yet she still goes on the network nearly every day to declare herself some weird species of conservative who magically never finds anything but contempt for conservatism.

But call her out on that, and watch the rage explode.

That’s what former Trump campaign adviser Steve Cortes realized on Wednesday night. Cortes and Navarro were guests on Chris Cuomo’s prime time show when the debate turned to, what else, the shutdown over the wall.

“You just said that the president is demonizing immigrants, and this is another sort of sleight of hand that the left loves to try to put over on the American people. He has never demonized immigrants. He is against illegal aliens. He’s against breaking and entering into our country. He’s against a lawless border. He loves legal immigrants,” Cortes said.

Immediately, Navarro got her dander up.

“I have asked you in the past, and I will ask you again today to stop referring to me as left. Let me remind you that I was a Republican when Donald Trump was a Democrat. I was a Republican when Donald Trump was an independent,” Navarro said. “I was a Republican and supporting Republicans when Donald Trump had Hillary and Bill Clinton at his wedding and was giving Nancy Pelosi money.”

This is all apparently relevant to some discussion, but certainly not the one Navarro and Cortes were having.

“So the fact that people like you have enabled Donald Trump to take this party hostage and change and give up and compromise convictions and principles, Republican ones that I grew up with does not make me left. I fled left, I fled communism,” she said.

And? If someone flees a fascist country, does that mean they put up this much of a ridiculous fight when someone accuses them of being on the “right?” Or wait, is Navarro inadvertently admitting that the Democrats – the very party that she defends on a nightly basis by virtue of parroting their message on Trump – are trying to take this country towards communism? Gee, we thought her opposition to Trump was only irritating; now it can only be seen as downright disturbing.

“This is the most conservative president since Ronald Reagan,” Cortes said. “He might be the most conservative president since Calvin Coolidge. So if you oppose the conservative policies of this president you are de facto a leftie.”

“He is not a conservative!” Navarro screamed. “Do you think that having sex with a stripper is conservative values? Do you think cheating on the stripper with a playboy bunny is conservative values?!”

Wow, that’s digging deep. Alas, she missed a key phrase in what Cortes said. “Conservative policies.” Which, while they may not be ALL that matter, they matter to a large damn degree. And there is no way to argue the fact that, policy-wise, Trump is indeed the most conservative president we’ve had in a very long time.

But admitting that would be akin to admitting she’s lost her way, so we’re not surprised that Navarro took such offense. Why not just own it, Ana?

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