CNN Host: Trump’s Election a “National Emergency”

There seemed to be a window of opportunity for a few days after the election. Media elites were so flabbergasted by Donald Trump’s victory that it actually shattered their safe little liberal bubble. Light came pouring in…but only for a second or two. The self-reflection was unsustainable. Yes, they screwed up big time, but now the light has drained back out of the bubble and the cracks have been patched over. An opportunity wasted.

In fact, they seem to have gotten worse over on the Clinton News Network. On Sunday, CNN’s media analyst Brian Stelter spoke with reporters Liz Wahl and Julia Ioffe about the news that the CIA was blaming Russia for interfering on behalf of Trump in the election. When you read the transcript of this conversation, it’s almost hard to believe this was something that played out on national television. It sounds more like the comment section on a liberal message board.

Wahl kicked things off, insisting that Russian disinformation was meant to reduce America’s faith in the democratic system.

“That is the ultimate goal, to undermine democracy, to undermine faith in our institutions, like the media,” Wahl said. “We have a president-elect now who has basically matched some of these key talking points in Russian propaganda to undermine our system.”

That got Stelter’s attention. “Let’s go there,” he said. “Let’s go there directly.”

“I mean, here’s something I’ve been asking myself,” he continued. “Julia, we’re talking about a candidate who’s lost in a historic way in terms of the popular vote but clearly won in the Electoral College. Is this something of a national emergency? And are journalists afraid to say so because they’re going to sound partisan?”

A national emergency! And notice that he’s not even talking about the Russian angle here! He jumped over to the popular vote/Electoral College discrepancy and he’s referring to THAT – not Russian interference – as the “national emergency.” And he thinks that journalists might fear sounding “partisan” if they make such ridiculous claims? He should worry less about sounding partisan and more about sounding like an idiot.


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  1. I agree that Obamacare needs to be replaced in THIS congress; not rolled over to the next!!!



  3. And President Obama just a true Democrats is opening up another investigation this time he is putting in charge a Fallon who is a known liar.
    This is just like in the NFL deflategate when the NFL used there own lawyers and it took almost a year and according to the NFL’s lawyer Tom Brady might have known but also might not have known about the deflate of the footballs so we’re going to suspend Tom Brady for games for the Integrity of the game.
    This is the same thing there is is not there is not any proof of any hacking according to the FBI who also checked out Donald Trump to see if he had any businesses with Russia. The CIA said well maybe we don’t know but one would think that the president would have done something before the election? Because Crooked Hillary Clinton lost and George soro spread his money around to computer scientist who even say there’s no proof that there was any hacking. The only emergency here is getting President Obama out of office and Hillary Clinton into jail.

  4. Hopefully none of our tax dollars are being given to the “clinton nauseating network”.
    The sad thing is that Mr. & Mrs. Average American get their daily dose of brain washing with a mere click of a button which takes them to the corporate media liar channels. Our country desperately needs a conservative channel for Mr. & Mrs. Average American to click on to bring them the truth and a conservative point of view.

  5. CNN, who the hell are you trying to scare. Shut your pie holes people. Are you scared that you may have something to hide. CNN is the sickest network in the world. The only National emergency is CNN… You are on the way to starting a riot which will put you folks in the big house. If bullshit was electricity you’d be a walking powerhouse. Get lost…. TRUMP 2016 TRUMP 2020 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I agree! CNN stands for “Crapfilled News Network!”

      • The “C” could also stand for “Corrupted”, “Contaminated”, “Contemptible”, etc,

      • Good NEW definition now that the C for CLINTON is as DEFUNCT as those two Bastids are…..Good Call bro…SEMPER FI !!!

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      • Maybe us Trump supporters could start a new network. DNN. The Deplorable News Network.

        • Great Comment! DNN! I’m still chuckling as I respond to this!

          • Glad you liked it. I have my moments.

          • BUT then you FART …

          • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

            MERRY XMAS to you and all.

          • Let’s KEEP IT as a CHRISTIAN HOLIDAY in the Country Based on CHRISTIAN PRINCIPLES and let Othes have the same opportunity to Celebrate Ramadan, Kwanza or whatever as long as They RESPECT the FOUNDING Principles of AMERICA… or let the door not hit their collected REARS as they GO away….MERRY CHRISTMASS EVERYONE!


          • It is His Birthday indeed that we celebrate. “Merry Christmas”, to quote Donald Trump.

          • AMEN, Granny!!

          • Merry Christmas

          • Marry Christmas to you also. GOD bless you.

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          • Now that their muddslime POS is out f office, they, the mudslimes might want to go back to their sand boxs before they start lousing their heads


          • Yes we can say we are a Christian nation after Obama declared we were an Muslim country. Sick any how. Merry Christmas everyone. Jesus is the reason for the season.

          • Good night all and to all a good night. Merry Christmas!

          • DItto , without the muslim bo holiday they dispise & abuse !

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          • VERY factual moments that need to happen … !

          • Nothing needs to happen until noon, 20 January 2017.

          • Right On; especially no more happening of deceitful shit from bo and all his crony rinos & libtard so called electors that are supporting bo, hilary dictatorship ! Damned bunch of marxists !

          • Well, that’ll be the big moment, but unless President-elect Trump and his team revert to the Inaugural style of, oh, 1880, there will be a whole LOT of preliminary events — receptions, dinners, probably fireworks, and on and on. Likely begin on Monday and go on all week.
            It’s not that presidents need such celebrations, but people (Trump supporters — maybe YOU?) come to Washington from all over to celebrate, and they don’t want to come for just one day! Also, the airlines like multi-day bookings, the hotels insist on at least 3 nights, and all the restaurants in town (some VERY good, very expensive, but many less fancy) want to sell more than one dinner per visitor. If you go to EVERYTHING (assuming you have invitations) just the TICKETS, never mind hotel, food, clothes, and all that stuff, could set you back $1,000.
            Tip: IF YOU WANT TICKET FOR THE INAUGURAL CEREMONY (when the new president is sworn in) DON’T BOTHER CONTACTING THE INAUGURAL COMMITTEE. Ceremonies & events held AT THE CAPITOL are RUN by Congress. Call your Congressman/woman or senator to see if you can get tickets. They’re scarcer than diamonds in the Arctic, though, so GET MOVING! Good luck!
            Another tip: you’ll SEE the ceremony much better on TV, even tho there’s nothing like being there — ONCE, anyway.
            Yet another tip: ladies, DO NOT GO OUT and buy a beautiful (and expensive) formal for the Ball. The place will be MOBBED, and SOMEONE will spill a drink on your beautiful new gown, or step on the hem and rip the skirt. WEAR YOUR OLDEST LONG DRESS! Unless you or your hubby have just been named to the Cabinet, NOBODY else will cae what you’re wearing!
            — an old hand at Inaugurations (all Republican)

          • No thanks. I wouldn’t go even if Trump put me in charge of all the liberal internment camps.

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          • Yes … Very Clever!

        • Brilliant ! During the campaign I was hoping Trump would buy Fox News. I couldn’t wait to hear him scream, “YOUR FIRED” to Megan Kelly and some of the other libs who attacked him every inch of the way.

          • They fought Trump every inch of the way, because they thought he was sure to lose. Now they are kicking themselves in the butt for having landed on the wrong side of power.

          • and they continue to give him a hard time with each and every person he appoints to a position, they start nixing each one. never saw them doing this when Obama was putting a Muslim in every dept of his administration. we didn’t balk at him like this even though we sure never liked it.

          • The Libs are afraid that Trump will succeed, because it would show how screwed up (wrong) they were/are.

          • Trump can never succeed in the minds of a liberal. More Jobs, not living on government hand outs, self reliance, independence, independent ideas and lifestyles are not liberal ideals.

          • Alinsky is so upset and his followers CLINTON and Obama

          • Saul Alinsky DIED i 1972, so I don’t think he’s terribly upset about ANYTHING or ANYONE.

          • Just his followers, HILLARY, OBAMA, they are reportedly upset.

          • We know how stupid they are.

          • You’re right I am afraid he will succeed at at least, weakening our democracy, if not totally destroying it.

          • Daley, are you aware that Bill Clinton is a member of the Board of Directors of the Sharia Law School. He made 5.6 millions giving talks at those schools. Hillary is for open borders and trade. With Hillary the sovereignty of the US gone. The Globalist and One World Government would take over. I prefer constitution law and American sovereignty. Make America Great sounds better for me than One World Order.

          • We’re not discussing the Clintons now. What they did is past and we can’t change that. There may be reason to try them yet, and when law enforcement comes out and makes that move I’ll examine their motives just as I am now looking at Trump. The past is past, let’s look to the future. And let’s do it without the modern day Benedict Arnold, named Trump.

          • Do you recommend we dump Trump and elect the Pope as President.
            You are living in your vision which is not shared by millions. Couldn’t you give Trump a year and then evaluated if he meets your standards.

          • No, I’m recommending we dump Trump, just keep a sharp eye out for him. I have disagreed with a lot of policies of previous presidents including Carter, Reagan, Clinton, Bush and Obama. But, no one president has ever offered as much to disagree with as Trump has. I hope he becomes a very successful president for the country as a whole, and not just a corporate president, but I fear that is not going to happen. There are too many issues in the world for him to ignore, and he seems hell bent on doing that. I was a soldier on duty 24/7 I want my president to be on duty 24/7 but he has made it plain that he doesn’t intend to do that. So, yes if he becomes a president for the people I will support him. When I started my job I was watched closely for the first 90 days and and I intend to give him the same scrutiny just as I did all previous presidents. I have serious concerns about him and his lying isn’t the least of them.

          • Hillary would have been a corporate president. She was a talking head for world corporation. Trump will work to make corporate America Great again. He cannot afford to fail. His ego will not let him. He has picked a cabinet of greedy businessmen who will work to make America the world most successful corporation as they have with their previous employers.
            One president after another has promised changes, but did not deliver. I believe Trump will deliver. In the first hundred days we will know his direction.
            Thank you for sharing your point of view.

          • Well, “greedy businessmen” working “to make America the world’s most successful corporation” is a nice twist. There are TWO BIG problems, though (and a lot of little ones).

            First, you say Hillary “would have been a corporate president” but Donald Trump is NOT; nevertheless it’s TRUMP who has hired all those “greedy businessmen.” You DO realize,don’t you, a “corporate president” IS a “greedy” (well, maybe or maybe not — not all are) “businessman,’ (or busineswoman), don’t you? Or vice versa: THEY’RE THE SAME THING. So how do Trump’s “greedy businessmen” DIFFER from Hillary’s “corporate executive”? They DON’T — if you think one is bad, how do you figure the other is GOOD?

            Second, A COUNTRY IS NOT A CORPORATION. ExxonMobil and the others are IN BUSINESS TO MAKE MONEY. The U.S.A. is NOT, and doesn’t RUN the same was as a corporation. I think TRUMP understands this, at least on the surface level, but I’m sure his “greedy businessmen” do. In business, when the boss says, “Do this!”. it gets done. Promptly. In government, when a Cabinet officer (even if he’s a multi-billionaire) says, “Do this!”, the bureaucrats who are supposed to DO it lose the memo and IT DOESN’T GET DONE. Big business executives who come to Washington to serve in someone’s Cabinet (it doesn’t mater whose) are usually frustrated beyond belief and LEAVE within a YEAR.

            We’ll see how Trump’s “greedy businessmen” do (btw, I do NOT like the implication that business people are greedy. They’re usually NOT. Sure they’re glad to collect their (big) paychecks, but THAT IS NOT their primary motivation, and to suggest otherwise is, well, unfair and unreasonable).

          • The previous discus was suppose to read. Hillary will not make a good business woman. She was just a talking head for her the big businesses that supported her. There are two kind of business men that are players. Those like Soros who seems to wants to bring down the US for his globalism plans, and those Trump is recruiting to protect our sovereignty and build up America.

          • WHATCHU Talkin'boutWillis

            Explain to me exactly what Trump will be doing to “Build up America” in your opinion.

            America is #1 in most anything that you might want to discuss.

            GO FOR it chicken feathers TEA Party DOO fusser about most anything & everything FOOL ! ! ! !

          • Trump is a traitor that invited the Russians to spy on a presidential candidate and open her classified State Department email. The day he said that he said “it was joke” and the next day he said “maybe it wasn’t a joke”

            If the media was sane they would have asked him a hundred times in a row-

          • Well said, and I like your analogy with a new employee being on a sort of probation for 90 days or whatever.
            I’m not worried, personally, about him being a “corporate president” — I worry MUCH more about him standing by silently while Russia’s Vlad Putin reconquers most (all?) of Eastern Europe. We could have a new Iron Curtain to cope with, if we’re not careful!

          • I share the same concerns as you in regards to Europe. Especially now that so many European voters are tilting toward the extreme conservative just as we are in this country. But, we are stuck with him and his radical cabinet picks at least for the next four years.

          • Good Grief, THIS pope (Francis !) is the LAST person I’d want as president! He’s an out-and-out, avowed SOCIALIST! When he talks about politics (which he shouldn’t, it’s not “faith and morals,”) but when he does, HE SOUNDS LIKE FIDEL CASTRO.
            You’re right, we need to give Trump time to show whether his friendship with Putin will influence his actions AS PRESIDENT (I certainly hope NOT). And the reason Daley Butler’s concern (and mine) are “not shared by millions” is because they’re still on a high from having won the election. If in six months Trump signs a treaty of friendship with Russia, or Putin completes the RUSSIAN RECONQUEST of Ukraine (he’s already gobbled up half of it), THEN ALL 63 MILLION OF US WILL KNOW WE HAVE A PROBLEM.

          • Won’t you be surprise when Putin and Trump main concerns are world trade. I think the war making machine will be replace by world peace under Trump. I think Trump understands Russia more than anyone. He understands that Russia has been pegged as an enemy to keep us in a war machine building mood.
            We have much to learn. We will see. Our eyes will be opened in the near future.

          • How do you know he is a Benedict Arnold when it is already been proven that the Democratic party was the Benedict Arnold. The past is the past, but not if you don’t even let the new president have a shot at doing what he says he is going to do. Both parties have their Benedicts but I am waiting to see if he is a Patrick Henry.

          • George – Daley Butler has a point. Trump’s ties with the Russian government, and especially with Vladimir Putin himself, ARE worrisome, and it’s particularly troubling that neither his campaign bio or ANY other campaign materials MENTION it. Like it or not, the RUSSIANS ARE NOT OUR FRIENDS, and I have to admit I might have thought twice about supporting Vlad Putin’s best friend to be President of the U.S. However, we can’t accuse him of anything WITHOUT EVIDENCE of some actual pro-Russian action. We CAN (and should) however, WATCH CAREFULLY.

          • Bill Clinton (Hillary, too) would happily lend their names to ANYONE and ANYTHING that would PAY them big bucks. That would include a Sharia Law School, except THERE IS NO SUCH INSTITUTION. PLEASE, for your own sake and that of people you talk/twitter/email with, TRY to figure out what’s REAL news and what’s FAKE news. THERE IS NO SHARIA LAW SCHOOL. There ARE several Islamic studies centers, including Yale Law School (where Bill & Hillary both went), but it’s PART OF THE YALE LAW SCHOOL, and it STUDIES sharia the way you might study chemistry, AS AN ACADEMIC SUBJECT, not to gain adherents.

          • Even if you are right. I prefer constitutional law over Sharia Law. I prefer business men in power over lawyers and doctors. I prefer the sovereignty of the US over globalism and One World Order.
            So with all his flaws I still say GO TRUMP.
            I prefer a half good president over a no good president.

          • our democracy was already ruined by the Dems and their globalist bull. Socialism has been proven over and over to not work and always ends up being a dictatorship. Besides America is a republic not a democracy nation. that means that the government is run by the people not by the government. the government is run by the people that our voters put into office that is why there are elections to make sure our nation stays a republic not a dictatorship run in the guise of Democracy. This country was not founded as a Democratic nation but a Spiritual Nation governed by the Pastors that came over with the people to run this country and ended up fighting taxation without representation against King George.

          • No, our Democracy is damaged, but not ruined and not by Democrats or Republicans. It was ruined by “We the people” who like so many refused to vote and refused to educate ourselves about our government. And you seem to be following that same path of taking one mans’ word for everything and ignoring the warning signs. Okay let’s keep going like this let’s just see how long it takes us to become an “Oligarchy” or something worse. That will happen no matter what party is in power, because we, you and I, and people like us sit around and complain and call each other names and ignore what’s coming out of D.C. The politicians love that we’re doing that. That way they can do as they damn well please. So, keep repeating the phrase that “America is a Republic and not a Democracy.” Which of course everyone with a fifth grade education knows. Tossing phrases around doesn’t make you look any smarter. Examine the issues and acknowledge the truth for once. Clinton has lied and tries to hide it. Trump lies and smirks about it and expects everyone to believe it. Open your eyes man.

          • You try to sound like you know what your talking about and then you step on you toes and show you have no idea. You throw the word oligarchy out there like it hasn’t happened yet.

            Families like the Astors, Rockefellers, Rothschilds and Vanderbilts have run this country since the early part of the 19th century. That train left the station a looooong time ago….there’s your oligarchy. Seems to have worked out for the most part for the richest. But it also works for those that are smart and work hard, not as much for the lazy and less ambitious. The left loves entitlement…it’s their way to keep the slaves voting for them.

            As far as what’s happening in DC….it looks more like civil war will be the only thing that will stop them. Term limits would be the answer and they aren’t about to let that happen. The other thing that would slow that ride down is to shut off their benefits and limit them to what a true middle class person gets…. Again, that ain’t gonna happen. Sooooo, it should. be as Jefferson wrote….Jefferson said in the letter that a democratic government like America’s “has a great deal of good in it. The mass of mankind under that enjoys a precious degree of liberty and happiness. It has its evils, too, the principal of which is the turbulence to which it is subject. But weigh this against the oppressions of monarchy, and it becomes nothing.”

            He added:

            “I hold it that a little rebellion, now and then, is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical. Unsuccessful rebellions, indeed, generally establish the encroachments on the rights of the people, which have produced them. An observation of this truth should render honest republican governors so mild in their punishment of rebellions, as not to discourage them too much. It is a medicine necessary for the sound health of government.”

            I’d like to see a complete flushing of ALL politicians.

          • Sorry for them they are a pity. Donald Trump is our president.

          • They do not bother me I just do not watch FOX while she is on any more !

          • You seem to be a member of a small minority. Since she took over the 9 PM (Eastern) slot on the schedule, Megyn Kelly’s ratings have SKYROCKETED and she’s closing in on Bill Kelly for the network’s #1 ratings show. SOMEONE must be watching, even if YOU aren’t.
            BTW, what Megyn did to Donald Trump WAS HER JOB. She asked tough questions. She’s SUPPOSED to do that. And TRUMP has gotten past the whole flap — isn’t it time YOU did?

          • sorry you are not up to par with the news.. so many many cannot tolerate that woman any longer and will not even watch her show and they were big on her until fairly recently. I know the difference in right and wrong and I use to like her a lot but then he liberal true colors started to come out and I have not been the only one to start noticing this. you have to be a liberal and they love the wrong type of anything..

          • Amen!! We have more class than these idiots.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica

            Amen these liberal Racist low energy thugs are pissing off Christians, Real America, faith based institutions and you know what God is in control and we defeated Liberalism Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!


          • Barbara – actually, they’ve been pretty soft on most of Trump’s cabinet picks. They DO question those with NO background in government, because THE PAST SHOWS US that MOST such people are overwhelmed by the job and fail, usually within a year. (That doesn’t mean Trump’s WILL fail, it’s just an AVERAGE.) And a lot of journalists ARE concerned about confllicts of interest , because it’s their JOB to raise questions. That DOES NOT mean they’re “nixing” each one. And the press did EXACTLY the same thing to Obama WHEN HE WAS NEW. As for Muslims, THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES SAYS, flat-out, that “THERE SHALL BE NO RELIGIOUS TEST” FOR ANYONE ELECTED OR APPOINTED TO OFFICE. They don’t ask about Catholics or Jews or Mormons, either! It’s a topic nobody WANTS to touch because IT IS A CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED RIGHT. (also, Obama appointed EXACTLY THREE Muslims, not one in each department — and even if he had, one person in each Department is like one kernel of corn on the Christmas dinner table. It sorta gets LOST. (And no, I’m not a Muslim!)

          • Good tidings!

          • Hannity was always for Trump and still is. Hannity is on Fox News. I can’t say the others did tho.

          • I can’t speak for others, but I fought him all the way because I had a strong feeling he could win.He did win and I think you T. supporters will live to regret electing him.


          • We would surely regret it later if Hillary had gotten in as we know she would be a continuation of the crap we have had with Obama, WE NEEDED A CHANGE , A CHANGE FOR THE BEST.. NOT THE SAME GARBAGE .AND DIGGING US INTO A DEEPER HOLE .

          • These libtard, rino asses kicked their own deceitful butts !

          • Jerry, – no, most DID think Trump was likely to lose, but they “fought” him (that’s NOT “fighting,” its TOUGH INTERVIEWING, THAT IS THEIR JOB. Journalists are NOT supposed to be KIND to public officials; they’re SUPPOSED to try to get the NEWS. Officials understand this, TRUMP understands it; it’s only people like YOU who don’t get it!

          • the only reason we had an idea Trump my lose was the due to the bias media and corrupt government inc Clinton etc those are we were fearful of not.. other than than we had God on our side for what was right and he had to have helped us win this with the frickin crooked liberal democrats

          • Maybe, I don’t get it, but 70% of the news on Trump was negative fake news. The press kissed Hillary’s butt. It that is journalism to you then I can see why you are negative about Trump. I think Trump will go down in history as one of our greatest president. Let’s discus again in 100 days. I’ll be ready for your consession email.LOL

          • Oh what a dream. It was the night before Christmas and all through the house…

          • all the libtards were creeping, staying out of the light.

          • That’s good!! Merry Christmas

          • YEP……..CREEPY LIBTARDS……..

          • RockyMtn1776 – THAT IS THEIR JOB! Journalists are NOT SUPPOSED to treat public officials (or candidates, or those just elected) with kid gloves. The officials understand — it’s just people like YOU who don’t GET IT.

          • Now thats a big joke. Journalist/ all of the news media are for the po dunk liberal pieces of crap 100% of the time, Never seeing that kind of reporting regarding the republicans unless its something they really have to report.. Hey I have been around the block a few times and even in the past have dated and known quite a few politicians I know how crooked they are..

        • Actually, I have been donating to people like Dennis Michael Lynch, and the Right Side Broadcast Network.They are doing a great job getting the truth out there.I am praying they will keep growing and perhaps join forces to create a major news and information media outlet.It is surely needed since the rest of the MSM is totally void of any credibility.

        • bUT (D) in no longer it is the ( F )ubar party now just see how Pelosi leads it

          • It is amazing Pelosi was re-elected to her position. She is the biggest loser the Demoncraps have! The GOP is thrilled I’m sure.

          • Well Look what makes up the defunct (D) party a bunch of old
            F ooked
            U p
            B eyond
            A ny
            R ecognition…..iDIOTS and they ARE the Fubar Party

          • They most certainly are. And they are painting themselves into a corner with this Russian hacking nonsense.

          • Ideally they ‘ll be the RIP of the Fubar Party

          • Absolutely

          • Good thing we have a Trump to be the mature adult and be our diplomat.

          • Just like they painted themselves into a corner with the recount. I say just keep it up and expose all those felon, illegal alien and deceased votes. Trump probably won the popular vote if truth were known. Voter fraud is always committed by the Democrats. That’s why they don’t want the voter rolls checked and purged and why they are against voter IDs.

          • The recount, Hillary lost because of Comey, Hillary lost because of her campaign managers, etc, etc. But even when they are exposed for the liars and cheats and frauds that they are, they won’t go away. Not until they are jailed, exiled from the country, or some other means of getting rid of them. I look for some sort of legislation soon regarding national voter ID. After the new SCOTUS justice is in place.

          • Can ANYONE on this blog answer me this? Why in the name of God and all that is Holy would the Russians hack HellBitchery/ DemoCommieScumboRATZ computers as she ( I use that term loosely) sold the Russians uranium rights here in the U.S.A.!
            Did the uranium deal go south and that’s why? If they were to hack anyone it should have been the Republican computers!
            As Spock would say “This Is Highly Illogical”!! I’m NOT mocking God but even He must be scratching his head over this rumor!

          • Old codger, you are absolutely correct! If anything, the Russians would want Hillary in there. Four more years of the pussy Obama administration giving in to what they want. Trump will stand up to Putin. He will try to deal with them fairly, but he will not take no shit. The days of our POTUS bowing to other leaders IS OVER!!
            And as a footnote, Hillary should be jailed for selling the uranium.

          • Yes, she should be in prison for the uranium deal! No doubt about it! What gets me is that just about every time (at least 99.999%) it comes up, yes the Russians did or NO they didn’t and they dance around trying to prove their stance but few are asking the question of why HildaBEAST’s computer(s).

          • Because Hiliary Clinton would have continued sanctions against Russia while Trump is an appeaser. He plans to lift those sanctions. Expect the Russians to invade and take the rest of the Ukraine and the rest of the Baltic States. They are even talking about getting parts of Poland with Russian speaking majorities.

          • Please tell me “WHAT SANCTIONS”! She was the b!tch that sold the United States of America’s Uranium rights to Russia!
            Put down the crack pipe!! Stop reading the “Asinine Erroneous Facts for Dummies/ DemoCommieCRAPZ!”!!!
            Please remove your head from the place the sun never shines and take a breath of fresh,
            clean air! Please! The flatulence you’re inhaling has just about destroyed every brain
            cell you ever had! You’ve smelled your own flatulence for so long it now smells good to you!
            Better to remain silent and thought a fool , than open your mouth
            and remove all doubt !

          • she did sell uranium to Russia but she also supports sanctions against Russia’s aggression.


          • What sanctions you bozo??? Hillary and Obama gave the Russians everything they wanted. Trump will put a screeching halt to that.

          • The sanctions Obama and both parties in congress approved after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. I dont believe you know what you’re talking about if you say you never heard of the Ukraine invasion or the sanctions by the NATO countries.

            Trump will cave in to Putin and will not put halt to it. You are making it up because you blindly support a corrupt con man blindly. Somewhere along the line you committed yourself to following trump no matter what he says or does. Lying that he’s not talking about ending the sanctions will not make it true and the consequences of doing it are the opposite of keeping current policy. Its more than words. Its the future of Europe and the world.

            Chamberlain thought he could buy “peace in our time” by appeasing the Germans but it caused the second world war instead of preventing it. The third world war will be fought with nuclear missiles.
            That egotistical clown that says hes so smart he doesn’t want the same daily intelligence briefings all the other presidents had, might start a nuclear war that kills you and a lot of other people. Think about that before you call the wrong person a bozo.

          • You contradict yourself about three times during your post. I never said I never heard of the Ukraine invasion. NATO is a joke. Trump should be capitalized, you dork. The future of Europe is not my concern. The future of the United States is. Chamberlains appeasing of Hitler is a laughable policy, much like Obama’s. Because Trump is so much more intelligent than you, that will be the reason we have no nuclear war. And you are still a BOZO!!!

          • JCluvs Trump — If Trump listens to his Secretary of State, he’ll GIVE THE RUSSIANS MORE than Hillary and Obama ever DREAMED of giving them. Rex Tillerson (Trump’s prospective Sec/State, if he can get confirmed) and Putin are best buddies, so it’s NOT likely he’ll urge Trump to continue the sanctions (which ARE in place now, btw)

          • So invented these so called sanctions Hithere would have continued with Russia. You must be referring to those Sanctioned,sales of 20% of US Uranium reserves to Russian interest groups directly connected with Putin. Or the dual purpose technologies sold to Putin connected Russian interest which shall be used by Russian military against US military an US interest How did that Clinton Obama Russian reset button work out all three of the above subject matters were infact Promoted an promulgated By the lying treasous murdering bitch Hitlery. Those must be the sanctions you’re referring to.Right.

          • Don’t think Russia is an enemy anymore, they’ll join the EU at some point. Move on!

          • INVENTOR INVENTED – you hit the nail on the head. Hillary WOULD have continued, even toughened, sanctions against Russia, not because she doesn’t like commies but because what little she actually knows about foreign policy is her hubby’s doctrine from the 1990s (Hey, Hil, 1992 is asking for its foreign policy back!)
            We still don’t really KNOW what Trump will do. He’s said he wants to roll back sanctions, but sanctions work both ways (against selling to as well as buying from) and his ExxonMobil-trained Secretary of State isn’t going to like the “no selling to” part. And the generals — Trump’s national security team, who may never have MET his foreign policy team — will be pushing him to continue sanctions and NOT let Putin run off with Ukraine, the Baltics, or Poland. Trump’s generals don’t want their (impressive, to date) military records sullied with the last paragraph saying “As National Security Advisor to President Trump, he presided over the collapse of freedom in Eastern Europe.” Flynn and the others will do everything they CAN to avoid THAT!

          • That’s it

          • Land of fruit and nuts. Pelosi the leader.

          • Yes it is. Hope they are successful in their attempt to secede from the union.

          • Communists have truly infiltrated our land.

          • Sad but true. They must be purged from our shores by any means necessary.

          • Change the word “any” to “ALL” MEANS

          • Better?

          • They have been BRAIN washed into Communists, for Generations via Unionized Acedemia Communists all Indoctrinated in the ALINSKY Manifesto that have produced DOMESTIC commies and Racists Anarchists like the Clintons and Obamas…

          • And it shows…

          • she even marches in the NAKED Gay parade. ( but must be dressed)…and looks for Transgender ‘johns”

          • Oh no! That’s not a good sight fore sore eyes!

          • It’s not amazing when you realize that most of the Democrats in the House share her views — and ALL line up at her door when she’s going to be handing out the campaign committee checks to help them get re-elected.
            Yeah, to Republicans Pelosi’s reelection is the gift that’s going to keep on giving for the next two years (assuming Nancy lives that long.) We’d have had a much harder fight if the Dems had gone with a blue-collar-district type like Tim Ryan (no relation to OUR Speaker, Paul Ryan). But we can’t expect Pelosi to last more than one more cycle: after 2018 she’s almost SURE to be gone.

          • when you put it like that I guess it’s not so amazing. But I do sincerely think that there is something mentally wrong with her. More so than with most liberals.

          • Her daughter is actively trying to steal the election by supervising the threatening of electoral college voters.

          • Which should be a federal crime. Death threats they make more than they claim they get. Driving to impoverished areas in a limousine doesn’t make lot of friends for a limousine liberal.

          • She should share a cell with her zombie faced mother.

          • Well Her daughter is just another Progressively STUPID. Even MORE STUIPD that her Mother who is Guilty of producing INBRED STUPIDS

            And this is how the FUBAR party exists on the Back of STUPIDS

          • Yes, I saw that interview. She wouldn’t be asking for an investigation if Hillary had won. She’s her mother’s daughter for sure.

          • Investigate her and hold them accountable

        • HILLARY losers network

        • I love it!! We could use someone like Sean Hannity or Sean Hannity himself.

        • I like that though!

      • Communist News Network

      • Since the election CNN and MSNBC ratings have dropped dramatically. If they do not wise up soon and begin “reporting” the news professionally, they will be bankrupt in a year.

      • Naaa. It’s called the C–t’s news network! ?

      • The meangreenMarine………………… Rules of Engagement: “Kill-em all. Let God sortem out”! It could also be the “Communist News Network”!

      • Communist News Network

      • OR ‘commie’ no news’ is real news & propaganda lies ordered by bo !

      • Or as we all know .. “The Clinton News Network.”

    • They are fun for a laugh in the morning..Watching them meltdown.. I love watching that Cuomo on CNN he is a riot watching how he can’t seem to grasp on to reality……

    • I second that 100% TRUMP is our president for the next 8 years if he wants to be get over it …and you crying dem…you need to get rid of all those crooks like hillary and run somebody that’s honests if that’s possible

    • CNN yet another foreign entity trying to manipulate our elections . They have absolutely no credibility or morals. If you actually want fake news ? Just depend on CNN, CBS, MSNBC and the rest of the Socialist media. Nothing but Socialist propaganda.

    • Well said. They are a national joke. Losers network.

    • double ditto except the national emergency is not just is media in general who are so out of reality and off base it is pitiful and a detriment to us, our government and our country. that is all, radio, newspapers and so called news magazines. there is no attempt to silence them. they are doing it to themselves because readers/listeners are not reading or listening.

    • What – Trump’s Election a “National Emergency! Define emergency=”An emergency is a situation that poses an immediate risk to health, life, property, or environment. Most emergencies require urgent intervention to prevent a worsening of the situation, although in some situations, mitigation may not be possible and agencies may only be able to offer palliative care for the aftermath.” I know some people including the writer have been mentally hurt that Hillary lost. But Trump election does not pose an immediate risk to health, life, property or environment. Americans are still going to work, eating, going to sports; drinking beer and having kids. After all Trump is following President Obama foot-steps. For example, he is going to expand Obamacare i.e. everybody will be covered. He will fund Obamacare through sales tax. Thank God Trump dumped Giuliani, Allen West, Herman Cain and Gingrich. These are racists and bigots who think this Country is theirs alone. We have to give Trump chance to prove what he promised us all.

    • My only problem with 8 years of President Trump would be having to listen crying, lying and made-up news! The “Lefties” will never give-up on the “Russians did it”!!!!!

  6. Hillary don’t get your panties wet. You lost, get over it. Wipe those tears of your face you liar in chief…..You need a good enema girl. Bill would like to give it to you. Chelsea can hold the bag,,,,,,,,,,Get lost witch …

  7. Hillary won the popular vote my ass, more like the Illegal Wetback Vote

    • She counts tomb stones and Those anarchists registered in many states and Cities bused around by Sharpimpton …..and any other made name names…Foreign and Domestic…in true Clinton Style…..


    • The only reason she got a plurality (not majority) of the popular vote is because all the ultra, left-leaning states (Cal., NY, New England states…only 20 all totalled) and 96 % of the vote in D.C. (I imagine those 4% who voted for Trump are the bravest souls around…..they’re now probably in the gov’t protection program). I’m convinced that if Charles Manson could run on the Dem. ticket, he’d carry all the liberal states even if he were running against Mother Teresa or the Pope!!

      • I agree! They’re from the “You owe me,” “Gimme” generation! Their biggest concern is that their freebies might dry up and they would have to get a Job!

        • That’s why large metropolitan cities always vote for the Dums…..because they know that scumbags like Barry, Harry, and HRC will always be on the side of those folks who are screaming: “Where’s my free S***?” With Trump, hopefully this will gradually change.

    • Do not forget the scratch backs those are the ones that can not swim. skip

  8. Obama is the one that is destroying our nation by drawing red lines then having the rest of the world laugh at us. Obama running around saying he is sorry the United States is Number 1, again making us a laughing stock. Obama is the one that spent 85 million on his personal vacations after saying in his campaigns he would never take a vacation at taxpayer expense.
    CNN has become a complete joke.

  9. Problems with the CNN losing stable of fubarJac kasses is that they still do not know how to apply BUTTHURT CREAM… iT IS NOT TO BE SPREAD ON TOAST you IDIOTS!!! GET over it and do not ABUSE ‘feel good” DOGS

  10. Not a smooth transition was it? He leapfrogged right over the Russians to the Electoral College and called it a national emergency. Were J.Q. Adams or George W. Bush’s presidencies national emergencies? Indeed, Bill Clinton in 1992 did not get a majority of votes. Did anyone say that his majority of electors constituted a national emergency?

  11. These fools are so far removed from TRUTH that they wouldn’t recognize it if it walked up and introduced itself.

  12. I’m as stunned that even the Conservative Media is keeping this nonsense alive. Ignore and stop the ‘scare’ tactics among voters who actually believe this. They are calling into Rush, and Hannity actually frightened that Trump will be ousted. Hasn’t this Country suffered enough with these people. Must we continue to give life to these rumours, while watching the crazy children in the streets constantly protesting. I would urge all our conservative media to cease this discussion and focus on what President-elect Trump will be doing in the coming year…anything, other than continue giving power to the leftists. Boycott CNN, stop reading the Times, etc.and any and all liberal rags….at least until they get the message! They lost! Grow Up! Tell Soros to find another Country as he doesn’t care much for this one!

  13. Trump won get over it and start telling the truth on real news all of this crap needs to stop it is only making all of these news stations look bad They did nothing when Obama won that would have been racist I for one am tired of all of this crap on Trump
    start with locker room talk you are all a bunch of hypocrites you are all guilty and are trying to play the holier than thou. all this on Trump has really gotten old trying to get him impeached before he even takes office. He has a lot more experience than Obama had and you said nothing. besides it is not how much experience he has he gets to surround himself with the people that do and the only reason all of congress and the senate does not like it is because here is the man they cannot control he is going to CLEAN THE SWAMP

  14. you miserable SOBs. I have seen some miserable examples of poor sportsman ship, some of ignorance, some of self righteous prating. Congrats. You guys retire the trophy.

  15. Again CNN cannot trust them always with hidden agenda spinning things for the liberals no truth here. They use to irritate me with all their shenanigans but I am done with them hope this is where megan Kelly ends up at they all deserve one another mean hatters not really reporters or journalists just spewing garbage

  16. CNN is full of it. They are part of the garbage slinging main street media scare mongers. go play with your paymaster shillery.

  17. It is time for every citizen who voted for Trump to BOYCOTT CNN, if you haven’t already. They are a disgrace to the term “journalism”. And it seems like every week, they just get worse. Are you with me, America?

  18. Demorats crashed and burned and still don’t see what they did wrong! They never take responsibility or learn from their actions which is why they continually failed the American people!

  19. What a joke……..our “faith in the media” was blown away by the media itself, and no one else. Suck it up babies, you did it to yourselves.

  20. Typical libtard lies & bo type creation of destruction against U.S. Patriotic Citizens using his soros bought media & abuse of power E.O.’s ! bo’s wannabe dictatorship over the U.S. has become the stench of treason & in 2017 justice will prevail for him & his crony administrations’ dereliction of duty, defying U.S. laws with treason … !

  21. I do not have the C.N.N. Channel I took it off months ago. If enough of us do, they are gone. When I Read this stuff I know my decision was correct. They need to be taken off the air. Time to take our country back. Is right, get rid off lying corrupt entities that keep this country on a destroy mode. They feed on termoil,and destruction. Use the net works to breed descent. We Elected Trump. Are we going to allow his good name to be flushed down the toilet. No. He had already done more to save this country, keep jobs, bring in jobs, then Obama did in 8 years. We need to stop those who would destroy him.

    This says it all.
    Now I understand the Senate passed a bill that will put freedom back into the dark ages and make CNN fake news the source!

  23. If Obama were shot today i would celebrate
    He should have been hung for treason 8 years ago!

    • I would love Trump to come forward and prove that OBO is not a citizen by birth. Along with the fake SS#, getting his schooling paid for and sealing his records you know he is illegal.

  24. Fact remains, hillary violated national security, federal law and should be prosecuted and jailed…this is what was found out with wikileaks, she is a criminal.

  25. Actually, CNN, I think the “national emergency” is that you’re still on the air! And as far as “. . . a candidate who lost in an historic way. . . ” based on what occurred in Wisconsin, I would bet if recounts were done in ALL the states, Ms. Clintons 2,000,000 more votes would be a helluva lot less. . . . GET OVER IT, BOYS AND GIRLS!!! And in the “historic” words of Mr. Barrack Obama, when approached by the Republican House leadership in 2008 – “go to the back of the room, I won”.

  26. Given that most of their “journalists” and “columnists” are communists, one suspects they’d be celebrating if they really believed it.

  27. I certainly wish that these idiots would just LEAVE THIS ALONE!! Trump won, We the People have spoken. All you idiots think that Clinton should have won! I have news, that DID NOT HAPPEN!!! Let it go, you lost, get over it! CNN, STFU!!

  28. Irene Elizabeth Grooms


  29. A National Emergency. The Sky is Falling. Hide all the Women and Children. Close your eyes and don’t look or you will turn to stone. What is it? Oh Hillary without any makeup.

  30. When will the idiots on the Communist New Network find out the Dems had a Flawed, no TREASONOUS, candidate.

    CNN viewership continues to drop, while, at the same time Democrat Lemming still line up on the edge of the Abyss, ready to jump when “the witch” gives the signal.

    When will the Left dissolve into their coloring books, crayons and play-dough and let the adults clean up the mess they’ve made to our Republic?

  31. Our “National Emergency,” is about to come close…Barack Hussein Obama’s assault on the U.S. Constitution is coming to an ignominious end and a Claptrap News Network spiraling downward so fast they can no longer hoodwink the American people into believing they have integrity in their sordid reporting just like the rest of the deceitful Alphabet news organizations.

  32. it would be pretty hard to find some more stupid than a cnn host unless it would be any of the hags on the view.

  33. The socialists and Muslims got what they deserved, a complete repudiation of their “everyone owes me” philosophy. Illegals will get what they deserve, deportation. LGBT, and BLM FOOLS will get what they deserve if they break the law, prison. Border jumpers will get an impregnable wall, Hillary will go to prison, Bernie will get a room in a home for old Communists, Race baiters become increasingly irrelevant, sanctuary cities lose billions in Federal money, CNN, especially but all irrelevant pissstream media are exposed as frauds, OBAMA’s legacy(?) erased, AMERICAN RETURNS TO GREAT AGAIN STATUS,
    So see, Trump has something for everyone.

  34. Its not a national emergency but Trump might declare martial law on trumped up charges. There’s a lot of court evidence Trump employed illegal aliens from Poland and bribed the attorney general of Florida and Texas.
    We have to work steadily to impeach trump and force him to leave office. 19 electors from the electoral college have asked the intelligence agencies to brief them about Russian interference in the election and if trump had a role.

    • Donald Trump did none of those things and you know it. You just WANT it to be true, but that doesn’t make it true. Suck it up… Hillary LOST!!

  35. CNN = Co*ksucker Networthless News(?)

  36. Dumb, but it is CNN.

  37. The Clinton News Network is upset because they lost, boo hoo. You would think they could act like adults, but then again no, it’s CNN. They have less credibility than The National Enquirer.

  38. The national emergency is we the people of this country are going to bury idiots and organizations like yours! You guys are over. And if you keep getting in our way of the TRUTH, we will step on you and kick you to the side of the road! You are TOAST!

  39. It truly is pathetic how CNN has evolved into a left-wing loon “crap” network

  40. The only national emergency I see here is the Demoncraps attempting to overthrow the government. Round up Hillary, Obama, Pedesta, Reid, Pelosi and every registered Democrat, charge them with treason and hang them.

  41. The only National Emergency that is facing us today is the democratic drive to negate the election.
    John Q. Adams vs Andrew Jackson; Jackson won the popular vote, Adams the electoral vote.
    Harrison vs Cleveland; Cleveland won the popular vote, Harrison the electoral vote.
    G.W. Bush vs Gore: Gore won the popular vote, Bush the electoral, a Supreme Court battle, and the House confirmation.
    So contested presidential election are not a new thing. But more importantly, the Country survived. Unlike now, where the democrats seem “hell bent” to destroy the election system and American’s faith in our election process.

  42. CNN need to go the way of the DOE DOE BIRD!!

  43. When Hillary sold 20% of our uranium to the Russians no one on the left said BOO! Now, all of a sudden the Russians are the enemy.

  44. The map that shows the counties won by Trump is amazing. It’s red with only a few small splotches of blue; it was the big population centers like LA, for instance, that can carry a whole state. (California’s votes should also get a close look). The LOSERS, and there are so many of them on many fronts, are really getting desperate …vote recounts in 3 big electoral states, all the ALLEGED foreign hacking, electoral college renegades who refuse to cast their vote for Trump even though Trump won that particular state, a demand that electoral college voters attend a ‘briefing’ before casting their votes—it just goes on and on. RINOs jumping on the democRATs bandwagon to denounce and belittle Trump’s victory and of course the lefty media having a melt-down. BTW, those wikileaks told the truth about Killiary, truths that her campaign did not want the American voter to know about her. Trump won and these losers are going to do all they can to discredit and undermine his presidency, the RINO’s in congress especially. The media tried to assassinate Trump with their evil spin, but he won anyway—the media is pissed so be assured, their attacks are going to be even more vicious. On the day Trump is inaugurated, there will be demands for his impeachment…that’s how desperate the losers are and they aren’t going to stop.

  45. Irene Pfannenstiel

    I’m beginning to think CNN is trying to start a civil war by pitting the Dems against those who voted for Trump. Trump won big and all this talk about the Electoral College members changing their vote even though Trump won the Electoral College by a wide margin and all this talk about Trump being impeached and all this talk about Trump’s business holdings and ways to impeach him because of his holdings. Sounds like the Dems and CNN are refusing to accept him as our President and are trying to start a Civil War. They continue to beat Trump up daily. If the Electoral College doesn’t elect Trump according to the voter’s wishes who spoke loud and clear by the election results, I’m afraid that will be the start of a Civil War. Trump hasn’t even taken his oath of office yet, and the Dems and the news media are talking about ways he can be impeached. This is supposed to be a democratic Republic. Trump won. Get over it and let him do his job without all the drama and interference. This stuff is scaring me and it really upsets me. This is not right!

    • If they want a new civil war, they’ve got it. Most conservatives are faithful to the Constitution and its numerated freedoms and protections. We are mostly gun owners and some are Bible thumping gun clinging Freedom loving veterans willing to fight another good war to protect America from freedom hating socialist and globalist. I personally witnessed the Communist and their brutality in ‘Nam in 1967 and 1968 as a Navy Hospital Corpsman. Coexistence was NOT an option. Never has been, never will be. It’s time to put these miserable creatures of the night out of our misery.

  46. I believe his promise to DRAIN THE SWAMP-is scaring the Media the Progressives, Elites and Establishment senseless that is if they ever had any sense. He is not President yet and they are doing the very best they have to throw at him and prevent his lnauguration—they had bought clothes for a coronation not an inauguration — all sales were final.

  47. Just more division by CNN (Crappy News Network).

  48. Stelter already knows he is an idiot. He just doesn’t care. It is far more important to him to continue spewing garbage.

  49. The liberal choke hold the libs had on us is going to loosen up and they can’t stand it. Jan, 20 can’t come soon enough.

  50. CNN will go down in journalistic history as a lesson learned in media ‘self-destruction’ through deceitful fabrications of utter BS instead of providing ….REAL NEWS…based on FACTS!!!!
    Media like CNN depend on a society steeped in ignorance and without any ambition of seeking TRUTH through their own personal research via other more reputable sources!
    Bottom Line: RIP CNN!!!!!

  51. “…to undermine faith in our institutions, like the media,” That ship sailed a long time ago CNN.

  52. The burning question is: WHERE would the libs be without the never-ending DRAMA! If they gave out Academy Awards for media, which lib media would win?

  53. CNN A desperate Network with people prostituting themselves for a living hoping to get on Fox someday, or they are just nuts.

      ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, National Security Adviser.
      CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications.
      ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former Whitehouse Press Secretary Jay Carney
      ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obama’s Deputy Press Secretary
      ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama’s Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood
      CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to former Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary Tom Nides.
      And now you know why it is no surprise the media is in Obama’s pocket.
      Ya think there might be a little bias in the news ???
      It also explains the cover up of Benghazi………

      • Nailed!! I did know this there is also Cass Sunstein who was in the WH with O, a communist married to the Irish Gal in UN . We need Senator McCarthy back to root out the Reds in DC. He was right on Hollywood but the Progressives won out and McCarthy went nuts and died.
        OH They arrrrrrre back

  54. The C linton N ews N etwork, CNN. Dont go there, get a list of the dirthy dozen from Mad as, that are adwertisers that I’, and all my e-mail friends are boycotting, get them where it hurts in the revenue wallet. If they can’t be serious, just full of BS. what good are they.

  55. What do you expect from “Commie News Network!”

  56. neither hilary or donald had a majority of votes( over 50%).
    What needs to be done on 21 jan 2017 is to have full investigations of federal agencies that use their power to abuse citizens and all who did or approved of it to be prosecuted and jailed.

    • There were millions of illegal votes added to the Demonrats
      Numbers ( all encouraged by Obama and Jerry Brown- against
      the law- so corrupt). I don’t believe they won the majority and
      certainly not the electoral ( landslide victory for Trump). They
      still can’t handle defeat and are beating a dead horse. Time for
      adults to take over.

  57. Getting rid of CNN is a National Emergency!!!

  58. The left wing, lying MSM continue to bury themselves in their lame attempts to discredit President Trump.Their ratings and credibility will keep sinking until only the dumbest of the dumb sheep will be viewing them.

  59. Funny.I was at a VA hospital yesterday and the vast majority of the Dr.s, nurses and other staff were elated about finally having a real commander in chief.I jokingly asked on of the staff if I could remove Obomber’s picture off the wall, and they laughed and said, “Please, do it” lol.I likely would have been arrested though.At any rate, there is a new sense of hope now and regardless of all the media spin and the few whining liberal sore losers, America is ready to move on and be great again…MAGA!!!!

  60. Once again had to get this from another source other than CNN has I do not give this wacko lib media one ounce of credibility ever. Did not even read it as it surely is spewing liz warren crap.

  61. cnn a National disgrace full of liars.

    • So true– let’s hope that fake news agencies like CNN
      Are targeted and prosecuted/removed from our airways.
      Their lies and inciteful ways must not be part of the future
      Journey to clean the swamp of American news reporting.
      Most can see that Socialist George Sorros and the Demonrats
      Own CNN and this disgraceful channel Clearly misleads the
      public with lies and distortion of the truth to brainwash/influence
      And that goes way against factual reporting and staying neutral.
      They Must Go!

  62. What happened to America after a pos held office for eight years, he lied, peed away trillions secretly, made treaties in secret, encouraged millions of illegals to run across the border to claim refugee status. Lied about deals, treaties, and United Nations agreements done in secret. Used the DOJ as a political tool to obstruct Justice. And now has a corrupt dishonest propaganda media to continue the false narratives. CNN, MSNBC, CBS, and others are left wing twisted lying broadcasting false bias news. how could one guy do this much destruction?

  63. Who watches CNN, anyway ??? There are many more reliable agencies elsewhere.

  64. These people on Hillary side are F-ing crazy

  65. I love the bloggers on this website! You guys call it as it is! No lies, just truths with a little B.S. for fun! Have you ever thought of opening your own “Honest Abe’s” Media Site? Not only would you inform people, but it would be entertaining! Think about it. If a Leftist organization like “Saturday Night Live” can be aired, so can you guys!
    Peace & Blessings.

  66. Trump and his supporters talk about power and nothing else. They dont talk about ethics or whats good for the country. All they told you is join the winning side or else you will be hurt in some way.

  67. The National emergency is the treasonous Communist Democrat controlled MSM.
    What are they going to do to redeem themselves in our eyes? We no longer trust them as our watch dogs but now see them as partisan lap dog propagandists.

  68. I think that CNN and the other LEFT WING UNHINGED networks (I will not call them news because they are not) are the only NATIONAL EMERGENCY here. These networks need to be SHUT DOWN for inciting violence and attempting to incite violence with their scare tactics. If anything happens the blood of many will be on their hands.

  69. Yes Trump’s winning was an emergency, if he had not won we would have had Hitler-y. As far as CNN, it’s not Clinton News Network, it’s Clinton’s Nasty Network. Don’t know why anyone pays any attention to it.

  70. Conflicting agencies have no idea, while the deems and media are doing the pushing (sans facts). Doubt if truth were known, hitlery did not have any majority, but that is mundane now. She conceded.

  71. These people (CNN especially) are and have been disgusting, especially throughout this campaign. God forbid they should lose! It was supposed to be OK for the Conservatives/Republicans to lose and we were supposed to take it on the chin! How the hell do they think we felt when Barack got in the WH? I was devastated and it was even worse that he was returned to the WH for a second term after annihilating this Country! I used to turn CNN on first thing in the morning; got a lot of laughs looking to see what “stories” (can’t call it news!) they would manufacture at 6 AM and then build on the rest of the day. I used to like Chris Cuomo when he was on GMA, I mean how much harm could anyone do on that show! Now? They need to find a home for him somewhere out of the country. Say what you will, Donald Trump could never be as bad for this country as Barack Obama and his henchmen, and if any of you people honestly love America, you would face it instead of getting behind these people who are frothing at the mouth day by day as Mr. Trump builds his administration!

  72. Clinton and her cronies have spent so much money and favors all over the world that I’m surprised Trump got even one vote. But, the American people are smarter than the average democrap and they saw through Clinton’s crap and we got a real President. I just wonder how much she had to fork out to the Electoral collage folks for them to start changing the electoral votes.

  73. Bet you can’t get POTUS or even a staff member get to say that word either!

  74. Trump is a dream come true, a REAL HOPE for America’s future to get back on track! Restore the law that USA government can not publish any propaganda!

  75. You see we have nothing to worry about cnn just as the rest of the lefts are the ones who are running scared bcz they cannot cheat or steal or keep people in their back pocket anymore THAT’S WHY THEY’RE FRIGHTENED ABOUT THE DONALD BEING ELECTED PRESIDENT!!! Just sit back & watch these idiots bury themselves…they’re spending all of their money & trying to cause more separation between the people & guess what they can’t !! So enjoy CHRISTMAS & NEW YEAR’S this is going to be the best time of our lives now that we have removed the garbage…YAY!!!

  76. Trumps election is a breath of fresh air after years of bullshit and poluctical crap from the left.


  78. Hillary did not win by a historic popular vote! Where the hell do they get this stuff!

  79. I’m so sick of the left who keep talking about how Hillary won the popular vote, so therefore Trump’s election victory should not count. Ridiculous. I live in a red state where we have voter ID laws, so I trust the results of my state much more than the results of states like California and New York where they are much looser about making sure only legal citizens are allowed to vote. I would like for someone to investigate who actually voted in states like California, where Hillary got most of her lead in the popular vote. I assure you that there are many illegal immigrants who voted, and those votes need to be thrown out. With the Electoral College system requiring 50 separate races to determine who wins, it is much more difficult to game the system. This is why Trump’s win is more significant than Hillary’s popular vote win.

  80. just what do expect from a bunch of people in denile?They just cannot admit they lost.I can only hope president Trump pulls all their FCC permits to even be on the air.After all they have not been real news for years.So no real loss if they are taken off the air.The big tree tried to do the same when they called for what they called the fairness doctrine did they not.

  81. Hillary c- 485 counties.
    DONALD TRUMP – 2600 counties.
    You don’t hear cnn harping on these numbers.
    Take out all illegal votes, dead people votes, double and triple votes and she lost a lot worse.
    Good news is.

  82. someone has got to tell me where these Scum sucking Shitheads come from ? Do they all carry around Scum Bucket’s 2 at a time to sling shit all over the place ? really if we new we could go and clean the Scum Pond out !

  83. MR TRUMP will not have to worry about any national security secrets leaking out because Hillary Clinton has already sold/or gave them all away. He can start with a clean slate.

  84. So the “Commie News Network” thinks there is a problem, but they point at the wrong reason? No wonder this country is in real trouble. Half the country wants to have a nice pleasent communist based country where the motto is “from each according to their ability, to each according to their needs”! In other words, “from each hard working tax payer, to each welfare leech democrat voter”!

    Well folks, the cure is here, and it has arrived to “Make America Great Again”! Trump is a business man, and he does not allow half his employees to sit around while the other half does all the work. Wise up America, a new boss has arrived to run the America Corporation, and this one does not run it like a community organizer!

  85. I’m wondering if some folks can be prosecuted for voter intimidation for trying to interfere with electoral college voting. Hillary, Obama and Soros are attempting to steal an election. A coup in progress.

  86. Please people don’t watch this Communist network! We have not in over 15 years.

  87. This coming from CNN “Clinton’s Nasty News”? Get over yourselves, you’re the most stupid excuse for news on TV I’ve ever seen or heard. Go to hell and while you’re there see if you can find your brain.

  88. CNN the MORONS These supposed professionals blindsided by what Americans really want. We do not want HILLARY style FALSE NARRATIVES and FAKE NEWS. Seems like Hitler’s Germany that’s all they can offer. It’s part of the Alinsky goal of the ONE WORLD GLOBALISTS to control the news given to the slaves the subservient class approved by the royal ruling class. Too many Americans are too smart for this con job. CNN is pathetic. CNN is for Obamas Pelosis and CLINTONS. The rest of us must get our news from professionals who are not easily blindsided.

  89. Yea we could have said that in 2008 about Obama but we didn’t because we aren’t mentally ill unhinged people.

  90. No-Mo-BO...AT LAST!

    The last sentence said it all…

  91. If you are upset over the elections you are NOT a true American. If i don’t like or anyone don’t like it, that’s just to bad, it’s the American way.

  92. Janie Illingworth.

    The Dems have self destructed, and THE CLINTON NETWORK, CNN, just can’t get over the idiots they have become!
    Long ago we recognized CNN only gave their logic. Not the truth, but with just enough smattering of truth it was accepted. They should all be ashamed and I think fined suitably for bringing such discord of lies to this public.

  93. Criminal network news
    Unwanted portion of the cake

  94. Hope all have a very Merry Christmas. Let’s celebrate the birth of the Messiah by thanking him for helping our country even though almost half shunned him. Keep praying for our great nation to return to our founding principals.

  95. This is three nitwits trying to be relevant and failing miserably! I think there are some of these networks that should be removed from national network for being repulsive!

  96. CNN: Didn’t they collude with the DNC…giving debate answers to SoS Clinton? Didn’t they ask SoS Clinton what questions she felt comfortable answering? Didn’t they provide Donna Brazile and Roland Martin free-rein to act s conduits for said conspiracies to commit said cheating?

    I suppose Chris Cuomo, Wolf Blitzer, John Tapper, Anderson Cooper, and others are people of high integrity, honor and respective as well. NOT! They are vicious, racist, megalomaniacs enamored with their own self-importance.

    • What does that have to do with an enemy power hacking into computers in a major political party? Any responsible politician would want a complete investigation especially if the CIA and other spy agencies said they have so much evidence. Trump’s outright rejection of that possibility makes him a suspect.

      I dont believe the debate moderator slanted the debate questions but even if they did, that’s legal.

      • What it has to do with the alleged hacking into computers in a major political party, is simple: CNN lacks integrity.

        That is the point.

        CNN, MSNBC, and a host of other liberal, intolerant, racist, muck-raking, totalitarian, vicious,completely biased “reporting”, personified by the aforementioned, puking buzzard pundits spewing innuendo, lies, smears from “anonymous sources, aka, “FAKE NEWS.”

        Fake news from ” the reliable” CIA, who gave us Saddam’s WMD, blinked in Syria and crapped their shorts in Libya, to name a few of their recent faulty “Intelligence reporting.”

        Moreover SoS Clinton opened the door wide for anyone to hack through criminally using an unsecured, unapproved private server in conducting her SoS duties. So the CIA’s alleged evidence as do other so-called “spy agencies” are as credible as smoke.

        Any responsible person (not politician) would want a complete investigation. Including SoS Clinton’s 33,000 deleted emails. I’m sure there are clues in that batch.

        As for a debate moderator slanting debate questions being legal. Not really genius, it’s unethical and called cheating.

        • Great comments.

        • What Clinton did was smash through through truth barrier. She was the worst candidate ever fielded by the democratic party and it became the unwritten dogma of the party to squelch talk about her Clinton foundation activities and to suppress all criticism of lies by all of the candidates.
          Clinton and the democrats were afraid that if they demanded the truth about trump, they would be attacked themselves.

          That opened to door to blatant lying like we’ve never seen before and it let trump and his big lie act get in because the networks offered very little criticism of him.

          Now we have to live with the consequences of the media’s conspiracy to cover up the two most corrupt presidential candidates in history. Trump is a disaster of unprecedented proportions. He makes Huey Long look good.

      • The only way they could have affected the election was to shine the light on the Clinton Crime family. If you don’t have anything to hide, then what difference does it make if they expose e-mails? Hillary has nobody to blame but herself, but the Clintons have gotten away with everything they wanted to do for 40 plus years,


  98. I hope to HELL Trump can figure out a way to put this POS called CNN clear off the air!!! They have become anything but a NEWS outlet!!!!

    • There is freedom of the press in this country. Trump has no right to get rid of news organizations. It bothers me that so many Trump supporters don’t understand the Constitution and why things should be the way the founding fathers designed them.


  100. IDIOT , oh yessiiree , very much an IDIOT !!! If cnn is squirmming about TRUMP then you know we got the right guy for the job . GO TRUMP!!!!

  101. Well, the Clinton News Network is at it again, now claiming that President-Elect Trump’s election is a “National Emergency”. The problem is that these “people” at CNN are so full of themselves and can’t bear the thought that the American People don’t want to hear what they have to say. They got tired of listening to them when they kept talking about how Hillary was going to be the next president. WRONG. HILLARY LOST AND SO HAVE YOU. I refuse to refer to you as “Journalists”, you are nothing but a group of like minded LIBERAL ELITISTS that think they know what is best for the American people, but you don’t. GROW UP!!!!!

  102. Barack Jihad Obama and Hillary Benghazi Clinton used Obama’s CIA to meddle into Israel’s election but he failed to elect Bibi’s opposition. Obama and Hillary also interfered with Egypt’s election by supporting the terrorist group The Muslim Brotherhood. For that treachery, Egypt issued arrest warrants for both Obama and Hillary. Those are facts. Barack Obama is a lying Muslim pos!

  103. Talk about fake news C&N,MSNBC,CBS ABC,New York Times ,Huffington post. Time to regulate these A-Holes. They are Commentaries they are not News sources .

    • ….and fixthisnation, American Patriot Daily, TotalConservative, WND, PatriotNewsDaily – nothing but hyperbole, BS and conspiracy drivel. Like you!

  104. If CNN’s rating drop just .5% more they will find themselves having to “pay people to watch”! At least the print media provides “liners” for the cat box!

  105. Newsflash – CNN and the Clinton cabal are NOT the nation – the election was and IS.

  106. Well if you are ready to go down the drain vote for this Bitch called Hillary the biggest LIAR and CON ARTIST IN THE WORLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. Who are they shitting, we’ve had a “Dick-tacker-N-Thief” for the last eight years which was just dandy with these un-American Leftist bastards! I know this much: a REVOLUTION should be the Trump card if these communist bastards steal the election! I’m ready to lead the charge! Communists never cede power peacefully as we are now experiencing as their State-run, fifth column propagandists peddle their false narrative to half a country of dumbed-down, drugged-up useful idiots!


  109. CNN is the emergency when you do not have a free press you are on you way to a dictatorship.

  110. Cher, dead at age 71. An apparent suicide.

  111. The only national Emergency is our Liberal Lying news sources. If you believe anything they say you need to be on medication for that problem!

  112. This from the Communist News Network and the Muslim Brotherhood.

  113. Fuck you cunt news nitwits

  114. They are scared of what is going to happen when Trump gets in that WH and finds all the laws and illegally made presidential executive orders. When he realizes that they have set Clinton up to have world domination through the UN small guns agreement to the “fake news” reports they have been touting for 8 years. They will all be hanging from a noose when he is done.

  115. The sad reality for these liberals was that Russia didn’t have to do anything and didn’t.
    Things are so bad that while America still had a functioning democracy the ordinary guy did the last thign he could do -= just like Liberal Michael Moore said – “he exercised his vote and gave the Libtards the biggest F— You in history” (words to that effect.)
    If the Russian’s had been involved do you think for one minute that Michael Moore would have missed the opportunity to say it? They weren’t involved and Moore couldn’t say it.
    These red diaper babies at CNN are desperately moving to the next Marxist strategy – “Say a lie long enough and it becomes the Truth”
    So say the truth long enough and it will stick…”Hillary Lost…Hillary Lost…Hillary Lost…

    • There is NO evidence the Russians undermined and discredited the U.S. elections.

      However, there is SOOO much evidence that the DNC and its propaganda services (CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, etc.) undermined and discredited the U.S. elections AND ARE CONTINUING TO DO SO.

      • There are 17 Intelligence agencies in the US government. ALL of them now agree that the Russians interfered in our elections. Where does your information come from? No professional intelligence people, I’m sure.

        • What is your source? CNN? What are those 17 intelligence agencies? CNN repeating “17 intelligence agencies” over and over does NOT make it a fact.

          Just last night, I heard ONLY the CIA is still saying there is any such evidence. ONLY the CIA ever said anything about possible Russian tampering.

          And that is probably because obama ordered CIA Director John Brennan to say so. John Brennan has always been a BIG supporter of obama and hilLIARy?

          If the Russians actually did tamper with U.S. elections, that would prove a deficiency in the NSA. Yes, a deficiency in obama’s NSA. obama better investigate why his NSA was NOT up to its job while he still can.

  116. The Clinton News Network declaring a State Of Emergency? Did Hillary leave her fortress without makeup and adult diapers again? Did Bill run out of Viagra? Does Putin have video of William Jefferson Clinton and his BFF Anderson Cooper playing hide the Salami? Did they discover more dead bodies that did not vote for Mrs. Clinton? Is Michelle Obama trying to steal Hillary from Oprah Windbag? The CIA (Clinton Inaccurate Agenda) Claims Hillary won the election among Liberal Lesbians and Castrated Canadians. Too bad Jill Stein Doesn’t have enough $$$$ for a recount. Maybe Al Franken or Ben Stein can lend her the $$$$$ at Prime +1.


  118. Don’t these idiot ever tell the truth? I guess that’s why their ratings are so low. They really stoop low so the ratings have to be low. Who believes this crap??

    • Who believes CNN? Well, sadly, my brother for one. That’s where he gets most of his “news”. Other than that it’s off to MSNBC to verify the CNN reports. He’s a loyal Democrat you see. The mention of Britebart news sends him into a verbal rampage because he has no desire to be confused with facts.

      • One of my sisters-in-law stopped being a radical soon after she became a mother.

        My other sister-in-law? Well, there is NO hope for her. Now in her late-thirties and NO wiser, she still believes ALL of the radical propaganda without question no matter how outrageous it is. After almost eight years of corruption, obama is still her lord, god, and savior.

  119. CNN is a NATIONAL DISGRACE, they are nothing more than a visual grocery store checkout line paper. A audible visual news paper rag. YEP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TROUBLE MAKERS, as they say., you at CNN are writing checks with your mouth that you ass will not be able to cash. Nothing but a waste of TV time . yes TRUMP 2016 an TRUMP 2020, an GOD BLESS an MERRY CHRISTMAS an HAPPY NEW YEAR

  120. Again the stupid Communist media and the progressive Democrats , american people are tired

  121. So what if we were hacked and by whom. The information was correct about Hillary, Podesta, and the DNC. The source does not matter the content does.

    • hilLIARy and the DNC never disputed the authenticity of the hacked e-mails or the contents.

      They were angry that the e-mail system was hacked and that voters found learned about the contents of e-mail messages BEFORE THE ELECTION.

  122. hey you whining girls…worried that the Don might come to your city and touch your kitty…never fear Kent is here with my latest offering: the New economically priced Chastity Belt….built USA tough out of Fine Corinthian Leather and forged Bronze castings our latest offering is both economical and easy on the budget….Also available for Boi whiners as well….Stand Tall in your Armored Belt do not worry about the GOP advancing on your vagina or your womb…contact me today for custom fitting in the privacy of your own home…Visa and Mastercard accepted…KEEP that Womb barren…!!!!

  123. Clinton News Network needs intensive Vienna-based psychoanalysis.

  124. ” The Cry Baby Party” needs a good slap in the face, then one on the butt, and told to go to work and stop making excuse’s for failure. What are we growing in our country, for Gods sake act like Americans of 60 years ago. Pull up your pants, stick your chest out, be proud of the country you do not deserve, and stop behaving like a loon.

  125. It’s true there is a national emergency, that’s why we elected Trump!

    Our country was failing fast and he’s already done more than Obama to stop the downward spiral.

  126. Cnn=fake news. These people are bat chit crazy. The only national emergency is the illegal aliens record debt and lack of good jobs.

  127. The only national emergency is that CNN Has a broadcast license!

  128. Cnn a yellow dog station with bias and half baked no news..a real national channel with Bs news and nothing of truth

  129. CNN, the “Throw the Bull” deceit and deception liberal advertising Network is at it again. Let’s put the popular vote in perspective compared to the electoral voting system, (Julia Ioffe); Clinton won the popular vote in New York, and California by a total of 3.6 million, wherein, Trump won the popular vote in remaining 48 states by 1.6 million. What the electoral vote gives each state is a voice in deciding what party will represent our country. If we converted to a popular vote, N.Y and California would dominate the presidential elections each and every year. The electoral voting system has been in place for all previous president elects, including twice for Obama; so what’s the problem. Trump won and Hillary lost, and that’s it—it’s over—take a sedative and when you wake up tomorrow, you’ll be fine. Any move to override Trumps victory will result in bloody civil war the will make the former Civil War look like a minor-skirmish. All actions to remove President elect-Trump, will be considered a Mutiny against the Republic, and dealt with as such.

  130. CNN is the national emergency. They like to tell tall tales and incite riots

  131. Maybe their heads will explode..lefty candy asses!

  132. C(ck-suckers) N(ever reporting) N(ews that isn’t made up of lies)
    Their staff is such liars, they make Hillary Clinton look truthful. Don Lemon hates whites, but he’s married to one. He personifies their two faced paradigm for giving opinions & not reporting verifiable news, and letting “the deplorables” make up their own minds. CNN is a libtard propaganda outlet. They are about as trustworthy as a rattlesnake. They are so stupid, they don’t know how stupid they are.


  134. The libtards continue to embarrass themselves. In particular BroomHilda who believes she is in a segment of Twilight Zone after her you can’t challenge the results speech. It’s a laugh a minute in the post Obummer & sister Hillary. Put a fork in the Marxist Movement

  135. Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight.

  136. What utter fools! When America crashes, as it most certainy will, then these liberal, God-hating idiots will want to blame conservatives, Christians and everyone else, but themselves! So sad to see this coming!

  137. They are right it is a natl emergency. If we don’t get TRUMP we will not have a sovereign nation.

    • I think is exaggerating to say that, but its right to say its leading to a national emergency in the future. A nuclear conflict or martial law to suppress protests mislabeled as riots.

      • Leading to a national emergency in the future? What nuclear conflict or martial law?

        Mislabeled? When “protests” result in damaged property and/or personal injuries, those are RIOTS not protests.

        Protests are LEGAL; RIOTS are ILLEGAL.

        Vandalism, looting, beatings, and arson are ALWAYS ILLEGAL even when conducted as part of “protests”. Being part of an unruly crowd does NOT justify vandalism, looting, beatings, and arson.

        Only RIOTERS were arrested; NOT ONE protester was arrested.

  138. Undermine faith in democracy? I’m not sure what percentage of the available populace votes, but I believe this step would be superfluous. We already cannot interest a huge part of the population to take part, either through repulsion or lack of intelligent awareness.

  139. I like Trump, so does he; now it is time he addresses the needs of the American people instead of reiterating his constant ‘winnings’ in the election. Russia, ‘conflict of interests’, family ties, concrete plans for Obamacare, taxation, should be taking precedent as our next president !!

  140. Siding with Dick, I’ll reiterate: CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, FOX (with rare exception), NBC, BBC, and all the like: YOU are a serious problem and an existential threat. You are the news factor in DESTABILIZATION both in and outside our borders who continue to broadcast pure unadulterated BS to an audience either lacking the intellect or the time to make it their LIFE MISSION to find the truth in your haystack of LIES (that’s about the level of dedication it takes) and disinfo because they’re too busy just trying just trying to survive/make ends meet.

    The RESPECTABLE thing would be to admit your decades of lies and simply begin telling the truth/doing true investigative journalism, not COVERING your previous lies, our government’s lies, and the globalist lies with MORE lies. Thus far you’ve been too pathetic to do so. It couldn’t be more TRANSPARENT. You don’t even report serious events, just distractions to cause end fighting. NONE of you reported properly, if at all, what just went down in the South China Sea with our military. You’re too busy demonizing and agitating Russia, and telling us who and what to believe.

    BOTTOM LINE: The good people inside our military, intelligence community, and we the people have got you number and ALL your A$$€$ are going to be hung out to dry, so you can do one of two things:
    1. Keep on lyin, blaming, threatening, and pointing fingers at those who DO tell the truth, (it just makes you look more ridiculous each day) maintain your dangerous destructive devicive agenda, possibly face Nuremberg like charges for contributing to illegal wars, propaganda, riots, deaths, defamation of MANY, collusion/coercion while COVERING for traitorous war criminals who threaten us all (you think they have a spot reserved in their utopian hell just for YOU? Lmao.).
    2. Come clean NOW, apologize to America, the rest of the world, the alternative outlets/journalists you KNOW are trying to report TRUTH, stop slandering them, THEN, tell the truth and nothing BUT the TRUTH from here on out! Refuse to report any more BS (there may not be a reporter left in the studio), and have some INTEGRITY! You MAY find the citizens are more forgiving than you think. Do you think we don’t realize the threats you are all under just to keep your jobs? WALK if you have to, go on alt news and tell your story. Amber Lyons did it; so can you.

    • Trump owes the media an apology for encouraging violence against journalists by not telling them to quiet down their chants of ROPE ROPE ROPE hang the journalists! I expect him to violate the Constitution by not protecting the freedom of the press when he gets into office. The president takes an oath binding him to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.
      I expect an impeachment trial and i expect the president elect will be removed from office.

      They are too cowed by Trump’s bullying, sooner or later they will wake up and demand an apology from him!

      • Imagine if Trump was impeached, convicted, and removed from office. Who would become the President of the United States?

        That’s right! Mike Pence would become President of the United States. Yes, CONSERVATIVE Mike Pence!!!

        There are only two things you RADICALS hate more than MODERATE Donal Trump:

        1. Black conservatives; and
        2. White conservatives.

        YOU RADICALS would REALLY HATE having Mike Pence as POTUS especially if Ben Carson could become the next VP.

        Replacing MODERATE Donald Trump with CONSERVATIVE Mike Pence would be even better for the United States. You America-hating radicals should be glad MODERATE Donald Trump will be President instead of CONSERVATIVE Mike Pence.

      • So the smith mundt act which was repealed under the ndaa in 2012 lifting the ban on propagandizing American citizens (that didn’t happen under Trump), this admin on its last leg with help from soris and friends are doubling down on silencing alternative news outlets (another bill was introduced-a double cross of sorts, calling for independent journalism to be censored/possibly requiring a license for journalism) and I’M unbelievable? This is precisely what Trump wants to stop although I don’t advocate at all harming anyone. Knowingly covering war crimes/crimes against humanity is a crime, and I’m trying to save their butts by begging them to be truthful. They’re not, and we all know it, and state run media is the last thing we need-an Orwellian ministry of truth. If we didn’t have citizen journalists and people with cell phones, and the internet created by DARPA, the truth would be even more difficult if not impossible to find. Tell me how it is in any way okay that propaganda in all its forms has been made LEGAL. What is okay about that?

  141. The biggest problem with liberals is, they have NEVER been taught how to lose!! They have been “schooled” in the liberal thoughts that, no matter what game you play, whether you come in first or last, you STILL get a “trophy”!!!! This is the kind of B.S. our kids are being taught in public schools!!!! It doesn’t work that way in real life & will NEVER work that way!!!! I’ve been saying for years,…..”FOLKS, you’d damn well better pay attention to what they’re teaching our kids in public schools these days!” The way it’s going, IF we had to create an army of young men to fight a “war” for our freedom, we would be up shit-creek without a paddle!!! We are PITIFUL!!!!!!!!!

  142. CNN sucks! This is what Americans at Donald Trump rallies chant. Is there any doubt about that chant?

    • the Dems do not serve everyday Americans; nor are they our friends who care for us! They will lie, cheat, steal, take bribes, allow our enemies to get stronger as we get weaker BY THEIR HAND, and they will destroy people or have those they consider threats to their warped version of the ‘greater good’ put ‘away’, one way or another (Vince Foster, Ron Brown and many others)! They consider God and our Constitution as obstacles to their twisted agenda as both the Diety and the Document both hold them to account for their actions. Republicans are not perfect but with our assistance we can move them to where they are serving U.S. and a greater future, one with Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness as the main points of focus! Now, if we can only get the numbers required to push back all the Illegal and terrorist voters which they are trying to add to their ill-gotten voter contingent.

      The democratic platform has done way to much dammage to our country and those within to ever trust that platform again. The icing on the cake was their selection of a devout Muslim ( OBummer) to serve as our POTUS ( Who swore to be a Christian- nonsense). And now they want to put the most corrupt and lieing candidate
      To ever run – Hildabeast in charge. Their is no end to their corruption and destruction to our values/constitution/Allies. They promote: gay rights, abortion ( responsible for 100 million deaths of fetuses), athiesm ( taking God out of America),illegal immigration, Muslim immigration (people who will try to destroy our way of life- sharia law), socialism ( sponsor is Sorros), communism, ignoring our constitution ( all swore to support it before taking public office), world order/takeover, corruption, and cheating at the polls to get their ways— they are the “SATIN” within America and have lost their way. No wonder a record amount of democrats are abandoning this platform by the thousands after showing its ugly head.

      Our toleration of the leadership behind this party will eventually run aground
      – especially after eight years of their rule and destruction to our country ( we are fed up with them) Our last line of defense was Congress and they also let us ( the voters) down which makes then also unacceptable and why the swamp must be drained, Their lack of action to remove a self serving President through impeachment Did not happen and their was many areas he could have been impeached yet they did not honor their vows to our constitution– shameful!

      • I generally agree with you, because Democrats are actually anti-Americans. The Democrat-Progressive thinking has gradually weakened America to where we are today. This has been going on actively for more than 100 years, and it has now reached critical mass (at this point in time). We patriots are probably outnumbered by the traitorous population, but when the Revolutionary War occurred, only about three percent of the population directly participated, and we know how that turned out. Now, we have more than 62 million people who voted for President-elect Trump, so we can and will easily retake America. I only wish we could remove these anti-American Democrats from our wonderful country. They have no business here. They do not have the interests of patriotic America at heart. They are bad for America.

        • The silent majority triumphed over the violent minority on November 8th, 2016.

          The violent minority’s overreaction was to RIOT just as we expected they would.

          • We are silent no longer. We will put the minority in its place. They are like children, when they don’t get their way, they throw a tantrum, until they get the hell spanked out of them.

        • WVF – I agree with your comments. Now is the time to take back America for our grandkids and the Countries future. The Kingpin ( puppet master) behind the Demonrat party and money man is Socialist Billionare George Sorros. He corregraphs their whole movement and is still pushing their buttons- he must be publicly prosecuted for crimes against Americans/Our Constitution and stripped of all funds, Obama is next for his damage and he’s still hiding evidence/ sealing documents/evidence of his past- his whole presidency , pension, will be recended for over 20 impeachable offenses and not being a US citizen- public prison sentence , and Clinton must also be prosecuted. The incoming AG must be in full attack mode- Big job ahead and the best deterrent from this happening again. We came very close to loosing this country and being reduced to Banana Republic
          Under a dictatorship. This will serve notice to corruption in the US- this must not go unchecked!

        • Yes removal of people shoved down our throats is a must — Illegals/Muslims!
          These people are here by design ( Sorros/Obama) and with the intent to destroy our rule of law, threatening our constitution, and sucking massive funds from our declining finances.
          Muslims are in direct conflict with our constitution ( they promote Sharia law), their Koran preaches killing all non Muslims ( Unacceptable for civilized societies) and they produce 97% of all terrorists. They must be put back in all Muslim Societies
          As they had been for over 1400 yrs. Common Sense!

  143. The only national disaster in this country are the tiresome, boring and unstable liberals, who can’t get over it. YOU LOST!

  144. Is everyone else sick of hearing the celebrities whine on about the election, when does it stop, pretty bad LOSERS.

    • I thought we had a promise that some of them were leaving the country? I’ll sling luggage onto departing flights if anyone hears where we should report for duty. Please notify me with further info. along this front.

  145. Well yes, CNN, Trumps election IS something of a national emergency. It is an emergency situation we get someone in office that will save our nation from the path of destruction obama and Hillary, and all the other liberal wackos in DC had put us on.

  146. Another liberal drive-by, can’t stay on topic. His mind wanders and it’s just too weak to be out alone! The only national emergency I can see is that we have few reputable media sources left; now that’s a national emergency! The American people have hardly any place to go for information and it will result in chaos, it’s already apparent that we’re headed into a catastrophe of epic proportions. Trump’s election pales by comparison. All I can see, clearly and plainly, is the attempt to refocus attention from the travesty that is our mainstream journalists and news sources!

    • Aren’t you relieved voters finally saw through CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, and MSNBC’s the fake news, lies, and propaganda to prevent hilLIARy from causing an ACTUAL national emergency?

      • Yes agreed 100% I am relieved. What terrifies me is the fraud that is ongoing and the millions who buy that fraud hook, line and sinker. What’s up with that?
        How can intelligent people even consider Hillary Clinton as a legitimate choice for any position of authority. She is so far off the rails even a first class fool should be able to see it???
        Yes, her installation in the White House would have been a real national emergency.

  147. These CNN commentators, not newscasters, are the ones threatening our democracy by not accepting the results of the election. They are nothing but excuse makers.

    • They are still embarrassed after over confidently gloating for many months that hilLIARy would win by a MUDSLIDE especially after they twisted almost everything thing Trump said.

  148. This is not only bull crap but hysterical bull crap. The REAL national emergency was the systematic destruction of our country over the last 8 years!. These liberal commentators (hate-filled fear mongers) are so full of manure that what little they have for brains is totally rotted. These fatuous morons are worthless.

  149. maccain has become a turn coat rino in the 8 years of bo and screwed AZ Citizens out of any representation in congress ! POW”S are heros when they support the U.S. Citizens but mac has gone AWOL with bo support & now a traitor to U.S. Patriots in his defiance against U.S. Citizens voting Trump to the POTUS ! Flake’s no better !

    • Remember how quickly John McCain forgave obama’s vote fraud after the 2008 election and how quickly John McCain became an obama supporter when he returned to the Senate?

      It seems John McCain is determined to interfere with Trump more than he cooperated with obama.

      • mac has proven to be a 2 faced, deceitful rino that sucks with bo & all the other crony libtard, marxist, muslim asses of the dem traitors !

  150. CNN has become well known as the worst media twister out there……they might as well close up shop!

  151. I’m tired of listening to mindless liberals shovel crap out. Even the rich ones don’t have a clue maybe richness is an excuse to be a retard. Trump was the only hope for America. If the other satanic side won I would join the survivalist as nothing else will be left from their stupid destruction of America. Hillary makes a good example why Democraps should be eliminated with their liberal money sources.

  152. Death to all mooslimes.

  153. I have said this before and I will say it again. Show us proof of your allegations that Putin had anything to do wth the elections. It cannot be a national security issue and it’s time to proove it.

  154. Wahl you’re not very bright are you ? There’s no Russian propaganda going on in America, it is the Americans ourselves who have sought the truth about our politicians ,and we the people have made a better , more informed vote this time around.

    • Actually, I suspect that the real “problem” is that the Democommies underestimated the numbers of fraudulent votes they’d need to win the election THIS time. To use the famous Russian quote from Catch 22 “Toughski Shitski”!! Semper Fi!!

  155. The Real National Emergency will be over in 33 Days

  156. The “popular vote/Electoral College vote discrepancy” is a national emergency? There might not even be a discrepancy – not if thorough scrutiny of the voting in Dem-controlled precincts in many of our nation’s cities were to be undertaken. If anyone should be looking for a recount, it’s Donald Trump, not the likes of a Hillary stalking horse like Jill Stein. If the attendance at Trump rallies is compared to the universally pathetic turnout at Hillary pep-rallies, then Trump will have handily taken the popular vote.

  157. So who had any faith in the media to be undermined to start with? Assange readily admitted the leaks came from within the DNC/Clinton campaign by disillusioned and repulsed members. Also let’s not forget that the queen of national security left herself and our NATION wide open for hacking by using her own server (against federal law/policy) to circumvent detection of her manipulations. Back to the lamestream media, had they done their jobs honestly, investigative, and objectively instead of the extreme bias they showed towards her and against Sanders and Trump, much more would have been exposed. The media in all truth did as much damage to HiLIARy as the “leaked” emails.
    There is still no evidence the Russians hacked the DNC or Hilary, to accuse them is inflammatory and irresponsible (but that describes the LSM and obama). Wherever it came from, they were THEIR own e-mails and exposed the truth in what they were doing and involved in. The bottom line is the actual TRUTH was presented to the American public in hard copy and exposed the lies and obfuscations these bottom feeders were giving verbally in public. Whoever did this deserves a great big thank you, it’s just too bad it didn’t come thru American sources who we used to think were honest and reliable – the LSM.

  158. I have to wonder, does anyone at CNN ever look at the “Ratings”! They are so “upside down” that an improvement would be “less than 10% down” below Zero!

    • Ratings do NOT matter to CNN. They are the propaganda service of the DNC funded by George Soros.

      If ratings actually did matter to CNN and it weren’t funded by Soros, they’d go off air.

  159. Dark days ahead for the communists at CNN.

  160. cnn ratings are very low. There is a reason that Americans are not watching this lying garbage news media. Only imbeciles watch this horror that they put out.

  161. .
    Yes, a national emergency if we really want to keep the national debt of $20 Trillion, we are desperate to become more like Venezuela and keeping the people starving, money worthless, and its terrible we couldn’t keep the people in power that were going to make us like Venezuela. it is a national emergency that we couldn’t really delegitimatize Trump. We need to keep a community organizer or a perjurer president.

    • Trump will be a peruree president. We have to get rid of him with impeachment and criminal trials

      Dont assume that nobody else can deal with the national debt and get it under control. He picked pence as his vice president. There are plenty of economic experts who can do the job.

      • I did not understand why so many people got behind him, and then I realized HOW FED UP THE AMERICA PEOPLE ARE WITH POLITICIANS. Inventor, another Republican could not have one, even the technical outsider Ted Cruz whom I believe could have gotten the nomination. But honestly if you think about it, he clearly was the outsider. There is a very big silver lining, there will be no status quo with the Supreme Court which was my wife’s concern about pro-life issues, the promise of eliminating the LBJ LAW that ministers felt they could not preach on political issues that truly were not political until this president gained his position, and finally the promise to prevent MUSLIMS who’s Bible tells them literally to kill unbelievers along with protecting our border and stopping the Dems from opening our borders to get more Democrat voters which would have outnumbered us in the next 3 presidential elections. By the Way, the most recent Bible Code showed Trump would win, was found the day before the election and not only that it was in the Bible 2 times and the second time dealt with Cyrus the Great, Isaiah 45’1″ which Christians believe Trump will be like him to protect and build up Christian principles.

        • Trump’s big adviser in the white house is a Satanist. He says his power comes from “the dark side” “like Satan.” I’m talking about Steve Bannon. He not a Christian. He’s a very scary monster in my book.

          • I can name Satan & his 7 Anti Christ. Satan himself Barrack Hussain Obama -Sorto Latin for Satan 1st Anti Christ, Erick Holder. 2nd Anti Christ, Hitlery Clinton. 3rd Anti Christ, Cia Director Brennan. 4th Anti Christ, Loretta Lynch. 5th Anti Christ , Susan Rice. 6th Anti Christ, Donna Brezil. 7th Anti Christ, Debra Wasserman Schultz.

          • But none of them have credited Satan and the dark side with their successes. Bannon said that was how he got Trump into the white house.

          • No Satan Obama an his minions of seven Antic christ have not publicly proclaimed themselves. That However is exactly how the liar deceiver Satan works. As for Bannon Post the Source link. For if memory serves me well Bannon proclaimed the direct interdiction of The Holy Spirit. As Bannon is a Christian. .

          • He’s the devil quoting scripture and a real Satanist.

  162. The Democrats and the left wing in general have vowed to boycott CNN and the rest of the broadcast media for favoring trump. Their strategy is working, their ratings are going down and its cutting into their revenue.

  163. Courageous of CNN to call out the Orange Monster-elect !!!

  164. Does anyone still take CNN seriously?

  165. I am getting so sick of the Russian lie. Our own NSA leaked the emails to Julian Asange to be put up on Wikileaks. That is how Julian knows it is not the Russians. After all the stuff Hillary told Donald. I find it appalling that they won’ the accept the turnout of the election. She lost and we are witnessing an embarrassing line of reasons why the corrupt Hillary didn’t win. Democrats are displaying weak minded folks that will not accept Our choice for President of the United States. Enough theatrics just sit down and let it sink in you lost.

  166. Its a dam good thing we get these loons out of office before they completely make it impossible to recover. Odumer has been a joke and he probably cries himself to sleep thinking how close to being a SCOTUS member he was. Even criminality could not save these liberal scum bags! Go to CA where they about as brain dead as you are. They embarrass themselves.

  167. Disinformation the ultimate goal, to undermine democracy, to undermine faith in our institutions, like the media???? I thought the media did this to themselves. They are the ones who undermine our Republic with talk like this. The Russians are not the American Citizen’s worst enemy, a politicized media is and that is exactly what we saw for months. A liberal press who ignores truth and morals while lying (disinformation) to the public. They just got caught and we (the people) said enough!! The lies started years ago with Dan Rather and he was caught, but the Liberal Press didn’t get the message. Maybe now they are seeing the result.

  168. That is the CUNTon News Network. And not a damn one of their staff deserve to live any longer on this planet! They have outlived their usefulness to anyone.

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  170. It’s a national emergency because George Soros isn’t getting what he wants. I’m sure he’s paying CNN good money to be assholes that they are.

  171. CNN is just one of the watering holes of the Swamp Trump intends to drain! I can’t stand watching CNN they believe they are so damn pious that is stinks to the high heavens, but the truth is they are little communist pigs trying their best to convert the United States to Socialism, which ain’t working so hot for them today, mostly because of Trump. So, that makes Trump their target, they are not capable of anything, i.e., paying off the Electoral College Voters, to change their votes for Hillary, who I now fondly refer to, today as the “Rodent Queen”.


  173. If Trump were not elected, than we would have a national emergency!

    • Actually, were that the case we’d be on the verge of either a 2nd American Revolution or a 2ndd Civil War. (Only the outcome would determine which.)

  174. C linton
    N ews
    N etwork

    A joke by any other name.

  175. Jessie Martin Foster Sr.

    The media has been a Victom of their own making . They will not listen because They Are Always Talking .
    And they know everthing ,
    So now you have the Electriate Demonstrating on how the real people
    In this country think of their Horse they
    Bet on Lost the Race !


    Obama Crushed After Trump Orders House To Stop His Sickest Tradition and you see why…

    Obama was seen storming away from the West Wing after staffers from Donald Trump’s transition team began preparing the Executive offices for the new administration. On Trump’s orders, one of Obama’s most secretive rituals is being reversed and all signs of it removed from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    For the past 7 years, to appease any Muslims working at or visiting the White House, silence has been ordered during the five times of Islamic prayer each day. In addition, prayer rugs and crescent moon symbols are available in several areas of the executive mansion to make Muslims more comfortable.

    The administration has defended the practice by asserting that it also observes several other religious moments of silence and prayer out of respect, including a full 15 seconds for Christianity on Sunday morning while a chaplain blesses a staff breakfast. None of the prayer is mandatory or led by a government official, which has allowed the administration to subvert 1st Amendment issues, but the obvious favoritism towards Islam, which is observed for 25 minutes per day seven days a week, tells a story this president has denied for eight years.
    President-Elect Trump, who acknowledges that this country was founded by Christians and was built on Christian morals, is having all pagan symbols removed from the property unless they offer some historical significance. Only the cross in the White House chapel will remain for worship. Jim Mergernerlerny, head of the team that will transform the White House from the Obama’s home to the Trump’s second home, told MSNBC:

    “Mr. Trump doesn’t see the need to provide prayer rugs and false idols is a house built by Christians. Washington DC offers a diverse cultural center for worship of any kind. You won’t find any special considerations for Judaism or crucifixes to appease Catholics, either. There is a simple chapel with a single cross on one wall that is suitable for prayer by anyone. Our government doesn’t need to be forcing prayer rituals down people’s throats just so we don’t ‘offend’ people looking to blow us up.”

    Patriots around the US can rest assured that the era of apologizing for our faith has come to an end.


  178. Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    The real national emergency is the spread of FAKE NEWS!!! All of this misinformation being spread by Obama and the “intelligence community” as gospel is crazy!!! They say that they have “proof” that Putin meddled in our election, but nothing was said when Obama found out 1 1/2 years ago. He said that he didn’t want to appear
    partisan. What a joke!!! So he drags it out until the electors are set to vote. Then he calls for an all-out investigation??? Yet , we are supposed to believe it NOW!! Nothing concrete, just accusations! No evidence,
    we’re just supposed to believe a “consensus”. I find it fascinating, that he says we should believe HIS administration’s intelligencia, but not Putin. HIS fake news media, over our new President? They were proven to spew fake news time and time again, smearing Mr. Trump, but NOW they are telling the truth?

  179. The only disaster is the exploitation of some good intentioned people to support the structure of graft, corruption, dishonesty, bribery, kickbacks and utter domination of America and its ability to be, again, something great. To have a certain nobility it once had till devastated from within by politicians and their greedy gangs. And they have learned to make soldiers of good people, who are impressed by what their newscasters say although in their mind of minds, they know it is slanted, dishonest, blatantly untrue. Who wants a President who will kick out the money grubbers from our Temple. Who will work the will of the people who can still think. The people whose minds are not stuck closed by the gooey taffy of lies and blatant manipulation and misrepresentation? Liberals look to the heavens like little children, certain that their leaders and opinions are legitimate. Certain they are too smart to be fooled by high pressure, sophisticated marketing making them believe their view point is a good and noble view point. Sure we want to heal the world and spread economic, social and political freedom every corner of our Union. But blinded to realizing that it all comes with a cost.

    Hindus do not kill cows since their dung fertilizes the fields that grow food. Hindus still understand this. Here, we don’t kill the goose that can lay the golden eggs, unless we lose sight of what the Hindus have known for 5000 years. Does anyone other than Hilly/Obama fans and supporters not understand this? You don’t give away American freedom and safety for a cause less noble than our own culture. You don’t sacrifice our citizens’ right to fair noble government. We haven’t had that for awhile. What do you, the average Liberal, gain from selling our birthright? A pretty multi-colored coat? .

  180. You have to watch this, go to You Tube, key in Trumps Christmas parody. It’s great , for some reason I am having problems pasting on here !

  181. Here is the road to taken down Obama/ Sorros/Clinton and their evil corrupt party

    The Obama apparatus spent millions of dollars on high-powered lawyers to block any and all information about him from being seen or released, which made no sense. Muslims who come across our borders are vetted in case they are jihadists intent on attacking our country from within.
    But the man who would be put in the office of President of The United States was NOT and has not been vetted and anyone who questioned this was vilified by the Soros controlled media, like they have done with Sheriff Apaio and others.
    Obama’s citizenship and birth details raised suspicions immediately. One must be a natural born citizen to run for the office of President of The United States.
    Born under the name, Barry Soetoro and raised as a Muslim, he was required to adopt a Muslim name, which was and is, Barack Hussein Obama. Not much was known about Obama except that he had a history of homosexuality.
    His handler George Soros invented him, had him schooled by Communists and managed to get him into U.S. political leadership as a Senator from Illinois.  This prompted the Kenya newspapers to brag: “A fellow Kenyon, born here, one of us…is now a United States Senator!”  That says it all.
    This writer logged onto the Kenya newspaper’s website to see this. In their zeal about ‘one of us,’ they joyfully included that very birth certificate showing him born in Kenya which we saw. After he was manipulated into the Oval Office, his birth certificate was scrubbed from that site. What is more, they were hostile to any inquirers who came to the country to obtain information, including Jerome Corsi of World Net Daily.
    Now that ‘one of their own’ was named President of The United States, Kenya wanted to hang on to that distinction and put roadblocks in front of anyone seeking the truth.
    We do not know all the details about Michelle, their marriage, or their children. First of all, when this is examined, there must be DNA samples from both Obama, Michelle and their two children. That will provide some extraordinary revelations.
    Soros, the billionaire Hungarian Jew, who sold out his own people during the holocaust, came to America, became a citizen where he is able to work from the inside to transform our country into a 3rd world Communist controlled country.
    Obama was his man to destroy America, the only country standing in the way of the New World Order. And why? Because the majority of Americans are Christians, churches dot the landscape, and it is not possible to enslave the mind of a devoted Christian.
    Soros and his evil empire began to tote a ‘first black president,’ and added that this would help rid whites of their guilt for slavery, and that the country should consider the social condition of ‘white privilege,’ which of course, undermines blacks. That was continually hammered home by the wooden soldiers, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and others who have become, as Stalin named those who helped him do his dirty work, “Useful Idiots.”
    An entire guilt campaign was unleashed against whites while the newspapers (also considered ‘useful idiots) made certain to mention and exploit any black man shot by a white police officer “for no reason.’ 
    These events, they say, are fueled by racism, not by any black committing a violent crime or posing a danger to law enforcement. This was part of the agitation leading to the race wars which are now building under the Soros title, Blacks murdering whites, or other blacks, was not and is not an issue, and totally ignored by the press.
    Those who voted for Obama, and they were few, were boosted by the proportion of illegal votes, multiple votes and the incredible number of dead people listed as having voted. Whites were basically ‘shamed’ into voting for him. Soros had to give the impression that Obama was indeed, voted in by the people. No hanky-panky involved doncha know.
    And anyone who questioned Obama’s legitimacy, or any insane ruling he made including opening our borders to those who would destroy us from within, was pegged, ‘RACIST.’ Any criticism was and is based on….yes that useful word again….racism.
    After pressure mounted, Obama finally produced a Hawaiian birth certificate. This columnist saw it and knew it was a fake. First of all, in the box, “Race” he was listed as–now get this–African American. How’s that again? In the 1960’s that term was not used. The term then was, ‘Negroe.” We got on the horn and let that be known.
    Then he produced another Hawaiian birth certificate. In this one the “Race” box had been taken out altogether. And it is to be noted that the woman in Hawaii who was in charge of records, and had the truth in front of her, was “whacked,” a CIA term meaning killed in a plane crash. Many of those have happened over the years, particularly during the Clinton administration.
    Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been unmercifully hassled, slandered, libeled, and his very position as sheriff was jeopardized. Soros was able to recruit the number of useful idiots to try with all their might to bring him down.
    His news conference, which was live streamed, shows vividly that the birth certificate Obama presented was indeed a fraudulent document and experts showed exactly how that certificate was created. What an eyeopener!
    This means an investigation must follow and charges be filed immediately against the most incredible hoax ever pulled in history along with the man who fraudulently posed as ‘president.’ Plus, that provocateur who put him into the Oval Office, George Soros, MUST be charged and prosecuted for treason and sedition.
    Below are more details of the news conference by World Net Daily with video of the document inspectors showing in detail how that false certificate, which had nine errors, was not legitimate

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