CNN Confesses, Radical Liberals Outraged

Photo by Rubaitul Azad on Unsplash

( – CNN host Jake Tapper admitted during “The Lead” that former President Donald Trump’s claims during the 2020 presidential debates that Hunter Biden had been accepting large sums of foreign money had been correct.

Tapper during Thursday’s episode of “The Lead” claimed that Biden had been “wrong” three years ago during the presidential debate when he denied Trump’s claims that his son had made a “fortune” by accepting foreign funds from various foreign countries, including Russia, Ukraine, and China. At the time Biden had been quick to reject these allegations and state that none of that had been true. Tapper in his commentary gave Biden the benefit of the doubt arguing that he was not certain whether or not Trump had been “lying” during the debate three years ago.

Tapper then proceeded to show a compilation of the two exchanges in the 2020 presidential debates and then a report from Glenn Kessler, a Washington Post chief-fact checker, who had shown how Biden might have been wrong. As he pointed out in the report it is stated that earlier this month during an appearance in court Hunter Biden had admitted he had received large amounts from Chinese companies. The piece further alleged that in 2017 Hunter Biden had made 2.4 million and in 2018 he had made 2.2 million and that the majority of those funds had come from Ukraine and China.

As he pointed out this was going completely against what Joe Biden had claimed during the presidential debate against former PResident Donald Trump. After playing the clips Tapper stated that Trump had been “right” when it came to the foreign business dealings Hunter Biden was involved in.

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