CNN Anchor Takes Swipe at PC Culture

CNN’s Don Lemon endured a liberal backlash when he dared to mention the smell of marijuana smoke in Ferguson last year. He was named the worst reporter of the year by several left-leaning news watchdogs, and many in the media saw him as a traitor to the cause. Perhaps it was being raked over the coals for something so incidental and unimportant that inspired Lemon to think about how insidious the PC culture has become.

Lemon, whose status as both black and gay should be enough to shield him from most liberal critics, said on Black America Web that Jerry Seinfeld had a point. Seinfeld made headlines this week when he decried how sensitive and absurd college kids were getting when it came to terms like racism. Lemon agrees.

“Do you allow room in your space for those who disagree with you?” he asked. “Do you ever call coworkers or the person you hear on the radio or see on TV stupid because you disagree with them or because they don’t hold your same opinion about an issue? If so, then you might be too politically correct for your own good, for society’s good.”

Lemon went on to advise that Americans “stop looking for reasons to be offended.” Instead, he said, we should give people the benefit of the doubt when they are wrong. Let them make mistakes in their speech “without calling them racist, bigots, stupid, dumb, sell-outs and on and on.”

But it was his closing rant that left liberals in shock. “After almost 25 years in the news business, you know who is the most easily offended and the least tolerant: Liberals and progressives, because many of them don’t really want to hear anyone else’s opinion but their own.”

Whew! Tell us, Don, how good did it feel to get that off your chest?

There must be others wrapped up in the news business that feel the same way. America is changing fast, and this up-and-coming generation seems to believe that they must be on constant vigilance against every possible offense. They’ve learned all there is to know about “dog whistle racism,” “microaggressions,” “white privilege,” and all of these other academic rotten eggs that are currently stinking up the country. They are the first real incarnation of the PC Police, and they are making real conversations nearly impossible.

What they may or may not realize is that political correctness is a means to an end. They are pawns – whether willing or not – of a larger movement to change the way Americans think. To make it so whites, males, heterosexuals, and other “people of privilege” have no voice in the dialogue. If they want one, they must first submit to the lingo and then they must submit to the terms of the debate. And so it is that a liberal can merely cry, “Racist!” and win any argument by default.

It doesn’t paint a pretty picture of the future, but maybe enough people are waking up to what’s happening that we can put a stop to it. If Don Lemon is on our side, after all, anything is possible.

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  1. Tow the line or else,lol.

  2. Patricia Kehlbeck

    We are Proud of You; Don Lemon….Keep up the Good Work….God Bless!

  3. Goose step in line Don Lemon. Facts utterly destroy most agendas on the left.

  4. Good on Mr. Lemon… Black,Queer & a better American than the Millennial PC twerps will ever be…

  5. Racism of 50 years ago is different than racism of today. Back then, it was based on race of a person. What it is based on today seems to be more on the necessity or convenience to disregard other actions. Using racism as a ‘smokescreen’ isn’t helping ‘the cause’ and it is certainly buying into this divisive administration’s tactics (including never define a term, so it can never be defended)

    • Gnowark,
      I have to agree. If someone dares to disagree, they are either a “racist” or “bigot”. Since when is disagreement a crime? It now seems to be. And then we wonder why we find this same idea from our politicians.

      • TRUTH is the new HATE SPEECH !

        • RightVote,
          Truth is not hate speech as much as the loonies insist. But then they do not know what truth is. They insist socialism is not communism. Where did communism come from? Socialists. Or was Lennon a Republican? About every socialist movement in history led to a dictatorship.

        • That is a good one. I have noticed that if you say what the BIBLE says that is hate speech. Hell is having to expand rapidly.

      • I seem to remember hear the ho yelling about “we have the right to disagree with the president” well it is obvious that that is true only in the case of an adult GOP president…when you have an illegal alien squatting in the oral office you are to maintain respect and never disagree with a rag loving communist….

        • Kent,
          Good luck with that “respect” approach. I do not respect anyone in ooffice at any level who moves away from the Constitution.

          • And Jerry I ditto your comment. We are a Constitutional Republic as of 1789. But there are some upstarts of late who want to have a Politburo and a dictator heading the seat of government. SOME PEOPLE NEVER LEARN!

          • Ron,
            A lot went into the forming of the US Constitution. I learned a lot about the Continental Congress when lived in Virginia at Williamsburg. I took a couple of courses at College of William and Mary on that topic.

  6. Now all we have to do is convince Don of God’s marvelous plan for marriage: One man and one woman who can join together in an expression that mirrors God’s love own for us and culminates in the greatest gift of all: the mystery of a new person (paraphasing Pope Francis’ First Encyclical Lumen Fidei, “The Light of Faith” #52).

    • I think we should leave Don and anyone else who have their own views of marriage to their own opinions and don’t try to change them unless we are willing to submit ourselves to the possibility that we will change ours as well.

      • There are some things that cannot be changed…i.e., the weather, gravity, and the Laws of God. No amount of ranting and raving will change those three things. Once He has established a law, it stands for all time and eternity. Groups can pass all the laws they want to; they can posture and protest; they can name-call every person who disagrees with them and it won’t make any difference; because in the end those things will still be in effect. You simply have to live with it.

      • Don’s argument is with God – we are simply called to be salt and light because the truth is sometimes bitter.

        • I don’t see Don arguing with anybody, really. He is simply stating the fact that the PC police are quite selective in their criticisms of others.

          His point is not about the state of affairs but the way people react to them. I don’t see any connection to God

  7. I will reserve judgement until Hillary, Sharpton, MHPerry, Naacp, and BO disperage him for not being “black enough” or acting stupidly(opps that was the cambridge police). Sorry BO I can’t always keep up with which time you try to disgrace America.

  8. What happens to news reporters when they admit the truth, speak plainly, and look at events and politicians honestly regardless of political affiliation, race, creed, etc?

    They eventually get hired by FOX NEWS.

    • That’s such a crock.

      • But, it’s true!!!

      • Out of curiosity, I looked at your posting history and have come to this conclusion: Anyone that resorts to referring to FOX NEWS as FUX or FAUX have nothing left in the tank for rational debate. All you have are personal insults and bumper sticker arguments.

        • And what about all the cretinous oafs who insist on calling the president all those vile and insulting names? Have they got anything left for rational debate? In reading what most of them post, it seems that they haven’t the vaguest notion of what is involved in rational debate.

          • What “cretinous oafs” are you referring to? Although misguided, Cindy and I are discussing news outlets, FOX NEWS in particular. Don’t know what you’re referring to. If you are talking about news reporters and news analysts on FOX, who and what are they saying. Be specific, please. As far as FOX, I haven’t heard any news reporters or analysts call Obama vile or insulting names. They criticize his policy or lack of strategy. Anything you may imagine, is simply your imagination working overtime.

          • You must not follow this and other extreme right wing forums very closely. My point is that there is abundant insulting and vile language from the wingnut sector, as can readily be seen by reading forums dominated by that sector. You were not referring to media sources when you referred to those who call FOX NEWS by derogatory names. You referred to “anyone” who resorts to that kind of name calling. Similarly, I was referring to anyone who takes delight in calling the president such names a “Ovomit” and Obummer or who refers to the first lady as, e.g. “Moochelle.”:

          • Your very wrong as usual. No one wants to call the president of our once great nation anything insulting. Unfortunately he left us no choice, as he hasn’t done much real Americans agree with. Usually any time he does anything it goes against our constitutional values. He jumps from stomping on one freedom to the next with a vengeance. If he was not ignoring the laws he swore to uphold, ignoring the constitution which he swore to protect, writing E.O.s one after the other, having the EPA, AG, DOJ, and other agency’s enforce what he wants them to. Lastly flat lying to Americans with a smile on his face. Plus the congress not putting a leash on the dog by letting him ignore the constitution. We see no relief in site. Plus people like you just cheer him on not realizing the massive damage his presidency continues to cause.

          • correction: I want to and will call Obama the names he has earned. Otherwise, I agree with you after your incorrect first and second sentences..

          • You say, “No one wants to call the president of our once great nation anything insulting.” And then you proceed to say that “he has left us no choice….” Can you not see the inconsistency in that? Do you really believe that you and other right wing nutjobs have been divested of your freedom to decide how to refer to the president?
            Are you admitting that you are that weak and shallow?

          • What is wrong with calling a spade a spade?

          • I saw no inconsistency in dantalbot’s opinon. He said no one WANTS to call Obama names, but because of Obama’s consistency in taking up his pen and making his own laws, we have no choice but to say what needs to be said about him.

          • You have a choice to avoid the childish and uncivil practice of calling the president vile names. Of you have criticism, it should be directed to your disagreement with his actions and policies. That is how mature people operate.

          • Not a politician. Straight talk and call it what it is. Everyone has a voice. Stifle one voice and you have to stifle all voices, good or bad.

          • I hope you were this concerned about the office of the presidency when people who disagreed with Bush were calling him all sorts of names and hanging him in effigy.

          • Most of the opposition to Obama IS because of his policies. There are only ah handful who are outraged because of his race or (ridiculously uneducated and imaginary description of his sexual orientation or his incorrectly stated birthright.

            I wouldn’t call people like that right wingers.
            I consider myself to be a right wing Christian fundamentalist, but the frontier of my ignorance doesn’t go nearly that far into the backwoods of MY mind.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            And that, my friend makes him a real piece of dried camel shit! Some, who love him, (like headinhisass), always seem to come to the little halfbreed bitches rescue, but whether directly asked or not, green is still green and red is still red, and the facts are:
            1. The little bastard is undocumented, therefore, occupying the highest seat illegally!
            2. He’s as QUEER as a three dollar bill and his past has proven that.
            3. If the camel turd is married, he’s married to another MAN called moosechelle! Another QUEER!!
            4. The two girls we’ve only seen a few times ARE NOT HIS AND HIS HUSBANDS! Queers cannot have children. They were only used for show, and even that fizzled!!
            Most of those who will disagree with you actually KNOW you’re right, their egos would crash tho if they didn’t disagree.. No matter what you might say, headinhisass and a few others will pick you apart and do their damndest to make YOU out to be the idiot.
            Sooooo, have fun. I have most if them blocked and don’t have to read their BS.. lol. But you’ll learn….

          • Your problem is that the insults being hurled by conservatives at Obama are valid. Perhaps you simply have a dainty pussified vocabulary and are afraid to call a spade a spade. Obama certainly deserves all name-calling adjectives or nouns being tossed his way.

          • I do those things but I don’t take delight in it.
            i do it because I am so pissed off that America conducted the ultimate affirmative-Action exercise and the rest of us with a working brain have to live with it for eight yeas.
            It is a lot easier to direct my anger towards one man and his meddling wife than 100,000,000 so called intelligent American voters.

          • In case you haven’t heard let me be the first: Obama is a smug peasant exactly like Fidel Castro or Che Guevera or all other community organizers (rabble rousers) and race baiters. Words that perfectly fit the person of Obama are: traitor, Marxist, saboteur, Muslim sympathizer, gun-grabber, power monger, egotistical ass, and general all-around greaser. Dispute facts at your own silliness.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            You left off quite a few other perfectly descriptive words, but I’ll be a good boy and not print them. ROFL

          • It is what PC Liberal-TARDED TROLLS do for extra income to pay for their room in Mom’s basement.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            TB… There is a group of them ) all trolls, some of them very well educated, that search and seek, mainly for the purpose of boosting their demented egos. They’ll drag one totally off the subject of discussion, and before long, you’re wondering what the hell you were discussing in the first place.. Headinhisass is a prime example. His mentor is none other than foul mouthed faye, who will curse God to your face.. There’s about 8 or 10 of them.. You’ll find out soon enough…..

          • hey it is headstraighupazz…the african pretender deserves all those correct labels…and some more that have not been printed…we have had scum trying to destroy America from the outside and those clowns finally got a rag loving communist into the oral office and he has set race relations back 100 years, inspired the rooshans and chinkees to make good on all the things that they have been planning, but were afraid to do while the USA had a Real American in the office of President instead of the african golfer and vacation pro that “has no real plan” to deal with the tiny problem that he allowed (supported, encouraged, helped,,,all interchangeable adjectives)….and you there, messiah cheer leader, continue to be mesmerized by this pretend American….your understanding of the national debate probably does not get to far from legalized drugs and more “free” everything….oh and probably “do not say anything to hurt the rags or commies feelings, they may just cut off a few more heads or fire rockets at another passenger jet”… we will hear you bad mouthing those that have nothing nice to say about the whore that thinks she is worth of being president of anything more complicated than a Home Owners Association….she will be just fine if it is a lezzy enclave…

          • And your point of view is…? (Just kidding)

          • He’s earned those names.

          • Do you have any notion of what it means for a POTUS to promote utilitarian pseudo-ethics? Do you have any notion of what it means for a POTUS to be completely ignorant of history, geography, economics, and the requirements of human decency? Oh, I forgot, I’m really talking about all left-wingers.

        • You hit that one on the head, empty as it is, it is probably still reverberating.

        • cindy may be a kenyan boyo lover and hoping to jump onto the estrogen wagon for the ho clintoney…you know, the angel from Illinois by way of Arkansas…

      • We rest our case Cindy…Our opinion doesn’t have a place anywhere…You believe in Caitlyn Jenner, Terrorists are ok in another country, a white woman can be black because she says she is and the tooth fairy…Good for you…

    • I am affraid to say this but I noticed even fox is mellowing out…

    • ole nicolass bandhole would disagree with you….he probably does not like tea baggers either…of course I am always proud to be a “tea bagger” rather than a queen with pink panties on that I have just soaked because Sarah Palin said something nasty about kenyan boyo…

    • True, but look how seldom that has happened.Which proves there are not a whole lot of reporters out there that even know the truth, let alone admit it.
      Even fewer speak plainly and hardly any of them look at events honestly and with an unbiased perspective.

      Most members of the press thee days are actually opinion writers pretending to be news reporters.

  9. The psychotic left doesn’t even value free speech for one of their own IF HE STRAYS AND ACCIDENTALLY SPEAKS NON-PC. lol lol lol lol


    I do not agree with Mr. Lemon on most things but I do on this point that Progressives are the most close and narrow minded of all people. What it tells me when someone can’t allow someone they agree with the right to their own opinion is their own insecurity in their own beliefs. Whenever someone who I have a disagrreement with uses the cheap accusation of being racist, hateful, homophobe because I do not agree with them I declare myself the winner. Most of the time Liberals have no facts or ideas so they resort to name calling. That is Hypocracy and childish.

  11. At last…an American who has the chutzpah to stand up to the PC police. So many of us feel the same way but those views are hardly heard because of the control by the liberal/progressive media. I say…screw you! I’m a 78 year old man who has heard it all and that’s OK because if you follow the old adage “sticks and stones…” Get some steel in your spine Americans and let the PC advocates know that you won’t stand for it anymore. Jim in Myrtle Beach

  12. About time someone called out the liberal idiots for what they really are … morons for the most part. Glad to see someone on the liberal side with enough courage to state the truth.

    • Oh, there have been others.
      We just don’t see them again after ‘they spoke’.
      The HOLLYWOOD Crowd is a greater starting point!

      • The “Hollywood Crowd” for the most part sucks. And those who harbor these kinds of thoughts have a serious choice to make, do I work, or do I starve, if I share my views with others. That’s why Hollywood sucks, like most liberals!

  13. As long as we have hyphenated Americans !!!!!!!! WE will have race problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. MuslimLuvChrist

    Stalin: “America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.”
    obama adds to that as “race-baiter-in-chief”

  15. The problem isn’t just the college kids, its their professors teachers and other progressives spitting out false information almost on every subject.

    • And THAT is a major problem here. The modern academes have had NO experience except taking tests and getting diplomas then spewing out their opinions to young minds. If I wanted to fly a four-engine jet plane I’d want an experienced pilot teaching me; NOT SOME JERK WHO HAD READ A BOOK ABOUT FLIGHT.

  16. There are some wonderful old chestnuts that have been lost in the era of instant communication (internet, social media, etc.) and the non-stop, 24 hour news cycle. We have been stifled and suffocated by a loud barrage of conflicting infotainment, rife with hints, suggestions and outright demands regarding what we should think, say and do. Regarding the old chestnuts: there is a very simple one that will keep you on track: Courage of Your Convictions. First, you must have convictions and they must be yours – not those of a group whose approval you seek for any reason.
    Then, you must hold fast to them. At times, you may stand alone, but it’s better to be alone than to be lonely in a crowd.

  17. Michael Dennewitz

    Does anyone remember a time when you could pick up the phone, dial a number and hear a voice say, “Good morning, this is . . . and how can I help you today?” AND YOU DIDN’T HAVE TO HIT 1 FOR ENGLISH, 2 FOR…….
    Does anyone remember the first automatic washing machines? And those mean ass wringers? If you got something stuck in them (hopefully not your fingers) you had to smack a release on it or your hand was going on thru??
    Hell, for that matter, does anyone remember Amoco gas? Leaded and what they then called “white gas?” And reg was 26.9, white gas, 29.9..
    GOD HOW I MISS THOSE DAYS.. And look at what we’ve become ! :-((

    • Remember them all and sure wish we could go back for just one day.

    • I remember…I also remember when you didn’t have to lock your car or your house; when you could send your kids out to play with the admonition, “Be home by dinnertime”; when mothers could stay home to raise their children; when parents could discipline their kids, not negotiate with them; when we all sat together at the table to eat dinner and talk about our day; when being a good Samaritan didn’t mean a law suit; when girls could put their arms around their girlfriends without fear of gossip or slander (the same for boys); when everyone understood what marriage was; when having a baby was not an inconvenience (generally speaking); when gay meant happy and it was a compliment to be called a lady; when the word mother was a term of endearment, not a vulgarity; when youngsters were taught to respect those who were older than they were; but why go on? It’s the greatest sorrow in this country that these conditions have passed into history, except in those few exceptional households we still have that are persevering in our beloved country. Now watch…there will be those closed-minded, thoroughly transformed people who will write all manner of crude, mean-spirited, and base retorts to a way of life that produced what is now referred to as “The Greatest Generation.”

      • weren’t The Greatest Generation the WWII people….???? at least that’s from what I know…..though maybe I’m wrong??? oh well maybe the 24 hr news cycle might be a little ….out there…but we’ve come so far ….and before you ask 😛 yes i know people who say life was better back then……. but i have no idea what they mean….since there was no internet back then…or the whole TV thing was new and improved … did i mention no cell phones??? or no PC’s or…the only thing i’ll give might not have beeb such a good idea was the 24 hr news cycle… that’s one of those it’s a good and bad thing things…

        • I think Tom Brokaw wrote a book with the title THE GREATEST GENERATION. …but memory might be wrong here. He’s supposed to be a liberal but the WWII folks were definitely a GREAT GENERATION. At least the WWII military guys and dolls arranged for us in America to NOT HAVE TO SALUTE the Swastika or bow to the Chrysanthemum Throne. Thanks to all the WWII military personnel.

          • I’m not old enough to remember but…you’re right we should respect their service….it wasn’t easy saving the world…personally though i think they should have been putting up that sort of fight here at they should have fought the way they did strong brave and honorably IF the Germans or the the Japanese had invaded America…other than that what they did was the right thing to do…i mean i understand the fight if you have to stuff like Teddy’s walk softly but carry a big stick saying … one more thing …i’m not sure i understand why you should pick a fight unless it finds you first …like Korea or Vietnam i’m not even sure why we went into a Vietnamese/Korean civil war….

          • As a veteran and informed American, I can tell you the “Greatest Generation” made it possible for Communism to spread it’s military power to China and Cuba. Together, they now surpass the Godless uSSA, and today’s U.S. soldiers continue that legacy of shame. The U.S. soldier needs to get a clue about who is running the show in this country and fight back. Stop being “Pawns in the Game.” Read that book and the book “War is a Racket” by Marine General Smedley Butler. You’ve been used. Take a whiff of smelling salt and Wake The Hell up…before it’s too late.

        • I’ll take your points one by one. 1. Yes, those men and women who fought and died for this country during WWII are called The Greatest Generation because they freed all of Europe from the greatest mass murderer this world has ever known. 2. Life was good back then because we weren’t afraid to let our children play outdoors in the fresh air; we felt at home in our stores and shops because we could speak English to anyone we met; we were treated with respect by sales people; and our neighbors were willing to lend a helping hand. 3. We didn’t need the internet, cell phones, or 24-hour news broadcasts. If we wanted to connect with our friends in other towns, we wrote a letter or sent a card; if we wanted to talk to them, we called them on the phone, or arranged a summer vacation time to spend with them. 4. In those days, we knew how to talk directly to a person…it was called ‘conversation’. Today our young people don’t know how to carry on a conversation because they’re too busy playing some mindless game on their iPod or scanning their Facebook page. Life was much simpler then; we weren’t weighed under by the threat of EMPs, attacks by ISIS, government conviscation of our personal property, our money, our homes; the horrors of mass murder, otherwise called Abortion; illegal voting; a lawless government…and the list goes on. I have 2 1/2 folders crammed with the letters I’ve received over the last 6+ years detailing the crimes being perpertrated on the average American citizen. So, Chris, yes, life Was better back then. Needless to say, there were problems to deal with, but the degradation of our children wasn’t one them; the loss of God in our lives wasn’t one of them; marriage was still held in high esteem; and life was a precious commodity. I weep for the loss of those days.

      • Beautifully stated 1Clara2. And when saying “I’m not married” also meant YOU HAD NO CHILDREN! Now, have more babies so you can get more money every month. The government pays for illegitimacy and prostitution.

    • Yes PROGRESS has us at $2.809 a gallon. I remember diesel at 15 cents a gallon and “regular” gasoline when it was 18.9 cents a gallon–in the early 1960s.

    • I’m so old I remember when the wringers didn’t have the pop up safety….a mean one broke my right arm…….and a LEO on a motorcycle escorted us to the Hospital. Oh YES those good ole days when men owned belts, a hand shake was a binding contract, the TEN COMMANDMENTS were not just 10 suggestions, and everyone was civil……

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Yeah, and now, when you walk into a restaurant to order something, low and behold, there stands some moron with his pants clinging to his knee caps. If I hadn’t been “carrying” I could have gotten my butt killed one day. I asked the moron in line if he was QUEER! He turned around and said, “wattchu talkn bout man?” I just told him that it was my understanding that those who wore them like that were looking to get “rammed!” He followed me outside and just before I climbed on the bike, I had to show him the love of my life, the 9mm before he’d back off..
        Sad what we’ve allowed this once blessed country to become. Glad I’m as old as dirt, but I truly do pity the younger generation and the BS they’re being mind-raped with…

  18. Michael Dennewitz


  19. Its about time 1 of the news stations bo has in his back pocket told the truth for once. Way to go Don, but I hope you don’t lose your job. I know the parasites can’t stand the truth, so good luck.

  20. You know good and well that 98.9% of those rioters were stoned. It goes along with the culture. What difference does it make if somebody points that out? It SHOULD be a newsworthy factor.

    • and had three of them bounced off the pavement two hours into the “demonstration” with fatal wounds the “demonstration” would have ended a couple of million dollars sooner and the news clowns would have barely gotten there when they would have had to switch gears and report the “murders of innocents”….have to keep those advertising dollars rolling in….

    • Interesting comment. Two thousand years ago they’d likely be STONED with rocks for civil disobedience.

  21. There is plenty of evidence on the Internet, not rumors, proving Faux News to be anything but False Opposition. Those who believe otherwise actually are “stupid”. Look up the definition and it fits.

    • heard a loud “pop” was that the sound or your anus slamming shut after you jerked your tiny pointed head out??….chrissy matthole needs to interview you and then call your messiah to rush you to the oral office where both of your brain cells can be put to work immediately, if not sooner…

  22. I just hope he doesn’t lose his job. In fact, I’d like to see him promoted!!!!

    • This article is just more mind-control by the anti-Christian network in pagan Amerika. One of many attempts to condition real men to accept the talking head drivel of a mentally ill sodomite — this one just happens to be a minority w/in a minority — instead of putting him back in the closet where he belongs.

      It worked on “Original Rebel”, but it won’t work with me, CNN; but you and Faux News and the other propaganda networks of our police state just keep pounding away. And I know you will b/c you
      understand the stories you pawn off as “news” will at the very least keep the mentally castrated males in line like good little sheeple.

      To be candid, though, they are “sissy men”, a Mattel “Bruce Jenner Doll” walking around like zombies in a delusional fog thinking they are men “because the equipment is still down there”. Well, it’s only a matter of time (or evolution for you perpetually stupid anti-God believers who continue accepting that fairy tale) until they reach that stage within mental sickness (or human respect) to have the “courage” to cut ’em off.

      Tragically, modern man has “evolved” into a coward…an effeminate…an Eloi…a virtual eunuch who has lost “her” nerve to defend Christendom now that the enemy is inside the gates. And their names are
      legion: Reagan, Graham, Robertson, Perot, Buchanan, Paul, Hagee, Bush, Boehner, Biden, Kerry, Cruz, Bush, Paul, Rubio, Trump, et al., too numerous to name.

      So who has replaced the descendants of Adam…who will lead us out of this mess? Why their names are legion: Susan B., Sanger, Steinem, Friedan, Fonda, Walters, Boxer, Feinstein, Hillary, Pelosi, Fiorina, et al., too numerous to name but who are giant Amazons of anti-Christian modernity.

      Kyrie eleison.

      • Wow, and a Catholic too! Listen up judge, jury and executioner … I don’t give two pissants if the guy is queer or what he’s got between his legs. He at least has the guts to call the PC crowd out for what it is. I believe you are a misguided fool when it comes to delineating “fault” as it pertains to where this country now is. It started with FDR and has snowballed since, with the PC progressive libturds doing their damndest to get inside of the minds of people like you. And so far they are succeeding. God will judge the queers and the sodomites and the trans whatevers … THAT IS NOT YOUR JOB, NOR MINE. I fight against it in my own way; by refusing to participate in the so-called “tolerance” wave that has flooded my country.

        “Tolerance is the virtue of a man without convictions!” G.K. Chesterton. Now you can take your judgmental ass to some other site more friendly to big mouths like you.

        • Original Rebel? No…just another coward w/o the guts to stand up for God’s Law, or sign your own name. Well, whoever you are coward, see you on Judgment Day.

          • i’LL BE THERE! And you’re unable or incapable to actually understand what I posted previously. But, I won’t hold that against you. Some of us are just naturally brighter than others.

  23. That is the whole problem with the younger generation today. They are too easily offended, and then they all get together on social media with their online pity parties. Websites like Tumblr and Twitter are super-saturated with PC pity parties claiming that “white privilege” is destroying their pathetic lives. If you take a look at the poster’s pages, they are more often than not a bunch of pot-smoking losers in the 10th grade. Pity parties are becoming the norm in high schools, not only in the US, but all over the world, particularly in Canada, Australia, and the UK.

  24. Mark N Starla Traina

    NAAWP refuses to accept FREDRICKA WHITFIELD’s apology!

    CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield apologizes for calling Dallas gunman ‘courageous and brave’!




  25. Like I have correctly been asserting: we no longer have a free press which equates to “US” no longer being a free country! You can’t have one without the other. REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION!

  26. Irene Elizabeth Grooms


  27. The whole concept of not speaking what is on your mind is totally wrong to me. So the PC people are too soft and mushy inside and do not want their feelings hurt? Then stay at home with your head buried in pudding- “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH” then get the hell out of the oven.

  28. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W

    Head up your ass, EVERY president has been called nasty names at one time or another by the people not in power. It’s called politics. I am curious as to why you think Obama should be immune.

  29. My humble opinion is I think Don Lemon is an excellent reporter. His comment about LIBERALS AND PROGRESSIVES..SPOT ON!

  30. This article is more mind-control by the anti-Christian network in pagan Amerika. One of many attempts to condition real men to accept the talking head spewings of a mentally ill sodomite — this one just happens to be a minority w/in a minority — instead of putting him back in the closet where he belongs.

    Won’t work with me, CNN; but you and Faux News and the other propaganda networks of our police state just keep pounding away. And I know you will b/c you understand the stories you pawn off as “news” will at the very least keep the mentally castrated males in line like good little sheeple.

    To be candid, though, they are “sissy men”, a Mattel “Bruce Jenner Doll” walking around like zombies in a delusional fog thinking they are men “because the equipment is still down there”. Well, it’s only a matter of time (or evolution for you perpetually stupid anti-God believers who continue accepting that fairy tale) until they reach that stage within mental sickness (or human respect) to have the “courage” to cut ’em off.

    Tragically, modern man has “evolved” into a coward…an effeminate…an Eloi…a virtual eunuch who has lost “her” nerve to defend Christendom now that the enemy is inside the gates. And their names are legion: Reagan, Graham, Robertson, Perot, Buchanan, Paul, Hagee, Bush, Boehner, Biden, Kerry, Cruz, Bush, Paul, Rubio, Trump, et al., too numerous to name.

    So who has replaced the descendants of Adam…who will lead us out of this mess? Why their names are legion: Susan B., Sanger, Steinem, Friedan, Fonda, Walters, Boxer, Feinstein, Hillary, Pelosi, Fiorina, et al., too numerous to name but who are giant Amazons of anti-Christian modernity.

    Kyrie eleison.

  31. I am glad that some on the left are finally beginning to see they hypocrisy of the lack of tolerance on the “tolerant”.

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