Clueless: Congressional Black Caucus Wants to Make a Bad Situation Worse

If there’s anything Democrats are good at, it’s taking a bad situation and making it worse. Watch them long enough, and you would almost start to believe that they are actively rooting for this country to collapse in a heap of ashes. You know…almost.

The last thing we need right now is another huge national push to tear down Confederate statues. It’s time to just…give this crap a breather. Let’s think it over. Let’s hear each other out. Like President Trump said, not everyone who protests the removal of this history is some incorrigible white supremacist. Many people simply resent the whitewashing of southern history and heritage, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with their position. This is something that can and perhaps should be debated. But maybe not now. Maybe, let’s just take it easy for a while and not put any more gasoline on what is already a highly combustible—

Well, never mind.

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus tripped over themselves on Tuesday to revive calls to remove Confederate statues from the Capitol after this weekend’s violence in Charlottesville.

“We will never solve America’s race problem if we continue to honor traitors who fought against the United States in order to keep African Americans in chains. By the way, thank god, they lost,” Congressional Black Caucus Chairman Cedric Richmond said.

In a statement to The Hill, Rep. Bennie Thompson of Mississippi said, “Confederate memorabilia have no place in this country and especially not in the United States Capitol. These images symbolize a time of racial discrimination and segregation that continues to haunt this country and many African-Americans who still to this day face racism and bigotry. It is past time for action to remove all Confederate symbols in the U.S. Capitol and on the Mississippi state flag.”

A spokesman for Rep. Hank Johnson of Georgia said he believes that there are better people to represent the South.

“Congressman Johnson believes we should revise and supplement history with statues of other Americans who have contributed to our collective experience and story,” the spokesman said. “The goal should be revision and inclusion as opposed to the obliteration of the nation’s history.”

Well, that all sounds nice and middle-groundish, but color us skeptical.

If nothing else was proven by Charlottesville, it’s that white supremacist groups feed off the energy of these idiotic movements to tear down Confederate monuments and other symbols of our American heritage. Why, then, are there so many people – some even on the right! – who now want to shove that movement into overdrive?

Like we said, you’d almost believe…

But nah.


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  1. You sold your own people into slavery, you clowns have no clue. If it weren’t for the right you would still be slaves! How stupid can you be? Don’t answer – we already know!

    • The average IQ of blacks in the US is 80, ten points above the Muslims, which is only 70. It’s interesting that the average IQ of blacks in Africa is 80 also, which means residing in the US for 500 years hasn’t upped their overall IQ quotient level at all. I’m guessing educators, including Lydon Johnson, concluded long ago that it wouldn’t matter how much public funds were expended trying to educate blacks because the vast majority simply aren’t intelligent enough to gain much advantage from book-learning. It seems infinitely more practical to concentrate on teaching them skills that will make them employable in the lower-skilled jobs which millions of illegal aliens have been performing for decades. But those black students who show academic promise and an eagerness to learn should be encouraged in every way possible, including by granting them scholarships to private schools, and by promoting them to advanced placement classes.

      • generations of welfare payments hasnt done anything for them

        • curmudgeon VN Veteran

          It made them more dependent on the democRAT politicians for their livelihood. A vote for a snap card and an EBT card in exchange for your vote? Good trade off for lazy parasites. Whoever thought LBJ would create a career path for blacks to take advantage of?

          • lbj said his policies would have them voting democratic for 200 years

          • curmudgeon VN Veteran

            Yes, and used the niqqer word in doing so!

          • guess truth doesnt hurt

          • Oh, crap, that means we’ve got another 150 years to go before the rest of them wise up! Enough of them wised up in time for the 2016 election, and voted for Trump over Hillary! But for them, we’d already be disarmed, the UN forces would be patrolling our cities, and anyone who protests would be occupying FEMA camps just as Muslim refugees are!

          • they just didnt vote , 98% will vote for the demonrats , as far as un forces , I doubt it -there would be a civil war . We all know how brave the un forces are ,just look at the movie Blackhawk Down

          • EXACTLY !!!!

          • No one with a functioning brain believed that was his motive. But since he was a former educator before becoming a politician, I’m sure he realized that the majority of blacks weren’t much good for anything in our society except voting for Dems and protesting.

          • If you are talking about LBJ, he was also a major thief. Read “A Texan Looks At Lyndon”

          • And possibly a murderer also.

          • LBJ knew exactly what he was doing !!!


          • Actually he said 200 years !!! That’s how the Dems get their voters !!!

          • Yep, It was 200 yrs.

          • LBJ had a hidden plan and it appears now that plan was successful and Barack Obama tried to reinforce it in a very sinister way but real Americans are waking up to his evil intentions.

        • Mike6080 it shows that “throwing money at problems” solves no problems–it generates more. The more handouts some people get, the more they demand. Give some people an extra inch and tomorrow they want a mile more. Judge a faction by what it has produced historically and worldwide for the betterment of mankind?

          • I have been paying for the welfare these ingrates get since I started working 50 years ago – its called taxes

          • Yep! We have a political party known as T&S–“Tax and Spend”. The candidates get elected by promising monthly trinkets to their constituents. The constituents have learned that if they demand more and more then can get it by merely continuing to vote into office the seat warmers who arrange more goodies by way of taxpayers paying the bills. I began paying for their candy Fall of 1953. As time moved on they demanded more and by the time the mid-’60s got here one Liberal Bumpkin Johnson of Texas had devised a scheme to keep slaves on the plantation and voting for his T&S party in return for more candy. Then came November 2008 when a non-American imposter was illegally swept into the pResidency who surrounded himself with a staff of anti-American traitors and was able to hoodwink enough low information voters to get himself four more years of hoodwinkery. We taxpayers are now having to support this goon with a retirement income plus a security force for as long as he lives. THAT IS SICK! The bottom line comes full circle. This demonstrates a very week link in our democracy’s chain. It is a weak link that allows low information people to vote. They are focused on and interested in only “what’s in it for me!” They vote to have money to afford luxury cars, EBT nutrition cards as well as other things that taxpayers HAVE TO WORK FOR. Oh well. The 18th Century likely didn’t have the milieu we have today. The “Founders” were blind to issues regarding the “gimme, gimme, gimme, my stuff, I got my rights!” crowd. —then add to that the tsunami influx of unwanted illegals crossing our borders and flooding welfare offices, hospital emergency departments and hosts of other things. Liberality with distribution of the taxpayers’ money has wrought us a very big national train wreck over the past eight years. I did not vote for any of it.

      • curmudgeon VN Veteran

        The City of Los Angeles High School Math Proficiency Exam

        Name:_______________________________ Gang:___________________________

        1.Johnny has an AK-47 with an 80-round clip. If he misses 6 out of 10 shots and shoots 13 times at each drive-by shooting, how many drive-by shootings can he attempt before he has to reload?

        2.Jose has 2 ounces of cocaine and he sells an 8-ball to Jackson for $320 and 2 grams to Billy for $85 per gram. What is the street value of the balance of the cocaine if he doesn’t cut it?

        3.Rufus is pimping for three girls. If the price is $65 for each trick, how many tricks will each girl have to turn so Rufus can pay for his $800-per-day crack habit?

        4.Jarome want to cut his 1/2 pound of heroin to make 20% more profit. How many ounces of cut will he need?

        5.Willie gets $200 for stealing a BMW, $50 for a Chevy, and $100 for a 4X4. If he has stolen 2 BMWs, 3 4X4s, how many Chevies will he have to steal to make $800?

        6.Raoul is in prison for 6 years for murder. He got $10,000 for the hit. If his common law wife is spending $425 per month, how much money will be left when he gets out of prison, and how many years is he likely to get for killing the bitch that spent his money?

        7.If the average spray can covers 22 square feet and the average letter is 3 square feet, how many letters can be sprayed with 3 cans of paint?

        8.Hector knocked up 6 girls in his gang. There are 27 girls in the gang. What percentage of the girls in the gang has Hector knocked up?

        9.Thelma can cook dinner for her 16 children for $7.50 per night. She gets $234 a month welfare for each child. If her $325 per month rent goes up 15%, how many more children should she have to keep up with her expenses?

        10.Salvador was arrested for dealing crack & his bail was set at $25,000. If he pays a bail bondsman 12% and returns to Mexico, how much money will he lose by jumping bail?

        • Hahaha! I love it. My bet is that not one kid in the City of Los Angeles High School Math Proficiency Exam can answer even one question. For that matter, my money says not one kid from any democrat controlled city in this nation, can answer any of those questions.

          Any wonder why these imbecilic morons are rioting in the streets? Hmm?

          • I don’t know how much Soros is paying the BLM rioters but he’s paying $14,000 per year to the Antifa Anarchists, and that should land him in jail, but he seems to have a Teflon Suit that protects him from prosecution, I assume because he contributes millions per year to members of Congress. Hillary Clinton just contributed $800,000 to the radical Anti-Trump Movement, on top of all her other crimes, but I’m betting nothing happens to her, either!

          • Where does this apparent immunity to the law come from? Any Republican or Conservative
            found to support terrorism (which is exactly what wealthy corrupt Soros and the Clintons
            do) would face trial and then prison time. Leftists have this protective cloak that enables
            them to commit crimes and walk away free. The “enemy within” is as dangerous to the
            USA as the external terror groups. Democrats have abandoned the principles held by
            JFK and other patriotic Dems from the past, and now embrace corruption. When will
            they wake up?

          • Answer: When the American people public wakes up to the extent of damage the Democrats are doing to this country and oust them completely from positions of power! Every Demo leader in Congress has been aiding and abetting the illegal alien and Muslim invasion of this country, which screwing African-Americans out of jobs, decent educations, and equal opportunity! And the disadvantages they’ve suffered, especially under Obama, they’re now blaming on the Republicans rather than blaming the true culprits – The Dems!

          • Everyone take note that liberals blame everyone else for the problems THEY cause. They are masters at finger pointing. They are like Lucifer telling God the Angel Gabriel enticed Eve to eat and share a forbidden fruit with Adam.

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          • Pretty sad when the ONLY up vote is yours!! Very SAD!!

          • he may be the head of the clintoney crime family janitors…

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          • 3 things here:
            #1) never give yourself an up vote, it makes you look “STUPID” and childish!
            #2) Doesn’t being on your back with legs spread make you a prostitute??
            #3) I gave you the 3 step put down!! LMAO!!!!
            For those that do not what what the 3 step put down is :
            Flag by clicking on the invisible carrot in the top right line of scum puppets post and selecting flag.

            Give it a down vote!

            Also Report it as a spammer to Disqus by right clicking on the scum puppets name and clicking on the three blue dots *** next to the gray private box on the top line of
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            3 steps to “hopefully” getting “SCUMBUCKETS” removed!!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            They like referring to themselves as african american.. Shiiittt, 9/10 of them don’t even know where the hell Africa is! 😂🤣😃😄😅😆😀

          • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

            They need permanent first hand knowledge then.

          • KNOWLEDGE…..Can they actually ACQUIRE IT?

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          • Well Their plantation Owners don’t know either but point to the Ghettos in NYC.. LA ( maxi W section) and DC for their answers!


          • Well Gen11, what you JUST DESCRIBED is THE DEMOCRAT PARTY!!! Yikes!!! I know it’s a fact that ANTI-FA IS BEING PAID $14 thousand dollars a year to each and everyone of those COWARDS hiding behind a black outfit, including covering their faces. These BLACK-CLAD ANTIFA PROTESTERS, go into the cities and not only PROTEST, but to VIOLENTLY PROTEST, and they are instructed to destroy personal property, kill police, beat up the opposition with clubs, knives, and chains. This IS the DEMOCRAT PARTY TODAY!!! Make no mistake about it, for those who are clueless and NOT PAYING ATTENTION, the KKK who are historically ALL Democrats, the Neo-Nazis who are the fascists and the racist in our society today, ALONG with the ANTIFA and the BLM, well yeah, they TOO, are also ALL DEMOCRATS. And the white supremacist, yeah, they too are a DEMOCRAT ORGANIZATION…witness the fellow who was the leader in the Charlottesville debacle for example….he was/is HEAVILY involved in the OCCUPY WALL STREET GANG protest. YUP!!!! You guessed it…… ANOTHER DEMOCRAT ORGANIZATION!!!!! Look it up!

            When I repeatedly say that the democrats today are an EVIL PARTY, I’m not kidding. The democrat party IS THE PARTY of death, destruction, deceit, perversion, obstruction, delay, ungodliness, no and he|| NO. The democrat party today, they just cannot be trusted! NEVER, EVER vote for ANY democrat who is NOT PRO LIFE!!!! Then, and only then, will that individual democrat have ANY MORALS and VALUES!!!!!

          • Franie you stated it well and the bottom line in all of the anti-American programs we’ve been witnessing for eight plus years is grounded in an anti-God agenda. Show me a true Christian church or Jewish synagogue that promotes violent destruction of cities, murder of law enforcement personnel, home invasions, destruction of monuments, and desecration of the US and Israeli flags. There might be some Islamic Mosques involved in this kind of antisocial activity but the essence of it all is an atheist/agnostic war against the Faith of Abraham, Moses, Paul of Tarsus and Yeshuah believed by Christians to be Messiah.

          • You know marshmil, what you stated IS the bottom line in all of the chaos this country is now witnessing AND enduring. The parents of these woefully indoctorinated, ‘save space’ cowards, these mil-IDIOT snowFLAKES, should definitely be accused of not instilling proper spiritual values into their children. They should be reprimanded in the fact that they did not properly raise these children, to oversee their education, to instill right from wrong – good from evil. These kids don’t know God. They don’t even know what the Ten Commandments dictate. The parents of these ‘imbecilic morons’ are going to have to account come judgment day, the why of not raising their children with good morals and values, raising their children without God, and raising their children to be able to FUNCTION in society!!

          • You are right on target Franie. Faith in God is an equal opportunity offer. All are welcomed but it is not a “spectator sport”. No spectators will win the Trophy. Some might be honestly unaware or confused about this. A recommendation is to open-mindedly check out “New Testament” Christianity, C. S. Lewis was one such non-believing “intellectual” who became one of the greatest spokesmen for the Christian Faith. He was somewhat like a 20th. Century “Paul of Tarsus” but unlike “Saul” he never persecuted Christians.

          • They’ve been a totally degraded political party since the early 1980’s. I know that because I was a Kennedy Democrat who didn’t realize how bad they were until I attended a State Convention and read their proposed platform. Page after page after page of the proposals we delegates were expected to vote on were all geared to aiding and abetting the degraded LGBTQ members of the party, which proved to me they were taking over. Since I wanted no part of them, I gathered up my things and walked out without voting on a single proposal. I’ve NEVER voted for a Democrat since, and never will again until and unless they return to being the patriotic party which John Kennedy espoused, not the progressive communist party of today which aides every group except generational White Christians and American workers! They screw them as much and as often as they possibly can, which is why every member of both groups need to crush the Democrats in the 2018 election!

          • It’s called the Black way of Christmas shopping!! Shop early and often!!

          • Since they routinely adhere to the Demo rule “vote early and often” it shouldn’t surprise us when they “shop early and often” also!

          • AND, God Help ya if’n ya ‘Bust a Cap’-(Shoot) one of the looting Bastards! Defending your Life and Property!

          • It’s really a depressing scenario but I suspect you win the “hit the nail on the head” award for the day!

        • sad but true and also hilarious! Much more common across America than we would like to believe!

        • I shouldn’t admit this, but your post is hilarious! 🙂

        • That’s funny!!! I figured out some of them, but I’m white and have never been good at word problems!!! LOL.

        • I have only one question, “Who reads these questions to the LA School system gang-bangers and who answers the questions? I doubt that any of them can read and I also doubt that any of them will be “there” on the day of the test!

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          • Great one James!!!! LSHMSH, LOL, LMAO, ROFLMFAO!!

          • I lived there back when East LA was a good place to visit! That should tell you how old I am! Today, I wouldn’t go there without at least a mini-gun and a platoon of Marines! CA is a lost cause unless the peoples of said state realize that the state is nearly broke and spending more money than they have!

          • No arguments forthcoming from this keyboard!!!!!

        • i am 72 years old…I saw this nonsense in HS …your are ignorgant

          • You obviously wasted your time in HS considering the last three words you posted. You seem to have skipped English classes back in the ’50s – ’62. And what’s really sad is that back then the school systems were a whole lot better than they are now. They were the “Old Unimproved” version. In the 1960s some education nut cases attempted to “fix” what was not “broke”.

          • have you ever made a typo in your life or are you a perfect assholle?

          • What you left is not a “typo”. Two words are misspelled. Your incivility indicated by your use of substandard English in your above post reveals more about you than I believe you are aware. Deficiency in spelling and grammar are more easily overlooked than the use of vile wording.

          • no he is not a perfect assholle, you are..


          • No one could possibly unseat your possession of that coveted award!

          • not nearly as ignorant as you..

          • And you’re a horses asses ASS!

        • Statesman Patriot

          That is hilariously fantastic!

          But those problems are too complicated for these leftist loonies who can’t even calculate 2+2.

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          • I just blocked you from ever again showing up on my screen. Ha, ha, ha, ha.

          • What you did is alright BUT DOESN’T STOP THE CRAP!! What you and others need to do is the 3 step “ScumBucket post removal:
            Flag by clicking on the invisible carrot in the top right line of scum puppets post and selecting flag.

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            Also Report it as a spammer to Disqus by right clicking on the scum puppets name and clicking on the three blue dots *** next to the gray private box on the top line of
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          • Thanks for the info old codger. You are likely referring to posts left on this site that advertise making money. While those are a nuisance the fact they are allowed hints that the site owner might be getting a $ fee for allowing. I support free enterprise so that part does not present a problem for me. Your taking time to explain how to report spam is appreciated though.

        • Since I haven’t taken a math class since the mid 1970’s, and have been using calculators and Microsoft Excel since then, quite frankly, I would probably have a really tough time answering those 10 cleverly contrived math problems myself. They’ve very indicative of the social conditions brought on by Demo’s insane immigration policies since 1965, too!

          • LBJ and the turbotords in DC…nearly the same bunch turned the light out on the Vietnamese while simultaneously schiting on 58,000 + US soldiers and millions of Vietnamese..and making the sacrifice of other vets, including those who served in the coalition worth zip…Much faith though there appears to be rumors of a movement in Vietnam to rip the commies a new one…that would be a good thing..

      • please provide the proof of these assertions-if you answer with a pejorative insult, it will be known that you are just making this up and are clueless /ignorant-Ignorance is not bad if you are willing to learn regarding a mistake-

        • Oh No, your’re on this forum too ? People both he, aka lady are supporters of the left, demands proof and when you provide they call you names, copy and paste responses, then complain and have you removed. Typical left.

          • The truth is all around . You just refuse to recognize it because it frightens you. Your pain must be unbearable-I will pray for you.

          • So, you know what the truth is and nobody else does ? How do you know if i’m frightened about anything. That’s your problem liberal, you THINK instead of know and believe everybody else should take your word for it. You think like a communist.

          • Fortunately, they’ve both been blocked so we can be spared their worthless BS in future!

          • I like it because it keeps them busy with me and leaves others alone. I get them real flustered .

          • How did you get such a twisted view of the overwhelming majority of Americans? Where you abused as a child?

          • You just proved my point. When you provide them with truth they go balistic. I said nothing that included other Americans in MY OPINION ! Since your’re a liberal I won’t question your knowledge of child abuse, and your attempt at humor on a matter of pedophiles abusing children every day. Twisted View ? No, your twisted lack of morals to make fun of abused children. Now your’re in the class with 2deep4u.

        • Proof is Obama said he was Islamic. Islam follows the Koran’s principles. One of those principles is a husband and father can “Honor Kill” his wife and daughter for any supposed violation of the Koran with impunity. That is exactly where Obama was taking this nation with his appointments of Islamics in his administration. Eric holder plainly stated he would only uphold the laws he liked and favor the rioters, Black Panthers

          • “Proof is Obama said he was Islamic” Well , we have a problem fight here-President Obama never said he was Islamic-So you are going to have to prove that before we go any further

          • Yes he did ! What do you think muslims are ?On national television
            He also stated while he was in kenya that he was glad to be back at the place of his birth. He did say he’s prays to the Koran and had prayer services in the white house that Trump had removed when they fumigated. I thought you knew it all Girod ? Believe it or not we has access to network television, computers, books, etcetera.

          • please show proof-you have none

          • You have a computer why don’t you look it up . You would’nt believe it it was given to you. Television and news paper archives, utube, everywhere.

          • there is an interview from Sept 2008 in which Obama slips speaking about John McCain not talking about his Muslim faith. There are 4 or five other speeches which indicate he was Muslim as well, but those are hard to find copies of. There is also his answer to the question of the most beautiful sound he ever heard, and his answer was the Muslim call to prayer. While that is not prima facia proof of itself, there is too much circumstantial evidence to ignore the probability he was Muslim–actually he is a member of the Sabod sect. The same sect that Loretta Fuddy was a member of. If you will recall, she was the one who forged his Hawaiian birth certificate that was out of order with the duplicate number of a still-born baby girl born later in the afternoon on the day he was born. If you care to replay the interview, I found it on Snopes very easily.

          • Sent the link

          • Just Google “Proof Obama was a Muslim.” The Snopes link just takes you to their site and not to this specific interview. You will get a number of other references as well. You really should read and correct your posts before you hit the button.

          • There were a number of snopes sites to access when I googled…are you referring to this-


            If so. then this source does not help your argument since it explains how candidate Obama’s words were taken out of context- Please read the link and you will see this for your self-.

          • Nothing Obama said was taken out of context,it was said in an unguarded moment( of which he had many)

          • your are ridiculous

          • Gyro Gear-loose. Search That Dummy!

          • Yeah, a Soft Water Crash Landing, where No One Else was injured! She was Whacked, ‘cuz She was the only one who could “Pin The Tail on the Donkey”, Obama, so to speak!

          • Maybe not whacked. Maybe spirited off into something akin to Witness Protection for her service to the cause. Research the work of Hugo Feugen who has created a significant presentation demonstrating divers in the area, pictures of propellers bent in the opposite direction from one picture to the next, engines that don’t belong to the type of aircraft, and anomalies that suggest the “body” we were shown in the video was, in fact, an inflatable manikin. It raises the question that the “real” Loretta Fuddy was removed from the plane and perhaps disappeared, so she could never be called to testify under oath regarding the forgery of Obama’s birth certificate. She may be on an island somewhere laughing all the way to the bank. She was also a member of the Sabod sect of Muslimsim as Obama himself is alleged to be.

          • Right Back at ya Ritchie Bitchie, Show Proof you aren’t a Fruit!

          • He Damned sure Did! I saw the News clip feed! He Clearly stated “My Islamic Faith” THEN He Tried Crawfishing out, by saying, I Meant My Christian Faith! The Whole World saw an’ heard it!!

      • MR_Mr_Deplorable_Hapla

        Haiti and Liberia,,,200 years of all Black populations , all Black governments. 200 years as shttholes.

        • If the globalists had succeeded in taking over the US, and Obama had been named “Islamic Despot for Life,” this country would have been transformed into another Haiti or Liberia very quickly, only things here would be even worse than there because we’d be an Islamic Caliphate ruled under Shariah Law!

          • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

            Those plans are still very much in place. Make no mistake about that. Obama is srtill directing the Islamic invasion, with lots of help from Soros and the ‘rapefugee resettlement” jihadist supporting “Christian” churches.

      • NOW what is the average IQ of CBC .. Corey Hooker….Maxi Waters???

        • Since blacks in Africa and African Americans in the US both have the same average IQ (80), the members of the CBC probably range both higher and lower than 80, with Corey Booker probably being in the higher range, and Maxine Waters at the very bottom!

          • Can it be concluded then that those “items” that vote for these LOW IQ morons have an IQ of an average Garden Rock??? March and loot in parades under the BLM flag and return to one of their Plantations???????

          • The Democrats have been deliberately dumbing down American students in our public schools since 1967. Add in a drug culture by millions of hippie parents and returning Vietnam veterans who unknowingly genetically damaged their offspring and a perfect recipe for disaster was created. Both the dumbing down and our drug culture have continued through 4 generations thus far, which explains why 48% of our population are so stupid, they shouldn’t be allowed to vote at all, but they do, and thus we’re screwed!

          • Well the (D) anarchist din’t have a hard time dumbing down A HOLES… they Created them and Nurtured them and UNeducated them and Lost their Jobs for Welfare and there we are….Ooh Rahh .. THey really Screwed our Country unless!!!!!!!!!

          • generalize much?


          • They also knew exactly what they were doing when they purposely ruined the finest Medical Care system in the world! The Democrats insisted upon having total control of every American’s life-and-death medical decisions, and Obama insisted upon transferring wealth from generation White Americans to millions of worthless unproductive Americans, millions of piss-poor immigrants sucking this nation dry, and through fraud, are paying out billions of taxpayer funds in Obamacare subsidies to illegal aliens who should be deported! And the Democrats are doing everything they can to protect those illegals who are committing the fraud because to them, every illegal Socialist is a Democratic voter!

      • where do these” IQ facts” come from? If you can’t provide proof -go seek it or you live in ignorance- sad

      • Mathematical certainty

        I disagree with your statistics…the average IQ of blacks in the US spans a range from 5 to 12 points, whereas the average IQ of muslims range from 2 to 5 points. Otherwise I do agree with you.

        • Are you using a different computational scale or are you attempting to denigrate the intelligence level of those two disadvantaged groups even further than records indicate?

          • Mathematical certainty

            Use the base 5 standard scale for the Normal Distribution Curve (aka, Karl Frederick Gauss Population Distribution Scale on a variety of topics) and extrapolate to the PMF and CDF Conditional Random Variables, and you will discover the actual statistics. As for your inane comment wrt denigrating ” those two disadvantaged groups” you need to research and re-educate your bias on “those two disadvantaged groups”.

        • and where does that range of Congress lie????

          • Mathematical certainty

            The range of IQ’s for congress is too low to be measured.

          • That is a scary thing…. and how much scarier can it be if one were to separate the CBC LOWER OQ from that Low IQ of Congress?

        • If you have not yet done so read the book, THE BELL CURVE. It is a research work based on US Government statistics. You don’t have to read cover to cover; pick out parts and learn some interesting facts. We have heard lately of “participation trophies”. Be warned the research findings do not give out participation trophies.

      • Blacks are human beings-just like whites,latinos etc.-if what you say is true then, logically(cough), it would follow that this would apply to whites,latinos etc….so what is you point?

    • … slavery ia alive and well in the USA and elsewhere … It just goes by another name.

    • Richard Bagenstose

      you left out how they keep voting for the people who kept them in chains

  2. Congressional Black Caucus is the new Islamic party.

    • Beeotchstewie the deplorable


    • And also stone cold Marxists and commies..nice hybrid,eh?

    • Yes, there are two U.S. House of Representatives members that are Islamic/Muslims; one from Indiana and the other from Minnesota. There is also a judge in Pennsylvania who is an Islamic/Muslim. Those are three I can confirm. The huge question is how many more are there in places of law and legislative duties in our government pressing for Islamic/Muslim Shariah Law in the United States that is in direct conflict with the U.S. Constitution.

      • Andre Carson MUST be replaced in Indiana. Carson is a Muslim and was in cahoots with those IT Muslim brothers that Blathermouth Debby Wassermann-Schultz was paying to steal our CLASSIFIED INFORMATION!!

      • Michael Dennewitz

        What’s even worse my friend is the fact that the Veterans Administration is hiring scads of mooseslime doctors and nurses. Many are working right here in Orlando at the VA clinic. If you don’t die from the ailment you’ve had, those bastards will help it along!😣

  3. does that mean all MLK statues are next? What Civil War? What slavery? I don’t know anything since it’s all going away!

    • disqus_NkHgGC0fMN

      Yes, if one is taken down then all should be taken down including MLK. The statues represent history that is in the books. Does this mean that history books are being removed from schools and we are going to become useless with knowledge for we will not receive it anymore. That means that computers are useless except for games which are also history. I can keep going. If you do not like history then go to another country to live and get out of the USA where freedom was fought for and won.

      • I agree 100%.All statues commemorating any person for any act, should be taken down NOW. They want history gone, they’d better be ready for all of it to come down. What is it going to take for the people with rational minds to RISE UP AND FIGHT THIS EVIL ? ❗

    • Well said, Amen.

  4. The Civil war was about State’s rights vs. Federal Rights – States lost. The slavery issue was brought in when it looked like the North might lose and only banned slaves in the South, not the North (where is was less common). The North also used ‘indentured servants’ who were treated worse than slaves. Read your history or repeat it.

    • That’s the whole point…get rid of everything that relates to the war between the states, and people forget what happened, therefore, at some point history will repeat itself! Don’t people know the ‘indians’ kept slaves, the whites kept slaves but so did the free blacks.

    • Most people don’t understand the real reasons for beginning the war in first place. You however, have it exactly right. This only points out the lack of education being taught in the country. Not many seem to want to know anything about history–they may actually have to THINK about something besides dating and learning all the new music and dance moves. These idiots that want to appease the thin-skinned blacks (who don’t really understand anything) are on their way to ruin the country.

    • I have a B.A. in Social Science, History and Geography! I know you are Correct!

  5. I didn’t understand the “almost” part. The Dims want to destroy America. Obozo tried to do his best, & Hildabeast would have done her best to finish the job! We need to vote all the Dims & Rinos out of office! Maybe just maybe we can save America from completely going in the dumpster! God bless America & God bless President Trump–A true American HERO!

    • Don’t forget the RINO’s as well !

      • He didn’t. He wrote “we need to vote all the Dims & Rinos out of office.” And I absolutely concur with his statement! Each of the loudmouthed Dims calling for Trump’s impeachment have the lowest career voting records on immigration issues in Congress because they’ve been aiding and abetting the Muslim and illegal alien invasion of the US ever since they took their oaths of office! When outright traitors to American workers try to remove a pro-American worker president, it’s time for the Silent Majority of Patriotic Americans to start voting the Dim Scum & RINOs out of office!

        • Thanks,I do concur; just worded it wrong; really wanted to emphasize how the RINO’s R making things worse for the Republican Party by not supporting the President ! It’s bad enough by the Socialist Democratic Party spouting their hatred ! U R correct in statement; we need to get the message to every American to vote, pass it on to the children or else all will be forgotten.

          Responsible citizens must vote. Every vote matters. It cannot be wasted.
          In the famous words of John F. Kennedy, ask not, what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” Start by voting!


          • Except I heard this morning the polls show the majority of Americans didn’t think Trump’s speech was tough enough! And his approval rating has not suffered! So, again, the lame stream media has lied to us AGAIN. Stay strong for Trump!

          • Thanks, I have a mind of my own unlike the lame news media.

            Trump/Pence 2016………….Obama/Hillary GITMO 2017

        • You’ve got that right!!!

        • Voting!! Hah! Ha! Ballots won’t do it! Bullets will! The voting machines are Rigged to the max!

          • That’s why voting machines need to be totally eliminated! Only paper ballots should be utilized, and ONLY PRINTED IN ENGLISH SINCE ENGLISH LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY IS SUPPOSED TO BE A REQUIREMENT OF US CITIZENSHIP. ENGLISH-ONLY BALLOTS WILL DISCOURAGE NON-ENGLISH SPEAKING NON-CITIZENS AND ILLEGAL ALIENS FROM VOTING AND DETERMINING OUR ELECTIONS! If we don’t use voting machines, many of which were purchased from George Soros, and thus can’t be trusted any more than black poll workers who keep shoving ballots into voting machines until they’ve wracked up 5 votes for Democrats instead of just one, Americans may start to regain enough trust in our elections to put out the effort to vote again! But until those steps are taken, and the Democrats severely punished for “community organizing” of massive voter fraud to elect Democrats, millions of American voters will continue refusing to vote!

          • They haul Buss Loads of Blacks from Precinct to Precinct voting Dem! No-one will ask for ID or question a Black Voter, ‘cuz That would be “Racis”!

          • Lies.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            All FIVE of mine are loaded and ready, and I ONLY USE HOLLOW POINTS!!😁

      • Of course, and the latest addition to the RINO herd seems to be Mitt Rommey! I guess the Left has got to him!

        • Yeah, Romney is sounding like a drugged imbecile.

        • When he ceased campaigning during the last two weeks of the grueling 2012 Election, and basically handed Obama a second disastrous term in office, I realized Romney was a traitor to this county. Nothing I’ve read about him during the past 4.5 has changed my opinion. Since Romney forced socialized Romneycare upon the citizens of Massachusetts, and Obama used Romneycare as the basis for Socialized Obamacare, it’s possible Romney wanted to assure Obamacare wasn’t jeopardized by ousting Obama from office. Since our political system is so incredibly complex and corrupt, absolutely ANYTHING is possible!

          • I voted for Rommey in 2012. At the time it had to be the lesser of two evils! I believe the election was rigged in Obozo’s favor! I heard there were precints were Rommey got zero votes! Someone made the statement even Hitler would have gotten one vote!

          • I don’t know whether you viewed the video after the 2016 election or not, but it showed fat black female poll workers shoving ballots into a voting machine multiple times, upping the number of votes, no doubt for Democrats. If that form of voter fraud was systemic throughout Democratically-controlled counties with high black populations in 2012, that would certainly explain why there were far more votes than registered voters, and Romney’s religion added to high turnout of blacks for Obama (84%) explain why he did so poorly. Whether Obama or Romney won in 2012, we wouldn’t be any better off. We either learn how to pick better leaders in this country or this country is going down the tubes.

          • What are you saying? If you ask a Liberal, there is no such thing as voter fraud! LOL!

      • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

        Democrtas plus the RINOS = The Shariacrats, all have sold this country out to pad their own fortunes. What they fail to realize is that all Muslims want ALL infidels dead, especially the LGBTQ and Christians. They are purposefully putting Americans in grave danger intentionally, their extended families are also targets of the satanic Muslim killers. Obama himself will personally issue the call to jihad and unleash his Muslims onto a largely unwitting populace.

        • I also agree there! Islam, by law, is prohibited from US immigration

          The Immigration and Nationality Act passed June 27, 1952 revised the laws relating to immigration, naturalization, and nationality for the United States.
          So, why do we have Mosque’s in every state? Look at what is happening in Michigan !


    • Hmm – What’s next – they dress up as Ninjas – their colors are black and red – good funding – good cover by MSM – good cover by politicians – good cover by local PD – REWRITE history – SOON THE BROWNSHIRTS WILL COME OUT AND THE BOOK BURNINGS…….The congressional black caucus – Booker and the puppets are already calling for the removal of history. The statues are NOW DESTROYED in the dead of night….Americans are just sitting there watching the world leave them behind and on their knees….So many died to keep the country and the world free only to have NUTZ give it up willingly…..

      DISGUSTING —- The MSM – Politicians – Lawyers – Activists – MORONS in general coming out with their remarks and opinions because some NUT committed a terrorist act……The same suits and skirts that FUND – TRAIN – RECRUIT them – I don’t know where the alt-right gets it’s money but ANTIFA – Move On – Fusion – Invisible Guide and a slew of others gets their funding from bilderberg – soros – obozo – liberals and techies….BOTH side came to fight – Both sides carried signs that were TAPED to clubs – BOTH sides USED THOSE CLUBS AND ONE NUT USED A CAR……

      • Deport Georgi Soros, “The One True NAZI Jew”! He’s WANTED in France, England, Russia and other Nations for Currency Manipulation! Most of the Leftist B/S will Cease! He is Re-Creating the NAZI take-over of Germany Here! He was There, and Saw/Helped it Firsthand!

    • I agree with you and hope enough people agree with us so that in 2018, we can get more backing for Trump and get him more control in both House and Senate. A lot of people are fed up with the dems and their lack of respect for the Pres. and lack of trying to help rid us of the obama stench. Then maybe we can rebuild the country more easily. Of course, the RINOs have to go too and I think by now enough of them are easily identified so they can also be replaced along with the do-nothing dems.

      • Yes, we need to keep Trump in office now. Again in 2020. Then 8 years of Pence. Then just maybe with a little luck & the Grace of God we can take this country back! Roll on BEEP! BEEP!

  6. Removing the statues will NOT stop the racism, bigotry and hatred. Only a change of heart by the people will. Leave the statues up.

    • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

      And all the leftists are doing, by deeming all whites racist bigots will never help. What isn’t racist to them theses days? Milk has been called racist, because it is white, it has gone way too far. The race card is getting used WAY too much. Facts and personal responsibility done even seem to factor in anymore.

      • Not only that but the leftists are the biggest group of bigots, racists and haters there is.

        • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

          They are hypocrites, the very definition of the term. But they are too deluded by the MSM to even realize it.

          • I have family that are liberals.  They won’t talk to me because I don’t agree with them.  That’s the way they are.  Agree with me or go to and stay there.  They don’t realize they are the losers.  When times get rough, and t hey will soon, they won’t have the people around them that would have helped them the most.  They will be on their own.

          • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

            I hear that, both of my sisters fit neatly into that category. We rarely speak, sad too because I still love them and political differences should not take that away. But intolerance from their side is very powerful.

          • And no matter what you say to them you’re arguing even though all you’re doing is stating your opinion and trying to reason with them.

          • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

            Leftards are entirely intolerant of dissenting opinions. almost fascist like.

          • The fascists are liberals.  The just don’t want us to know.

          • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

            They must think we are as stupid as they truly are, they vastly underestimate the right, to their own detriment.

          • I think most people in here know that the antifa are left wing liberals.  But the liberals will continue to deny it.  I hope you’re a Christian and are prepared for what’s coming.  If not, get ready.  It won’t be long before we will have to go into hiding.  We are in the tribulation period.

          • It’s just like that when Carlson interviews all of these nuts on his program. He asks a question and they start a diatribe about their agenda and never answer his direct question. In fact, when he repeats the question, it just starts all over again-don’t know why he bothers

        • No one is more racist than a black

      • The leftists are the real racisist,for they hate the entire white race and want to destroy our country and remake it where they have whites as slaves. They hate everything that our country was built on and anyone and everyone who doesn’t follow their warlike agenda.

      • “Personal Responsibility”????? What—from the “left” that have been fed/housed/educated & etc all of their lives, by people that WORK & pay taxes???? You got to be kidding me. It is NOT in their head, that they might have responsibility. Never had it—never will.

        • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

          Kind of what I was getting at, you cannot be a perpetual victim of “dem ebil white debilz” if you accept any sort of personal responsibility, that’s why I was trying to sat personal responsibility is an entirely foreign concept to them.

          • There are many ways to be a slave, in this country, people are choosing to be slaves rather than absorb history and move on. I have little sympathy for those who choose slavery!

          • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

            AMEN Ellen! The history the should be absorbing is never spoken, and it should be. The Fact that Democrats wrote, sponsored and passed Jim Crow laws, they also founded the KKK. Then their plan to destroy the black family unit by offering ever more entitlements for each kid born out of wedlock, thus creating a permanent, easily manipulated dependent underclass. Never forget the infamous LBJ quote about keeping blacks voting for Shariacrats for 100 years.

          • As I have already said, that would require them to learn something and make them think-that would only hurt their brain.

        • And it is the leaders of the left that repress them and want to keep them there and the rest of us too if possible. They talk about equality, human rights, fairness, globalism, tolerance , diversity and it is all a big lie to keep control of as many people as they can. They want us to look to our government and hold our safety pins and not think for ourselves. F–k that!!

      • Funny, but a lot of the leftists are also whites–they seem to be complaining about themselves.

    • NOTHING will stop racism, bigotry and hatred, NOTHING! It is human nature not to accept all things as being equal, as they are NOT equal and never will be! Accept that, and get on with life!

  7. Michael Dennewitz

    Without even reading the entire story – For eons now, I’ve listened to those who cry, “We be gittin stepped on now for over a hundred years,” and most of that shit comes from those that are getting practically everydamnedthing for free. All you crybaby losers need BREAK THE HELL DOWN AND GET A JOB/LIFE!! The gravy train is about to dry up and it’s pissing y’all off!@ 🤣😃😄

    • YOU have that RIGHT Michael Dennewitz. If you feed the pigs long enough, they begin to think we owe it to them. After all, they haven’t done anything but cry about everything ever handed to them—for free. It’s about time for the loosers in the USA to become Citizens of the USA & get out and DO SOMETHING, except bitch about everything others are trying to Make America Great Again.

  8. Erasing American History, destroying statues, burning cities, looting businesses, Racist Violence !!! Where will it end? We seem to be regressing into the dark ages. Will we finally succumb to the Democrats and become a Nazi State??? A Communist State? Blood in the streets and burning everywhere?? I am sick of it.

    • their whole plan is based on hatred and distruction,they plan to destroy America as we know it and replace it with their communist plan,they are so filled with hatred for all things American that they will do anything that they can to destroy it.

      • Just check with black lives matter for the answer to that

      • The democrats have been bought and paid for by the Muslim brotherhood, aka CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations. Why do you think that cities around Minnesota’s twin cities and Dearborn, MI are implementing sharia law? Why do you think this government is ALLOWING 22 Muslim compounds in 9 states to be classified as NO-GO ZONES…in OUR COUNTRY no less?

        The democrat party as a whole, has lost its SOUL!! God forgive them for what they are doing to our country!!!

      • After the Dem-O Commie Take-Over, All Welfare will END Overnight! And all you Free-loaders will either Work for “THE MAN” or Starve! It Won’t bother regular working folks at all!

    • Hmm – What’s next – they dress up as Ninjas – their colors are black and red – good funding – good cover by MSM – good cover by politicians – good cover by local PD – REWRITE history – SOON THE BROWNSHIRTS WILL COME OUT AND THE BOOK BURNINGS…….The congressional black caucus – Booker and the puppets are already calling for the removal of history. The statues are NOW DESTROYED in the dead of night….Americans are just sitting there watching the world leave them behind and on their knees….So many died to keep the country and the world free only to have NUTZ give it up willingly…..

      DISGUSTING —- The MSM – Politicians – Lawyers – Activists – MORONS in general coming out with their remarks and opinions because some NUT committed a terrorist act……The same suits and skirts that FUND – TRAIN – RECRUIT them – I don’t know where the alt-right gets it’s money but ANTIFA – Move On – Fusion – Invisible Guide and a slew of others gets their funding from bilderberg – soros – obozo – liberals and techies….BOTH side came to fight – Both sides carried signs that were TAPED to clubs – BOTH sides USED THOSE CLUBS AND ONE NUT USED A CAR………./

    • This is the very reason why you and everyone else should NEVER, EVER vote for another DEMOCRAT! They have never learned their history and they’re demanding we repeat that same history. SHAME ON THEM!!!

    • Death to Democ-Ratz! That’s what it’s coming to!

  9. African Kings sold their people to the White traders so dig them up.The statues are history and they should remain.You loons cannot erase or tear down what happened and it would be like You loons are trying to start a new country to fit in with your looney thinking.God help us.

    • That’s exactly what their doing.
      It’s like etch a sketch, but it won’t change them.

    • You are right, but it is also true that in a lot of cases it was Muslims who took those people and sold them all over the world, the same Cult that some blacks are turning to and calling it a Religion.

      • I hold a B.A. Social Science, History and Geography! You are Exactly Correct! Does Anyone seriously think, that a boats crew of Sailors went into the Sub-Saharan, African Jungle, and Captured Hundreds of Black Warriors, along with their women and kids, using swords,and single shot Muskets?? Without falling into Quicksand, a swamp, or being eaten by a Lion, or a Crocodile??

    • and ENGLISH and Spanish Slavers Brought them from the DARK CONTINENT….

      • after buying them from BLACK slavers who captured them in Africa. The practice of slavery was practiced in Africa among the blacks long before any others decided to try them as cheap labor.

        • And so onece more the mORONS of the Race Industry like Shar PIMP ton, Jack a sspon, Obama, Holder cbc and Corey HOOKERS have it all WRONG… They should be in Spain, England to Dem,and the Destruction of all the Statuaries of their kings, Queens etc r-that Got Rich from Selling these poor Souls….( SARCASM?? or REALITY???)

      • The Slavers [White Traders] Bought them from Rival tribes! There were constant tribal wars and the Captured [losers] already slaves to their Captors, were sold by their Captors [winners] to the White Slavers! The noble Black Men Created Black Slavery!

      • They Bought the Slaves who were Captured Warriors, and Already Slaves,from the Winning Tribes of the Constant Tribal Warfare!

        • Good luck explaining HISTORICAL facts to the Emotionally Immature, Intellectually Constipated and Tribally minded flat footed Knuckle Draggers of the (D) Anarchy Communist party led by their Intellectual giants like Maxine Waters and Corey Hooker types of Cave Dwellers.
          BTW wasn’t Obama to first removed Stauary from the WH by returning Churchill’s bust to England????

    • In the 60’s,Malcolm X was interviewed on TV. He said, the Muslim Brotherhood position, was that one of two things should happen,
      (1)Blacks should be given a certain part of America to live in, because they wanted separation from whites
      (2)pay to have them go back to Africa, and give them money and agricultural equipment, to get them started in farming
      He also stated that, “blacks never smoked, went to bars and drank or committed crimes, until, they learned it from
      whites “. My question is,actually,it’s more of a statement,, are they following blindly in their so called movements, because they can’t use their minds, and think for themselves ? Malcolm X pretty much said that is what they did back then.

  10. Robertfantelli Fantelli

    Dismantling the Confederate statues is a prelude to obliterating US history..Flashback Russia 19017, when communism was spawned. Artifacts,statues ,literature were purged.and replaced with books of propaganda and statures of communist leaders were erected.History books were burned and replaced by the “book of communist manifesto: SOon after the Orthodox church was purged. The cross was replaced by the god of communism,
    Fast forward to America 2018, Will our churches, history, statues and history books be obliterated and replaced by the doctrine of the Sorros backed ALT LEFT movement? We the people must be a bulwark against those who are in the process of dismantling our country piece by piece. Stand up, America. Defend now before the hammer and sickle flag rises atop the White House. .


    • The leaders on the left are looking to control the world not just the country. The Black Caucus who supports them needs to realize they are helping the left reach that goal and the black people will be worse off than they are now. The Black Caucus needs to stop looking to the government to solve all their problem and stand up for themselves and join the rest of this country.

      • Maybe if we can rid ourselves of obama and his legions of followers, we can get through all this bs about statues and monuments. Trump is in favor of keeping them and he has been right about almost everything, so he’s most likely right about this too

  11. Clueless. Idiotic. Absurd. The Congressional Black Caucus is is a tool of the Progressives who draw their name, by the way, from the idea of “progressing beyond the U.S. Constitution.” They think the Founders were a bunch of bone headed white guys who couldn’t hit their butts with a canoe paddle. The Constitution is old, they say, passe, doesn’t meet the needs of we sophisticated folk in the democrat party. After all, they’re the party of Obama! Remember, him, the guy who wanted to “fundamentally transform the United States of America”? Into what? The press weasels never bothered to ask. But we know, since he violated it some many times, that Barack Obama didn’t give two hoots about the U.S. Constitution.

    • Obama & his wife, will go down in History as the worst POTUS ever.

      • Truer words have never been spoken. By the way, is she a ‘he’ or a ‘she’?

        • Blacks live where most everyone is Black, except for the Hadjis, running the Beer Stores, and Quickie Marts! They think they outnumber the Whites by at least 10/1! Blacks are by Federal F.B.I. statistics LESS Than 12% of the entire U.S. Population! 1/2 of Them are Women, leaving 6%, and of those men, how many are of FIGHTING Age?? say 13 to 55??yrs. old?? Half ? 3%? Out of that bunch. how many will stand and fight! Not too many! I’m a Retired Fla. Correction Officer, 18 yrs. service, who has seen Plenty of race riots in the joint! Blacks will only Fight when the odds are 10/1 in their favor! When, not if TSHTF, and they try to invade the White neighborhoods, They will Be Handled!

        • I refer to “IT” as Manchell!

  12. What does the Congressional WHITE Caucus say?

  13. 99% of blacks when they pass a statue don’t even know what it is except when the extreme left labels it as something racist.
    When that is done out come the torches, baseball bats, gasoline and attacks on cops and whites.
    Please, please let one of these leftist loons come at me, i pray for that a situation.
    I walk proudly as and American who recognize history , whether good or bad, it’s history!!
    You learn from history, not destroy history.
    And when this is said and done the blacks will still be the blacks, destroying cities,shooting each other and always blaming everyone else.
    Look At Mogadishu…i served there, all they know is destruction and violence.

  14. Joanne Libro-Martin

    Why don’t we have a “white caucus” or white colleges, or white lives matter, etc. Of course that wouldn’t be ok. Then why is it ok for the blacks to have these groups? Because they are a racist group that cannot get over things that happened years ago. They must as others had to do the same. If not, things will continue to get worse.

    • disqus_NkHgGC0fMN

      Let the whites go around and say we are Caucasian American instead of white and the Jewish say Jewish American, etc

      • Joanne Libro-Martin

        I think that should be Italian-American, Israeli-American, irish-American, etc,

        • How about we are all just Americans,who don’t hate anyone who is different,wow,that would be a refreshing change to all the racisim and hatred,wouldn’t it?

  15. The “Races issue” will never be settled as long as it is found to be “OK” for a Congressional Black Caucus and then turn around and state that “It would be a racist thing for there to be a Congressional White Caucus, or an Hispanic Congressional Caucus! Dr. King gave his life trying to get just an “equal society”, and now the so-called Black Leaders of the Congress demand that they have “more Rights than anybody else” just because “we were once slaves”. History shows that almost every country in the world had slavery, long ago. Black is not a race, it is a color. The thing that Dr. King wanted most was an “Equal of Character, not Color” in our nation and the Congressional Black Caucus has murdered all that Dr. King worked so hard for!

    • It’s just like Miss Black America–no white can enter-but blacks can and do enter the regular Miss America pageant. Same difference

      • In our intend to make all things equal it is simply call the Miss America pageant, which it is! But that is not enough “give-up” for the victims and BLM folks. They demand that everything be made easy for them to win just by claiming that “it was Racist”!

  16. The Black caucus is NOT clueless.They are EVIL bastards Democrats

  17. Actually, LeeRoy, THERE IS a white caucus in Congress. They call it the Freedom Caucus.

  18. I’ve given up on trying to be understanding and compassionate with these people. During the riots in Baltimore circa: 1968, 1969 I was assaulted physically, had my car defaced and my life threatened numerous times simply because I was a white man trying to go to my job as an engineer in downtown Baltimore. During one incident, while trying to visit a National Guard friend in Clifton Park, that a co-worker and I were assaulted. I was hit repeatedly with a baseball bat and my friend (co-worker) was in the process of being assaulted and raped because she was a black woman in the company of a white man in a suit. The only reason we survived that day was the fact that there was a .357 magnum pistol under that suit jacket that I carried (illegally) in anticipation of just such an occasion – but that is a topic for another day!
    I should have been angry and bitter, and had a big axe to grind through the years, but I’ve tried to be a better person than that. NO MORE! This liberal assault on the American history and heritage of the Southern States is appeasement pure and simple and it needs to end NOW. I am sick to death of the free rides, the unfair academic considerations where a white student is not granted admission in deference to a black student with lower SAT scores, and all of the other reverse – discriminatory practices being rammed down our throats of late. I frequent other discussion sites, but now that has to stop too. By simply saying that I don’t agree with the removal of historical monuments, especially in my city of Baltimore, I’m labeled as a white radical and supremacist.
    I use my real name on these posts because I’m proud of my family and my German heritage, so I guess that makes me a NAZI too. That’s all – I’ve had it. Enjoy the liberal/communist/new world order you’re creating my friends!

  19. The Congressional Black Caucus is a group of parasites who have feeling for the welfare of black people.They only look for opportunities to steal .

  20. If wasn’t for slavery blacks would NOT have been taught a trade or learn to read.
    The Black caucus needs to educated themselves from hate & anger.

  21. I’m thinking that removing these there will be MORE rasism. It’ll hurt them even more!! People are getting pissed and chances are they’ll take it out on the very people who are wanting them removed!!


  23. “A spokesman for Rep. Hank Johnson of Georgia said he believes that there are better people to represent the South”.

    OH, you mean of course the “Democrat Party”, Right???

    The same people who organized and founded the KKK, voted against every Civil Rights legislation that is now law, elected “Bull Conor”, who used to the police to attack/beat black folks in Brimingham,

    Hey, if you want some of these “Better people” to represent you, be careful, a few might be willing to help you.

  24. The Africans IN America will not stop until all whites are gone…..All kinds of government black only organizations but do not be proud to be white..WOW

  25. Dr. William Sewell

    It is racist that we allow a Black Congressional caucus or a Hispanic Congressional caucus.

    • Is it racist to fly the American flag that flew over slavery for 83 years? Is it racist for the young black people to want all white’s off campus? Is it racist to allow young black people to riot and give the police stand down orders? I have always wondered Dr. Sewell why we had the black and hispanic caucus as well.

  26. All of this BS coming from Demon-Craps, the very ones who are always stirring up the racial fire. As soon as they can’t win any other way they run to the race card. Hey you Demon-Crap a**holes, it was mostly Demon-Craps who were the slave owners, it was they who fought Martin Luther King, it is they who stood at school entrances and denied black kids a descent education, it is they who tried to stop the Civil Rights act in the 60’s, it is they and your black politicians who are keeping you in poverty with the race card. It is the Lewis’s, Water’s, Obama’s, Jacksons, Sharpton’s who are keeping you where you are. It is also they who are supporting abortion to control your birth rate, it is they who are for open borders to import a new voting block to replace you. Mixed in with those Demon-Craps are some Republicans like Graham, McCain, McConnell who try to use the race card to get your vote so they can stay in power.

  27. Isn’t it funny funny how a bunch of rednecks, peckerwoods and crackers, who are lily-white, snow-white and pure-white, know so much about black history.

    • Because we can READ and have old books that are truthful….

    • All races have had inequality or wrong done to them. This is not unique to black history. If you studied history other than your own you might realize we are all in the same boat and it is the government that needs to be controled.

    • It helps due to blacks not knowing their pitiful history, but if they would look at black controlled countries they would learn black history is terrible, black people do not know how to govern peacefully, it is always fear, threats and death.

    • Members of the Black Congressional Caucus themselves don’t know much about black history otherwise they’d all be members of the Republican Party that was formed to abolish black slavery in the US.

  28. They destroy the statue for what? they should destroy “OBAMA & DEMOCRAT, LIBERAL” those keeping them slave under poverty defending in government aid, paid them to rid their own life to go in the crazy protest, they all way bite the hand that helping them

  29. No, if it wasn’t for slavery in the South they would still be chased by the critters from the jungle or their Obama neighbors from next door.

  30. Deo Vindice. Y’all.

  31. No one I know thinks slavery was a good thing but how long ago was it and why are we still being made to feel guilty about something we had nothing to do with. Washington and Jefferson owned slaves along with everyone else in the South because it was the norm at that time. The Black Americans wrongly believe that whatever they whine about is going to get fixed. If they want a damn statue of someone then they should organize it and they may be surprised how many white people donate to it. Here in the West, Native Americans have erected beautiful monuments to their heros with the help sometimes of their neighbors.Stop whining and take some pride in yourself and stop blaming everyone else. There have been injustices throughout history. I think you have played the slavery card enough and it is times we all moved on together. People need to realize that this debt cannot be repaid, it can only be forgiven and we stop being a divided country because of something that happened hundreds of years ago.

  32. Are you talking about the Congressional Black Caucus – the RACIST – SEXIST – asinine left wing of soros estate and “K” street….The ones that talk about being used and abused while lining their pockets – getting rich and buying up mansions…..

  33. Pres. Wilson (D) insisted on segregation and made it law. Pres. FDR (D) was a racist. Pres. LBJ (D) was racist and when signing equal rights law said the Dems would have the nig*** vote for the next 200 yrs.; even though it was the Republicans that passed the bill with little help from Dems (Al Gore’s father wouldn’t vote for it). Shouldn’t their monuments be destroyed even if they’ were Dems.

  34. William McNamara

    You know, I am beginning to think maybe President Lincoln should have allowed the south to secede. At least then, we wouldn’t have to be putting up with this anti-American, anti-white “black caucus”.

  35. The Congressional Black Caucus should study the history of slavery.

    Freed Blacks owned and enslaved other Blacks; they supported and contributed the Confederacy; Blacks fought for the Confederacy (although The Daughters of The Confederacy and other like groups will never admit it);

    Has if ever occurred to the CBC they are committing treason against their own political party, the Democrats?


    Democrats founded the KKK; wrote the Jim Crow Laws; whose Democrat-controlled Supreme Court determined Blacks were only 4/5ths human; condoned random lynchings of Blacks…BTW the word “Picnic” was developed as an acronym bored Whites used when searching for a Black to harm. They cruised around to “Pick-a-N…..R” until they found one, or even broke into a Blacks house to find one they could lynch, castrate, tar and feather, etc.

    Frig the CBC!

  36. What does the Congressional WHITE caucus have to say about this? Oh that’s right there is no WHITE caucus.
    Time to annihilate and eradicate!

  37. Stephen Griffith

    When was the last time any of these folks picked cotton? Or was whipped for not working or getting their hands dirty? They want to rewrite History to make themselves look & feel better. Reality check life does not work that way. The past is the past, learn from it or be doomed to repeat it. Taking down Monuments does not change anything. Change the future by doing something about it today.

  38. The absolute pinnacle of hypocrisy , The Communist Party formerly known as the Democrats and before that the Dixiecrats started the civil war , Lost the Civil War , Founded the Klan which became the military wing of the Democrat Party ,Murdered Abraham Lincoln and others , Slavery , Segregation , Jim Crow , Voting against any form of civil rights for decades , Now all of a sudden the Communist Party would like to Re-Write History in the hope that Americans will forget who and what they are ??

  39. The civil war is part of this country’s history. You are not going to change that by removing statues. The constitution does not give you the right to not be offended as the left would have you think. If no one could offend another then things would be real quiet in this country. You would not be able to say much in fear of offending someone. Those that get offended need to get over. People have the right to say what they want. I hear people who offend me all the time but I don’t think their voice should be silenced. Those who get offended over the littlest thing need to get over it or get counseling. A person’s rights shouldn’t be trampled because of another’s supposed feelings.

  40. Let’s send Johnson over to Guam to make sure it does not tip over. If he is the best Georgia has what a garbage can state that must be.

  41. Disengage the CBC totally.

  42. McConnell and Ryan have to go moskoshi.

  43. The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) is a patently racist organization filled with blacks who hate white people. Not only that but the fools sympathize with neo fascist ANTIFA and domestic terrorist group Black Lives Matter Sometimes. The CBS is helping these anti America groups legitimize violence. Can you imagine what these racist clowns would say about a Congressional White Caucus?

  44. What do you expect from some of the dumbest people on the planet?

  45. Remember when in more Socialist High we were all told the two parties Democrat and Republicans swapped? I can’t find a date for that. You know why? Because it never happened, just more BS fake history.
    But here is one truth of recent history:

    And here is a truth about our two political parties

  46. The Democrat Party has always been the enemy of the people. They lie like dogs. They sell anything including children to the highest bidder.

    Hillary collects children for re-sell. Is that a problem America?

  47. These Obama followers just keep wanting to spend more money to spread ISIS “light”. Destroy historic artifacts and bully the locals using paid rioters. And why not look at the moral fiber of their leader:

  48. African Tribes captured other Africans & sold them into slavery. As Oscar states below, if they weren’t transported to America, they were enslaved anyway to pirates, Muslims (who continue slavery today), and other blacks.
    There were 8-12% of blacks who owned slaves in America, too. So, you gonna present their names & family histories, too?
    A black was among the 1st Americans to legally own slaves.
    American Indians owned slaves. So, we gonna make this an issue?
    Finally, there were only about 30-32% of Southern Americans who owned slaves so it wasn’t like every house, every southerner had a slave. Concession, though, that most if not all Southern society was based upon the hideous practice.
    I also want to remind & inform those that haven’t bothered studying history & society that this was also the era (I think approximately the whole of the 18th century into the early 20th) in which phrenology was a major influence. Many popular writers referred to “larger heads = more intelligence” or the shape of skull, etc. Sherlock Holmes used this in investigations, Mark Twain references this. I’ve got an anthology of late 19th century literature and it’s a very common theme.
    So, the whole (“new” study of biological superiority referred to as “evolution” rears its untrue ugliness & gives rise to “survival of the fittest” of which certain people were superior to others. Remember, the argument was also circulating that other groups of hominids weren’t fully human, so weren’t homo sapiens, but inbred with sub-humans or different species altogether.
    Why bring this up? Because these illiterate fools are trying to use modern mind-set & societal norms to paint the picture of America’s past and they’re wrong..
    That’s why we need statues, monuments & history – to point us back, to see where we’ve come from, to learn what we’ve overcome & to then teach our youths & offspring that we don’t wish to return, but to march forward in this Great American Experiment.

  49. Does the Black Caucus not know it was the Democraps who tried to keep the chains on the slaves? Or do they just conveniently ignore this fact? They want confederate statues torn down, but Robert “KKK” Byrd has more statues, streets, highways, schools, named after him then Sadam Hussein had? Also, why is there not a Congressional White Caucus? Why is there not a White Beauty Contest like there is a Black Beauty Contest? Why is there not a WET TV station like there is a BET TV station? Talk about rampant racism.

    • Those fools are actually stupid enough to believe the demonicRAT propaganda that the Republican Party was formed to prolong slavery.

      Many of them falsely believe Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican President of the United States and signer of the Emancipation Proclamation, was a demonicRAT. Some will even throw angry tantrums to insist Republican President Abraham Lincoln was a demonicRAT.

  50. What they want is a race war they think white people are week enough now they could win. The more they get into the government the more they will force us down they have no desire to be equal, it’s time to clean house.

  51. Is there a Congressional White Caucus?? Just asking.

  52. Deborah Risinger

    So Germany needs to remove ALL memorials to what happened to them by Hitler???? How about removing the Smithsonian with all the history that helps us remember where ‘WE DON’T WANT TO GO AND WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE WE DON’T WANT TO BE”????? ?

    Some of our Afro-American citizens are blaming us whites when we weren’t part of the sorrow of those terrible days….I thank GOD they weren’t taken to N Korea as slaves….dropped off in Red China !!!!!

    One more thing…George Washington and those of his time “did not create slavery.” They were born in a time that already had it. When the slaves were freed many of those of that time gave the slaves a choice to go or stay….WHERE WERE THEY GOING TO GO???? Washington and many others tried to care of the slaves until the culture changed so the x-slaves would not stare, freeze, get lost or hurt…..the culture of the time needed to take root so the “freedom” could actually be realized…..

    This is brainwashing of this time so people willing, will give into a new slavery….’SOCIALISM which leads to COMMUNISM” We are in trouble…Many have not been taught to appreciate “freedom!!!’ And they certainly don’t realize what they are doing would never be accepted in other places of the world….

    Fearful times…people want freedom, yet they are doing things that will activate Marshall Law….then NONE will be free except this stinkin’ politicians!!!!…Just what THEY WANT !” They are the ones stirring this evil pot !!!

    • The political elites of the demonicRAT party who are “stirring the pot” believe they’ll be able to relax comfortably in their mansions after they collapse the USA while their “subjects” fight among themselves for food just to survive.

      That was what the French aristocRATs believed about the peasants before the French Revolution.

  53. When one reads this blog…he/she becomes saddened about the mental and emotional state that, ‘we the people’ are in. Divided we all fall….together we can hold each up, I think.

  54. China, Russia, NK and others that don’t like America don’t need weapons to threaten us. We will end up committing suicide when the civil war starts. Only a matter of time.

  55. The rabid, racist insanity displayed by the members of the Congressional Black Caucus perfectly demonstrates what happens when low IQ members of society are foolishly elected into positions of power. The same chaos occurred 150 years ago, during Reconstruction at the end of the Civil War. The same idiocy and total lack of ability to govern properly was exhibited by blacks elected to Congress after 1865, before sanity returned and the Majority took back control. Either the White Majority exerts it’s power and reasserts it’s right to rule, instead of the racist black minority which only comprises 13% of the population in this country, there very likely will be another Civil War.

  56. So who, When and How will someone finally Accuse the CBC, Pelosi, Corey Hooker Obama, Holder Sharpton of being the tRUE rACIST MERCHANTS bent on furrher dividing the country over Issues that should be left behind in our History which since LBJ Great Society has bent BACKWARDS to Help minorities and at times at the Expense of Working WHITES????
    Who has actually Prosecuted the Looters and Killers of Chicago?? Ferguson?? Baltimore?? Dallas??? who acted like Domestic TERRORISTS and were given LUNCH at the WH after the Dallas cop killings by BLM THUGS /Terrorists????

  57. panchoVilladeltren

    These black Caucus idiots are nothing short of terrorists that want to use slavery as a means to return to being the animals they were before the ‘SOUTHERN GENTLEMAN tried to civilize them., Now, they listen to the CRIMINAL Yankees , who were nothing but TRASH trying to take over the South prosperity, and believe that the war was about their worthless black behinds. They were as cattle then, as the are as primates now. Useless, worthless, and destructive, with no self worth.
    Now they try to destroy everything that where the were ‘LEECHING’ of. The South fed, housed , and clothed them, while the North exploited them, but being worthless LIBERALS up North, they lie well, and the blacks , being MORONS, believe them. So they bite the hand that FED them. Time to re-open the plantations, and make them earn their keep. Welfare is too good for these PARASITES.

  58. These NIGGERS just can’t let things go. They always have to add fuel to the fire. NIGGERS are like a 2 year old. NIGGERS always want to be center of attention. NIGGERS should be seen and not heard. If it was up to me NIGGERS would not even be seen.

  59. So…Traitors and treasonists should be glorified just to appease white supremacists and nazis? I would suggest the the continued glorification of said treasonists gives the nazis and supremacists permission to exist. I don’t believe either groups serve any function to enhance American morals or ideals. Is the author or anybody else on here aware that the statues were erected years after the Civil War? Specifically early in the 20th century in conjunction with the passing of Jim Crow laws? An even a bigger splurge of statue constriction happened in the 1960’s during the civil rights movement? These facts clearly expose the real reason of the statues. Monuments or statues glorify. The removal of statues glorifying bad times does not change history, it de-glorifies what not should not be glorified. It does not change history. History belongs in books.

    • Those Confederate statues were erected years and decades after the Civil War by former SLAVE-OWNING RACIST DEMONICRATS to commemorate SLAVE-OWNING RACIST DEMONICRATS who rebelled against the REPUBLICANS for wanting to abolish black slavery.

      • Your point is?

        • Everyone else will understand the point I made so I won’t bother explaining it to you.

          • You’re kiddin ain’t ya? Norman, you seem to be missing something. You see, it is the republiCONS (or as I call them, the Reich Wingnutz) that want to keep the statues nowadays for the very same reason they were built, not the Democrats. All you are doing is trying to deflect, and doing a piss poor job of it. Your argument holds no water…none. Therefore you “won’t bother” to explain anything because you CAN’T explain it.

          • I’m NOT kidding! Those statues actually were erected and dedicated by former SLAVE-OWNING RACIST DEMONICRATS years and decades after the Civil War ended to commemorate SLAVE-OWNING RACIST DEMONICRATS who rebelled against the REPUBLICANS for wanting to abolish black slavery.

            The REPUBLICANS who abolished slavery did not have those statues destroyed because REPUBLICANS, unlike DEMONICRATS, believed in allowing even RACIST DEMONICRATS the freedom of expression.

            You can deny that FACT all you want but it is still TRUE.

          • Oh, OK. So I assume then that you are also a great proponent of gay pride parades?

          • I am NOT a proponent of gay pride parades at all. Nor have I or any Republicans ever interfered with any gay pride parade.

            On the other hand, self-proclaimed “peace, love, tolerance, and diversity” demonicRATs certainly would protest a straight pride parade just like anti-FA (anti-First Amendment) SJWs violently protested expression of opposing beliefs at the UC Berserkly campus, Charlottesville, VA, and Boston, MA.

            Are you still a great proponent of gay pride parades?

          • Oh. So you are in favor of “freedom of expression” (your words) only if it applies to monuments glorifying treason. Guess you are not as open minded as you were trying to portray.

            Actually I have seen pictures of republiCONS holding signs “God hates fags” and other lovely sayings at pride parades. Yes I am a proponent of pride parades. Perhaps you should read up on Stonewall or Anita Bryant about republiCONS interfering with those of the homosexual class.

            I personally don’t have a problem with anybody protesting or expressing anything, but carrying firearms to a protest or public gathering hardly expresses peaceful. Furthermore, a monument erected on public ground that glorifies oppression, treason, and downright nastiness is on a different plane than a demonstration.

          • Which part of I nor have any Republicans interfered with any gay pride parade did you not understand?

            How do you know those were “republiCONS” holding signs with “God hates fags” and other “lovely” sayings at “pride” parades?

            How have “republiCONS” interfered with those of the “homosexual class”?

          • Oh Lordy Norman. Have you been living under a frickin rock or are just from another planet. If I were you I’d say the latter. At least it might mask your ignorance. Good bye Norman.

          • How do you know those were “republiCONS” holding signs with “God hates fags” and other “lovely” sayings at “pride” parades, Eric? You typed they were “republiCONS”. How do you know the people holding the signs in the pictures you allegedly saw were “republiCONS”? Oh, that’s right, Eric . . . YOU DON’T KNOW THEY WERE REPUBLICANS!

            How have “republiCONS” interfered with those of the “homosexual class”?

  60. There is no-one any more racist and Traitorous than the black caucus. The likes of obama, wrangle, sharpton, jesse jackson, and richmond (from my home state La.) that are sworn to represent all the people of the U.S. but they represent only themselves. They claim to represent blacks but if anyone will take the time to check their record they will very clearly see their only reason is to keep the blacks on the black caucus self serving reservation, freeloaders living off all the taxpayers, representing only themselves and uninformed blacks.

    • I’m reminded of something my parents said about MLK in the 60’s. My parents weren’t racist. They were always respectful of other people. My mom called him a “rabble-rouser” & dad made the statement “The blacks didn’t know they had it so bad, till he told them” I can still remember all the riots that always followed one of his speeches!

  61. Worthless Black SOB’s wants this country to go to hell.

  62. There is absolutely no reason to have a Black Caucus! Really, other than being purely a racist group, what else does it represent?

  63. curmudgeon VN Veteran

    The cumulative IQ of the CBC scarcely registers on the IQ scale.

  64. i think they should remove every mlk statue and sign , what has he done for America except to generate more welfare

  65. The word black should be removed every where,,, no black cars etc.. These poor children have to stop crying, you have all ready messed up America badly

  66. Jerrold Hamilton

    let us not forget that in the 70`s the KKK,the socialist,the Nazi party, and the forerunner of BLM joined the Democratic is the Democrates who are behind the white supremacist`s and the Antifa protests that have been happening all over the country.If the true reason for the Civil war were taught in our schools it would destroy all this idea that the Civil war was fought over slavery.We should not forget who it was that kept minorities poor and enslaved to the state and it was not the Rino`s.

  67. What I would like to see added to this discussion is the fact that these statues (and other memorials) are public property, and these left-wing nutjobs are guilty of vandalizing public property!!! Where are the police in this? (Oh yeah, I heard they were once again ordered to “stand down” (because “its only property”?) – just like in Baltimore!) I want these vandals ARRESTED DAMMIT!!! And if the police aren’t going to do their jobs, then WHY are we paying them with our tax dollars??? (Yes, I’m sure many of the cops would LOVE to do their jobs, but are prevented by “sanctuary city mayors” – Well, then why not resign in protest?). If these memorials are public property, that means they’re OUR property, and we have a RIGHT to not have OUR property destroyed by a bunch of stinking barbarian hoodlums!!! If a local community wants to vote on whether they want to keep these memorials, that’s one thing, but this idiotic nonsense has to stop! What’s next, tearing down the Washington Monument in DC because Washington was a slave-owner? (TRY IT you leftists! You might yet get the civil war you so earnestly want, but you forget that WE are the ones with the most guns!)

  68. It’s funny how these idiots never complained about these statues under obozo.

  69. Speaking of “traitors …. against the United States”, where do the Calexit Democrats fit in? They are here and now, not 160 years ago. And they keep trying in many ways to break apart from United States and let precious California be its own nation. The sanctuary city/State mentality is part and parcel of this secessionist mind set. Is the Congressional Black Caucus supportive of its California contingent or not?

  70. have we learned nothing in the last 200 years? Can anyone in this country remember slavery?Yes it was bad that Africans sold Africans to countries all over the world,but that happened then not now.

  71. If I were them I’d be more worried about terrorist activity and the possibility that something like that coming to America could get their butts blown off or run over, and there are a hell of a lot more terrorists than statues, and so far I haven’t heard of a statue running over or blowing up anybody!! EARTH TO MORONS!

  72. The big “con” on all of this is that the Civil War wasn’t about freeing slaves from slavery. In fact, negotiations were underway to right the wrongs of the era.. So what was the reason for the civil war? War is good for business. Both sides were financed by the same sources. Why was “Abe” “taken out? Because he wanted to nationalize the greenback and have it controlled by the government.

  73. Does anyone honestly believe they’d stop bellyaching if all the Confederate statues were torn down????? I don’t think so. They’d find something else to insist on. So why give in to them? Nothing ever satisfies them. Duh!

  74. They are starting to talk about wanting “reparations” paid to them on the basis of their skin color. They want FREE MONEY for being black because their ancestors MAY have been slaves. This was said by a guest on FOX yesterday. She said she would think about apologizing for her actions if “we got paid reparations” at which point FOX just cut her off.
    It’s not about statues, people. It’s about money and power. They want free money. They want free housing, free phones, free food, free cash, and now, they want a BIG FAT check for something we didn’t do, my father didn’t do, my grandfather didn’t do, my great grandfather didn’t do. But I’m white, so I should write them a check. They’re black – and even though they weren’t slaves, and they’re moms and dads weren’t slaves, and they’re grandma’s and grandpa’s weren’t slaves, MAYBE their great great grandpa was a slave. Maybe.
    The “free people” as I call them, will never get enough free stuff. They’re not built to actually work for a living. They are takers, not givers. They don’t produce anything of value for our communities, they destroy them with rioting and sucking off the teet of the people that actually work and pay taxes.
    When will it be enough. Never. So lets’ just cut them off and let them figure out the hard way that a days work is an honorable thing.

  75. since so many Americans don’t know their history and want to get rid of the confederate statues, then get rid of ALL statues, MLK all statues, ALL not just some not just the ones the loud mouths want to get rid of but ALL, after all they want another communist state…..what about colors lets get rid of all color everyone should wear grey, all houses should be grey, all cars grey, after all lets go all the way

  76. Michael Dennewitz

    I was at Wawa yesterday, peacefully eating my hot oatmeal and sucking up my coffee when this black dude approached, then asked if he could sit at the same table with me. After nodding the affirmative, he sat and took a drink from his coffee. Then he says, “Soooooo wha be up honkie?” I said, “Not much niggah!” He looked pissed. When he asked me why I called him that, I said, “Well, every day that goes by, you knee grows think it’s cool – you call us honkies, Fla crackers, white boys and dozens of other cute names. So we have no problem calling you niggah, boot lip, porch monkey, welfare king and a host of others.!” He looked at me intently, then said, “How bout we start over here? What’s up dude?” Turned out to be really comical.. 🤣😃😄😅

  77. The blacks will be after George Washington and Thomas Jefferson after they get all the Confederate monuments torn down. And the politicians will gladly go along with them for their votes. Politicians are deathly afraid of black people!

  78. Richard Bagenstose

    like i keep saying , if we are the racists you say we are , there would be dead black people lining the streets

  79. Richard Bagenstose

    maybe now you know why the south didn’t try and educate blacks , you can’t do it, it’s like boxing , you can beat them all day over the head and it doesn’t bother them you got to knock the wind out of them

  80. Long story short = If these liberals really wanted to protest the movement that epitomizes slavery and the destruction of opportunities they would all have to quit the Democratic party. This is their history. : —Now when they ditch the Communist influenced Party of Detroit , Chicago, and San Francisco . We can start pulling together to rebuild the ” Constitutional Republic”.


  82. The Congressional Black Caucus is the biggest problem in the government. First they ignore the law by establishing The BLACK Congressional Caucus. Imagine the outrage if (heaven forbid) The Whites tried to establish a WHITE congressional caucus!! Further I came from Calif, That state has as of last year flipped the Majority race in the state, the whites in California are officially a minority, the majority race in California is the Latinos. The law prescribes that the majority race is not entitled to any affirmative action programs, but as yet there is no movement toward removing the Latinos from affirmative action programs that due to their status change they should not be eligible for! Nor is the state moving toward giving affirmative action programs to the minority whites, hypocrites!!

  83. I don’t know how to voice what I’m thinking. This is so sad. We have come SO far from the days of Johnson’s Reconstruction. I lived through the 60’s & 70’s. I saw TV of Kennedy’s & King’s assassinations. The foolishness of some of the people of my town getting on top of the store buildings armed with anything they could get because “the Blacks” were marching to Chicago through our town. I’m named after a black Sargent Major who was the “top” of my dad’s 1st command. I saw the desegregation issues in Little Rock & McGovern get shot. I saw/read about KKK attacks.
    I’ve lived through watching blacks & minorities winning the abilities to go to schools, universities they wish to attend. Live in homes & neighborhoods they wish to. Join the military & do any job they’re qualified for. Raise up to be doctors, Senators, Police Commissioners, Secretary of States, President of Corporations. POTUS.
    And now, I see a bunch of stupid, foolish, under-educated brats trying to tear up & out any of what has been accomplished over the last 5 decades because they don’t know, don’t care & don’t study the history of the past & desire to learn from it.

    • Reconstruction began after the Civil War under Andrew Johnson. Deconstruction began 100 years later under Lyndon Johnson.

      • Annddd… your point being?!? They were BOTH racists, both bloody democrats, both heavy drinkers and while A. Johnson was busy destroying all that Lincoln did & would have been trying to do, leaving way for later Jim Crow crap, L. Johnson, on his own, would NEVER have capitulated to Civil Rights w/o the politics and Viet Nam tearing his administration apart. The only reason why was to try to soften his loosing control of Viet Nam. Remember, it was Nixon, a Rebublican, who actually saw to it that these acts & laws were enforced; ie, bussing & school desegregation in 69 & 70

        • My point is that Lyndon Johnson destroyed race relations in the 1960s after race relations started to improve after the Civil War in the 1860s under Andrew Johnson.

          What was the point of your stupid rant, dummy? Do you even know? Are you so stupid that you did not realize I was agreeing with your post above? I am awaiting an apology from you.

          • Norman, there’s nothing in your response that even cursorily points to agreement with my comment. Making sure that my point was plain.
            Apologize for what? You make some sort of remark, I’m glad that you were trying to agree, but I sure don’t see it, until you actually say something that makes sense. Nuance doens’t work in blogging & tweeting, just ask Trump!

          • Does that mean you believe LBJ’s Deconstruction in the 1960s improved race relations in the USA 100 years after the American Civil War ended?

          • are you daft or intentionally thick-skulled? You just told me that you “agreed” with me then blather like a slobbering MSM progressive! I specifically stated that the only reason why LBJ gave into the Civil Rights Movement was because he was getting his a** kicked all over the place for his messing up the VN war, of which, by the way, I am a veteran.

          • I am NOT daft. I am intentionally thick-skulled . . . And don’t you ever forget it!

            How dare you compare me to a slobbering MSM progressive.

            In which of my posts did I blather? Just because you aren’t smart enough to understand my blather does not mean it is blather.

            Congratulations on being a veteran! Your consolation prize is in the mail. By the way, I am also a veteran.

            LBJ gave in to the Civil Rights Movement because, as LBJ said, “I’ll have those ni**ers voting Democratic for the next 200 years”. LBJ is long gone and we now have to put up with the uppity Black Congressional Caucus with members who are all demonicRATs.

  84. Give them all free WATTERMELLONS

  85. The communist a.k.a. Democrat party is not rooting for it’s a fail they are fully engaged in it. They’ve got there ANIFIA,black lives matter, The black communist nationalist all three Terrace groups for engaged, and paying them to accomplish what they can’t! I will say what a little black gal said this morning and she says isn’t it funny eight years Obama was in that the KKK,Nazis and the white supremacist held Marchs is all around the country with no acts of violence over the last eight years not a peep and all of a sudden now you’re having altercations with the Democrat parties hate group and terrorist groups called ANTIFIA, Black lives matter, and the black communist nationalist. You know why the cops were not arresting anyone because if they did they would’ve found out that those dressed in the Nazi uniforms and the KKK uniforms or called caring Democrats dressed up so the media and the Democrat party camper trailer right as hatemongers and Terrorist, all the while it was the leftist mentioned above that being ANTIFIA, Black lives matter and the Comby the black nationalist were the physical aggressors for the last year against conservatives, and not only that they were burning buildings they were loading and they were messing with motorist, Now why didn’t see his other groups that are portrayed as being so evil have done nothing over the last eight years and all of a sudden they’re the biggest take reborn the planet when there were no axle aggression. By and drop interpretation of terrorist is it is a group that physically makes acts of aggression and destroys property! Think about that.

  86. At a time as we’re in,WE DON’T NEED TO HAVE PEOPLE IN THE GOVERNMENT STIRRING UP MORE DICORD. WE NEED THEM PUSH FOR UNITY. FROM WHAT I AM GETTING OUT OF WHAT I READ IS THEY ARE GLAD TO SEE THE DIVERSITY AND ARE WILLING TO PUSH IT ON. All of this is so assanine. Getting rid of the monuments is not going to change the United States history. It is always be there. Maybe, we should use the monuments as a reminder of what can happen when wrong is in control of man.
    We need to try to get through our past, present and look forward to a country of love and unity. To me is what we need now is forgiveness and turn the Lord for guidance to turn us INTO A COUNTRY FILLED OF LOVE AND A COUNTRY WORKING TO OVER RIDE ALL OF THE BIGOTRY AND HATE.

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  88. What did the White Caucus have to say about this???

  89. If I were Hank Johnson, I’d shut my mouth, and keep it that way, after embarrassing himself in a Congressional hearing a few years ago, by making the statement that he feared adding more Marines to the island of Guam would cause the island to capsize!!! And THIS is just one example of the brilliance we have running this country (into the ground!)…
    Were he to pass away, his absence would increase the IQ of the Congress overall by at least ten points…


  91. “IF” all history is to be rewritten for black views, then all those civil rights views can be removed also, we don’t have to remember anything. Those were erected due to the fight of slavery, (that as we all know), black ancestors of black Americans sold themselves into slavery. Go to Africa and fight against your own ancestors, leave our past ancestors alone…

  92. “Black Caucus” That name sure sounds racist!

    • Basically you are right. There are no Asian caucus nor a Hispanic caucus nor a white caucus. To top it off the “Black Caucus” is a Democrat Caucus. Go figure.

  93. I often wondered why, when in the presence of the black caucus members, that there was a fecal odor in the air. Then I realized that, when not in front of a camera, these people park their heads up their behinds seeking answers and wisdom. Hello! You’re all looking in the wrong places!

  94. I believe that there is nothing the democrat party would like to see more than this country in ruins. The problem they have is the fail to realize how many probably former democrats have a lot of money etc. and would like to keep it that way. They failed to realize how many (former?) democrats are LEGAL gun owners and belong to groups like the NRA. They failed to realize how many (again former?) democrats are Christians and may be opposed to abortion. Worst of all they failed to realize how many (former?) democrats are smart enough to understand what they meant when the DNC defended it’s RIGGING the nomination for Hillary by saying that they have no obligation to produce a candidate other than one of their choosing. Obviously the remaining democrats don’t understand that that means your votes are useless – they will pick for you – so much for every vote counting – that’s democracy? No wonder the DNC is going broke. All of the people who paid the bills have left the building and the DNC is left with the hand-out and entitlement people who expect everything handed to them.

  95. Iv`e said it before, “There are no ‘intelligent life forms’ in the CBC.”

  96. You mean that – Racist – Sexist – Bias – self serving collection of knumbnuts that can’t do chit but like others spew BS…..


    How come when we were stuck with the muslim racist they never said anything about the statues????

  98. What happens when they run out of statues? Maybe then they should drag out all the history books and burn them, just to be on the safe side. Then they could burn down libraries. Then museums, then private collections. Then, when there’s no recorded history left they could go after the descendants of southerners. Of course it might be hard to tell who’s a descendant and who’s not, so maybe they should just round up every white person below the Mason Dixon line and get rid of them all. Of course many white people who live above the line originated below it, so maybe just round us all up, just to be on the safe side. This is how Nazi Germany got it’s start. These raging morons are blithely, obliviously goosestepping their way into the fourth Reich.
    Yet they call millions and millions of ordinary Americans who are not out rioting, looting, burning and destroying our history Nazis and supremists simply for voting for someone they don’t like who has no actual connection at all with either beyond what they’ve made up themselves. With seemingly no awareness whatsoever of the outrageous hypocrisy of it. Unbelievable.

  99. Yep, the demonicRATs will do whatever it takes to keep people divided and distracted so the people won’t realize the demonicRATic communist party is the real threat to the USA.

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  101. I believe there should not be a Black Caucus in Congress that is the Utmost form of Racism and in Government.
    It should be disbanded immediately or have a White Caucus plus a Caucus for every Race Formed that will keep us from sinking small islands with too many Marines.

  102. The 115th Congressional Black Caucus preparing to perform their theme song: “If We Only Had a Clue”.

  103. Joseph Stalin had many of these; USEFUL IDIOTS.

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  105. A democrazy tried to kill senators on a baseball field and he had no mental illness history the media gives 2 days of press … not a terrorist. A real kid with a history of schizophrenia runs down people Virginia press never ends and he’s a terrorist no mention of his mental illness in the media .. Its a sad world we live in…

  106. It’s funny to think that blacks join the Democrat party because they think they are the non racist party. Do any of these people read history? The democrat party loved slavery. They fully backed the KKK. In fact Hillary Clinton’s mentor Sen. Robert Bird was a high ranking KKK member. In the 1960s a majority of democrats were against the civil rights bill. It took the republicans to get it passed. LBJ got the credit for it (which is what he planned as he was a racist). So it’s clear that most blacks don’t read history otherwise they would be republicans.

  107. the suppose to be smart people do not under stand that the monuments are of great value to this countr y.they are to stupid and involved in them selves .they are to racis and keep stirring the pot ..what they do not understand is that they are not african american. no they are not ,if born hear you are an american and have the same rights as any american..they are owed nothing .you want it you work for it .so you people who are suppose tobe so smart tell the truth and stop the BS.get a life .OLD VET

  108. Hmmm – Black Caucus – ya’ll mean that Racist – Sexist money taking grubs in DC…..

    Hmmm – ISIS – Taliban – AQ — History films of Nazi Germany (millions dead) – History of Russia Revolution (25Million dead) – Chinese Revolution under Mao (50Million dead)….etc —— They all used execution – book burnings – re-education camps – radio – television – now internet and just plain fund IGNORANCE – STUPIDITY – VIOLENCE by CEO’s – Politicians – Bilderberg group – soros ….(using 501(4)(c) …etc Let’s jack hammer – blow up – deface – destroy and change history to OUR liking not the TRUTH…..Attack by MSM – professors – street punks – whatever – WE HAVE OURS LET THEM EAT CAKE….
    Forget – the history of Egypt – Roman Empire – Persian Empire – Genghis Khan and the Mongols – EVEN SHAKA ZULU having enslaved the world only to have fallen by their own GREED and treachery…..Yep – THIS IS THE US THAT I’VE FOUGHT FOR AND DEFENDED ALL MY LIFE – MY FAMILY – MY FRIENDS…..

  109. The blacks dumped those slaves here and if they hadn’t been bought, who knows where they would have ended up.

  110. Has anybody suggested that BLM be listed as a Terrorist Org???

  111. History is part of any country’s background. Some is good and some is bad. It needs to remain so that future generations learn from it. At this time the left-wing extremists are playing the race and hate card. This isn’t learning, it’s being devisive. There is nothing ever good with that line of thinking. Sadly many government agencies are not protecting citizens which is an extreme lack of duty.

    • It’s simply a divisive, destruction, violence thing being promoted by Obama, and just because he is no longer POTUS, he’s still organizing race baiters like Sharpton, Jackson, Farrakhan, etc. They’re being paid = probably the first time in their lives for “doing something”.

  112. Gee; Doesn’t THIS sound like a RACIST GROUP to you ??
    Congressional Black Caucus

    • Dang!! NOW that you say THAT!!! Yeah, I agree. The Congressional Black Caucus ALONG with the NAACP, yup, BOTH of them are as RACIST as RACIST gets!!! They have a he|| of a lot of NERVE throwing their Racist And BIGOTED crap in our faces!!!!

  113. Initially gathered together, organized, and paid by people during the Obama administration, there is much money, and opposition to Pres.Trump, INCITING THIS PROTESTING/VIOLENCE to distract, and create more violence, further destruction/division to this nation. Even though the far left are going scorched earth on Pres.Trump, he has already been an amazing leader, especially around the world, and not only do the majority of citizens NOT BELIEVE ANY OF THE BIASED MEDIA’S PROPAGANDA OR HOLLYWOOD’S CRIES; we are getting really tired and bored with it. Watch for more death, on the part of far left politicians in 2018.

  114. Charles Wolfe jr

    . What was the Confederacy’s real connection to the institution of slavery?

    The Confederate Constitution: Section 7
    Paragraph (1) of the Confederate States of America – Constitution for the Provisional Government stated, “The importation of African negroes from any foreign country other than the slave-holding States of the United States, is hereby forbidden, and Congress is required to pass such laws as shall effectually prevent the same.” Paragraph (2) also stated that Congress had the right to stop confederate states from taking slaves from states that were not part of the Confederacy.

    One would think that if the Confederacy and Civil War were “all about slavery,” then the Confederate Constitution would be more lenient toward accepting slaves from other countries and from Union states. Instead, it’s quite the opposite.

    This is not to suggest that the Southern States were by any stretch anti-slavery. But this does tell us the war’s connection to the horrific institution was far more complicated that contemporary history classes teach. After all, the states’ rights argument holds solid ground as well.

    In a Message to Congress from the Confederate States of America dated April 29, 1861, as ratification of the Constitution, Jefferson Davis opined that after the liberation from Britain, the Declaration of Independence said that each state would have its own government and would run itself. However, when the states ratified the Constitution, they “left out” the part that each state would have its own governance, instead opting for a government that ruled over all of the states. Thus, the states that did not agree with having a federal government over individual state governments chose to secede from the union.

    At the time, the southern states were making a large profit on crops, including but not limited to rice, tobacco and cotton. With the implementation of a federal constitution, thus removing some states’ rights and adding taxes, the profits of the farmers in the south would suffer. The north, understandably, wanted some of these profits. Creating a federal government would force the states to share in all profits through taxation.

    Our History
    Due to the differences in opinion as to states’ rights and economic growth, several states decided to secede from the union and the Civil War began. The south lost the war and we became one United States of America instead of several states united against Britain and other countries. This is a part of the history which makes the United States what it is today.

    The statues that honor Confederate generals and other figures serve to remind us of the war within our own borders. They also remind us to never forget that period of time, so that part of history is not repeated. The statues provide a learning opportunity for children and adults of all ages by providing a glance into our country’s often bleak history.

    Many of the monuments and statues mark a place where a significant battle or other historical event took place. It would better serve the country to keep these statues and monuments in their original places so that future generations may be motivated to learn the history of these great United States.

    18 U.S. Code 1369
    The U.S. Code provides for up to a 10-year imprisonment for those who willfully destroy or makes an attempt to destroy any statue, monument, plaque or structure that commemorates the service of a person in any of the armed forces. However, to be charged, the monument must have been on federal property or someone would have had to “travel in interstate or foreign commerce,” or used the mail or another method of interstate or foreign commerce.

    Authorities should be arresting any of those destroying historical public property, even if it’s on state, county or town property. If people think that removing the statues, monuments, plaques and structures remove their hurt feelings over something that happened well over 100 years ago, then they have a huge problem, and it’s not history. Instead, embrace history and teach it to your children so as we don’t repeat that portion of history that so invades your sensibilities.

  115. Charles Wolfe jr

    I just started a petition on the White House petitions site, We the People. Will you sign it?
    This to recognize Black Lives Matter as a domestic terrorist organization.

  116. They want to keep pushing in the expectation that their “colleagues” on the hill will give them something in compromise. What they fail to realize is that the taxpaying American middle class is sick of this crap and will fire any of their “colleagues” on the hill who fail to push back. In any “compromise” between parasite and host, the parasite wins. In any compromise between good and evil, evil wins. Semper Fi!!

  117. the black caucus are the racist in this country ! not the other way around !

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  120. They have met the enemy and the enemy is — A bunch of statues??? Kill the enemy and ignorance and poverty will disappear. Minimum wage jobs will pay six figures. Even the dumbest of the dumb will get all A’s in school. It will be Wonderful!!!

    You do realize that the statues are mostly of folks who were democrats.

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  122. Time to outlaw Racial Government groups Like this Racist Black Caucus or have a Caucus of each and every Race and have all Government Documents printed in every known Language that will eliminate all the forests that the EPA will no longer have to worry about our President Donald J. Trump is up against a Tidal Wave of Seditious Traitors obama the Marxist Muslim Fraud Plants in the Deep State over 200 Soros Groups The Bilderbergs and their Fronts the UN EU CIA IRS CFR RINO’s NAFTA BLM Antifa The Seditionists Party (Formerly the DNP) MSM now including Fox. He needs our Support and Prayers Bravest Man in American History and for you Traitors who claim he is not my President Get the Hell Out don’t let the Door hit you in the Ass !!!
    Venezuela is waiting bring food & water.

  123. Had Lincoln not been assassinated they would have been shipped to Liberia and what a wonderful country this would be, no more ghettos, no more looting and rioting when something doesn’t go their way, and no more having to listen to these constant whiners. The want equality but then demand special treatment. Nauseating!

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