Clintons Scramble to Fix Bill’s “Black Lives” Tantrum

For all the credit Hillary Clinton gets for being so wise and experienced and intelligent, you would think she might have learned something from her loss in the 2008 primaries. Why run for president again if you’re just going to make the same mistakes you made the first time? Namely, putting Bill Clinton out on the campaign trail.

The way many see it, the former president was instrumental in his wife’s loss to Barack Obama. Unwilling to stick to the campaign message, Bill Clinton ran his own mini-campaign in 2008, gleefully attacking Obama in ways that Hillary herself had chosen not to. Angered by the kid-gloves treatment Obama was getting from an adoring media, Clinton chastised reporters, accused the Obama campaign of playing dirty, and took the whole campaign off message. When he dismissed Obama’s presidential ambitions as a “fairy tale,” Clinton was forced to apologize; some saw it as a racially-tinged attack.

Now Clinton is back, and he’s in trouble again, and it’s about race again.

Last week in Philadelphia, the former president got into a heated exchange with Black Lives Matter protesters who claim that his 1994 crime bill was responsible for the mass incarceration of African-Americans. Bill, his ego bruised, spent ten long minutes arguing with the protesters – not the best look for the Clinton campaign, which is only winning because of black voters.

On Sunday, Bill went on a tour of three black churches to make up for the emotional misstep. “We need prison reform,” he said at a church in Harlem. “We overdid it and put too many young, nonviolent offenders in jail for too long.”

Not every black Democrat is infatuated with the ridiculousness of Black Lives Matter, of course, but liberals are expected to stick together. When someone comes at you from the left, you have to handle it very carefully. Today’s idiocy is tomorrow’s Democratic Party platform. And when you’ve built up a party that can only win because the black vote is locked up, you don’t want to do anything that might upset the apple cart.

But Clinton is Clinton, and he very obviously cares more about protecting his own legacy than getting his wife elected. Whatever.

But for Hillary supporters, this episode should give them pause. If she made this mistake again, what others might she make again? Would she again jeopardize national security for her own convenience? Would she again depose a dictator with no plan for what might happen next? Experience is important, but only if you learn from your mistakes.

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  1. Both Clinton’s are too arrogant to learn from their mistakes…

    Besides, covering them up has worked fine so far.

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    • And when a “coverup” don’t work they can always fall back on murder ! They’ve used that over a hundred times.

    • the X files is telling us the truth it mentioned the government scandal and the power grid being targeted soon there will be a Galatic battles just like from the star wars movie

  2. Bill’s Black Lives Tantrum was the first reasonable thing he has said in a long time, if ever… Too bad he had to walk it back so fast..

    • It should not have been walked back.Bujt Hillary would lose some of her black support

      • Allisonmrosenberg1

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  3. He an her, are just 2 old people, not worthy of public sponsorship. they are in this only to have an income, an not a minium wage income, or a middle income class income, a BIG $$$ NOT WORK A LICK INCOME, all they do is LIE an CHEAT an be TOTALLY CORRUPT, if the GOOD CITIZENS of the USA, want to stop POLITICAL CORRUPTION , start here, with Bonnie an Clyde Clinton. They will do anything for the vote an being elected, They have NO SHAME. or how low they will stoop to get the vote, every campaign promise is a LIE, an this is a GUILTY VERDICT for both sides of the isle , D an/or R, plain flat out liars. But these to are the KING an QUEEN. of LIARS . King hillary an Queen billy

  4. Sad to see honesty treated as a tantrum, what he said was right on. These thugs are getting the kidglove treatment no matter how violent they get. It is time these fools are treated as adults, not retarded chlldren that must be oerlooked because they don’t know any better. Sad to see the democraps and this nation is such a mess, but bad choices bring bad things. Cannot cure stupidity!!!

  5. “…I ALMOST apologized. That is Bills’ secret message that he was coerced into his recant.

  6. Remember this? “Bill, his ego bruised, spent ten long minutes arguing with the protesters – not the best look for the Clinton campaign, which is only winning because of black voters.”
    Recently it was divulged that voters do not chose candidates but the party does and voters votes do no matter
    It is all a “photo op” by BOTH parties, they have stolen he Constitutional right of the people to elect those whom they wish to represent them, black or otherwise!

    • I am white, but do feel sorry for the blacks.

      Can you imagine being black and being dooped into thinking that we are gonna help you you out with welfare, ADC, food stamps and so on by LB. Johnson back in the sixties. It was started out wrong, and all it did was make them dependent like a Heroin. Should have not been any welfare ! People are hooked on it with no way out. Should have been a program at colleges for the low income to go free to college so you could get on your feet, and day care should have been provided on site at the college for day and night classes. There is no welfare in the military, you get the boot if you

      What did people do before there was welfare, they lived together as bigger families. Churches were more active in helping, and there was more community help. Now they think we owe the 13% black welfare.
      Think how good SSI would be for though’s of us who worked our whole lives if we were not giving so much welfare. I live in Michigan and I’m 65 now this year, and we have snow here, and leaves on the ground or grass to cut. I have never had a black man ask to do any of these things for money which I would gladly welcome. I call two men and a truck, and who shows up? A white guy and he works his ass off, and then ask if I have anything else, and asks if he can come back. When I say white guy, its usually a Hispanic fellow.

      • So you got a chance to spread you racial bigotry. So many like yo can only spew your false information and lies. I bet you have NEVER googled to see how many WHITES are on Welfare compared to the 13% Blacks. I bet you have never googled to see how many of the 2% Whites are on corporate welfare. I bet Mr. Bigot you don’t have the slightest idea of how many Blacks are in jail for NON-Violent crimes compared to Whites. I bet you don’t know how many BLACK AMERICAN Veterans are homeless of the 13% you quote. You need to go back to school and finish Jr High school and try to read the Bible. I hope you do not have any children, the world DO NOT need any bigots like you.
        False information and rumors are carried by haters (you), spread by fools (you), and accepted by idiots(YOU).

        • I know this I served my country in Nam, went to school with the G.I. Bill for 10 years at night, and worked two jobs during the day and on weekends while razing four children. I’m tired of hearing how you can’t make it because your black. Get over it !!!

          My three sons and I collectively served in 6 war zones around the world and worked there way through college.My daugther worked her way through too. The result is one lawyer,one pharm. major, one weather forecaster, and one school teacher. My one son flunked out of law school and went back and finished later.He never gave up! Then applied to the Pentigan in financial law, and got beat out of a job because they needed to fill the minority quota. (Another perk for you.)He did’nt cry about, he just worked hard and found another job, and still owes 80 K for school debt.

          I do not hate you, I feel sorry for though’s who constantly fall back on there color. Just work hard and don’t look back, forget your dam color. I don’t need to be reminded what color you are, and neither does everyone else, and don’t blame people for your problems. Take ownership.

  7. Bill Clinton said it right and then under pressure from extremist on the Lefffft beat him up and he reneged on something helpful to Blacks. We are so tired of the gaming as a living for Black Leaders like Al Sharpton, Jackson,screwing over their own people, who are gullible looking for help.
    The President of the United States has caused a reversal of Progress,inciting Blacks to hate Whites as he does.

  8. The truley 2 faced deal is the Churches who claim to be followers of Christ and side with a liar, sex offender, abortion supporter, drugey, wife cheater. Having him in their pulpit tells me these Ministers are fake followers!! It’s all about the money…hey Revs!!!

  9. It was the first time in Slick Willie’s like that he told the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Then, the next day he crawls on his belly like the snake he is and apologizes to the Black Lives Matter mutants. Both Clintons will say anything and do anything to retain political power. They’ve become multi-millionaires because they wormed their way into the Halls of government and lived off the taxpayers for the last 40 years. Neither ever held a private job, had to meet a payroll, or lived in a social or business environment where they had to comply with the laws and regulations they created. They are vultures living off the blood of the people. We need to excise them from our lives. We can get two for the price of one by simply not voting for Hillary in November. Without political power, they are neutered.

  10. Gee! The vermin are eating their own! LMAO!! Hey Willy, HOW DARE YOU force those black kids to rape, rob, murder, steal, riot, sell drugs……..

  11. This is the way the Clintons really feel about blacks, middle-class, and lower America ! They believe they’re above the law and they believe they’re above the 98% just like Obama nothing but a shit stir.

  12. what he said was totally correct,

  13. Except for speaking the truth, I didn’t hear Bill Clinton say anything wrong. Further, when Bill was confronted by a protester, he had a right to respond. The problem came when some people felt he said the wrong thing about black on black crimes. And, the Black Lives Matter protester did her job in setting up Clinton to respond. After, she played th “poor female victim” card. No, when you confront someone, they have the right to verbally blast you in their way & not what you think they should do or say!

    Further, black on black crime is out of hand in some cities, like Chicago. If Black Lives Matter is serious about crimes & incarcerations, why don’t they go to Chicago and lead the drive to clean up the city’s crimes? And, maybe in the process work with blacks to get them to stop committing crimes.

    Finally, the crime bill signed into law by Bill Clinton has nothing to do with people committing crimes & being incarcerated. People understand that if they commit crimes, there will be consequences when caught & tried. Clinton’s 3 strikes bill gave many people 3 chances. Why would anyone want to commit 1 crime?

    If you review history, certain cities in the USA have had lots of crimes, whether by blacks, Italians, Hispanics or whoever. Certain black communities had lots of crimes & incarcerations far before Clinton sign the bill in the 1990’s. Go back & review who was the majority population in prison before Clinton’s bill. Today, with people wanting quick money, they turn to drug sales, etc & guns become necessary. They know drugs are illegal & they may be caught. They know they may not supposed to have guns. They know they should not kill each other in most instances.

    Bill Clinton never forced not one black person to commit crimes, I’m sure. So, to say blacks are incarcerated due to Bill’s crime bill is flawed thinking & misplaced premises. The 2 do not correlate. People went out & committed crimes. Whether you look at 1920’s, 1980’s, 1990’s or now, there were & are consequences for criminal activities & actions.

    Blacks must take responsibility for committing crimes. Those blacks who never commit or committed crimes could care less about a crime bill. Stop committing crimes & the crime bill will never, ever be used on you & you will never, ever be incarcerated. I guarantee it.

  14. Demoncraps looking down on Negroes again. Otherwise why would the negro get special treatment??

  15. They should not have “walked it back”. This BLM is NOT supported by all African Americans. Many have seen through this Obama/Al Sharpton movement and want no part of it. I say this with confidence because I have many friends and neighbors who are tired of this dividing people for their agenda. And they are tired of being criticized because they won’t get on the stupid band wagon. One of my neighbors told me that he and his wife get two or three threatening phone calls every week because they refuse to support the BLM movement.

  16. Doesn’t matter what Bill said, the hard core , the ignorant, the illegal, will vote for his wife any way. She is giving away America and lying thru her teeth… she’s saying the same thing she said the last time. If she was really for America,(other than for corporate monies), why hasn’t she done any of the “things” she said she would do the last time? As a N.Y. senator she did squat , as Secretary of state she did even less,other than getting Americans killed and then lying about it. Clinton is for Clinton , PERIOD. America isn’t even a third thought. Once she’s elected…if the country is truly lost.. she will forget every one that voted for her. Sanders will totally destroy America in far less time.

  17. I don’t care what the Clintons do just as long as Hillary go’s to prison and loses the w.h. that [email protected]#$% is dangerous to everyone black or white or any other color she would be the end of the u.s. and it’s citisons

  18. How is clinton suppose to be president when shes going to prison, this woman should, and will be locked up, the F.B.I will do their jobs, no matter what that idiot obama says, that tyrant of a president knew about the server clinton was using, and hes in on it, that,s why he trying to make light of the investigation, because he knows that the investigation will also lead to him, also keep in mind that obama has federal court cases against him, his illegal executive orders the both of them can take a flying leap off a cliff for all I care

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