Clinton’s Paid Speeches Released by WikiLeaks

On Friday, WikiLeaks published thousands of hacked emails from inside the world of Hillary Clinton, exposing excerpts from the paid Wall Street speeches she guarded so carefully during the Democratic primaries.

In a statement, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said, “It’s not hard to see why she fought so hard to keep her transcripts of speeches to Wall Street banks paying her millions of dollars secret.”

The majority of the emails appear to have been taken from the account of John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign chairman. Within them, we are given a glimpse of the Hillary Clinton that only Washington insiders and global financial elites have seen up until now.

In a 2013 speech to a Brazilian bank, Clinton admitted that her economic vision for the future included “a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders.”

Imagine, she said, what increased trade between the U.S. and Latin America “would mean for everybody in this room.”

In a speech sponsored by Goldman Sachs that same year, Clinton – the supposed campaign finance reform warrior – said, “Running for office in our country takes a lot of money, and candidates have to go out and raise it.”

Later in the speech, the woman who has vowed to stand up to the financial sector said that when it came to regulatory reform, “The people that know the industry better than anybody are the people who work in the industry.”

Podesta, the primary subject of the hack, deflected on the content of the emails.

“I’m not happy about being hacked by the Russians in their quest to throw the election to Donald Trump,” he tweeted. “Don’t have time to figure out which docs are real and which are faked.”

Oh, well, don’t trouble yourself, Mr. Important.

Since Podesta brought up Russia, let’s have a little chat about conspiracy theories.

Consider the main narrative sold to us by the Clinton campaign and – by extension – the mainstream news media. The story is almost too perfect: The would-be first female president of the United States vs. one of the most unapologetically sexist men to ever appear on television. If this were a movie, you’d be sneering at the writers for insulting your intelligence. WWE storylines play out with more subtlety.

But these leaks remind us that there’s another narrative that the media has tried very hard to ignore.

In this narrative, Clinton and Trump are symbols of two very different views of the world. Clinton represents unrepentant globalism, an end to strict immigration laws, and the twilight of American exceptionalism. Trump represents a spirit best conveyed by his slogan: America First. For those that see the election through this lens, the personalities of the two candidates are trivial compared to the bigger question:

Do we continue selling our national sovereignty to enrichen the global elite or do we use our power, wealth, and benevolence to help the millions of Americans stuck in a deteriorating economy?

Now put on your tinfoil hat and hypothesize. Go back in time to Thursday. Someone tells you that in 24 hours, emails will be published that reveal Hillary Clinton to be a shameless globalist, confirming everything Bernie Sanders ever said about her and putting her victory in serious jeopardy.

You’re asked to predict how the Democratic/Media establishment will counter this release.

Hmm, you think. They’ll want to divert attention.

Hmm, you think. They’ll want to put the focus back on their preferred narrative.

Hmm, you think. They’ll probably release something that makes Trump look like a sexist monster.



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  1. this admin is totally corrupt, fbi released documents friday 9/23/16 proving muslim traitor used the crooked one’s unsecured email server to communicate with her when she was working for him!!!
    kill the crooked one and the muslim traitor!!!!

  2. hillary admitted the leaks are real and true with the statement that she made the Lincoln remark after seeing a movie about Lincoln.

  3. The only thing I am going by for this election is the nominations for the Supreme Court. If a democrat is elected, say goodby to America.

    • Amen .. Hillary wants Judge that will be in favor of world views and interest .. Rest world would like see America disarmed

      • She’d like to see us a third world country. Like Venezuala we can all line up and find stores empty. Her big airplane will be well stocked.

    • Just like she wants open borders and globalized commerce, she will destroy the moral fabric of America through the nominations of the most liberal SCOTUS judges EVER!!! You are correct, goodbye to America.

      • She’s busy playing Lincoln.
        Like Bernie said, she just makes bad decisions.

        • And she will ruin this once great country if she’s given the chance.

          • As NObummer said, she is all talk, no action.

          • Name calling is childish.

            Most give it up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.

            Temper, temper …

            You need to practice more, you have not yet gotten the adult part down.

          • Ak! You’re STILL trolling for Hillary! Enjoy that pay for playing check!

          • Tell AKZlADY2015 Why in the good Lord’s name do you come to this website then currently insult contributors? What is your purpose here, state your beliefs argue or fight when insulted, but why start trouble? Go to msnbc you will fine folks that carry your fews and will eat up your left wing statistical data. You and I argued many times, you were never this nasty and mean? If you don’t like it do not read it, I do not go to the Obama controlled media, I know trying to reason with their followers is like praying for relief after farting in your space suit. You just cannot get away from what they believe to be true. Totally out to lunch, you could be Obama’s sister.

          • Because you embarass America before the world — something new for you.
            I would be proud to be Obama’s sister. Unlike many on this blog, I am not a racist or a religious bigot.
            I get nast when people become trators to our Nation and what it stands for.
            Maybe you should also?

          • I spent a full tour fighting for this nation, now I am a traitor, a racist, and your an angel with supernatural intelligence. My comment on Obama’s sister had nothing to do with racism, yet in your sick twisted mind any one who questions the policies of this guy is a racist? I guess one day God decided to make you worthy, To judge people as racist if they disagree with you. Your a champion of the poor with other people’s money, just like POTUS. Everyone here is a liar except Hillary and Barrack, kind of strange don’t you think?

          • I am a disabilty advocate. I champion the poor out of my own bank acount. I speak out about racism. If the shoe fits, wear it.

          • I am not going to insult you, your doing a pretty good job at that yourself. Most of all your nuts.

          • She’s the one who flew over the cuckoos nest.

          • Then you are definitely wearing many pairs of shoes you ignorant sycophant.

          • Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

          • Block her. She is a waste of our precious time!

          • Please do.

          • Dennis B Anderson

            We dont live in Kenya arent you on the wrong be talking your $cheit. Youre not black enough to be Obamas sister, but you are stupid enough to be El Douche daughter.He was = Fachi Dui also. This means youre 2 faced. You will be gone before you figure this one out = TEMPUS FUGIT

          • Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

          • You mean bahhh – bahhh – bahhh dont you. You phucking moron democrap sheeple.

          • Did your Momma teach you the sewer language?

          • Thank you.
            Insults are gratefully accepted. They say so much about you. Do you ever have anything of actual value to add to a conversation?

          • Leave off the Latin, you have more than enough problems with English.

            I serioisly doubt you have ever read Virgil let alone his “Georgica”.

          • If you were Ocumstain’s sister, you would be out rioting, looting, acting out……….

          • More adolescent sexual focus … Get your head out from between you legs.

          • Obama is a traitor you ignorant twit. Why are you not mad at him.

          • Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

          • Block it, its so refreshing to not have it pollute your mind!

          • You are 100% correct. Having one’s false beliefs and lies challenged must be stressful.

          • Ohillary is stressed and she shows it!

          • Dear ak , I hope Hillary is paying you a lot to make such an ass of yourself on a international forum.
            Je suis un déplorable!

          • Thank you.
            Your compliments are always welcome.

          • Another ignorant paid troll for Hillary. Nice avatar. It’s obviously something in which you have no belief.
            Je suis un déplorable!

          • Thank you.
            Your compliments are always welcomw.

          • Troll. Insane not necessarily in that order.

          • I have asked her that on many occasions in the past and like every true liberal, she will never give you an HONEST answer. So stop asking her. Its pointless. Truth does not fit their narrative so they point the finger at others to deflect and redirect your attention elsewhere. JUst like she does in these blogs. Typical libtard antics. She is on here so often it makes one believe she has no job or career and probably votes for a living so she can make her once a month trip to her mailbox to collect her welfare money and hide from having to do anything in the real world. Now she does claim to be an activist of some kind in Alaska where she can skirt the law in that state because they dont have the same set of legal rules as in other states. This is what she states anyway. I personally dont believe anything that comes out of her mouth and pretty much just ignore her on these blogs. She is like a cancerous tumor that just wont go away. Typical Hillary lemming.

          • Free day at the psycho ward for AK!

          • !! Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

          • Jose, you can block AK lady. Click on her name and you will see 3 dots. Click on the dots and you can block. I found out from 82 airborne. Good luck

          • Thank you.
            Your comments are always welcome.
            They say so much about you.
            Does insulting people make you feel manly?
            My guess it is the little boy “I got away with it”.

          • But so much more about you.

            Je suis un déplorable!

          • !!! Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

          • As a troll who refuses to look at the preponderance of evidence against the criminal Hillary, your post reveals your thought processes. Or lack thereof.
            Je suis un déplorable!

          • aklady I have seen yoir above post dozens of times you seem to have a onetrack mind

          • She lost what she had, it slipped out of the crack of dawn.

          • Thank you.

          • Liars and bigots are not deserving of original reponses.

          • You shouldnt be talking about yourself that way.

          • !!!!
            Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

          • What name calling? No called you a bitch!

          • You are probably one of the losers that gets paid to instill violence at Trump rallies. Now thats childish.

          • When exactly has Trump held a rally in Alaska?

          • ??
            Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

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          • Her actions somebody always gets killed.

          • Google is paying 97$ per hour! Work for few hours and have longer with friends & family! !ap544f:
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          • She will totally sell out this great country and she should never ever have a security clearance of any kind. She is a danger to all of us.

          • What I don’t get is that with her past and the emails that are being released currently she still has so much support. I hope Assange has something that will bring her down for good.

          • Don’t believe the polls. The truth is in comparing the number of people at each of their rallies.

          • That’s an excellent point. What we see in the lame stream media and papers like the NY Slimes are fake polls. The Arizona Freedom Alliance did a poll of 50,000. !,000 from all 50 states split between Democrats, Republicans and independents. it came out 67% Trump and 19% Hillary

          • Assange, the rapist wanted for capital crimes in three countries?

            Assage who has paid people to harrass and assult the women he sexually molested?

          • BIll Clinton. The serial rapist and sexual molester who perjured himself to congress and was drawn up on impeachment charges for lying to congress multiple times along with his enabler wife who just sits back and watches it all happen? Hillary Clinton who has paid multiple PI s to harass and threaten Bills accusers if they talk? Since you are on the subject of rapists and perverts we might as well talk about your precious Clinton family dont you think?

          • !!
            Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

          • You’re right. She and Bill stole from the White House after his second term. Details are online and in the book Final Days by the late Barbara Olson. Do a search on hillary Clinton and witchcraft and post your opinion

          • True

          • The country may not be salvageable.

          • After what Mr. Reagan did to this country the way it use to be, i wonder WHY ! Another Republican though.

        • And i thought that was part of Mr. Trumps speech one time.

          • Guess you thought wrong. DONALD Trump never used Abe Lincoln to cover for his lies. HILLARY did. People die when HILLARY LIES!

        • Her decisions are bad for all of us, but for her they are based on increasing her power and wealth. She couldn’t care less about anyone else.

      • Sir:
        You are using a computer. Therefore you are taking a full advantage of globalized commerce.

        • That was the most laughable response I’ve read in a long time. That’s saying something.

        • Very good, let the whole world find out what kind of a person Killary realy is.

          • Name one, just one, honest polititian. Therw has been one. Do you know who he was?

          • 1.John F Kennedy
            2.Abraham Lincoln
            3. George Washington
            oh wait you said one

          • “I have previously stated, and I repeat now, that the United States plans no military intervention in Cuba.” Just months later, Cuban nationals, backed by the CIA, invaded Cuba.

            John F. Kennedy

          • plans change in a matter of moments so it was not a lie

          • Get the history books back out. You are grasping at straws.

            Actually, there is one honest polititian.
            One that paid for his entire election capaigns out of his own funds.

            His name is Herb Kohl.

            Yes, he was the owner f the Kohl Grocery and Department Stores, as well as the Milwaukee Brewers Teanm

          • JUst because he paid for his own campaign does not make him honest. Thats a ridiculous statement lady. Donald Trump pays for his own campaign as well. He uses grass root money from small donors but collects no money from big pharma, special interests, foreign nations, lobbyists but that does not make him honest now does it? At least not in your eyes because that would be against your liberal narrative.

          • Out of one side of your mouth, you claim Trump “pay for his own campaign”.

            Out of the other side of your mouth, you say “He uses grass root money from small donors”.

            Feel free to insult
            It is the typical red-state, dropout narrative..

          • JFK’s extramarital affair would be a better example of dishonesty

          • Your statement and mine both disqualify him.

          • “I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races—that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race.” Abraham Lincoln

          • this is an example of flawed belief and however disappointing
            it is not a dishonest statement

          • Wrong. Get the history books back out.

          • sorry to tell you this but the history books are all full of lies

          • I am sofa king we Todd Ed

          • Ihate to tell you this, but you can obtain a very unbiased look at history by studying thw history books of multiple nations.
            For example, our Founders were left wing, progressives.

          • well I see your not bored yet
            by who’s veiw is that?

          • That is not true. So quit lying on this forum. Our founding fathers were anything but left wing progressives.

          • Try telling that foolishness to the King of England.

          • Blacks and minorities are a product of the environment around them. That environment is kept very poor and uneducated by Democrats and their BS propaganda for one reason only…………… Control. Democrats started the KKK, voted 100% in the 50s and 60s for segregation, yet here you are championing for them and defending the party of true racists. Any party that keeps minorities in this country dependent on entitlements and free handouts for decades is despicable and not worth voting for. If only ignorant buffoons like you would look at the real history and not the convoluted garbage the media feeds us all, you would see democrats are the real racists this country should be worried about. Control the minorities and you control their vote. Its that simple. Thats all democrats care about. Votes. Somewhere in the past 60 years the democrats started to understand that you cannot control these populations by segregation because that would be racist. Hence the start of entitlements. What better way to control a population than to keep them uneducated and dependant on the government. So stop spewing this racist garbage to everyone on this forum. The true racists are people like you that feed into the liberal narrative that everyone else is racist if we dont agree with you on race issues.

          • “I have already grown gray in the service of my country. I am now going blind.” Washington had used glasses for years. Newburgh Conspiracy

          • this is hardly an example of dishonesty
            on Washington’s part

          • Excuse me? The historians say differently. Suggest that you read thw quote again.

          • The discussion was about Hillary’s manifold lies.

          • The biggest laugh of the debate was that she compared herself to Honest Abe. Did not understand anything else she said except that you have to lie to the people.

          • Well now we are getting somewhere. You actually decide to somewhat admit that all politicians are shady to some extent. News flash lady. Donald Trump aint a politician.

      • Sounds like her abusive curtain making old man cut through a lot of fabric to have a daughter like Hillary. Her platform? She’s got a vagina. How exceptional. When she shops Target she knows which bathroom to use.

        • Mein Trumpf

          Vol. One: A Reckoning

          1. The Hispanic Peril
          2. The Arab Peril
          3. The Black Peril
          4. The Female Peril …

          • Damn! I thought I heard some dung beetle munching on the mainstream media shit.

          • Thank you.
            You compliments are always apreciated.

          • Compliments, name calling?… neither. You are simply defined as the automaton that you are. You eat the lies told to you by the CFR controlled media and then barf it up on the rest of us like some enlightened new age messiah. You are a fraud that would not know what you think except that they have told you what you know.
            In other words, dung beetle, having been defined for what you are, whatever you say is utterly meaningless to anyone with half a brain to think for themselves. And you WON’T be the only one reading this.
            Now come on, child; throw a tantrum like I know you want to!

          • Love your canned responses. right out of the Killary playbook.

          • Name calling is childish.

            Most give it up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.

            Temper, temper …

            You need to practice more, you have not yet gotten the adult part down.

          • Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

          • Well, well, ak comes out for open borders and national dissolution.

      • Obisexual has already destroyed the moral fabric. Ohillary will continue the down slide!

    • I believe Trump will survive his clumsy ways and win because enough people will separate Primary rhetoric from Campaign rhetoric from actual Presidential actions. They are 3 different animals and in the end, Trump will apl

      • Clumsy ways, huh?

        If saying it like it is and being a common American man, like the ones I worked with all my life and the men I served in combat with, are “Clumsy”, I’m all for it, Pal.

        BTW, How did Mitt Witt’s PC mealy mouthing and not taking His Royal Exalted Boma to the mat in that debate work out?

        • Ryan? Paul Ryan? He’s scared of his own shadow. I’m sure he is in hiding right now! Isn’t he an embarrassment? Maybe he’s in sexual transition. He’ll make a lovely soft -spoken damsel in distress!

          • If Hillary wins next month everything that happens during the next four years will be Paul Ryan’s fault. If Hillary wins it will be time to abandon the Republican party and to find an alternative third party. Or better yet for red states to secede from the union.

          • Prison will have one less celebrity guest in its high end cells. If Trump wins she’s got reservations at a fine prison near you.

          • Actually Colorado Max is a few hundred miles away.

            President Trump – Commander in Chief
            Hillary Clinton – A Liar and Thief

          • How wonderful for you! Someone has to go see her.
            Maybe she’ll be in the email room. No probably solitary confinement.

          • If Hiltery wins there will be all-out WAR in the this country.

          • Prisons will be fighting which one gets her.

          • Warren, if KILLary wins, forget about any future elections – there won’t be any.

          • Yes, we have seen what Ryan is like. A person that says one thing and does another. He cannot stand up to any president and say no more money to programs that do not work.

          • He loves Obamas and Hillary what can one expect from this obvious trans?

      • If Trump is clumsy, her neurological disorders have left her mentally crippled, physically crippled and more than unfit for any public office.
        Says about the same for all those challenged in the primaries, too. They would be in Romney mode. Hiding and can’t be found. Just like Mittens in the last election! Ryan the whimp he hid well, too, remember. Ryan is probably in hiding right now. He’s scare of his own shadow

    • Meg, there are two other things, vetting of Refugees and allowing pastors to preach from the pulpit what God shows them about political issues. Our Founding Fathers heard preaches preach against the King. They were called The Black Robed Regiment by the British. LBJ without discussion, without debate, the power of our ministers to preach to the truth. The IRS can take away their 501c3 non-profit status if they preach on politics. They won’t do it to Black Pastors but everyone else is fair game. We know that the Koran states to kill the unbeliever, the only moderates do not obey their Koran. Let’s have a discussion about what is in that Book. I know an ex-terrorist, Mr. Shoebat who now is a Christian can tell you all about this. Khizr Khan, the father of Captain Khan, supports sharia, is a lawyer and helps Muslims get Visas and Green Cards so the Khan family is no angel.

    • We will all then be rape victims of the Clintons.

      • The Clinton’s, and there foundation raped The poorest country in the Western hemisphere for 30. Billion.US.$. Thay was pot in charge after the earthquake, and Killary Put her brother in charge of the gold mines so they can squise some more blood out of Haitii, they are living in tent’s todays date. The Clinton’s build a few houses, and that was it, 2 – 300 dyed in this hurricane because of the housing situation. The Clinton’s are big time criminals.

        • Hillary for prison. Lock her up!

        • Oh. I feel better. You do know Clintons were broke when they left the white housing. Paying off all those rape victims gets pretty darn expensive. So glad she got some money courtesy of Haitians. Somebody has to have a big airplane.
          Hillary for prison. Lock her up.

    • To bad that not everybody is aware of that,

    • Smart Lady. People need to focus
      On The needed direction we must take to preserve/protect our Freedoms/Constitution ( the things that made us great when followed). Here’s the question: Should Trump’s despicable, decades old and private comments be considered at a higher priority than the following issues in the upcoming Presidential election?
      1) Development of an effective new strategy for fighting world-wide terrorism which attacks it from within and without and openly recognizes that it is connected to Islam.
      2) Continuing to provide terrorists constitutionally provided rights which were meant for American citizens, not enemy combatants.
      3) Continuing to have open borders.
      4) Continuing to fail to enforce existing immigration laws.
      5) Restoring international respect for the U.S. throughout the world and no longer attempting to institute the failed policy of leading from behind.
      6) Restoring fairness in international trade.
      7) National debt reduction.
      8) Energy independence.
      9) Considering Hillary’s illegal criminal actions with emails in association with FBI and Justice Department compromising complicity, and in addition, her demeaning comments concerning husband Bill’s sexual victims, more damaging than Trump’s despicable comments.
      10) Electing a candidate who tells Wall Street one thing in private speeches and voters something else.
      11) Actively and openly supporting legitimate attitudes toward law enforcement officials who are placing their lives on the line every day.
      12) Discrediting political action groups which generate false narratives and participate in anarchistic activities to include rioting, looting, personal attacks, building burnings, the diminishment of others rights, blocking public avenues, and attacking police.

      13) Electing a candidate who grossly failed in her responsibility to insure Americans where safe in the performance of their embassy jobs in Bengazi-resulting in their deaths.
      14)-Her support structure is The Socialist Billionare George Sorros ( known to have damaged other countries and one of the most hated person on the planet) Who is promoting world order and doing everything to destroy us/our constitution from within.
      15)-She jeopardized American National Security with her mishandling of top secret mail ( ignoring secure protocal- required by every Govt official) and made poor decisions to hide her mail from others.

      Voters are left with the options of making a stupid decision that is possibly only pious and self-righteous in lieu of a smart decision which serves the best interests of our United States. Intelligent American voters will stick to the issues.
      Go Trump!

    • If a Republican get to nane the Supreme Court replacement, say good-by to justice in America.

      • Say hello to Constitutional law!

        • The Supreme Court does not make law.
          Either the Constitution has been followed, or it has not
          Exactly which SC decisions do you not agree with?
          Just how far do you want to turn back time?
          Exactly, what rights do you want to take away?

          • Thats not exactly true lady. The Supreme court passed the gay marriage law without congressional consent. Which according to the constitution is against the law.

    • So who has been in offices all this time ?

    • I’m also voting to get in the best Vice President ; just in case we need him!

  4. I bet guy down in Orgen at Bundy ranch may still be alive today, if was not for deal Harry reid and Hillary made with Russia.. for % of Uranium once start mining Bundy ranch,

  5. So this moron idiot has turned his back on Trump, this should be enough NOT TO VOTE FOR THE OLD RUTHLESS HAG

  6. There needs to be far more of this in the near future if she’s going to suffer ANY serious affects from it. Her rapist “husband” is running around LYING about the responsibilities of the Sec of State and her supporters are just eating it up. We will have to see the smoking gun before she can be counted out and she will cheat and defraud us in ways we never imagined possible if that evidence isn’t produced and made public.

    • Clintons cannot wait to rape all of us.

      • She NEEDS to become president so she and the elephant eared moron in chief can finish the task of delivering us into the NWO they so dearly want us to belong to. That way SHE can drop our borders like she wants and invite all those savage animals in under the guise of “refugees” like she has promised. There will be NO coming back from what she will do to us!!!

        • Laughingstock Speaker Paula Ryan is going to lose its jock strap. She is so offended eww. Mittens Romney demasculinated people! Recall Paula baby.

          • ROTFFLMFAO!!! Great post. Her mangina is going to need a SERIOUS manpon on election day!!!

          • Oh my now there. My ears and eyes must be washed out now and readjust my jockeys. I have never heard such barroom banter. That kind of talk only comes out of
            third Leg on Kelly.
            Kelly her porno radio and Hillary when she throws blue vases.
            Speaker Paula Ryan went to Target
            and didn’t know which bathroom to use. What a day!

          • AWESOME!!!

  7. My sentiments exactly. I have been saying that for months. The selections by Hillary of the next 3-4 Supreme Court justices will shed our Constitution and Bill of Rights for future generations. One scary future. Younger generations better think long and hard when they vote and forget about the foolishness of having the first female president. As a woman, I would like to have the first female president be a person who truly represents women , not herself and is honest, trustworthy, doesn’t lie constantly and not corrupt. Someone a woman could be proud to have a our first female president. that person is NOT Hillary. We already had our first “black” president and you can see how well that work out. Not someone to be proud about. Hillary should be in prison not the WH

    • Just because the cackling witch would nominate them doesn’t mean they would HAVE to be confirmed. – The people we put into congress are WAY more important then who is Prez. – We have to clean out the RINO/Democrat elite establishment too.

      And are you ever right about that cackling witch belonging in the housgow.

      Trump for the White House
      Clintor for the BIG house !

    • I think you meant “shred” the Constitution?

  8. Mary Sandra Florek

    Hillary never mentioned last night anything about the constitution, she speaks out of both sides of her mouth, and can’t be elected next month. America as we know it will be lost forever. We need to stand together against establishment in Washington who only care about padding their own bank accounts. Look how horrible our govt is being run any other company, school district that operated with such loose controls and no checks and balances would go under like we are and where are the senators and representatives. They do nothing. Let obama and Clinton get away with these atrocities!

    • Many of them need to go too. I couldn’t believe Portman said he wouldn’t support Trump, well I say Portman, patriots in OH should not support you.

      • Any politician,whether repub or demo, should be voted out of office for supporting hilliary

      • I was going to vote for him even though I suspected he was a RINO,,,only thing is Strickland is even worse. – Portman is a shoe in no matter what but I will not vote for him now, but I WILL work against both him and that asshole Kasich at their next election cycles.

        Trump for the White House
        Clinton for the BIG House

        Portman and Kasich for the Shithouse

        Even the Mafia has no use for a back stabber.

  9. If this were a movie, after the first 19 minutes I’d drop that channel from my favorites!! This has to be the 2nd worse election in my lifetime!! Do they think we are actually stupid enough to vote for someone whom has broken law after law!! The biggest mistake was the electing of the 1st black president by millions of backers!! Now the elite throw a woman out to be the 1st woman president and expect everyone to vote for her sorry ass!! History will never be righted!!

    • Neither one is fit or competent to be in our government. The Muslim has just about destroyed our country and the old gal and Billy boy will steal and finish off the economy

      • Incompetent politicians people please apply, someone pull in that sign . Time for a BUISNESS MAN to run the buisnesses of the USA

        • No more Lawyers with no Licence to practice law, Billy boy lost his when he lied about “I’ had no sex with that wommen” Killary when she stole ewerything out of the WH. a felony. Nobummer lost his when he lied about only hawing one name, Barry Soetoro. Barack Husain, one and same guy, Same with Michele, when her real name is Michel. all lies, and one grand theft. I’ totaly agrea with you, this country got to be run like a buisness, so a buisness man sounds like a very good plan, Trump is our man, even a movie star worked out bether than a lawyer.

          • Shakespeare’s opening, “First we kill all the lawyers…”. Let’s start with those that have been disbarred.

      • That’s the plan, Just remember, 25. TRILLION. In the red, POINT OF NO RETURN.

    • Just out of curiosity, what is the 1st worst election?

    • The pisser is 1- That moslem son of a bitch is mostly white, and 2-If we absolutely HAD to have a black president there are dozens of qualified loyal Americans that happen to be black that would have been an infinatly better choice.

      A good man,,,that is Black or a Black man that is good? – Who is the racist now?

  10. Hitlery showed her true side last night but most wouldn’t have noticed as her lies are very well-spoken and convincing. Reminds me of the Lyin King – what an orator! Could lead you down the primrose path of destruction and you would never know it! Trump will be the best thing our economy has seen but what about congress?? When we have a revolution (and there will be one soon), maybe we will learn something from this vicious, devious campaign for the highest seat in the land of the “free” and not repeat the mistake that’s been made i.e. selfishness, greed and power-hungry career politicans!

  11. The Clintons are stealing 90% of the Foundation money, according to Bill and are already among the financial elites of the world. These elites have conned themselves into thinking they will survive no matter what happens to America. That’s why they talk open borders, etc. BUT WHY does no other nation think that way? Sneak into Mexico or Paraguay or Russia or Iran or Sweden, etc. and apply for services and benefits and get bread and water in jail.

    • Not Sweden. Sweden is run by liberal socialists, they let in all the marauding hordes of Mooslime rapists. Now they have nothing but problems. Mr. Trump is trying to prevent that from happening here.

      • Big problems, Last week the Muslims burned more than 40. cars in Malmo alone, and the cops are scared of those gangs, no more law and order, just like Chikago.

        • Your liberal governments in action. I don’t know why they just don’t gun them down in the streets now because it is coming to that. Not to be fascist like, but to survive as a culture. It will happen here unless Trump is elected.

      • Hillary and Obama intend to bring thousands of those migrants to America. Americans need to do their best to make themselves combat ready.

        President Trump – Commander in Chief
        Hillary Clinton – A liar and thief.

    • It is more like 94.%, The foundation has passed 100. BILLION. that is deposited in offshore banks, Killary got 200.000000.00 in her account, on the salary of a secretary if state. ??? and she left the WH. as the first lady flat broke, so she stole everything that was not nailed down. a 3.rd.degrea felony, she was fined 200.000.00, and lost her license to practice law, what a simple thief. and then she misplased 6. Billion, plus 2. more Billion, a total of 8. BILLION, Proabably ended up in the Clinton foundation. that money has newer been return, this is our hard earned tax money.

  12. “Bride of Chuckie” has no intentions of ever helping Americans! She spews lies like a spitting cobra. She does want to “hurt” Americans because they are a thorn in her side to her throne of power!

    HOWEVER, Trump threw a curve ball at her when he said he would go after her and put her in jail for her shameless acts when he became President. She never flinched because she thinks she is untouchable. She isn’t.

    Both killary and obama must be put in prison to send a message to any other elitists that America isn’t their personal playground. And that needs to happen in the first 6 months of Trump’s Presidency.


    • Michael Dennewitz

      but geo soros will count the votes, and we all know who will come out the victor.. GOD HELP THIS SCREWED COUNTRY!!???

      • Michael, as long as people like you “throw in the towel” and refuse to fight for our rights, YES, our Country is screwed. But if you stand up straight and get a backbone and refuse to let those LLL (Looney Liberal Losers) control our world, our Country will survive and we will be the American People we used to be. It all depends on each and every American and HOW BADLY you want to save our FREEDOMS.

        Believe me, there are legal organizations that are/will be monitoring the Poll places for anything happening out of the ordinary. “Judicial Watch” is one of those organizations that has literally taken many States to Court after obama was elected illegally. Judicial Watch won the cases against those states and the states had to pay fines, as well as Remove dead voter’s names and criminal’s names from their voting databases so they couldn’t vote either. Judicial Watch forced many states to clean up their voting processes, so this time around, the voting should be more legal.

        HOWEVER, that being said, we all need to be vigilant around the Polling Places for this election because George Soros will undoubtedly try to have his dirty hands in this election. We just need to be smarter and more determined! After all, this is OUR COUNTRY, NOT A WRINKLED, DISTURBED OLD BILLIONNAIRE’S country. He has no country because his birthplace, Hungary, refuses to recognize him nor let him reside there.

        Fight back Michael! We need every man we can get!!

        • Michael Dennewitz

          You know what? You’re right! But…….. I’m a Vietnam vet. I’m 72 and disabled, after “serving my country!” At one time, about four years ago, I was getting $1379.00 each month for my disability, then they cut it back to $1.33… Yes, I printed it right $1.33.. Then, I guess the refugees (his private army) needed more ammo, so they began taking 1/3 of my SS. I don’t even get enough to pay my rent, let alone buy staples and pay the utilities. Would you do me a favor? Would you tell me again WHY I SHOULD STAND TALL AND BE PROUD???

          • I’m not in your shoes (but I have friends who were Vietnam Vets) but I would be more than pissed at what this clueless government has done to our Military!!!! I HATE obama and his idiot minions who have not a clue as to what our Military goes through so they can take stupid selfies and act like retards. This angers me to no end!

            I did not say stand “Tall and be Proud”. I wouldn’t disrespect any Military to tell them to do that for this worthless government. I said to stand straight and refuse to give in to those weak kneed, simpletons that think they can destroy our Country and our Foundations. Face them, look them in the eyes and stare them down. They have no soul, nor brain to think with. They are empty shells and that’s how the Left wants all Americans to be. That’s why I said to Fight Back!! They don’t expect anyone to fight back because they are clueless like killary. They have a huge surprise coming!

            But, look who is fighting back — Donald Trump — because he is tired of them destroying all that is good about our Nation. And last night at the debate when killary said she supported our Military, I almost puked. There is so much evil inside that woman that her soul has turned ugly molten black. Trump WANTS our Military Veterans taken care of with Medical, Housing, monies, so they can enjoy their lives. God knows we lost so many of them in Nam and nothing was done to help those returning home.

            I know you have lost hope, but please don’t give up. Trump will change things up for you and every other Military Veteran out there. He will make a difference. We just have to get every person to vote for him and no one to vote for the demon lady (Bride of Chuckie). Then your monthly allotment will go up where it belongs, medical will be readily available, and life will be worth living again. Don’t give up. Have Faith. But, do NOT back away from the vermin that are trying to take over our nation. Pretend they are “Charlie” and go after them… In the end, we will all win…and the LLL will lose.

          • For the first time I feel like Trump is going to lose in November and there is not much that I can do about it. Even the Tea Party seems to have given up in my area. I managed to avoid Vietnam by being discharged from the army shortly before Kennedy was assassinated. I feel that the lives of those good Americans were wasted for nothing and that war was not lost in Vietnam but in Washington. I remember seeing our guys being spit on at the airport on TV when they were coming home.

          • Remember, as it gets closer and closer to the election the Left is going to blast Trump with everything they can to discredit him. Killary is a monster who will suck the blood from anyone to get her way.

            The Left wants you to believe she is winning, she is not. Her numbers are falling because her reputation is impacted by her own selfish actions.

            The Media always supports the Left so you will get “colored” info abt what is happening. Don’t believe them! They lie.

            Trump is our only hope and he must be President. Keep supporting him. There are more Americans voting for Trump than you know – and most of them aren’t the noisy bragging Left but the huge silent majority…locked and loaded.

          • Yes, our Vietnam Vets were treated so badly by the idiots of this country.

            Americans are spoiled people. They’ve never had to fight on their own soil so they know nothing of what our Military has to do.

            Many of my friends went to Nam. Many came back flawed and changed and America turned its back on them. Unforgivable and unacceptable.

            No one puts down a Vietnam Vet in my presence without getting lectured…and we have many more idiots in this country now that are just as judgemental as those during the Vietnam War. Blast them all for being so self righteous and completely wrong. None of them actually knew the real reasons we were there in the first place. Sad abt the disillusioned Left that turned our country against its own Military Vets. Hate those snakes…

      • He knows how to count.

      • It is a very tuff task, because this country is run by a shadow government, Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, The Bildenberger group, Rockefeller, Silversteen, Carnegie, Georg Soros, and other members of the Israeli Zions.Lots of. $$$, and lots of Power. The election is already rigged in the favor of Killary, both NObummer, and Soros has verefied that fact.

  13. Simply look at the last 7 plus years and the obama’s transparencies. If you want worse, vote your conviction BUT look at past and try to live in her future. Do you want your kids and grandkids to live in hell?

  14. FYI: This election has such high stakes for Americans that the L.L.L. (Looney Liberal Left) OR SOROS will try to fix the election results. If you can, help at the Polls and be alert to anything amiss – machines thst only vote for one candidate or machines that switch the vote to the Left’s candidate or Illegals voting ehen they are not sllowed, etc. Anything thst looks suspicious, sound the alarm LOUD AND CLEAR SO EVERYONE AT THE POLLS IS AWARE OF A FRAUDULENT VOTER OR MACHINE. SHUT THEM BOTH DOWN!

    We can’t let another illegal fraudulent attack on our voting system like obama’s election had because this time, America will be changed forever and there will be no going back – only going forward with a REVOLUTION.

  15. Telling one story to potential contributors, another to other politicians such as legislators and a third to the public is to be expected. Using that to eliminate candidates would leave only unsuccessful first timers and retirees. Unlimited corporate contributions must be sought. With the end of public earmarking, private legislative deals that the public would not support are all that remains.

    What is unclear here is just which tells how Ms. Clinton would behave as President. Her non-profit actions prior to her husbands gubernatorial run and the bills that she wrote or supported during her Senatorial tenure are consistent with her current public stance. Critics cannot rely on leaks coming from Putin and are obligated to show particular actions that are opposed by more than just tea-baggers.

    • What can possibly be unclear about what a NWO Globalist Maxist. will act as president. We have been witnessing that for the past seven 1/2 years. Just look at all the present socialist countries. Is that how you want to live? I hope not.

      • Nothing is unclear about this cackling witch.

        Trump for the White House
        Clinton for the BIG house !

        (Or better yet,,Get a rope)

      • One cannot draw any conclusions from the names that someone has been called. We have spent 7 years and 8 months closing out two unnecessary wars and digging out of an economic recession created by the previous Republican President Duh-bya.

        The previous Democratic President also avoided unilateral wars and grew the economy more than either his Republican predecessor and successor. He also cut the national debt which neither of those did.

        I will choose on that basis regardless of which new names the tea party throws.

    • She would be a disaster for America! She’d destroy every opportunity for our country she would sell us out. Like Bernie says, she makes bad decisions.

      • Ignoring whatever names the tea-party has thrown, consider her actual delivery and that of President Obama which have been imperfect but have corrected most of the damage from the previous Republican President Duh-bya.

        Reality cannot match the promises made by Mr. Trump. Consider that he has not delivered on past promises, has conned investors, even friends and has claimed successes that proved to be fabrications. For instance, one may not claim the jobs that were created by one’s contractors if one subsequently refuses to pay those contractors.

        • Me. Trump has good buisnesses ideas to run the buisnesses of America. Bushs are questionable, I agree. Downturns hurt all buisnesses. Many of us have gone through down cycles and have comebacks in new cycles, many times it is about timing . Not a valid reason to discredit any one Our current deficit is a huge challenge. Trump turned around. I have talked to many of his employees from New York to Las Vegas. They have reported good things to me. He is fair. equal pay for women as men. He has employed many satisfied employees.
          Those working for and under Hillary become angry
          suicidal, treated with disrespect, intimidation, not equal pay dissatisfied. Billy rape victims treated and called “bimbo” she calls Latinos “tacos”. People with disabilities HILLARY call “retards”.
          Just one more reason to not vote for Hillary, she’s incapable incompetent inept and unfit for public office.
          Join me and min in voting for Donald Trump.

        • Reality? The queen of out of touch and delusional is Hillary. She could not get nor hold a real job. Advisors long ago told her to change her name from Rodham to Clinton, then she started to get work. She is extremely jealous of Billy. Attention always falls to him and ignores her. She is inept incompetent incapable and unfit for any public office.
          She is anti Christian anti Catholic anti Evangelical.
          Maybe even anti American.

          • Please call her another few dozen names for which you have no facts.

            Of the top 100 circulation newspapers, 25 have made endorsements. Of those 10 previously endorsed Mr. Romney and 3 had made no previous endorsement. Of the 25, 3 endorse Mr. Johnson, one says anyone but Mr. Trump and the remainder endorse Ms. Clinton.

            They have all of the video, all of the audio, all of the available memos and have interviewed other office holders, both domestic and foreign. You appear to only have a list of names to call her.

            As an ex-Catholic who learned too much from Jesuits to ever fall for the Evangelical tale of talking snakes, I would consider your anti-superstition claims to be in her favor.

          • Oh there’s facts. I know FBI found that she is incohsive and not indictable, however after reading over facts said there were at least ten, up to that point. After being subpoenaed Hillary bleached or tampered with the evidence. Her deals were made by Clinton machine with Comey– FBI is labeling a bad cop–and DOJ Loretta Lynch. Clinton aborted his flight, boarded her plane and left her shaking with beads of sweat pouring down her face. Her husband rubbed her back to calm her down. Bet you didn’t know that as well as many additional facts being released but mass media ignores. Gestapo propaganda because Clintons machinery own the media. A no brainer.

          • Ms. Clinton is a policy wonk but not an aspirant tech nerd. She knew nothing about either protecting or wiping a server (in which I am certified). Her staff told the contractor that managed the server that they were done with it before the House subpoena. An employee of that contractor failed to wipe the server and only did so after Ms. Clinton’s staff had honestly told the committee that the server had been recycled. That is all verifiable contrary to the conjecture that they might not have complied if they had known. It is U.S. government policy to physically destroy drives even after they have been software wiped. No one says if that was done.

            WE must demand an economic plan that current and past FED economists, Nobel recipients and ex-Treasury secretaries can support. ONE candidate has that. WE must demand a diplomatic policy which complies with existing treaties and which our major allies support. ONE candidate has that. WE must demand military spending that covers our actual threats and WE must demand an education policy that not only gives all young students a chance but also offers retraining to those whose jobs were lost to technology or trade. ONE candidate has those. Against accusations, rumors and epithets, WE as citizens must still choose.

          • I believe that candidate is Donald Trump, but thankyou for your replies.

          • Easy to tell you are not a Christian .

          • Its pretty easy to tell you Trump isnt a Christian either

          • You know more than Dr. Dobson, Jerry Falwell Jr. Franklin Graham, the late Phyllis Schafly? I think not

          • Trump never gave Christianity so much as a nod until he needed/bought the endorsement of those phony preachers. Only gullible rubes would believe Trump has any faith in anything except his own windbaggery. Only a Chump Would Vote For Trump.

          • I’m sorry sir you have a skewed self righteousness that convolutes this picture. Donald Trump chose to surround himself with people of faith. These substantial people are not easily scammed. Trump is not running for pastor or Sunday school teacher. I believe he was seeking direction. He wants to give our country the much needed leadership, that it sorely needs and deserves. Sorry that you can’t see that. I believe that gullible you have swallowed rubes and windbaggery in being deceived by the powerful deception of the long arms of the Clinton machinery.

          • Au contraire, Mon Ami…those people are not easily scammed because, as it alludes to in the Bible, You Cant Scam A Scammer. Jerry Falwell jr endorsing Trump is like Ted Bundy putting his support behind John Wayne Gacey. It just dont fly, Son. Look, I’d like to see the bloated federal government get taken over by a shrewd yankee businessman as much as the next conservative. There is too much waste in all levels of government and that drives the taxes high to pay all those wages and benefits for people who do very little to earn a nice living on the backs of the little guys like us. Give us Romney! But not Trump. He has too much junk in his trunk. I like to think Trump would be a good president, but not a good leader. He would divide the nation more than Obama has.

          • I disagree. Everyone has junk in their trunk. I’m sure a private investigator reporting on your life would make us both blush. DOSENT mean you are irredeemable. As it is with Trump
            He will unify what Obama and Hillary have divided

          • Good point and point made. But I disagree about him uniting…theres too many far left loons now who would go balilstic–even GWB, in war time, still had those dogs at his ankles when they should have been good Americans and shut up. We stand united against our enemies. America First

          • I really appreciate your replies. Thankyou. For all of us I hope you are wrong. Humbly we must turn to our God ask His grace and mercy cover us our friends families and our country. God bless you and yours. God bless America !
            Good to visit with you.

          • Same here. Let God’s Will be done.

          • Politics aside, I am sorry you have been hurt by others. Priests, Jesuits can wound deeply. Please remember man is fallen, and all of us are imperfect. Man is in desperate need of one to save us from ourselves. God promises to send a Messiah. He will be called wonderful, counselor, Almighty God and Father the prince of peace. At mass in community we ask Almighty God to forgive us our short comings and failures in what we have done, and failed to do. In asking, He forgives our sins, asks us to forgive others, and to forgive ourselves. We then enter to fellowship with Him. We then remember His perfect sacrifice that has put us into relationship with God the father through His son, by His shed blood and the cross He bore. Through His Holy Spirit He comfort us, He heals us and He gives us peace. We are acceptable to Him He had redeemed us, made us whole. He has called us by name, He never lets go. He brings to competition that good work He has begun in you, until on that day when you meet Him face to face. He calls your name.

      • DrFunk✓Funkᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ™


    • She is unacceptable. Hillary’s incompetent incapable inept and unfit for any public office.
      Vote Trump

  16. The election of Donald Trump is the only way to prevent civil war

    • Hope you are wrong, but you may just be right. — Maybe that is what they want ??

      • I am at the end of patience with the ;liberal dem bloodsucking parasites.
        I see it as the ultimate answer

        • We are sick to death of regressive narrow minded ignorance and bigotry of the right wing fabricating extremist fascism. We have a constitution and we are going to stand by it, sorry.

          • Yes, you are sick and sorry, not to mention parasitical life forms of the first rank.
            Dec 2014, a poll showed that 11.4% of the people thought that their state should secede from the union.
            Dec 2015, same poll showed that 23.9 % of the people thought tha their state should secede from the union
            I speculate that you liberal dem bloodsucking parasites have about 2 years. At that point we will close off the borders to ours states, station marksmen at the border, and go back to our old, dull running areal country, again.Then we will kick back and applaud as you leeches and ticks starve to death..

    • No, if Orange Hitler is elected the people will rise against him before his inauguration. Neo- fascism is not welcome here.

      • Oh, I hope so, liberal scum bag, I truly hope so, the chance to shoot at a liberal dem bloodsucker, legally, is as good as it gets.

  17. Just as all of the “government welfare takers” can’t have their simple minds changed, Trump supporters are way too smart to waste their time watching the media bias extravaganzas being called debates. Lester Holt, Martha Raditz, Anderson Cooper and the woman from CNN that moderated the VP debate, in fact name any person working in the MSM outlets that isn’t a blood sucking liberal. Holt claims to be a registered Republican, BIG DEAL SO DOES PAUL RYAN and look at his performances. Trump is correct this was just another several on one “Punch & Judy” show. If Hildabeast wins there is only one solution left to save America.

  18. We should be seeing the desperation really thrown into high gear of the Demosocialst Party now. Expect more

    • She is entertaining. A study into psychopath with neurological disorders. Hitler would be so proud and the Bushs would finance HILLARY their favorite candidate.

  19. The Democrats must not be allowed to win, plain and very simple. NO NO NO.
    I just sincerely hope that TRUMP and his beautiful Family are not threatened or worse. We already know that something or somebody was behind the sudden exit of Perot and the sudden failure of Romney so nothing is
    too extreme to imagine could happen in this election cycle…PRAY.

    • Perot was bought off to split the repub vote.

      • SIR.>>>please, do your homework and discover that Mr. Perot was, and is, a Patriot and could not be bought off for any reason or any amount of money. His or his family’s lives were threatened and he decided it simply wasn’t worth it….think about it… a bit of the Perot contributions to the U.S. and his selfless help of and for Veterans…..

        • Sorry Gene.

          P-Rot was a shill from day one. I was completely behind him and then he turned tail and ran. He made a fool out of a lot of us.

          I think the “family in danger” bit was a crock but when I was in Vietnam I did not have the option to run away every time I was in danger, and later in Life I was a Cleveland Policeman and also did not have the option to simply run away from confrontations and the safety of MY family never got in the way of me doing the job of protecting the families of others.

          The fact that I hear people saying that someone quit because they thought their life was in danger shows me that cowardice is now truly an art form in this country and maybe even Trump will not be able to make us great again.

          • Look Matthew,
            I am certain that every word you are writing is true.
            However, we all have breaking points and while I DO NOT FOR A MOMENT SHARE YOUR OPINION OF PEROT…..his values and the value he puts on his family and their welfare apparently was just worth more than the Presidency. That, to me, does not make him a Coward. As a Policeman your facing danger is part of the job and were you to turn from it because of danger….and the same is also true of the job and dangers a Soldier faces…..well that would be your decision and even the police claim they are not paid to get killed….everyone wants to go home after work Everyone sees things differently….but Perot did not need to sell out his Country, and didn’t. He saw the need for what he could offer as President, much the same,i believe, as what drives TRUMP.

  20. Trump 2016, say it all.

  21. Hillary belongs in jail; don’t reward her criminal activity by putting her in the white house!!!! She had the nerve to compare herself to honest Abe Lincoln.

  22. Chelsea`s dad is Webster Hubbell and Clintons had him eliminated cause he threatened to come forward. Chelsea looks just like him and just as ugly. Comparison of facial features is proof positive.

  23. Webster Hubbell knocked up Hillary and out popped Chealsea. Their facial features and oaffish body features are identical, Will someone reading this. pass along to Priebus. RNC Chairman. I do not know how to reach him or staff. Please help me!!!! Tx and God Bless. Go Trump!

  24. This should be all over a free press. We have mass media of a third world country. A dictatorial leader. Hey with Paul GUTLESS WONDER Ryan as a leader. Well he’ll shut down the government, as he collects his huge wage. So there. That’s the line in the sand. Bet you really feel threatened now! What a whimp.

  25. I fear there is not enough time to obtain more damaging evidence of the Clinton’s deceit and their globalist desires which dooms the America we love and cherish. We can not survive a 3d Obungle term and a lost generation to the liberal progressives!

  26. Released and appropriately edited before releasing. WikiLeaks works for Putin’s Russia. And so does Trump.

  27. All those Clinton speech docs showed was what we already know. Hillary is a liar, a manipulator, and will say anything to get what she wants. She has absolutely NO Character, but lots of B.S. At least now some of her own supporters can see who she really is. Will it make a difference? Maybe. But it will make a difference to those sitting on the fence about who to vote for…an egomanical liar manipulator or a gruff non-political business man who loves his country and wants it safe and secure again? Hopefully the fence sitters have some smarts and can differentiate which would be better for our Nation!

  28. The trouble with the liberals is that they don’t understand one basic fact of science: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Take global warming. They create an never ending line of new regulations and restrictions on US businesses to “fight global warming”. The reaction: Jobs and businesses move to China and other Asian countries where far fewer regulations exist. The result “global warming” emissions from production processes increase. Plus more American workers are out of work.

  29. It is good bye America, Hello UN forced Labor Camps and our children and theirs will hate us forever as they suffer under Agenda21 globalism. They will read, if they are allowed, wistfully about when people actually could succeed and had the freedom to work hard and prosper, worship, give, and simply live free. Under the monstrous evil of the Clintons, there is no chance USA ever comes back. However, I hold a very special brand of outright hatred for Paul Ryan and his RINO Herd of Eunuchs. At least Democrats are expected to be mentally damaged radicals who believe socialism is viable. Ryan and his disgusting ilk sold out our country to the Clinton Crime Foundation, foreign enemies on both sides of the world who are salivating at having a totally compromised POTUS who has the same view of world domination as the ChiComs do. By 2018, the GOP will never win a race for dogcatcher as the demographics of open borders kills the party once and for all. Radical progressives will have accomplished their utopia, and our children and theirs will be serfs. The Queen Wretched Hag will open our borders, terrorists, criminals, druglords, and a brand of people who will slit your throat and not blink an eye while they machete your kids to death in front of you for a can of coffee will enter freely as absolute anarchy reigns. Don’t believe me, close your eyes, now picture this headline “USA Broke, No More Money! Welfare, Social Services collapse, Food running out” and imaging the urban areas across this land. Your goofy zombie shows and other such tripe won’t be a fraction of the reality of a complete societal breakdown in a country where no one knows how to work anymore.

    A couple of minor dirty nukes later, martial law begins, Hilary’s Brownshirts and her SS move in, and the world panics and the economy collapses. There is only one answer to all of those who cannot do for themselves. Support and beg for scraps from FedZilla. “Support us serfs, or ye shall starve”. The rest of us will fight for as long as we can, and we will continue to hate those that voted for this alternative as long as there are any left who draw breath.

    Trump is the only wild card so insane, so unplanned, so rogue, we might get to a reset so we can stave it off. He’s the one thing their planners never saw as a remote possibility. He’s the only hole card that is left.

  30. I don’t know aymore what to think. Hillary know she will win, because, any perso nwith al brain, with her backround, won’t even would think to be a candidate for the presidency. Soros, is in her back, plus those who PAID TO PLAY. My feeling, the establishment will stop Trump to be president. I don’t know if, I’m right. I wish not. As I heard, after the 3rd debate if, Trump wins then, God help us.

  31. The “media” doesn’t want to hear the truth or see the truth, they just want Hillary elected. Maybe they think that they are “special” and do or say anything they want. At one time, we had HONEST REPORTERS in this country and they are probably turning over in their graves at what is considered reporting now. Look at Chet Huntley and David Brinkley. They were even handed and reported the news, not changed it or ignored it to suit someones ambition. It is enough to make me cry out of sadness that our Great Country has fallen so low. GOD HELP US ALL!!!!!!!

  32. michael schimanski

    Globalization = millions of dollars more for hillary and her elite friends , open borders = more workers and less job for less pay for all Americans , more welfare for illegal aligns also terrorists coming in unvetted . Supreme court justices who will vote against constitutional law and turn our courts into a political enity . These thing alone is reason enough to vote against hillary and for Donald Trump . Just read the e-mails Wikileak just releast , she tells her elite friends one thing and We The People another . hillary clinton’s motto , lie , lie , lie , deny , deny , deny .

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  34. The planet does not need a billary or bill.

  35. Were are the emails i want to see them too? and i hope that people don,t think she is for them what a laugh

  36. I wonder if the Clinton owned Media will report this? Not holding my breath!

  37. How about all of the above?? Somebody must have paid a lot of money for that eleven year old Trump tape. And, it is not surprising that Gerry Rivers (AKA Geraldo Rivera) says he has some too and the producer of Trump’s reality show says he has some, as well.

  38. Mr. Trump began quoting memos almost immediately after they appeared on the Russian Propaganda station Sputnik. The Russians had modified them and removed them a few hours later after the fact-checking began. Clearly, Mr. Trump was so eager to accuse that he did not care whether the accusation was true. This WikiLeaks content has not been fact-checked and their previous release had carried a recent timestamp and an embedded Russian last-changed user id. it is telling that Julian Assange promises leaks today but had admitted on October 4 that he didn’t have anything. Those who make accusations based on such sources further damage any remaining credibility of Mr. Trump.

    • Get a grip— here is the Hillery off camera

      Broomstick one

      Bad image, if any truth…

      I am finally sending this out to a few of my friends – this is so revolting – Hillary’s behavior and words are beyond belief. I wonder what all her advocates would say – more than that the treatment of others is reprehensible. What a horrible person. Alice

      What a hateful person to have to be around. I’ve had all these various quotes presented at one time or another. I know this is the unvarnished Hillary.

      God help all of us if she winds up in the White House.

      Eight quotes from ‘Broomstick’ One.


      Hillary Clinton’s actual words:

      1) “Where is the God damn flag? I want the God damn fucking flag up every morning at fucking sunrise”. Hillary to staff at the Arkansas Governor’s mansion on Labor Day 1991. From the book “Inside the White House” by Ronald Kessler, p. 244

      (2) “Fuck off! It’s enough I have to see you shit-kickers every day! I’m not going to talk to you, too! Just do your Goddamn job and keep your mouth shut.” Hillary to her State Trooper bodyguards after one of them greeted her with “Good Morning.” From the book “America Evita” by Christopher Anderson, p.90

      (3) “If you want to remain on this detail, get your fucking ass over here and grab those bags!” Hillary to a Secret Service Agent who was reluctant to carry her luggage because he wanted to keep his hands free in case of an incident. From the book “The First Partner” p. 25

      (4) “Stay the fuck back, stay the fuck back away from me! Don’t come within ten yards of me, or else! Just fucking do as I say, Okay!!?” Hillary screaming at her Secret Service detail. From the book “Unlimited Access” by Clinton ‘s FBI Agent-in-Charge, Gary Aldridge, p.139

      (5) “Where’s the miserable cock sucker?” (otherwise known as “Bill Clinton”) Hillary shouting at a Secret Service officer. From the book “The Truth about Hillary” by Edward Klein, p. 5

      (6) “You fucking idiot” Hillary to a State Trooper who was driving her to an event. From the book “Crossfire” ~pg. 84

      (7) “Put this on the ground! I left my sunglasses in the limo. I need those fucking sunglasses! We need to go back! Hillary to Marine One helicopter pilot to turn back while in route to Air Force One. From the book ” Dereliction of Duty” p. 71-72

      (8) “Come on Bill, put your dick up! You can’t fuck her here!!” Hillary to Gov. Bill Clinton when she spots him talking with an attractive female. From the book “Inside the White House” by Ronald Kessler, p. 243

      There it is ……, chapter and page…….the real Hillary Rotten Clinton!

      Additionally, when she walked around the White House, NO ONE was permitted to look her in the eye, they all had to lower their heads with their eyes towards the ground whenever she walked by. Clearly she is a class act!

      This ill-tempered, violent, loud-mouth, hateful and abusive woman wants to be your next President, and have total control as Commander-in-Chief of our Military, the very Military for which she has shown incredible disdain throughout her public life .

      Remember her most vile comment about Benghazi: “What difference at this point does it make?”

      Now it will be clear why the crew of “Marine One” helicopter nick-named the craft, “Broomstick ONE ”

      When Bill Clinton was in office no service members were allowed to wear uniforms while in the White House except for the ceremonial military guards. I’m surprised there aren’t any audio recordings of her latest outburst, but I’m sure if she makes it to the white House there will be of this and recordings.

      “The essence of America – that which really unites us – is not ethnicity, or nationality or religion – it is an idea – and what an idea it is: That you can come from humble circumstances and do great things.”

      -Condoleezza Rice

      “Life without liberty is like a body without spirit.”
      -Kahlil Gibran

      Go Trump!

  39. People are there any Country that is as good as th United States of America. Well if Hillary gets her way we won’t be. We will have the SWEAT SHOP’S were we all work for nothing to make the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Their GREED HAS NO END. Please do not vote her in to DESTROY what we as Americans Love. Please, Please, Please.

  40. Oh Oh, that’s rich ! Get paid big time for speaches, then everyday on internet email ask for more donations. Or is it just scammers getting away with scamming under their names ?

  41. Podesta and the Hillary bunch don’t know who really hacked them, but they decided to make Russia the “Boogy man.” Had it been any other strong nation, capable of competing militarily with us, the Clintonites would probably have used that nation for which to work up suspicion and fear. I brush off the faux Russian fear mongering, it’s the issue the Clintonites aim to make advantage with, but the issues of Supreme Court new judges, lower taxes, honest Dept of Justice and FBI leadership, secured borders, closing down the sanctuary of “sanctuary cities,” and revival of U.S. Armed Forces. Let’s not forget the national debt either! Good Lord, #WTH has this nation been doing for almost eight wasted years? What’s left of our nation is practically third world! I guess I can believe what Obama meant by “transformation!” Just look at the damage done in almost eight years, and dummies out there still think we’re the same America? If we ever needed an honest change, it’s now! God forbid more Democrat government!

  42. Hillary stands for everything dishonest. She and Bill stole from the White House after his second term. 70 paintings were shipped to Arkansas on her orders. There are several online references to this and you will also find the information in the Book Final Days by the late Barbara Olson. Hillary needs to be an orange jumpsuit not in the White House. That way she will blend in with the other prisoners.

  43. What I would recommend is that people not focus on Trump’s individual qualities, but what he is standing for. Trump is an American citizen who is not perfect, but loves his country and wants to protect it’s interests. Hillary and Obama do not care, and would like to sell America to the highest bidder. The choice is very clear. People should not be distracted by all of the silliness the Hillary camp has tried to use (ie. birther issue, what Trump said 20 years ago, etc.). Hillary is a political prostitute who has been bought by foreign interests and others including George Soros, and they have an agenda, and need Hillary to fulfill her requirements. Like Bernie Sanders said during the primaries, people don’t just give you millions of dollars and not expect something in return. Follow the money to see who the true masters are for Hillary and Obama, then go vote for Trump to break up the elite establishment party in Washington so that we can try to have a smaller more accountable government for the citizens, and not the illegal immigrants and big donors.

  44. Well let us publish these excerpts…of course the coffee shop commies are still rooting for her and the parasites follow the handouts…oh I almost forgot the PMS estrogen voters that think the $lut has not only earned the oral office, but is qualified to “lead”….may when dancing with her “partner”, but she would have trouble leading thirsty cattle to water, much less handling the duties of the office of the president…

  45. Francisco Machado

    Pre election day attacks are standard political fare, the Democrats being far more outrageous with them than the republicans who make some effort to do it with facts. The Democrat attacks become wilder as the time left to refute them becomes shorter. I’m reminded of Harry Reid: “Romney hasn’t paid taxes in ten years.” Told after the election that he had no basis for that, he said “We won, didn’t we?” Don’t believe anything at all that’s said this close to election day if it can’t be confirmed by independent evidence – even the Hillary email releases could be faked. The possibility that the Russians have all Hillary’s emails is quite strong, a near certainty. The Clinton machine, however, doesn’t know that the Russians are releasing them – they could be released by anyone hacking the servers involved, by the internet services she employed – or even by a “mole” inside the Clinton camp. Presumably the NSA has all of them – or the taxpayers have paid a fortune for a useless agency, since few things are more closely related to national security than the State Department. Security certainly wasn’t much of a concern to her at the time.

  46. A true vote is needed and yet I doubt we will have one. Where our next couple of generations are raised by the liberals America faces only 2 paths. Revolution, or Capulation.. I am not good at ass kissing I am good at target practice just saying which side I’ll be on..

  47. This AKLADY is one stupid ass whore, no question in my mind she is on the clinton payroll, because no one could be as ignorant as she sounds without getting payed to be. this whore is nothing less that a racist agianst white people maybe this bitch will leave the country with libtards and moviestars when MR TRUMP wins in Nov

  48. I think it is that they are deverting attention to trump by drumming false narratives! Trump has produced witnesses that was on the flight of the gal who wore a dress, the witness said she had on a white pants suit, we know the arms of seats do not raise up, FAA considers armrest on seats to be part of the restraint system to keep the passenger contained in the seat, the accuser said when trump left his seat that “she couldn’t believe she was sitting next to Trump, (elated), invited him to her resturant in calif. he didn’t show, she was angry, she is vindictive, she files sex misconduct charges on people for revenge, says cousin! This stank to high heaven! An accusation is just that, an opinion is just that, and to overthrow an election on false charges and opinion is against the laws of humanity! Defamation is ruinous to the character of the person being defamed(deliberately) and CNN, MsNBC, el al, are guilty of pushing a false narrative, unvetted, just grab stories and run with it! It is not the first time for these nitwits! They have the reputation of falsehoods in their narrative of news! Hillary, they believe will be protected, covered for, and the MSM believes it rubs off on them! They are exempt to the laws of lying and deciet, fabrications for political purposes! I saw Poppy yesterday run with her opinions on Trump, Poppy has not covered the emails at all! Too busy covering for hillary!! Biased? No they are part of the DNC force for action, and actionaries for the forceful misplacement of information, and propaganda!! So evident! It makes me sick at my stomach!!

  49. … this is why I correctly define her as the ole, ugly commie political whore – tell me where I am mistaken!

  50. Again, the Clinton Foundation has received funds from Russia, and it appears Hillary has benefited directly. We know that Bill Clinton received $500,000 for two speeches involved in the receipt of the Clinton Foundation of 1445 Million Dollars all for Russia in a pay for play deal allowing the Russians to receive 20% of American Uranium Stockpiles. I seriously believe why would they shoot their gift horse in the mouth.

  51. Speaking fees are nothing more than bribes and “Pay to Play”. This hypocritical bitch sneers at the rest of us minions as she feathers her nest!

  52. One would think, after all these years since Nixon’s Watergate Tapes, that these morons, on both sides of the fight, would have the sense to delete emails that might be used against them or become incriminating. And if you must save this junk, supposedly to black mail someone in the distant future or to write a book, put them on a thumb drive and in your underwear drawer. As any dumb-ass knows an underwear drawer is a safer place to stash anything than your computer linked to the internet. Putting anything of value, or sensitive in nature, in an email is, in itself, an idiots task. And if a person who has been in the White house, a US Senator, and a Secretary of State does not understand what “Top Secret” means than who should? And if in those positions she did not handle those documents carefully why would anybody think she would do so in the future? Politicians, lawyers, and Robber Barons are the cross the middle class must bear.

  53. Of all the comments about H.Clinton, there is still public acceptance that a major political party can be so indifferent to America that it can feature H.Clinton as its candidate for the U.S. presidency, and the compliant voting constituency will overlook her past criminality and accept her candidacy.

    An ordinary American citizen would have been tried, sentenced, and imprisoned, but as H.Clinton considers herself to be an untouchable, so do many every-day American citizens. What is wrong with that picture? Has this country’s values died?

  54. I can’t until it is all over and the dust clears so I can get back to waiting for the real “Leader” to come !

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