Clinton Received Classified Emails on Insecure Server

Despite claiming multiple times that she never used her private email address to send or receive classified messages, Hillary Clinton appears to have fudged the truth. According to a new report from Fox News, the Office of the Intelligence Community has found that Clinton received classified emails from several intelligence agencies on her private server. The CIA, the NSA, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence all sent emails to the potentially-compromised address.

After running through a random sample of emails Clinton released to the State Department, investigators found five emails containing classified information.

The news comes as the State Department releases another batch of emails to congressional investigators. The new emails, however, have been heavily redacted by the Obama administration, raising further questions about their sensitive contents. Though the information blacked out may not have been technically classified at the time, the release proves that Clinton had no business using an insecure server.

For her part, Clinton continues to claim that she was fully compliant with the law during her tenure as secretary of state, following all rules and regulations in place at the time. But even if that were true, critics have wondered what this episode demonstrates about Clinton’s sense of discretion. Yes, perhaps the emails were unclassified. Yes, perhaps she was technically within the boundaries of the law. But why would someone in a position like hers take chances with matters of national security?

It’s the million dollar question, and there are only two possible answers. One, Clinton believes the usual precautions don’t apply to her. She is too wise and too clever to subject herself to anything as mundane as “best practices.” In other words, this whole scandal was brought about by her own arrogance.

The other possibility is that she was deliberately trying to hide something. And after allegations that she engaged in quid-pro-quo arrangements with foreign governments in exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation, this is the possibility that should concern all Americans.

Put Clinton’s politics aside for a moment. A liberal is a liberal, after all. This is about more than that. It’s hard enough to find someone qualified to be president without worrying that they will sell the Oval Office to the highest bidder. It’s hard enough to fight for government transparency without putting someone in office that practices secrecy as a way of life.

Even Democrats can do better than Hillary.

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