Clinton Pushing for Automatic Voter Registration

Hillary Clinton made it clear this week that she is not just seeking votes, she is seeking to overhaul the way we vote. At speeches in Texas, Clinton railed against voter ID laws, praised efforts to expand early voting periods, and made the case for automatic voter registration. In the latter case, Clinton believes every American who turns 18 should be automatically registered to vote. She also would like to see everyone already over 18 registered in a similar way, though she declined to say how she would make this happen.

Clinton’s remarks on automatic voter registration come only months after President Obama mentioned the prospect of mandatory voting. Obama wasn’t proposing legislation by any means, but it’s clear that the Democrats feel the way forward is to get as many people to the polls as possible. Especially if the rules are so vague that even non-citizens are easily able to cast a ballot.

These proposals are difficult to fight because Republicans risk appearing as though they want to suppress certain voters when they make the case against these policies. And of course, that’s part of it. But that’s not all of it by a long shot. We owe it to our electoral system to make sure it is as free of fraud as we can get it. By following Clinton’s lead, it would be harder than ever to make sure that every vote is legitimate.

Automatic registration and mandatory voting go to another problem, and it’s one worth pausing to consider. Quite frankly, what is the benefit to making it easier for people to vote? It’s already about as easy as it can get. When we start talking about making it even easier (or mandatory), what portion of the population are we reaching out to? We’re reaching out to those unwilling to endure even the tiniest burdens of participation. In other words, those who couldn’t care less about elections. Is our country improved by bringing these people into the voting booth?

True the Vote issued a statement that said, “Clinton’s embrace of mandatory or ‘universal’ voter registration may sound above reproach, but the actual means to accomplish such a policy would risk substantial voter dilution for citizens.”

As an American citizen, you have the right to make your voice heard. But those rights come with certain civic responsibilities. If you care enough to vote, you should care enough to get informed. If you care enough to vote, you should care enough to get registered. And if you don’t care enough to take these small steps, then maybe you don’t care enough to vote.

Clinton and Obama make it sound as though they want to make us a more democratic country. In truth, they want the ignorant, the illegal, and the fraudulent to decide elections from here on out. That is, after all, their constituency.

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        GEL38, who made you an expert of genetics? Babies born of Black & White parents are considered as being an African America/black. If your error ridden comment is true, then ALL light skinned babies born of white and black parents are white. If you can read, check this out; Also review the movie picture “Imitation of Life”, two edition of the movie was made. I would advise many Whites to not ever get a DNA test. Many light skinned Blacks are passing as white, and the women who are, many are afraid to have a baby,who can be born VERY dark. Note the only reason that President Obama is catching hell and being disrespected is because he is BLACK, and live in the WHITE House, with HIS Black Wife and children. And Dr. Ben Carson must be on drugs to ever think that white Americans would vote again and elect another BLACK man as president. Sadly, not until MAYBE in 2096. Racism, Sin, atheists and greed will destroy the USA.

        • Steve, I suggest you ask Google: “Status of children born of mixed marriages”—-you will come away far better informed.

        • To date, The United States of America has never had a Black/Negro POTUS, We do however happen to have a Mulatto Upsurper Resident sitting in the Oval office!

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  3. Shades of motor voter and that was another clinton fiasco!
    It’s all about the fraud. Whaat is necessary to capture as many fraudulent votes as possible.

  4. Makes sense for her to automatically enfranchise the many thousands if not millions of illegals that swarm over the border to the promised land of milk and honey and Democrat generated handouts. Quite a trick, import many new voters to keep the Democrats entrenched in power and continue to steal from law abiding, hard working Americans.

  5. She isn’t even potus and wants to change the honest way that things have been done for decades. No integrity whatsoever!

    • Sorry but they have not been done the honest way for decades. that’s one of the problems. The election system in the U.S. is simply down to who can cheat
      better than the next guy and, at this (cheating) liberals have no equal.

  6. Democrat politicos are so “transparently” corrupt, that they don’t even try to hide their naked greed and ambition.

  7. How about only those with social security numbers and taxpayers get a form with their April 15th tax form.

    • MuslimLuvChrist

      illegals are using SSNs of dead people, even those over 110 yrs old, and have you heard, the IRS is corrupt

      • Well ok. You got me there. How about when you reach the age of 18 you must register with the selective service both young men and women. You must be registered and ready to defend your country in order to vote on how it is run. Not sure but I think that’s how they do it in Isreal. Maybe some accountability or some skin in the game might counter the fraud of busloads of voters being shipped in by Acorn or its sister progressive organizations.

        • MuslimLuvChrist

          The major problem is that there is no penalty for coming here illegally, thus the entire world will try as hard as they can to get into the land of free benefits

          • Someone once said: “Democracy has within it, the seeds for it’s own destruction” Those seeds have germinated and are beginning to grow. Whoever said it was right on!

          • MuslimLuvChrist

            Your quote comes from clinton’s idol Marx: He believed capitalism plants the seeds for it’s own destruction as it develops

            Rome’s greatest statesman, Marcus Tullius Cicero, witnessed the end of the Roman Republic. Before paying with his life, he spoke to the Roman Senate: A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within.

  8. Of course Hillary is an ignorant liberal who don’t know dip s— about how our constitution and bill of rights is suppose to work. She is just a marxist from the get go.

    • Sorry, No cigar for You… Hillary is far from ignorant and knows exactly what peoples rights are… She proved that when She got fired from the Watergate prosecution team for ” Wanting to violate everyone’s constitutional rights.”

  9. We have to have voter registration. We cannot have illegals voting for more welfare as they do not pay for it. We, the taxpayers do. simple as that.

    • MuslimLuvChrist

      We have to have proof-of-citizenship when registering AND when voting, anyone can register with the Federal Form

      • Muslim,
        As long as we adhere to that requirement, non citizens cannot vote. But that gets bent without absolute proof at the polls. A mere drivers’ license or “proof” of local housing is not acceptable. This is no inconvenience to any voter if they know the rules in advance and take the proper steps. Proper registration should be dome long before voting day. No proof, no vote.

        • MuslimLuvChrist

          an example of this is: On May 7, the Board of Immigration Appeals of the Executive Office for Immigration Review held that a Peruvian citizen became a “Legal Permanent Resident (LPR)” of the U.S. in 2004. They then applied for an Illinois driver’s license and registered to vote at the same time (Motor-Voter), then cast a ballot in the 2006 congressional election. When they applied for naturalization in 2007, they admitted in the INS interview that they had voted in an American election. If they had not applied to become a citizen, they could have continued to illegally vote with no chance of being detected. This case is just another example of how easy it is for non-citizens to vote in our elections. And there are politicians (53% of Democrats) who want to ensure that they can continue to do so without getting caught.

          • Muslim,
            That is precisely why we need to insure voter accuracy. I think we are all aware of the Democratic scheme including them.

          • You notice that state that this happened in. The same state that brought you the illegal alien in the white house. They register turds in illinois to vote!!!

        • Consider Yourself corrected, noncitizen Registered Resident Aliens may indeed legally vote in any election so long as they have registered to vote in it… This has been the law for a very long time, Since 1968, New York City has granted resident aliens who are the parents of school children the right to vote and run for community school board (N. Y. Educ. Law § 2590 (c)(3)). The City of Chicago similarly gives such parents the right to vote in school board elections (105 Ill. Comp. Stat. Ann. 5/34-2. 1(d)(ii)). In 1992, Takoma Park, Maryland, amended its municipal charter to give all residents, regardless of citizenship, the right to vote, and run for office, in local elections (Takoma Park Charter §§ 601 and 603). Four smaller Maryland municipalities, all in Montgomery County, followed Takoma’s example and now allow resident aliens to participate in local elections. These municipalities are Somerset (Charter Art. 5 § 83-21), Barnesville (Charter § 74-3), Chevy Chase Sections 3 and 5, and Martin’s Addition.

          The most recent, successful non-citizen voting initiatives have been in Massachusetts. The city councils in Amherst and Cambridge voted to ask the state legislature to approve home rule petitions that would allow resident aliens to vote in local elections. To date, the legislature has not acted on the petitions.

          Now, Ask Yourself this question, What would the Kenyan Imposters motivation be for His supposed Dream Act/DACCA?
          That’s what needs to be addressed!

      • Can’t have that, it would blow the whole scam,

  10. Is there some way we can stop her in her tracks. This is the Lib’s way of having millions of illegals voting for the Democratic Party. She is ruthless.

    • MuslimLuvChrist

      We have to have proof-of-citizenship when registering AND when voting


      • When you register to vote you do not show proof of citizenship and when you vote they do not ask for ID. This is what we must fight for. No Voter ID, no vote. No voting on line where anyone can vote.

        • MuslimLuvChrist

          First, states must clean up their voter registration databases, removing duplicate records, deceased voters, felons, people who have moved, and all non-US citizens. The best way to remove illegals from voter rolls is to require proof of citizenship as Kansas and Arizona wanted to do and as the Constitution allows, this is now being brought up with the Supreme Court.

          Another step is to compare citizenship and the corrupt registration databases. This is very time consuming and SHOULD NOT be needed if proof-of-citizenship was proven during voter registration!

          • steve crawford

            I agree with your comment. Sadly the State and Federal governments does a piss poor job of keep non eligible people off of any record or file. Decease people still receive Social Security, food stamp, disability and Welfare checks. Voting fraud is NOT that of a major problem. And I disagree that people should be able to vote without an ID. Both Black and Whites, GOP & DEM should squash that BS ID issue. US Citizens must REGISTER to VOTE, AND EVERY US Citizens should have a valid picture ID. In Texas you can obtain a picture ID especially if you don’t drive. The question I ask, is How and When US citizenship is verified? There is the FACTS that the GOP in 22 States have implemented voting new rules, gerrymandering and redistricting and reduced hours and places to vote. Fewer voting machines are installed in heavy non-white districts, but enough voting machines in white middle class areas, that they can vote in 10 to 20 minutes. Voting is a Right for ALL US citizens regardless of color. But the GOP have made voting for Black US Citizens hard with rules to impede their voting rights.

          • MuslimLuvChrist

            USCIS states that your birth certificate provides proof of citizenship. The EAC, NVRA, and 10th Circuit Court fought Kansas and Arizona on their proof-of-citizenship when registering case, stating that election officials have access to EVVE (Electronic Verification of Vital Events). The EVVE system allows confirmation of birth records for citizens virtually anywhere in the U.S., but this is not an alternative, election officials do not look up EVVE records, and TX proved it would cost $.75/applicant. Anyone going thru the voter registration process MUST go thru EVVE before registering.

            The GOP is NOT gerrymandering, redistricting, reduced hours, and places to vote. Don’t make them racists like clinton wants you to believe. They have NO control over voting machines in black or white districts. clinton’s NY is racist for only voting on election day, she should fix her state before calling other states racist! The GOP has NOT made voting for Black US Citizens hard with rules to impede their voting rights.

          • Your first paragraph was very informative, however you are very naive and uninformed about gerrymandering, redistricting, reduced hours, and places to vote. Texas is one of the worst violators. The 14th amendment gave the black slaves the right to vote, but it was useless before the ink dried, then the GOP passed the 1965 Voting Rights Bill but some states partition the US Supreme court and the Judges gutted the Bill. I would like to see that all students that reach 18 yo be registered via EVVE as part of them becoming a voting citizen. Shuck add it to their graduation fees. The GOP and the NAACP should drop the issue of an ID, EVERYONE should have a valid picture ID.

        • disqus_MZe2ymfHQj

          In Louisiana we show ID to vote

          • Unfortunately, I am in the Red state of California. If the people who vote here had to show ID the percentage of voters would probably be about 10%.

    • The best way is to just not elect her in 2016.

  11. Killery Rotten Benghazi Clinton is evil to the bone. She wants people to vote today before voters change their mind, because more of her criminality will be exposed as each day passes. BTW, as of today, we have 593 days left of Moocher and the Obamanation of America!

  12. In response to Hillary Clinton’s self-serving suggestions regarding voter registration policies, I repeat the same information I have written previously: It is the civic responsibility and duty of legal U.S. citizens themselves to get themselves registered to vote, and to vote in elections. It should NOT be either the duty or the responsibility of the government, either Federal or State, to coerce citizens into registering, or to automatically register citizens to vote. Nor should NGO’s be utilized to coerce citizens to register or to vote, and agencies like ACORN or affiliated or similar agencies should not be allowed to corral voters and haul them in buses to the polls to get them to vote specifically for Democratic candidates. The entire coercive “Get Out The Vote” industry I find utterly disgusting. What we need to start doing instead is to teach Civics classes in every 11th grade class, to awaken the inner patriotic duty portion of the brain of young students. The only caveat to my suggestion is that so-called “progressive propaganda” should not be allowed to be shoved down the throats of our children and grandchildren!

    Secondly, a Federal database of legal U.S. citizens needs to be established! I nearly dropped by drawers when I heard on the news that one doesn’t exist, and thus our government officials have no means of determining who is a legal U.S. citizen for voting purposes! How insane is that? Clearly, the Democrats have probably prevented such a system from being instigated because they rely so heavily on fraudulent voters to achieve victory in tight political races! Case in point — Florida in 2004! Such political circuses can be avoided by instigating an E-Verify system that can (and must!) be used to verify whether those who register to vote are legal U.S. citizens, and especially whether those who have voted in our elections are eligible to do so!

    I’m sure we can count on Hillary Clinton to scream and yell like a demented shrew to keep any such measures from being enacted, but by God they better be enacted because we legal U.S. citizens are getting damn sick of the fraudulent tactics used by the Democrats to achieve election victories while utterly disregarding the reality that their dirty tricks are utterly destroying the credibility of our entire election process. So many Americans are so disgusted over that lack of credibility, and because they’re convinced that their votes are meaningless, that tens of millions of U.S. citizens no longer bother to vote at all! That is the worst travesty of all! But I’m convinced that is also part of the Democrats dirty plans to replace votes by U.S. citizens with votes by illegals!

  13. Hillary should really concentrate on getting a good attorney if she wishes to avoid prison for all of her lies, mis-directions, and bribes allowed with her & Bill’s Foundation…..

    Just saying…..

    • I didn’t want to be the one to put the pin in the balloon of a 5-yr old. I would recommend All 3-Clintons Bill, Hillary, AND Amy hire 3 different attorneys. Bill and Hill are more obvious. Since I was an Investment AdvIsor, Amy knowing the money she was moving and possibly structuring or not meeting any objective could have AML issues allegedly

  14. When a 18 year old receive their diploma after graduating from high school they should have also in their pocket a Voter Registration card. However, THEY MUST HAVE A STATE, CITY OR FEDERAL PICTURE ID. Both Blacks and Whites and the DEM and the GOP should drop the BS issue of NOT having a ID. In most state EVERYONE even if they don’t drive can get a PICTURE ID. It is needed in most financial transactions and 95% to get on a airplane. The right to vote is covered in the US Constitution, like the Rights in the 1st, 2nd and 4th US Amendments that white Americans make everyone aware of. The continuously arguments of illegal immigrants voting is just a smoke screen by the GOP to control the outcomes of the elections. Many of the GOP political leaders DO NOT WANT THE State College issued Picture ID to be used as a valid ID, because they know that many young people would clean out the political scum in Washington. .

    • MuslimLuvChrist

      An example of this is: On May 7, the Board of Immigration Appeals of the Executive Office for Immigration Review held that a Peruvian citizen became a “Legal Permanent Resident (LPR)” of the U.S. in 2004. They then applied for an Illinois driver’s license and registered to vote at the same time (Motor-Voter), then cast a ballot in the 2006 congressional election. When they applied for naturalization in 2007, they admitted in the INS interview that they had voted in an American election. If they had not applied to become a citizen, they could have continued to illegally vote with no chance of being detected. This case is just another example of how easy it is for non-citizens to vote in our elections. And there are politicians (53% of Democrats) who want to ensure that they can continue to do so without getting caught.

      • steve crawford

        Some Foreigners are illegally obtaining welfare, social security, etc., and yes voting. It is called fraud. I believe it is against the law to illegally vote. The focus should be on both fronts to ensure and make it easy for ALL US citizens to be able to vote without any barriers, and any person that vote Illegally should be Fined. No US State should issue a Driver license that will allow a non US Citizen to vote or for any other purposes that require Citizenship. The state Driver Licenses should be Different for NON CITIZENS I’m told it only cost $.75 for verification of citizenship if the subject does not have a passport or birth certificate. If a person IS NOT registered and want to vote, they MUST HAVE A US ISSUED PASSPORT or BIRTH CERTIFICATE with a Valid ID. Voting is a RIGHT for ALL US CITIZENS. And everyone should quash that should “be able to vote without an ID”. Question; can a NON US CITIZEN buy a gun or obtain a Conceal Handgun License?

  15. Clinton wouldn’t be happy if the Democrats got to vote 5 times and the GOP once….she’s a bum, a liar and a two bit whore….

  16. MuslimLuvChrist

    hitlery wants to LEGALIZED VOTER FRAUD by having illegals use the corrupt mail in Federal Form!
    watch her next demand mandatory voting (like obama did) since the illegals illegally registered as democraps!

    democraps denied the Kansas and Arizona fight against the EAC, NVRA, and 10th Circuit Court on appending the Federal Form, where the applicant simply states they are a citizen WITH NO PROOF, even the check box asking about citizenship has been removed!?!
    636,000 illegals have already received driver’s licenses thru DACA.
    USCIS just sent letters to all 9,000,000 green card holders urging them to naturalize and get driver’s licenses prior to the 2016 election.
    This is why Kansas and Arizona are taking their proof-of-citizenship case to SCOTUS!

    The basic question is: If you had proof-of-citizenship when registering to vote,
    then why can’t you provide the same proof-of-citizenship when you vote, especially by mail.


  17. Hillary’s only record is one of corruption and she has never done anything positive for this country. Go to U tube and read Clinton Corruption. She like Obama and the left wing socialist communist, know that they need the votes of those who know little or nothing about what is happening to America and they need enough people who are illiterate, don’t care or are just plain stupid to listen to their false promises. Hillary belongs behind bars, and a democrat can not be a true Christian and back abortion, gay marriage, and the immoral acts the party supports. Of course if you are an atheist, don’t love this country, and want to see it fall—Hillary is right for you.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Hey! Her and Billy boy were both very musically inclined! She played the “juice”harp well and Billy boy could really play the whoremonica.. heehee…..

  18. Yea hildabeast PIG great idea. Let’s just register everyone on US soil. Then you dummycraps can solidify your one party dictatorship.

  19. Under ACA “ObamaCare” you are required to submit a Government ID to received medical care. Now if Americans seem to be able to come up with that ID for their medicare, why is it at election time they will be unable to comply with presenting such a document to the election judges to verify who they are on the rolls. Also, a valid government ID is required to fly; I don’t see protests to forgo showing IDs at the AirPort or at the Medical Provider only at the Polls where each cycle the biggest fraud is committed on our freedoms. Ms Hillary’s plan is flawed from the start. Say we had some mechanism to grant automatic recognition to those eligible to vote and it was dynamic and took into account deaths prior to election day or alzheimer/dementia patients unable to know their own name and mentally challenged Americans with an IQ less than a 10 year old. Now all this if is factored in, what about immigrants, legal and illegal? How will they be integrated into the system? Our right to vote is a right to be exercised. This means that all citizens being equal without extraordinary financial or logistic burden: citizens wanting to vote should get the butts out to register at todays many convenient locations and register. Jessie Jacksons complimentary Rainbow Coalition and Operation Push has been great in getting out the vote. There should be no excuse in an age where disabled or homebound seniors can mail in their vote if registered.
    Ms. Hillary who loves to condescend by pretending to go into the dialect of the people whom she is speaking to is RACE-BAITING AGAIN! Even V.KIng sees it and says as it is race-baitng. Why not talk about what YOU plan to do to energize the economy, increase jobs, find a means for Education and the right type where kids will come out after 4 years with a job? Why won’t you talk about you plans for these issues that really means something, Ms Hillary rather than the old stale 1960s mantra that you think people still respond too.

  20. Reds, pinkos, rosies are all getting old – they never bring up fresh, new vibrant ideas, just worn out, tired stuff already time-tested by…. Comrade Stalin, Castro, Hitler, on & on & on….
    We Conservatives, any of us that cares to keep America american, need to make OUR voices heard loud, clear and often.

    • I disagree, we should allow anyone in the entire world to vote in our elections,
      If we’re going to a democratic country, let’s go all the way.

      • disqus_MZe2ymfHQj

        Greyfox—-You’ve got to be kidding or stupid

        • Why not give everybody a free ride,why stop at Mexico.

          I’m very serious, why discriminate? Considering that you give Mexico a free ride, please tell me why other countries should be discriminated against. Either stop Mexico or open up to everybody, let’s be fair.

  21. Where does she get these crack-pot ideas? Is Bill slipping HITLery some of his Crack? Or does she need a Pittsburg Rebush?

  22. hillary may think she is a smart woman but I personally don’t think she has an ounce of common sense. It is like the old saying, “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink”. In other words, you can automatically register everyone to vote who is of age but you can’t make them vote and hopefully you can’t make them vote the way she wants.

  23. OH yeah… The way this SOW of a BEAST COmmie BITCH…thinks she can win is to go to Mexico, Guatemala, Argentina, Venezuela, Cuba, Syria, Iran and may be even Libya, Nigeria and Sudan to CONDUCT FREE registration Campaigns before going to GITMO to sign up the FEW remaining MUZZIES from 9/11….. in her Perverted Alinsky delusional Sick Concussioned HEAD.. That she calls DEMOCRACY

  24. William Matthes

    She isn’t fooling anyone. She’s fishing for the illegal-alien vote and she knows it.

  25. who’s she pushing it to.. the 3/4 of her party that doesnt speak english? or the other 1/4 in the whitehouse that only speak socialism.
    honestly these police state rats got one chance left -lying there asses off all the way through the elections and stuffing the fkn ballot boxes… half of the solution to this is tell the truth all the way through the elections and stuff the ballot boxes just as much as the rest the countries are planning to….no seriously !!

  26. Hillary Voters …..

    “We don need no stinkin’ ID!
    Viva Mehexiko !!

  27. Just read that Soros is funding the legal battle to right against voter laws. To overturn any rules in place to prevent voter fraud that the left claims is “non existent”

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Shiiitttt! Soros is behind EVERYTHING!! If a sniper went after his ass, then Ovomit’s, that would fix everything. Course, we’d still have all those goat humping mooselums to get rid of. There’s also a shitload of Haitians spilling into the south, especially Orlando! Can’t find a white taxi driver anywhere!! :-((

    • When is that old bastard going to die anyway?

  28. What SHOULD be done FIRST is a full in depth investigation into VOTE FRAUD that is rampant across the country in urban and metro areas in States with large electorical college votes….For her “reform” she speaks with forked tongue ANYTHING hat comes out this womans MOUTH there is a hidden agenda, usually crafted for HER advantage..She is possessed by the DEVIL. Voter ID would stop alot of the vote fraud. Vote fraud is nothing more than common thievery, something the Clintons and Obamas are good at. Cancelling out legitiment vots with ficticious ones

  29. The DNC required ID before you could enter there convention Ain’t this DOUBLE Standards????? Or just Dem logic????

  30. There can be no doubt that Crown Princess Killary intends to govern to the left of her African Muslim mentor, and to consolidate a one-party regime of predetermined 90 per cent elections of the type that he observed growing up in Kenya and attending madrassah in Indonesia. There will never again be a seriously contested election in the Mexamericubazuela that she and her handlers are contesting. We must tear Obammunism out by the roots in 2016, as thereafter we will have to find a Franco or a Pinochet who knows how to reverse a communist takeover.

  31. James Moe Morency

    Hillary says she wants automatic voter registration.would you have to go somewhere to sign up? How about they get automatically registered for voting when they pick up their ID?

  32. Instead of sitting on her pulpit, Hillary should personally visit all those unregistered voters she’s talking about and sign them up to vote and do it for free. Most taxpayers would willingly pay for people to be legally registered to vote.
    On another topic, Hillary hooked up with Bill because she saw a rising star, but when she didn’t dump him over Monica Lewinsky, I knew she was doing nothing but riding his coat tails. That is all she is – definitely not a leader and not a Wartime President. We must have a Wartime President from 2016 – 2024.

  33. Sure…! Automatic voter registration with proof of American citizenship. I’m all for that.

  34. I want to disenfranchise everyone who is not willing to make the minimal amount of effort required to register to vote and to get a photo ID.

  35. Wrong, every one have a right register or not for vote, that show what liberals are, not respect and impose what won. She must stop dream, she or any Dems be will not win, are a big looser.

  36. carlton goodson

    While you are at it make it automatic for homestead exe to be given out to no more signing up or yearly signing!

  37. Original Rebel

    I am so sick of this big-mouthed, lying harridan that I can’t bear to even look at her ugly face any more. She and the FuDeMuPr in the White House are hell-bent on destroying America for all of us. Only they will have enough money (mostly ours) to abandon the American wreck for more posh diggings when the collapse finally comes. It’s too bad these bastidges can’t be brought to justice – well, they could, if the republicans had the balls to do so, but we all know that isn’t going to happen, don’t we?

  38. Lets push the witch into a prison then throw away the key & food & air.

  39. We HAVE to STOP this COMMIE BITCH from Ruining , OUR COUNTRY . Also , Call ALL your reps , write , whatever . Congress MUST STOP the KENYA MUZZY USURPER , NOW

  40. Alleged Comment

    IF the Clintons want it something is wrong and it better be thoroughly examined. Because both of them are sexually immoral, criminals (that have yet to be prosecuted) and both are leftist radicals and avowed communist.

  41. Arrest the communists for treason. We must take our Republic back We are not a democracy, it has been proved that they always fail. Our Founding Fathers made us a REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC. THANK GOD. FIRE ALL POLITICIANS AND ELECT AMERICANS ESPECIALLY THOSE THAT HAVE SERVED IN OUR MILITARY.

  42. Well of course she does; especially since she isn’t leading in all of the polls. This would assure her a shoe in with many fraud voters and/or double voting. Guess she can’t win any other way. All voters should have to show ID and be American citizens only.

  43. Francisco Machado

    So much for the freedom not to do what you do not feel adequately motivated to do. There are a lot of people who are largely uninterested in the political process, the structure and function of government, are uninterested in learning about the current the issues and don’t want to listen to politicians making promises experience tells them will be forgotten after the election. And Hillary wants them to vote? given that position, it wouldn’t be out of character for her to suggest lowering the voting age to kindergarten.

  44. Low, and no, information voters are what keeps the Democrat Party going.

  45. that is the only way Hillary would get votes, and she knows that, WE THE PEOPLE real true Americans and the illegals who are still waiting and doing the right thing do not want this or her.

  46. And she will automatically list EVERYONE on EVERY head-stone in EVERY CEMETERY in the U.S.,,and probably include some cemeteries over-seas,,PLUS ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS,as suggested by Pete below

  47. Illegals are just that, illegal lawbreakers, who don’t deserve any kind of a break, period. Put them on a large barge and use a tug to push it to southern Mexico.

  48. If and that’s a big if, they should make voting mandatory I’ve been led to believe there are many more Republicans than Democrats. Independents tend toward conservative, leaving the illegals AND VOTER FRAUD the Dems only hope. We already know that voter fraud is at epidemic proportions, regardless of what the liberals claim. Yes, it’s true that only a few cases were brought to court and cases of blatant voter intimidation were thrown out, “proving” that the liberal minded judges are doing their best to protect their own liberal interests.

    Automatic registration of the young and easily influenced would be an addition to the easily influenced youth vote from college claiming it was the “highly educated who elected Obama a second time. They have yet to learn there is a larger gap between intelligence and education than between the poor and the 1 per-centers who happen to pay most taxes. It’s not that they don’t pay their fair share, they pay their share plus the shares of many with lesser incomes. Sure there are a few who escape, but in general, I believe the top 30 some percent pay over half the income tax paid. However, the ACA, better known as Obama-care along with overly restrictive regulations are reducing that total to a substantially smaller number. They are also making it more difficult to start a business while increasing the number of part time jobs at the expense of full time work. Further reducing the average take home pay.

    The illegals along with the entitlement mentality are their main hope. After all, they essentially promise those groups in a strongly incestuous relationship, You elect us and we’ll give you more (If the Republicans let us) It’s like the Dems and the unions all over again, but with a bigger and more easily held entitlement mentality. Why wouldn’t the Dems favor mandatory voting with automatic registration that would be almost impossible to find and prove fraud.

  49. the only part I agree with is, get as many voters to the polls and vote against scum like her! but be aware that all of those that vote are alive and have not voted more than once!

  50. Ken Dometriosis .

    Like we all need ANOTHER reason to hate and abhor that treasonous, traitorous, commie, bull dyke, thieving, lying POS.

  51. Another political ploy, since when do democrats suggest for voters anything that might have the slightest hint of being unfavorable to their cause. As usual it’s smoke and mirrors with no attempt at what is right, and what is right is Picture ID. The very thought that this would disenfranchise anyone is misleading and false. They claim it’s so hard for some people to get picture ID yet they will provide transportation to any one who is unable to make it to the polls, why not provide the same thing to get picture ID?. Hillary, you aren’t fooling anyone, the public is on to you, you will not become the first “lady” President.

  52. Spirit of 1776

    Clinton believes every American who turns 18 should be automatically registered to vote. Too this psychopath all Illegals are Americans and should be allowed to vote and not one of them should have to have documentation to prove that they are Legal to vote. While we the true American has to prove everything from voting to insurance to drive or draw a disability check while the Illegals get walks in and place an X as their name and they are done.

  53. What is wrong with the As slicking dumb ass liberals that they don’t approve of voter id. You have to have id to cash a check, open a checking account, drive a vehicle, etc.. So, pray tell me, why shouldn’t a person show id to vote? Oh, I forgot, dead people wouldn’t have id so they couldn’t vote, like a lot of them did when Odumbo was voted in.

  54. Dittos Pete, Warren,

  55. We must have photo-ID for all voting, else any and all political and office no-ID voting elections become meaningless shams. We now have million of illegals in the U.S. along with several million Muslims who may or may not be legal. The latter group have a Holy Book “revelation” to impose their religion upon all other non-Muslims on the planet—with and edict of either “convert” and become 2nd class Muslims or have your head removed”—a revelation that they enforce once they take control of a country or have the power to enforce their “Islam or else” doctrine. Anyone who supports no-ID voting is either grossly ignorant or support the Muslims concept of world domination—and I am sure much such support is via blind ignorance. All elections should require photo-ID. A union member voting on a labor issue, would not want someone in management voting. A church congregation voting to fire their minister for absconding with their “sacred wine”, would not want the “good old boys” at the local pub, voting on the issue. A family setting around the dinner table on a Friday night voting on where to spend the next family vacation would not want a resort owner voting. Also, and equally important, the elderly and the poor already have the necessary photo ID to obtain the social services to which they are entitled. There might be an occasional elderly or poor person who does not have the necessary ID, but all political parties should have their “get out the vote” teams, working to help those people. I suggest reporting anyone who supports no-ID voting to the Election Commission and their local District Attorney. I also suggest a $100.00 fine and a week in the “slammer” for anyone caught voting illegally–and a $10,000.00 fine and five years in year in jail for those who are funding such illegal activities. An illegal should not be able to take advantage of any or our Republic and freedom way of life concepts, other than equal protection from harm—No license of any kind, employment, food stamps (the latter, except when identified as being illegal and needed to survive pending their return to their home country). And when illegals are returned to their home country or the country last “traversed” to get to the U.S., a bill should be submitted to that country for the costs of apprehension, housing, food, medical and transportation—-that should force many countries to enforce their own border laws, especially Mexico and Canada.

  56. Someone should push the FOUL MOUTH PIG Hillary into a TOILET & FLUSH it then she will be with her kind

  57. Francisco Machado

    Hillary wants to be able to buy the support of people who haven’t sufficient motivation to vote to even register themselves. People with minimal grasp of the social and economic function of government and of a nation can easily be bought with unrealistic utopian promises as Obama bought the Presidency. Or with realistic promises that, once elected, will be forgotten – such as those with which the Republicans “bought” the senate and increased representation in the House.

  58. To those Americans who proudly align themselves with a particular political party and who will vote for their party until Hell freezes over let me say this. YOU are un-American and are endangering your country, your freedoms that we all cherish, your children and grandchildren’s freedoms, prosperity, and security. Americans generally know that your freedoms were not free. Millions of Americans and allies died to protect all Americans
    from tyranny and death. We, as Americans, have the freedom to vote for and elect those candidates that represent we the American people. What a great thing for any country. But look what the President Obama and others are doing to we the American people. President Barrack Obama is trying to arrange for all aliens to vote in the 2016 election. Why does President Obama need to do this? President Obama and is followers know that American voters largely do not want America to be given to those who have no stake in the USA, to those whoand have never fought for their freedoms, had to work for a living, who don’t know what it has taken to secure the USA and to build a country like the USA. The Progressives in DC are pushing very hard to turn the USA into a Socialist then to a Communist country. Know that when a candidate says they are Progressive they are really saying they are Socialist. It has been said that the only difference between a Communist and a Socialist is the Communist have guns. The aliens who President Obama are bring into the USA are uneducated people with no allegiance to any country and those who hate the USA and will never assimilate into the Americans culture but will fight to the death to change America into acountry like the one from which they have fled. These same people relate to the President as the person who is their savior. The person who is going to give them money, food, a place to live, an education and all on the backs of the American Tax payer. President Obama and Hillary Clinton know full well all these aliens will feel compelled to vote for the party of the President. This is in fact disenfranchising the American voters. Aliens who don’t have a clue will vote for the Democrat agenda because they feel an obligation to the Democrats. So, as it now stands America President Obama and Hillary Clinton will make your vote null and void by allowing aliens out vote you. Yes, aliens will choose our next President and many Senators and the American voters will have no say in who is elected but aliens will. Obama knows this. So, in the near future we will see an all out war to give aliens the right to vote. Know that this is to take away American citizens and American voters the right to choose our next president.

  59. When you can’t win legally, go the dumb-ass route, right, madam lying soldier killer????? WHAT makes you think illegal thieves crossing our border should have a say in the running of OUR country???? The Constitution had it RIGHT!!!! American citizens ONLY should have a say in the running of this country …. o black turd has taken much of that away from us and somehow the supreme court seems to feel it is legal…. so you think you can continue the destruction of our liberties????? Unfortunately for you…. WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!!! YOU and the TURDS in the white house have done NOTHING for WE THE PEOPLE BUT TAKE AND WEAKEN OUR MORALITY AND CONSTITUTION…. WE HATE YOU FOR THIS AND THERE WILL BE A PAYBACK!!!

  60. I said it before—and I’ll say it again: She’s a nutcase

  61. When voting becomes mandatory then you have to wonder what else will become mandatory. No it should not be mandatory . Should the voting public get off their lazy butts and do the research to “hire” only quality candidates? Sure but you cant make it mandatory.

  62. Of course Clinton wants automatic registration for all, that way millions of citizens and non citizens who have so little interest in the process that can’t bother to register are the very same people who don’t bother to learn anything about the issues or candidates. Clinton is relying on the uninformed voters to vote for her. The dumber or less informed the voter, the more she wants them.

  63. Michael Mayben

    Hillary will say or do any and everything thing possible to get as many people, illegal or legal, the right to vote. Not because it’s in the best interest of America it’s because she thinks and believes it’s in her best interest. Hillary would blow everyone in America for their vote. Why, because she’s a desperate political whore that sees the presidency as a way to grow Hillary and Bill Clinton’s wealth at the expense of the American taxpayer. It certainly isn’t because she’s the right candidate for the job.

  64. We should kill anyone guilty of voting fraud. Public hangings or firing squads doesn’t matter. Voting fraud should be a capital offense. Both for that voter and any enabler. Drive an illegal to the poll, swing next to them.

  65. Proof! The left cannot win being honest. It’s their way or the highway. Do as i say not as i do, Vote early, vote often, we are here to help the little guy, and you can take that to the bank. Those murderers, rapist’s, child molester’s, thieves, etc, have the right to vote to. Don’t forget: Illegals should have the right to vote and receive back taxes even if they didn’t work. Don’t worry, obama and hillary will help you.

  66. She needs automatic lie detector registration!

  67. All US born citizens should and can be register at 18 yo, it is a US Constitution RIGHT. State Driver License for non US Citizens should NOT LOOK the same as US Citizens issued driver license. Citizenship can be easily verified via ( ). Having ALL US Citizens registered, benefits ALL political parties. US Students in high school or college should be encourage to register. I support NO ID You Do Not Get to Vote. Non vehicle drivers can get a valid picture ID from the Dept of Motor Vehicle offices.

  68. Simple solution, Voting should always be a voluntary option for those whom may do so within the limits of the Law, But Voter Fraud at any level, If proven in a Court of Law should carry the Death penalty!

  69. Of course, the more iliterates, lllegals, give mes & uninformed she can get to vote the better for her.

  70. Sheila Ladmirault

    If the American people do not want 8 more years of this Democrat Illusion PEOPLE PLEASE DO NOT VOTE DEMOCRAT!

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