Clinton: Pro-Life Republicans are Practically Terrorists

Hillary Clinton was expected to make women’s issues a central focus of her campaign for president; after all, it would look a little strange if she didn’t. Unfortunately for the rest of us, though, it means that the tired “war on women” trope will be trotted out for yet another election cycle. Republicans are the villains in this political play, always scheming to find new and exciting ways to keep women barefoot and pregnant.

If Clinton is fighting back against this war on women, she unleashed the heavy firepower on Thursday. Speaking at a campaign stop in Cleveland, she said, “Extreme views about women? We expect that from some of the terrorist groups. We expect that from people who don’t want to live in the modern world, but it’s a little hard to take coming from Republicans who want to be the president of the United States. Yet they espouse out-of-date and out-of-touch policies.”

Clinton was specifically talking about Republican candidates who have advocated stripping Planned Parenthood of its federal funding in the wake of an undercover investigation. Videos produced by a pro-life organization have shown Planned Parenthood officials talking casually about crushing fetal heads, scooping out brain tissue, and profiting from the sale of organs.

The counterpunch to this, for Democrats, is to pretend that Planned Parenthood is an indispensable resource for women’s healthcare. “I would like these Republican candidates to look the mom in the eye who caught her breast cancer early because she was able to get a screening for cancer, or the teenager who didn’t get pregnant because she had access to contraception, or anyone who’s ever been protected by an HIV test.”

Look them in the eyes and say what? That they oppose federal funds being used to support a national abortion industry? Why would that be difficult? Earth to Democrats: Planned Parenthood is not the only health clinic in the nation.

Republicans struck back immediately. Jeb Bush said on Twitter, “Hillary Clinton compares pro-life Americans to terrorists, but defends despicable PP treatment of unborn? Her priorities are totally wrong.” His sentiments were echoed by Tennessee Rep. Diane Black, who said, “Democrats are engaging in gutter politics of the worst kind.”

Yes, but what else is new? If you can’t engage the issues, resort to name-calling. All’s fair in love and war, right? And there is a war, to be sure. It’s not a war on women, though; it’s a war for the soul of the United States. And every day that we keep funneling tax dollars into this evil empire called Planned Parenthood, we are losing that war. Maybe if we diverted that money into health clinics that have a basic respect for human life, we could revive the America that once believed in higher ideals. We could see, for the first time in a long time, that there really is a difference between right and wrong.

And then maybe we would be able to see, with clear eyes, who the terrorists really are.

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  1. Earth
    to Democrats: Planned Parenthood is not the only health clinic in the
    nation. – See more at:

    • Planned Parenthood doesn’t need Federal funding. Apparently with all the sale of baby body parts their own profits can support them. They are barbarian pagan ghouls.

      • I just don’t get how what they are doing is not against the law?

        • Because the left wing commies known as Democrats are in total control.

        • Lynn, you’re a good person, too good! What you don’t get, and most Americans don’t get, unfortunately, is that most of the democrats and liberals are EVIL, and they don’t care at all about what is legal or moral! All that matters to them is achieving the end result that they want!

          • Oh I do believe what you just said. I mean it shows that they are right out evil the sad part is all the outher Democrats don’t see it I’m talking about everyday people. I used to call my self a Democrat until I answered some questions about are you a Democrat I check no to all the questions that is when I New I was not one of them I’m not even a Republican I’m a child of God. I so wish I can find that because people need to see that. I wish I knew where it was I would share it again and again. And say take this test?

          • God bless you, Lynn! If only this sorry, screwed up country had a lot more people like you! I truly believe that there are a lot of people who vote for democrats, who are very confused about things! If they were to take this test, they would probably realize, as you did, that they really do not stand for the democrat’s values, like the dems even have any values! Unfortunately, the dems treat these people like they’re stupid, and the people allow themselves to be treated that way. Most of the people just don’t even realize that they are being sold a crock of CRAP!

          • You are so right and God Bless you too! All I know to do is pray about it.

    • Earth to idiots he didnt say taxpayers need to fund them

    • Donald Trump and Ted Crux 2016. That is if the USA has not been hit by Russia! Pray for this COUNTRY people

      • “That is if the USA has not been hit by Russia”

        The silly things you humans think.

        Tell me again why Russia is going to attack America?

        Because they can’t keep their own country running?

        Because they are doing their best to implode their own economy?

        • Because the UN is going to attack the US when the economy collapses. There are Russian paid troops and soldiers from other UN countries as well just waiting for the martial law announcement. The lack of leadership has, in essence, raised a white flag for the nation. The countries of the UN see the opportunity to institute their NWO as they have been trying to do for several decades. The soldiers that are here are not under Putlin’s command, they are UN troops pretending to be Americans in the Jade Helm exercise for “fighting in overseas countries” (quote is their definition of Jade Helm).

          Open your eyes people, our congress needs to be awakened by “we the people” (both Republican and Democrats) and funds reined in and monitored to stop this from happening. This needs to start with shelving the Iran agreement and giving NO MONEY to ANY Country that shouts “Kill American” or any paraphrasing of the quoted statement with equal meaning.

          We must save our nation FIRST and then sort out our political differences using the US Constitution. PERIOD. It is past a simple “he said, she said”. It is time to LOCK THE BRAKES BEFORE GOING OVER THE CLIFF!!!

          • Let’s hope you didn’t pass your stupidity down the genetic highway.

            “Because the UN is going to attack the US when the economy collapses”

            I can’t believe anyone says something this incredibly stupid, and has the right to vote.

            UN doesn’t even have an army?

            All UN troops are “borrowed” from other countries.

            A couple thousand troops is a large UN force.

            Where do you people get the stupid information?
            And why you believe it?

          • GET THE US
            OUT OF THE UN
            GET THE UN
            OUT OF THE USA

          • Why does the UN scare the sad jarhead?

            You afraid of the invasion of the UN soldiers as well?

            I think an ex military guy would at least be smart enough to know the UN doesn’t have a standing army.

            You have any rational reasons why we should get out of the UN silly conservative?

            Or just because right wing media says it,
            is good for you?

          • If a right wing says it ….it is good for the planet Reality Chick TROLL. You just can’t see anything with brain encased in your colon mucus. Seek Help.

          • And the conservatives wonder why we think they are ALL short several loaves.

            I asked a serious question, you pretend you’re a kindergartner.

          • To save our nation we need to get rid of the mentally challenged people that post poop on the Internet.

            That would be you conservative

        • It is just a feeling I have read The Harbinger then you will see why. Oh read The Bible read revelations read it all read all of revelations and tell me you do not see the United States and Russia and China in it I do

    • We don’t need Planned Parenthood, everything they do is covered under the ACA, Earth to Reality Check! Defund the butchers.

  2. What? There is a war on Women???

    Sounds like another mad up Democrat crisis….

  3. Quite often liberals will project their own faults on to their enemies in order to draw attention away from their own terrorist activities….

    It is kind of like pointing a finger at someone and yelling murderer, when you are dismembering babies. …

    In this case, this is exactly what Clinton is doing.

    • You say “quite often” I say always.

    • She is trying to get the focus off of herself and Bill and Chelsea’s activities, Hillary on her emails and their foundation which should be gone over with a fine tooth comb..I think we also should sue her for her hideous hairdo’s(thought I would strike a blow for Trump) and giving a bad name to pantsuits. AND, her face gives a whole new meaning to the word ‘crepe”(probably no one will ever eat crepes again). not to mention Bill could step on the bags under his eyes.(I wish someone would)..I don’t know if that pic of her is real but she looks insane.

  4. The real tragedy is the percentage of voters who continue to support this witch

    • The Witch is loosing supporters to the Democrat Socialist. Neither are electable

      • If we Republicans get spoon-fed an establishment brat like Jeb, Hillary will breeze in. But under the Constitution, why has the president become an emperor? How, why and when?

        • I don’t think that Jeb will get the GOP nomination, and, being GOP, I’m sure not voting for him!

          • Jeb can pour buckets of corporate money into his national campaign, but he will depress the Republican vote at the level of the grass roots. No one likes Jeb. No one trusts him. The Bushes have burned out. But Jeb depresses the Republican vote. Good for electing Hillary.

            The duopoly prefers in 2016 a Democratic president and a Republican Congress. The real game is on the Democratic side. Biden made my father laugh — “that is the stupidest SOB on the planet!” — but people know how to pronounce his name.

          • I agree with you 100%. Jeb Bush is the most ignorant person I ever seen run for President !

        • The how is pointed at the majority Republican Leadership and the Republicans that have allowed him to TAKE the title without a fight.

          Just to make it clear, I am a Republican and wish there was a way for the republicans as voters to replace these two enemies of the party

    • Nobody is supporting her, the system is rigged.

      • Pardon me? We have stupid women who want her in just because she is a woman (supposedly a woman). They don’t care if she is a criminal or whatever. Some women are just too stupid…oh some men also

        • Sure 10% of the people support her and will even when she is in jail…

          What I am saying is the system is rigged such that Hillary will not lose. Hillary’s machine is counting the votes… 100% of the Democrats could vote for Sanders, and Hillary is still going to win… She is counting the votes.

          • OK! Gottcha! Obama got in with rigged votes too, whch included dead people. (Just like his social security card carries the numbers of a dead man).

          • Exactly, and the Republican elite are using the same techniques. In my mind, the Republican establishment and the Democrat establishment are one in the same, they are both socialists in nature and all about control.

            In Mississippi, Thad Cochran the establishment candidate, beat Chris McDaniel the Tea Party candidate even though McDaniel had 55% of the Republican votes… Republican monies were used to run an ugly mean spirited smear campaign on the Tea Party Candidate.

            The political elite have found a way to satisfy the people by giving them the appearance that they have a say and are voting…. This has become one of my most frequently used quotes…

            “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
            Joseph Stalin

          • Candidates have been using smear campaigns for many years now. Instead of telling us what they can and will do for our country, their primary concern is to knock down their opponents by any means possible. Once they get in, those promises are long forgotten. Instead, the elected official (in whatever capacity he/she is elected to, has stripped us of our Constitution and our Bill if Rights. In fact, our President believes there is no Constitution nor Bill of Rights that he can’t negate nor change.

            The political elite have fooled the people for too many years now , but most of the people are all about themselves, not caring what goes on around them. You Joseph Stalin saying applies well here. I hope America wakes soon

        • I hear you Dolores.

      • How many are showing up at her rallies?

  5. Strange how Hillary calls pro-lifers “terrorist’s” when it is she and her abortion minded Democratic followers who are the ones who are killing “unborn” babies on a daily basis…Ask these murdered babies who the “true” terrorist’s are…those people who want to “save” them or those who want to “kill” them?…If they could talk they would tell us that Hillary is not about “saving” them from those who would “kill” them.

    • It truly is a shame that those unborn babies, or fetuses, as the liberals like to call them, can not speak for themselves! I wonder what they would say!

  6. So…..Here is the Democratic platform:
    1. promoting homosexuality/same sex marriage/immorality……
    2. Pro abortion/murdering babies for “fun, & profit”………{taxpayer funded}
    3. apologizing to our enemies, & paying them off…..{Cowardice, in politics
    4. corruption, “is OK”, as long as you don’t get caught…….{ destroying evidence “OK”}
    5. Rules, are for republicans, NOT, Liberals………
    6. Say & do anything to achieve your goals….{regardless of morality, or lack of same}
    7. Villify, anyone that doesn’t agree with the Liberal mantra!

    • Hillary? Is this you? I agree friend. She’s a Bitch Witch.

    • Well put and totally agree.

    • Defund public schools.

    • Democrats = Socialism = Communism

      • So equally the republicruds.

        • ONLY the ruling elite of the Republican party though…

          The GOP elite are none other than Democrat/communists in conservative clothing.

          Boehner, McConnell and the elite are Democrats.

        • Name one thing that the Republicans have done that is socialistic. Dems especially Obama has increased welfare and food stamps, shrunk the middle class until its almost non-existent, unemployment in double digits, doubled our debt, make agreements with our enemies and dissed our allies and put them in danger. Making our country more divisive and pushing agenda that most Americans don’t want.,

          • “Name one thing that the Republicans have done that is socialistic.”

            1. Failed for decade after decade to trumpet the fact that the Constitution has been ignored and circumvented in many, many important cases, essentially converting our constitutional republic into a socialist oligarchy. Just a single example: “No state shall … make any thing but gold and silver coin a tender in the payment of debts.” (Article I, Section 10 of the Constitution). Similarly, failed for decade after decade to trumpet the fact that the Federal Reserve Bank is a privately-owned and operated bank that charges the American people interest on the money that it creates out of thin air. The fifth plank of the Communist Manifesto (for using socialism to attain the never-never land of communism, which unfortunately is seriously out-of-tune with human nature): “Centralization of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly.”

            2. Failed to do the work necessary to repeal Social Security. (Not only did they step aside for FDR and the imposition of SS, they have voted to augment it ever since.)

            I could supply more things, but you would simply tire of reading. Maybe you haven’t even made it this far.

            You can read how the Ten Planks have each contributed to the socialized United States, here:


          • They didn’t start it however it was the democrats who started all this. Also were they able to stop it and the circumstances were different back then. Social Security was supposed to be a separate account and it was to be only used for a short period of time because the lifespan was a lot shorter. Socialism has exploded under Obama and his giving welfare to illegal immigrants to buy votes has also made it worse. 56% of illegal immigrants get

            welfare and it goes to 76% when they have families. You can blame Republicans for being lazy and not doing anything to stop it, but its the Democrats who are ultimately responsible and once the government starts a program it is difficult to walk it back especially when the people get used to having it.

      • When Debbie Wasserman Schultz was asked what is the difference between the Democratic Party of today and Socialism, she couldn’t come up with even one difference. What more do you need to know?

    • Thank you for calling this out!!! None of us are safe if they stay in office!!!

    • No federal monies are used for abortions. Even the monies that go to Planned Parenthood may not be used for abortions. It goes for women’s health.
      there is nothing immoral about homosexuality. It is my understanding that there is nothing negitive about Tt in the Bible

      • WOW…what are you smoking?
        Typo Alert: dunc should read DUNCE.

      • No federal monies are used for abortions? Do you think the murderers are doing it for free? That reminds me of a joke about a guy who was selling game fish illegally and the DWF heard about this and sent an undercover agent to buy fish from him, so the agent went to the man to see if he had any fish, the man said yes, how many do you want? After telling him how many fish he wanted, the man put the fish in a sack and handed the fish to the agent, (the agent knew he had him now). The agent asked the fisherman “How much for the fish?” and the fisherman said “It’s illegal to sell these game fish, so I can’t charge you for them, but you can give me $15.00 for the sack!!
        Now about homosexuality and the bible. Have you EVER read the bible? In the very first book of Genesis, Sodom and Gomorrah was DESTROYED by God because of this! read Leviticus 18:22! It is also throughout the bible. READ IT AND STUDY IT!

        • Nice story Karen… But it doesn’t fit this case.
          All of Planned Parenthood’s abortions are paid for by donations to the organization. Nothing comes from the Federal Government.
          If you want you could donate $15.00 to them!

          • Oh my God! that is what is wrong with “CHRISTIANITY” today, everyone has their own opinion of what the bible says, but they make that opinion based on MAN and not what GOD says! God says not to add or take away from His word and His word says homosexuality IS a sin! He created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve! You cannot justify it by quoting or referring to a man’s word, they are probably gay themselves or have a loved one who is gay so they have to accept it to be able to live with it. The bible tells us we are to love everyone, even the sinner but NOT the sin! I have/know some gay people and love them dearly, but I DON”T have to accept their sin! I didn’t decide that homosexuality was a sin, but the Word(bible) says it is so I believe the Word over something a man says, I don’t care how many degrees or studies he went through!

          • I know a dear couple at our church who has a gay son. He was raised in our church and knew about what it says about gays. He got a job in DC and got involved in the gay lifestyle. He went from a sweet person to a drug addicted vile person who has a gay boy friend who has turned him against his parents and to deny all his teachings. They lifestyle is wrong just as abortions. Murder is murder and a child is a child at conception. PERIOD

          • Then why do they need half a billion dollars from the government. They have a donors list that shows how many large companies donate to Planned Parenthood.

          • Those monies are used just for womans health such as breast exams, family planning, pelvic exams, well woman and cancer screening. But they are prohibited by law from using any Federal monies for abortion services and screening for STD’s. In many areas they are the sole health care provider for women.
            I know folks on this list don’t think Planned Parenthood should exist.
            I urge you all to go to their website to learn about their services:

            While it does not specifically talk about their financing, Yiu can learn about Federal and State Laws here:

      • Dunc—Then you have no understanding of the Bible.

      • I guess people forget the tainted blood from homosexuals that started epidemics.They need to start feeding them hot peppers and greasey foods.Maybe then they will learn what the ass is suppost to be used for.

      • I wonder what it ment in the bible when Gods said man shall not ly with man it is an abomination.

      • Surely you jest?

    • 8. Force every person to fund Universal Health Care. Make it illegal to be responsible for your own Health Care. Use Death By Delay Policy to get rid of those who object. 9. Pay huge cash bonuses for criminal acts by FED/GOV employees plus enormous perks, vacations, days off with pay, porn watching on the clock, enhanced Job Security, etc.. 10. Blame Bush, the Holy Bible, gun owners, Conservatives, the rich, dead slave owners, Christians & Jews for any/all problems.

    • A great list. I would humbly suggest a #8. We will not allow God in our platform

    • Amen….. Exactly what I was thinking….

    • 8.Don’t forget Jail all Tea Party Patriots.
      9. Black lives matter but Police lives don”t
      10. Destroy the Constitution and the Bill of Rights
      11. Exchange the population for illegal aliens
      12. Outlawing Christian beliefs
      13. Bring our country into the New World Order.
      14 Bring all society down to the same level. (Except for the ruling class of course)

      • 15. Kill off older Veterans and Americans who still believe in God and remember what America once stood for.
        16. Brainwash our children with Liberal/Socialist/Communist agenda while belittling the role America has played in the world, the Founding Fathers and Christianity.
        17. Destroy our Space Program, mothball working shuttles so we have to beg the Chinese and Russians for a ride up to our own space station.
        18. Force any military officers who say they wouldn’t fire on American citizens should Obama order it into retirement.
        19. Bring thousands of Muslims here from other Countries to disrupt American lives and implement Sharia Law in Muslim enclaves Attack anyone who questions their authority to do so.
        20. Allow enough illegals to come here, to create chaos, to bankrupt America, and to allow them to vote, to ensure only Democrats can get elected.
        21. Weaken military by any means necessary.
        22. No longer give out Bibles to enlisted men, have those on hand burned at the Pentagon, remember the Pentagon book burnings? Since when did this Country burn books? Do not allow any soldier to proselytize about Christian religion, but Muslim religion ok.

        Of all the things listed above think number 16 has the most long term danger associated with it. Because our children are the future and they are being brainwashed that America is the source of all the worlds problems. To show disrespect for our Constitution and way of life, to make them feel guilty for something that happen hundreds or even thousands of years ago. But when the White House does something wrong like Benghazi or Fast & Furious they say that was months ago, it is suddenly no longer relevant. Most of the thing Rich listed and the ones above can be repaired with a new Freedom loving President, but our kids educations remain with them for the rest of their lives and might takes years to undo the harm someone like Bill Ayers taught them.

    • Spot on! The list could be expanded greatly, probably as long as the U. S. Tax Code, but logging down all the sins of the liberals would give us all writer’s cramp and repetitive strain injury!

      If Hillary Clinton thinks Republicans are terrorists for opposing the mass slaughter of black and brown babies by Planned Parenthood, what could possibly be her true motive? Obviously, Hillary Clinton doesn’t want any restrictions put on that mass slaughter, that population control measure the liberals love! One would think that the blacks and browns would give thought to that, but they don’t; they keep voting for the Democrats because they think that’s where their “stuff” all comes from. Actually, it comes from hard-working American taxpayers, and those taxpayers, all but the top 10% that is, are going bankrupt!

    • You forgot selling our resources for contributions to a private foundation.

    • BULLS EYE…..!!! and is it NOT what Alinsky wrote and SHILLERY used as her Master Degree Papers???

    • BULLS EYE… it seems an Alinsky Doctrine in which sHILLEROO Matriculated in…

  7. Michael Dennewitz

    Anyone that would so much as touch that bitch would almost have to be mentally ill!!! EEWEWWEE!!!

  8. Hillary Clinton is desperate. Hillary Clinton knows she will never be President. The whole Democratic party is in FRANTIC mode. They have Hillary who hires terrorist for her staff. They only have Hillary the liar, Bernie the Socialist, Or perhaps Joe open mouth insert foot Biden.

    • Also,if ayone remembers,in Ak.she had Xboyfried killed!

      • If you are speaking of Vince Foster, who she had a fling with, Vince actually was murdered in Washington D.C., and then it was ruled a suicide, which was ridiculous, if you know the facts around the case, as I do! Vince was a former attorney with the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, and he knew way too much, and he was going to talk, and the Clintons could not let that happen, so Billy Boy had his goons take care of Vince, and had it ruled a suicide!

      • How about Foster in Washington DC. The Clintons took everything before the police were called.

    • Hey, they have control…. Just as they have stolen elections before, you can expect that they will do the same again.. That is, if there is another election!

  9. It is clear that we are in for a campaign of Hitlerian viciousness and mendacity, funded by the unprecedented infusion of Chicom and Soros billions and intended to be decided by illegal alien votes in the millions. We can now take the gloves off, and must not let a day go by without reminding the people that this bisexual battleaxe is guilty of bribery, perjury, espionage, treason and murder.

  10. So says Ambassador Steven’s murderer, Clinton: Pro Life Republicans practically terrorists.

  11. I believe she is ok with plan preant hood. Because all the missing girls that are being kid naped are being used as sex slaves. I would not be one bet surprised that most of the babies that are being aborted are from young girls who were kidnapped for sex slaves! You see that way they make money both ways! We have people in our Government who have no have no soul what so ever and no heart! I mean thank about it. Young girls and even now young men are being kid naped everyday in the USA. Our hole government is out of control and we all need to put an end to it. I’m 56 years old and It blows my mind to see how bad this COUNTRY has become! There might be a lot of you who do not believe in the lord JESUS but I do! And I’m telling you he is coming soon. When I read revelations in the Bible I see the Whore of Babylon after United States please read it even Russia and China is in it. We used to be a God loving COUNTRY but now we are nothing but a COUNTRY full of nothing but evil. Hell you can’t cut on your TV’S now days and not hear the name of God used in the wrong way. You know you are not to day God’s name in vane but almost every show says it. Every movie says his name in vane. All girls are having sex by the age of 13 now day’s. That is so sad!

    • The sex slave trade is HUGE in this country, and I know for a fact, that there are politicians who conveniently don’t want to know anything about it! It raises a lot of questions as to just what all is going on!

      • I wonder if a DNA test was done on every child that was aborted? If any if any of those DNA test would show they belong to someone who is missing? I bet they would. Read The Harbinger and The Four Blood Moons . I believe this COUNTRY is fixin to get shaken very bad by the Heavenly Father I pray it wakes people up!

      • Do you suppose we could pay someone to take her captive and sell her into sex slavery? I do not believe in abortion but if there was ever a fetus that should have been aborted it is her. God must have hated her parents. It is written God hates mixture, I wonder what her mother mixed with.

  12. Democrats are the gutter of politics, ever since the Clintons began their political birth in Arkansas . And we all know their fetal birth when they stole at WhiteWater, killed because of their hand in the Drug Smuggling of drugs at the Minna, Arkansas, airport, the killing of Vincent Foster, and when Bill Clinton, in need of campaign funds for his second term, gave TOP SECRET multi-stage launching secrets (Chinese ICBM Rocket) to the Chinese Military, with everyone involved in the defense of America telling Clinton NO !. All the Chinese rockets would explode when the 2nd stages were ignited? Well, BILL cured their problem. Typical, he was never outed and placed in prison for TREASON ?????

    • MENA, Arkansas. Nearby is Queen Wilhelmina State Park, with a lovely lodge. There were odd goings on when Little Rock tried to set up a rival to Wall Street. It was like when McKinley stood between TR and presidential power, when Huey Long posed a challenge to FDR, when JFK went after Wall Street … well, Denali sounds better than McKinley.

    • You are extremely well-informed! If only all Americans were this smart, but very few are! The only slight correction that I would make is that it was Mena, Arkansas, where the state-run airport was flying drugs into the state, with Billy’s full approval, because he was getting a big cut of the action, and the planes flying into Mena were allowed to bypass customs!

  13. Abortion is a strange issue. The strongest pro-lifers I know are the women who bore their children in their womb — and the women who knew who the father was.

    As a point of power, abortion has to do with the role of a centralized, bureaucratic government in a polity that pretends that it is guided by the Constitution of 1789. Honest Abe climbed over 1,000,000 dead bodies to make his point: the Constitution, as confected, is dead.

    We who survived the abortion clinics are living with the consequences.

  14. If you don’t want kids either take birth control or don’t have sex both work rather well

    • There are procedures easily available at every charity hospital which should be made a condition for getting a free EBT card. They guarantee success, where abstinence and pills do not.

    • Ted, you know better than that now! That makes way too much sense, and liberals don’t have any sense, so you know that is not going to happen!

  15. Terrorist murder Christians, and left wing liberal progressive murder babies; So, who’s the Terrorist???

  16. Hillary would make more sense if she would acknowledge all elements of an argument rather than focus on just the points she THINKS might support her limited point of view. The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth always wins ultimately. Too bad she hasn’t learned that basic approach in all these years.Sad.

  17. That’s only one of the ways Hillary dillary dock Clinton can win. Slander your opponent and be little him. She is an American terrorist and she is too dumb to understand it or she thinks she can fool the American people again and again. She is a bitch, plain and simple, why do you think our former whoremaster in chief looks for love in all the wrong places. semper fi

  18. “I did not have textual relations with that server.”

    Transparent? Not even a smidgen. Unless ‘clearly’ ducking any and all accountability counts (and it doesn’t).
    The appearance of impropriety? Most definitely.

    Without the scandals, Monica Lewinsky’s Ex-Boyfriend’s Wife has no record.
    Without Bill, Monica Lewinsky’s Ex-Boyfriend’s Wife is just another crooked lawyer.

    WHY would ANY government employee EVER use personal email to conduct government business?

    Bonus question: WHY would ANY government employee EVER use government email to conduct personal (i.e. Ashley Madison) business?

    • My father was on Nimitz’s staff at CINCPAC in Oahu during WW2. In naval intelligence. I know special forces veterans who never gave our secrets away. Dad only talked about it on his death bed.

      Contrary to what the Commies want you to believe, American boys served dutifully in Korea and Vietnam. We do not want more wars, unless we know for whom we are fighting.

  19. It’s what I have been saying all along…take the resources away from Planned Parenthood and give it to a woman’s clinic that doesn’t do abortions or sell baby parts.

    • If people want it so badly why do they need government support. Won’t its supporters contribute on their own?

      • Excellent question…churches survive solely on contributions by their supporters and force no one who doesn’t believe, to contribute…the same should apply to PP.

  20. This is not the first time Hilliary has attacked constitutional citizen ‘terrorist’ groups. As the Second President under Billy, she orchestrated an assault on Domestic Terrorism in the 1990’s. Using Janet Reno and the FBI as her weapons of choice, it was not uncommon for them to create fiction/make believe criminal ‘terrorist’ activities in order to destroy the Constitutional Citizen Militias as a way to get Billy’s crime bill passed and rewarded the FBI with a Billion Dollar increase in their annual budget and an additional 100,000 police officers on the streets. Expect more of the same if she is elected.

  21. If this weren’t so outrageous, it would be funny! First, to the women of America, Hillary and the democrats have been treating you like you’re stupid, and maybe you are! Those of you who buy into this “war on women” crap are obviously not very smart! To compare people who are pro-life with terrorists is so STUPID that it is pathetic! If a Republican dared to say something that STUPID, the media would go ballistic! You see, Hillary, being pro-life means that you are in favor of people living! Terrorists are interested in killing people, which they do a lot of, so there is a whole lot of difference between the two, and to compare them is ridiculous! Hillary is a pathetic piece of human crap! She is a total liar, a crook, and she is as corrupt as Al Capone was! She is desperate, because the heat is really coming down on her, as it should be, and her lies and BS may not be enough to save her sorry azz! So Hillary will be letting out all the stops now, doing and saying anything to try to get elected, and also trying to deflect from her criminal problems! Anyone who would vote for the likes of Hillary Clinton, to be the president of this country, has to either be a dishonest person with no character and integrity themselves, or they have to be STUPID! So, you Hillary supporters, which is it?! Are you DISHONEST or STUPID, or maybe both?!

  22. By Biblical definition, abortion is murder. So who is the real terrorist?

  23. She should talk for she still blame the attack in Benghazi on a video,this bitch belong behind bars not the white house.

  24. One thing about Hillary Clinton, she can go either way’ she’s AC DC.

  25. This igimo is strictly asinine. Since when are our countrymen compared to terrorist? These cotton picking democrats can’t seem to call the head removing muslims terrorist for fear that they’ll somehow hurt diplomacy… Wake up you igimos,and call things what they are, and drop the PC crap…..

  26. Really, is this the least bit surprising in that this rhetoric is coming out of the mouth of the ole ugly commie whore with the surgically enhanced Cheshire smile? I urge you to read the following and pass on as all of AMERIKA needs to hear the truth!

    This is exactly what I have been espousing for some time now and I am encouraged to see that Special Operations has had an epiphany and has awaken to the truth and has the wisdom to try to communicate it to the sheeple!

    This message would be heard on the evening news if we had one rather than the state-run, fifth column propagandists that we have now! This is why the cancer is spreading and the patient is on life support! Unless AMERIKA starts to hear this from the so-called Right and Consevatives, especially those that are campaigning for the presidency, you can kiss your asses, freedom and country – what little is Left of it – goodbye or realize that: REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION!

    Our Gov’t has been diagnosed with an aggressive, deadly cancer which needs to be treated ASAP for as it spreads it does extensive damage to the quality of life of our nation. Everything else becomes a much lower priority, for treating & eradicating It as quickly as possible is of prime importance to our survival. All cancers have a name & this particular caner is called the “Communist & Radical Muslim Takeover of America” or CRMTOA for short.

    This cancer has infiltrated our Gov’t for quite some time. It started out very slowly to spread & as it did it damaged America & it’s people. The symptoms of the disease seemed liked a cold then the flu for the longest time, coming & going The American people should have gone to the Doctor to get checked out, but we kept putting it off. However, recently the symptoms worsened & America’s people began to suffer more & more. The cancer continued to worsen as well as spread & our nation was growing very sick. then within the last 4-5 years the cancer escalated within our country ravaging nearly every aspect of its well being.
    after many tests the results clear showed it was CRMTOA cancer which had mutated into a strain the Doctor called BHORL, which stood for the “Barrack Hussein Obama Regime plus Liberalism.

    So the American Gov’t has a very deadly fast growing cancer with it’s origin located in Washington D.C, & emanating specifically from the White House & Capital Bldg. which are the heart of our nation. The Doctors were asked how did we get this disease & why has it worsened so quickly. They said the constant violation & abuse of the US Constitution by greedy, power seeking politicians who through their selfishness took what once was a healthy functioning Gov’t with 3 coequal branches of Gov’t which served the purpose of maintaining its health & with the help of lawyers destroyed it. The source of the aggressive growth of this cancer was being caused by none other than the questionable POTUS Barrack Obama, his close associates Valerie Jarrett & Eric Holder, who it is believed obtained much of their sinister instruction from an elite oligarchy..

    To save our free Republic immediate treatment & eradication of every bit of this cancer must be undertaken as the top priority. But the nation is confused about how to eradicate this cancer. Many Conservative believe that focusing on the 2016 Presidential elections is the answer putting all their hope in the hands of a new POTUS who will destroy the disease, solve all of America’s problems & make us great once again. Liberals who strong adhere to the ideology of Liberalism which is poison & evil see no disease but believe what is occurring in America is exactly what should be to finally attain the global utopia they desire. But neither of these groups understand anything about cancer & are putting our free Republic in danger of collapsing from within & dying. Being a cancer survivor, understanding it & seeing what happens if it’s not completely eradicate & returns I would suggest a different approach in dealing with it.

    IMO, Americans need to first put the 2016 elections on the back burner & come together & eradicate the cancer by literally removing the traitor in the White House, his treasonous regime & all treasonous Liberals, RINOS in Congress who are all a part of this cancer. If it is not removed I don’t care who is elected POTUS he will be fighting this cancer rather than restoring America & sadly the cancer will win. Don’t minimize the strength & aggressiveness of this cancer. Unless we can go into this election cancer free, we will eventually relapse & die. Can you understand this?

    Obama is a very stubborn & aggressive cancer, he still has 1.5 years left in his term (assuming he leaves) & he can do a hell of a lot of damage to our nation in this time. This cancer must be removed now, If this isn’t dealt with now there very well may not be any 2016 elections. Obama could literally rule over our country as a Dictator & transform it both a communist totalitarian state which is Muslim nation with Sharia law as the law of the land.

    What will it take for Americans to rise up as Patriots & remove the cancer which is destroying America from within? I wish I knew.

    Joseph Stalin said ““America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.” Since at least from 1970-current Liberalism has made this quote their mission statement.

    The truth about America is that the cancer of Liberalism is destroying it, In essence Liberalism = Socialism = Communism. Barrack Hussein Obama & many other Gov’t officials are communists. Liberalism is poison, it’s evil & for some reason no one is willing to take stand against it & remove it. Those that think a new POTUS will solve all of America’s problems simply don’t understand the nature of cancer & how hard it is to become cancer free.

    America needs to make some very hard decisions, decisions which could either save America & its freedom or kill America. If America dies it along with Canada & Mexico will become part of the North America Union. America’s sovereignty & constitution will be absolved. It is my belief that all will be relinquished to the United Nations. The EU, the Arab League, Africa, South America & all other nations will do the same & as a result the NWO will be created.

    Having dealt with cancer repeatedly I believe it must take top priority & be eradicate. If it’s not it will return with a vengeance. I’ve seen this happen too many times before. Even the Declaration of Independence supports this radical but necessary approach. Read more at Special Operations Speaks – See more at:

  27. Hillary Clinton was thrown off the Watergate investigation because even among all those democrap lawyers, she had an amazing lack of ethics.She is willing to say anything or do anything to get this election. She is one of the most despicable people around, and I’ve met Ted the drunk, swimming murderer, Lurch the gigilo Kerry, Chris , No Problem with Fannie , Dodd and Terry, Isn’t Virginia that land across the Potomac ? McCaulif. and she tops them all. But this election has me kind of stupified at least on the communist side, We have Hillary, Bernie Sanders, who REALLY needs to read a History book ,that the last Democratic Socialists was the Nazi Party, Joe Biden who can’t string three words together before sticking his foot in his mouth and waiting in the wings we have Elizabeth Pocahontas Waren who is a proven liar, who screwed the taxpayer into helping to pay for her educaton and screwing college to get a job and who became another piece of crap in the long line of garbage senators from the communist state of Taxachussettes.On the Republican side, The RINO’s will soon be gone ( I Hope ) then we can get down to getting a candidate. Thankfully,at least John McCain isn’t running.

  28. Wow, The Hilda Beast calling the kettle black. Claims to be pro women, but when she had the world’s stage, she did and said nothing to promote women around the world. She spent a great deal of time pandering to radical ISLAM, but not once did she say anything to help the women in these Islamo-fascist nations. She remained silent. But now in America, the Hilda Beast claims that anyone who tries to protect the most innocent amongst us (unborn human babies) from the slaughter of abortuaries are likened unto terrorists. Hey Hillary Clinton, The Unborn Human Baby is innocent. You are about MURDERING that unborn baby. You are the terrorist. You are the blood thirsty, anti-life, monster. I know the left doesn’t like the truth, but those of you who are ok with slaughtering UNBORN, HUMAN BABIES, you are sick, blood thirsty, godless, filth,.

  29. I only wish I could say what it really is on my mind but this bitche has to be the worst woman God has ever created and given the elite life she has lived. She should be in chains and because of the rouge President she will go free but, will she really be free?? Maybe here on earth but she like all of us, must meet here maker sometime and then it will be time for her to answer to The Lord.

  30. The pro-life people aren’t killing anyone…especially for profit.

  31. Who cares what the Benghazi private e mail server clinton mafiosa from Arkansas has to say?
    She has ZERO street cred
    and she is a infernal lying democRAT to boot!
    No Gravitas and definitely not presidential material!

  32. Obama is American’s real terrorist, and the Democrat party with him.

  33. Oh Jezebel is getting scared and she should because she is getting ready to go down after the email scandal

  34. I would think that abortion doctors are the terrorist. Pro life means they are not for killing (terrorizing) babies. The people that holler for woman’s right are against the life of the baby. Let’s get it straight.

  35. “Hillary Clinton compares pro-life Americans to terrorists, but defends despicable PP treatment of unborn? Her priorities are totally wrong

  36. As usual, Hellory and her followers put the cart before the horse. If you don’t want to get pregnant then either get protection or don’t have sex. PP would not be needed if the morality of God’s Word was followed. It is wide spread and will continue to be so since God and His precepts are being ignored.

    • Who is Hellory?

    • Hellory would have a difficult time of getting pregnant carousing with Huma and Hillary’s daughter only became pregnant to serve the master plan for the Clinton crime family, whereas Hillary wouldn’t even have been born had her mother come out of the closet early.
      Hellory simply is applying politics onto the socially supported Black voters. Yea, the PP has 60% of its ‘Centers’ in inner city Black neighborhoods and doesn’t keep track, for mass consumption, the percentage of abortions provided to those communities.. as a welfare offering, offering substantially for votes.
      For without those voters, she gives up 10% of the common vote in a general election. Hellory is a bigger Demagogue than Sharpton when it serves her.

      • Who is Chelsea married to and where is he from?

        • She married a Goldman Sachs rep, Marc( son of a Democrat((Edward Mezvinsky))convicted

          bank fraud, mail fraud and wire fraud) , whom had Bill Clinton appear to have some influence, this didn’t work out and the Goldman investments (Eaglevale Partners LP) that Chelsea’s husband recommended fared poorly.

          He too, like the Clinton’s advising Teacher Retirement Funds investment, made recommendations for the fees they made and served no one but the Clinton Crime Family.

          The ‘Husband’ is still at Goldman, Chelsea is still gay and the marriage is much like Hillary’s and Bills.

          The apples, (Chelsea and Marc) fell from the tree and didn’t even bounce! So much so, count on Chelsea running for Senator of N.Y. in 6-8 years, then President. At which time Marc will be even higher in Banking,, maybe even head the Treasury.

  37. Interesting that -0- and his minions will NOT use the word terrorist in connection with muslim crimes BUT it’s OK to call Americans terrorists when we don’t agree with the evil mentality of the commie liberals that have highjacked our government.

    • Actually not very well informed conservative, Obama uses the word terrorists all the time.

      Trouble is your too low functioning to know these things.

      You also should be aware that Obama is not called the tea party “terrorist”.
      He has said they “act like terrorists”.
      People who blackmail you, are kind of like terrorists.

      People who shut down the government, if they don’t get their way, are kind of like terrorists.

      It’s semantics. And we all know you conservatives love to play word games, as well as screw up the country.

    • “That “license” to call us terrorists is going to be used over and over
      and over … and as one of the heros of todays commie-liberals of the
      world said: “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently
      enough, it will be believed.”
      ― Adolf Hitler”

      Pretty funny you post this, RIGHT AFTER TELLING A COUPLE LIES

  38. Actually, the corrupt Witch from the corrupt State of Illinois has spoken, but her words are said in the wrong way. Democrats are the ones funding the Terrorists with the Iran, kill Americans….

  39. So, is Hillary a Dr. Mengele follower?

  40. I was at the campaign stop in Cleveland, why is it that Obama , Clinton can only talk with the youth, stay away from our college kids and start talking to real adults, the democrats prey on the youth , teach the youth, tell them not to listen to their families. If the democrats can get “Black lives matter groups together to teach hatred on the people who might help them, they have another thought coming.” Hillary hates women, plain to see and hear. I hope her granddaughter hears all these horrific things she said. In my opinion Clintons will buy Sanders votes, Hillary already has all the black votes and Sanders has the youth vote, Soros has the money. How did Carson rise in the polls , he didn’t have to do a thing, Trump energized everyone, maybe Carson is leading because of his silent backers, vote Trump , we know him, he will bring some of the republicans with him, is it possible that George Soros is playing the game 2 ways , all of a sudden Kanye West wants in, lets get Trump elected. I don’t know how many women out there are happy with Miley Cyrus, she is ruining the lives of our youth. Mount McKinley I am shocked that the Alaskan people would change the name , that was a tourist site, now its Mount Delarni [whatever] it means a unisex mountain that was given by India, I am asking does India own this mountain? Why is the administration silent on everything ? Get these Black protestors to the VA’s to help our military, cant you democrats do anything right ?

  41. Hillary, your liberal garbage eithics are destroying women…get out while you can.

  42. Being a barefoot male taxpayer is not a piece of pie either. However hard they screw me, I can’t get pregnant. Doggone …

  43. If I had the chance I’d bitch-slap that old worn out piece of hide right up side her delusional head. I do not like the inference that I am on the same level as assholes who cut the heads off innocent people, never-mind all the other despicable things they do. You are a stupid evil bitch Hillary and I do hope that you get exactly what you have coming. Which by the way would leave you twitching in a puddle of your own blood.

  44. SOMEONE should hold up a sign of torn apart human baby fetuses at Hillary to show you who are the real terrorist!

    This tells me Hillary is a human-hater, a hater of mankind and desires your death as a sacrifice of her supreme embodiment for just being Hillary.

    Wait, it get worst. She wants it to be official as your president. Mad like the devil that drives her.

    • How many babies have you adopted this year?

      There are hundreds of thousands of children without parents.

      You are so terribly concerned about the unborn, you should be equally concerned about the born.

      So tell me how many of you adopted?

      You know it’s not a baby until a breeze air.
      It says that quite clearly in the Bible that life does not begin until air reaches its lungs.

      “Then the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the
      ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the
      man became a living being.” Genesis 2:7

      it’s the only passage that actually describes the start of LIFE.

      I would be most interested to see if you can come up with one that says the baby in the womb has a soul.

      • Reality Check?
        Nice try, That’s one I haven’t heard before. Obviously God had to breath life into the FIRST man, first man was never even an infant. All indications point to first man being created as a mature male, I’m sure that seemed to God that he wouldn’t have to babysit this way, big surprise…
        Your reasoning is beyond reason. After first man, and of course first woman, it takes a fertilized egg to begin life. The baby gets oxygen (to “breath” by the way) from the mothers blood. If you actually believe that a fetus is not a baby until the day it is born you are a fool! It doesn’t matter if you are told that is not life, it IS life. words will not change this fact. Abortion IS MURDER!

        • Yeah, I was going to say that too but decided the verses pointed out better of what is in the womb.

          • It is astounding that any human could be so dim about reality.
            Liberalism at it roots is a steaming stew of greed and self interest. If something is not convenient for them it is tossed out like last weeks garbage. Greed that drives them to kill any life that is not to their immediate advantage. How pathetic does one have to be to take life so lightly? How disturbed are millions of young girls who have had abortions and then spend the rest of their lives lying to themselves about the horror of what they have done?

        • WorldStarHipHop Commentator

          Still spreading hatred and BS online I see lol…

          • Do expound on this hatred you claim I am spreading!

          • WorldStarHipHop Commentator


            ” send all the homo’s to the middle east”

            “It is at that time you need to shoot the fucker trying to take it”

            “Somebody please take Obama out on the West Lawn and hang him.”

            “welfare babies”

            “It’s ironic, after all that has been accomplished to repair relations between blacks and whites, to the point of a black man becoming president, that out of literally millions of blacks, the one who actually did become president, insists on being a fucking nigger! What are the odds?”

            Yeah you’re right, no hatred or BS there, just good ole Klan rhetoric!!!!! lmao

          • ” send all the homo’s to the middle east”

            Well, they are so bent on forcing everyone to accept their way, they forget that this will never happen. We see quite a lot of this behavior in the Middle East. The use of force to stifle anyone who doesn’t see thing their way. So yeah, they’d fit right in. Leastways they would be among their piers there

            “It is at that time you need to shoot the fucker trying to take it”

            Yep, some jackass comes trying to take your rightful means of defense away, you are free to use said defense. Not hating anyone here, just pointing out the simple fact that nobody, no matter how self important they think that they are, has the authority to take away American citizens right to defend themselves. Nor does anyone have the authority to take their means of defense. Nothing hateful here, just facts.

            “Somebody please take Obama out on the West Lawn and hang him.”

            Obama has committed treasonous acts, death is an appropriate punishment for the crime. Again, not so much hateful as letting future presidents know that such acts will NOT be tolerated. A public hanging of that person makes the point VERY clearly.

            “welfare babies”

            Not hate, a fair description of millions of children born to parents that won’t or can’t care for them without the help of welfare. If you want to argue something, argue about what affect welfare babies have on those who fund them., but no, you have no reasonable argument so you try to make me out as some hater for using the appropriate term. Get over it!

            “It’s ironic, after all that has been accomplished to repair relations between blacks and whites, to the point of a black man becoming president, that out of literally millions of blacks, the one who actually did become president, insists on being a fucking nigger! What are the odds?”
            Yep, America has advanced a very long way in race relations, unfortunately there are still racist bastards who just can’t let it go, Obama is one of those people, he is pissing away a huge opportunity to further unite the race’s. Obama simply put, is one of those people who feels the need to let everyone know that he is clinging on to being a nigger. Obama has poured fresh fuel on some long gone fires. So yeah, This is actually a person that I hate, not because I am a hateful person, but because he is a despicable human being. Anyone who would abuse such a position of power to divide the country is a lump of shit, human waste!

          • WorldStarHipHop Commentator

            LMAO, you are halfway up to Cairo in denial.

            You compared gay people to Muslims – which you talk about badly all the time… You even questioned the fact that there is a such thing as a “good Muslim.” Thats not hate? You condemned an entire group of people based on an impression -Thats just like calling American christians racist terrorists because of the Klan and southern states. THATS HATEFUL

            You are instructing people to kill law enforcement if guns are banned or restricted in America- Even though you are aware of countless developed con tries that have banned or restricted guns, and have been successful in doing so, reducing gun deaths by hundreds of thousands. Telling someone to kill law enforcement is not hateful?

            Hanging a man and making it a public execution is not hateful???? What crime has he committed that is punishable by death? What act has he done so wrong that his life deserve to be taken away? You even stated the purpose of making it public was to place fear in future presidents. is fear by hanging not a product of hate?

            Welfare babies- You are using a demoralizing term to categorize a group of people that have no control over their circumstances. There is a three letter organization that labels other groups of people like this too, can you guess who. Not Hateful?

            ” Obama simply put, is one of those people who feels the need to let everyone know that he is clinging on to being a nigger.” This sentence alone shows the extent of your hate yet again! What gets me is the fact you think it is perfectly fine to consider president Obama a “nigger.” as if “nigger” is a description of a person, and it is not meant to be HATEFUL in anyway.

            Please explain what being a “nigger” is, what qualities make a “nigger” and how do you not find it hateful to call a person that. Your reasoning for calling him a “nigger” is to express your distaste for him, is it not???

            I have no clue what has happened in your life to make you such an angry person, but I’m sorry. You traverse website after website arguing with people, insisting you are right about everything. Every website you comment on has to do with gun control, Obama, Muslims, Blacks, Gays, corrupt government, the tea party, immigration, socialism, etc. Your narrative fits every hate group in America. You are in the mist of all negativity, yet you claim to be of no hate.

            Where is the happiness in your life? Do you ever comment on positive things that uplift your thoughts and emotions?

      • Why should I adopt any when they have parents? Can I say duhhhhh…..?

        Jer 1:5 Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, [and] I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.

        Luke 1:41 And it came to pass, that, when Elisabeth heard the salutation of Mary, the babe leaped in her womb; and Elisabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost:

      • Adam wasn’t born he was created and God gave him life. He created Eve from Adam. The first child born was Cain and it didn’t give specifics about how he was born. Presumably the same way, but who knows.

        • Gosh . But I don’t see you posting any Scripture, that shows how life begins.

          So I guess mine will have to stand until one of you religious enthusiasts can come up with a Bible passage.

  45. rationalconservative

    I wouldn’t give to much credit to Hillary’s comparison to terrorists. She cannot tell the difference between a terrorist planned activity and spontaneous uprising over a video. Worse, she doesn’t think it makes any difference whether or not people involved were terrorists or had terrorist intentions.

  46. I would like a Republican candidate to ask Hilary this question: “While we are, in fact, in favor of women’s healthcare, including breast cancer screenings and other preventive care, but not infanticide, why did you, as Secretary of State, issue a directive to our military men and women that they are not to discuss or criticize pedophilia by Afghan Muslims, specifically the rape of young boys which is a mainstay of the Afghan military?” Then they should quote the directive from the military manual that must be followed in Afghanistan.

    • actually it’s not pedophilia in the true sense.
      they would much rather have a women.

      it’s called desperation.
      and they are too uptight to just jerk off so they have sex with young males.
      happens ALL OVER the 3rd world.

      it’s also been going on for THOUSANDS of years, so……

      even in Europe, you know, where we all came from.

      Driven by Christian ideology, that women must remain pure until marriage, and that a male must pay a dowry to the father in order to get his bride, created a situation where no one could have sex, and everyone is horny.

      I don’t know what the women did but the males all had sex with the young males.
      ( and for some reason the farm animals were all skittish around the men folk)

      History’s dirty little secret.

  47. One thing about liberals like Hillary Clinton, if you want to kill a baby, that’s just fine, but don’t cut down a tree or they’ll riot. Guess Hillary’s in good company.

  48. Since the far left demowit pro choice movement of PP has murdered millions of unborn humans over the last century (including Margaret Sanger and her eugenics religion that the Nazis and Commies used) ….. who is the terrorist????? Reminds me of the radical jihadist and their murderous activities up through time. And don’t blame the Crusades, they were about 6 centuries late.

  49. Who in their right mind would even give killary the time of day. OOOOOOps, forgot the left wing liberal low life moral reprobates democrats would

    • since her popularity rating is still close to 50% that would be about 160 million.

      that is about the same as trumps UN-favorability rating.

  50. Hillary the Witch….. who would have all of us…. Murder babies so the old hag…. could look better with that babies stem cells…. NICE mom and granny! <URDER and then harvesting for FILTHY LUCOR (Bible) is about as LOW as you can GO(Hillary!)…..Sick evil, twisted, perverted !!!!!! She wants respect as a mom and granny ….. yeah, right!

    • So I have to ask Carol, does that post look normal to you?

      See that button there called “edit”.

      That’s how you fix things like that, assuming it’s a mistake.

      BUT this looks like communist code from the 50s.

      You commie a bastard?

  51. Hillary your a baby killer, trader and a piece of shit! How many people have you killed today?

  52. Who dreams up this psychotic nonsense? People who protest the murder of babies are terrorists? What does that make the people who actually MURDER the babies?

  53. She should be arrested and convicted of being a traitor to America and sent to prison for life.

  54. If Clinton is fighting back against this war on women, she unleashed the heavy firepower on Thursday. Speaking at a campaign stop in Cleveland, she said, “Extreme views about women? We expect that from some of the terrorist groups. We expect that from people who don’t want to live in the modern world, but it’s a little hard to take coming from Republicans who want to be the president of the United States. Yet they espouse out-of-date and out-of-touch policies Straight from one of many, Lucifer’s minions.

  55. Somebody please put her back on her med’s.

  56. Now……”What’s this”? A Lesbian, concerned with “womens rights”…….
    How about the rights of a “fetus”…….{ female fetus’s }…..Sex is no consideration for abortion……”so”…..where’s the “compassion”…..for females? “Killery”….the hippocrite!
    “Killery”….the “fool”……”The Criminal”…….”The liar”…….She “should be in San Quenton”, before the Dumbocrap caucus!

  57. I guess that LYING while Disseminating STATE Secrets … military Secrets and allowing her TOOLS to PLEAD the FIFTH ..must mean that Shillery may choose Lois Lerner as VP in charge of LYING for the NUT JOB PARTY aka the Progressive Anarchist Party of the Alinsky Doctrine….and the PARTY of TRAITORS!
    Is that what Shilleroo was Talkingg about???

  58. Ask Billary about the strange “suicide” of her lover Vince Foster who “killed” himself by a bullet in the back of his head.

  59. Killary. ‘Repubs are terrorists’. Why? Because Repubs DO NOT want to kill babies.

  60. Christians oppose abortion as the Bible defines it as murder. That hardly fits the definition of a terrorist who favors death. But defining abortion is one thing and promoting that concept is one thing. Outlawing abortion is not Constitutional.

  61. How can Hitlerally call Reps terrorists when the Dems are for aborting babies? Isn’t abortion mainly “KILLING”? Do terrorists kill or love?

    • But my anti-aging cream is made from them!

      The planet is over populated. We should offer cash rewards to encourage abortions. FREAKENOMICS reported that crime has steadily declined since abortion has been made legal. How can you force women to not self abort? Strap every pregnant one that you suspect on a prison bed for nine months? I need more cream where is that knitting needle.

  62. Pro-life Americans are terrorists. To a politician, this is true. Can you imagine, in comparison to abortions, what the cost to government of feeding, clothing, housing and educating 50-million babies would have been? The size of the national debt would be, literally, trillions greater than what it is. What is the solution? A woman’s right to choose begins before sex, before conception and before abortion even needs to be a consideration. The right choose is the solution. The right choice is ALWAYS the solution.

  63. The accusation that I am “practically a terrorist,” is fine by me. I think all the democrats, who lobby to continue aborting more and more babies, are MURDERS and, since Hillary “wanted to wring (Bill’s) neck,” – to quote the ugly queen – she’s already written that she’d like to continue in breaking the Ten Commandments.

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