Clinton Looks Past Sanders to Trump

After destroying her socialist challenger in Florida, North Carolina, and Ohio on Tuesday, Hillary Clinton sounded like she was ready to be done with the primary process and the persistent, surprising threat of Senator Bernie Sanders. Speaking from her victory party in West Palm Beach, Clinton was hoarse but resolute.

“We are moving closer to securing the Democratic Party nomination and winning this election in November,” she said to rabid applause.

While Clinton was expected to win the two southern states, Ohio was a question mark leading into Tuesday. The former secretary of state was ahead in the polls, but her campaign was measured in their optimism. The stunning upset Sanders pulled off in Michigan last week was fresh in their minds, so her victory in the Buckeye State proved a bigger win than it might have otherwise been. And with that notch in her belt, Clinton appeared to be more focused than ever on an eventual showdown with Donald Trump.

“When we hear a candidate for president call for rounding up 12 million immigrants, banning all Muslims from entering the United States, when he embraces torture, that doesn’t make him strong, it makes him wrong,” Clinton, debuting a line we’re undoubtedly going to hear a million times over the next couple of months.

It will be interesting to see how things play out from here. Sanders is almost – but not quite – against a mathematical impossibility. If he continues his campaign, as he has vowed to do, he could become less of a serious challenger and more of a message candidate. His supporters, young and prone to magical thinking, will undoubtedly stick by him. And that’s exactly what Republicans hope will happen. The longer he stays in the race, draining the liberal enthusiasm away from the frontrunner, the worse it is for Clinton. He’s already forced her much further to the left than she would have normally leaned, and her electability suffers with every shift.

Making things worse for her, a new poll shows that 33% of Sanders’ supporters flatly refuse to vote for Clinton if she turns out to be the nominee. Some of them will go third-party. Some of them will stay home.

But some of them are looking desperately for an outsider to go in and shake up the Washington establishment. And while an all-encompassing look at Sanders and Trump shows two candidates who could hardly be more different, they are unusually similar when it comes to issues like trade and D.C. corruption. If Sanders stays in till the convention and Trump wins the Republican nomination, we could see a small but significant exodus from the Democratic Party in November.

“We think she will be the nominee, we’d like for this process to obviously be resolved as quickly as it can, but that’s ultimately not up to us and we’re prepared for it to go on,” Clinton’s campaign manager said Tuesday.

Oh, so are we, baby. So are we.


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  1. It is now clear that this bloodstained murderess and bribe-taker who has sold national secrets for cash and is up to her adam’s apple in lies and conspiracies will get the nomination of the party of Marx, Mohammed and Mapplethorpe, and will use Chicom and Soros billions to conduct a campaign of Hitlerian viciousness and mendacity. It is also quite possible that she and her Muslim Brotherhood controller and girlfriend Abedin will engage in election fraud on a scale previously seen only in sub-Saharan Africa in order to steal the presidency and establish a one-party socialist state. We must prepare for the most crucial and climactic fight for the survival of the republic since Washington crossed the Delaware and what could be the last contested election under the Philadelphia Republic. Those who do not devote their lives now to driving these criminal and traitors from power will spend the rest of them in re-education “camps for adults”, working on collective farms or on the dole.

  2. I am totally blown away by the evil and moral decline in this country as well as the seemingly total acceptance of it. If God doesn’t intervene soon we are all doomed.

    • Which god?
      There are hundreds, if not thousands.

      • Only one you troll.

        • Typical ignorant Christian. One who bleieves in three gods using the excuse of “Trinity” and “Mystery”. The Father, Son and Holy Ghost are exceptionally pagan ideas. Npt on the least surprising considering this that is the belief system Paul built in the pagan lands.

          • AK could control; air pollution by closing her mouth and just riding away on her broom

          • Thank you. Your insults act to prove my points. Please continue.

          • even riding a broom requires some intelligence….she has to “ride along” with georgi melbatoast…she hangs on to his “shifter” in the hard turns as they navigate around the piles of manure in the schitty mental ward they live in…

  3. There is so much evidence against her that I don’t understand why she hasn’t been served. It sure didn’t take this long to charge General Petraus and his sins looked like peanuts compared to the morally bankrupt Hillary.

    • My guess is there is a “Battle of Marathon” going on between Good and Evil, Honesty and Truth or David and Goliath . . . . behind the curtains of Washington, deCeit.

      Thank goodness we have the FBI on America’s side (my guess) while the In-Justice Department is in obama’s pocket.

      The real decision will be made when obama’s dislike for the clinton’s wins or loses out to the ego of his legacy; i.e., the arrogance for another 4 years of his policies – – – handing the sword to “the rodham”, or not.

      The fate of our nation hangs in this decision . . . are you ready for Bernie, the old burnt out hippie socialist?

      • of course when the democrapos wrapped in GOP sheep skins vote to let kenyan boyo have another pick on the supremo courto and then that old dried up communist ho says “I am out of here” and the african pretender gets another “pick” I believe the fighting in the streets will begin…the leftist indoctrinated martyrs are already “demonstrating” in places like Ferguson, Baltimore, and other democrapo controlled ghettos…we have wasted trillions of dollars and thousands of lives fighting the communists and other assorted scum around the world…now we will get to waste those clowns right here without having to fly around the world…just think of the transportation savings and supply logistics alone….

      • Right and wrong are not the same as illegal and legal.

        One is morality, the other is law.

        You need to learn the difference.

        • I am aware of the difference between morality and law . . . they often are the same, but can be different, as Washington, deCeit has taught us.

          Our nation was founded on the concept of morality but without morality we have the current mess . . . where we are at this click in time.

          Skousen has delineated this for us; i.e., it takes a moral people to pass moral laws . . . unfortunately, we have failed.

          • The First Amendment says something quite different.

          • I’m afraid your circuitous reasoning is on a plane that I don’t comprehend.

          • that is because it is from outer space, the coffee shop socialist aholes even think that communism is not only better than capitalism, but the it is a kind benevolent sort of governing concept…the troll is mentally challenged…

    • I almost can get my mind around the other criminals in DC protecting this $lut, or hoping to catch a coattail ride…what bothers me is that even with our commie inspired media infected by commie inspired radicals professing to want to change the world, not report the news…even with all of that millions ignore all of the obvious flaws of this hore….it is mind boggling …..

      • Childish name-calling.
        Childish vulgar language.
        Out of date Cold-War insults.

        Anything buy impressive.

        • Our founding fathers would have used you for fertilizer…maybe not, to much toxic waste

        • Good Grief, SHUT UP. Go enlighten ABC or NBC with your vacuous complaints…..

        • So you don’t believe in the Constitution? Hillary Clinton is a Liar. Hillary Clinton was fired from the Watergate Commission because she lied.

          • Suggest you read the 5th Amendment.
            Hillary was never fired. You are repeating a lie. Do the research for yourself.

          • Hillary was fired because of her suggestion that Nixon not be entitled to legal counsel. She was fired
            In 1975, hillary defended a sex pedofile who had attacked a 12 year old girl. He was over 40 at the time. The etails are too disgusting to repeat.

          • That is the rumor being passed around. It is not true. Zeifman did not fire Hilary until after the Nixon investigation had been conpleted.

            Everyone, regardless of the charged crime, is intitled to legal counsel. In the sex case case, the prosecution lost crucial evidence.

            In America everyone is innocent until proven guilty. It is a Constiutional guarantee. I suggest you read thw 5th Amendment.

          • I know the fifth amendment, Now I’ll give you one. Do you know the original 13th amendment?

          • You mean the one proposed in order to prevenr secession? The one, which after the war, was changed to make slavery illegal?

          • the trolling ho thinks that communism has been a wonderful God send for folks around the world….

        • Are you in favor of anyone? you just seem to complain and hurl insults?

        • you and the other twits that think that the fall of the wall meant that communism is dead and no longer threatening anyone are what is “out of date” …

          • Communism is not now, nor has it ever been a threat to anyone. Brainwashing, on the other hand has been uses to teach hate.

            Jesus and his Deciples practiced Communism. So do the majority of religious communities.
            Every country is entitled to choose the government they want to live under.

            On the other hand, evil people use many things to impose their will on others — religion, government …

          • tell that to the millions, i.e. estimated 40 million in the former USSR and the estimated 70 million that mao exterminated…your two remaining brain cells exist in a fantasy…

    • Two very different justice systems.

      Civilians are innocent until proven guilty.
      Under the UCMJ, military are guilty until proven innocent.

      • Clinton is a lying sack of s–t and a criminal too boot FACT

        • Why do you embarrass America this way?

          Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

          Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • No, Clinton is a embarrassment…

            Not a lie when the FBI is investigating…emails with redacted material is a fact. The use of a personal server to send these emails is fact.
            She admitted to the fact she stole silverware and plates from the White House when her and Monica’s suck toy moved out. She lied to the families of those killed in Benghazi FACT. She and her womanizing, sexual assaulter of a husband should be in jail like all their co-conspirators in the white water scandal. FACT

            These are not lies you stupid troll, these are just a few facts

          • In America, the law is innocent until proven guilty. The 5th Amendment guarnatees that.

            Those are the accusations. Hillary has not yet been charged with any crime.

            If you cannot suppirt the Constitution, maybe you should find someplace with laws more to your liking.

          • What part of using a personal server don’t you and that bag of $hit Clinton get??? Are you so dumb that plain English evade yours and her reasoning??? Bet your glad you weren’t one of the families she lied to about what happened to their loved ones in Benghazi. Or are you saying they are the liars???

          • A computer is a computer is a computer.
            Hillary did not operate a personal server.

          • Gawd your one dumb tool. What rock have you been living under?
            THE FBI IS INVESTIGATING CLINTON BECAUSE SHE WAS….GET IT WAS!!!! USING HER PERSONAL SERVER. Unsecured, just like yours….sending sensitive government material….

          • is it not wonderful to read the idiocy that is believed by supporters of the hore from hell…the indoctrination of Americans has been successful when the idiots that can vote think that the ho clintoney is a viable candidate for anything other than the electric chair…the answer the ak69er gave you is an example of their delusion….

          • What the fvck is “suppirt”???

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  4. I believe we the people are watching this great country collapse into the dust of time, like other great civilization have done in time. We have chosen Trump as are leader to rid ourselves of this evil and even The GOP is against us, totally unbelievable. Go Trump; ALL LIVES MATTER

  5. This POS should be sitting in prison along with her husband! It makes me sick to see how far our Morales have fallen. Morales are what distinguished us from other countries. America needs a transfusion! Exterminating liberals would be a start! OPS! did I just say that!?

    • The word is “MORALS,” SFBs! Geeezzzz!

      • How brave some idiots get concealed on the internet! Typical quick to criticize, supercilious, liberal POS azzhole! I have other synonyms for you but, I’ve given you enough adulation!

        • georgi melbatoast’s halo is simply glowing after all those accolades…..!!! and my guess is that his tiny “shifter” is very very firm….well we will just have to ask the ak69er ho about that….

          • It’s amazing how ignorant these liberal, socialist, communists are..

          • it stems from years upon years of indoctrination in our schools and universities compounded by watching the TV twats that think they are “saving the planet and mankind” instead of doing the job that they are overpaid to do….report the facts.

  6. I have never seen a president preside from inside of a jail cell….have you?

    • If Trump is elected, you may get that opportunity. He has a lot of dirty laundry. One part of that is his KKK membership. The KKK is an international terror organization.

      • If that were the case obozo and both clintons would have been hung for treason bitch

        • Full Definition of name–calling

          : the use of offensive names especially to win an argument or to induce rejection or condemnation (as of a person or project) without objective consideration of the facts

        • oh no ak69er’s verbal leg humper georgi melbatoast has returned from his mission….he was in DC standing guard in bathroom at the gay pride hang in……they keep on looking for more fantasy “rights” in the constitution….

      • You are hilarious and a jackass to boot !

      • Trump was never in the KKK. Try to be a little informed

        • You would be mistaken.

          Donald grew up in a KKK home. His father was arrested more than once as his result of his KKK involvement. One of the most well-known incident took place in 1927.

          Trump has repeatedly lied about that arrest. The arrest is a matter of public record.

          Trump has been outed. He is a KKK member. Both Snopes and Anonymous have documented that membership.

      • Why do you lie ? The KKK is a democrat founded organization and you well know it ! David Duke stated publicly he did NOT endorse Trump – and Trump has no ties to the KKK. You are a @sshole AND a liar !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

        • The KKK was founded 12/24/1865 in Pulaski, TN.
          The KKK was not fpunded by the Democratic Party.

          The politics of the 1860s/1870s are not the party lines of today In tjose days, Republicans were condemned as the party of big government and as wanting to centralize authority on the federal level.

          The anti-black Democratic Party of the 1860s and 1870s bears no similarity to the party of toda

  7. Egor von Johnson

    Come November, galloping through black ass nigger rioters, on a magnificent white stallion, charging uphill to that shining city, and riding tall in the golden sadddle, none other than , THE DONALD God Save The King!!!!

  8. Egor von Johnson

    Bumper sticker. Fuck Or Be Fucked DT `16

  9. Between Donald and Hillary…Damned either way. Between the devil and the deep blue sea.
    Get burned or drown. Which of the two evils will America die from?

  10. Hillary Clinton for Prison – Not President !

  11. killary & g. soros for PRISON !!

  12. DNC, the second greatest comedy show in America; staring the wicked witch from Chicago, Illinois.

  13. Hillary Clinton has been wrong so many times in both her actions and policies where does one start. Trump isn’t the best spoken person to ever run for high public office but he is absolutely correct about the Mexican border and Islam. If the civilized world continues to treat Islam like any other “religion” and not the deadly ideology that is is there will be a world wide war and WMD will be used. The Mexican border is the crossing point for billions of dollars in deadly drugs, weapons and human trafficking so again Mrs. Clinton why is it wrong to secure our border against this evil?

  14. I bet Hillary can not wait get into white house and start trying ban our guns and hord all cash her and Bill can take from american taxpayers .. She will also give bunch muslim free pass on everything as America burns

  15. This lying Bic— should be in prison but they will never lock her up because they will rig votes AGAIN so Hillary becomes president .. America will be fu–d bad

  16. I pray that demented nut Hillary does not win the white house. That criminal scumbag belong in jail, she takes plenty of cash from Islam, to do their bidding and she will . Wake up America that screwball has no business in the white house ever.

  17. Hillary is running a race for her life. Obama won’t pardon her. If he does, he implicates himself to the acts of Treason he participated in with her. She truly believes if she is elected president [no capital P for her] she can “pardon herself” and continue her criminal activities on an even larger scale.

    Strategically, We the People, do not want her charged with the High Crimes of multiple Treason she has committed until after Obama has no chance to pardon her. Mr. Trump has already committed to prosecute her to the full extent of the law. I believe he will. With a new and aggressive Atty General, unlike Eric Holder or Loretta Lynch, who refuse to touch the issue, in direct violation of their Oath of Office.

    Crime boss, John Gotti … “teflon don” died in prison.. after a lifetime of crime.. The Clinton Crime family will ultimately be taken down.. have faith… and keep your powder dry… or rope.. or hanging chad.. or whatever you choose.

  18. Hillary and Trump they are taking over the world and faking videos about Marco rubio quitting the election

  19. The only contest that H-BOMB Clinton should WIN… is the a TRIP TO A PRISON CELL IN THE BIG HOUSE…

  20. She ought to be looking past Trump to jail.

  21. Instead of looking past Sanders to facing Trump I think you should be more worried about looking through bars

  22. al I no is I hope trump is the president thatway the u.s. has a chance to servive and I hope Hillary is in prison before we even vote it would have been even better if she would have lost the dem.nom.but her going to prison would be enough

  23. I wait for Mr. Gowdy’s Report and then Dance a little Jig as she is Indicted.

  24. “the rodham” will look great in her orange jumpsuit . . . willy will tell her that her butt looks smaller, and all will be happy in the clinton crime family.

  25. Egor von Johnson

    FBI gonna rip those fat contained, soiled panty hose and stuff them down slick Willies throat when he make a fuss about her going to jail.

  26. I have never seen one quote that supports Hillary. They are all so right on about the awful things she has done, and no one can name one thing that she has ever accomplished. Why would anyone ever vote for Hillary. She is against the 2nd amendment, she is for abortion of innocent babies, she is for illegal immigration and open Borders. Why? Why? Why?

  27. If Donald Trump is the nominee and he gets to debate Hillary, he will destroy her in front of the entire country. She doesn’t deserve to be President of the United States. But she does belong in prison.

    • Mary is an excellent example of the mental illness that has overtaken our country…Just think that there are millions of folks that have been indoctrinated by the scum in the media that simply ignore the ho clintoney’s questionable activities and makes light of her obvious scandalous illegal and immoral actions……now the brain dead come out like zombies in the night and will vote for the hore and try to put her and billy “the rapist traitor” clintoney back into the oral office….I think something has been introduced into the water supplies in many areas around the country…

  28. The old bag/hag belongs behind bars – not the desk in the Oval Office….

  29. Has no business running for any office with top security clearnce

    Irresponsible, Irrational, Irritating, got four men killed in Benghazi

    Liar, Lunatic, leftist disgusting B—H

    Loves blaming others for her lying ways, and bill lies for her too

    Arrogant and thinks she’s above our laws she breaks

    Remember the women she trashed to cover her sexually perverted rapist bill

    Years of corruption is her main stay and she will always be corrupt

    Relies on idiots to vote her lying butt into office so she can continue her lawlessness

    Obama and her shoud be in prison for what they done both are traitors

    Democrats always pick the most corrupt scum to be their nominee

    Has a trail of blood on her hands she cannot wash off, Benghazi is hers

    Abusive awlful old lying bag of steaming crap who’s just obnoxious

    Muslim suppoter of their murdering brotherhood, don’t thnk their terrorist

    Cancer to our society and will make obama seem like child’s play

    Lets be very clear, this women is untrustworthy and dangerous as well

    Insane and shows her hate for American citizens

    Not one bit of respect for the job she wants at all cost, even lives will be lost

    Totally a security risk to this country and our military and Israel

    Only B—H who has lied to congress for eleven hours

    Noway should she be allowed to run for any office

  30. Taking care of business!

    Will she have to wear those funky glasses to look “past Sanders”?–the lying, rose-colored glasses.

  31. To Nancy Miller!What evidence? If any of the Republican rhetoric was true she would be in prison. The talk about Hillary is pure politics so a Republican can win the presidency. It is a shame to hear all the lies being told about Mrs Clinton. As for Benghazi, she asked for more money for security in Benghazi and told there is no money. Let us all see what a woman can do to run our country. She is very knowledge and wants to help the poor and the Middle Class population!!!!!!!

  32. And with that notch in her belt, Clinton appeared to be more focused than ever on an eventual showdown with Donald Trump.

    Now isn’t that quite the truthful statement put into a nutshell of clear admittance of whom will be the GOP winning Representative. Even Broom Stick Billary Skullary knows that Future 45th President Of The United States of America, Mr. Donald John Trump, Sr. will be her ultimate demise to be literally crushed and permanently attached beneath The Donald’s winning shoes never to see daylight again!

    I can’t decide who is more evilized, Socialist Commie Marxist Obama Puppeteer George Soros or The Anti-Christ Himself? And lets not forget the backstabbing GOP elites whom challenged the Future 45th President of the United of America, Mr. Donald John Trump, Sr. to sign a Pledged Commitment to the Republican Party! He signed and announced with the Pledged Document in hand on National TV to agree in full to run as a Republican only! The GOP elites have turncoat and abandoned Future 45th President of the United States of America, Mr. Donald John Trump, Sr. even though on national TV he signed their so very important Document Pledge Committing himself to the Republican Party!

    SO BE IT

  33. Clinton might want to be careful what she(he, IDK) wishes for because Trump is going to tear you a new butthole you piece of pond scum. You will be sorry you even ran for anything except the Federal Prison. TRUMP 2016!!!!!!


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