Clinton Launches Attack on Free Speech

Hillary Clinton couldn’t even wait a week before seasoning her fledgling campaign with some good old-fashioned attacks on freedom. In her first official stop in Iowa, the former secretary of state was quick to let her supporters know where she stood on the issue of Citizen’s United.

“We need to fix our dysfunctional political system and get unaccountable money out of it once and for all, even if that takes a constitutional amendment,” she told a receptive audience of community college students. Well, at least she seems willing to take generally-accepted steps toward getting her way. If she were to follow in the current president’s footsteps, she would merely promise to override the Supreme Court with an executive memo. Or, you know, direct the IRS to clamp down on any conservative groups seeking the proper tax status.

The highest court in the land has ruled on this issue, and the result was one of the bravest decisions in favor of free speech that has ever come down the line. While liberals like Clinton and Obama whine that the Supreme Court gave personhood status to corporations, they seem unwilling to confront the fact that a corporation doesn’t exist without the people that build it. A corporation – as a thing – does not have an opinion. It does not prefer one politician over another. Therefore, this would have never become an issue unless…unless what, students? Unless people were involved. Good job. You are officially smarter than a Democrat.

Between this and her rant about CEO salaries, Clinton is wasting no time letting Americans know where she stands. For the little guy, right? Well, except there’s really no way to limit CEO salaries and overturn Citizens United without stomping all over the freedoms that protect the little guy and the big guy at the same time. It’s all well and good to issue these populist proclamations, but how do you just kinda limit the First Amendment? How do you just kinda smash everything the free market stands for?

This week, Ted Cruz warned his supporters that a Hillary Clinton presidency would be no different from a third Obama term. True enough…except she may actually be worse than Obama. If that seems unbelievable, consider her secret weapon. She has Bill in her corner, and politicians as smooth and effective as Slick Willie don’t come around very often. If she listens to him, she could very well become an effective version of Obama. Imagine that. An Obama who can actually get things done. What could be scarier?

If Republicans want to take back the White House, they need to expose Hillary and the Democrats as the evil that they really are. They need to make it clear, day in and day out, that every time there is an issue of freedom, Democrats somehow find themselves on the wrong side of it. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and we’ve been on that road for six and a half long years already. It’s time to get off at the next exit.

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  1. Meanwhile, one hand is behind her back with a basket to accept leftist corporations’ .donations to her election machine. Satan’s helper in the guise of a woman!

    • Old patriot you have it wrong, that woman is not Satin’s helper, that is Satin in a skirt, oops! I forgot, she .might not wear many women’s clothing.. That woman is pure death to this country if she gets in that White house and takes that rapist husband with woman would be safe in that place with him is so odd that women will back this person when she claims to be so big on women’s rights but covers up rapes and other harms he has done to other women all in the name if getting power. Women should be pissed and laughing out loud at this joke running for that high office. That woman does not have one drop of anything that would or should justify any ideas she might have to have earned the privilege to sit in that chair in Washington. If that Muslim leaves, someone will have to burn everything can for the fifth that was in there and call in fumigators to deorderize and disenfect the germs that walked the halls and if she gets it, there isn’t enough of either of that in this country that will deal with that much stinch.

      • Not only does Hillary ‘cover up’ Bill’s rapes and sexual abuse, she won’t stop until she ruins the women he has victimized.

        When Hillary was practicing law she laughed and thought it was hilarious that she got a ‘not guilty’ for a slime ball that raped a 12-year-old girl. As a Defense Lawyer, she was obligated to give him a good defense but the audacity to laugh, joke and brag about freeing a grown man for raping a 12-year-old is despicable. Chelsea was well protected from the perverts but that 12 y.o. had no protection.

        At age 22 Chelsea was not a starry-eyed 22 y.o. that needed a job and was elated to work with the POTUS. That POTUS, Bill the pervert, set her up and sexually used her. When the sexual abuse came to light that didn’t matter to Hillary, she stood by Bill when she knew he was lying. So glad Monica saved that little blue dress and Bill was impeached for lying but ‘not a word of defense for Monica’. She and that ‘army’ that always jumps to her defense would not stop trying to destroy Monica. They put her through Hell, but her strength and integrity brought her through this crisis and today she is a strong, beautiful woman – far superior to Hillary.

        How stupid one must be to think she cares about children or women. Lots of today’s voters have no idea of the Clinton’s crimes and corrupt activities and that is a tragedy.

        • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

          Hillary covers them up? What do you say to the fact that a Special;Prosecutor appointed by Republicans says there is nothing there to be found? You must find that awfully disagreeable?

          • What? Whoever inferred that there should be a Special Prosecutor to investigate a wife covering up for a husband’s infidelity. Bill Clinton was impeached for Perjury and Obstruction of Justice. What would they ‘impeach’ the wife of a President for?

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            You ignorant asshat, Have you ever heard of Ken Starr? He looked into every aspect of the Clintons that you claim existed and he said there was nothing, but you still rant on. How ignorant can you get?

          • Try educating yourself. Just google Clinton’s impeachment.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            You do know about keeping your thoughts to yourself instead of sharing them and proving you are ignorant, right?

          • perhaps You should take Your own advice then and quit trolling

          • You need to put down your HooKah …… and return to the trailer park …..

          • Well it seems that defending HILDERBEAST is Wadding up your Panties with the Expected CRAP FLOW Reversal making you a TRUE S-IT HEAD…

          • SEE now that you demand FREE Speech and FACTS … Beware the AIR Head will resort to “RACISM”

          • There was something. He lied under oath and was impeached by Congress. The Senate, stacked with liberals, refused to do the right thing. He got off, but we learned just what kind of people these two are.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            LMAO I quote Ken Starr while you quote your dreams


          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            That is not going to work with me. Avoiding Ken Starr altogether may be easier on you but it is real sorry.

          • I work off trust, not what lawyers do and Willie never had mine. so the farse was a waste of money.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            Let’s have a discussion but only how I say and when I say. Also you can only agree with me and if you do not I will pull something out of my ass that sounds good to me. I do noty care if it sounds good to you. How Tea Potty Christian Conservative Republican of you Greyguy but you are using the wrong bait. I am not biting

          • So only if a lawyer and a judge say it is so then it becomes a fact, there must not be many facts in the world.
            I do not need Ken Starr to tell me the eother one of the Clintons are liars and Cheats. When I go to vote there is a simple test question, If I had a $100, 000 which candidate would I trust it with and have the highest likelihood of getting it back from with a decent return if I did not sign a legal document.
            You want to talk legalities, most of us want an ethical person, big difference, Clintons need not apply on a personal or political level.
            By the way I detest the Religious right for not showing up to vote in the last election, and the reason everybody hats the Tea Party is no one has figured out how to buy them on either side, and I am closer to a Libertarian than anything. I spent 35 years as a manager and I the two major offences that got you fired were stealing and lying. The Cintons would not have lasted long.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            Yup never let facts deter you from ignorance WTG!!!

          • How sanctimonious of you to always be right, that must be why so many facts are withheld from juries in a court room and grand juries, to pervert the system you so prize. Sometimes the system and juries are smarter than you think, but mostly go with the sins of omission.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            Keep it up after all I rely on others and facts and you rely on yoursel;f and I am the sanctimonious one? Best look up the definition before you use big words

          • never SEEN a QUOTE…. Unless is in your DELUSIONS


          • Body bags ???

          • You wouldn’t want to say Which PLANET you are on by any chance

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            I am on the planet that says asshats such as yourself get one response and no more

          • No you are an ASS WIPE … USED at that!!

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            I am truly imporesased a degree of intelligence well beyond the exptected

          • Hell you are Dumbenough to qualify as a HEADINASS Libturd!….. carry on SKIPPY!

          • Please show us that Special Prosecutor once again will you? I don’t remember that
            Special Prosecutor being appointed.

          • Hillary’s a B, but she’s more our B…
            Than any crook from the rank GOP.

        • I hear Monica is no longer a Democrat that she change partys.She said the Democrats put a bad taste in her mouth.

      • “Satin”–or maybe linen or seersucker? Good grief. can’t you wingnuts even spell Old Scratch’s name correctly? Probably not, seeing that you are among the ideologically inbred throwbacks who subscribe to the nutty notion that the President is a Muslim.

        • And all of the evidence shows otherwise right? Inbred throwbacks? what exactly is your lineage. LGBT perhaps?

        • Still at it are you headinass?

          • LOL: That name fits so well with these Liberal Buffoons. It’s pretty obvious to me that Obama stand with Islam just like he said he would do, he isn’t the one denying that he is a Muslim it’s his subjects that are.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            It would be a lot easier to swallow your claim if every right wing nutcase had not gone after President Obama for Rev wright. Seems like sour grapes that a black man got elected President and nothing more

          • Hey can you get this through that Liberal head, I would vote for a black man in 2016 if I knew he had the best interests of the real people who make this country tick But I imagine we will get a Communist female or a Statist Republican neither supports the middle class working Americans and the small business people, but are both our enemies. I already know you will support the Communist don’t insult me and say she isn’t of that ideology

          • Look you idiots need to get ioff that we don’t like him because he is black stuff. There are eplenty good black men out there that we would all have been glad to vote for, people like Allen West, Ben Carson and many others. We don’t like Obama because he is destroying our country, our freedoms and he lkies every time he opens his mouth. He is not the idiot though, he is very successful at his agenda. You dummies that voted for nhim and keep on drinking his Koolaid are the real Dummies. You must hate our country. I can understand people with an agenda like the homosexuals nand abortionists voting for someone that gives them what they want but what is the excuse the rest of you idiots have?

          • Pray tell, WHERE did Obama say he would stand with Islam? Can you document that?

          • You must be the only moron that doesn’t know that he wroite in his book that if things goi south meaning bad, he will stand with the Muslims. Stop loistening to him lie and start watching what he does and I think even an idiot like you will be able to see the inconsistancy. What Morons!

          • Let’s see who the idiot/morons are:

            Unlike you and other blind ideologues who simply suck up propaganda without fact-checking, I went directly to the place in Obama’s book where that “I will stand with the Muslims” quote has been alleged to occur.and guess what I found? First, I found that the “quote” is not a correct “quote.” Most notably, the word “Muslims” (!) is NOT in the sentence, notwithstanding that in innumerable viral e-mails it appears within material bounded by quotation marks.

            purportedly quoted from Obama’s book, “The Audacity of Hope.” Here, in context, is what Obama actually said on pages 260-261 of this book, The Audacity of Hope.

            “Whenever I appear before immigrant audiences, I can count on some good-natured ribbing from my staff after my speech; according to them, my remarks always follow a three-part structure: “I am your friend,” “[Fill in the home country] has been a cradle of civilization,” and “You embody the American dream.” They’re right, my message is simple, for what I’ve come to understand is that my mere presence before these newly minted Americans serves notice that they matter, that they are voters critical to my success and full-fledged citizens deserving of respect.

            Of course, not all my conversations in immigrant communities follow this easy pattern. In the wake of 9/11, my meetings with Arab and Pakistani Americans, for example, have a more urgent quality, for the stories of detentions and FBI questioning and hard stares from neighbors have shaken their sense of security and belonging. They have been reminded that the history of immigration in this country has a dark underbelly; they need specific assurances that their citizenship really means something, that America has learned the right lessons from the Japanese internments during World War II, and that I will stand with them should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

            That “dark underbelly,” with its forced detention of Japanese AMERICANS, is something this nation should regret and never repeat, and that is clearly
            the kind of thing Obama was opposing as regards treatment of naturalized AMERICAN CITIZENS of whatever national origin. The “them” (NOT “MUSLIMS”) with
            whom Obama committed himself to stand were “newly-minted Americans” and “Arab and Pakistani Americans”–in both cases AMERICAN CITIZENS, and in no way subsumed the greater community of non-American Muslims the world over. But, the obvious intent of MISQUOTING and MISREPRESENTING what Obama said and leaving out the contextual setting was to cultivate within the unwary reader a false impression that he is committing categorically to stand with Muslims–whatever the issue and whatever the conflict.

            I read what he said from the source that you and others have cited and I found it not to be as you and myriads of other sloppy and careless persons have claimed. You and those other disordered right-wing Obamaphobes should have learned by now that Obama never said what you have claimed he said. The bogus quote has been exposed often over the last six or seven years for the silly, lying wingnut mischief that it is. That tripe was first e-mailed to me in 2008 by a close relative and I rebuked her strongly for perpetuating a lie. I have since posted at least a dozen corrections of that bogus quote on internet forums and in letters to the editors of newspapers. I am certain that many other truth-seeking, truth-loving persons have similarly tried to set the record straight. But those like you, who don’t have the integrity to verify something before barfing it out on yet another public forum just never seem to get it or to WANT to get it.

            HAVE YOU GOT IT NOW, remajohn??!!

            The furtherance of TRUTH in this matter would seem to dictate that those who-for whatever reason–have forwarded this piece “again and again” should once more hit their keyboards and advise recipients of the obvious erroneous nature of the previously forwarded material! It was Jesus who said, “Ye shall know the TRUTH and the TRUTH shall set you free.”

            Don’t be captive to a LIE, remajohn! And help your misled wingnut friends to find the truth in this matter as well.

            information on the setting in which such statements were allegedly made. The last quote (“I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in

            an ugly direction.”) was especially provocative. Having an “inquiring mind” and really wanting to KNOW what lay behind that quotation, I tracked down its

            source and guess what I found? First, I found that the “quote” is not a correct “quote.” Most notably, the word “Muslims” (!) is NOT in the sentence

            purportedly quoted from Obama’s book, “The Audacity of Hope.” Here, in context, is what Obama actually said (See pages 260-261 of the book, all you freeloading

            researchers using Costco as your library!):

            “Whenever I appear before immigrant audiences, I can count on some good-natured ribbing from my staff after my speech; according to them, my remarks always follow a three-part structure: “I am your friend,” “[Fill in the home country] has been a cradle of civilization,” and “You embody the American dream.” They’re right, my message is simple, for what I’ve come to understand is that my mere presence before these newly minted Americans serves notice that they matter, that they are voters critical to my success and full-fledged citizens deserving of respect.

            “Of course, not all my conversations in immigrant communities follow this easy pattern. In the wake of 9/11, my meetings with Arab and Pakistani Americans, for example, have a more urgent quality, for the stories of detentions and FBI questioning and hard stares from neighbors have shaken their sense of security and belonging. They have been reminded that the history of immigration in this country has a dark underbelly; they need specific assurances that their citizenship really means something, that America has learned the right lessons from the Japanese internments during World War II, and that I will stand with them should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

            That “dark underbelly,” with its forced detention of Japanese AMERICANS, is something this nation should regret and never repeat, and that is clearly

            the kind of thing Obama was opposing as regards treatment of naturalized American citizens of whatever national origin. Note also, that the “them” (NOT

            “MUSLIMS”) with whom Obama committed himself to stand were “newly-minted Americans” and “Arab and Pakistani Americans”–in both cases AMERICAN

            CITIZENS, and in no way subsumed the greater community of non-American Muslims the world over. But, the obvious intent of misquoting what Obama

            said and leaving out the contextual setting was to cultivate within the unwary reader a false impression that he is committing categorically to stand with

            Muslims–whatever the issue and whatever the conflict.

            The evident design in placing the highly provocative misquoted material near the end of the posted piece is to energize the unwary

            reader to follow through on the urgent plea to forward “…again AND again.” That the unscrupulous originator of this smear material intends such a result

            is further evidenced by the opening sentence of the blurb (” THE BOTTOM IS VERY IMPORTANT – especially the last quote from Senator Obama. “). One might ask

            just how important it was to the author of this piece to get this “last quote” right, given its alleged importance!

            I do not have the time to research and analyze the other elements of this propaganda piece, but those who entertain some modicum of integrity and want to

            do the true, honest, AMERICAN and PATRIOTIC thing and intelligently consider both sides of the issues involved might wish to just strap on some

            objectivity and hie themselves over to the Obama campaign’s web site,, where at least some

            of these are posted and discussed. The same Internet that enables the posting of boatloads of baloney also provides tenderloins of truth for those in

            honest pursuit of that increasingly rare commodity!

            Many honest folks have been mislead by this kind of e-mail and have unwittingly mislead others by forwarding it “again and again.”The furtherance of TRUTH in this matter would seem to dictate that those who-for whatever reason–have forwarded this piece “again and again” should once more hit their keyboards and advise recipients of the obvious erroneous nature of the previously forwarded material! I note that at the bottom of the post, there is a statement that, “Jesus Loves You,” accompanied by a verse of scripture. It was that same Jesus who said, “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”

          • So your saying he panders to all newly minted minority groups?

          • Of course I am N OT saying anything like that and it is remarkably shallow for you to assert such a thing. I am saying that the President has encountered groups who have been unjustly suspect and unjustly criticized and he is saying to them that he will not do anything to exacerbate the injustice visited upon such groups or persons, that he will stand with them against the mistreatment they might receive from others. It is immaterial whether they are “newly-minted” American or Americans whose forebears arrived on the Mayflower, because they are, in his words, “full-fledged citizens deserving of respect.”
            Would YOU accord them that status or do you entertain some kind of concept that would extend to some citizens less protection from abuse than others?

          • How do you know they are ‘unjustly suspect’. Blacks are 13% of the population and do 65 % of the violent crime, they vote for him at a rate of 95 plus % yet he does little for them as a group from an economic view point[read jobs]. Meanwhile he opens the borders which makes it harder for youngblacks to find jobs…that my friend is pandering or worse. Same goes for the Muslim population where he invites openly hostile organizations like CAIR to the Whitehouse and acts like these people are the reps of the arab population….if they are, then then maybe the quote hit a little too close to home.

          • What hit too close to home for YOU was my detailed debunking of the zany, bogus, wild-ass viral nonsense that you posted alleging that Obama said he would “stand with the Muslims.” You and many, many others have circulated that bunkum as though it were God’s truth since 2008, even though it has been widely discredited, such that anyone with minimal internet skills could fact-check it in a couple of minutes.

            Now, in your evasive, crawfishing, smoke-screening attempt to cloud the issue and rescue yourself from the embarrassment you so rightly deserve, you have posted a bunch of unrelated blather that does nothing to atone for your lying misrepresentation
            of the President’s remarks.

            You, Greyguy, are like the student taking an exam who encounters a discussion question he does not know the answer to and who produces, instead of the actual answer, an abundance of verbiage that touches inconsequentially on the subject matter but fills up space on the page, hoping that the teacher will be conned into accepting that “answer”, which is actually a non-answer. Shame on your dodging, weaving, dishonest self!

          • Gee, I did not know that in stating facts that I was somehow zany and evasive. You debunked those who did not state facts and you have no idea how to deal with those who do. I took square aim a politician who uses his ethinicity to garner votes and then does not follow through, which has also been trumpeted by some rather high profile Black leaders. As for the Muslim comments, this president does not seem to care who he keeps company with which is part of his job, and when he holds a meeting which is certainly not high security and claims to be transparent and refuses to tell us what happed at said meeting, it makes us all wonder what needs to be kept secret?

            So I must have struck a cord that this President is willing to say anything to anybody to get a vote and not follow through afterwards, my wonderment is people like you who emerge from under the bus with tire tracks on you body and ask for another round of kool-aid.

          • Finally, in a round-about way, you acknowledge the falsity of the stuff you claimed. You say, “”[Y]ou did good on the original debunking….” Translation:” I was wrong about what the President said, but I hate to directly admit it. Now you can construct a retraction to your inane question, to wit, “So your [sic]saying he panders to all newly minted minority groups?” That reflects an irrelevant and inane notion on your part and adds zero to the discussion. Ditto the silly-ass “under the bus” and the boring, predictable wingnut reference to “kool-aid”.

          • I stand by exactly what I said, take it literally, do not include me with others. The reason I say he panders to newer minority groups is a survey taken after the election of why Hispanics voted for the guy and the overwhelming answer was ‘he promised us a lot of benefits we are not now receiving’, that my friend is pandering or buying votes. La Raza has been beating the crap out of him for six years for not delivering! They are sick of his tire tracks. as should the Black population for the last 50 years and especially Obama. What I add to the dicussion is Obama says a lot but rarely follows truogh on promises and when he does a lot of America is injured financially, evidence 93 million not working and a workforce participation rate of 63%, meanwhile letting more and more people in the country for what purpose? WE DO NOT HAVE A LABOR SHORTAGE ON ANY LEVEL, OUR JOBS ARE LEAVING THE COUNTRY.

          • Many Hispanics and many others in the mid-to-low income sector voted for Obama because the elitist Romney so magnificently dissed them with his vile 47 per cent
            indictment of almost half the electorate. Those “jobs leaving the country” are jobs exported to offshore locations by the right-wing barons of industry in this country who predominantly support conservative candidates for high office and who have moved scads of manufacturing foperations out of this country, thereby making their own major contribution to unemployment.

          • Dead wrong on Hispanics, the survey said they wanted the goodies, period. You mean the the 52% who pay no income tax and many of whom actually get a rebate, of course they want to keep the gravey train going and Obama is letting more in to give more benefits to! The proud recipient of the legalization these previously illeals will be Black youths who will now be unemployed at an ever higher rate Obama admitted that in his book you quoted, and Jan Ting of Temple University noted in Congressional testimony in December that ‘legalizing 5 million illegal immigrant workers into the American Labor Market will adversly affect the future job prospects for many Americans.’

            Again, Union wages price jobs out of what they are worth; running a punch press in Southern Ohio is not a high skill job in a modest cost of living area, the workers/union thought they were worth $24/Hr when prevailing wages were in the area were in the $14 to 16 area, the company was willing to compromise, union was not and wanted an increase…you tell me what happened! 60 jobs to Alabama to another plant 80 overseas, that was 5 years ago. And the baristas want $15 to pour overpriced overhyped coffee, and flip a low end burger.

        • He is a Muslim. He said it on a national TV interview with a 60 minutes reporter. Look it up. It was while he was campaigning the first time.

          • You and other dimbulbs keep ASSerting that, but when he said “my Muslim faith” in his interview with George Stephanopolous of ABC News (who is NOT and never has been a 60 Minutes reporter, contrary to your ignorant ASSertion), he was saying it by way of reference to the false ASSertion that he was a Muslim and stating that “…John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith.” Read the entire link below and you will understand this, unless you are a stubborn Obamaphobe who makes his mind up on the basis of snippets extracted from longer statements and longer exchanges of remarks instead of considering the entirety of a conversation.


            Yes, I am providing this from, and you and other buffoonish loons automatically dismiss this source as liberal or biased, but I frankly don’t give a rat’s ass about that. Be fools if you wish. It is s-o-o-o-o tiresome seeing the same old B.S. from you wingnut wackadoodles. Same goes for that big lie about Obama saying that he will side with the Muslims, which he NEVER SAID even though that fat lie has been going viral since 2008..

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            What is disturbing to me is not the lie it is the morons who believe it

          • There is an ongoing unprecedented proliferation of morons within the arch-conservative sector. The average IQ of Americans is plummeting in direct proportion to this population explosion of clueless doofuses!

          • Friend, it is the average IQ of the Democrat voters that keeps you guys crying not to require a picture I D because it is unfair to the minority voters. Never in my life have I seen suchh useful idiots as these minority voters. News reporters stood outside of polls and asked if they agreed with a certain platformn they claimed Obama stood for and they all said yes they did . Not one of them knew what Obama stood for enough to say that isn’t his platform because they are the opposite of what you accuse us of, racists who voted for Obama just because he is black. I personally asked a lady in Krogers wearing a T-shirt with Obama if she voted for him becausae he was black and she said nooooo, I voted for him because of his policies. I asked her to name one and she couldn’t and got mad just like you asses do when we show you something you call lies and deny. You all repeat each other parroting the same things instead of researching all resources and watching his performance and lying. Stupid!

          • Those interviews at the polls are the selected ones where voters show their lack of knowledge. When they interview those who answer correctly, that is not news and is not shown. It is like the “Jaywalking” of Jay Lenos’s, where they do the same thing, that is, they show only the dumb answers. There are voters from both parties who could not really tell you why they voted the way they did or whether they knew anything about a candidate’s platform and there are plenty of non-minority voters who knee-jerkedly vote for reasons they can not really explain. As to repeating things, I continue to see wingnut repititious ASSertions concerning the President that have definitively been shown to be bogus.

          • and that Amply describe the LIBERAL VOTING VERMINS……….whose average allowed intelligence by the Entitlement society and Progressive College teachings average about 30% under Normal Folks

          • With all that confusion, incorrect verb tenses, and incorrect pluralization, your little three-line disaster places YOU squarely in the acutely dumb-ass department, somewhere about in the 50% below normal category.

          • OK HEADINASS ….

          • and Boy have you Swallowed a Truck load of Clinton LIES!…. remember Foster??

          • Read his book, Dreams from the Father and you’ll see you are wrong as usual. You wouldn’t know evidence if it bit you in the ass., All you have to do is watch him. Even Rev.Wright said I made it easy for him to understand Christianity but he didn’t say he converted. He had to be Muslim in his life with his step father in order to attend the Muslim schools.

          • Scroll up a little way, remajohn, and read what I posted in reply to your prior ASSertion about what Obama said in relation to allegedly standing with Muslims. You will then know that someone has EATEN YOUR LUNCH on this matter.

            Whether or not Obama attended a Muslim school is not dispositive of whether he is a Muslim. I grew up with Protestant kids who went to an academically excellent Catholic school, but they were not Catholics when they entered that school and were not Catholics when they left.

            Read up:


          • Headsinass is a little slow and even slower in things that matter,

          • a true :LIBMORON

          • Was it when he said that he can Recite the Quoran and that call to Prayers is a “BEAUTIFUL Thing”??/

      • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

        The right would die instantly if they could not instill fear

        • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

          What ever do you mean sir.

        • ha ha, same tactic dems use, oh the evil Republicans are going to hurt the poor and the old etc etc. Both sides need to stick to what they actually can do to help. Yea, negative ads work, but people are really getting fed up with same old same old with politicians.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            I actually find parts of your response to be fully acceptable and quite possibly accurate. Then I look at a ninety year old liberal in Florida getting ticketed more than once for feeding the homeless and I wonder if anyone on the right has?

          • yes that sounds really wrong and ridiculous, people have to stand up when abuses like that occur, often a well meaning law is just plain ridiculous in execution.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            W Hat is wrong and ridiculous is people who have no knowledge who do not bother to investigate but instead want to spread ignorant vitriol because of their bigotry. You simply spout verbal vomit because it sounds good to you but it sounds ignorant to anyone whoi has some knowledge.

          • Well said, although Irene does not agree with me. PS checked out the Florida homeless situation with the guy feeding them in the park. Problem may be homeless access to legal centers where meals are given.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            Distance between places that provide food is a problem in Florida. According to a teacher who actually lived as a homeless person for some time to learn what they go through. Of course there are now communities that put homeless on buses just to be rid of them

          • Are you so petty that everything comes down to the appearance of the homeless?
            Where I and many other people see nothing but people down on their luck, requiring help, you keep painting them as Lepers to be avoided at all costs, and blaming said avoidance on the nicest people who would help them.
            You are slime !!!

          • Thanks for the info, if people could start seeing where they agree instead of the constant bickering mostly on media fed bias we could get more done.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            LOL you mean like the Keyboard bully that is smarter than me and tougher than me and gets booted by moderators? I just had to sorry. You are however correct if people only listened and used their brains and actually communicated instead of just having to be bigger better smarter and whatever things could possibly improve

          • My wife says we should get rid of political parties, I wish! As to this article, most people don’t realize that Citizen United allows advertising more broadly and in some aspects didn’t change the disclosure requirements. It doesn’t allow direct contributions to a political party or candidate. If there was a movement to get rid of it, I’d say what about Hollywood, certain media outlets and other ways we are influenced by those that have the money to do so.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            So do you think the Sniper influenced more to the left or right?

          • Then why do You continue to do so?

          • Well’ that leaves YOU out Lib Licker ………….

          • You couldn’t come anywhere close on the scores I attained at MEPs, through A school, and my nuclear power tests.
            I would embarrass the libber Hell right out of you !!

          • For a down and out homeless man, how is it you have so much time to post on the internet?

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            Your ignorance is incredible. I will not repeat my posts when you desire all I will say is all you ask was explained

          • Homeless, with a laptop??

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            I see you can not read either?

          • Yeah and the “knowledge” he packs could have got him into Harvard instead of the streets bitching at evil church goers (sarcasm).

          • The people ticketing him were Democrat. Check it out for yourself.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            LMAO you know what the party affiliation of the officers is? And what’s more you expect me to believe that?

        • James Moe Morency

          The left would die instantly if the right stopped paying taxes. You, sir, are an imbecile troll, electing communists will only turn this nation into Detroit, a Democratic Nirvana! But clowns like you will never get the connection. It’s always, ” if we only had a little more money” Dream on, libtard.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            Stopped paying? Really? You do recognize the folly in your words, right?

          • James Moe Morency

            Why is that? You have to starve the beast. If 50 million taxpayers didn’t pay, what would they do? They could not possibly lock everyone up.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            The only ones on the right that pay are the dumb ones who gain no benefit from being on the right

          • James Moe Morency

            I’m sorry, I thought we were having a serious discussion here. You can go back to MSKGB now. Bye.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            Aww Jimmy did I give you an answer you didn’t like so suddenly in your mind I am not serious? Would you prefer I Lied and just went along with what you say? Just so you know for future reference Jimmy a discussion is serious when those involved express their genuine feelings which I did. Seems you are the one that is incapable of a serious discussion. what you want is a bandwagon

          • James Moe Morency

            What I want is someone who believes in America and the constitution. There are 200 + nations on earth you can move to if you don’t like the American way. This is the ONLY place on earth that IS America. I want America to remain America, the greatest idea generating, job creating, innovation driven juggernaut on the planet. People like you want to make us Europe. Move to Europe.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            Jimmy jimmy jimmy. America was founded on diversity and you obviously lie when you say that you want the American way. The American way is simply not as you see it.

          • James Moe Morency

            Good bye

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            Hod did I know Jimmy would run? Most Tea Potrty Christian Conservative Confederate Republicans sling shit and run despite pretending to be tough guys lol

          • James Moe Morency

            Only a fool argues with an idiot. Have a good life, enjoy the Koolaid. Ted Cruz for president. Learn it, love it.

          • James Moe Morency

            The American way is exactly as I see it. It starts with the rule of law. It starts with immigration in rational and measured quantity, with time to assimilate. You see anarchy and chaos and it makes you grin, you do not love or even care about this great nation.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            Let’s stop being an idiot ok Jimmy? The people you hate are thye closest to you in beliefs; When you look carefully at Muslim countries, you’ll see they trend to share these values;

            They’re anti-abortion

            They’re very supportive of the death penalty

            They oppose separation of Church and State

            They believe religious doctrine should be taught in schools

            They believe women should have fewer rights then men

            They oppose multinationalism

            They consider homosexuality to be evil and believe gay marriage should be outlawed.

          • James Moe Morency

            I see your problem. Your head is so far up your ass you haven’t seen reality for the last 20 years. I have tried to explain it to you, I can’t understand it for you. Your just a pathetic government teat sucking narcissistic sadistic troll. Hey, Chris Mathews, I found your last viewer. There you go, Ray Ray

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            Poor Jimmy too incapable of denying my post you have to revert to childhood and call me names. LMAO you do amuse me Jimmy thank you so much for your ignorance

          • James Moe Morency

            Well, you have the Saul Alinsky playbook down pat. Denigrate, mock, ridicule, scorn, condensation and brush off whether it be a valid point or not. Who wouldn’t want more of that abuse? Not I. I should have cut you off after the ” Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy”

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            SO inadequately equipped to argue a point you stupidly fumble for a way to insult me. I always consider the source in these situations Jimmy and you simply do not measure up in maturity or the ability to put a point across sorry but it is what it is.

          • James Moe Morency

            Trolls will be trolls!

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            And morons unable to disprove a point can only make a feeble weak minded attack on someone they do not know. How embarassing it must be for you to not be able to prove what you believe.

          • James Moe Morency

            How embarrassing it must be to be a troll!

          • James Moe Morency

            Ooh, such name calling! How embarrassing it must be to have to deal with fantasy and ideology. I haven’t seen fact one from your troll ass.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            OK dumbass you are way over the Bullshit line so adios

          • James Moe Morency

            Don’t go, asshole, I was just starting to have fun!

          • James Moe Morency

            Let’s stop being an idiot? OK, you first.

        • Another joke! you people are the ones that cut the benefits of the lower people then tell the seniors that the Republicans want to cut their S/S benefits just to scare them away from voting Republican. The Democrat party use to be good but it is no longer the same party and is corrupt and criminal.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            Must I, must I really post what Cruz, Rubio, Paul and Bush have said they will do with Social Security if ever (sic) they get into the Whitehouse? Perhaps you would like a quote from either Boehner or McConnell as well they both said some things just this past week. Please cease you are coming across like a total fool.

        • and without LIES DUMMIE C RATS would have Ceased Existence along time ago…and as long as Hilderbeast has he Alinsky Doctrine put to memory… Have no Fears.. The end of America is Near!

      • It’s low info, low informed, feminists who feel instinctively feel constantly need bullish women to give them some sense of value. They love feeling like victims because they have made themselves inferior and ‘not quite capable of meeting life’s challenges. They are like little girls constantly looking for mommy to stand up for them.

    • Not just leftist corporations, but foreign government money also. These are foreign governments who persecute women and deny them even the most basic freedoms. If anyone is anti-woman, it is hitlery; taking money from these foreign dictators.

    • Satan is in the White House now.

      • If not him in person then it’s his agents for sure. In the Book of Daniel we are shown this does happen. The Apostle Paul confirms this, since Satan is god of this world it only makes sense that he influences the leaders of governments.

      • and Killery is Satans Grandma….

    • Billy Bob Johnson

      You have to play the game with the current rules to win and get in to change the rules. DUH!!

    • Or maybe she is Satan disguised as a woman.

    • That basket is HUGE, must be a Cauldron! She’s keeping her FOREIGN money too…Obama had web sites that couldn’t distinguish where a credit card originated and didn’t track/authenticate as domestic money, and she has the Clinton Foundation. They both qualify for UNION money BUT let someone else win over a Board of Directors support and the Liberal ShYte hits the fan.


    • And Monica Lewinsky would get her under the table job back for slick Willie!

    • She is SATAN in a FAT BUTT

    • Things I trust more than SOW HILDERBEAST:Clinton
      .Mexican Tap Water
      A rattlesnake with a sign “PET ME”
      OJ Simpson showing me his Knife Collection
      An elevator ride with Ray Rice
      Taking pills offered by Bill Cosby
      An Obama nuke deal with Iran
      Gas Station Sushi
      A Jimmy Carter Economic Plan
      A Palestinian riding a motorcycle
      Brian Williams news reports
      Prayers for peace by Al Sharpton….. and more

    • “leftist corporations” ? What’re you smoking ?

  2. A totalitarian in a skirt or pant suit is a totalitarian just the same. It won’t be long before she trots out her standard canard about the vast right wing conspiracy and calls everyone who disagrees with her a sexist.

  3. Let the Hexenbeast close to our Constitution and she would do even more damage
    than the muzzie wimp-a-lot has done so far. She would be responsible for making
    Hype & Change come to life as she would hype up ever radical in the nation and
    change us to a third world squallier worse then a the idiots in the middle east.

    • Where is a good Grimm when we need one??.Killery is a Hexenbeast for sure.Glad you pointed that out.

    • We’ve already allowed the ones in this country that will eventually turn America into the kind of middle easterner Hell-Hole they came from. There are many ABC Muslim organizations in America that have big money behind them which allows them to spread Islam using Stealth Jihad which has been going on for several decades. Irvine ,Texas is just one example for the push to create Sharia Law, the vote was 5-4 just one vote shy, the leader of this movement promised they would be back for a future vote, no doubt unless there is a change that makes this voting unconstitutional, which I thought it already was, Sharia Law will be adopted. The vast majority of westerners don’t understand the seriousness of this enemy, the enemy of Liberty. Islam is a Fascist Ideology, when their numbers are great enough they become highly political making them very dangerous to our freedom. In many countries large groups of Muslims carry signs ” Liberty Be Damned” “Death To America” “Death To The Great Satan” Islam’s long and bloody history shows their disdain for freedom, a true Muslim will stand with the Violent Jihadists over any of us Infidels (Non Muslims)

  4. killery clinton is nothing more than a compulsive lying disgusting evil vile B—H who is a convening heartless obnoxious deceitful hateful overbearing irresponsible irrational irritating narcissist from hell.

  5. Hitler-y is another 0bama, only worse

  6. Have to agree with you Highwayman. But the truth is we have a lot of stupid people who are allowed to vote. They don’t care about the issues, not that they even know the issues. They see the name Clinton or see a woman and lose all common sense. She maybe like Obama and tell us what she is going to do but no one listens.

    • You’re correct John, but there is a real reason why the country as a whole has been dumbed down. That’s one of the planks of Karl Marx and probably the most important, not only do they have control of our schools but the media as well, just research the number of people today that believe Constitutionalists and Conservatives are the cause of our problems, these people believe the bigger the government the better things will be. The fact is today’s Democrat party is nothing like the Democrat party of JFK’s day, compared to Obama and Clinton he was a staunch Conservative. As far back as 1935 the president of the CPUSA was calling for a governmental system to take charge of our schools, they got this with the creation of the Department of Education, why else would Communists want to get control of impressionable minds unless it is to feed them Communist Ideology. we see this now in our universities throughout the country. One would think the history of this form of government would teach these fools how horrible this system is, I can only imagine they don’t know history.

  7. Raymond J Ambrozaitis

    The sky is falling!!!!! The Sky is falling!!!!!!!! Run asshats run !

  8. The Feminine-Nazi’s blame men for all their woes: to wit MENopause, MENstration and those GUYnocologist.
    And always whining the don’t get the big BUCKS that MEN do. Yet MEN have allowed them to drive a vehicle, to vote for woMEN or MEN and have even given them washers/dryers, hair dryers, vacuum cleaners and still like Hillary all they do is complain about MEN.

    • Jarhead, well put!

    • Dennis B Anderson

      For someone whining about not making any money for there labor?? Fist Fornicator Clit! Why dont you show us what you have done that has benifited the citizens of our own United States of America the last 25 years??? SHOW ME.!!!!
      Cant do it because you would be fired again.

  9. This dumb Kunt will stumble & fall over all her baggage ……………….

  10. The unfortunate truth is that we are “preaching to the choir” while the dictator-in-a-dress is filling gullible minds full of communist mush. It is the signature way to power for all tyrants.

    • I see yahoo is feeding the gullible propaganda concerning this Vermin, but so far the majority of those posting are against her, but how many will still vote for her over a Conservative I have no idea, it seems most of the posters on yahoo believe Conservatives are the cause of the problems in this country. The majority of the posts I’ve read definitely want big government. This is just what I get from reading many stories on Yahoo and logging the replies mentally over the years this is what I come up with, by electing Obama twice should give my opinion some credibility, or validity

  11. Shove a dirty sock in that whores mouth. Free speech is our right. Those attacking constitution and bill of rights are not Americans. They are radicals that want to undo this great country. We should put in a law that even suggesting these types of changes should be viewed as a criminal offense against our citizens. May violators should sentenced to DEATH. they are obviously useless Alice!

  12. Hillary should never be president, her muslim assistant that travels with her is disgraceful. We do not need another muslim in the White House. Hillary is another Obama in a pant suit. They are both cut from the same cloth. Both love Alinsky. Hillary met him just out of college and has used his theory ever since. She wrote her college thesis about him. She will continue Obama’s job of tearing down America. She is an old woman with lots of baggage to bring with her. She feels entitled to be president. VOTE her down. No Hillary and no Bush. No Common Core or illegal immigration. Secure our borders.

    • Thumbs up Texas Girl. Any information on Irving, Texas the story about the Muslims in that town are disturbing to say the least, I’m hoping it’s just a rumor but the source I leaned it from I trust.

      • Yes, It is a true story. I live in West Texas, the beginning of the desert. 325 from ElPaso or Dallas. That is where our city got it’s name-Midland.

    • Huma abedin…muslim assistant to Killary the butcher of Benghazi…is Killary’s lover…she is a lesbo..known fact!!

      • Huma Abedin is married to Mr. Weiner who likes to send pictures of his personal self to women he doesn’t even know. Maybe, if his wife is a lesbian this is why he is weird also.

  13. Francisco Machado

    “…It does not prefer one politician over another..” – A corporation so closely resembles an organism in function that it could well be considered able to have preferences influenced by what promotes its own growth and success, and the best corporate executives will respond to this more than to their own preferences and biases. Does a coal mining concern tell its executives that they shouldn’t support Hillary? Can a West Coast loving executive’s corporation tell him to move the business to Texas?

  14. Wheres the outrage from the media ??? There is a stench of death surrounding the clintons & nobody is investigating all the deaths that happened around her & bill the ripper . They are thinking they are above the law but i for one think its just a matter of time they will be in jail for all the crimes they committed, like the two kids that fell asleep on the railroad tracks who just happened to have holes in they’re heads consistent with bullets holes .No investigation or neither autopsy were performed .I hope they both get what deserve time in jail on death row . LIVE FREE OR DIE TRYING .

  15. Dennis B Anderson

    Shut down free speach just when you think youre winning there Clit. Hey whats with that suit if it had smaller pockets your girly friends could play you as a pool table. About free speach? How about someone ripping your lesbo lips off you lyingmpuss sucker.

  16. If Hillary is elected President it will be the end of the United States of America and the end of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    We are already in quicksand and the only thing that can save us now is Almighty God and the Hillary, Obama and liberals have insulted, demeaned and expelled Him. Sadly the conscious of radical liberals have been seared beyond repair. Decency and fair play are not in the liberal’s vocabulary. They are like tyrannical, spoiled toddlers and their followers are like lousy parents who unknowingly are raising criminals that will destroy them when they no long have a use for them.

    Look at it honestly: The U.S. has never had the number of murders, abuse, cruelty, and every type of crime imaginable when we were truly “One Nation Under God”, when our children prayed in school, when we delighted in celebrating Christmas, Easter when the Fourth of July meant more than a day off work.

    When did it begin? The day the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Roe vs Wade.

    • The US violent crime rate has been dropping like crazy for years. We are the safest now we have been in a long time. It is less than 1/2 what it was under President Reagan and has fallen every year of President Obama’s presidency and is much lower now than it was in 1973 when Row v Wade was passed.

      • Now be a sweety and tell everyone where the crime is concentrated,
        Like Chicago, Detroit, cities though out New York and California.
        All bastions of LIBERAL DEMOCRAT influence.

  17. And just how are the Republicans to expose Hillary and the Democrats for the evil they really are when the media is not likely to be on the Republicans side? Rather than report the issue honestly they are more likely to turn it all around to denigrate the the Republicans that speak up.

    I considered Clinton the more dangerous of the democratic candidates in 2008 and that hasn’t changed. But, just how do we get the word out? Hmm, how?

  18. Hillary Clinton is not able to make a normal run for the presidency, the reason you see her in her Scooby van and just walking into a business buying something and walking our is because she is bone tired. I don’t know what she is taking for pain but from past experience I know she is in pain. This is why I have asked her to bow out now and save us and her the embarrassment of seeing her try to run. meh

  19. Is Hypocrisy a Fatal Disease???

  20. Hillary is the most dangerous, outrageous, evil, thug of a woman in America… She’s an Alinsky Marxist, and a deceitful, polarizing, lying, corrupt, obfuscating woman who has not one accomplishment anyone can think of… except the four dead in Benghazi…. and she lied about that then said “What does it matter?” So, that’s her legacy in addition to being fired from the Nixon Watergate scandal by a liberal Democrap foe being “unethical” (lying) then there is Whitewater, Travelgate, and now her Email scandal… all of which disqualify her for POTUS… even though the minion whacko left wing media will tell you something very different, they have not done the investigative journalism that their job requires… They are merely propagandists who are themselves Wierdo Marxists… It’s time we had a RESPONSIBLE person in the White House… Not an Oblamer, not a Clinton and not a Bush… It’s time for leadership… it’s time for the States to become the doers and close most, if not all, of the Federal Agencies. Hillary has a war on women just as Oblamer has a war on middle class Americans….

  21. Yea Hilda Beast we need to begin reforming our political system by getting rid of YOU and your kind!!!

  22. Vote Jeblary

  23. Billy Bob Johnson

    The more money you have the more free speech you have. Too bad the poor and middle class have no free speech as they can’t buy politicians like the Kock brothers, etal. The Citizens United decision was the worst decision in the history of the SCOTUS. You go girl!!

    • Yep we all know the Democrat politicians are for free speech. If Hillary is elected she’ll make free speech free as long as it’s not considered hate speech. This is the sticky point she’ll have to create a government department to deem what is hate speech, you’ll be happy to know that sites like this one is already deemed a proponent of hate speech, by the Democrat Constitutionalists so these kind of sites will just disappear or any site that tries to expose the truth about these vile people. History is positive proof that Marxists always destroys free speech, and it’s no secret that Saul Alinsky is Hillary’s idol for you to say that she isn’t a Marxist just proves your ignorance, or maybe you believe Communism is a better form of government. The leaders of this movement knows it’s not this being the reason they have to sneak and lie to the simple about their true aims.

      • Billy Bob Johnson

        You are such a far out nut job that you deserve no comment as you would not understand anything other that your perverted rantings.

    • STFU and go finish your Kool-Aid, Commie LIB !!
      … and get back to your trailer park !!

      • Billy Bob Johnson

        WOW! That’s quite an intelligent comment for someone exhibiting a 3rd grade education. Come back when you have something intelligent to say.

  24. Just remember! She was involved in the Murder of Vincent Foster in Fort Marcy Park years ago. She would murder YOU just as quickly if you get in her way.

  25. See it here: There used to be a book out about this, but not surprisingly it has dissappeared. Wonder how THAT could happen?

  26. She’s obama in a headscarf.

    • Both have the same goal, maybe for different reasons. Obama definitely favors Islam and Hillary is definitely a Communist but under Communism Islam would have to go under ground which would make it impossible for Islam to spread. The Scriptures name many middle eastern nations that will play a great role in what God calls the latter days these nations are all Islamic nations today.

  27. So what’s new. Comrade Clinton at her best. Or the witch of Bengali.

  28. She wants to limit campaign contributions while her foundation accepts millions of dollars from foreign contributors? Give me a break; this woman is as corrupt as they come. Who can say if she is using her foundation money for political purposes???


  30. Let us all remember that she would rid us of free speech. American voters seem to have amnesia or short term memory loss.

  31. No person with any intelligence would vote for Hillary unless they are of the ignorant cult followers of Obama. She could care less about America and the American people. She is so self serving all she cares about is herself and money.

  32. We all know she is a ^itch, and sucking up to commies!!!!!

  33. I dont really know how lefties can really be so stupid as to hear amendments to the Constitution and still support a politician, not mattering what party it is. They seem to not know at all what actually gives them their rights.

  34. facts are facts and these are a bunch of dirty ratbag sobs – on both sides of the isle – the money theyre bringing in is ridiculous so were gonna have to be willing to collectively accept a greater reality of freedom in our day to day choices in order to facilitate this movement and were gonna have to learn to work together by combining to defeat a common enemy.

  35. Mark Rubio was right when he said Hillary Clinton was a yesterday candidate and her theme song should be: ( yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away, now it looks as though there here to stay, oh I believe in yesterday, oh I believe in yesterday).

  36. It is always amusing to me how people who are best at abusing the system are first to want to fix the system after they get their chance. Bill and Hillary Clinton have abused the system repeatedly. Maybe that’s why they know it so well. Remember the Chinese money that poured in to the Clintons and the democrats during the Clinton impeachment hearings. They actually showed pictures of checks written by Chinese agents and given to democratic political groups. Hillary has raised millions from foreign governments. She has erased any trace of her wrong doing in violation of law and federal rules. And they flaunt their shady dealings and thumb their noses at American citizens. Unfortunately, some Americans are so taken with the Clintons that they don’t care how dishonest they are.

  37. Anyone who trusts this poor excuse for a woman is a damned fool! She is an unmitigated liar, a deceiver, a thief, and somewhere in her clouded past is the and smell of violence! Human life means absolutely nothing to her except where she herself is concerned! She will lose everything, including her eternal soul!

  38. The Left loves compromise so how about reversing Citizens United and Roe v Wade at the same time.

  39. This whole mess, Bill and Hill and perhaps even Barry can all be laid at the feet of Ross Perot!

  40. How does Hillary find fault with CEO’s salaries, when she makes millions on public speaking? At least the CEO’s are working full time and producing something of value. What does any of her public tirades produce? American’s, if you elect this “person” to office you deserve what you will get. God help us!

  41. killary is just a female version of obma, and as the author said, she will be worse and we will not survive another 8 years of obama government style. She needs to be exposed for what she is and charged with her crimes. She ought to look good in an orange jump suit. KILLARY MUST BE DEFEATED IN THIS UPCOMING ELECTION.

  42. Como se deci en Espanol…Que pantalones grande estas vestando! (As they say in Spanish…”What a big pair of pants she’s wearing”!)

  43. Hillary Clinton is a corporation unto herself. There are billions of illegal money on her trail. If she ever became president she would just spend all her time wheeling and dealing making personal millions for herself. Hillary is a deceitful liar and crook. She made an utter fool of herself with that silly, little trip to Iowa. What a laughing stock she is with her hypocritical antics. I’m almost embarrassed for her acting like a silly, old desperate woman.

  44. She is such an expert at, shall we say adjusting the truth, (I’m being kind) with a strait face it is frightening for anyone who knows the story, how someone can just plain lie. I sincerely hope the uninformed finally quit watching MSNBC and join reality.

  45. FREE Speech means TRUTH… and she cannot abide by TELLING the TRUTH…nor Being told the TRUTH…It might have her wear another “BROWN Suit” and declare it a “RIGHT WING CONSPIRACY”…

  46. My last pay check was—-!0! { $9500 } working 12 hours a week online. My sisters friend has been averaging —-!0!{15k} for months now and she works about 20 hours a week. I can’t believe how easy it was once I tried it out. This is what I do,……….

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  48. Now that I have all the money in the world, I have no use for the public except to dupe you enough to vote, and then go back to you ull wretched lives while I sell the rest of America’s assets for a small percentage for Bill and I, Mostly I, since all I have to do is keep Billmin girls.

  49. This woman needs to go to Arkansas with hubby hillbilly and do what ever they do…..ride off into the sunset, go play in the desert with the Muslims whatever. They need to go away. Don’t go away mad, just go away!!

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