Clinton: Illegal Immigrants Should Have Access to Obamacare

Hillary Clinton, who apparently thinks the safe bet in 2016 is to wager that the American people have become dramatically liberal over the last decade, told Anderson Cooper on Monday that illegal immigrants should be able to sign up for Obamacare. In the CNN interview, Cooper asked her if non-citizens should have access to the taxpayer-subsidized healthcare exchange.

“There are two steps here,” she said. “If someone can afford to pay for an insurance policy off the exchanges that were set up under the Affordable Care Act, I support that.”

“Even if they’re undocumented?” Cooper asked.

“Yes. If they can afford it, they should be able to go into the marketplace and buy it,” Clinton said.

According to the former secretary of state, it was “right and moral” to offer Obamacare to illegal immigrants. And while she stopped short of saying that these immigrants should be given taxpayer subsidies, she argued that it would be a side benefit to providing amnesty for the millions of illegals living in the U.S.

Obamacare is already projected to cost the U.S. billions over the next ten years. By opening up the exchange to illegal immigrants, there’s no telling where the projected costs could go. We have health insurance companies pulling out of exchanges, pushing their rates through the roof, and basically telling us every day that the plan isn’t working. But to the Democrats, who want to eventually move us to a comprehensive version of universal healthcare, that’s a matter of course. They want Obamacare to crash and burn so they can come in and put healthcare entirely under the administration of the federal government.

The specifics of Obamacare aside, though, Clinton’s shameless outreach to illegal immigrants should give moderate Democrat voters pause. This party is leaving the middle class behind in more extreme ways every year. They’re now slowly abandoning even the working poor in favor of people who should not be in the country. They know that illegal immigration ensures them a constant flow of dependent drains on society – a permanent lower class that will always vote for the most liberal politicians who run for office.

That’s what all of this is about. It’s about slowly integrating illegal immigrants into legitimate society until there is no discernible difference between a citizen and a non-citizen. Then, when they have enough political will at their disposal, they will offer those non-citizens the right to vote. Or, if they get impatient, they’ll do it through the Supreme Court.

And then, the America we grew up with will truly be a thing of the past.

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