Clinton Campaign Divided on Trump Strategy

By the time most of you read this, the results of the Iowa caucuses will be known. Did Hillary Clinton manage to squeeze by her socialist competitor? Did Ted Cruz’s early momentum have enough juice in the tank to push him past the finish line? The results, whatever they might be, will have an undeniable impact on New Hampshire and beyond.

But even if the results have Cruz and Sanders standing tall, the two underdogs will have to pull off bigger and better upsets down the line, and that may not be in the cards. The smart money right now, regardless of the Iowa results, is on a Clinton-Trump general election. That would have been hard to believe a year ago, but this has been a time for unbelievable things to happen.

Clinton, who still seems surprised that she’s facing a serious challenge in Sanders, has been hesitant to go after the likely Republican nominee. Perhaps she, like many others, thought he would flame out before he got within shouting distance of the convention. She started off thinking, like most insiders, that the nominee would be someone more typical like Jeb Bush. But even though Marco Rubio still has an outside chance of snatching victory from the jaws of defeat in the primaries, Clinton can no longer afford to ignore the Trump phenomenon.

According to a new story from Politico, the Clinton camp is divided on how to best confront the unpredictable Trump. One likely strategy, endorsed by Clinton herself, is to go after Trump’s record as a businessman.

“People close to Clinton think the key to beating the real estate mogul is to undermine his oft-repeated assertion that he is a great businessman,” writes Politico. “And it fits in with Hillary Clinton’s personal philosophy of politics, often articulated to friends and allies, that ‘attacking an opponent’s strengths,’ not their weaknesses, is the key to any presidential campaign.”

Then there is the other faction in the Clinton campaign, which believes that Trump will be immune to attacks on his business record, no matter how spotty they can make it look. These insiders believe that Trump is winning on the basis of his personality, meaning that they might not be able to easily attack him. Certainly, if there were criticisms that would hurt him from the usual standpoints – he’s racist, he’s a bigot, he’s a Nazi, etc. – they would have done so by now.

The problem with Trump, in both the primaries and the general, is that he’s so damn unpredictable. The Clinton machine is well-oiled, but it’s hard to prepare for an opponent when he might, at any time, say or do anything. It’s like a professional poker player sitting down with someone who barely knows the rules of the game. The usual strategies don’t work. And that’s partly why (if Republicans can stop undercutting him) Trump could be the surprising savior of a party that could never stand up to Obama. When faced with Democrats who will break the law, cheat, and use every avenue of the media to their advantage, the only way to win may be to upset the whole apple cart. Knock over the table. In a phrase: Fight dirty.

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  1. The fix is in, All the elite need to do is sell the American people that their votes count..

    Hillary controls the people that count the votes…

    “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes
    decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
    —-Joseph Stalin

    Do you think Hillary will leave this up to the people?

    • Virginia Hornibrook

      Hell no wonder who she paid off now because before the votes were counted she was calling a victory crook the Clinton’s think they’re above the law go Bernie go

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      • Hillary’s coronation is going as planned. The media will call it close and Hillary will win by a margin of 52% to 48%… I have been saying this for over a year now.

        Even Bernie is eluding to the corruption in his speeches… “One Person, One Vote” Bernie knows.

      • Soros paid for Hellory’s win in Iowa and he will continue to do so plus jimmy the voting machines. This is what we all need to fight in our own bailiwick for voting fraud.

        • Soros was a Nazi sympathizer. He also pays individuals to protest and buses them into hell holes like Baltimore and Ferguson to inspire riots and insurrection. Hard to sympathize with otherwise godd, honest, hardworking black citizens who get hoodwinked by the liberal predominantly white mainstream media into believing blatant false

          • And conservatives need to infiltrate the left with the truth and expose every lie they promote every chance we have. My voting booth uses hand marked ballots and I live in northern CA.

    • ah hahahahahaha!

    • HAHAHAHA You people crack me up. Everytime you get your ass kicked its because of a conspiracy or the other side cheated. Face it, the majority of the people in this Country think your ideas and policies (if any) are crap and THAT’S why you keep losing the white house

  2. Hillary Clinton’s opponents would attack her strengths, if they could find one….

    Can’t find even an accomplishment.

    • That’s not what will win the presidency by the republican nominee. We will have to stop Hildebeast’s democrat voting machinery; fraudulent voters, unqualified voters, dead voters, double voters, coerced voters, stupid voters, and cheapest of all, the illegal alien vote.

      • The crooked liberal media keeps spouting the Hillary line that we don’t need voter IDs with pictures to prevent voter fraud because there has been no evidence of any significant voter fraud in prior elections. It is a circular argument. If the Dems wanted honest elections they could propose voter photo ID cards for all. The laws could provide for photo ID vans that would only come to the homes of the truly infirm or those otherwise unable to get to conveniently located photo ID centers. The absence of voter ID requirements permits voter fraud and without a requirement for photo voter ID cards, there is no real way determine if fraud has occurred or the magnitude of any attempted fraud. Democrats want voter fraud, they need voter fraud, they encourage voter fraud. The motto of Democrat Big City Politics is the following “Vote Early and Often!”

      • Well said mesaman! The best place to start would be Philadelphia a Sanctuary city previously run by a an Obama henchman who saw to it that Romney didn’t receive one vote they had black panthers at the poles with clues intimidating the Republican voters. And now the new Mayor who in my a opinion is a closet Muslim terrorist sympathizer that is still denying and defending the confessed Isis Muslim terrorist who shot one his police officers! Add the fact that Mayor Kinney was on city council he banned Chick-Filet from the city of brotherly love because of their Christian beliefs!.The best part is the labor unions back him. Wait till the 1 million illegal aliens and Muslim refugees that he promised Obama he would take show up and start putting a drain on their union wages and job opportunities .By the way Socialist and Communist don’t tolerate unions! And that’s what the Democratic Party has turned into !The sad part is it’s a smack in the face of those trade union Americans that rushed to New York during 911.

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    • And yet she’ll be out next President

    • You mean killing 4 Americans doesn’t count?

      • Ouch! Counts only if you are a criminal…

        • In that case Hillary no longer needs to worry about being, “Dead broke I tell you, Bill and I were dead broke when we left the White house,” because now the City of Washington DC pays criminals to NOT commit crimes. To qualify for this program however may be a step to far for Hillary because among the criminal element in this country, old habits run deep and die hard.

  3. I guess there is not much to attack hillary with if, in fact, it is true ‘attacking an opponent’s strengths,’ not their weaknesses, is the key to any presidential campaign.” It seem to me hillary has no strengths. But has many weaknesses. She has no record of accomplishments so there is nothing to go after there. Certainly, if she plays the bigot, sexist card she pays a high price for it because Donald has already demonstrated he will go after her part in her husbands sexual abuse problems. She also will have a hard job bringing up her pet “war on women” to gather the support of the women. She has made a lot of mistakes however, and will certainly be vulnerable there.

    Attacking Donald for drummed up business short comings may get a huge counterpunch and work out better for Trump then clinton.

    There is little doubt the women slick willie attacked, since one claims rape will become vocal. I have an idea many of the hillary lies are going to surface come summer.

    It is true the democrats scraped the bottom of the barrel when they elected obama, now according to them they wish to run their second best for the big prize! Even though she is a clinton – good luck! You will need it.

    • No strengths, could have been her plan all along….

      The problem with the democrats is that they have been sleeping while the Alinsky Radical socialists have been steering the boat… The good people within the party had better wake up.

      “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of “liberalism,” they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened. I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democratic Party has adopted our platform.”
      ― Norman Mattoon Thomas

      • You’re right, I hope, the American people will never willingly accept socialism. But if ignorance of it prevails they may fall into that exact abyss.

        Socialism is like a sickness that has only one cure. That being free enterprise however, once socialism takes over a free enterprise state only violent conflict will then destroy it. Most people who desire a socialistic system do not realize the normal evolution of socialism is communism or in some cases fascism. Each however, are only desirable for a very small portion of any population called the elite. Socialism is collectivism. It concerns only the rights of the collective. The American Constitution is all about “individual freedoms.” Therefore, free enterprise (so far) dominates.

        A lot of people think we started down the socialism path under FDR. Actually we started down it under Wilson. FDR added to it as did LBJ (until obama came along Johnson was the worst expansionist). Those socialistic additions have caused not only most of the misery for Americans but most of the debt and cuts in productiveness of the USA. Even some who call themselves republicans have contributed, one way or another, at times. Things moved slowly in most cases until obama and his fundamental transformation which no one questioned and no explanation was offered. He speeded things up so that more became aware of how bad things could be. The lack of substantial recovery progress (from the so called recession) has a lot to do with socialistic regulations imposed through the ACA.

        Even George Bush seemed to join the socialistic promotion with his suggested bail out of the banks and businesses. Those bail outs added to the problem rather then solve the problem. To big to fail is a socialistic problem. It should never be a free enterprise problem and would not be if it were not for mixing in the socialism. There are many reasons why socialism is bad. Not the least of which is government controls. The more government control the larger government needs to be. Government is also inherently corrupt and that corruption snowballs as that government expands.

        Every nation in the world has an open book providing considerable insight regarding socialism. It is called the history of the soviet union. Where empty shelves on grocery stores was normal and shortages of literally everything was common place and expected.

        No other system in the world has ever provided opportunity to the average everyday person as has free enterprise.

        • Bush as with most of today’s politicians do not appreciate capitalism. That is why it is hard to tell the difference between when the Democrats are ruling and the Republicans are ruling. Crony Capitalism is just socialism sneaking into capitalism.

          Both parties have been taken over by socialists. Although the Republicans would rule more like capitalists than the socialist democrats.

    • The women may support her. Hillary now says all women who claim to have been sexually assaulted deserve to be believed. For years she has enabled or condoned her husband’s serial predatory sexual behaviors against a great number of women.. Bill Clinton’s history of sexual predatory acts committed against women are acts much akin to those allegedly committed by Bill Cosby. I want to be fair to Bill Clinton. I know of no evidence that he ever drugged a woman in order to rape her. To the extent that he committed the alleged actsthe old fashioned way, his behavior might conceivably be considered worse than that of Cosby insofar as being awake and conscious well be sexually violated might be more traumatic than those who were violated by the Cosby technique. Juanita Broaderick gives a very credible account in her assertion that Bill Clinton raped her. There is much to suggest that towards the end of his Rhodes Scholarship, he also raped a young English girl. He never completed his Rhodes scholarship for whatever reason, leaving 4 months early. The Clinton line is he left early to enroll at Yale. That does not exclude the alternative line which is that to avoid an International scandal, charges were not pursued upon the condition that Clinton leave the country. To put it another way, he was told to get the Hell out of Dodge.


    How about criticizing Trump. for changing his
    his mind all the time? Why doesn’t Clinton criticize him for behavior that will make our allies cringe since they wont know what the hell he is going to do next?

    • Trump is the most serious about the borders. A country without borders is not a country. Democrats care more about the Democratic party. The goal is to allow more and more illegals into the country and then togrant them amnesty and as soon as possible citizenship. These folks will radically expand the underclass. The enlarged underclass will predictably vote Democratic in every election going forward. The Democrats say they will help the middle class. How does expanding the underclasses help the middle class. Obama has supposedly resurrected the Economy but it is a house of cards. with and accommodating Federal Reserve that has created artificially low interest rates and kept them there, the Federal Reserve has camoflaged the great damages done to the financial health of the United States by the Obama deficits. When Obama leaves office the amount added to the National Debt under is 8 years in office will exceed the debt accumulated by all prior Presidential administrations combined. The interest on the debt pledges the full faith and credit of the United States. The holders of such debt have a first claim that interest on the debt be paid before any other obligations of the United States.None If interest rates are allowed to return to more normal levels, the tax monies available to do much of anything after paying interest on the debt will be miniscule. When that happens economic collapse seems almost inevitable. Both conservatives and liberals have allowed this state of affairs to occur. We have enjoyed some phony and very temporary prosperity while we unethically and immorally clamored for the government to give us trillions of dollars more in goods and serivces than we were were willing to finance or purchase from government with tax revenues. We have gotten much,lived high on the hog, and wrecked the future of our children and grandchildren, Conservatives believe in smaller government. Democrats believe in larger government. Neither conservatives nor democrats have been willing to pay enough taxes to pay for the government benefits which we expect. It is so easy my friends to condemn the President and the all members of the Congress for the utter profligate spending and borrowing under the administrations of Bush II and Obama. But if we seriously want to find the real villains, we need only to look into the mirror. Another Recession/Depression is coming. It will be much worse than the so-called Bush Recession of 2008. Why will it be worse. Because Obama had no guts to tell us the truth we did not want to know. What he ought to have said is you can have more from government and you will have to pay more taxes. You can have less from government and you can have lower taxes. He ought also to have said to us that as things stand now you taxpayers have been getting $2 worth of goods and services but paying only $1 in taxes. Do you want to pay twice as much of your income in taxes, or should we cut your benefits in half. But whatever you obtain from government from now on must be paid for by sufficient current tax revenues. We should require of our Congressman that when they pass any substantive legislation,that supposedly is going to benefit us, they simultaneously inform us of precisely where they will find the tax revenues to pay for that supposed benefit. Obviously this post raises some truly frightening questions. Questions that none of the candidates for President from either party have addressed. Perhaps the question is too frightening to contemplate. Perhaps they all know they dare not tell us the truth that we do not wish to hear. They seem to think as we think, “Life is short, Keep the party rolling, Let the good times roll, and to Hell with Our Children and with Posterity” ..This country is in big, big trouble!

  5. If she goes after Trump, look out HILLARY, you have no room to talk!!!! With your past and baggage,
    Trump will come after you like gangbusters, and by the way, you record is being investigated by the FBI!!!

  6. America needs to wake up to the fact that Trump is a fraud & definitely not a Republican. He’s never voted as a Republican in a primary & supported Hillary in her previous campaigns. He supports abortion and wants his sister who is a judge and also supports abortion sitting in the Supreme Court. He is a man of no integrity in his personal, family, work, and community life. He’s reaped his fortune through corruption and casinos & bringing others down. Great article: Donald-Trump-you’re-fired Written by Laurie Higgins

    To accurately reflect IFA’s feelings about a Donald Trump presidency, I will borrow the title of Hunter Thompson’s book sans the Las Vegas part: fear and loathing.

    It’s baffling and not a little frustrating that Trump garners support from conservatives, particularly those who identify as Christians. Trump’s responses during interviews and debates lack substance, coherence, and principled conviction. Near as I can tell, his appeal derives from his willingness to be politically incorrect, to thwart or subvert all cultural expectations for a candidate running for office.

    Though his boldness in the face of an arrogant press is occasionally delightful to watch, what he chooses to say is usually dismaying. In other words, while his willingness to speak candidly is admirable, the content of his candid rhetoric is not.

    His shrewd political calculations and manipulation of the media are insufficient to cover his multitude of weaknesses which include a lack of knowledge of and commitment to constitutional principles; a lack of knowledge of foreign policy; a lack of knowledge of and commitment to conservative views on life, sexuality, and marriage; and his penchant for impulsive, crass, and nasty rhetoric more befitting a middle school bully.

    Anticipating the usual rejoinder to criticism of Trump, IFA affirms that we expect neither moral perfection nor perfect ideological alignment with our views. That said, Trump is so wildly unacceptable a candidate for the party that claims to stand for family values and constitutional principles as to make conservatives who support him look like unprincipled, hypocritical ignoramuses.

    Thanks to both John Stemberger and Matt Walsh for the following abbreviated list of Trump’s trumpadilloes—peccadilloes of Trump-sized magnitude—that should give conservatives such a bad case of the heebie-jeebies that they give Trump the heave-ho:

    Trump is no respecter of property rights as evidenced by his rapacious attempt to toss an elderly widow out of her home via eminent domain in order to expand parking for one of his casinos.

    When asked about executive orders, Trump said that he would abuse his constitutional authority in precisely the same way Obama has with executive orders: “’I won’t refuse it. I’m going to do a lot of things….I mean, he’s led the way, to be honest with you,’”

    Trump’s divorce from his first wife was based on his “cruel and inhuman treatment” of Ivana Trump, and included an accusation of marital rape.

    Trump has long been accused of having ties to organized crime families in New York and Philadelphia.

    Trump has proudly acknowledged that he has had sex with some of the “top women in the world.”

    The now defunct Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City was “the first American Casino to have a strip club that allowed lap-dancing and an all-male revue club for women.”

    Trump commonly and casually uses obscenities.

    Trump, who claims to be a Christian, has stated that he doesn’t think he’s ever asked for God’s forgiveness.

    Trump mocked a disabled journalist.

    Trump said, “Hey, look, I had a cold spell from 1990 to ’91. I was beat up in business and in my personal life. But you learn that you’re either the toughest, meanest piece of shit in the world or you just crawl into a corner, put your finger in your mouth, and say, ‘I want to go home.’”

    Trump said, “For many years I’ve said that if someone screws you, screw them back. When somebody hurts you, just go after them as viciously and as violently as you can.”

    Trump has called women “dogs, “fat and ugly,” “pigs” and “bitches.”

    Trump’s character has been amply revealed through his decades of public trumpfoolery, and his character matters. There is a pool of fine Republican candidates from which conservatives can choose. A vote for a scandalous man is a scandalous vote.


    Thank you to Call of Duty Goddess :

    • There is a better video on Dave Hodges. Just google “Dave Hodges video of La Voy shooting. It shows close ups and a different angle. You can see a flash coming from the trees and snow kick up around the vehicle.

    • 50% that is if you actually believe in the counts. 100% of the Democrats could have voted for Bernie and the results would still be 50/50….

      Hillary’s machine in counting the votes and she will not leave her coronation up to the people (chance)…

  8. They should be divided over Killerys imprisonment issues.

  9. So it’s Trump and Hillary? Hell, they BOTH should be in jail! Can you be President from jail? There is no room anywhere big enough to hold their egos anyways.
    How about you let us vote on who we want as nominees first?

  10. Cruz has proven he will stoop as low as it takes to win. Don’t believe that? Then ask Carson. Carson just blasted him and said he stole the election by stealing his voters. Instead of finishing a strong fourth or maybe third Carson dropped down to a poor fourth with his folks thinking he was dropping out of the raced…thanks to Cruz and his cohorts.

  11. The Clinton Campaign and the Cruz Campaign have something in common: They both cheat.

  12. HRC’s supporters gave her the most delegates by undercutting the votes for Sanders. The only way a Republicat can win over the Demo-rats, given their lies and deceits, is if they honestly lay out the case for total reform: end all subsidies, reform & simplify the tax code, and lift the regulatory burden. Doing all this now will require a bipartisan effort, something the Demo-rats don’t support. Economic growth will take people off the welfare rolls & onto a payroll, thereby reducing the need for higher support payments. Demo-rats don’t support that kind of action either. DoD needs reform too – I just saw the cost to build the next nuclear missile sub – $13 Billion for one sub. At weapons costs like that, if an enemy destroys even one, they win by bankrupting us.

  13. Everyone should read ” The Clintons War on Women ” by Roger Stone before pulling the lever to vote for Hillary. I know that the uninformed will scream that it is not true, however, no one has gone sued Mr. Stone for slander of libel, so to me, that shows that things must be true!

  14. Trump lives off being attacked. Go Hillary! What a spectacle ….

  15. Hillary will do and say anything to get elected. Only Trump is enough of a mud wrestler to say what needs to be said. This includes revisiting the whole sordid history of predatory sexual acts committed by Bill Clinton against women and many of which Hillary seems to have enabled or at least condoned. She is Clinton’s wife in name only. (WINO). Except for the color of his skin Bill Clintonm and Bill Cosby are “birds of a feather”. Clinton’s alleged acts of serious sexual misconduct toward women is akin to Cosby’s and differs more in degree and magnitude than in its nature. I want to be fair to Bill Clinton.. There is no evidence that he ever drugged a woman in order to rape.her.that I am aware of. Juanita Broaderick is exceptionally persuasive when she says Clinton raped her. He very likely also raped a young English woman toward the end of his Rhodes Scholarship which may explain why he did not finish it and left the country 4 months early. The Clinton line is he left early to enter Yale. As for Hillary , she may well be a closeted Lesbian which I have no objection to. But if that’s what she is, she should own it. She had a number of communications over the past several years with that unsavory character Sidney Blumenthal who had some scheme, possibly successful, to make a lot of money in Libya if Gaddafi were overthrown, which he was. with the help of Hillary’s State Department. Hillary told the families of those killed at Ben Ghazi that their deaths were all about an anti-Muslim video. When she told them that, she knew the story was an outright lie. .She had earlier that very day told her daughter that it was a terrorist attack. The e-mail server mess gets worse every day. William Gates, former Secretary of Defense under both Bush and Obama says it is highly likely foreign governments hacked her server. Who knows what or how she determined which of the e-mails were personal and which were governmental? How she was allowed to decide what was personal and could be withheld is incomprehensible. Can you imagine if Nixon, before handing over the subpoenaed Watergate tapes, had been allowed to erase everything on the tapes that he thought “was purely personal ” and therefore irrelevant ?

  16. Does anyone believe she’s going to be around to worry about. From what I read she should be picking out curtins and bed linens for Martha’s old cell.

  17. The only strategy Trump has os bullying



    Cruz Will Lose. Sadly.

    Look At The Communist Party Side. They Have No God, No Country, No Flag And No Kids. They Are Half The Country. They Control Large Segments Of The Population, Unions, Teachers, Pro Choice Butchers, The Entire Media. We Are Just Finding Out About Fix News. The Drug Trade And It’s Victims. Plus The Giant Of Giants, Big Business. The Useless Of A Government. The Golden Calf That Gives Free Milk To The Suckers. Cruz Will Lose Because Of His Religion And Religious Stands. AMERICA TOOK DOWN THE TEN COMMANDMENTS. THE REBEL FLAG WAS PRACTICE. OLD GLORY AND THE CROSS IS NEXT. BEWARE THE CLENCHED FIST PEOPLE.

    A Trump-Carson Ticket Will Wake Up The Zombies In The Party Of Death. Stalin Had More Opposition In His Rigged Elections than The Pre-Selected Three That Guarantees Hitlery’s Victories.

    America Is Sleeping Beauty And Only Prince Donald Can Wake Her Up. Trump Will Get The All American Vote. Cruz Cannot Do That. Trump Can Draw All The States.

    Cruz Will Not. This Is The Fight To The Finish Off Of America. Losers Can’t Be Choosers.

    Don’t Worry About Hillary. Worry About Losing. Hillary May Get Two Terms. 10-20 For Espionage And 50 To Life For Murder And That Doesn’t Include The Kids. The Communist Party Which Rules The Country Will Kill Her Off Before They Give Up Power. They Would Kill Obama If They Thought It Would Give Them More Power.

    This Election Will Be America’s Waterloo. Already The Coalition Of The Unwilling Is Making Deals With The Stronger Powers To Destroy Us. The Symbol Of America Is Orin Hatch Walking Into The Lions Den Saying Hi Guys What’s For Lunch.

    Our Number One Enemy Is The Media.

    Number Two Is The Demo Commo Rinorat Party

    Number Three Is Us. We Need A Trump-Carson Ticket To Bring America Back To Life.

    We Can No Longer Afford The Lesser Of Two Evils. We Need Trump Carson For Our Own Good.

    Hey Gop!

    Where Is Trump Featured? What’s Wrong With You Goppers? You Made A Guy Sign An Agreement Not To Hurt You But You Hurt Him.

    To Trump Carson:

    We Remember How You Loved Us And Will Rise Again To Save A Slave Nation. Viva El Trumpo, Viva Dr. Carson.



    What Are We Doing About Lavoy?

    Thank you to Call of Duty Goddess :

  19. Like the new saying goes money and media can make you anything you want to be. And the Clinton team is proof.

  20. In 1975 Hillary defended a sex pedofile who had attacked a 12 year old girl. An audio tape survi ved that showed her happy reaction when her client beat the lie detector test. I read details but they are too disgusting to repeat. Hillary for jail in 2016

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  22. I find most of this crap just that, crap! The crimes committed by politicians as a whole is sick to say the least. We the American People have been skinned and put out to dry while they sit and enjoy the cream!!! These politicians look us in the eye, smile and go about cutting our throat. Yet, the clinton’s lie, cheat, steal, commit crimes with impunity.

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