Climate Scientist Says Doomsday Predictions are Way Off the Mark

Respected climate scientist Judith Curry is warning that climate change hysterics are not making it any easier to address the problems that a warming globe will bring in the coming years. In an interview with the Daily Caller this week, Curry lamented the industry of climate change alarmism and urged scientists and science writers to treat their predictions with the grain of salt needed to restore the debate to serious ground.

“Projections of extreme, alarming impacts are very weakly justified to borderline impossible,” Curry said. “Some of the worst-case scenarios strain credulity. With regards to 21st century climate projections,we are dealing with deep uncertainty, and we should not be basing our policies based on the assumption that the climate will actually evolve as per predicted.”

Curry said that while it’s true there is widespread agreement in the scientific community about the facts of a warming planet and the causes that contribute, the version synthesized through the media tended to lose perspective.

“Climate variability and change is a lot more complex than ‘CO2 as control knob,’” Curry told the Daily Caller. “No one wants to hear this, or actually spend time understanding things.”

This is, of course, because this has always been less about science and more about giving the Democratic Party (and its counterparts in Europe) the justification to expand government control, weaken free-market capitalism, and shock voters into coming out to support them. It has been an extremely weak vehicle for political enthusiasm thus far, but we have certainly seen it used to extraordinary effect when it comes to the first two goals. Just ask the people of France.

In her recent report condemning the culture of hysteria within the climate change community, Curry took specific aim at recent studies that predict massive disasters for coastal cities. She concluded that most of the highly-publicized sea-level-rising predictions were based on a “cascade of extremely unlikely-to-impossible events using overly simplistic models of poorly understood processes.”

“There is not yet any convincing evidence of a human fingerprint on global sea level rise, because of the large changes driven by natural variability,” Curry wrote. “An increase in the rate of global sea level rise since 1995 is being caused by ice loss from Greenland.”

To the extent that we as a people need take any action whatsoever to address climate change, we are extremely confident that the free market will provide all the change necessary. Natural gas and other alternative fuel sources will win out when – and only when – they are competitive inefficiency and price. And that will happen when it happens. And we have no doubt at all that, in the meantime, we will survive whatever negligible effects our fossil fuel dependence has on Mother Earth.

Whether we can survive the left’s determination to SAVE THE PLANET, however, is another matter altogether.

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