Class Envy Done Right

For the last ten years at least, Democrats have made it clear that class envy is a working strategy for their party. By continually telling disadvantaged men and women that it is the system’s fault that they can’t get ahead, they have secured the poor vote in a way that Republicans can scarcely hope to challenge. The only variation comes from those too religious to consider voting for a godless Democrats.

Well, no, that’s not exactly true. There is another small group of Americans who vote for conservative candidates despite being firmly in the low-income category. These are the Americans who have been taught a different message by their parents and teachers. They’ve been taught not to point fingers at “the man.” Your problems are your own. You may not have all the same opportunities and advantages, but you have a working brain. You have an able body. Armed with those, you are in charge of a computer far more powerful than anything designed by man. Do with it what you will.

Liberals laugh when they talk about these voters. These “someday” millionaires who vote against their own interests because they want to pave the way for their own success. These dreamers are fooling themselves, having read one to many rags-to-riches stories. Instead of taking all of that free money available from the government, these unfortunate folk actually believe there’s something to this “American dream” thing.

Hillary Clinton has made it clear that she’ll be adopting the class envy card as a focus of her campaign. And why wouldn’t she? It’s been a successful playbook for the Democrats. It’s destroying this country from the bottom up, but it’s a dynamite political message. You can’t do it. Everyone’s against you. You may as well still be on the plantation. Accept our gifts and dedicate your life to complaining about the injustice of it all. No, we insist.

Class envy doesn’t have to be a bad thing. There is, after all, no rigid caste system in the United States, as much as liberals would argue otherwise. Some of the greatest Americans came from humble beginnings, if not outright poverty. These stories may be the exception, but there are still enough of them that it would take a lifetime to list them all. And almost all of them have one common theme: goals. Purpose.

When you take that away – when you teach a generation of kids that their destiny is controlled by fate – success stories stop being created. When you instead tell them that they can be whatever they want, do whatever they want, and make as much money as they desire, class envy changes from cynicism to excitement. You want it? Go get it. And at the heart of it, isn’t that the story of America?

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  1. Heresy! True, but still Heresy! Not the Executive Branch Claim, Nor the Legislative Popular Claim [Democrat and RINO Claim] Who cares if it is true? Just repeat it a few more times, and it will be believed! That’s what votes are made from.

  2. It seems liberals are not responsible for anything, and they believe the Government is responsible for everything.

    how convenient. That is socialism.


      why do you fools feel the need to lie on the internet?

      because conservative policies SUCK?

      • And what do you not like about conservative policies?
        Crony Capitalism is just Socialism seeping into Capitalism.

        The only thing sucking here is you…

        • sure DIM ONE.

          then explain these things CONSERVATIVES are doing.

          you know, the people YOU voted into office.

          “Senate Republicans block bill to end tax breaks for outsourcing”

          “Senate GOP Votes Down Bill To End Big Oil Subsidies”

          “GOP to Taxpayers: We’re Against Subsidies, Except If They’re For Rich Farmers”

          “House GOP votes unanimously to protect big oil subsidies”

          • Socialism controls not only the people but the resources…..

          • and why are you pretending that this somehow pertains to the corporate welfare discussion?

            “Socialism controls not only the people but the resources”

            as usual, you are missing the mark.

            “Socialism” controls not only the people but the resources AND THE MEANS OF PRODUCTION.

            try and be accurate.

          • Thanks for clarifying my point…

            That was actually very conservative of you…

          • actually silly con,
            I was pointing out how FAR from socialism we are since all production is private.

          • Sure it is, if you don’t count getting an approval from the EPA to get the resources, and paying all the fees to the socialist Government to start the business, you are correct, Big Government lets businesses do things in private.

            What you call crony Capitalism, what you HATE about Crony Capitalism is just the way Socialism works in this world….

            Funny how you hate the very thing you are fighting for. eh……

          • is the fool now pretending the oil and gas companies make no money?
            god your dim.
            you don’t debate much do you.

            In socialist Alaska they tax the oil and pay it to the citizens.
            I think that’s also America.
            that’s also a RED state.

            “Funny how you hate the very thing you are fighting for”

            funny how you have no clue about what you speak.

          • why does the ill informed con think the resources of the US citizens should be given to a private company with no benefits to US citizens?

          • Firstly, the resources are not ‘given’ to anybody (unless you count entitlement programs).

            Secondly, do you consume any of the following?

            clothing, food, sports, television, driving, walking, bicycling, cooking, electric lights, heating your home, living in a home, paved roads, CD’s, computers, cell phone, land phone, shoes, any sort of health care, medicines…

            All brought to you and me by the evil corporations. If they make a profit, who cares? They provide me with what I want, at a price I’m willing to pay.

            If they get a tax break for research and development, in the long run, it means goods and services that are generally more affordable.

            however, when our government subsidizes the procurement of goods and services, then prices skyrocket. Witness education, health care, rent control,subsidys for electric (coal powered) cars paid to consumers, etc.

            By the way, name-calling just diminishes any point you’re trying to make.

          • so much silly, i don’t know where to start.
            are you supposed to be the intellectual con?

            “Firstly, the resources are not ‘given’ to anybody”
            well I didn’t ever say such a thing, silly con.
            why make up poo?

            “when our government subsidizes the procurement of goods and services, then prices skyrocket.”

            SO, why do we subsidies agro, oil and gas, mining etc

            to make the prices higher?

            are you a confused con?

          • Not even worth a reply. You don’t even know what you wrote.

          • Can’t even make a reply,
            is more like it

          • Are YOU serious??? The Government is NOT supposed to own or control those things. It is NOT the Governments property….

            We the People own it… Not the Government.

            Wake up communist.,


            we the people moron.

          • It hasn’t been ‘we the people’ since the New Deal.

          • Stop being stupid on the Internet

          • WHAT? no comeback?

          • disqus_C6fGXmCFNc

            You really can not explain anything to a demon rat they are not born with any brains.

          • I am not talking to the demon rats, I am talking to the readers of these posts…

          • you don’t seem to be doing so well.
            whats this, you fourth moronic post?

          • disqus_C6fGXmCFNc

            Hoe much welfare are you collecting

          • retired on union pension, BOY.

          • RC is a sad example of what can happen to an individual’s brain cells if they bury their mind in liberal/progressive/socialist/anarchist websites for extended periods. Come up for air, RC or we won’t be able to save you.

          • was that a moron con making an intellectual point?

            I post links, the con vomits.

            that’s the difference between con intellect and liberal intellect.

      • disqus_C6fGXmCFNc

        OMG you are one whackadoodle uneducated demon ratl

      • Are U STILL around?

      • my be but better than a sick immoral lib.p.s the conserv. policies is what made this country great it is based on morals and GODS laws to bad the dem. forgot them… now look were we’re at and heading to if rep. and dem both doesn’t get back to faith we’re hurten …they can disagree all they want as long as they leave GOD AND MORALS in there decisions

        • God is NOT REAL.
          it’s a fantasy that you old FARTS believe in.

          I wonder why he has let us kill babies for the past 50 years without him doing something about it?

          I wonder why he has never been heard from in the past 2000 years?

    • I can plainly see reality has checked out!

    • lets examine the morns contention that we have socialism in Ameirica.

      now for the low info right we will review the definition of “socialism”

      a theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole.

      so now lets see how that applies to America.

      does the government OWN the means of production? NO

      does the government tell workers WHERE and HOW to work? NO

      does the government tell the community as a whole what jobs to take, what resources to use or not use, where the money goes?

      are conservatives MORONS?

      • Does the government CONTROL the means of production? YES
        HMMM…..Splitting hairs you are….

        Does the Government tell workers Where and how to work? YES- Minimum wages, control and collusion with Unions.

        HMMM….. Me thinks Reality has lost it.

        Does the goverment ….. Common core does…. By controlling the testing at a Federal level, Common core forces the curriculum, which in turn controls the little ones opportunities.

        “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.

        Are Conservative Morons? No

        • WHY LIE?
          oh because you are an ignorant con.

        • “Does the goverment ….. Common core does…. By controlling the
          testing at a Federal level, Common core forces the curriculum, which in
          turn controls the little ones opportunities.”

          so the FOOL is still pretending that CC is a federal program again.

          why DO YOU LIE SO MUCH?

          everyone with a brain know CC is a STATE program, developed by RED state Arizona.

          stop LYING.

        • Don’t you think that is the reason why Trump explains everything and fanatic liberal idiots do not understand him? They love to be pets of government. They have no idea what they are getting into. I know, I lived under communism and then under socialism.

          • God Maria, you are the dim one.

            Trump has explained NOTHING.
            he talks in generalities.

            please post ONE THING he has given hard details to.

            “I’m gonna build a wall” is not a hard detail

            “I am going to be the job President” is NOT hard details silly con.

          • I think Trump has not yet figured out that a lot of people need things to be spelled out so they can understand. As when he says the Mexican govt. is sending their criminals to America. In a way they are by the fact that the criminals know the police are looking for them and they know the conditions in the prisons there, escaping to America is a much better option so why not take the chance. Voters need to think beyond what Trump says till he figures it out.

          • Give him time. Everyone else is allowed time.

          • Just the fact that the troll is insulting you means you are dead on correct.

            Liberals like the troll have been brainwashed, and conditioned NOT to accept anything other than liberal socialists drool. You could probably send him to the country you are from and he wouldn’t recognize that Capitalism is so much better for him than Socialism.

            This guy is evil and a product of years of conditioning.

            “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”
            Lenin or Stalin, can’t remember which… But it really doesn’t matter.

        • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

          We do not really have a Conservative Party in this country, the way they do in Germany. The real Conservatives concentrate on keeping the good things we already have, which in our case would mean the Post Office and Social Security.
          The Nazi’s believed in anything that was good for their companies. They were “socialists” in name only. American Nazis who call themselves “conservative” are not really morons. That would be excusable. They are just woefully ignorant, with their heads buried in the sand.

          • I am not sure I follow or agree with your assessment of the Conservative party. I a conservative, I have spent zero time trying to keep the post office, and have written off Social Security as something our Government failed us on.

            I also disagree with your assessment that the Nazi’s were not socialists, as their Government certainly ended up that way. The only reasons people called them “conservatives” was because they wanted to return to the good old glory days of the German people.

            I would not let liberals dodge the Nazi/Socialist tag that easily.

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            I would not say that they were liberal or conservative. They were really neither one of those, possibly closer to conservative, but definitely right-wing.
            The right-wing seeks to increase the power of the central government. The left tends more in the direction of anarchism, but people on the left are sometimes snared into right-wing situations when their lovely leftist friends turn into right-wing totalitarians.

          • You are sorely misinformed.

            The Right wing in the United States does NOT seek to increase the power of the central government.

            How would you explain “Taxed Enough Already” under your descriptions? The Tea Party is for small a fiscally responsible Government, with a balanced budget and one following the Constitution. Again, just the opposite of the Big Government, hell with the Constitution, Liberals socialists that control the Democrats.

            Big totalitarian Government is wholly owned and supported by Democrats and the socialists that control the democrats.

            The Left tends towards nothing less that socialism. I think you are confusing anarchism with fascism. It happens all the time…

            I think you are attempting to reverse the rolls again, presumably to try to blame
            Republicans for something the Democrats are backing. Like Slavery.

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            Hmm. Here is one definition online. It makes a little more sense than what you just said, but only in the short term:

            Right wings are the equivalent to the Dark Side in Star Wars. Secretive, brash, heartless, bent on pointless tradition. The right wing, or conservative (anti-progressive) party, is a collection of wealthy politicians seated through social promotion, private lobbying, and secretive associations. Right wingers favor small and weak governments that can be easily controlled by wealthy capitalists, and in doing so protect their own interests and those of their political allies. A right winger is quick to judge, slow to concede, and impossible to converse with. (See Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Ronald Reagan, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, & Fox News) There may be some exceptions to the generalization.

          • Hmm, You sure can find a lot of BS inline…

            You must have pulled that out of some soros maintained data base.

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            No, you are attempting reverse things by misusing words, which has become a typical right-wing tactic.
            In 1918, congress had a contest to write a creed for the United States and accepted the following offering from William Tyler Page:

            “I believe in the United States of America as a Government of the people by the people, for the people, whose just powers are derived from the consent of the governed; a democracy in a Republic; a sovereign Nation of many sovereign States; a perfect Union, one and inseparable; established upon those principls of freedom, equality, justice, and humanity for which American patriots sacrificed their lives and fortunes.

            I therefore believe it is my duty to my Country to love it; to support its Constitution; to obey its laws; to respect its flag, and to defend it against
            all enemies.”
            What the right wing now does is to throw out the foundational principles of “freedom, equality, justice and humanity” in favor of more and more control.
            Left and right are described in their own wikipedia articles.
            RIGHT WING (same as always) “Right-wing politics involves in varying degrees the rejection of some egalitarian objectives of left-wing politics, claiming either that economic inequality is natural and inevitable or that it is beneficial to society. Right-wing ideologies and movements support social order. The original French right-wing was called “the party of order” and held that France needed a strong political leader to keep order.”
            LEFT WING: (also the same as always):
            “”Left-wing politics are political positions or activities that accept or support social equality, often in opposition to social hierarchy and social inequality…. the term left-wing has been applied to a broad range of movements including civil rights movements, feminist movements, anti-war movements, and environmental movements.”
            Someone else has an interesting statement

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            This entry is from the urban dictionary, of all places!

            Right Wing
            A descriptor of a socioeconomic standpoint in politics.

            A common misconception is to assume being “Right Wing” as being a completely defined political standpoint, when really you can be Right Wing on one of two scales; Social and Economic.

            Social Scale: To be Right Wing on a social scale is to endorse primarily Authoritarian form of government, i.e placing importance in Discipline, the Armed Forces and Sovereignty. See British parties such as the BNP and to more extreme extent the National Front (NF) and Column 88/Combat 18.

            Economic Scale: To be Right Wing from an economic standpoint is to be supportive of what is a traditionally Conservative position; that is support of small central government with more devolved power to individual states (in the USA) and more economic freedoms. It follows that while the economically right wing party supports a more lucrative trade system in which the market is largely competition-based rather than controlled by the government (meaning that Conservatives generally prefer to let competing corporations “battle it out” rather than tax or legislate them), this generally leads to less social values in terms of public services and equality between the social classes. One such party that endorses this view in the UK are the aforementioned Conservatives.

            It is possible to be Right Wing in both a social and economic way, or only on one scale, which is why being “Right Wing” should not be synonymous with racism, fascism or simply Adolf Hitler.
            “As a Conservative, I believe that public services should be privatised to allow more economic freedom. Therefore I am Economically Right Wing.”

            “I believe that National Service should be compulsory in the UK. I am also Anti-EU. Therefore I am Socially Right Wing.”

          • No I am not reversing anything, you are falling for the lefts obfuscation of the truth. The left has been blaming (reversing) their worst behavior on the right for too long. Republicans stopped slavery, not the Democrats. Democrats created Jim Crow laws, not the Republicans.

            Republicans are fighting for the lives of the innocent and helpless by trying to save them from the likes of barbaric groups like planned parenthood.

            Left wing policies are socialism/communism. Democrats are now openly socialist. If you think Socialism is about equality you are way wrong. Socialism will never be established on earth until evil is removed from earth. Socialism on earth always falls to communism, and communism is far worse for the middle class than capitalism..

            The thing is the left has been hijacked by communists, or Alinsky Radicals if you will. They are using the socialists and Democrats the same way Stalin and Lenin used their useful idiots.

            The right wing is fighting for the constitution. 0bama is ignoring the constitution, and you think I got it backwards???

        • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

          Basically false on nearly all counts.
          Does the government own the means of production? No. Does it control it? Not hardly.
          Look at the mountain top coal mining in West Virginia. The big coal companies are destroying the environment, polluting trout streams forever and never, ever cleaning up their mess. Does the government make them clean it up or pay for the clean up? You gotta be kidding.

          • Does Government control big business? YES, The Government controls business through Taxes, Fees, licenses, and a mirriade the EPA, and all the Crony Capitalism (read Socialism) is. Collusion between the Government and Big Business.

            What is Socialism/Communism? Collusion of Government and Business.

            Your utopia, pure socialism is a pipe dream, it will never exist on earth as long as there are evil people on earth.

            What do you think the EPA is doing? It is securing natural resources for the Government so that the Government can dole the resources out to the highest bidder…. The Government will milk every last penny out of the natural resources it can confiscate from the American people.

            Just like Socialism.

      • I really think that you are the moron if you think that the Dems have ever done anything right in America except try destroy it. People think they have always been anti-slavery & pro freedom, etc. The truth is, the Republicans are the ones responsible for abolishing slavery. All except for just a very small handful of Confederate Generals freed their slave long before the Union Generals did. I had several grand fathers, uncles & cousins who fought for the south & some who died for her. None ever owned a slave. They fought because the North invaded their homeland & they had to defend it. Democrats are the ones who strive to keep the poor people of America on the government plantations so that they can maintain power & push their liberal, destructive agenda on those who desire freedom & prosperity the most, namely those whom they have brainwashed into believing they are there to protect & advance their cause.

        • another FOOL who thinks the party name is relevant?

          liberals are way more intelligent than the moronic right wing.

          IF you were not a disingenuous con (or a complete fool)
          you would know that the LIBERALS freed the slaves, started civil rights, gave the vote for women and CONSERVATIVES fought these things tooth and nail.

          what party they belong to is IRRELEVANT unless you are just a disingenuous FOOL.

          I think that sums YOU up pretty well.

          • Please , the average IQ of democrats is 15 points lower than the average conservative. They big cities and get poor educations. The result too many democrat funcgtonal idiots

          • so that was a moron proving something?
            sounded more like flapping gums.

            we WERE talking about conservative FOOLS who like to pretend “Democrat” means “conservative”.

            I don’t see a lot of high IQ from the many morons on this site.

            care to debate and prove you are brighter than most?
            I will even let you pick the topic.

            I am going to predict right now that you will bail.
            save your lame excuses.
            I know you are vacant and ill equipped for an intellectual discussion.

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            You seem to be pretty smart.

          • so was that a no?

          • And ALL the democrats were members of the KKK.

          • and ALL conservative morons post the same stupid fact.

            the Dems have BOTH in the party fool.

            only you retarded cons believe your crap.

            and THAT is BECAUSE they ARE Retarded.

          • Come on Maria, “ALL”, let’s not fall into Reality’s hyperbolic idiocy. Most KKK members were Democrats is true & close enough to explain the Democrat’s racist history.

      • WishIlivedinTexas

        Hey ‘Reality Check’, NO, we are the ‘Working poor’ that the Liberal socialists ALWAY manage to rob to feather their own nests such as Pelosi, Pelosi’s family, Boxer, Feinstein, Reid, Brown, and the ‘False one’ in the White House. Your description of Socialism is RIGHT OUT OF MARX, AND MEIN KAMPF BY ADOLPH HITLER.

        • “Your description of Socialism is RIGHT OUT OF MARX, AND MEIN KAMPF BY ADOLPH HITLER”

          Marx got his ideas FROM socialism moron.

          Hitler did offer healthcare but that is about as socialist as it gets.

          try and get informed before making a fool of yourself on the internet,

      • RC ??? Youre One of the DUMBEST BASTARDS , Ive seen Post , ON THE NET

        • Don’t feed the idiot. Just ignore his foolish and ignorant blogs. He lives on another planet and cannot relate to real life here on this planet. He won’t change because then he would have to admit he was wrong, and what Demo would do that? NONE!

          • in order for me to admit I was wrong, someone would have to post a fact and a LINK.
            we all know flapping gums of conservatives are notoriously inaccurate.

        • and what did I day that was wrong?

      • No, we are right. I lived and worked under socialism. You definition doesn’t really cover everything and that everything is what makes the difference. Go and live under socialism in Europe and then get back to me. Stupid in many cases cannot be cured.

        • But couldn’t form the letters to make up the country name?

          So you gonna tell me it’s Poland or something?

          I have lived in Denmark, Sweden and Canada, YOU?

      • OK it is not socialism. It is fascist.

      • Idiot, try running a business in this country and then tell me the Government does not control Capitol(FED), Land (ZONING), and the Community (Taxes ,Regulations , Minimum Wages , Obamacare) You have just proven we live in a Socialist Country!

  3. This is just one reason we need a new party!!!!!!!

  4. You
    can’t do it. Everyone’s against you. You may as well still be on the
    plantation. Accept our gifts and dedicate your life to complaining about
    the injustice of it all. No, we insist. – See more at:

  5. This is why libtards will always be failures!!! Too many excuses!!! Too many handouts!!! Americans better wake up to that truth or they will all end up like them!!!!!

    • what you post is anything but the truth.
      Liberals work just as hard if not harder that the moron right.

      how do I know you are the moron right?

      you believe the crap you post.

      • I remember YOU! The epitome of the MORONIC left!!! I already destroyed you previously! You are a mindless and idiotic victim from the past and are not worthy of ANY acknowledgement OR RESPECT!!! Go back and talk to the walls as usual because I have NO time or interest in DESTROYING YOU AGAIN!!!!! ALL replies will be deleted!!! DO NOT RESPOND!!!!! MORONIC LIBTARD!!!!!

  6. How about the POLITICAL class? Of which she IS a member, make millions more than those whose votes she wants. Perhaps she should put her money where her mouth is and choke on it.

  7. Wow what God are you praying to ??? Jesus said if you wanted to follow him ” give all you have to the poor ” !!! Sounds like your reading out of the necramonacon !!!

  8. I don’t buy it. The person who wrote this has one finger pointed at the Libs yet does not see the three pointed back at him /her self. If you’re a taxpayer you’re the enabler of the spend Junkies in DC so stop winding about it.

  9. This article is right on the money. I know because i lived it. Some friends were dependent on other friends just to get by. Others would not seek help insisting on living in their cars. Others knew they couldn’t make it on their own so they joined the military. We all graduated from an institutional setting. On graduation day we received a boot in the butt, some were ready some were not. Most all of us succeeded and went on to prosper on our own. If everything is handed to you, why try? We did not blame others as we knew we would receive no sympathy from each other as we all knew we did not prepare for what we knew was to come. Except for the military no govt. help was involved. Yet we made it on our own.

    • well except for the public (socialist) education and the military (socialist) training, you did it all yourself.

      • Wrong again. The education was not public, I did not enter the military. The training was OJT started out pumping gas. Worked and learned, eventually became dealership line tech. Another one of us started the same way, only living in his car because it was not winter yet and ended up with his own 8 bay repair shop. Going from limited money buying tools on credit no govt. assistance. Other ones of us ended up with very good paying jobs. It can be done without govt. assistance. Were talking 30,000+ worth of tools to make a living, paid off, started with just a tackle box of tools.

        • “Others knew they couldn’t make it on their own so they joined the military.”

          hmmmm, I wonder what those words meant?

          • Simply meant that a few, at graduation were too institutionalized to fend for themselves in the real world. Having been told how, what, where and when to do most everything

            for much of their young lives they weren’t ready to be on their own. The military helped them gain confidence. After leaving the military they were able to get good paying jobs and think for themselves. The military was not a gift. They gave as much as they got.

  10. That’s what happens when liberal, commie democraps are allowed to run rampart with ridiculous programs. Thank you democrap party for this. You all are still on the plantation, you just have new masters now; the democrap, liberal, commie party.

    • since the CONSERVATIVES have had control of the House since 2010, how exactly did this happen?

      without the House cooperation, it’s hard for the liberals to run rampant (not rampart silly old fart).

      you listen to too much HATE radio.

      you should also review the word “commie” since you seem confused.

  11. Dr. Carson’s life truly illustrates the saying that “the helping hand you need is at the end of your own arm”! GO, BEN, GO!!!!

    • he and his mom were on WELFARE and FOOD STAMPS.
      so is that doing it by yourself or taking the government handout?
      I think it’s called

  12. Hillary tries to identify with the non-achievers by always being a victim. Of course she’s a liar, but everyone gives her a pass. She has never cared about the masses, not as long as she gets hers.

  13. I consider the liberal mentality to be that of a cowardly degenerate devoid of the ability to recognize the truth. This is the truth; NOTHING is free! Someone somewhere pays for “it”. Taking money from someone to pay for “it” is STEALING and a violation of someone’s unalienable rights! And when you’ve taken everything from everyone the whole slimy system falls apart!
    More truth; you cannot exercise a right that infringes upon someone else’s rights – because, that is NOT a right. Rights are only rights when they do not infringe upon the rights of others! We are all equally human! No human is more human or less human than any other human. Therefore it is unjust to treat any human as being less or more human! There is no such thing as Sub Human or Natural Superior! It is no one’s responsibility to take care of me except ME! And I have the unalienable right to protect myself. I OWN ME!!!

    • “We are all equally human”

      so that must be why you cons discriminate against gays.
      because you are all hypocrites.

  14. Wonder what Color she will want Her CELL to be !!! ??? ARREST THE BITCH for TREASON and MURDER and Other HIGH CRIMES

  15. My Brother and I came from the family farm in the middle of the Texas panhandle. Our Dad and his Brothers and sisters and our Mother were products of The Great Depression and WWII. Hard times and a can do attitude were the days. I was a war baby and my Brother was a Boomer. Our farm chores were collecting the early morning eggs from the chicken coop, turning the livestock out to pasture, cleaning the stables, feeding the livestock, then in the evening, housing the live stock for the night. During harvest, we picked fruits and vegetables for canning, picked up the cotton bowls at the turn rows that the picker missed, pulled the weeds from the field, etc. Earning 25 cents an hour for our labors allowed us to learn the value of money and develop a work ethic from the best teachers. From high school on, we did odd jobs in the neighborhood and worked our way through college. While a junior at Texas Tech (1965), Uncle Sam came a calling and after four years in the US Navy and the GI Bill, I had a BS in Engineering. Now, we both are retired and enjoying fruits of our bounty. No massive school loans, no failed lives, just honest hard working Patriotic Americans. God Bless America, the most Exceptional Nation on the face of the Earth, and don’t anyone forget it.

  16. Nothing is going to happen to Hillary. She will get away with it because we are corrupted.

  17. I happen to be a member of that small class of voters. I don’t blame others for my lack of financial success. I blame the choices that I had made. I believe that freedom and America is way more important than handouts from the Democrats.
    I do believe that the Democrats are right about one thing though. There is a privileged class in this country and it is them. If I handled classified documents like Sandy Berger and Hillary Clinton when I was in the army I would have been headed for Leavenworth. Why is it that a lowly Private First Class understands that you don’t mess around with classified documents when high ranking government officials don’t?
    If anybody is keeping me down it is the democrats with their policies and their excessive regulations. Perhaps it is time to use class envy against them since they are the rich. I don’t understand why it is ok to be rich if you are a thieving politician, a wife beating athlete, or a movie star but not ok if you are a business executive.

  18. There is no caste system in America, but the left is struggling mightily to create one. We are headed toward a system in which the government is run by blacks, Jews dominate the economy, homosexuals are in charge of the culture, Indians with visas control the professions and Mexicans without visas control the streets.

  19. Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

    Sometimes the only valid answer comes from religion.
    “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, The courage to change the things I can, And the
    wisdom to know the difference.”
    — Rev. Reinhold Niebuhr, BDiv, MA (1892–1971)
    My father was a kind of Horatio Alger hero. His father was an ambitious Missouri farmer. Dad was a farmboy, saw-mill employee, mailman, school teacher, U.S. Marine (private up through second lieutenant), recipient of the Silver Star, the Victory Medal, La Croix de Guerre and the Purple Heart with Oak Leaf Clusters.
    After the war, he worked his way though law school selling kitchen gadgets door-to-door.

    Since the Great Depression made it impractical for him to work as a lawyer, he got together with a classmate and created a product which he was able to use to make very good money on through the end of WWWII, with the Depression making his business even more profitable. Times changed and he started a new business in 1947. When he eventually sold this business at the age of 71
    while dying from lung cancer, he was employing three other heads of households running the business he started in 1947 with my mother serving as the clerical staff and bookkeeper.
    He told me that if he had not been able to get his stake together before the income tax became so bad, he would not have been able to do it all
    I was a child of his second family and I had half brother who served in the USMC in WWII and a half-sister who was a model and magazine cover girl. They were nearly old enough to have been my parents.
    When I got to college, I met kids whose parents had been completely thwarted by the Great Depression.
    My father’s attitude about such stories was one of
    the issues I had to fault him on. He felt that if
    someone else could not prosper as he had during
    the depression, it was his or her own fault. That
    simply is not true.
    It is sad when someone is so badly thwarted by one single event that he makes a bad decision about himself and just stops trying, but it happens every day. Such people need some very skillful counseling, but that is not easy to come by, especially when you are broke and when the disruptive event is on such a large scale as the Great Depression. The Fed shrank the money supply on purpose, starting by 1914, and just kept right on going with that little project even after they helped cause the stock market crash in 1929 and then on for another ten years or so.
    The latest big bad thing came from big corporate and Wall Street directly. Starting with the Reagan years, they conducted “leveraged buyouts” where the biggest part of the collateral for their loans was their plan to steal people’s pensions. Some companies were set up so that was impossible but a lot were not.
    So, some company has been in a town for years. Two generations have worked there and retired. The third generation is looking to do the same when along come someone like Mitt Romney with his company’s hostile takeover of the business. If there are jobs to move to China, they are moved. This leaves machinery which they sell. Then they sell the land and buildings and raid the pension fund. Next, they pay themselves a big bonus, leaving nearly nothing in the company treasury. Then they sell it back onto the NYSE, which ought to be a crime as it is now a shell corporation. All it has is a tiny amount of cash and thousands of times that amount of debt to the pensioners, which they have no way to get back.
    Then someone comes along and claims that the former employee/victims are at fault for being victimized and that they should all just walk away from their houses, since they can no longer make payments and nobody else has the money or interest in buying them.
    Something done far away which destroys an entire town is nothing which any one person of limited means can fix.

  20. Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

    It does not appear that there actually is such a thing as “class envy.” The presumably envious are just trying to get on with their lives. It is rather like the scenes in the movie Brother Sun, Sister Moon in which the rich people walk into the church dressed in their elaborate finery and sit in their expensive, rented pews while posturing for the poor of the congregation who have to stand in the back.
    The poor are there to worship God, not to envy the wealthy. St. Francis restores an old, abandoned church in the country and suddenly, there are no poor people in the original church and the wealthy are left posturing only to each other and looking rather uncomfortable doing so.
    All the poor want is an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work.

  21. The useful idiots on the Left that support these elitist communists are blind to the luxurious lifestyles that are being lived by these con artists that are only capable of running their mouths and this once great nation into the ground! They have succeeded in dumbing down the (m)asses and that is why realistically speaking it will take a REVOLUTION as the SOLUTION! mInr, NSA!

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