Citizenship for Illegals: Is This What We Voted For?

In a news conference on Wednesday, President Trump appeared to go further than ever before in signaling the potential for complete and total amnesty for the illegal immigrants known politically as “Dreamers.” With Democrats on the ropes after the failed, embarrassing shutdown stunt, President Trump is seemingly sliding back from some of his core campaign promises – including the one in which he told voters that until we’d eliminated any and all illegal immigration to this country, there would be NO amnesty for immigrants already here.

“We’re going to morph into it,” Trump said of Dreamers obtaining citizenship. “It’s going to happen, at some point in the future, over a period of 10 to 12 years. Over a period of 10 to 12 years, somebody does a great job, they work hard — that gives incentive to do a great job. Whatever they’re doing, if they do a great job, I think it’s a nice thing to have the incentive of, after a period of years, being able to become a citizen.”

If Trump’s supporters have been recently wary about the president’s commitment to ending illegal immigration, these remarks will do little to ease their concerns. There was no talk of a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants on the 2016 campaign trail; Trump’s hardline approach to this issue was precisely what set him apart from the other Republicans on the dais. And while the president has positioned himself as a master negotiator and has made it clear that his campaign promises were meant to be taken as “starting offers,” we don’t blame anyone who fears that we’re about to get routed on one of Trump’s core platform issues.

Assuming that Trump was serious and not just idly running his mouth (as he admittedly sometimes does), what would Democrats have to give up to make this deal worth it? Is there anything that would rise to that level? Full funding for the wall? An end to chain migration? On this point, Trump also signaled that he would be willing to keep the family reunification policy open to spouses. Exactly what can we expect to get when all is said and done? Are we on the road to a truly new era when it comes to stopping illegal immigration…or has it all been a system of smoke and mirrors that will allow the Establishment to keep changing this country into something unrecognizable?

The sad truth is that we have no choice but to stay optimistic; whatever deal Trump gets us is going to be the best one we could have ever possibly hoped for. We may come away disappointed in the end, but we have to stay on the firm ground of realism. It does no good to keep dreaming of an imaginary future where there is no amnesty and illegal immigration comes to a total end; that may have never been anything more than a fantasy, given the political realities. At the end of the day, we’re moving closer to an ideal situation, even if it’s not as close as we might have liked. It may feel good to be a purist, but let’s not fall into the left’s “utopia” trap.

Better than nothing is, in fact, better than nothing.

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  1. Hell No!! No amnesty! Boot them all out! No DACA

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        • It appears our citizenship is very cheap these days!!!

          • free from the democrats costly to the taxpayers

          • favorable to liberals

          • thats all democrats , havent seen too many conservative s

          • Not yet, but soon we will get rid of those DEMS that have shafted the legal citizens for the last 3 decades……….along with the RINOS that should be in prison, starting with McCain, then hillary & obama………etc. etc (all those traitor female sicko politicians)

          • The voters a year ago showed they were fed up with the RADICAL LEFT and the nly changes to that is those who allow the media to establish their mind set for them.
            The radical left has taken over the media and it is a well known fact that “controlling the media” is the first step in overthrowing a government!

          • Right. Read the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”. The blueprint is fully exposed.

          • This “Protocol” was exposed almost a century ago as an anti-semitic fraud perpetrated by the Czar’s secret police as an excuse to illegally chastise Jews. It is a favorite document used by Neo-Nazis. Congratulations for getting suckered – unless you are a Neo-Nazi, in which case you are an anti-American terrorist.

          • The title may certainly be mis-applied, and you correct about who was behind the Protocols.
            But if you think they have been debunked, you haven’t read them.
            The blueprint for the takeover of a country is clear and demonic, and the blueprint is being followed in this country right now. Your comment about the left having taken over the news media is correct, and it is spelled out in the Protocols.
            If anyone is being suckered here, it is not me!

          • They’ve been debunked as a Jewish Zionist document; but that doesn’t mean the left isn’t still following and using them. Truth isn’t of much value or import to the left.

          • I think that was his point; that it’s false and deceitful.

          • Please consider joining if you haven’t already.

            We are fighting the Liberal MEDIA as it is one of the Lefts strongest brainwashing tools.

          • All part of the DEmocrats :Give Away” mind set that both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders so strongly pushed in their campaigns! And , the birth of the agitation in our young people today who feel they are entitled to everything without earning it; Hillary said they could have it and they are out to get it!

          • johnson bankrupted social security so in his own words” I will have those nigg…. voting democratic for 200years ” because of welfare

        • and block forever

        • Liberal Tears Are My VICTORY!

          Reported and added to the blocked list of hundreds!👍🏼

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    • Hell yes! 3 million more voted for DACA and Clinton than for Cheeto. If Bernie had run he would have pave concrete all over Trump and his Russian-loving voters.

      • We can smell a liberal a mile away. If you want them here YOU support them and keep them out of our yards.

        • You don’t mean they will be camping just outside my gated community, do you? Martha’s Vinyard have many sleeping on the park benches there? Got any living in a trailer park anywhere near Pelosi’s or Shumer’s million dollar digs? As for me, you can KEEP’EM OUT OF MY STATE!

      • Can you really be that brain dead? 3 million illegals voted for Hitlary, Hitlary did barney a favor by cheating him out of the nomination, to save him from humiliation by losing by 100 % of the electorates. It must be painful to be such a worthless pile of bovine excrement. Still not over the election, SNOWFLAKE? You really should go to a Liberal site where you can be understood. Good luck remembering to breath.

      • 3 million illegal and dead people voted for Clinton. don’t forget that Clinton, Soros, DNC,and FBI all paid for fraud vote. During the voting in November look what the FBI agent said Clinton would win by 1 million to 0 isn’t that a red flag that the liberals had paid millions of Dollars to buy the election Come on SNOWFLAKES MELT AND HELP THE EARTH.

      • LOL! The cry of the defeated, “won the popular vote.” Doing just sixth grade math, the “Criminal” Clinton won CA by 3K, and NY by approximately another 1K – total = 4K. Noting the “criminal” won by 3K or less votes, should inform even the mathematically challenged that SHE LOST everywhere else in the country! We could just let all our elections be determined by those two brain-dead states, actually the largest cities therein, but I think my peanut farming pal in GA might object….

        • Amazing how all the corrupt commies emanate from the huge megalopolises!

          Take the 3 huge megalopolises out of California and Trump won by a huge margin in the portion of the state covered by 90% of the other territories of California!!

          • Thinking those other 90% territories are trying to form their own state. Leave that coastal crowd and Communist Jerry Brown to suck seaweed! As they say in my part of the country: GIT’ER DUN….

          • Not really so funny; people weren’t built to be “stacked and packed” like sardines in cans; it damages their minds and souls, and voila: Leftist mentality!

          • California, in the major cities have illegals/the poor, all living in tents or cardboard boxes on the streets there……….They don’t even try to get rid of their trash that is making their entire State look like TRASH………….the illegals/muslims………

        • WHAT????……..After the illegal votes, and the votes that were taken out from non-residence citizens, HC NEVER won the popular vote……..She is popular only by the illegals, muslims, and the uneducated female voters………..

          • Don’t come after me Granny, but my money says America started down the road to decay soon after the “vote” was opened up to ALL instead of just property owners! The bean counters declare that “the women’s vote” is a primary determiner of our elections. They swung the election of all our recent presidents, at least back to Clinton, and likely prior. An illusory example of women NOT learning the difference between good and evil was Obama’s election to a second term. The men’s vote “against” Obama increased by double digits while the women’s vote “for” Obama only decreased by two points! Should there be a call to have at least women divested of the right to vote?

      • Bernie couldn’t have won his way out of a paper sack he is just another Democrat scumbag

        • Bernie wants YOU to pay for the DACA’s free college education. Bernie won’t offer a cent of his own money, but he has 3 million dollar mansions to show for his thriftiness!! Talk about a phony, wow!! But, then again what commie is not a phony? Gore, Oboma, the Clintons, Pelosi, McCain, Romney, the Bushes…and the list goes on and on!!

          • Bernie and his wife might just wind up in prison……….He knew what she was doing……….Seems like all the DEMS are on the SOROS payroll…….

          • Bernie wanted to pay for college education for all in the country. Almost nobody gets that today, just one of the reasons Norwegians think the US is a backward, s%^thole country.

        • That would make him #3, as HC & BO are #1 & #2……….

        • Actually, ole Bern is an avowed Socialist/Communist. Scary thing being, the “millions” of brain-dead Americans(?) supported this whack. Proving our education system is FAILING to give our mushy, pliable, young minds any idea what America is all about! What part of “Socialism has FAILED anywhere in the world it has been tried” do these empty pots NOT understand? The FREELOADERS believe it will definitely work here…..

        • Bernie is a sad, empty sack. He totally lacks substance and values, for he tells his “base” (those that want to live on other folk’s hard-earned money) exactly what they want hear.

      • I have to say, Trump won because he had a lot of Democrat votes also, 8 them are family members. Our, Christmas get together, I asked them if they had to re-vote, what would it be now, they wouldn’t change. So, don’t say, it all a Republican thing.

        • Amen, I am not a party voter, but its definite that DEMS have been proven to be the SNAKE PIT of the USA…….HC started back in Billy’s Arkansas days, Obama proved that his goal was to send all our tax $$$$ to his muslim buddies in Iran, and The DEMS did not even try to stop him from that……..They also helped HC to sell our Uranium to her Russian buddies.

      • bernie wouldn’t of lasted one week in office he’s too old

      • Don’t forget, when Bill Clinton ran, his BIG stance was, build the wall and deport, deport and deport. If Hilary, said she wants to fulfill what Bill never got to fulfill on his illegal immigration stance she might have got more Democrat votes.

      • Are you pleasuring yourself again with fake assertions/lies?

      • Only in your Microcephaly brain, tinyfat Sean! Thanks for the laugh, clown.
        Also, thanks for the heads up that you would support a Diaper wearing Demented witch who loves her pedophile rapist fat lardo husband (Slick rapist Willie Clinton) —As for that ugly delusional commie- denture-wearing Sander with his crooked lying wife (who is being investigated for “theft” of college funds)—well, WE all know you suffer from mental illness!

      • What planet are you from Sean nile Sean ? Beam me up Scottie.

      • It didnt see DACA on any ballot

      • You must be in lock up………You are a threat to the security and greatness of the USA……..

        THANK GOD FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP & VP PENCE, along with our military, police, USA Flag, the 2nd Amendment and the rest of the constitution, the NRA, and OUR CPL’s……..

      • What about the counties that reported more votes than residents? What about the ones that reported all votes to Hildabeast?

      • Were you born with deficient intellect, or were you programmed by liberal professors?

    • Exactly !!!!!!!!

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    • All the ones that are left behind can expect to be sent back to their birth place in a horizontal position….

  2. Build the wall, then we will talk…

    this is not as hard to understand as perhaps, Repeal, then replace… But I am sure the Elite Politicians will get it wrong. Because they want to.

    • New California here we come!!!!

      • Let’s hope Texas secedes and saves real Americans millions in unemployment $$ drawn by the cowboy welfare queens.

        • And pray tell, what is a cowboy welfare queen? See, you have “boy” in there and “queen”. Is this a trans-gender trick question?

        • is that you queenie?

        • Sean, you smell like a corporate globalist. All you guys that are ganging up conservative patriots/Trump are shills of the corporate globalists who want to impose a global governance on us and everyone else that consists of rule by a cadre of elite international bureaucrats installed by the huge mega national corporations/private central banks that will operate only in the interests of the huge mega corporations themselves!! These people do not want anyone to have any sense of identity, except an identity with the globalist elite bureaucrats that tells them what to eat, what to drink, where to live, how to live and most of all how to think!!!

          There will be absolutely no democracy or local governance allowed in this new global order, only tyranny!!

          To all you paid corporate globalist trolls out there like you Sean if you think for one minute that YOU won’t be subject to the austerity and deprivation those greedy self absorbed narcissists are going to bring to the global community you need to check out what you’ve been smoking, because it’s not doing you any justice!!

          • When Sean’s neighbors know the time is right………..SEAN is going to disappear right out of sight…………

        • WE ARE hoping that your State, and California drop off into the Ocean or in some gigantic SINK HOLE…………

    • Isn’t happening, isn’t happening!!!!!!!!!! Na, na, na, nah!!!!!!!!!

  3. First build the wall and put a stop to the illegal invaders, then they can start talking about amnesty. If it’s not done this way, the Democrats will have them all here and legal and then conveniently forget about putting a stop to the rest of the illegal invaders!!!!

    • Robert, it’s all about the Democratic vote. Dems care nothing about the people. Take a good look at what Democratic presidents, judges, mayors, etc have done for the people. Dems are only concerned about total control period.

      • You are exactly correct. The democommunists are terrified that their “plantation” is being depleted by SOME Black voters leaving, after FINALLY deciding that life on the DEMOCOMMUNIST “plantation” isn’t as ROSY as they thought. NOW the GULLIBLE ILLEGALS will be the next in line to re-populate the “plantation” and be ALSO be “promised” “free stuff” and “special treatment” (and THEN will be “forgotten” after the “voting” is done, just like they have been doing to the Black voters, until the next “election”) Then they will be ‘best buds” again.

      • You are correct to a point, Both Parties will support ANY group that will vote them in office.They are ALL the same. Think about that..

      • Excellent and very TRUE statement !! For those that are not blind and stupid to whats going on by the crooked demorats

      • You’re absolutely right. I’ve been saying for years that the Democrats want them here for left wing votes and the neocon RINO phonies want them here for cheap labor. Those of us who are true conservatives know what’s going on here.

      • Please never forget it was the TRAITOR Reagan that gave control of our borders to his OWNERS

    • With 40% of all illegals coming on legal visas but over staying the wall itself will solve nothing. We need a mandatory E-Verify system placed at all work sites, schools, colleges and government service offices. NO jobs, NO education, NO welfare means NO reason to come NO reason to stay.
      If you are not familiar with E-Verify I urge you to go to SELF CHECK and test yourself you will find it very FAST, ACCURATE and it is VERY CHEAP.
      Our problem is that money controls our political leaders and money wants cheap labor to drive down costs and additional customers to inflate prices, just look at the events that happened and the time line of the disappearing middle class and the rapidly expanding income gap for proof. That also is the reason no politician since Ike in 1954 made any attempt to secure our border or enforce our laws.

      • Like I’ve always said, Follow the Dollar. And that’s true about the politicians, mostly neocon RINO phonies talking a good game about closing the border but then refusing to put a stop to illegal immigration. In the meantime, the Democrats want them here for left wing votes. And the bottom line is that they can have all the laws in the world against illegal immigration, but until they finally start enforcing those laws we’re going to have problems with illegal invaders.

  4. How long have the illegals been here and never during that time applied for citizenship? Now their kids are grown and they have not applied for citizenship? Send them back to where they came from, they can come back legally!

  5. They already had amnesty years ago and the democrats said that would be the last time so send all of them back to what ever country they came from.NO AMNESTY

    • West Central Texas Cowboy

      I have posted this before…AMNESTY DOES NOT WORK! It is rewarding the illegal act of entering the country in violation of Title 8 which makes these “Dreamers” and illegal aliens criminals. We haven’t gotten over the last amnesty’s problems of fraud, criminal infestation of dangerous predators, drug cartels and terrorists. The legal American taxpayer/citizen cannot afford the expenses caused by these criminals. The Dreamers were afforded the capability to apply legally and they chose to ignore the process and leech off the system. The new fraud will begin if concessions are given to these Dreamers.

    • Clinton signed SIX amnesties.

    • conc11111 All the Democrats do is lie and cheat the American people. Disgusting crooks. If you live in CA vote them out and talk to your friends and neighbors. Otherwise we will lose everything we have worked all our life for.

  6. If he gives into people who have BROKEN the law, aka, the dreamers, he WILL NOT get my vote in the next election. PERIOD!!!!!!!

    • Count me in, if Trump gives in to the Democrats he is no different than Obama . He got elected because he was going to get all the illegals out and built a wall to keep them out. If you are an America citizen and you break the law ,you go to jail , if you are here illegally you get rewarded no jail time and automatic
      American citizenship , no wonder they all come to America illegally. Pres Trump keep your word and do the right thing make America great again.

    • Are you voting for Vladimir Putin again in the next election?

      • you sir must be a dumb ass lefty. The russian story was bullshit and anyone with half a brain knows that, so go peddle that ignorance to some pea brained demorats. Unfortunately the USA is full of them !!

      • still better than what ran for the democraps last election

    • I say vet all Dreamers and you’ll find most came here as teens around 15YO, they knew what they were doing and lied about age etc. Remember seeing the pictures of them riding on top of box cars?? Now some may not be able to go back, but most can, not all are from Mexico but from other SA countries, need to be sent home.

  7. DACA. D=Deport; A= All; C= Cheating; A= Aliens.

  8. Linda Dickey Howard

    Not only no but heck no! The republicans shouldn’t give the demo rats what they want period! But they should be working on putting them all in prison for treason! Illegal means illegal! THEY DON’T BELONG HERE! They need to come in legally just like everyone else did! NO MORE WELFARE NO MORE FREE STUFF THEY MUST WORK AND PAY TAXES JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE DOES! If they can’t contribute to society they must go! PERIOD!

  9. I do not understand why, on earth, can we not give DACA people citizenship….EXCEPT ONE THING: the right to vote. These illegals have to pay a price for breaking the Law! And that is the RIGHT TO VOTE. This right should be withheld for life from all DACA recipients.

    • Perfect solution. Do not give them citizenship and the right to vote. They have been here many years, so if Mr. Trump makes a deal, let it be that. No citizenship and no voting for democrats. If they want citizenship, they can go back where they came from and come here legally after a long long wait.

  10. Amnesty is positive reinforcement for negative behavior. If we keep on rewarding those who come here breaking our laws with citizenship, welfare, free housing, food stamps, free college, free health care, they’ll keep on coming in larger contingents, and it will never stop. It is an idiot’s way of dealing with illegal immigration. Sometimes NO DEAL is the BETTER DEAL Mr. President!

    • You are no Cadfael. He was an honest and loving Christian.

      • He was a former soldier who had seen enough of politicians using their power and the influence of the secular titled ‘Bishops’ to drive him into a monastery. My dear Sean I don’t take kindly to you slandering my faith, or my character. Your remark unmasks you as someone who wants to shut up Christians who stand up for the rights of honest legal immigrants and tax paying citizens; that is an underhanded, dishonest attempt to pursue your socialist ideas. Just to enlighten you in case you believe that socialism and Christianity are identical; Christ wants an individual relationship with each individual not with ‘the masses’, charity is an act of blessing someone in Jesus name and therefore a blessing to both the giver and the receiver, welfare and tax re-distribution is thievery and robs not just money but the blessings of being able to give. Christianity has no other God than the tri-une God the Father, God the Holy Spirit, and God the Son Jesus; socialism delights in big paintings, poems, and books idealizing and idolizing its leaders. Christianity leads to salvation, socialism to misery, starvation, oppression and ultimately genocide (i.e. Soviet Russia, East Germany, Romania, Communist China, Vietnam, Cambodia, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela.)

      • Are you kidding, would you really allow these amenities, even if you were a christian. Only an idiot would consider it. We only need people to come here that will never get any services, if new immigrants come here and need government assistance within the first 10 yrs, we should have it contracted, their citizenship will be pulled. Don’t blame Christians, for these leaches, get tough and say fix your own problem. We have enough of these people sucking up here already and really not even trying to improve themselves, America created social service monsters in this country, where it really isn’t sustainable. Please I use to be a lib at one time, but I realize, when I use to work 80 hrs a week because I had a young family and didn’t want them to go without. While i see my friends sitting home enjoying getting service from working suckers like me. Christianity hasn’t a thing about social services, it’s that they suck the system and laugh. No government assistance should be more than a yr anyway.

  11. American citizens have lost healthcare with Obamacare, and were forced to buy insurance or pay fines. I could never understand how our government allowed that to happen, let alone, not repealing it. But since POTUS Trump put an end date on daca caca, we don’t hear any talk about Obamacare anymore…did they repeal it? Oh wait… the illegal alien future democrat voting block is in danger of being deported for illegally being in our Sovereignty! This is the reason dems only care about daca caca….DEMOCRATIC VOTES.

    Meanwhile…..American citizens are waiting for healthcare…a WALL…STRONG MILITARY….
    These daca caca peeps deserve nothing from the American ppl….they and their parents have invaded our land, taken from taxpayers, brought disease and crime, and are demanding citizenship?!
    They have enjoyed a long free vacation…..they need to go home and protest on their streets for their civil rights!


    • If you build the wall we will never have enouh $$ for health care. Don’t be conned again. Mexico will never pay for the wall. You are Trump’s “Mexican.”

      • Healthcare should be paid for by the recipient, not the government. Get your ass out and get a job, quit living on handouts. The wall, no matter who pays for it is no comparison to the cost of illegals in our country. Don’t believe the bullshit that they are contributing, they cost us tax payers WAAAAAY more than they contribute. The only thing illegals contribute are democraptic votes. Good BYYYYY illegals, and this ignorant seanm62 !

      • Sean:
        What does the WALL, which will virtually stop incursions, have to do with health care ? We are now furnishing health care FREE to hordes of illegal immigrants and anchor babies.
        Are you one of the morons who says the “Affordable Care Act” is affordable ?

      • take chappos money as lone as he’s in our jail and build the wall also take soros’s money he should be in jail with his son

      • I would rather my tax money be used to build a wall than to provide housing, food, welfare, education and any other government services to illegal aliens.

        • When did Rethuglicans do that for anybody? No need to worry about that given to illegals except in jail after an ICE raid.

  12. MAHB001 – comments are similar to what I’d post – BEFORE ANYTHING is done for DACE, we build the wall & get boarders secure – Canada & Mexico & all airports, etc.
    Now, as for DACA, we all know that there is no way that we’re going to get 1.8 – 2 M people out of the country. IF they are behaving themselves & being productive, then I don’t think I have a problem with them staying BUT no citizenship! If anyone is caught in any crime, they are removed to their family’s country of origin.
    Getting them to be productive part of society will bring a good portion of them to GOP/conservative side as they realize the rewards of good labor.

    • Sure there is: CUT OFF THE SPIGOT! They’ll self deport if there is no housing, no SNAP, no welfare, etc and they can’t get jobs!

      • Ah, that’s true for the ones that are here sponging! You are right – we do need to end this stuff immediately. I am fine, though, with the people who are here working hard to be responsible, better themselves, especially if they’ve been here since very young & basically have never lived in the country their parents brought them from.

  13. NO, NO & NO !!! Deport them all. They can dream in their own country. Then, if they apply legally, we’ll consider allowing them back into the U.S. But not until they can prove they are willing to abide by the laws of the United States of America. ALL our laws, not just the ones they like.

  14. Looks like illegals are what keep the dems afloat. Just same old corruption from that party.

  15. NOT so; ANY amnesty is an absolute disaster for America, and means NOTHING will actually change; except that America as our Founders envisioned it and wanted it to be will be FOREVER GONE because NO conservative will ever again hold any significant national office, and we Americans will, literally, be second class aliens in our own homeland! The invasions WILL continue, regardless any other promises from the left, etc.

  16. How about this: We give the “Dreamers” citizenship, and revoke the Democrats citizenship??? Give me feedback here people.

    • How about we “whites” just move to Norway?

      • Too cold. And it’s not big enough. Other than that I like it.

        • LOL! I used to say I prefer it to be 110 degrees than 30; however, old as I am now, that has seen a 180 change. As far as too small, you might consider how “few” whites in America there actually are…fewer by the day.

          • But why should we move. White men built this country! Men like Ford, Carnegie and Firestone. And all those railroad guys. But we are slowly getting squeezed out. Time to squeeze back!!

          • “Squeezed out?” Absolutely! Why we whites are already all but in the minority. Minority status assured by as early as 2030 and certainly by 2040. The sad comedy is, watching the likes of Pelosi, Shumer, spew some “white bias” for wanting immigration controlled, and/or reduced. They are eliminating themselves! Say hello to Speaker of the House, Pelissier, or the like, and Senate majority leader, Cabasso Abdullah (a prescient first name, in fact)! President of The United States(?) a relative of Putin’s perhaps….

  17. But the democrats refused! Can’t you see Trump is playing them??? Now he has them refusing to accept what they wanted and can say in the midterms it was THEIR own fault they didn’t get what they wanted, THEY refused to compromise!!!

  18. “….changing this country into something unrecognizable?” Already happening, boys and girls. Our forefathers, the pilgrims, and others, that founded, fought for, and expanded this country, are but faint memories. Their progeny have failed to even replace themselves one for one. On average, the current American family has two children. Factoring in mortality rates, that number is far short of maintaining American society as it was known. Immigration, both legal and illegal, is the only reason America’s population increases. The “invasion” by other than Western civilizations to America is why the projected minority population, by 2040, will be white! Anyone, over the age of 55-60 knows this is NOT the America they grew up in – don’t understand this, press 2 for Spanish.

  19. No! No amnesty! Period!

  20. HELL NO!

  21. Some sort of legal status for DACA people only (no relatives) would be OK, but definitely not amnesty. This is not what the President promised and if he lets liberal advisers in his cabinet convince him otherwise, he will pay the price in his base support. The Democrats are under the gun on this issue which gives Republicans the leverage they need to get an acceptable deal. Use that leverage.

    • NO. The Democrats promised Reagan there would NOT be any more amnesties and Clinton signed SIX of them. DO NOT TRUST DEMOCRATS.

  22. No amnesty of any kind to anyone….Build the wall and end the chain migration!!

  23. People posting on here had better get ready for a storm. George Soros (whose info was hacked was behind “open borders”) and intends to win no matter what. You do know he controls the DNC and the MSM?

  24. No,No, this is not what any conservative voted for, but I have to see where this thing goes.
    What I am mindful of is that Trump doesn’t have a way of getting anything through the Senate.
    My solution would be to forget about the Democrats and start deporting all the ungratefuls.

  25. Bring charges against the politicians who violated our Immigration laws and BROUGHT/ALLOWED these people to come here, and throw these illegals OUT, NO AMNESTY

  26. Ill beat the crapa outta DACA. Whos to say these cork suckers do a good job? With the biggest lips ever this sucks. Dont do this Trump this is wide open for interpetation.

  27. Hell no, We are lied to again, but I know Trump can’t get anything done if he doesn’t give in with this. This whole situation is creating a new kind of racism because I feel very racist myself now watching these illegals demo nstrating and protesting and laughing at us because they know all they have to do is whine and we stand at attention. I really don’t care if anybody wants to call we racist anymore but I want them out so decent people that don’t use as can come. Get rid of these Daca parents and what ever other family members they have snuck in. And it’s not just the Mexicans and South Americans but they come from all over the world and take advantage of the kindness of Americans. I have Asians next door that bring the kids from China to get our free schools and education and they say that if their here they can get the good jobs. We are so used it is sickening. I can’t even start on the sanctuary stuff or I’ll throw up.

  28. I don’t think making this offer as the first offer is the way to go. Maybe as a last resort. That said, 10-12 yrs is a ways down the road. IF in the bill there is stipulation that wall/fence must be built and illegal entry reduced by at least 90% for 3 consecutive yrs, then processing on those brought here as children for possible citizenship, but with high standards. PS- Bob Goodlatte has a bill that puts in all the border security item plus immigration changes (no lottery, no chain migration) and a pathway to LEGALITY for dreamers.

  29. Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    Why does our President have to make a deal with anyone?
    I do not understand that. This “program” is set to expire in March.
    Just let it expire, and deport all the illegals. Simple.

  30. These people are invaders, not illegals!


  32. The Federal Government has to start arresting Mayors and Governors for their sanctuary city policies that go against Federal Law. Jerry Brown just pardoned 2 illegals that were about to be deported so that they would not be deported. He did this as an in your face to President Trump. Trump should say right back at you and deport them for being illegal aliens even though Moonbeam Brown pardoned their OTHER crimes, being an illegal alien is still a crime!!!!!

  33. You do not differentiate Dreamers from others. This is wrong.

    • screw a dreamer, let them “dream” in mexico. You like them ray?, move them into YOUR home and YOU pay for them. Don’t drop that democratic load of crap on the american tax payers !!

  34. Suck, they’ll get amnesty and vote us out of all our western culture rights, we will be like any other country, no stopping it now. We were murdered as an America.

  35. No citizenship for any illegals. Send them all home.

  36. No amnesty or anymore breaks for the illegals. Time for Trump to step up for Americans. If these people want in there are laws on the books they must follow!

  37. We Americans don’t agree. The DACA Dreamers is not a law, it’s Obama’s incompetence at work, & c/b overturned I’m told!

  38. we are all debating the wrong questions.
    We haven’t had a budget in years. Let’s put together a budget through Sep 30 2019. include full funding for the wall. No funding for Obama Care. full funding for the military. Full funding for Social Security and Medicare which we all paid for all our working lives, and those who currently receive Medicare still pay into.
    Pass the budget with a simple majority after suspending the silly senate rules.
    Start construction on the wall. Then, maybe start a discussion on DACA.
    Then we can also pass some health care laws following Rand Paul’s general outline.

  39. give them green cards not citizenship so they can’t vote

  40. No, that is not what I voted for. No DACA or Trump will be the one term President.

  41. Will these Dreamers pay back all of the welfare and other social services that they and their families have been taking all of these years, will the pay back all of the Taxes that they should have been paying. What I want to know is why do these Illegal Aliens form mexico get special treatment not just over US Citizens but other Immigrants. Are there special programs for Chinese, Vietnamese, Italian, French, German or any others that have come to this country Legally?. There is no “Press 2 for Italian, press 3 Vietnamese, press 4 for German, so why is there a press 1 for Spanish? What gives these Criminals special status? Where I come from this is called BS. Even if you were brought here when you were a baby and had no say as to where your parents were taking you, you are no longer a baby, you are an adult and you are living here Illegally. You are breaking the law by living here without the proper documentation, this is a Crime. What about my dream for my Legal American Citizen Children, there ar no special programs for them, they can’t get special grants to go to school to better themselves. This country spends BILLIONS of American Tax Dollars on these Criminals and the only taxes that they pay is sales tax becaue most of them get paid under the table or through the use of a bogus SSN.
    It is time to put American Citizens First. There are tens of thousands of American Citizens living on the streets and little if anything is being done for them. When every man, woman and child that is on the streets has a place to live and a job, then and only then do we give these dreamers something to dream about.

  42. Mister Trump — I had supported you in almost everything you’ve done — both during the election and ever since your inauguration. PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW ILLEGALS WHO HAVE BROKEN OUR LAWS WHEN THEY ENTERED OUR COUNTRY — DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO OBTAIN CITIZENSHIP. PLEASE.

  43. Seriously people? There are an estimated 12 million illegal aliens in this country. Only 1.8 million are being given the chance at citizenship within the next 10 to 12 years. It’s politics give and take. This agreement ends chain migration and it funds the wall. It is not getting citizenship to 12 million people. It isn’t perfect but now wall and get started and hopefully other things will improve on immigration. it ends the visa lottery program which is another benefit to helping stop illegal migration.

    • Many years ago there were 30+ million illegals. Now there are only 12 million after numerous illegals streamed across the border during the Obama years.

      What happened to all the rest of the illegals? Have they all died? Did they voluntarily return to their home country. Does some one use the NEW MATH to count them? Did they assimilate and magically become legal?

  44. Hold on thar, Bobba Looie !
    Some dreamers probably deserve to have better treatment.
    But what the democRATS want is immediate citizenship (voting rights) for the whole mess of them. NO !
    A PATH to citizenship may be granted to some………. IF….
    They have never had ANY trouble with our laws, have been gainfully employed and not sucking off welfare, have applied for citizenship, or have married American citizens and are still living as a married couple. (There is a widely used scam whereby American citizens marry illegals and then never see them again)
    The PATH to citizenship should include proof of longtime employment, Ability to speak and write English fluently, and proof that they have not been drawing assistance of ANY KIND for the last three years. Also all necessary fees must be paid.
    Failure to meet any of these criteria must cause immediate deportation with no possible recourse !
    Run just these simple rules by any democRAT and watch them holler that it’s NOT FAIR ! Listen to them weep and bawl ! They don’t give a damn for Dreamers, but they slaver for new democRAT voters !


    President Trump need to keep his promises. Send them all back and tell them to get in line.

  46. He’s a deal maker and with any deal you have to give to get.
    I have no problem with creating a path for the DACA people here.
    I voted Trump and these kids are here due to our government leaders and now deserve a chance.
    Hell…I work with lots of these kids in my district and can’t help loving them dearly.
    To stand back and armchair QB is easy.
    Go and work with these kids everyday and tell me if you want to still be rid of them.
    President Trump comes out of this smelling like a rose if he keeps Dreamers and gets wall funding and stops chain migration.
    Remember, you have to give to get.!!
    President Trump is the best!!

  47. no daca send back

  48. The problem I have is there is little cost to being illegal. If it cost them nothing, they it is worth nothing to them. Another problem I have is the votes these over paid, under achievers who will gain votes while not doing their elected duties. For about 80 years this situation has just been ignored, the laws disobeyed, punishment displaced and yet some of these people will get re elected. When the Gop’er tried to give amnesty, the demons were against it, when the demons were for it, the gopers were against it? Why? simple VOTES! All the while the millions of millennials who are sitting around with there fingers up their but saying Barny the socialist is champion better start thinking for a “CHANGE”. I guess the thing is through History and our heratage out the window, and all become flower ladies or fags, what else is there? We have a corrupt government, who are self appeasing, our schools are being led by independent disbelievers, most of our business is raping us, the blacks want payment for possibly being ancestors to slaves, and the last American standing is totally ignored? Buuuuuuuuut, never under estimate this country!

  49. No amnesty any more for illegals, “dreamers” or not! If congress “caves”, ANY deal MUST include proof of citizenship in order to vote. A national voter ID that requires proof of citizenship and photo MUST be enacted in order to negate the automatic voter registration laws that states like California passed in order to circumvent the citizenship requirement.

  50. No amnesty and no citizenship deport them all as promised

  51. NO, Hell, NO, send them all back!!!

  52. When the vote actually occurs, the American people will be totally screwed by everyone in DC!

  53. No, Hell No! I did not vote for amnesty for the illegals. Did not vote for them to get a free ride at my expense. President Trump just can not do this.


  55. How is it “better than nothing” when it’s getting worse?

  56. Daca deal was defeated last presidential election daca has never been in our sight,not part of our agenda bottom line why this is even in President trump consideration That’s Hussein’s problem not we the people problem

  57. This DACA thing is laughable. Democrats, are adults acting badly. Illogical idiots. The illegals in our country need to go home. Come back and go to the back of the line and come into our country the LEGAL way like everyone else. Logical, sensible, mature idea. A hard rain is gonna fall.

  58. He’s the deal maker, this offer makes the Dems look anti immigrant if they turn it down. allowing the extra in for the wall and to get the DACA out of the way is worth it. Other wise the left will keep DACA hanging on all yr and use it a leverage in the mid terms in Nov. ( their orig. plan) . This removes their best tool in the election

  59. No jobs, no services, NOTHING for them! Turn them into ICE for terrorism and illegal activities!

  60. When you get outnumbered, you are the same as a team is is in last play to kick a field goal to win the game!

  61. $135 BILLION DOLLAR A YEAR WELFARE PARASITES, now why would we make these ILLEGAL ALIEN PARASITES legal?

  62. I’m a VIETNAM VETERAN and part Native American and I say DEPORT all ILLEGALS… What the HELL don’t these politicians understand? ILLEGAL IS ILLEGAL and is a CRIME!!!!! DEPORT, DEPORT, DEPORT all these DAMN ILLEGALS. Make these ILLEGALS got through the system like all our other IMMIGRANTS are going through. Make these ILLEGALS earn their citizenship just like these that are now going through our system. OR JUST DEPORT, DEPORT, DEPORT all of them…

  63. Why don’t we just enforce existing law?? I know it’s never been tried, but it might work, And then make sure only qualified voters could vote, Just might save our country,

  64. Mr. President: Keep your promises. Send these people back and have them come back only after a serious background check and through the proper channels. A law must be set up in the land that they must learn the English Language. These young people are not at fault for what their parents did, but they must reenter the US through the proper channels and not break the law. Let them do what their parents failed to do. Remember people, we are all immigrants, but our ancestors came in the right way and some of us may even have an ancestor name Christopher Columbus.

  65. Your better than nothing will continue the rape and molestation of our women and children a report released from the DOJ and DHS showed that 69,929 women and children suffered rape and molestation by illegals between 2003 and 2009 bringing that up to date would add another !00,000
    A report released by Texas showed that over 600,000 crimes and nearly 3000 murders were committed by illegals between 2008 and 2014.
    Another report showed that in five states Ari., Cali., Fl., NY. and Texas 34& of all murders were committed by illegals.
    Another report stated that while illegals make up less than !% of our population 22% of federal prisoners are illegals Is this what we voted for and must we accept this as it being the better than nothing.

  66. Looks like the media is spreading false rumors again………..ICE is still deporting and starting with the Sanctuary Cities……..DACA will go next and good news along with all the illegals that are getting the BOOT………

  67. I have always been against the Obama DACA program; why should anyone be given MASS passes on vioalting our fedral laws; especially laws that hahve been in place for years and years and have served our nations presidnets for years and years. Obama is rsponsibe for the massive number of illegals in this country as he IGNORED the federal laws that were used by numerous presidents preceeding Obama.
    BUT – I do sympathise with most of these ACA peple. What I will always find wrong though is that peple in this country can openly ignore adn deft our laws and get away with it.
    IF -(if); DACA people are allowed to remain in the U.S. I feel they should ;
    — — Approved as “Legal Immigrants” only; NOT U.S. citizens. They have already shown they will refuse to obey our laws and as a U.S. citizen they will have more protection than they would as Legal Immigrants. Legal Immigrants are required to apply and undergo detailed background investigations before being allowed to enter the U.S. adn are subject to removal (deportation) if they violate our laws.
    — — ALL DACA Must complete the same requirements to remain here as ANY Legal Immigrant applying for entry and stay in the U.S. is required.
    — — For EVERY DACA allowed to remain in the U.S. as a legal immigrant an equal number of legal immigrant applicants MUST BE reduced from the annual Congressionally approved number of immigrants we allow to enter the U.S..
    AND – the law that approves these tings MUST –
    — – Eliminate Birthright citizenship that allows babies born in this country to illegal immigrants to be U.S. citizens. That law should ALSO eliminate birthright citizenship to any Temporary Legal Immigrant who is in this country for less than eighteen months preceding the birth of the baby EXCLUDING those Men and women who are assigned to Embassy Duty in other countries embassies in this country!
    AND – No More Chain Migration; this is a program that takes away FAR TO MUCH of our nations control over who comes here and who does not!

  68. Maybe we should separate the different types of “dreamers” in our conversations.
    1. Those who were brought by their parents as actual minors.
    2. Those who came in on their own.

    In the first category, maybe, they could be allowed to claim their own parents (only). But why bother? Those parents are already here.

    In the second category, why allow them to stay in the first place, as they were obviously old enough to make a long and dangerous trip on their own to get here.

    And to those who think they should be allowed to stay and bring their parents in, why should we do that? These apologists say “don’t break up families”. What tripe! How much does a parent care for a child who allows them to accompany predators on such a dangerous journey? Those families were broken before the “children” ever reached our border.

    Politics is the art of compromise, but let’s not give up the farm in the process. And remember; Democrats NEVER keep their promises.

  69. WTF, it doesn’t matter about 1milion free loaders arriving, or 2 M. They are all swarming across the ocean and our borders triggered by rampant reproduction. Soon we will be an Ass Hole Country too, drowning in our offal.

  70. I am not in favor of citizenship even if it is down the road. In the meantime uniting spouses – no way. Just what does illegal mean? Just what does our constitution provide for illegal immigrants. They are full of demands and get all kinds of perks from our government. free college, free medical care, immediate qualifying for social security. The people born in this country don’t get that. We may as well have a democrat for president. Everyone says it is not the American way. What is the American way. We have laws on the books regarding immigration. They broke the law if it was them or their parents, doesn’t matter.


  72. DACA was never about children brought here at no fault of their own, they are being used as pawns to get sympathy so dirty politicians can grant the EIGHTH amnesty.
    Americans believed Trump on his tough stance on immigration and elected him. Like all politicians once in office he turned his back on us. There goes Make America Safe Again.

  73. Not good Mr President

  74. Recent human trafficking by daca kids is a sign that it’s time to drain not only the swamp but the country as well, especially sanctuary cities and states. Get rid of the bad and enjoy the good people.

  75. We gave them amnesty in 1986, then they brought in as many relatives as they could and more poured in across the borders. Now they want more?
    No way should we allow it. They have zero skills, absorb welfare, food stamps, MediCal and education for their children on the backs of hard working American taxpaying citizens.
    It has to stop. Our natural resources are in jeopardy and taxpayers can’t afford it.

  76. NO; in fact this is one of the main things we voted AGAINST in ’16!

  77. No Amnesty. Amnesty = no votes for Trump.

  78. If President Trump needs to agree to Grant AMNESTY TOWARDS CITIZENSHIP FOR 1.8 MILLION ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS TO SECURE THE NATION it will perhaps be the WORST DEAL he has ever negotiated.

    Questions arise as to how the number of DACA eligible increased from 800,000 to 1.8 MILLION (225% of the original number). Does it include those that had not signed up for DACA OR those that ENTERED the country after the DACA cut off date. If the latter it points to the extreme severity of the problem and it’s continuing nature IRRESPECTIVE of what DHS says.

    Is PRESIDENT TRUMP including some parents of the DACA REGISTERED?

    Why is the eligible number not less than 800,000 having been reduced by those of them ineligible for having committed a crime, having dropped out of school, or is part of a family claiming some kind of social benefits to which they are not ENTITLED to.

    It is about time DHS started publishing in a clear and simple tabular form adding up to the two numerical values of 800,000 and 1.8 MILLION ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS as to QUALIFIED and disqualified by type to see where we are headed.

    This does not mean I will become an ABNORMAL REGRESSIVE MEMBER OF THE COUNTRY aka DemoncRATs.

  79. I think that it would probably be in the best interests of the US to allow the dreamers the opportunity to become citizens. Granted, they are here illegally; however, through no fault of their own. to be so hard-hearted and not give thema chance would be a mistake. that being said, I strongly approve of merit immigration, ending chain immigration, maybe ousting the parents who brought them (they are still illegal) and improving and strengthening the immigration laws. Our cuntry does not need to continue with this divisive situation. Let’s end it for the good of all.

  80. I did not vote for DACA no DACA send them home Went to lunch today and it was a Spanish armada Dam what is happening to our country

  81. I do not support illegal immigration; send’em all back sounds good. Yet, I consider what it must be like to come to USA as a small child, be raised as an American, come to think of myself as an American, and know only the way America is, in terms of freedoms, protections, opportunities and so on. Only to later find out that your parents are here illegally and must go back to the country of origin, and you must go too. Only their country of origin is a cesspool of violence, abject poverty, conditions we wouldn’t wish on anyone, yet we are returning them after X-number of years to a place where they stand a high chance of being killed, starved, without medical care, and whatever else horrible that awaits them. It’s an environment they’ve never known and they are being sent there through no fault of their own, like being condemned to prison for crimes your parents committed. Only this deportation is worse than prison. DACA children are innocent of the crimes committed by their parents. If they are not yet adults and on their own, keeping them here requires social assistance, and it runs the risk they will hate America for doing that to their parents. That is the law of “probable consequences”. Still, there are, what?, millions of these DACA families? So, we keep the children and return their parents, thus we accept the financial burden of the younger ones, and accept that the risk is likely they’ll hate the government for sending their parents into the hellholes they ran from in the first place. Trump is in a no-win situation, and he’s doing the best he can with who he is having to work with and negotiate with. He is not a dictator. He faces opposition; that’s our system. He’s a deal-maker in business, a good one, and he’s trying to make the best deal he can, but it won’t make everyone happy, that’s for sure. He may only win part of what he wants, and perhaps down the line he can win the rest. Maybe not. I would not want to be in his place with such moral questions involved.

  82. If a path to citizenship requires that dreamers get documented and vetted, that would be a good thing. Unfortunately, they will now demand amnesty for voting in past elections. Many thousands of them voted in the last election. Early in the fall of 2016, Obama addressed a DACA gathering and agreed with the young lady host that all who live here should be called citizens because they ‘contribute’ to society. Always one to choose his words carefully, Obama went on to say “When you vote – you are a citizen.” He explained they could vote without fear of exposure because voter information is not cross referenced with INS data bases. Thousands did.
    Since the Motor Voter bill became law, DMVs across the country register all who enter to vote. That is why Democrats push licenses for illegals.
    After Trump won, I watched several MSM ‘journalists’ cut segments short when Dreamers began shouting they voted for Hillary.

  83. If you listened closely to President Trump you will find that this is no piece of cake for the illegals. The few that I remember are, no arrests, getting an education, jobs, no extended family automatically brought in, no citizenship for twelve years. In exchange, the wall we need and want. Seems like a pretty good deal to me because a lot of them will never meet the requirements.
    In addition, much higher requirements for people of all nations before they can apply for immigration.

  84. Immigration “FAILURE TO COMMUNICATE”

    First off lets talk about our Welfare Clientele, the ones that are 18 to 50 years old that are not working and are fully capable of working, but yet get a roof over their head, food on the table, medical care and their kids are going school.

    But then again we also have all the refugees that are fully capable of working we have to try and get them into work force also and kids into school and medical care, and some can not work so they hit the welfare game.


    Then we have the Illegal’s coming to the United States some taking the jobs the local welfare receivers should be doing, having kids, get medical and school,


    Gee! I want to go to America, They have wide open borders, I hear you don’t have to work there, and every thing is handed to you, all you have to do is vote for democrats, that’s their cost for letting us in!!!

    Then of corse we have a group that want’s their Sharia law inserted into our LAWS here in the US.

    “Sharia-ism absolutely is already here,” insisted Brighton, going on to discuss hate groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

    Gee I’ve got Scottish, German, English in my blood so, let’s see, if Sharia law is inserted into our laws then a chance other nationalities will want their countries law also inserted into our laws.

    Guarantee you the PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL Democrats and Republicans could care less if they did all the different inserted laws, that way it would give them the chance of tarring up our CONSTITUTION


    Austria Launches New Migrant Policy: Benefits Cut, Phones, Cash Seized

    The new government in Austria, made up of the Conservative People’s Party and the far-right Freedom Party, both pledged to crack down in immigrants to the nation. And they’ve put their promises into practice.

    “Phones will be seized upon entry, allowing border officials to analyse mobile data to determine migrants’ identities,” the Express newspaper reports. “Money will also be taken from migrants and put towards the cost of caring for people arriving in the country. And benefits will be stopped for some migrants who have not yet ‘paid into’ the country.”



    Here are the ‘migrants’ being accepted into countries worldwide. Who’s missing? Anyone?

    These aren’t ‘migrants’, they’re an invasion force. Don’t be fooled by their lack of ‘uniform’, that’s just the nature of the invasion


    President Trump ‘gets it’:

  85. Trump pulled their Chain with the 1.8 Mil made them expose themselves to blocking anything he throws out there…!!!

  86. A huge mistake to allow amnesty to anyone. Amnesty begets amnesty.

  87. NO amnesty for ILLEGALS. I will only support DACA if it stands for Deport All Criminal Aliens.

  88. these illegals need to go back to their homelands. i hope trump stands his ground and not give an inch to the libtards and demorats.

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