CIA Can’t Be Bothered to Brief House Intelligence Committee

The CIA has plenty of presence when it comes to leaking information to the Washington Post, but they apparently don’t have the time to actually provide briefings to Congress. You’d think, in the wake of what they claim was a state-sponsored attack on American democracy, they would be eager to fill lawmakers in on what they know. Of course, if this is just smoke and mirrors meant to confuse the public then you can see why they wouldn’t want to subject themselves to congressional scrutiny.

On Wednesday, Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee howled with indignation when the intelligence community canceled an official briefing on Russia’s involvement in the election.

On Fox News, Rep. Peter King said it was a remarkable thing to see.

“Somebody has the time to leak it to The Washington Post and The New York Times, but they don’t have the time to come to Congress,” King said. “It’s their job to come. They don’t have any choice. They have to come in, especially when they have created this.”

Apparently, the intelligence meeting was put together by House Chairman Devin Nunes. Later, however, CIA Director John Brennan chose to decline the briefing, telling Congress that he needed to focus his agents on President Obama’s agenda. This week, the president called on his intelligence agencies to conduct a full review and put a report on his desk by January 20. The FBI, the NSA, and the Director of National Intelligence went one better than Brennan; they simply didn’t respond to the congressional request at all.

“It is unacceptable that the Intelligence Community directors would not fulfill the House Intelligence Committee’s request to be briefed tomorrow on the cyber-attacks that occurred during the presidential campaign,” Nunes said in a statement. “The Committee is deeply concerned that intransigence in sharing intelligence with Congress can enable the manipulation of intelligence for political purposes.”

Well, but isn’t that just the point? Of course it is. We’ll know soon enough if there is any meat on this bone or not, but if there is, the Obama administration is doing everything they can to make this look political. And they’re covering it up by making it sound like they wanted to avoid the appearance of partisanship, which is why they sat on this info until after the election. Well, maybe. But damn if this doesn’t stink to high heaven.


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