Chuck Schumer CAN’T STAND That Trump is Winning

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, when he’s not busy trying to ban fruit flavored e-cigarettes, is growing more and more trollish and angry over President Trump’s refusal to just be the failure that Democrats predicted he would be.

This week, the Senate’s leading Democrat was fit to be tied and forced into a bizarrely anti-American stance when the president achieved several terrific diplomacy victories with two of our greatest enemies. Incensed by the scenes of President Trump welcoming three American prisoners home from North Korea, Schumer had to jump on any negativity he could find. When Trump referred to Kim John Un, off-handed, as having been “excellent” to the prisoners,” Schumer found his opening.

“We can’t be fooled into giving the North Korean regime credit for turning (over) Americans that never should have been detained in the first place,” Schumer said in the Senate on Thursday. “It is so troubling to hear President Trump say that Kim Jong-un treated the Americans excellently.”

Schumer actually went as far as to say that Trump was roaring down the path to the summit so quickly that he would endanger the possibility of brokering an anti-nuke deal with North Korea.

“We’re all rooting for diplomacy to succeed on the Korean Peninsula but we cannot sacrifice the safety of American citizens around the world in exchange for an illusory veneer of peace,” the senator said. “I worry that this president, in his eagerness to strike a deal and get the acclaim and a photo-op, will strike a quick one and a bad one, not a strong one.”

These remarks are just…astounding. We’re all rooting for diplomacy to succeed? No, Sen. Schumer, we are manifestly not ALL rooting for diplomacy to succeed. You and every other Democrat in the chamber – to say nothing of the media – are chomping at the bit, hoping and praying that Trump fails to produce an agreement when he goes to Singapore next month. You can’t STAND it that this president is doing so much more, so much better than your Lord and Savior, Barack Obama. It’s written all over your face and it’s between the lines of absolutely every criticism you throw at him.

Schumer also took issue with Trump’s decision to scrap the Iran nuclear agreement, even though he himself publicly opposed the deal at the time of its signing.

“The right thing to do would have been to try to come up, with our allies, with an agreement on those issues and let the nuclear part of this continue as it is, because it’s not being violated in any way,” Schumer told reporters, referring to problems such as Iran’s continued testing of ballistic missiles and their support of international terrorism.

For his part, Trump called Schumer out on his hypocrisy, claiming on Twitter that the Senate Minority Leader doesn’t even believe what he’s telling the country.

“Senator Cryin’ Chuck Schumer fought hard against the Bad Iran Deal, even going at it with President Obama, & then Voted AGAINST it!” Trump wrote. “Now he says I should not have terminated the deal – but he doesn’t really believe that! Same with Comey. Thought he was terrible until I fired him!”

Yeah, Schumer is the very definition of a partisan hack, but then again, who doesn’t realize that by now?

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