Christmas – Atheists Ruin It For Everyone

It has become a tradition as reliable as the Rockefeller Center tree lighting itself. Every Christmas, we have to endure an onslaught of atheist rage directed at public facilities, southern Christians, and the very holiday at the center of all the controversy. This year, the prime militants – David Silverman’s American Atheists group – have started the season off with a bang. Hoping to stir up trouble, they’ve placed billboards in southern states featuring a little girl writing a letter to Santa: “Dear Santa,” the girl writes, “All I want for Christmas is to skip church. I’m too old for fairy tales.”

What is the point of such a billboard? Well, according to Silverman himself, the point is to get enough attention that he gets invited onto talk shows like The O’Reilly Factor. Bill O’Reilly has long made the War on Christmas a central component of his December ratings, so it’s only natural that he would comply with such a strategy.

But while the billboards and other obvious ragebait are just so much hot air, the atheist desire to transform the country is very real. And they have been remarkably successful. Think back to the way Christmas was when you were a kid. If you’re old enough, you can remember nativity scenes, people unafraid to say “Merry Christmas,” and even the occasional mention of Jesus on television. Now, of course, these have been replaced by secular holiday ornaments, “Happy Holidays,” and a moratorium on any mention of the man born in Bethlehem.

According to the atheists and their friends on the left, this has made America a more palatable place to live for people of all walks of life. Twisting the separation of church and state well beyond its original meaning, they have insisted on removing any government endorsement of Christianity, no matter how small or insignificant. This succeeds in sending conservatives into apoplectic fits every December, but it’s not clear whether it really has any beneficial impact on the rest of America.

I don’t have any problem with atheists or non-Christians. Believe what you want to believe. But the truth is that Christmas is and always will be a Christian holiday. And – perhaps illogically – it’s also a time of rampant commercialism and consumerism. Be that as it may, the American economy depends on the success of Christmas in more ways than one. For businesses to thrive by selling millions of dollars worth of products in the name of the holiday while refusing to say “Merry Christmas” is an irony that deserves scrutiny, if not condemnation.

Can you imagine the uproar if a Christian organization put up billboards during Ramadan meant to attack Islam? Someone would surely be put to death, and the liberal news media would kill them a second time with predictable vitriol. I’m not one to cry “poor, Christian me” too often, but there comes a time when enough is enough.


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  1. My question is; Why do atheists go to such lengths? When they fight Christianity so diligently and aggressively, it only seems to validate Christianity that much more. Get over it folks.., move on! Christianity is not going away…, no matter how hard you try.

    • The Atheists go through such lengths because they are the true bigots here. We’re supposed to be ‘tolerant’ of them.

      Yet according to them we Jews and Christians are the racist; as ‘they’ are the ones attacking our beliefs and our rights.

      Have you noticed though… that the Atheist never go after the Muslims?

      • Yep. They are probably afraid to broach that subject.

        • What would you like me to say on that “subject”? They have their own beliefs , just like any other religion. When you say they, I assume you mean atheists. I can only speak for myself

          and not for other atheists. But I’ll tell you what, I’ll put my life style and the way I treat other people up against your life style
          and your morality, integrity and honesty in every way and that
          includes being tolerant of other views.

          • Given that it wasn’t addressed to you, personally, you can write whatever you please. And, yes, when I say “they,” I do mean atheists.

            As far as comparing my lifestyle and how I treat others, my morality, integrity and honesty and tolerance for other views, that is up to you. Since you don’t know me, you really have no basis in reality to make a judgment call.

            At the very least, I respect your right to believe or not believe as you wish, and I treat others the way I would like to be treated. I don’t lie, and my personal integrity encompasses all of those things.

            And, I would NEVER file suit against you or any other atheist or anyone of any other religion just because I happen to see a symbol of your religion/faith (or lack of same) publicly displayed. This country was founded on everyone’s absolute RIGHT to worship (or not worship) as they please and, IMHO, NOBODY has the right to interfere with that.

            I do not believe in “religion,” as it were except in the context that religion is the doctrine and the business that keeps the church running from day to day. My own church is a Bible-believing Christian church grounded in belief in Jesus Christ. My faith is personal and consists of my personal relationship with Jesus.

          • Good for you!

          • ” Since you don’t know me, you really have no basis in reality to make a judgment call.” I don’t make judgement calls.

          • Oh, yes you do!

          • OK I do, happy now?

          • Again, you don’t know me. And, I am extremely tolerant of the views of others, as long as they are tolerant of mine.

          • Of all the comments that I have read in support of Christianity, this has been the most tolerant that I have seen in response to greyfox and his views. You have just demonstrated true Christianity. I am astounded at how many people preach tolerance but attack him and his beliefs. You have done just the opposite. You have shown what it means to be a true Christian and I thank you for that. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and God Bless you and yours.

          • And that will make your fires in hell burn just as bright! It is not your lifestyle that means beans, nor your “works”…….”It is NOT by works, lest any man should boast”!

          • Greyfox
            Tolerance of lies is not morality. No matter how much atheists would like to point to that. Since you are such good people your lies, deceit, and all other choices that have violated God’s established laws should just be overlooked by the Creator, who made you to be perfect, and forget that you chose not to listen to Him?
            The Truth is that no person has a hope for forgiveness from God, except those who trust in what Jesus did for our forgiveness. These are the people called Christians, though God specifically warned us that many who believe they are Christians, are not. His crucifixion after a perfect life was the payment for our sins, and His resurrection and ascension back to heaven was His demonstration of His power over death, which is the very consequence of sin. The only way to God, is faith in what He accomplished through His Son. This is the only “religion” where God did what was necessary to fix the disconnection caused by sin. All other monotheistic religions believe that your actions are your only hope, though they actually have no hope, because they have no guarantee that they will go to heaven.
            Most other religions have no god, or a plethora of gods. However, they do not represent an accurate view of reality, as it is, thus fall very short of being logical. The amount of time that can be spent on understanding what is true, according to the facts we have, and what does not make sense logically, is extensive. To get a full understanding, you have to investigate all possible avenues and really be willing to go where ever the truth leads, not say you are willing and then deny that God exists, when all facts point to the reality that God has to be and that all that exists came from somewhere.

          • Trevo, grow up!

          • That is a very logical argument. Coming from the person who is posting on an obviously Conservative site, trying to get a response from people to prove your moral superiority, which you have no logical basis for the existence of. Let me know how that works out.

          • Trevor, it’s been working out for 88 years, how about you?

          • Because you have been an Atheist for 88 years? So what has actually been working out? You have lived for 88 years. You point to age, like it means something. It means you have been on earth for 88 years; not, necessarily, that you have lived them.

          • It means I have experienced 88 years of living, I have learned much in that time and enjoyed much in that time and I have learned that people like you abound and I avoid them
            like the plague. Your posts tell me the depth of your thinking.
            I chose Atheism, it didn’t choose me, figure it out and grow up.

          • Of course you chose atheism. A religion cannot choose you, regardless of being born into a life with it being taught as the way. Just because a person is born to Christian parents, does not mean that person is a Christian, regardless of what Roman Catholics believe. Every person has choices and God has revealed Himself to every person, so that none are without excuse. If growing up requires ignoring the facts that darwinian evolution is ludicrous, then I refuse to grow up and accept lies as fact. If growing up means living for myself without consideration of others, I refuse. If growing up means thinking I am somehow better than other people, I reject your assertion that I should grow up, or that I am the one who needs to. Without a clear logical argument that has facts supporting it, then I have no reason to accept what someone thinks, believes, or has faith in, because it falls extremely short of understanding reality.

          • Trevor, thanks for the lesson in whatever it was you were trying to impart.

          • Trevor, thanks. Your last sentence has given me and everyone else every reason not to believe anything you have said.

          • Larry K
            Actually reality points to a Creator. Try to get your facts straight. Your Darwinian faith falls short of reality.

          • That’s one powerful argument. How can I not be convinced by that?

          • Wasn’t an argument designed to convince of anything. Just a reality check.

          • And we would like to avoid YOU like the plague, too, but you come barging in on this site trying to pick a fight.

          • You are a PLAGUE!! It would take some really serious Insecticides to wipe out your dumb ass!!!

          • That’s the tolerance these atheist idiots are supposed to be “teaching” us.

          • I like you put everyone in the same category of being bad people whether you are Christian, Jew or whatever religion you are. You put yourself better than everyone else and I would like to meet such a person. I don’t brag about my goodness and I don’t tell people what God they should pray to or not and that is exactly what I want. Christmas is the only recognized Federal holiday so leave those of us who celebrate in peace and you atheist who believe in nothing why are you upset, go on believing as you like in nothing. We are not hurting you. You want everyone to stop believing in something so everyone is equal to you but it doesn’t work that way and when you think about it doesn’t make sense. We were founded on Christian principles and if you don’t like it there many countries you could be very happy living in.

          • “Christmas is the only recognized Federal holiday so leave those of us who celebrate in peace”

            1. That statement alone is incorrect. Every holiday that the Postal Service is closed is a Federal holiday.

            2. If you go back and read ALL of his comments, you will find that he is not pushing his beliefs on anyone. Just as you and most others are defending Christianity, he is trying to tell you that not all atheists are the same. His comments have been way more tolerant than most that I’ve seen. I believe in God and Jesus so don’t accuse me of something that I’m not. I just see a lot of people responding to him and being hypocrites because they say that Christians are tolerant of others yet they are not showing any tolerance for his beliefs.

          • It is the only recognized religious Federal holiday. I forgot to put RELIGIOUS. Check it out if you don’t believe me. FEDUP.

          • Don’t need to check it out now that you added “Religious”. I was just disputing it because you didn’t specify that. There is a huge difference between just saying federal holiday and saying religious federal holiday.

          • I believe in mankind, although, sometimes it gets tough.

          • believe in mankind? Prepare to be disappointed.

          • I am disappointed quite often. I’m used to being disappointed but I still believe in mankind.

          • If you are disappointed by most of mankind , either you are perfect or your expectations are unrealistic. I enjoy most people warts and all. I find something great about most because I make an effort to get to know them. Maybe you don’t need anyone unless you are the center of their lives then you truly will be disappointed because the world isn’t about you it is about all of us.

          • I’m not going to play tennis with you Nellie, I will simply say where is all this anger coming from? I try to keep my posts
            somewhat neutral and non confrontational ,but it seems I can’t post anything without someone being offended. Your
            response to me is toxic and filled with anger and moralizing.
            This should be an academic exercise not one of assumptions about character. You have no idea who or what I am yet you go on and on about who and what I think I am. I make no such assumptions about you and would appreciate the same treatment.

          • Sorry, that comment was for William and not you. My fault but you still shouldn’t play tennis with me because I rarely lose. Tennis Champ.

          • Believe in god ? Prepared to be fooled!!

          • Believe in mankind? Prepare to be burned.Not just talking about hell either.

          • What do you mean by that? Is that a threat? Are you going to go around setting all Atheist on fire? Please explain such a hateful comment.

          • Okay, dirtbag, I’ve had it! I am going to knock that stupid chip off your stinking shoulder once and for all. You are full of crap! Neither I nor ANY other Christian has ANY desire whatsoever to set ANY of you twits on fire. Waste of gas and matches. “Burned” in my post above is a figure of speech meaning suffering heavy losses. You knew what I meant. You just wanted to start a fight. Now you’ve got one, jerk.
            To the moderators: You need to ban this vicious,vile spirited, hateful, vindictive, foul mouthed individual from this forum. She adds NOTHING to this forum WHATSOEVER. All she does is pick fights. Let her pick fights with her fellow atheists. I pity anyone that lives around this individual. I hope her neighbors are armed as she may go on a rampage when she sees a manger scene.

          • *Are you sure you’re a Christian, because you certainly don’t speak like one. You’re calling me a dirtbag, telling me I’m full of crap. You are out of control& you have really lost your cool. You need to take a chill pill, buddy boy!! Or maybe you need a good stiff drink to calm you down. Who the hell are you to say that I should be banned from this forum? I have every right to be on this website just as much as you do, JERK!! It’s called “Free Speech ” If you don’t like what I’m saying, TOO FREAKING BAD!! No one is forcing you to read my comments, are they? I pity anyone that has to be around YOU. You definitely have a serious anger problem. Maybe you should really consider taking a Anger Management Class, before you have a stroke or kill someone. Is it any wonder why more Christians are leaving the church & turning their backs on religion? It’s Radical Christians like you who are giving good Christians a BAD NAME. Now, go take your medicine before you have a nervous breakdown & shut your dirty filthy mouth!! Happy Holidays!!! *

          • You’re free to speak your mind but not free to attack my brothers and sisters in Christ, calling them such filthy names as Crazy Whore. That’ supposed to be that crappy tolerance you’re supposed to be teaching us. You’re the one with the anger issues, you hateful old bat. You better deal with them before they eat up your hateful old innards and there will be nothing for the worms to feed on. Merry Christmas whether you like it or not.

          • Not once in all my comments did I ever call anyone a crazy whore. You must be losing your mind! Must be all that religion clogging your brain!! You’re telling me that I have anger issues & then you call me a hateful old bat ? Are you sure you are a Christian? With all the dirty & hateful words coming from your mouth, maybe it’s Satan you really worship. According to your religion, he is the great deceiver, is he not? Be careful, Billy boy, Satan may be using you. How would you really know the difference? HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

          • Liar! You called Krazzeehorse a crazy whore and you know it, you creep. I speak to you like I do because that is the only language you seem to understand. YOUR hateful old atheist superstitions has clogged YOUR brain up,jerk. Merry Christmas whether you like it or not.

      • satan don’t need to go after what he already has. His time is spend trying to discredit Christians, and getting them to fall.

        • And he uses atheists frequently for that agenda. Who took God out of schools, government and everywhere else? Atheists.

          • that is true. the founder of the aclu was a commie

          • Do you have anything to back up your comment that the founder of The ACLU was a commie ? Where did you get your info- Did you Google it? Did you find this out on YouTube? Can you give us the links so we can go there & read about this? If you can’t verify this statement, then stop making up stories to push your own agenda. Your stupidity is showing!!

          • his own words. not on the internet. he said ”communism was the goal”

          • You still haven’t shown where you got your info. Did you read this out of a book & if you did tell me what book it was, so I can check it out myself. You would have had to get this info from somewhere. I’m sure it came from the Internet- Everything is on the Internet. I think you just made this up in your head. If you’re going to make a claim then you had better be able to back it up with something, not just “he said “

          • Have a search engine, Faye? Someday you might be smart enough to use one. Merry Christmas, Faye!!

          • He won’t accept it from a search engine, he said so himself!

            “Where did you get your info- Did you Google it? Did you find this out on YouTube?”

          • Happy Holidays, YOU IDIOT!!!

          • Lets see, you will not accept a Google Search, nor a YouTube video, but you want “links so we can go there & read about this”
            You have set up an impossibility!

            Perhaps we can invent a Time Machine and then we can take you back to the moment he said that, out of his own mouth!
            But you STILL would not accept it!

          • I would build a Time Machine, put you in it & send you back to the days when dinosaurs walked the earth. Hopefully a T- Rex would eat your sorry ass!! Sounds like a good plan to me. What do you think , ASSHOLE!!!

          • Oh, grow up!

          • Oh, shut up!

          • Come on and shut me up!

          • GROW UP!!!

          • Typical Dem/Lib Ad Hominem attack, when you have no valid argument or position to work with!

            Opps! Sorry! I should not have used the “W” word on you!

          • Roger Baldwin, the first director of the ACLU, was also a communist. He
            explains in his book, Liberty Under the Soviets, “I joined. I don’t
            regret being a part of the Communist tactic, which increased the
            effectiveness of a good cause. I knew what I was doing. I was not an
            innocent liberal. I wanted what the Communists wanted…”

            Roger Baldwin – Founded the ACLU in 1920. Several crucial leaders of
            the ACLU were members of the Communist Party. Earl Browder, then General
            Secretary of the Communist Party, said the ACLU functioned as “a
            transmission belt” for the party.

            Baldwin also stated “We are for SOCIALISM, disarmament, and ultimately
            for abolishing the state itself… We seek the social ownership of
            property, the abolition of the propertied class, and the SOLE CONTROL of
            those who produce wealth. COMMUNISM is the goal.” (source:

          • Actually the Constitution took god out of school Read it sometime

          • NO, it didn’t. Some judges reading in a non existent”separation of church and state” did.

          • HAHAHAHAH That’s a good one Billy boy

          • NEWSFLASH, the phrase”separation of Church and state” appears NOWHERE in the Constitution OR the Bill of Rights. It appears in a PRIVATE letter Thomas Jefferson wrote to the Danbury Baptists reassuring them that they will not have to submit to a national church and that the government will stay out of the church’s affairs.Explain to me why you atheists SAY you just wanna “live and let live” and then you are hell bent in forcing your drivel like evolution, revisionist history, sex education on our kids? Answer that, Jimmy boy.

          • Willie, Civics 101 The rights of the citizens are derived from the constitution. The Supreme Court is the arbiter of what laws are Constitutional and as such as taks with determining the intent of the framers of the constitution. The SUPREME Court reads the Constitution are requiring a Separation of Church and State. The Constitution does not say that evidence garnered from an illegal search is inadmissible either. Yet the Court has interpreted the 4th amendment to mean that as well

            Atheists aren’t hell bent on forcing evolution on you. Evolution is a FACT accepted by scientists and scholars across the globe. The fact that your education is lacking, doesn’t make scientific fact “drivel” Atheists aren’t forcing sex ed on you either. You’re free to continue to have inbred children out of wedlock, it doesn’t matter to me

          • Oh, you’re saying Supreme Court can CHANGE the constitution? Kind of frightening, isn’t it? They also said slavery was okay as in the “Dred Scott” decision and they decreed that George Bush won against Al Gore.
            As for evolution, “Lucy” turned out to be a 3 foot tall chimpanzee,Heidelberg man built from a jawbone that was pretty much human (jawbone + artist with vivid imagination),Nebraska man built up from a pig’s tooth ( this time a tooth from a critter that was neither an ape OR human + an artist with a vivid imagination), Piltdown man was fabricated by attaching a jawbone from an ape to a human skeleton and touching it up a little with some acid and a file to make it look “old”(all this + our handy dandy artist with a vivid imagination), all evidence for Peking man disappeared so our artist with the vivid imagination has to work overtime( Hey, does the grant’s budget allow for overtime?)Neanderthal man was just an old guy with a bad case of arthritis. (But our artist with the vivid imagination drew him for the sake of humanity) New Guinea man was “discovered” in the 1970’s LIVING just north of New Guinea.( Our artist says,”Heck, I’ll just take a picture.”)Cro-Magnon man is not that much different from the clown doing the lecture. So I’m supposed to accept this crap as “fact’? I don’t think so.
            As a matter of fact it is hypocritical for atheist to whine about us shoving our beliefs down their throats while they are forcing their crap down our kids’ throats. Put on yer dunce cap and march back to grade school, Jimmieboy.

          • Willie I know this concept is hard for you to get your little head around, but just try. The Supreme Court doesn’t CHANGE the constitution. The Supreme Court interprets the Constitution. Here’s where is gets tricky so try and stay focused. Because the Constitution was written in the 1700’s it doesn’t talk about things like the internet. So when a constitutional question arises with matters dealing with something like the internet, the Court must INTERPRET how the Constitution would apply.

            Now, go real slow and if you need to look up any of the BIG words I might have used, you can do that.

          • Doesn’t your bible condone slavery? You must have skipped over that part. Your knowledge on Science is so lacking. Where did you get your info from, a third grade reading book from The 1920’s ? You should seriously consider checking out Richard Dawkins, someone who really knows what their talking about when it comes to Science. A very intelligent guy, unlike you!! He attended Oxford, don’t you know!! Oxford is in England. Just thought I would mention it in case you didn’t know. So, put on yer dunce cap and march back to grade school, Willieboy!!!

          • FYI, god does not belong in schools, government buildings, on public land& so on… Atheist are not being used by satan, as you keep repeating yourself over & over again!! Can you get it through that thick skull of yours that Atheist DO NOT BELIEVE IN satan, just as we don’t believe in your false god. Maybe you need to buy some new reading glasses.

      • Athiests never go after Muslims because they’re not true Christians.
        The athiests, unbeknownst to themselves, are the instruments of Satan and Satan only goes after God’s people. Muslims are not God’s people in as much as their faith is not of the true one and only GOD.

        • I envy your ability to dismiss all religions except your one “true”
          view of religion. I would guess that each religion feels as strongly as but some of us about their own religion. Whatever you believe
          I’m sure you did not independently arrive at your beliefs,in all probability yo u were born into it. We are all born into the faith of our parents but some of us make our own determination when we reach the age of reason. For others the subject is too

          painful to consider, it’s easier to accept than to think.

          • Try reading something besides the funny papers and you would see that “there is one way to the Father and that is through the Son, NO MAN comes to the Father but through the Son, there is no other way under heaven to be saved”!

          • OK, I promise, no more funny papers for me.

          • Sorry but Islam isn’t a Godly religion no matter how much you want your head cut off.

          • Islamists would certainly disagree with you.

          • They worship a pagan moon god. A fake and a fraud. Never existed except in mythology.

          • kKtex12, You need to develop some thinking skills.

          • As do YOU, greyfox.

          • Very original. I wish I had thought of that.

          • As you said you’re not too old to learn something,

          • You mean like the way Christians worship a pagan god, who is a fake & a fraud, who never existed except in mythology? You mean that one? Wow, They sound identical, don’t you think?

          • Well, a lot of atheists rant that only their superstitions are valid.

          • Your whole religion is based on superstitions. The definition of superstition- A belief founded, despite evidence that it is irrational. Also, a belief, resulting from faith in magic or chance. Boy!, that certainly defines what Christianity is really all about.

          • What about the Muslim religion? Do you also think their God does not exist or are afraid to insult the Muslims or fear of them? Why just Christians? Did a Christian hurt you?

          • As I’ve stated many times, Atheist don’t believe in your god or any other gods, including Muslims. Why do you say I’m insulting your religion, when all I’m doing is questioning the validity of your god & religion. So far , I haven’t seen any Muslims posting any comments on this forum, but if they did I would respond no differently to them as I do to you. Did a Christian hurt me? NO!!! I became an Atheist through critical thinking, using reason & logic, lots of research& came to the conclusion that there is really no concrete proof or evidence to believe YOUR god or any gods exist & that religion is man made. You Christians need to stop playing the victims. If you Christians are so secure in your beliefs, then why do you get so bent out of shape when a non- believer dares to question or challenge you? Why would you care what I say? Could it be that you’re afraid to doubt or question your own beliefs? If your god gave you a brain, then I would think he would expect you to think for yourself . It’s called critical thinking, something most of you Christians are highly lacking. I think fear is the basis for your religion & that is why you Christians are always accusing Atheist of attacking you when we are not. All that Atheist are asking from Christians is to show us some real solid proof & evidence that your god really does exist, as you claim. So far, we Atheist haven’t seen any, whatsoever!!

          • I don’t care what you say. I was just curious as to why you are so angry at people that don’t believe like you want us to your way of thinking because you can’t find any concrete evidence and we the masses have been doped. So why do you care? If you think we are stupid leave at that personally I have many friends who are atheist and I respect them and they respect me. We have a lot of things in common that have nothing to do with our beliefs. The are civil and they are not threatened in any way by us. We get together socially and do community projects together and we have no problems. I think you are here because you are getting attention and you are having a good time interacting and thinking you have the upper hand on everyone. In reality you just made a few people angry and nothing more and this will my last post and I hope everyone else ignores you because all you want is attention that is really sad.

        • How do you know that Muslims are not true Christians? They probably say the same thing about you. And how the hell do you know that your Christian God is the only true God? What if you’re wrong? If there is a god, which one is the true god ? They can’t be all be right, can they? How dare you imply that Atheist are instruments of Satan. You know lady, You are 1 dumb ignorant bitch!! You know nothing about Atheism & we do not worship Satan period!! I would love to know where you got your info from about Atheist being Satanic?? It’s it something you made up to suit your own agenda? You are so brain washed, it’s really pathetic& sad. This is why I have no respect for any religion because of people like you.

          • Faye Hayes, How do I know that Jesus Christ is the only true God is because He warned me about satanic scum like you!

          • Really? Did Jesus knock on your door one day& warn you about me & tell you that I was satanic scum? All I can say is another BRAINWASHED , DELUSIONAL CHRISTIAN!!

          • Fred, never kick a man on crutches.

          • Well, the Jesus story was taken from the Egyptian Book of the Dead. If you believe Jesus was G-d, then you are one huge sinner. You realize that most Europeans are Atheist ?

          • and you need to be educated before you open your mouth and speak lies.

          • There are no lies, accept Christianity and Islam. The Jesus story is directly out of the Egyptian Book of the Dead. It was written 1000 years prior, but the same BS story!

          • You misperceived most everything I said. I never said atheists worshipped Satan. Satan was an angel, created by God so you have to believe in God if you believe in Satan. Satan wouldn’t even exist without God. So since you don’t believe in God, you also must not believe in Satan. But my statement that atheists are instruments of Satan is true. Satan uses anything and anyone he can to discredit believers of God. And he’s doing a pretty good job of it. The atheists have taken God out of schools, government, even taken to court certain clubs. Too many and I can’t remember them all. I’m old and my memory isn’t what it used to be. But one other thing I’d like to point out. The fact that you called me a “dumb ignorant bitch” proves that you are an instrument of Satan because no one has ever called me that before. I don’t personally know people that talk that way to anyone. You might think I’m dumb and ignorant but I’m not a bitch. I’m a very nice person and you sir are not very nice.

          • First of all , I am not a sir & yes you are dumb & ignorant, Did I mention arrogant too, as most Christians are. How many times do I have to repeat myself?? Atheist are not instruments of Satan- we don’t believe in Satan just as we don’t believe in a god. Do you really know what an Atheist is? Maybe you should Google it & educate yourself. You continue to make such ignorant statements without any proof as to where you’re getting your information from. So, no one has ever called you a bad name? Really? Did I hurt your feelings? Oh!, I think I’m going to cry. Maybe Your god will strike me down for being so mean to you? Well, I’m sitting here & nothing has happened . Do you know why ? Because your god does not exist .

          • Oh, I’m sorry, I just assumed you were a man because of your truck driver language. And you are the dumb one because you can’t understand a simple sentence like “atheists are instruments of Satan.” YOU DON’T HAVE TO BELIEVE IN SATAN FOR HIM TO USE YOU FOR HIS OWN AGENDA. He uses you without your knowledge. He puts stupid ideas in your head. He puts foul language in your mouth and he makes you do stupid things. He uses atheists because HE CAN. God told Satan to “leave his people alone”
            which means all believers in God. But since you don’t believe
            in God, that makes you a perfect target for Satan to use. And I don’t care enough about atheists to waste my time reading about them. And no you didn’t hurt my feelings when you called me bad names, actually I laughed as I do at all your postings. God does not strike people down for being bad, He just sends you to Hell on judgement day. Now go get a life and quit contaminating my computer with your uneducated drivel.

          • That devil sure is a powerful guy.

          • But you better bet that GOD is way more powerful.

          • Don’t make such stupid claims with nothing to back them up with. You should know better. Shame on you!! God is way more powerful ? Prove it!! Do it with reason & logic, not wishful thinking.

          • Don’t ever, ever tell me how to think. Belief in GOD is done with faith and that is what I have in addition to a brain that , according to IQ tests, is among the top 2% in the country!

          • The definition of faith is believing in something you can’t prove. If you have a brain, I think you’re only using half of it. I don’t care how high your IQ is. It still doesn’t prove that Your god exist. I think blind faith sounds much more reasonable, don’t you

          • You Mrs O, are one of the most brainwashed, ignorant & delusional Christians that I have ever talked to . THE CRAP that comes out of your mouth is unbelievable!!! So , according to you satan is using me without my knowledge, putting foul words into my mouth& making me do stupid things because he can? Have you ever really listen to what your saying & how totally irrational & stupid you really sound? And you know all this to be true- let me guess- because the bible tells you so? An old dusty book, full of made up stories that make no sense at all. A book that belongs in the fiction section, on the shelf right along with Harry Potter & Lord of The Rings. How DARE you tell me that if I don’t believe in your imaginary god , he will send me to hell. Who the hell do you think you are, judging me for not believing in a god you can’t even prove really exist? Now YOU go get a life & quit making false statements without anything to back them up with!! Show me some proof to back up anything you have said, other than that book you call the word of god.

          • THank you, Faye , for helping us believe in GOD even more. When we see how ugly you are and how you attack others, you help us to believe more and more deeply. And don’t for get, I am Jewish. I believe very deeply in GOD. Thanks again.

          • Why are you so determined to say GOD does not exist. We know he does. You believe what you want to. It is none of our business and we do not give a damn about you.

            Also , how come you used an abbreviation and you called Stephanie out for doing so? I think you bbetter shut up before someone finds out where you live.

          • Why are you so angry? And why are you so sure there is a god? Can you prove it? Have you ever seen god, therefore how can you be so certain he really does exist? Then you must believe in The Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, Dragons& little green men & so on… People say there real, but they have never seen them, so it’s no different from your god. You say you don’t give a damn about me, so why the hell are you replying to my comment ? YOU call yourself a Christian & then turn around & tell me I better shut up before someone finds out where I live? You have so much hate spewing out of your mouth& then to make it even worse, you have the balls to threaten me?

          • Do you actually think you’re going to change anybody’s mind? Go sit on a cactus, or have you done that already?

          • Ouch, we have plenty of those here in Mesa. Can’t throw a dead lizard around here without hitting one. Faye complains about spelling out words yet uses acronyms-LOL. She doesn’t peruse her sentences for mistakes like spacing before or after commas and she criticizes others for the same thing. She also ends sentences with prepositions. I just did but it’s the word. Hahaha. Faye is miserable. Maybe we should be positive for her. She’s having a bad day being an atheist. Think about it. When she’s having a bad day who can she talk to to cheer her up? No one. She has no one. I feel sorry for her.

          • What is wrong with you? Are you brain dead? It must be all that religion screwing up that little brain of yours. How the hell do you know I’m miserable? You must have supernatural powers like your god who doesn’t exist. Is that you in the photo? If it is , you are 1 little fat fucker!! It must be all those dead lizards you’ve been stuffing your fat face with.

          • Faye, wow, just wow on the language. Yes, the photo is me. I’m on meds since I’m a disabled vet. I can’t exercise like I want to anymore. I was injured while flying a mission. I’m a captain and was flying an F-16D as a 1st Lieutenant. There was a problem and ended up in traction for 18 months. Had to learn to walk again. So exercising is limited. I don’t eat lizards but I wouldn’t be against it since my military training enables me to take about anything. I don’t know about stuffing my face though. I usually don’t. My little brain is capable enough to earn a Ph.D. in Health Services Administration. I helped open the hospital in Cairo, Egypt in 2003-2005 as a Medical Records Director. Haven’t measured it but I would imagine it’s average. Still amazed at your strong language. Usually when swearing occurs someone is extremely frustrated or uneducated to verbally joust competitively. I’ll be nice to say you’re tired. You have a good day.

          • I’m not trying to change anybody’s mind. Even if I were, You & your fellow Christians are so brainwashed & delusional , you’re beyond help. Did you know that religion warps the brain? You proved it by telling me to sit on a cactus. A true Christian would never say such nasty things to anyone, even an Atheist. I think you need to reexamine what it means to be a true Christian, because you are definitely not practicing what is being preached to you. All I see is a true hypocrite. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!

          • I’m not a Christian but I believe in the 1st amendment rights of the citizens, do you? You might feel at home in Cuba. It’s ignorant to bash other people’s beliefs and shows a lack of a proper upbringing, rude. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

          • Go and sit on a cactus!!

          • Have anything that’s original? Liberals are hostile and intolerant, you wear it well.

            MERRY CHRISTMAS, Faye!! xxxooo

          • Why don’t you just take your irrational beliefs, & shove them where the sun don’t shine!!! Get my drift? I guess you’re not as intelligent as you think you are. It’s wear, not where. I guess you are not the genius you thought you were. What a damn shame!!

          • Wow! Faye, angry, angry angry!! I thought liberals were happy shiny people, no? As far as my ‘where’, your eyes deceive you, look above.

            Again Faye, you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year!!

            Try to be happy and shiny in the upcoming year, anger takes years off for life!!

          • What gave the idea that Christians are perfect? You know nothing about Christianity.

          • By all the hate that is coming from your mouth right now , I can say that atheism is not full of love or tolerance. And she said “unbeknowst to them “- and she have a very valid point that with your ranting and insulting you just proved. If you knew a little bit about religion , you would know why she said that instead of being a hateful atheist as you are projecting yourself. She is making point to the fact that muslims are also descendants of Abraham but they were not the sons of the promise. Too much to teach you in such a short time. Satan will continue to use you if you decide to keep yourself ignorant to many thruths. The commercial “merry Christmas ” that the author is using as an example is not Christian either. The real meaning of”christmas “if there is such a word , or more exactly of nativity, is to remember the born of Jesus Crist. Maybe you should go back to school and learn some manners and history in the way.

          • Enough with the Satan crap!! You Christians seemed to be obsessed with Satan. Almost every Christian comment that I have read so far always mentions Satan. ENOUGH ALREADY!! I am an Atheist & Atheist don’t believe in Satan or God & satan is not using me. As far as you telling me I need to go back to school, I think you need to learn proper grammar. What is this? – Is to remember the born of Jesus Crist. Before you give advice to others , you should make sure you know how to write properly.

          • Raz, is this you, my friend or another Raziel?

          • I dont know…lol, if you are conservative and believe in God then I am your friend. 🙂

          • If you do not recognize my name then you are not my old friend , Raziel , who lives in Canada. But, we are both conservative and believe in God , sl you can be my new friend, Raziel.

          • I pity you on judgment day. you will be on the left side of the judgment throne among the atheists and mooslimes unless you make some personal changes.

          • Atheist don’t believe in judgment day, moron!! what the hell is mooslimes? Is this something you made up? I pity you for believing in such bullshit!!

          • Wish a muslim “Merry Christmas” if you think there is any Christian blood in their veins. I wish all atheists and muslims a “Merry Christmas”., same to you Faye.

          • no way, she would lose her head!

          • Wow! That’s really funny. Ha! HA! You would never make it as a stand up comic, that’s for sure! Never mind losing my head. You have lost your mind, believing in some Invisible, supernatural big daddy in the sky. If there was a god, you must have been absent that day when he was passing out the brains!! It’s pretty obvious to me you can’t think for yourself. But don’t worry. Just pray to your imaginary & invisible father in the sky & he will tell you what you need to know. Hearing voices lately? LOL!!!

          • you need to read the post of who i was replying to. you wanna be that way, fine. i feel sorry for you. just go on insulting. no problem here. just shows how hateful you are. adios woman

          • I’m not stupid . I know you who you were replying to. But when you said she would lose her head, you were referring to me, were you not? You may think you’re so intelligent, believe in god , the bible & all the rest of the make belief crap that goes with it, but there is definitely one thing you don’t believe in & that is using capital letters . In all your comments, you begin your sentences with small letters. You are a Christian , but a dumb one for sure!!

          • i was agreeing w/ the fact that if you mocked muslims,like you do christians, you would probably lose your head. i am sorry you are too ignorant as to understand what i meant. . sorry i offended you.

          • It might be nice if you learned English!
            “I know you who you were”, “make belief”

            The “Pot calling the Kettle”

          • Got me good , didn’t you? Proud of yourself? I’m sure you are! Yes , I did make a few mistakes, but they were unintentional. At least I’m humble enough to admit when I screw up. No one is perfect, not even you, except your god. It’s one thing to acknowledge that you did make a mistake & own it, but it’s another thing to know it & not care. Do you think your god can forgive me for using bad English? Oh! Lord please forgive me, for I know not what I’ve done. LOL!!!

          • Quote: “I did make a few mistakes, but they were unintentional.”

            How come other people are not allowed to make mistakes, according to your opinion?

            e.e. cummings also avoided the use of capitol letters, is it a crime?

          • Did you not read my complete comment? Where in my statement did I say people are not allowed to make mistakes? Everyone makes mistakes. I’ll say it again. It’s one thing to make a mistake & be able to admit it, but it’s another thing to make a mistake & become angry & defensive & then your pride takes over. I never did that. I admitted my mistakes. It’s called being humble. Maybe YOU Christians could learn a thing or 2 about humility from us Atheist. It seems to me that you need to practice more humility, being that it’s a really an important part of your religious beliefs. No, I don’t think it’s a crime to avoid the use of capital letters. But you should use them, because it is the proper way to start a sentence. I’m sure you learned this in English Class just as I did. I got a little arrogant at the end of my last comment, but I could not help myself. The devil made me do it!!! Oh!, I forgot. I don’t believe in Satan. Silly me!!

          • Yes, you ARE stupid.

          • As I look at your photo all I see is MEAN & UGLY!!

          • Where’s your photo, Faye? We’ve seen your inner beauty, let see your outer beauty! burp,excuse me

          • You’re no Brad Pitt yourself!! Happy Holidays , Asshole

          • Thank you Faye!! Merry Christmas, and remember, happy shiny!!

          • To quote the Bard, “Me thinks she doth protest too much!”

        • exactly. militant atheists like faye, are the ones living in fear. why else do they viciously attack christians? i never see them attack muslims. i think faye fears the truth, i think we need to pray for bullies like them.

          • I am not a militant Atheist & never have been& I don’t live in fear because I live my life in the real world, unlike you Christians who live in fantasy land & believe in some supernatural daddy that you must worship, because as your religion teaches, you will be sent straight to hell to burn for all eternity. why are Christians allowed to voice their beliefs, but as soon as someone like me writes a statement explaining why I don’t share your beliefs, you accuse me of viciously attacking Christians? You sound like a bunch of cry babies!! As I said before- I don’t believe in any gods or any religions , including the muslim religion. If a muslim posted a comment on this site, I would reply to them in the same way, just as I do with all religions. I think it is You Christians who really fear the truth, because your truths are based on nothing but wishful thinking& faith, which is believing in something without proof. How insane is that!!! I have no need for your prayers, so don’t bother!! Besides, you said I viciously attacked you & then you call me a bully? You Christians need to take a course in humility & tolerance. Grow up & get over yourselves!!!

          • i do live in the real world. i am sorry you are so full of hostility. good day faye.

          • Did you know there is a key on your computer that when you press it gives you a capital letter? Obviously, you don’t know where it is, because you never use it. Your ignorance is showing!!! LOL!!

          • Something is wrong with you. WHy else would you have to keep downing others?

          • Why would You assume that something is wrong with me? Maybe there is something wrong with you. I’m not downing anyone. All I’m doing is expressing my thoughts on Christianity & why I am an Atheist. If you don’t like it, that’s your problem, not mine. GET OVER IT!!

          • Get a hint, faye ,you’re just as irrelevant to her as “god” is to you.

          • Do you really think I give a shit about your opinion ? What you have to say to me is totally irrelevant & total Christian bullshit!! Happy Holidays!!!!!!

          • Faye, You are a militant atheist. JUsat read over what you have written on this blog alone pretending that someone else wrote it. What would your impression of that person be? But, can you tell us one thing, if you are comfortable being an atheist, why should you care or say bad things about those of us who believe in GOD.? I do not care if you are an atheist. THat is your right. Don’t tell me what to believe. You should not care, but you do. That means to me that you are uncomfortable with yourself.

          • So, Faye, I am a Scientologist. We are pan- denominational. Curiously, it becomes apparent that Man IS a spiritual Being, and creation is a spiritual action. You state you are a realist, only believing in the physical world. I say to you, prove to me what you ate for breakfast. That you ate breakfast may be real to you, but you cannot prove beyond a doubt to someone else. In the same way, experiencing spiritual awareness is wholly real to me, and to every Scientologist I know (and I personally know hundreds), but we invite others to experience it for themselves. We do not demand faith, or belief; we demonstrate how the spiritual nature of man IS reality, as real as your breakfast. As we respect the beliefs of others, so should respect others respect ours, AND those of others.

          • Stephanie I think you’re right when you say atheists fear the truth. They’re afraid if they start believing in God that they’re going to have to change their lifestyle, start going to church, stop drinking, stop swearing and whoring around. They don’t know enough about God to know that there is only ONE thing that gets you to Heaven and that’s ACCEPTING AND BELIEVING THAT JESUS IS THE SON OF GOD. They can go right ahead and sin all they want and they’ll still go to Heaven. God just wants you to accept his Son and the sacrifice He made for us all. I do pray for them Stephanie because I have a brother and a grandson who are atheists and I love them very much. Atheists don’t know enough about the Bible or God to know that there is only ONE God. God himself says that, so many times in the Bible.

          • that is very true. i used to be one. not like faye but i was a nonbeliever. i thank God that has changed. i do admit however i still got a temper.& dirty mouth which i’m still working on. i wonder tho, why i cant seem to kill bad habits. hahaha! i feel kind of bad tho for people like faye. i guess she had bad experiences w/ people who claimed to be christians? i had a friend who was, as a kid & i never felt hostile towards her faith. i don’t get it w/ militant atheists. i wish they could express their viewpoint w/ having to mock others.

          • Where do you get those beheading knives?

          • excuse me? please explain your question. thanks

          • I’m not sure where you can get them, but when you do purchase them, please let me know& save me a couple. There’s a few Christians on this forum that I would love to use them on. I won’t mention names, but I think they know who they are.

        • Mrs D, well said.

      • As an Atheist I don’t go after anyone. Live and let live is my creed.
        What you believe (God Buddah Allah, etc.) is not nearly as important as how you live your life. As far as Muslims are concerned they have their own set of problems, they don’t need my interference.

        • i am glad of that. it is the militant atheists that irritate us mostly. i am glad not all of them are that way.

          • It’s nice to know that some on this blog realize that all atheists aren’t trying to convert anyone. If you recall the Jesuits had a lock on the art of conversion and it got them killed. People who try to convert, for the most part, are radicals. I believe in your rights and simply ask the same in return, nothing more.

          • amen, i do hope you will accept Jesus soon tho! [only cause i dont want you to go to hell]. you are a nice guy! but i dont belive in forcing you or anybody to convert either. Jesus Himself never forced anybody to worship Him, just commanded us to spread His message. ill be praying for you. hope you have a wonderful christmas & a new year too.

          • Now now Stephanie, you are trying to convert me, believe me
            dear Stephanie, I’m quite happy in my own skin and that skin just turned 88, eternity isn’t far away and I’m oK with that.

          • no, just sharing HIs message. it is your choice. i am glad you are happy tho! im just hoping is all. i can do that right? hahaha! i am HOPING you convert, but would never FORCE you to. see? see ya greyfox. take care hmm?

          • Stephanie, exactly how would you go about forcing me to do anything? Just curious.

          • come on you know what i meant,

        • How you lives makes not 2 cents difference when it comes to judgment day….the question will be ……What did you do with the gift of salvation from Jesus?

          • Are you trying to suggest that I could be a pedophile and a serial killer as long as long as I accept the salvation of Jesus?
            You might want to consider what you say before submitting it to this page. That’s a page right out of the catholic religion, sin all you want, as long as you go to confession all will be forgiven,
            If you don’t mind I’ll try to live a decent life, I believe it does matter and it does make 2 cents worth of difference, but then
            I’m an atheist, what would you expect?

          • As the Bible very clearly states, no man knows the heart. Only God knows and has the final say, so if a pedophile truly receives forgiveness, that is between that person and God. That person may have to deal with the consequences here on earth still, but he has the hope of an eternal life free from those sins. So you do not want to be judged yet you judge someone else’s sin, because you perceive it to be worse than your sins, though apart from some eternal law, you have no basis for sin, or morality. Because society holds pedophilia as “sick,” rape of a person of the same age is less “sick”, and stealing is just something people will do; you are a better person because of perceived level of infraction(s). All sin disconnects us from God and the first step to receive forgiveness from him is to recognize that He created perfection and cannot expect anything less, we cannot be perfect, thus we need the perfect sacrifice of Jesus to cover our sins. Doing more good than bad does not suffice. Though atheism, like I have said, has no basis for moral statements like good and bad.

          • Gee Trev, I’m so happy you cleared that up for me. “No basis
            for moral statements like good or bad” So what you are saying is that only Christians can make statements of morality, I did not know that. Thanks for the heads up.

          • No, I am saying that any concept of morality has to have a basis, or foundation. I have to assume, though I may be mistaken, because you have not made any sort of statement regarding what it is you believe, that you believe in nothing. If there is no creator and everything is just an accident, then, like post-modernism states, everything is subjective. Maslov, is a significant contributor, to this lie. There can be no absolutes, because “right” and “wrong” is the result of societal norms. So it is morally okay for muslims to brutally abuse their wife, because that is okay within their religion and society. It is okay for the cult of Mormons, who believe it is right for them to have multiple wives. It is okay for men to sleep with men and women to sleep with women. It is thus okay for pedophiles to love children. It is okay for people to murder, rape, steal, and destroy. You cannot say something is okay, without there being a basis for that apart from humans, because humans can make whatever they want to be ok, normal.

          • I’ll tell you what I believe: I believe that I will live my life to the best of my ability and when my time comes I will die. I believe no man or woman has the right to decide how I should live or what I should believe in. Furthermore, I believe that when I die I’m dead for all of eternity and that’s cool with me. If
            someone wants to believe different I’m cool with that too. I believe you should do no harm to your fellow man, if you see a man who has no wine, pour him a glass of yours. If you have a problem with my beliefs, I feel only sorrow for you. I am an Atheist.

          • Awesome. I agree that only you can choose what to believe, just like every other person. According to your belief I have the right to believe what I believe and my beliefs direct me to confront the lies in the world. Live and let live only works if there is no such thing as truth. What basis do you have for holding to the idea that you should do no harm to your fellow man? Can you impose that onto someone else? If so what right do you have to impose your view(truth claim) onto someone else? If not, how can you consider yourself morally superior to someone else? There are very real consequences for what people believe, not what they say they believe, but what they really believe; which is seen in what they do. The problem with believing lies is that the outcome is not what is perceived.
            So based on reality I understand that Gods exists. Through His self revelation I know He desires a relationship with every person that He has created, but people choose to not be in that relationship. God does not force people, but gives them the choice. So they choose whether to live eternally with Him, or apart from Him. The separation from God in the spiritual realm could be related to living in the physical world without the gravity as it is experienced by us. The whole of the universe would just stop functioning. Chaos being the result. The absence of everything good is what separation from God is. Based on my beliefs, I do not want to see any person choose to live separated from God, though I know each person has that choice, it does not change the fact that I care for each person enough to not want to see that. So, according to my beliefs, I have to present the facts.

          • You win Trevor, I give up.

          • It is not about winning. It is about God. It is about the God who created everything by speaking. It is about the God who sustains all of His creation through His word. The God who cares deeply about you and your life, and the things that have happened to you. It is about God’s willingness to send His son to die a horrible death, even though he was not guilty of anything except loving us. All this so that we could live an eternal life in a relationship with Him. We were all created for that relationship and we will not know a complete life now or for eternity apart from Him. Blessings

          • Well, it is a good start because you sound like a person of few morals and an insulting nature to make yourself sound you are above all the beliefs of the masses. The fact is you can be be whatever immoral, and use people and belittle anyone you want because you can. Well, you can and you did now get over yourself and if you have a problem with any religion or God in general then just shut up and live your pathetic life wherever you live probably by yourself and go an insult some good example of someone immoral: try someone in politics.

          • According to Jesus if he has for forgiveness the answer is yes. There no sin he cannot forgive but that does not mean he or she can go on sinning. I would this sin hard if I was the parent of a victim but I have heard parents say they forgive. They are better people than I am. Confession serves more than one purpose that of forgive and that of unburdening a feeling of guilty that carry. Sometimes forgiving ourselves is one of hardest thing to do.

      • YES!!! i pointed that out on another site & got the stupidest replies. hahaha

      • That makes them cowards, or proves that they know that Jesus IS the true savior and God! either way they are phools!

        • First of all, let me set YOU straight!! Atheist don’t believe in any religions, nor do we believe in some supernatural being that lives in the sky. And we certainly don’t believe that Jesus was the son of god, was crucified & rose from the dead. Prove it!! Atheist are not cowards. Christians are the real cowards- you live in fear everyday, because you’re religion teaches you that if you don’t believe in God & in Jesus as the real savior, you will be thrown into hell to burn in fire for all of eternity. But if you obey God like good little boys& girls you will be rewarded in heaven. What a bunch of bullshit!! And you have the nerve to call us fools? I think you need to brush up on your spelling- it’s fools not phools.

          • faye, i have been following your comments here, and i have a question for you. first if you believe in god, that is a religion, right? and you think that so strongly, you want it to stop, right? well if you feel that so much, then you belive that there is no god. and you believe this strongly and others like you, think the same and want all and every bit of the religions to go away. so if you and others feel this way, arent you actually believers yourselves? it seems to me that you people are actually worshiping yourselves. when some liberal asshole judges, hand down a decision in your favor, what do atheists do? throw a party, shout hallejua, what? i and i think others would really like to know

          • A religion is a belief in God it what church you belong to such Catholic or Protestant. What is more important is faith that is practiced in these places. We do not worship ourselves. We worship our God. You are very ignorant about what you should at least inform yourself before you make a fool of yourself by expressing such thoughts.

          • nellie, i think you didnt quite understand what i was trying to say, atheist say they dont believe in god. right? the point i was trying to make was that, if they show such passion, that makes them want everyone else to believe the same thing, and want all signs of christianity removed, because of what they believe. my point is if they believe their idea, they must believe in that they are right. so they do believe, atheisim is their religion, its not actually religion, but they do believe their right. i personally believe that they already have a place reserved for them in hell. i hope you understand me now.

          • David, you are so wrong in so many ways. Most Atheists, if not all, couldn’t care less about what you believe in. When an Atheist argues that there is no god, he/she, is not trying to convince you to believe the same thing, they are simply stating an academic position. Our position is arrived at by the lack of convincing proof, not proof that satisfies you but proof that would satisfy an Atheist. Since that proof cannot be produced, we believe, there is no god. It’s an academic conclusion shared by Atheists, right or wrong.

          • THen why do atheists like Faye hate believers. Her rants on this blog are full of the poison that is eating her up alive. Why do atheists full of poison like Faye keep trying to take down manger scene and the Ten Commandments if they do not care? Why don’t they just have their own beliefs and we have ours? And poor Faye does not seem to realize how full of poison she is. How pitiful!

          • I do not hate believers. I just think they are all brainwashed & delusional, just as you are!! How many times do you have to use the word poison? Damn! You are one irritating person!! Last time I checked, I don’t recall taking down any manger scenes or the ten commandments. Why would I even care? They have no meaning for me. But they do not belong on public land period!!! If you want to put a nativity scene on your front lawn, knock yourself out, by all means . Nobody’s stopping you, are they? I don’t need or want your pity. I pity YOU for believing in such nonsense with no proof, whatsoever

          • The definition of faith is believing in something you can’t prove, so, therefore why would you bother to worship something or someone without knowing if it really does exist? It’s called using reason & logic & thinking for yourself. So, who is really the ignorant one here? I think it is you, my dear little Nellie

          • By the same token sweetie you also can’t prove God does not exist. You only have theories nothing concrete except that brain of yours. I believe because I can’t believe we just came to be without a Being greater than myself creating us. But this concept is to difficult for you to accept that anyone but you knows the truth about whether there is a God or in your case that there isn’t One. Believe what you wish it does not bother me one bit. What I don’t understand is why it bothers you that I have great faith that gives me a purpose, a guide and will to be a better person in all ways. I don’t spend hours calling people names or stupid because of their beliefs. I am a super intelligent person so you can’t say I believe because I don’t know any better and I have been brainwashed . I am very happy following the path I believe in. It brings me joy the kind you will probably have never experienced because giving of ourselves to others is the only way you will find peace that you obviously don’t possess by you angry tone at all of us. Do as you will maybe belittling is the closest you come to experiencing any feelings but it isn’t what God offers so stay miserable and stay and insult and tell me I am praying to the air but that is not what my heart feels and unless you haven’t felt it no one can ever explain it to you.

          • For your edification, all atheists are not liberals and all liberals are not atheists. You might consider honing your remarks in a more concise way. Atheists do not think or act in lock step fashion, we are, for the most part, individual thinkers, something that I find sorely missing from this forum.

          • christians do not live in fear. we have a hope we love to share. i do hope you see the truth soon. God bless you

          • Yes, you do live in fear of being sent to hell if you don’t believe in an invisible monster in the sky who controls every aspect of your life & watches everything you do. I choose to control my own life & not have some supernatural being threatening to send me to hell if I don’t believe in him. Do you Christians think you have a patent on hope, love & sharing because you believe in god & we don’t? How arrogant can you be!! Atheist can love, have hope, feel joy & happiness & show kindness to others. We don’t need a god to tell us that’s what we should be doing. That’s why we have a brain, so we can think for ourselves. I do see the truth everyday because I use logic & reason which makes so much more sense than believing in something that has never been proven to this day. Please don’t bring up the bible – it’s just a book. It doesn’t prove anything. You do know I’m an Atheist, so why would you say god bless you? You know that saying “Ignorance Is Bliss ” need I say more?

          • i was being respectful. you have to be a jerk back. hate much?

          • How is what I stated make me a jerk? The problem with You & other Christians is that you don’t like to be challenged or questioned about anything when it comes to your god or your religion. If you are so secure in your beliefs & truly believe them , then why do you care what Atheist say about God & religion? Could it be that we are right & you are wrong? It’s a hard pill to swallow, isn’t it? No hate here. I just don’t believe in your Christian god or any other gods. Christians need to stop being so sensitive when people don’t share their beliefs.

          • re read your post. you insulted us. i did not insult you.

          • I insulted you how? All I did was explain why I don’t believe in god& religion. Why are you so offended by my comment? I don’t understand why Christians get so defensive & angry when a non-believer questions anything about their religion or their god? I say grow up, stop whining like a little spoiled child& deal with it!

          • You’re an idiot. One does not need to be religious to know that.

          • A BIG FAT DITTO!!!

          • We care because what we believe is sacred to us and you are trashing our God. We honor and love our God and you have no right to do that. You have the right to your beliefs but when you cross and insult our beliefs you have stepped on my rights to worship as we please without being harassed by Atheist like you. It is my Constitutional right just it is yours to believe in no god. Why do you want to challenge us? We are educated people who chose to believe as we do and you sound like a wacko. No one is trying to convert you. We just want you and people like you out of our lives to be free to express our religious freedom. You will never stop because you sound like a warped evil person and I refuse to read any more of your trash.

          • How can I trash your god when I don’t even believe in him? I have every right to say what I want , just as you do. Why do I challenge you? Because you are making claims without proof or evidence You say you are a Christian & then call me a wacko? I think your hypocrisy is showing!! You also called me a warped & evil person. So much for YOUR tolerance. I don’t care how educated you are. It still doesn’t prove that you god is real.

          • Faye why don’t believe what you want and just hating Christians? You have a problem with anyone who is not like you and doesn’t accept you. We Christians don’t care. Why do you have the need to prove you right and anyone else is ignorant? Just go and live your life the way you want and stop hating before you have a stroke and end everything. You will never change people’s mind so why do you even try. The clock is ticking and if your an Atheist you believe there is nothing more so live your life to the fullest and quit wasting your and our time.

          • Good post Fay, live and let live, that’s the atheists way. Indoctrination starts at an early age and I see signs of it everywhere on these pages. I think some people can’t stand the thought of there being nothing more to life than life itself and so we cling to the hope of some wonderful afterlife. Yet we make fun of Muslims who believe in 72 virgins waiting for them in an afterlife, the difference is only in the content of what that afterlife consists of. Kids believe in Santa Clause, fortunately they won’t have to die to realize, it ain’t so. We all believe what we want to believe and a belief in no god is as good
            as a belief in god, but I’m a heretical Atheist what would you expect.

          • Thank You for your support. It seems I can’t catch a break with all these Christians bashing me left & right. I’m not surprised, but I didn’t realize just how much Atheist are hated by Christians, all because we choose not to believe in their god or any gods. I thought being a Christian was all about love & tolerance? I guess I was sadly mistaken. Happy Holidays!! What is a heretical Atheist? I am not familiar with that kind of Atheist. Thanks Again!

          • I just thought it (heretical Atheist) sounded good. Many on this page think atheist want to deny them Christmas and all sorts of other traditional things,nothing could be further from the truth. I, for on, enjoy Christmas and all the other traditional activities we’ve come to know. Must I believe in a god to enjoy things? I can’t side with anyone that wants to deny anything to someone else, that’s plain stupid. What possible pleasure would I get from denying anything to someone else, that’s dog in the manger attitude, sounds more like a liberal/democrat, I don’t like it so you can’t have it. PC in all it’s magnificent splendor.

          • Jesus existence is written in the papers of Romans and Jews as it was happening an so were witness accounts way before the Bible was written. You must a very pleasant person to be around and for the spelling you should check out your sentence structure.

          • Do you have evidence or proof to back up your statement that Jesus existed because it’s written on some papers by some Romans & Jews ? As far there being eyewitness accounts way before the bible was written? You are going to believe this because some people are telling YOU what they saw & heard? How do you know this is all true? You don’t know. That is the problem. Before you come on this forum & make such ridiculous claims, you had better make sure YOU have solid proof & evidence to back up YOUR CRAZY made up religious bullshit !!!

        • Phools you say.

        • calling atheists cowards does nothing to help lead them to Jesus. i was an atheist once too.

      • Hello Lildebrarae: I wonder if it because the atheists want to keep living!!

        • A real clever remark Larry, are you suggesting Christians do not want to keep living? What is your point?

          • OK Greyfox: Those who tend to oppose, make light of, or joke about anything directly related to Islam often meet with a violent end. Christians, of course, disagree with the atheistic billboards; however, Christians are not out to behead the atheists. Please re-read the last paragraph of the original article (above). Thanks!

      • They wouldn’t dare go after the Musis.

      • As an Atheist, always willing to learn, I can’t tell you all what an education it has been to hear your views about Atheism. A more informed and informative group will never be gathered in one place again. The proof of your belief, that some have offered, is truly astounding. The existence or non existence of a God is an age old question, puzzling scholars for centuries, yet, many of you have discovered the answer in your lifetime. What is more amazing is that
        anyone who disagrees with your position is a “phool”, as someone pointed out on this forum. Yes I know how to spell fool.

        • You started your argument as almost ‘rational’, and civil.

          Yet you end it with …….

          “anyone who disagrees with your position is a “phool”, as someone pointed out on this forum. Yes I know how to spell fool.”

          Thank ‘you’ for proving me right.

      • Maybe because the muslims never try to force their religion on anyone, or use government land to promote their religion in violation of this great nations constitution

      • They work for Satan they can’t help them selves you see it on tv almost every week some for money some for fame but they proudly confess and some of these same people our children worship Kanye West said he worshiped Satan in front of a large audience .

      • That is because there is no fight there

    • I don’t fight Christianity, some of you “good Christians” seem to need everyone to believe what you believe. I simply live my life as best I can without hurting my fellow man in any way. Are there some atheists who argue against Christianity, yes there are, if you are sure of your position their arguments shouldn’t bother you, your position doesn’t bother me.

      • What they say doesn’t bother me, everyone is entitled to their beliefs and opinions. But when they start taking my right to display my beliefs away that’s where Atheism crosses the line.

      • We Christians don’t want anyone to perish, to not be saved.. In fact, we are essentially ordered to spread God’s word, and save others from hell.. But, you have to believe in Jesus, and repent to be saved.. God made man for His pleasure, and so he has the Right to destroy that which he has made.. He did Not make man to be sinners, lusters, drug users, baby killers, rapists, or murderers.. He has set guidelines in the Bible. You can follow those guidelines, or perish in hell.. Sorry folks, but that’s the way it is.. There is No, “Well, I’m a good person”… That’s great, but will Not get you into Heaven on that alone.. There is Only Heaven, or Hell.. No, in between..

        • By your logic, you and your god considers non-christians on par with sinners, lusters, druggies, baby killers, rapists and murderers not worth saving because they do not believe in Jesus. Without getting hyperbolic, that sir is beyond ludicrous.

          • Can’t quote you all the verses in the Bible, but if you read it, Google search it, it tells you what is required to be saved. So yes, you may just spend eternity with all those other types.. LOL…

          • Ludicrous that any god would be so ludicrous. Poke me in the eye with a sharp stick, then poke the other eye and I still will not belive in such an unjust, rigid, inflexible, intollerant supreme being. And if god were so it/he/she wouldn’t be deserving of anyone’s faith. I would never worship at the feet of something/someone who’s justice is akin to a kangaroo court.

          • Your stiff necked intolerance in the name of tolerance is what marks you as a hypocrite.

          • Sad that you are too bull headed to read what God actually says in the Bible. Watch a you tube video on God’s mercy, Love, patience.. Do you actually know what the Bible says? Or do you listen to what people say? If you want to know how God works, you have to Read the Directions, just as you would to know how to assemble a tall building, or step by step directions for removing an appendix..

          • You waste your breath on these people because they want to go on living the way they want and don’t realize there is a far better and happier way.

          • I’ll be in good company.

          • Saved from what? From brainwashed, delusional radical Christians like you? What are these other types you are referring to? I would love to know who they are.

          • Sorry Faye, but I’m Not your Bible teacher..

          • This is how Christians react when they are asked a question & can’t answer it. They back track, hoping no one will notice how ridiculous their comment really was in the first place. Why in the world would I want a bible teacher? Atheist don’t believe in the bible , dumbass!! If I were a Christian, You would be the last person I would want to teach me the bible. It’s obvious to me your not smart enough to teach anything to anyone.

          • Obviously an Atheist, for my faith has upset you, and caused you to call me names.. You are right though, I am Not a teacher.. The books of the Bible are written by Teachers of the Word of God.. Jesus said, I am the Word.. Let Jesus teach you, not me.. Sounds like my faith has irritated you, or is it the fear of God, burning in the lake of fire with Hitler, Stalin, Saddom Hussein, Satan, Jeffery Dahmer, and maybe even Obama, and his cronies? Anyway, why worship God when you can worship Obama, and mortal man..

          • My God considers Christians in with all of the ones you listed, “all have sinned and fall short of the grace of God”, the difference for Christians is that we accept His forgiveness through Jesus.

          • Tell that to the Lord on your judgment day…!

          • There is no solid proof of a savior who died for your sins & rose from the dead, except from that fairy tale book you call the word of god, which by the way was written by a bunch of men sitting in the desert having it dictated to them by other men. Jesus is not coming back, and no one will be judged. It’s just all Mythology, plain & simple.

          • It is YOUR eternity, spend where you want, tha’s why you were given freewill….but the Lord takes no pleasure in your going to hell!

          • How do you know he doesn’t?

          • I think god takes much pleasure in sending people to hell. After all, it was his creation, was it not? If you don’t agree with me, just open your bible & read the old testament. There sure was a whole lot of Genocide going on & god was loving every minute of it. Is this the same god that you Christians claim to be a kind & loving god who watches over you & protects you & keeps you safe? He had a hell of a way of showing it, didn’t he? Why would you Choose to worship a god that destroys anyone or anything that gets in his way? Think about it. It makes no sense !!

          • i think you are wrong. there were over 500 witnesses to His resurrection. He was not only seen, but felt. you calling the bible a ”fairytale” is a classic example of what i meant as insulting. why not just say i don’t believe in it w/ out such words like fairytale? i had a christian friend growing up, & i never insulted her. i was like you from birth to 17years old. you believe it is mythology, we don’t. lets agree to disagree than. ok?

          • How do you know for sure that there were over 500 witnesses to his resurrection? Can you prove it ? Where is your evidence to support such a ridiculous claim? He was not only seen, but felt. You should be able to explain what you mean by that, because if you can’t, then how the hell can you possibly explain it to others, without sounding like a complete whacko?

          • The Roman government and the Jewish Sanhedrin could have shut Christianity once and for all. They could have shown Jesus’ body to all of Jerusalem and that would have shut them down for good. These clowns either fumbled the football or there was no body. All they could do was try to bribe the guards to say they were sleeping and the disciples made off with the body.All the brutality and persecution that followed could NOT change or silence the FACT that HE IS RISEN.

          • HE IS RISEN ? You mean like a loaf of bread? Jesus rising from the dead has never been proven& there is no evidence of that ever happening, therefore it is not Fact. I know for a fact that science has proven that certain types of breads do have to rise before they can be baked in an oven. YOU are one big DUMBASS CHRISTIAN !!!

          • Oh,yeah? WHERE’s the body, Einstein? WHERE is it? The Roman government and the Jewish Sanhedrin fumbled. They FAILED as you and your faux science has failed to disprove the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is NOT going away no matter how loud you dumbass atheists scream , rant, yell, and make absolute asses out of yourselves.

          • We Atheists don’t believe in a judgement day.

          • If you knew your Bible, Jesus died on the cross so every sinner wanting forgiveness could forgiven. No one on this earth is perfect not even you and I suspect you knew the answer but you just wanted to insult Christians.

          • This might come as a shock to you, but many people, many christians even, question the veracity of the bible.

          • It doesn’t come as a shock to me at all. What comes as a shock is that people dismiss it before they even read it. At least if you are argue against it most intelligent people know what they are talking about. I don’t care what you believe but you have no idea what we believe so you only assume or you follow a pack of people who you admire or better yet are to lazy to read anything to make a good point whether it’s the Bible or anything else. That is called being ignorant.

          • So very true!!

        • Do me a favor, worry about yourself.

        • And that’s one of the differences between Atheism and Christianity.

        • You are one sick & twisted individual, did you know that? So, god made us for HIS pleasure & then when he’s done playing with us, gets bored & then he has the right to destroy us because he feels like? WTF?? He has set guidelines in the bible? You mean like the ones he totally ignores & disrespects because he can & then tells us if we do not obey him we will burn in hell for eternity? That god? And what an EVIL tyrant he is at that. In The Old Testament, wasn’t it your god who condoned Genocide, Slavery, killing babies, Rape, stoning people to death, Murder, animal sacrifice & people too ? And this is the book you are willing to base your moral standards on? All I can say to that is, I’ll take my chances than live under a Sadistic, cruel & barbaric monster that you call a god.

      • It bothers me that on judgment day you will be thrown in the pit of everlasting fire with a confused look on your face……even after you have been told many times in your life that Jesus is the WAY, and the ONLY way to eternal life in paradise….!

        • All of these responses simply because I believe what I want to believe. Small wonder people turn to atheism. If the posts on this forum are an example of Christianity, and I don’t believe they are, some of my best friends are good tolerant Christians. Some of you people should get a grip.

        • PROVE IT!!!!!!!

          • prove there isn’t. Explain your theories .

          • The burden of proof is on you, not me. You’re the one who is claiming that there is a god, without any proof or evidence. Why would I have to prove something that I don’t believe in? Give me something tangible. Until then, I would rather use reason & logic, not wishful thinking to determine my non- belief in god. It has nothing to do with theories. A theory is an idea or an opinion, which may or may not be true. It can be proven through scientific research & then it becomes fact. Atheist don’t say positively that there is no god. We just don’t see any hard evidence to support your belief in your god. When you really think about it , it’s quite simple.

      • They do more than argue against Christianity, they sue poor counties to force the removal of the ten commandments knowing they can’t afford to fight the ACLU and sue Christian owned businesses in an attempt to shut them down. They intimidate major outlets into dropping Christmas or the mention of Christ or God from their stores and advertisements. They are liars and try to use the separation clause which doesn’t exist to get their way. I read your holier than though personal profile and say bunk, I have never met a tolerant atheists or defender of same, they are all self indulgent piss-ants that would see Christians dead if they had their way. I’m not a Christian but can easily see that the tolerant people are the Christians and not those that call themselves Democrat or Muslim.

      • I am sure of my position and arguments to the contrary don’t bother me. I believe that God created every man & woman with free will to decide what is best for them. I don’t mind, and enjoy sharing me beliefs as well as my philosophies with friends, family, or even people on the internet who are engaging. We’re social beings. Jesus preached humility. Some Christians are very humble and some, obnoxious. We’re all people with certain passions & beliefs. Tolerance is a key ingredient for all people to get along. I too don’t like anyone telling me what to believe. However there is a point where as a Christian, witnessing to non believers, it becomes evident that the person is either receptive to the message or not. If not, that’s fine, and I accept and respect the persons opinion. In all of Jesus’s teachings he was never aggressive. He did show emotion & anger but never violence. The Christian faith of all faiths that humans practice, is the only one based on the purest of love & sacrifice…., this is fact. When I look into my wife’s and children’s eyes, the love I feel for them cannot be measured, nor can it be expressed to it’s fullest with words. This is the kind of love that Christianity is based on. The kind of love of a father has for his children. If Atheist’s find that kind of religion distasteful, obtrusive or unpalatable…., and go to great lengths and expenditure to willfully display such an intolerance to, I have no words except prayers for those people. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays everyone! 🙂

        • Believers should try believing this: Non-believers feel the same love for their children that you expressed. Christians or faith worshippers of any religion do not hold a monopoly on that.

        • your generalizations are indicative of your intolerance. You don’t have exclusive rights to love or kindness. It is arrogant of you to think that someone who does not believe in your god is not capable of love, kindness, forgiveness and empathy. If you need god to help you to love, that’s ok, I can
          love without the aid or help of anyone. Please, direct your prayers to yourself you need them more than I do.

          • Read my post again & slow down. Nowhere does my post even suggest any intolerance on my part, quite the opposite. Your interpretation, and the conclusions you draw from my post is off the mark. “You don’t have exclusive rights to love or kindness.” Now where did I say that? “It is arrogant of you to think that someone who does not believe in your god is not capable of love, kindness, forgiveness and empathy.” Really? Where did you find that in my post? You’re twisting words greyfox, and just plain making stuff up that doesn’t exist in my post. Once again…, Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

          • “When I look into my wife’s and children’s eyes, the love I feel for them
            cannot be measured, nor can it be expressed to it’s fullest with words.
            This is the kind of love that Christianity is based on.” It seems to me you are saying Atheists are not
            capable of immeasurable love, for that you need to be Christian. No twisting just quoting.

          • Do you see the word “I”…., look again…. see how I refer to myself & no one else. I’m expressing “my” feelings towards “my” wife & children accurately. My statement about the love that Christianity is based on is true. It’s how a father loves a child. None of what I wrote has anything to do with you or any Atheist or person for that matter. Quote away…, those who are well versed in the English language and it’s grammar, understand exactly what I wrote. My statement doesn’t refer to you or your belief, or lack there of greyfox. Nor does it imply that. It “seems” you are wrong……, perhaps even, twisting my words to meet your conclusion.

      • it seems to me that atheists want everyone to believe as they believe, right?

          • Very well then, you should be in school board meetings everywhere demanding that evolution and other atheist fairy tales cease being forced on our children. DEMONSTRATE YOUR TOLERANCE!!!!!!!

          • Boy! It never ceases to amaze me just how stupid you really are!! Evolution is not a fairy tale. It has been proven by Science time & time again, unlike that fairy tale book you call the bible & that god which you claim exist without any proof whatsoever. Did god create man or did man create god ? It’s called critical thinking, nothing that you would be familiar with.

    • They lost a long time ago, and don’t realize it. satan keeps them going, they know not what they do. Until they see the light it will stay this way. It really does strengthen Christians because they know the truth and it has set them free. No fear. Fear encourages evil. Many have come to know salvation, and they have bigger testimonies than some. Remember Paul was the biggest persecutor in Bible times, look where he went with God!! It can happen, plant the God seeds today!!! Amen

    • I bet they don’t put billboards up when it is Ramadan time. They wouldn’t dare. Because those people would bay for your blood with riots everywhere.

      • Pamela, I look at it this way. Christianity is the only religion that holds humanity accountable to sin, and holds all humanity to the highest moral standard and accountability. These Laws & standards were set by God himself, not any self righteous, self serving man. We’re attacked because of this. I’ll go as far as saying, anyone who attacks Christians based on their belief, are the true racists. They’re racist against the morals & Laws laid out by God. Human pride is the reason for this. I say this from personal experience. Pride keeps people (us)…, from admitting we’re sinners. As a Christian I try to live my life to the highest moral standard and not judge, and it’s extremely difficult. If you’re a Christian you understand. This was, and still is the reason Jesus came. These attackers will never judge or attack the Muslim faith because they’re cowards. Just imagine if Christians began dismembering people, demanding that they renounce their faith and beliefs or DIE. History has a tally of humans killed when government’s removed God from their govt & country. The number is staggering, and growing on a daily basis. Pamela, the persecution of Christians has only just begun. There’s a lot more of the same and worse coming up. I’m doing my best at not judging, loving my neighbor, and treating people in a manner I’d wish to be treated. Apparently, David Silverman & his friends don’t agree with treating his neighbors the same. Nor do they have the courage to put up any billboards attacking Ramadan. Hypocrisy among the Atheist community that judges Christians, is not only evident, but obvious.
        Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays……

        • A lot of paranoia going on here. As an Atheist, I don’t mind or care if you attack Atheism, I still won’t attack Christianity, what you believe is your business.

          • I appreciate that greyfox, and I extend the same courtesy to you. What you believe is your business as well as exercising your free will. I will contend that my statement isn’t out of paranoia, it’s fact. ISIS isn’t lopping off the heads of Atheists, are they now. It’s Christians, Jews, and their children, and any one who refuses the Islamic faith. They’re referred as “Infidels”. What’s troubling is, out of the Atheist/humanitarian community, not a peep. It’s also troubling that this administration seems blind to those atrocities! I’m grateful I’m in America but. I’m also saddened by the American response or lack there of.

      • Pamela, I look at it this way. Christianity is the only religion that holds humanity accountable for sin, and holds all humanity to the highest moral standard and accountability. These Laws & standards were set by God himself, not any self righteous, self serving man. We’re attacked because of this. I’ll go as far as saying, anyone who attacks Christians based on their belief, are the true bigots & racists. They’re bigoted against the morals & Laws laid out by God. Human pride is the reason for this. I say this from personal experience. Pride keeps people (us)…, from admitting we’re sinners. As a Christian I try to live my life to the highest moral standard and not judge, and it’s extremely difficult. If you’re a Christian you understand. This was, and still is the reason Jesus came. These attackers will never judge or attack the Muslim faith because they’re cowards. History has a tally of humans killed when government’s removed God from their govt & country. The number is staggering, and growing on a daily basis. Pamela, the persecution of Christians has only just begun. There’s a lot more of the same and worse coming up. I’m doing my best at loving my neighbor, and treating people in a manner I’d wish to be treated. Apparently, David Silverman & his friends don’t agree with treating his neighbors the same. Nor do they have the courage to put up any billboards attacking Ramadan. Hypocrisy and bigotry among the Atheist community that judges Christians, is not only evident, but obvious.

        Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays…… 🙂

  2. Enough is enough. Alot of these people that do not like the dusolays of traditional Christian Christmas because they r non believers, which includes the atheist types islam, still will use the holidays surrounding Christmas to try and make a profit from their wares or even celebrate with dinners, parties, gift giving. For what reason, I ask?
    This country is the land of the free, we are free to celebrate Christmas in the same old traditional ways because it is the birth of Christ we r celebrating. Without Christ, there is no CHRISTmas. Simple. So, these that do not like our ways or our beliefs, then do not use it to party or take off work or profit of your wares as gifts. Better tet, GET.OUT OF AMERICA

    • That would be a mass exodus, wouldn’t it !!!

    • So true Teresa. I know a few atheists (very few) and they all celebrate Christmas with a tree, presents, Santa, the whole works. IMO they’re all hypocrits. BTW did you know that atheists comprise only 3% of the U.S. population? The other 97% are believers in God and Jesus. So I guess that makes the atheists pretty stupid people to believe that the 3% are right and the 97% wrong.

      • Oh!, Please stop with the bullshit!! You’re giving me a migraine!! You are unbelievable!! You go on & on! You claimed I insulted you & yet here you are calling Atheist pretty stupid people. I’m sure there are plenty of really nice Christian in this world but let me tell you, you’re definitely NOT one of them

    • December 25 was the Roman holiday of Saturnalia, a pagan holiday. Most historical accounts put Jesus’ birthday in April. That December 25th came to be the day to celebrate his birthday seems arbitrary and as lacking in historical accuracy as many other so called biblical truths.

  3. Not in my town we have Merry Christmas everywhere. Citizens do not put up with it. This nation was founded on Christianity and if they don’t like it they can MOVE….

    • Most Excellent!

    • Such a view of American history is completely contrary to known facts. The primary leaders of the so-called founding fathers of our nation were not Bible-believing Christians; they were deists. Deism was a philosophical belief that was widely accepted by the colonial intelligentsia at the time of the American Revolution. Its major tenets included belief in human reason as a reliable means of solving social and political problems and belief in a supreme deity who created the universe to operate solely by natural laws. The supreme God of the Deists removed himself entirely from the universe after creating it. They believed that he assumed no control over it, exerted no influence on natural phenomena, and gave no supernatural revelation to man. A necessary consequence of these beliefs was a rejection of many doctrines central to the Christian religion. Deists did not believe in the virgin birth, divinity, or resurrection of Jesus, the efficacy of prayer, the miracles of the Bible, or even the divine inspiration of the Bible.

      • None of this is true. It is all taken straight out of revisionists’ history. Just look around Washington, D.C., for evidence of what the Founding Fathers believed. Almost every monument, every government building has something that relates to Christianity. Read Washington’s letters to Martha, read his prayers for his troops, read Jefferson’s letters to Adams. Church services were held in the rotunda of the Capitol building for years. Jefferson sponsored a bill to build a church and fund it’s pastor and the billed passed. There is more evidence that most of the Founding Fathers were devout Christians whose faith was very personal to them and very important. What you hope to gain by denying the truth is beyond me but you cannot change what actually happened. The truth is the truth. Deism was a fad at the time but in no way influenced the leaders of our country to abandon their Christian faith. Get over it and move on.

        • Believe what you need to believe to keep your own doubts at bay.

        • Amen and Amen Linda!

        • Take a look at the ratification of the Treat with Triploi from 1797 The US Senate wrote “As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion;

          Revisionist history my arse So you think because monument in washington DC has god written on it that this country was founded on christianity? That’s really dumb Washington Monument was finished in 1884. Lincoln Memorial 1922 Jefferson memorial 1943 Do you really think putting god on a building in 1943 is proof of what the founders believed?? It was added to the pledge of allegiance in 1954 Does that tell you anything about the founding fathers?? Of course not

          • Jimmy, I notice you didn’t refute the content of the letters between Jefferson and Adams and from Washington to his wife and to the troops. Because you can’t. First-hand historical evidence. If you’re an atheist and you don’t believe, why care what others believe? You should know by now that your beliefs will not change a Christian’s belief one bit. If you’re an atheist why would you care if this country was founded on Christian principles (which it was)? What possible difference could it make to you? If you don’t believe in God, then anything after that is moot. I think you do believe, but you don’t want to because that creates an obligation to action on your part and you’re too lazy to give up off your dead ass and do something positive in the world.

            Oh, yeah. The Treaty of Tripoli. You refer to a a treaty that was soon rescinded to make your case? And who was the treaty made with? The Muslims who would not have signed it without that inclusion. A sentence in a treaty does not mean this country was not founded on Christian principles. Get real.

          • I don’t believe and I’m ok with that. I don’t think you do and are grasping for any proof whatsoever to help you with your doubt. Personally I don’t care what you believe, until you claim that you have the right to shove your beliefs down my throat because of a note that passed between 2 individuals 250 years ago. But again, personal beliefs do not matter

            What matters is what the founders though about the formation of this great nation and for that look to what they wrote While president in 1802, Jefferson wrote: “Believing with you that religion is a matter which lies solely between Man and his God, that he owes account to none other for his faith or his worship, that the legitimate powers of government reach actions only, and not opinions, I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should ‘make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,’ thus building a wall of separation between Church and State … “

          • You don’t know much about the Christian faith if you think doubt is a problem to believers! Doubt is the best friend to faith. Without it faith would not grow. Doubt is the precursor to knowledge. Regardless of whether this country was founded on Christian principles or not, I believe in the one true Savior, Jesus the Christ. Why the fact that the country was founded on Christian principles bothers you is the question. You could do a whole lot worse! Without the basis of Christian principles, this country would not be what it is today. Think about it.

            No one is shoving anything down your throat. I’m asking you to justify your ludicrous statement that this country was not founded on Christian beliefs. No one can make you believe anything you don’t want to believe even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. It’s interesting that you put down my historical sources because of their age but you mentioned the Treaty of Tripoli which was older! Of course the letters were written over 250 years ago, that is the time period we are discussing, is it not? Anything written today would not be relevant since all the Founding Fathers are dead.

            And we were talking about the personal beliefs of the founders since you claimed in your original post that the founders were Deists. Their personal beliefs informed their desires for national freedom and sovereignty. Indeed, it was because of their personal beliefs that they sought independence from England. To say that this nation was not founded on Christian principles is to deny everything that existed at the time. It is so central to the founding that the founding has no meaning without it.

      • Wrong! either stupid or lying on purpose.

      • Wrong. You are basing your comment on the words of Thomas Jefferson and using those words to assuage your own lack of belief.

        You need to remember that there were many, many people who signed the Declaration of Independence AND the Constitution — NOT just Thomas Jefferson.

        • Crazy Whore, yet the Constitution goes out of its way to avoid religion other than the establishment clause of course

          • If you are trying to insult me, it won’t work.

            I am neither “crazy” NOR a “whore,” and my screen name is derived from the fact that I am crazy about HORSES — my son picked out my screen name because I started asking my parents to buy me a horse almost before I could walk.

            I won’t insult you back, either because I was raised to NEVER, EVER lower myself to someone else’s standards. That includes you.

          • Awww thats cute

          • atheist “tolerance” yep

          • Jerk has not standard!!!!

          • Name calling sooooo discredits your writing. WHORE?? Really do you know this person? You are a rude, lifeless individual and should remove your self from this site. Everyone get this person’s ip and report him and get him banned from the internet. We won’t put up with this attack.

          • He certainly wouldn’t be the first person to so corrupt my screen name, and has done so before. He won’t be the last, and my dad always taught me to smile at my enemies because it will drive them crazy!! 😉

          • Yes, Get me “banned from the internet”

      • This country was founded long before the “Founding Fathers” that wrote the Declaration of Independence and later the Bill of Rights and Constitution. The Pilgrims of the 17th Century that landed at Plymouth rock were indeed and fact Christian. Your theory about the founding fathers being “Deists” is also flawed in the simple fact that our monetary system is filled with the motto “In God We Trust”, no Deist, by your definition, would put such an inscription on their money, or anything else they used on a daily basis.

      • Read Lincolns address/statements on Thanksgiving.. It was about the thanking of God, not govt, or Atheists.. It actually started out as a day of prayer and fasting, not feasting.. God is imprinted in our Constitution, and in most all early laws and writings.. Call them what you want, but God was the center of all the early laws..

      • that is sadly, revisionist history. many believe that lie. i used too as well.

      • another ultracrepidarian speaks!

      • Still spouting that lie proves you are just parroting your Communist masters. Get a life and get out of ours.


      • wrong. that is the history now in the textbooks, but like evolution, it is pure bull. they [90% of them] were bible believing christians

        • HAHAHAHAHA Yes Evolution and science are bull That says it all right there.

          • Evolution is NOTscience.

          • Are you & Stephanie related? You must be. Because you continue to make the same stupid statements word for word.

          • science is not bull, evolution is. evolution is a religion. nice try. i love science. there is no evidence 4 darwin’s theory.

          • HAHAHAHA There is NO evidence for Darwin’s theory?? But you “love science” That’s like saying you love really big houses but live in that trailer anyway

          • Here’s a brief summary of the evidence that supports the theory of evolution by natural selection:

            Biochemistry is the study of the basic chemistry and processes that occur in cells. The biochemistry of all living things on Earth is incredibly similar, showing that all of Earth’s organisms share a common ancestry.

            Comparative anatomy is the comparison of the structures of different living things. This figure compares the skeletons of humans, cats, whales, and bats, illustrating how similar they are even though these animals live unique lifestyles in very different environments. The best explanation for similarities like the ones among these skeletons is that the various species on Earth evolved from common ancestors.

            Biogeography, the study of living things around the globe, helps solidify Darwin’s theory of biological evolution. Basically, if evolution is real, you’d expect groups of organisms that are related to one another to be clustered near one another because related organisms come from the same common ancestor.

            On the other hand, if evolution isn’t real, there’s no reason for related groups of organisms to be found near one another. When biogeographers compare the distribution of organisms living today or those that lived in the past (from fossils), they find that species are distributed around Earth in a pattern that reflects their genetic relationships to one another.

            Comparative embryology compares the embryos of different organisms. The embryos of many animals, from fish to humans, show similarities that suggest a common ancestor.

            Molecular biology focuses on the structure and function of the molecules that make up cells. Molecular biologists have compared gene sequences among species, revealing similarities among even very different organisms.

            Paleontology is the study of prehistoric life through fossil evidence. The fossil record (all the fossils ever found and the information gained from them) shows detailed evidence of the changes in living things through time.

            Modern examples of biological evolution can be measured by studying the results of scientific experiments that measure evolutionary changes in the populations of organisms that are alive today. In fact, you need only look in the newspaper or hop online to see evidence of evolution in action in the form of the increase in the number of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

            Radioisotope dating estimates the age of fossils and other rocks by examining the ratio of isotopes in rocks. Isotopes are different forms of the atoms that make up matter on Earth. Some isotopes, called radioactive isotopes, discard particles over time and change into other elements.

            Scientists know the rate at which this radioactive decay occurs, so they can take rocks and analyze the elements within them. Radioisotope dating indicates that the Earth is 4.5 billion years old, which is plenty old enough to allow for the many changes in Earth’s species due to biological evolution.

          • Evolution is science based and there is tons of scientific evidence to back it up. Most of it might be too difficult for you to understand because it maybe on an 8th grade level, but the evidence is there. I bet you think the theory of gravity is just a theory as well

          • evolution has been dis proven 50 years ago. yet they STILL teach that bull as fact. gravity is not the same. it has been proven. nice try, smart -ss!

          • Because it is Fact. Accepted by every leading scientist across the globe. Maybe not in the grade school you failed out of, or the church they brainwash you in, but it’s fact everywhere else

          • it is not a fact. the fossil record does not support it. as for brainwashed, look at yourself. fool.

          • Stephanie, rather than try to support your position with ignorant, empty statements, how about you spell out why you don’t think, or should I say, what you were told is the reason science doesn’t support it

          • Evolution has been proven with Science & it is not bull . It is fact! You need to put down that bible of yours & do some serious research on Evolution & Science. Gravity is the same. It was a proven theory backed by Science, you dumbass!! Boy! You really are ignorant. Must be all that religion screwing up your brain. The mind is a terrible thing to waste.

          • the ignorance is yours faye. sorry you are so full of it.

        • One look at your picture and I’m tempted to agree that evolution is bull

    • Amen!! Right on!!!

    • If someone says happy holidays to me, I say very firmly to them, “MERRY CHRISTMAS” AND MLM I’m with you on the moving part. I’ll even help them
      pack up.

    • The push-back has begun across the country and stores are finding out just how much money they stand to loose by kowtowing to atheist trash instead of the vast majority who like Christmas regardless of their beliefs.

      • It’s not Atheist “trash” that wants to change things. Why don’t you aim your arrows at the proper target? Muslims want to change your traditional way of life, not Atheists. Or are you too cowardly to make this claim because Atheists are an easier target.

    • I am an Atheist and a traditionalist. I love Chtristmas and all the joy it brings, I love any and all traditional holidays. “Merry Christmas” is fine with me, I say it all the time during the Christmas season. As an Atheist, my creed is, whatever gets you through the day or night is great. I’m not out to change anything that some of you accuse “all” Atheists of wanting to do. The world is filled with people who are offended by almost everything, some are liberals ,some are
      conservatives, some are Christians, some are Atheists, No single group, not one, has a lock on stupidity. Stupidity kows no boundaries. Some of you may even find fault with this statement, and that’s what I call stupid.

    • If you don’t like our Atheism, maybe YOU should move & get the hell out of the country!! This is America & I am an American just as you are, so where do come off telling me to leave my country just because I don’t believe in some invisible monster in the sky? One thing you Christians do have plenty of is ARROGANCE!! If this forum is any indication of Christians practicing TOLERANCE, I haven’t seen any. What I have seen is nothing but HATE, name calling, threats from some Christians, who want to commit violence against Atheist & tell us we should be banned from this website. HOW DARE YOU!! Is it any wonder why Christians are turning away from religion & becoming Atheist? Then you Christians have the audacity to say that Atheist are attacking your beliefs & trying to take Christmas away from you ? Give me a break!! Stop acting like victims & grow up!!

      • Have you looked in the mirror lately.

      • No bitch you will be moving from MY COUNTRY you pos….Time is ticking moron you got two days to pack

        • How Christian of you! First you call me bitch, a piece of shit & then you call this your country? I’m pretty sure this country belongs to every American, you arrogant piece of crap!! This is why Atheist have no respect for Christians LIKE YOU!! The only thing that will be ticking is the bomb that I shove up your stupid ass!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! MORON!!

  4. They can go to hell, our kids are getting leather bibles and unregistered guns for Christmas.

    • Good for you, John Robel !!! Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition !!!

      • What a dumb comment!! Praise the lord and pass the ammunition? Do you honestly believe your Jesus would approve of guns & bullets? Didn’t he teach people to love one another & treat each other with kindness? I must have missed the part where he said if anybody pisses you off , just take out your gun & blow them away. Your hypocrisy is unbelievable!!

        • Soldiers say that. Where have you been. This is war too.

        • there is a passage that says Jesus told his diciples ‘if you don’t have a sword, go sell your cloak & buy one” now the phrase, praise the lord & pass the ammo is a ”figure of speech. do you take everything so literally? i bet raye didn’t mean it literally. i have used that phrase b4. just saying.

          • I think you need to put down the bible & seriously consider reading more books about how to write proper English, woman!!!

          • i think you should pick up the bible & lay off the cheap insults woman.

          • How can you read the bible ? You are illiterate, woman!! I would rather read Mother Goose Rhymes- much more interesting& fun too!!

          • i have read the entire book. genesis -revelation. it is very interesting. just try it. it has stories in it, that teach great lessons. mother goose is for children, of course you already knew that, right?

          • You have read the entire book? Well, good for you! You say it is very interesting, but do you believe it is the word of god? It does have stories- you are right about that. But that’s all they are – just made up stories that never really happened. I would not waste my time reading such a violent & hypocritical book as the bible. I would rather read The Constitution.

          • Faye have you ever heard of the Dead Sea Scrolls? And btw God should be capitalized in that context it is used as a proper noun,just like your name.

          • *Yes, I have heard of the dead sea scrolls, so what’s you’re point? I don’t believe in them either. Why would I capitalize god? He is not real & doesn’t exist. I do capitalize my name because I am real I do exist & I can prove it too !!! Does that answer your question ?*

          • Ok what is the first law of physics( you can look that up if you need) but it states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed if there is no Higher Power, no God, then where did the energy for The Big Bang come from? I’m sure the worlds experts on physics would Highly value being educated by the atheist community on this issue . The point is Faith that just because humans are at the top of the food chain doesn’t make omnipresent and the only thing out there?

          • Diana your post indicates you are out of your depth. When you say ” if there is no Higher Power, no God, then where did the energy for The Big Bang come from? ” I don’t know and I don’t presume to know, does that mean I should take your word for it?

          • Now I do admit there a lot of contradictions within the Bible. It has been edited many times and through many translations has in all probably become somewhat distorted. However man in his omnificance cannot explain away how he came to be ! Was he the chicken or the egg? Faith is at least to some necessary, even you have to have some degree of Faith. Even if it is nothing more than your paycheck coming, that your lights will respond when the switch is thrown to on. Faith is necessary even for the non believer in God. Prayers are answered but just like man,or woman God sometimes says NO. Maybe this is why you have no Faith in anything, maybe as an innocent child you asked for something special and the answer was NO, may God hold you close and protect you through life . I bid you fairwell there are dishes to do and when I asked God to do them He said NO,

          • Obviously, Faye, you are off subject and should stop.Now that you say you hate the Bible, we all understand you much better. You are a hating liberal! Please do not answer me as you would still me off subject and full of hate.

          • I’m not a Christian, but I wonder why people like you criticize other people’s 1st amendment rights? Why do you care?

          • The Constitution was written by devout Christian people. You are more than free to excercise your 1st amendment right. The Bill of Rights was put together by a few more Christian people too, just food for thought.

          • And now the political group have stated that the constitution is a fabricated fable and is no longer needed just ask your president ???

          • You know , Faye, peoples spelling or grammar does not matter when we are trying to discuss feelings.

          • Praise The Lord and Pass the Ammunition” is a WWII song. It continues “and we’ll all be free!” You are blessed that you are not near enough to me for me to sing it to you!

          • I betyou have a soprano voice Huh ??

        • And your historical ignorance IS believable !!!

        • But didn’t they have war in heaven and hasn’t the lord our god helped Israel fight several wars ?

        • Yes, Jesus taught us to love one another and to treat others with kindness. On the other hand, Jesus did not hold back when he saw dishonesty and evil-doing. You do remember the passage, John 2:15, where Jesus made a whip of cords and drove the moneylenders from the temple? His wrath drove him close to violence as he shouted and chased them from the temple. Since they didn’t have guns and ammunition then, a whip had to suffice. The moneylenders certainly pissed him off and he did urgently remove them from the temple. I don’t see Ray Burke’s hypocrisy.

        • The gun part is for when the atheists are rampant and want to force you with weapons and like items but you say a prayer for them before you have to shoot them

    • Great gifts! I am a firm believer in giving useful Christmas gifts!

    • Merry Christmas!

      • Guns & Christmas? Do I see a contradiction here? I’m sure your lord & savior would love this picture of a gun under a Xmas Tree. Religion can really warp your brain!!

      • oh, i want one. they are very nice guns.

        • oh, I want one. they are very nice guns ? How old are you? You sound like a ten year old.

          • i am 36. it isn’t polite to ask a woman their age. i did not ask yours, did i?

          • You sound more like a six year old & you write like one too!!

          • ooooooo i’m sooo hurt by that. not. you got a major ‘tude. you sound just like the bullies at school, when i was young. maybe i should have asked YOUR age! i am going to ignore you till you stop the cheap shots..

          • I got a major tude?? I guess the word you didn’t know how to spell is attitude- get a dictionary . You really need one. No cheap shots here. It really bugs me when someone like you is too lazy to spell out a complete word. I see you haven’t found that capital letters key yet , have you?

          • You must be old. Everyone misspells words and abreviates on line and when texting. I am old, so I recognize you. You are attempting to spoil Christmas, However, that will not work as each of us has in our hearts whatever we have and no one can take it away from us unless we allow it! BTW (that means by the way) I am Jewish, but I surely support CHristmas.

          • Thank you Marlene. I support Hanukkah too. We have a friend in the IDF. We pray for her safety every day. Shalom from your Christian friend.

          • Thank you. WIsh everyone would be that way.

          • Seems Faye and some of her Guests are having a hard time viewing our comments. Vulgar remarks and dissent is rampant with them. Can’t stop swearing. Poor guys.

          • I have stopped answering her. SHe is not worthy of our time or our thoughts.

          • Same goes for you too , Marlene!!! You are not worthy of my time & thoughts either. Back at you!!!

          • I’m 53 and I want some of those too. What’s with Faye? Someone pee in her oatmeal?

          • Do you really think I give a shit how old you are? What’s with you? Did someone piss in your mouth?

          • Whoa! My remark was for Stephanie and was in jest with her on her age. That is the reason for the age comment. I didn’t direct it to you so why would you give a darn. As for Faye she’s having a hard time with anyone Christian. If you know Faye then maybe that’s the reason for your comment which is directly vulgar to me where mine was indirect to her demeanor. Wow, you guys are so hyper.

          • Slow day at the home, Faye?

          • The only thing SLOW IS YOU!!!

      • Ohhhhh, look at those prices! I want one. Two. Ok, three.

      • And I was rather hoping you would send me one of those for Christmas as I live in a barrio just blocks from the getto

  5. I will be the bigger man v. the atheists. He/she has a right to practice whatever religion they like (or lack of religion) – even if I don’t agree with it. I am not going to picket or place advertising on a bill board or get in a useless argument in a public place. (here’s the coupe d’tat) I just want the atheists to know that God loves them but does not agree with them.

  6. Why is it that a mere 1% of the population controls the 99%? Is that they are the loudest – might is right – and let’s all cave to the bullies? Is it because the courts cater to their whims for some reason? Or do they resort to threats against businesses knowing that they will prevail in the courts and CFR corporate press? As for me I always respond to “Happy Holidays” with “Merry Christmas!”

    • Is it because the courts cater to their whims for some reason?

      Yes, that “reason” which escapes your grasp, is called the Constitution Pick up a copy and read it sometime

      • Soo Jimmy boy you believe in the constitution? at least you believe in something

        • I do Danny thanks. I used to believe in god too, but I also believed in the tooth fairy, the easter bunny and spiderman

          • You used to believe in God? Something must have happened to destroy your faith, but I’ll tell you something, if you abandon God, he will abandon you. If I have an unsurmountable problem in my life I turn it over to God and ask him to fix it in his own time if it is his will and He has always come through for me. God has worked in my life too many times to tell here but after what He’s done for me, I couldn’t abandon Him if my life depended on it. If He hasn’t worked in your life, it’s because you never really turned anything over to him or because you never really believed in him, not deep down. And one more thing, God is not a fairy tale. He is the one and only thing in this world that you CAN believe in. Just because you can’t see Him doesn’t mean He isn’t there. We can’t see oxygen or electricity either but it’s there.

          • You are right, we can’t see oxygen but we can freeze it into liquid form and you can see that, we breathe oxygen, at least I do. I see the results of electricity, light bulbs, radio, television and all sorts of things run by electricity.

          • Okay, you’re right but many people saw miracles performed by God and later by Jesus but in spite of all the witnesses
            to these miracles there are still people that don’t believe it. How can people be so unintelligent as to say “I don’t believe it because I didn’t see it or I can’t see it.” That is so unscientific. Science has discovered several things in the very air around us and they’ve put names to everything except a very huge VAST area that has them stumped. That could be GOD because as they say, “He is everywhere.”

          • Please shut the hell up!! I’m sick of your damn Christian rhetoric!! Blah, blah , Blah. You just contradicted yourself. You said it could be god, so you’re not totally sure either.” He is everywhere ” You mean like Santa, who in one night can fly all over the world & deliver a Xmas present to every boy & girl ? Right! And the Moon is made of cheese. LOL!!

          • That was very nice and mature. BTW, Santahhas nothing to do with Christ’s birth and in my house we don’t have Santa or the Easter bunny. We celebrate the true meaning of these Holy days (holidays)and stay away from the secular traditions that have obliterated the true meaning of these celebrations.

          • Listen,lady,she can comment all she wants. The 1st amendment says so. You have NO right to shut her up. Get over it.

          • I can’t see a lot of things but I know they are there, I can’t see your thoughts but I know you have them. One thing that is certain, we all believe what we want to believe.

      • Jimmy boy, if you do not believe in Christ and therefore do not celebrate the birth of Christ and his resurrection that is your choice. I do not celebrate Halloween. The difference is that I do not make a big stink of others celebrating it or Kwanzaa or Hannah or whatever. I just do not participate. I am not offended of these events being advertised because it does not affect or apply to me.
        I expect the same response and respect for my celebrations. It all boils down to respecting one another even if we disagree in our beliefs. Why the hatred and disgust for my beliefs and celebrations? There is no reason other than a black soul, a big ego (εγω), and immaturity (only babes are self centered and throw tantrums to get want they want).
        All this talk about tolerance..hmmph! a lesson never learned by atheists, new agents, etc.

      • Jimmy, not saying this to be argumentative at all, but this is what I’d heard originally – that seperation of church and state was so that when people came to the US, they would be free to practice the religion of their choice, to make sure that the “state” didn’t impose a religion on them like the Church of England. Isn’t this correct?

      • I HAVE read it and there is NOTHING in it that supports your myths. Apparently you atheists have your own set of fairy tales to believe in.

  7. What is an athiest belief? They must believe in God or they wouldn’t worship Satan, which they do. Reference their so-called Christmas Scene depicting Satan. So, I guess that they should not describe themselves as “athiests”, which, by definition, is a total disbelief in God or any other supreme being. Maybe they think that their actions will more endear them to their God, Satan? Maybe they should just bow to a photograph of the chief anti-christian, Barak H. Obama? Sounds like his Muslim beliefs are more in line with theirs.

  8. Believing in nothing sounds real exciting?? if No Force created this Universe, then why does it exist?? and why does our conciseness exist to experience it?

    • Parlayer, So you believe in god because it is “more exciting”? Wow, your faith runs deep

      • insult me at your peril. you got nothing to do but run your flabby lips about nothing?? you are king of shit Jimmy.

        • HAHAHA Insult you? you said it not me “Believing in nothing sounds real exciting??”

          If you’re insulted it’s in the weakness of your own faith

          • Do you not believe in God because you can’t see Him? Well you can’t see oxygen or electricity either. Do you believe in those?

          • To Mrs. O- After reading you’re comment , now I know why I went from being a Christian to an Atheist. Your statement has no reason or logic at all!! I have no respect for any Christian who would post such a stupid & ignorant comment!! To say we Atheist don’t believe in God because we can’t see him & then compare that to believing in oxygen & electricity shows just how delusional & stupid you really are. Anyone who has half a brain & knows anything about Science knows that this planet that we live on does have the right amount of oxygen to keep every species alive, because without it we would never have survived. As for electricity, we intelligent people know for a fact that electricity is real- it’s not just a theory- it’s a theory that has been tested& proven by Scientist time & time again. As for believing in YOUR GOD, there has never been any scientific proof that God really does exist. How do you prove a negative? And please don’t give me that same old bullshit that you know God is real because the bible tells you so. It was written by men a long time ago & is not the word of God. Maybe you need to do a little more research on Science& stop believing in some invisible monster in the sky!!

          • Did you really need a sledge hammer?

          • Science knows? Then is it a god?

        • Name calling? that’s all you got? When all else fails, name calling always wins the day.

          • on par with sarcasm. which is just as sincere. that’s quite a name you call yourself, name caller!!

    • If you believe something cannot be created out of nothing without a force behind it, what force created god?

    • Good question, scientists have been studying that for years. They may never find an answer but at least they are trying. If you were born to atheistic parents, would you still be a Christian? Give it some real thought before you answer.

      • in as much as we have “Free Will” it would be his decision, (to be a christian or not) not his inherited life style that decided that. That being your question.

  9. Atheists are the hands of satan!


      • Sorry Jimmy, but he that Believeth and is Baptized will be saved. If you believe, you will live like it. That’s it.. Otherwise, it’s eternity in Hell.. There is No in between. There is No, “I’m a good person, and a law abiding citizen”.. That won’t get you into Heaven.. God made us, he set ground rules, & Laws, and so He can destroy us too.. No in between. heaven or Hell.. That’s it!.. And since you don’t want to go to Heaven, you are a Prized example for Satan to show the world..

    • Please, enough already with this Satan crap! It’s not true & you know it! Stop making false statements that you can’t back up.

  10. Hopefully the militant atheists realize that bigoted stuff like this is one of the many reasons why the Democratic Party lost big last month.

  11. We don’t need commercialization to celebrate the birth of our Christ! The communist of America have no idea what is really happening in America. The Christian right is growing stronger by the minute! Once we have enough and then had enough, we strike back!

    • hahahahaha

      • Explain yourself, jimmy king! I and we find nothing humorous about this subject! So what is funny?

        • He’s just goading you (us).

        • What’s so funny? All this talk about Satan. This is where christianity ironically converges with Halloween. Satan is a costume not an entity.

          • Larry, what the heck are you talking about? Christianity converging with Halloween? Are you delusional? Satan is real! We are witnessing his effects daily! This administration, Martin, Brown, Garner, Newtown and all the rest! You are so lost my friend! So, so lost! Find someone to talk to! Not one of these false prophet televangelist! A real believer in Christ and have some conversations!

          • You believe in Satan and call me delusional? That takes the cake!

          • You believe in drivel like “Everything is relative and monkeys are our relatives and say we believe in fairy tales? That takes the cake and the frosting.

          • Larry, come on. I don’t believe in satan. I believe there exist satan, the devil or evil, yes. Look around the world and you witness his existence or presence!

        • He doesn’t know how to engage in a meaningful conversation. People like that just try to rile you because they don’t want to show their ignorance of the subject. Just ignore him.

  12. I have never understood the ‘atheists’ entire mind set. I don’t think anyone is forcing any religion on them, no one is forcing anyone to go to church, sing in the choir, pray, stand at a cross, bow their heads….NOTHING! The atheist’s have the exact same rights I do. If they choose not to believe in God, that is their choice. If I choose to believe in God, that is MY choice. So, I really would like to know why the h*!! they can’t abide by the simple rule of leave others alone as we leave you alone. It just makes me crazy. If you’re offended by a cross in a small town that’s been there for 250 years, don’t move to that town. Simple. The ACLU did good in getting handicapped people good parking, elevators in buildings that don’t have them. Good for them. But when the ACLU starts infringing on MY rights over the atheist’s, I am offended – without any recourse. My message to atheiests….we don’t care for who or what you do or don’t believe in. Just leave the rest of humanity alone and get over your dang fool selves. I think maybe it’s about time Christians get together and sue the atheists via the ACLU. They need a good dose of their own medicine.

  13. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All!

  14. they are not going to spoil our chirstmas it so sad to here people speak out agains chirst because you know wher they are going when they die they will go stright to hell unless they get save and turn their life over to god let all pray for their soul

  15. We Patriots & Christians don’t know how to fight these retarded occupiers of our nation. Let’s take up a collection for billboards blasting the favoritism of Ramadan/Islam. Watch the sparks fly!!!

  16. +More false nonsense, I’m an atheist and celebrate Christmas because others enjoy it.
    I don’t need to be a goblin or a pumpkin to enjoy holloween. We atheists, believe in the the sanctity of life and the rights of our fellow human being. We simply don’t believe in the concept of an omnipotent God, heaven or hell, We are quite content in believing that, when it’s over it’s over. Now is that so terrible?

    • If you really do believe in the rights of your fellow humans, how about standing up to the so called “Atheistic Leaders” then? Speak out publicly in the media and get them to stand down, let us live our lives the way we choose and quit taking away our right to display our Christian beliefs not only on our own property, but on public land as well, those are our rights. We don’t do anything to take the rights of Atheists away, why allow your leaders to take ours from us?

      • Religion and its celebrations and traditions should remain in the private sphere. Once it is pushed into the public square as christians are known to push for (nativity scenes on government property, school prayer, 10 commandments at a courthouse, Mississippi wanting to declare christianity the state religion…) it becomes oppressive to all others. As far as I can tell, athiests are playing defense. If and when they were to start insisting on the same public displays the christian community would scream bloddy murder.

        • If people feel “oppressed” because of public displays of Christianity, then maybe they need to reexamine their beliefs and conscientiousness. Just because we let our light shine publicly with Nativity Scenes and Christmas trees and the other items that you pointed towards, doesn’t mean we’re trying to be “oppressive”. Our prayers are the only thing that we are to keep secret and between us and God. No candle having been lit is placed under a bushel, but in a window so that all can see. And if they haven’t, in your eyes, started insisting on public displays, then what do you call the billboards Mr. Silverman from the Atheists Coalition has put up all over the Southern States in the Bible belt?

          • Aside from the public displays

          • I think you’re misunderstanding Mississippi’s intention, that was in retaliation of the Muslim community trying to make it legal to practice Sharia Law here in the US. Sharia Law violates our laws as it allows men to stone their wives to death if they cheat on them as well as other brutal retaliations under the guise of “retaining their honor”, that’s my understanding of what Mississippi was doing anyway. If Mississippi really is serious of trying to do that, then no, I don’t support them, it’s a violation of the separation of Church and State in the Constitution. School prayer ended in my area in the early 1970’s, and I’ve never personally seen any plaques of the 10 commandments in any courthouse. That’s why I never addressed them from your previous statement. I personally feel that those who try so desperately to get the Federal Government to reduce my freedom of religion, is an overreach in and of it’s self. That includes the Atheists telling me that it makes them feel oppressed by my choice to acknowledge my beliefs as I choose and where I choose and try to make me stop doing it. I and all of the other Christians in this country have that right under the First Amendment of the Constitution, just as you have the right to speak against them, but you don’t have the right to suppress our rights, otherwise you’d be forced to give up your right to speak against it. In other words … your freedom of speech doesn’t supersede our freedom of religion. If you want freedom FROM religion, then I suggest you move to a country that doesn’t allow the freedom OF religion. That way you wont have to feel oppressed BY religion.

          • 1) Mississippi’s intention is not to counter Sharia, just the promotion of their religion.
            2) Google “putting prayer and god back in public schools. It’s an active movement because many christians are not satisfied with private prayer in homes and churches.
            3) Google “courthouses and ten commandments”. Many places in many states have or are planning to erect religious monuments in the public squares. Athiests put their monument at Starke, FL courthouse as a way to protest the Jeudeo-Christian monument already there. Doubtful they would have felt the need if the Christians were not so aggressive in promoting christianity in public places.

            So many examples of unconstitutional religious intrusiveness makes it clear that chrisians will never be satisdied until their faith is flaunted whenever and where ever. Thus the athiest backlash. But let’s not make believe the athiests started it. Christians are playing offense; athiests defense.

          • May I ask you what the atheist monument is? I’m truly curious.

          • Of course. For some reason I am unable to post a link. However, just google “ athiest monument”

            The article gives detailed explanation of how it all came about. Briefly, the athiests behind it preferred there be no religious displays of any sort (seperation of church and state), but when they failed to convince authorities that the ten commandments monument was innappropriate they insisted theirs be erected also. As I stated before on this thread, athiests are playing defense; merely reacting to the christian insistence on full immersion into the public sphere.

        • Ok,I guess I have to be okay with you indoctrinating our children with your atheist filth in our public schools then.

      • You got me there, can’t argue against your sound well thought out logic. Have a merry Christmas.

      • I am not a crusader. I just want to live in peace.


  18. Maybe they will receive some lead for Christmas. SCREW them ALL. WE should just kick their ASSES

    • If you are a true Christian, you certainly aren’t practicing what your religion teaches you- to have tolerance for other people, love thy neighbor as yourself, turn the other cheek& so on… This is what your Jesus & your bible teaches you, is it not ? If Jesus were real & he came back today, I’m pretty sure he would not approve of what’s coming out of your mouth. Do you honestly believe he would say ” screw them all & lets just kick their asses? It’s people like you who give Christianity a bad name. Is it any wonder why more people are leaving the church & turning away from religion? The hypocrisy is overwhelming!!

      • Faye Hayes…………Very good point. Your point is well taken. Your are right, correct or what ever. I apologize for my outburst. I just plain LOVE OUR COUNTRY and I am not happy with the people who are trying to take it from us. I make no apology for this. We have to take a stand. I know there will come a time when the Lord with let us know when and what to do to make it right. Sorry, I forgot about the FAITH I have in HIM. I know HE will be there for us all. Merry Christmas to you. Please enjoy the Season.

        • I accept your apology& I totally understand where you are coming from, as I’m sure you know where I’m coming from too. You are the only Christian on this website who knows what it means to be humble & I respect you for that. I do believe you truly love your country, but please try & believe it when I say Atheist are not out to take your country away from you or anybody else, This is our country too, but just because we are in the minority & Christians are the majority, doesn’t mean that we don’t have the right to voice our non-beliefs, just as you have every right to your beliefs. Atheists are one of the most hated groups of people in this country& the most misunderstood too. It should not be this way, but it is. It’s really awesome when an Atheist & a Christian can have a civilized conversation without all the hate & bigotry. Happy Holidays to you& yours!!

          • Thank you for your reply. Please believe me when I say, I don’t hate Atheist and you do, of course have the right to express your feelings. I oppose having to remove the different Christian plaques and monuments that have been around for years to satisfy Atheists. Just like you, we should have that right that has been ours for decades. I would be going totally against my God if I hated you or your group because He teaches not to hate anyone. I despise Obama, but shouldn’t hate him. I have a funny thing to tell you. My uncle Ted was an Atheist and he was my God Father. My aunt Lupe was Catholic and she was my God Mother. Pretty comical? I wish I would have asked him why he wanted to be my God Father. Maybe, because he really like me as I liked him. I think maybe you and I can learn things from each other. You be safe, happy and most of all, healthy. Spark

      • Merry Fukking Christmas to You, too …………..

  19. Silverman, like the rest of them ARE MORONS….Get a damn life and let us live our’s….You must believe something or it wouldn’t bother you so much……

  20. Does anyone else see the irony in the billboard they put up? I mean, the girl is writing a letter saying she is tired of being forced to believe in a fairy tale, and she addresses it to a non-existent “person”. You can’t make up anything that good, it just shows their ignorance.

  21. David Silverman is exactly what decent people expect from an atheist prick, I have been told by a couple that there are tolerant atheists but when I ask why they sue Christian owned businesses just to shut them down and why they attack major outlets for saying Merry Christmas the discussion ends. If I were presented a button that when pushed would send Democrats, atheists, homosexual gestapo and feminist gestapo to the “Corn Field of No Return” I wouldn’t hesitate to push it.
    Atheists are self-centered blowhards that expect everyone to stop and bow as they pass by rather than just show some tolerance for the majority’s beliefs. They don’t just want the word God off money, they want it completely out of sight so they don’t have to see it and Christians gathering in hidden locations fearing for their lives. I have argued with too many to believe there is a tolerant species of atheist and if they claim to be they are liars.
    A message to atheists, if you are ever in a disaster please ask the first responders if they are Christian before excepting any aid. Of course you won’t care and will greedily except whatever your offered because Christians are always among the first responders. Atheists don’t have a disaster relief organization other than the ACLU do they?

  22. Randall Razz Taylor

    Sure stupid isn’t it, if they’re so sure God doesn’t exist what are they worried about? The God they don’t believe in calls them FOOLS!!
    I’d call them something else but I’m saved!!!! If they want to believe that they are the descendants of a bunch of mindless knuckle dragging apes, well if the shoe fits wear it!!! Merry CHRISTmas!!!!!
    Jesus is Lord!!!!

  23. What else can we expect from atheists? They are trying to compensate because, due to their unbelief, they have very few holidays to celebrate!

  24. it is hate speech

  25. They can only ruin your Christmas if you let them. Don’t give them that power.

  26. For one thing Jesus Christ is not a religion. He is the savior of the world, NO ONE COMES TO THE FATHER EXCEPT THROUGH HIM…I can’t wait to see the look on all the peoples faces when he comes back and then they try to repent, but it will be to late…That’s why he is giving all people time now, his will is that none shall perish but have Eternal Life. God is just and He doesn’t send anyone to HELL, People choose to go there, He gives everyone a chance for salvation through his Son. If you choose not to believe, than you choose yourself to go to HELL!!!

  27. If all Atheist’s are going to go is convert people on the idea that there is no God, and they just return to the earth and are eaten by earthworms. Why even bother to live anymore. Where there is no hope there is no life here or in the hereafter. Merry Christmas to all who love Guns, God and Freedom!

  28. ALL religions are the opiate of the masses. By the way, christmas(the birth of chtist) was at one time celebrated in the springon March 28th and May 20th, not on Dec.25. The church stole/changed the pagan holidays, celebrating Saturnalia and Natails Invicti occuring during the winter soltice, in order to stamp out the pagans and their beliefs. Yule, by the way, was used originally for christmas. Yule is derived from “Yol”, the Scandinavia word for the pagan celebration of the winter soltice which had been practiced for centuries and centuries before the “church” ever existed. Google origins of christmas and winter soltice and educate yourself.

  29. Well we just will not let people like these Atheists ruin our Christmas. Just pray for these people, if they do not change they will loose in the long run of things. Our God is first and our Bible tells us he will be the last one standing at the judgement day. Good for you JOHN ROBEL you seem to know how to raise your children the right way. Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!
    Ruby Henderson

  30. I don’t believe in atheists, there fore they do NOT EXIST. Case Closed.

  31. From all the replies I received I can only conclude I must have hit some nerves. It would seem that tolerance is not the strong suit of some on this blog.

    • Christians will never be satisfied until they devour the world and shove their beliefs into every corner of the earth, sky and digital cloud. All the while self-righeously proclaiming it’s their right because god said…jesus said… the bible said so and so…but of course we are tolerant of all you evil fire breathing hell-destined pagans while unrepentant and unaware of their oppressiveness.

  32. In a nut shell……

  33. In a nutshell

  34. Atheist can bite my butt.And i always say MERRY CHRISTMAS and i always will.

    • How Christian of you. I don’t give a rats ass what you say! You can say Merry Xmas all day long for all I care & keep on saying it till the end of time. You call yourself love bug & then you say Atheist can bite your butt? Can you spell hypocrite? HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!

  35. Has anyone seen the movie “Heaven is For Real”? It is a true story and I would highly recommend that EVERYONE watches it regardless of faith or lack thereof. Women, just be sure to bring a box of tissues. I watched it with my mom and my daughter right after my father passed away and it gave me great comfort to know he was in a much better place. My dad suffered from acid reflux for many years. The day he passed, he thought he was just having a really bad episode but he had blurred vision followed by extreme weakness. My daughter and I were with him when he passed and not a day goes by that I say “I should have taken him to the hospital”. That movie really restored my faith and made me realize that my dad was here on earth suffering and now he is in heaven and all his suffering is gone. We are the ones who are suffering. As much as I want to remain on earth and do all the things I love to do, I am looking forward to going to heaven to be with my family.

  36. Why do the Atheist do it? Because the powers that be, allow them to. It is offensive and if we did put billboards up against their beliefs, there would be riots. They should be instantly took down and fined for being offensive. All I can say now and will for as long as I live, MERRY CHRISTMAS ONE AND ALL.

  37. In pre historic times before the concept of god or Christianity, who determined moral behavior? Cannibals eat human flesh, are they immoral? How would they know that they were being immoral? North American Indians ate the heart of Jesuits trying to convert them to Christianity. Were they immoral? They didn’t know about morality how were they supposed to know? I guess all of mankind before Christianity were immoral,
    if, as stated by many on this forum, Morality stems from Christianity. The question of morality is not as simple as some believe. But it takes less effort to take the position that Christianity is the sole province of morality. I welcome your barbs and derision.

    • Christians will never admit (couldn’t possibly conceive) that there was intelligent, purposeful, moral life before Jesus. Where did an “eye for an eye” come from? > Stolen from the Code of Hamurrabi. Who were the fathers of modern philosophy and ethics? > the ancient Greeks.

      “Christian principles” preceded Christianity. Those principles were plagerized, borrowed, from others that came before. But for a fundamentalist that kind of talk is blasphemy. Frankly, it doesn’t bother me a wit if they believe a God spends his time judging them or how many bulbs they hang on their roofs and pine trees, just as long as they stop trying to intrude in places supported by my tax dollars.

  38. And once again, we have to endure an idiot that just wants media coverage–and we allow it—I for one will continue to honor the Man/God for Bethlehem and I will continue to say MERRY CHIRSTMAS AND GOD BLESS TO EVERONE i meet, because that is MY right–so their david silverman, take that


  40. How stupid can the atheist really be?? They are trying so hard to ruin Christmas for the Christians…When it can’t possibly be ruined because December 25 isn’t even Jesus’s Birthday.. Maybe that’s why Jesus didn’t tell anyone when his real Birthday was, so satans followers couldn’t ruin it. There is light and darkness, God is light and darkness is Satan..


    • Jews & Atheist can kiss your ass? Nice talk coming from a Christian, who’s religion teaches tolerance, love & kindness, to love thy neighbor, turn the other cheek& so on… I guess you haven’t been listening. Your hypocrisy is unbelievable!!

  42. Mainstream athiests like me have no issue with Christmas or christianity. To each his or her own. If only the religion wasn’t constantly being pushed into the public square. (And please spare me from having to prove that. There are ample examples at your fingertips online). The contentious issue can be described in one word: “Over-reach.”

    • I do have a lot of issues with Christmas & Christianity, but as an Atheist I totally support your statement. Over- reach, most definitely!!

  43. Merry Christmas Faye and Stephanie. GOD, Guns, Ammo, Guts and Glory.
    I for one believe it’s time ALL Atheists shut the fuck up, keep opinions to themselves and in the end, don’t hide behind me & my guns while I’m praying to God that my bullets hit their targets.
    MERRY CHRISTMAS from Dixie!

    • You are one messed up Christian!! You call yourself a Christian& then have the audacity to say it’s time for all Atheist to shut the fuck up? It’s screwed up Christians like you who give good Christians a bad name. You’re the reason people are leaving their churches, Giving up on religion & turning to Atheism. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, ASSHOLE!!! I think you need to change your name from SaintlyBrewer to Dumb Redneck!!

  44. After reading several of the comments here, it’s obvious this “Faye Hayes” is an atheist and a female Scrooge ( if indeed it is a female). She must have been given wood sticks for Christmas or had them used on her, she is intent on spoiling everyone’s day, so my suggestion would be to ignore her, answer her with a hearty Merry Christmas and leave it at that.

    • I see your reading comprehension is not very good. I have already admitted that I am an Atheist in most of my comments, dumbass!! Yes , I am a female & I am not a scrooge, but YOU are a real dick head!! How can you make all these comments about me when you don’t even know me? I received presents on Xmas like everyone else. I wasn’t given wooden sticks & they were not used on me , smartass!! How am I spoiling your Xmas? Am I stopping you from enjoying your pagan religion? So my suggestion for YOU is to go fly a kite & go worship that invisible monster in the sky that you call god. HAPPY HOLIDAYS, Farto. I thought this was a better name for you.

  45. Why are athiests so upset about Christmas? If they didn’t believe then why be so upset over something you don’t believe in? I think they are aware of Jesus Christ but reject him and think everyone else should reject Him because of their little touchy feelings and convictions. Where is their tolerance of others that they want from everyone else? But Jesus said it all, they will hate Him and not those they vent towards, the reason, they know there is power in the name of Jesus and this they hate. Where is the opposition against muslims, Buddhist, and ect? They say nothing, but only against anything to do with Jesus.

  46. Patriot News, I do think it istime to cut Faye off and not allow her to come back. She is too vitriolic.

  47. America has become to soft when it comes to the defense of our own home land yet the brave men an women of our nation continue to die or come home from war batterd and crippled , these so called atheist are only acting out because they can they don’t agree with Christianity because they don’t want to conform to their doctrine.H

  48. What give the so call atheist power over me if he don’t want to acknowledge to same holidays as do the rest of us what gives those clowns cart-blac can’t even enjoy the holiday’s any more it doesn’t feel the same or look the same . I sure hope some one in the congress or senate come up with a idea to rid America once and for all this thing which is wrong as can be Political Correctness it’s going to destroy our country and eventually the world.

  49. I guess the atheists wont be happy until everyone is as unhappy as they seem to be.

  50. Everyone’s point here is worthless. I believe in God the Father Almighty, creator of Heaven and Earth and so on and so forth. If you don’t believe then so what. Live your life they way you want, I’ll live mine. Jeez people this is what is wrong with world today. No one has any respect for any one else’s opinion or there beliefs. Hey Atheist if you don’t like God or Jesus then so what. There are more Christians, Catholics, Lutheran’s and so than there are of you. If you stick your fingers in your ears and hum real loud then you won’t have to hear about it. And that is just my opinion. Thank you

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